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Battlefield 4

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Battlefield 4
Battlefield 4.jpg
Promotional artwork
Release Date: 29 October 2013
Developer: DICE
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Series: Battlefield
Platforms: PC
Playstation 4
Playstation 3
XBOX 360
Genre: First-Person Shooter

Battlefield 4 - China Rising (2013)
Battlefield 4 - Second Assault (2014)
Battlefield 4 - Naval Strike (2014)
Battlefield 4 - Dragon's Teeth (2014)
Battlefield 4 - Final Stand (2014)

Battlefield 4 is an installment in the Battlefield series developed by Swedish game developer DICE and published by Electronic Arts. Players pre-ordered Medal of Honor: Warfighter would be granted early beta access to the game. The game was released on October 29, 2013. Some of the post-launch content was developed by DICE LA, previously Danger Close Games, who developed Warfighter.

The following weapons appear in the video game Battlefield 4:


Handguns are the only class of weapon to be equipped in the secondary slot in multiplayer (with the single exception of the Serbu Shorty 870). They offer a faster transition time than reloading a primary weapon. As with Battlefield 3, most of the magazine-fed handguns share a new reloading animation. Hammers are in the proper positions for single action firing, if available. Handguns offer relatively high damage (even more so with revolvers) at very short range and low damage at distance. Attachments available include lights, lasers, barrel attachments, and both iron and optical sights. Revolvers may not be suppressed.

Beretta M9

The Beretta M9 returns from Battlefield 3 and is the second sidearm to be unlocked. It is nearly identical to the P226 in performance aside from a slightly different recoil pattern. The M9 is the United States military designation for the 92FS. When utilizing accessories such as lights and lasers, the M9A1 variant with an integrated rail would be more appropriate. The M9 requires a score of 4000 points earned with pistols to unlock.

Beretta M9s are seen holstered on Clayton "Pac" Pakowski and the United States Marine Corps Support character's chest holster. The Russian Recon and Support troops are also seen carrying M9s for whatever reason. The US Support character model is the only American unit which has an M9 on them. The other USMC soldiers carry Glock 17's in various holsters.

Beretta M9 - 9x19mm
BF4 M9 left.jpg
BF4 M9 holding.jpg
Iron sights. Someone removed the two white dots for some reason.
The slide just about to magically lock back at the start of the reload animation.
Mashing in a new magazine. Note that the slide is not even close to its fully locked back position.
Sgt. Recker finds himself with yet another handgun uncomfortably close to his face, this time a Beretta M9 at the beginning of the Tashgar level.


The M9 model is also reused for the three-round burst "93R", modified to resemble a Beretta 93R. Although it started out with a 20+1 capacity (despite using a 15-round magazine model), after a patch it now has a 15+1 capacity just like the standard M9.

Beretta 93R - 9x19mm. A real 93R, for comparison.
The "93R", here with its default steel blueish finish. Note that the only difference between this gun and the M9, aside from the finish, is the 93R-style foregrip.
The 93R wannabe without its unique finish, clearly showing that the model is simply reused from the M9.
Due to the fact that the soldier does not actually hold the foregrip (unlike Battlefield 3), it's hard to tell the difference between the M9 and the 93R in first person until you sprint or reload it, especially as it does not have its unique finish applied here.

Chiappa Rhino 40DS

A Chiappa Rhino revolver with a 4-inch barrel appears in the Naval Strike DLC, called the "SW40". The Rhino's visible hammer does not move while firing, which is actually correct, as the gun has an internal hammer and the visible part is simply a lever used to cock the internal hammer, which does not stay back after the internal hammer is cocked, nor does it move while firing (a comparison could be made to an AR-15 or MP5 charging handle, which only moves when moved by the user, as they are separate from the bolt). Interestingly, the cartridges do appear to be .40 S&W as the name implies, rather than the rimmed .357 Magnum, which makes the name accurate to the cartridges fired. The Rhino is available in .40 S&W in real life.

Chiappa Rhino 40DS (4" barrel version) - .357 Magnum
Right side of the Rhino 40DS...
...and the left.
The Chiappa Rhino inside the Métro tunnels, with the Stars n' Stripes flying from a very short flagpole.
Iron sights of the Chiappa Rhino.
Pressing the cylinder release.
Ejecting unfired rounds, which appear to be .40 S&W or at least not .357 Magnum as the game claims and attributes to the revolver stat-wise. This would also explain the in-game name.
Speed-loading in fresh ammunition.
Closing the cylinder shut.
Sometimes bugs can cause the cylinder and cartridges to disappear entirely.


The CZ 75 SP-01 SHADOW chambered in .40S&W appears as the "CZ-75" and is an unlockable sidearm in the game, holding 12+1 rounds. It is a factory-custom, competition oriented variant of the popular CZ 75. This pistol requires a score of 45000 points earned with pistols to unlock.

CZ 75 SP-01 SHADOW - 9x19mm
Stock CZ 75 in the loadout menu. The engravings on the frame say "Made in Czech Republic".
However, the right side reveals CZ-USA manufacturing marks and matching serial numbers.
The CZ 75 SP-01 in a place far from Kansas and Moravia. Since the Spring 2015 patch, the magazine size has been updated to an accurate 12+1 rounds, evident by the slightly extended baseplate visible in the loadout menu.
CZ 75 iron sight. The fiber optic sights do not have any glow; instead, they are a dull red color.
Reloading the SHADOW - the fiber optics in the rear sight gutter can be seen here.

FN Five-seveN

The FN Five-seveN is available in multiplayer as an unlockable sidearm and holds 20+1 rounds. In-game, the Five-seven does slightly less damage than 9x19mm pistols but benefits from having superior accuracy and a large magazine capacity. The Five-seveN requires 28000 points with handguns to unlock.

FN Five-seveN ODG (Olive Drab Green) - FN 5.7x28mm
While somewhat difficult to distinguish here, "FN HERSTAL" and "BELGIUM" are marked on the slide. Note however that the FN logo is not on the grip.
Right side of the FN57.
The FN Five-SeveN over Caspian Border.
Aiming the pistol.
Reloading the FN57; identical to all the pistols except for the Desert Eagle.

Glock 17

On the cover art, as well as other promotional artwork, Recker is seen holding a Glock 17 with a flashlight attached to it. The standard version has the same tan frame as the game's Glock 18. It is only seen in the singleplayer campaign, used by NPCs. Pac wields the Glock 17 as his standard sidearm throughout the campaign (even though he has a Beretta M9 in his chest holster). Captain Garrison uses one with a black frame in the level "South China Sea", as well as Agent Kovic in Shanghai. Like the previous game, the black frame model is seen holstered on almost all USMC uniforms other than the Support (that shares Pac's body model).

Glock 17 3rd Generation - 9x19mm
Glock 17 in game, pointed at Rucker during a tense evasion of Russian Spetsnaz forces in the "Baku" level.
Captain Garrison emerges from a secured room with his Glock 17.
The G17 later stuck upon his hip without a holster. This is one of the most clear appearances of the black framed Glock, from the end of the South China Sea chapter.

Glock 18

The Glock 18 is the only fully-automatic capable handgun in the game. It features a 1100 round per minute fire rate and has a 17+1 round capacity (previously 19+1). The Glock 18 requires 23000 points with handguns to unlock. It is worth noting that, as in Battlefield 3, it actually reuses the G17's model with an 18's selector switch - it features all the cocking serrations, instead of the middle portion being flat where the fire mode markings should be.

Glock 18 (3rd Generation) - 9x19mm
Note how the front of the chamber is not flush with the rest. It's a common practice to file down the front of the chamber in order to allow pistols to cycle blanks more reliably in movies. Presumably DICE used a prop Glock as reference for the modeling work.
Taking a look at the bottom of the gun shows that the magazine is recessed withing the frame, which would be very bad for the pistol.
The Glock 18 being held out on Altai Range.
Aiming down the sights. While the rear sight is the standard factory Glock plastic sight, the front sight is oddly triangular in shape. Another oddity is that the front dot and rear rectangular border on the sights are green instead of white.
The reload animation, the same as the other base game pistols.

Heckler & Koch HK45C

The Heckler & Koch HK45C is the last sidearm to be unlocked in multiplayer, and is listed as the "Compact 45" presumably for trademark reasons; however, DICE's internal file name for the pistol remains "HK45C". The model has been brought in from Medal of Honor: Warfighter, It uses the 10-round extended "elephant foot" magazines, and has the threaded barrel of the 45CT. The HK45C is the last handgun unlocked via score in multiplayer, requiring 57000 points with handguns.

Heckler & Koch HK45CT with low profile Meprolight night sights - .45 ACP. The in-game weapon uses the standard iron sights.
The HK markings on the slide and grip has been replaced with "PO".
Other side of the "Compact 45."
The HK45C being held. As the model is from Medal of Honor: Warfighter, the firing pin is absent.
Aiming the pistol.
Reloading; the magazine can actually be seen thanks to the 45C's short grip.
The slide moving forward after smacking in a new one.

IMI Desert Eagle Mark XIX

The Desert Eagle Mark XIX chambered in .44 Magnum appears as the "DEagle 44" in the Dragon's Teeth DLC and holds 8+1 rounds. Fitting the "Compensator" attachment to the weapon will add the factory IWI muzzle brake (referred to in the second image). However, fitting the "muzzle brake" attachment will utilize the same generic brake used on other pistols. This handgun is unlocked with the completion of the "Recoil Kinetics" assignment.

IMI Desert Eagle Mk XIX - .44 Magnum
Desert Eagle Mk XIX in brushed chrome finish and with a muzzle brake - .50 AE
The basic Desert Eagle. Note the fluted barrel, which is proper for the .44 Magnum but also the .357 Magnum variants.
The Desert Eagle fitted with a compensator, which has its own unique model.
Note that the Desert Eagle is the only handgun in the game that held with a "thumbs forward" grip.
Iron sights.
Running with the Desert Eagle. Here the thumbs forward grip is obvious.
Reloading. Dropping out the dry magazine.
Inserting a new magazine.
Then actually hitting the slide release with the left thumb. This animation is very similar to the M45 reload animation from Battlefield 3, but moreso with the pistol reload animations from Medal of Honor: Warfighter, which also had a "thumbs-forward" grip and whose developers made the DLC that contained this weapon.

Marlin Model 1894

A custom Marlin Model 1894 lever-action rifle is included in the Spring 2015 Patch and is modernized with rails, a stainless steel finish, custom sights, a custom lever, engravings, and a short stock and barrel. Referred to in-game as the "Mare's Leg". Bizarrely, it is the only weapon outside of the "Sniper Rifle" category able to equip the 40x Ballistic Scope.

Marlin Model 1894 - .44 Magnum
Replica Winchester 1892 "Mare's Leg" with standard lever loop and rounded barrel- .44-40. This model also shows off the screw used to do "rapid fire". This is put in place so the user does not need to pull the trigger. The screw breaks the shots when the action is worked.
Mare's Leg in the loadout menu.
The right side of the cut-down Marlin. A pressure pad with "Saddlegun" written on it can be seen at the end of the handguard, the wire simply goes to nothing inside the vents.
Standing next a LVS truck with the Mare's Leg.
The short carbine has a simple ghost ring and front post for sights.
Firing reveals the hammer is actually animated, unlike some of the revolvers.
Cycling the Marlin from the hip in a dramatic fashion - doing so while aiming keeps the gun pointed forward. A flip-cocking animation easter egg can be unlocked by headshot-ting an enemy player of each class in a single life; the third person animations also sometimes show the character flip-cocking the Mare's Leg.
When empty, the user first puts in a single .44 round...
...chambers it...
...and filling in the rest of the tube as normal.

Mateba Model 6 Unica

The Mateba Model 6 Unica appears as the "Unica 6" in the Dragon's Teeth DLC. If the Compensator attachment is used, the gun will use its own unique compensator instead of the generic P226 compensator for most other handguns. A 3x scope is also available in addition to the standard selection of sights. It is unlocked with the completion of the "Big Splash" assignment.

Mateba Model 6 Unica with 6" barrel - .357 Magnum
BF4 Unica left.jpg
Right side of the Unica. Sometimes the loadout screen will glitch out which allows the right side of various guns to be clearly seen, which can reveal modeling errors.
A solider overlooking the "Sunken Dragon" map with his fancy Unica.
The orange glow-in-the-dark sights.
Running with the Unica.
The upper assembly cycling as the revolver is fired. This is correct as the real Unica is a recoil operated semi-automatic revolver; the upper assembly is on rails and recoils 1/2 an inch when fired, the rearward travel cocks the hammer and the cylinder is rotated when the upper assembly returns forward. The recoiling distance shown here however is a little exaggerated.
Emptying the cylinder of spent brass with the ejector rod; the reload animation is based on the FBI reload technique, but massively exaggerated.
Loading up with a speedloader.
After dropping the speedloader in an flamboyant matter, the cylinder is swung shut, which is a bad idea in general and even more so with a incredibly rare revolver such as the Unica. After many complaints directed at the animator over the flashy reload, the animator responded in kind with an even more exaggerated secret reload animation, which involved the player character reloading with the pinky out, patting the loaded cylinder affectionately, and shutting the cylinder with a slap.

MP-412 REX

The MP-412 REX first appears in the singleplayer campaign, with Dunn giving it to Recker to shoot out the windshield of the car as it's sinking into the ocean after a total eclipse of the heart. The MP-412 was never put in full production, so its presence in a United States MARSOC unit could only be explained as a war trophy, taken from Russian forces. The player must simply complete the first mission of the singleplayer campaign, "Baku", to unlock it in multiplayer.

MP-412 REX - .357 Magnum
BF4 412 REX left1.jpg
The REX fitted with a flashlight, it seemingly being glued onto the revolver.
Bf4 hd MP-412 REX holding.jpg
Iron sights.
Reloading. Opening up the revolver. Note the correct depiction of the automatic ejection mechanism.
Feeding the REX with some .357 Magnum rounds from a speed-loader.

MP-443 Grach

The MP-443 Grach returns from Battlefield 3 and features one of the higher handgun magazine capacities at 17+1. It is unlocked in multiplayer by earning 13000 points with pistols. Curiously, the MP-443 is not seen holstered on Russian Army soldiers. Instead, they have holstered Chinese QSZ-92-5.8s.

MP-443 Grach - 9x19mm
BF4 PYa left.jpg
BF4 PYa holding.jpg
Iron sights. Note the uncocked hammer.
Reloading. Dropping out the magazine.
After inserting a new one, the slide lock releases by itself.


The QSZ-92-5.8 appears in Battlefield 4. The weapon has flip-flopped between 15-round and 20-round magazine capacities, starting with 20 in the beta, 15 in the final release, then patched back to 20 later. In reality, both 15-round and 20-round magazines for the 5.8x21mm rounds are in existence. The QSZ-92 requires 8000 points earned with pistols to unlock. In the campaign, PLA soldiers all have holstered QSZ-92s, as do Russian Army soldiers that reuse the Chinese trooper uniform (in a green shade, but even the Chinese flag patch is still present). Kimble "Irish" Graves also has one in his combat uniform's holster. The weapon has very similar stats to the FN Five-seveN.

QSZ-92-5.8 - 5.8x21mm DAP92
Note the added Picatinny rail under the barrel.
BF4 QSZ-92 holding.jpg
Iron sights.
Reloading the QSZ.

SIG-Sauer P226R

The SIG-Sauer P226R is the starting pistol for all classes. The model has been brought over from Medal of Honor: Warfighter. The P226 is one of the few weapons in-game depicted with a threaded barrel. It holds 15+1 rounds.

SIG-Sauer P226R - 9x19mm
Note the made up markings on the slide.
The right side states that the frame is German made, with the slide being American produced.
The compensator attachment fitting onto the P226. This model seems to been modeled specifically for the P226 but is reused on most handguns regardless.
BF4 226 holding.jpg
Iron sights.
Reloading. Dropping out the dry mag...
...and in with a new one!

Taurus Model 44

The Taurus Model 44, once again listed as the ".44 Magnum", is available in multiplayer as the second to last sidearm unlocked. It can kill with just two shots in close range. It has a 3x scope available in addition to the standard selection of sights. It requires 51000 points earned with pistols to unlock.

Taurus Model 44 - .44 Magnum
BF4 Model 44 left1.jpg
The Model 44 fitted with the 3x scope and a flashlight. Like with the REX, the light is seemingly just glued onto the barrel.
The Taurus as seen in hand.
Aiming with the standard sights.
Opening out the cylinder, which is followed with a mashing of the ejector rod to kick the spent cartridges offscreen.
Angling-in a speed loader of .44 Magnum into the cylinder.
Dramatically closing up the Model 44 - the rounds are slightly mispositioned inside each chamber.

Vickers Tactical Custom 1911

A one-off custom variant of the M1911, made by Larry Vickers of Vickers Tactical specifically for Medal of Honor: Warfighter, replaces the M45 MEU(SOC) from Battlefield 3. Noticeably, the Vickers trademarks are removed, and it now uses a 7-round magazine compared to 8 from BF3. It is one of the later sidearms unlocked in multiplayer, requiring 34000 handgun points. It has a 3x scope available in addition to the standard selection of sights (When using the 3x scope, the scope mount attached is the same model used on the "M39 EMR").

Custom-built Vickers Tactical 1911 for Medal of Honor: Warfighter fitted with a Surefire X300 light - .45 ACP
Note the empty triangle where the Vickers logo used to be. Very faint outlines of a V can still be glimpsed (as it may have not been erased on the model's normal map/specular textures.
A Russian soldier with an American handgun on the "Gulf of Oman" map from Battlefield 2. This map was added in the Second Assault DLC.
The front sight is slightly misaligned with the rear sight.
Reloading. Dropping out the mag via telekinesis. Note that the slide isn't far back for it to actually lock open.
Mashing in a new mag.
After inserting the magazine, the slide closes by itself.

Submachine Guns

Unlike the previous game, SMGs and any other weapons that appeared under the "PDW" category are now exclusive to the Engineer class. Their once-exclusive carbines are now all-kit weapons. These weapons categorized as PDWs typically offer superior close-range effectiveness - ironic considering the large, vehicle-based maps where engineers excel. Most are chambered in a pistol caliber and come with excellent hip-fire and mobility in game. Attachments available include lights, lasers, barrel attachments, grips, and both iron and optical sights. Also, all returning SMGs and PDWs from the previous game, where applicable, now come with their high-capacity magazines by default (eg. The MP7 default magazine is its extended 40-rounder, while the Magpul PDR's default magazine is the standard-capacity 30-round PMAG).

Beretta Mx4 Storm

The Beretta Mx4 Storm, the select-fire military variant of the Cx4 is available in multiplayer. It is listed simply as the "Mx4". It is the starting weapon of all three factions' Engineer classes.

Beretta Mx4 Storm - 9x19mm
Beretta Mx4 Storm in game. Note the lack of any muzzle device.
The right side has a brass deflector covering its ejection port.
The Beretta Mx4 Storm out with a pair of F-35Bs.
Sighting in the SMG.
Dumping out a magazine on a reload. The character's finger is off the trigger, but still inside the triggerguard.
Loading in a new extended Beretta mag.
Charging the Mx4.

CZ Scorpion Evo 3 A1

The CZ Scorpion Evo 3 A1 appears as the "CZ-3A1", and features the highest rate of fire among the PDWs (and matching the FAMAS). Interestingly, the default iron sights (correct as Evo factory sights) are used as the default iron sights for a number of other weapons in the game. It requires 37000 points earned with PDWs to unlock.

CZ Scorpion Evo 3 A1 - 9x19mm
The CZ Scorpion Evo 3 A1 in the multiplayer weapon customization menu.
Right side of the Evo 3 A1.
A Chinese Engineer armed with the Scorpion Evo 3 observes the dam on Dragon Valley.
The SMG's iron sights.
Reloading the Scorpion. Again, a lack of good trigger discipline does not inspire confidence.
Pulling the locked-back charging handle from empty.


The FN P90 TR is used by extensively by Hanna in the campaign and can also be used by the player. In order to unlock it in the multiplayer, one has to complete the game with one of the three endings. The magazine is opaque instead of the translucent, which is very common in games featuring P90s.

FN P90 TR - FN 5.7x28mm
The P90 TR. The heavy barrel modification, when used, used to give the P90 a much longer barrel, making it resemble the U.S. civilian-legal PS90. This has since been changed, and the heavy barrel mod is now purely a stat change.
The P90 tricked out with various accessories. Notably, when using any "gadget", in this case an AN/PEQ-15, an extra piece of rail is rather awkwardly added to the top rail. Why it's not fixed to one of the side-rail slots is not clear.
The iron sights are modeled after the factory CZ Scorpion Evo 3 sights.
Reloading. About to insert a new magazine. Note that the magazine is completely flat underneath, with no feed lips or bullet visible.
Chambering a round.

Heckler & Koch MP7A1

The MP7A1 is featured in the China Rising DLC. It is unlocked with the completion of the "Make a Dent" assignment. The model and reload animation has been brought in from Medal of Honor: Warfighter. As in Battlefield 3, the MP7A1 is one of the only weapons that retain both front and rear iron sights when attaching an optic. When in use without an optic, the MP7 uses its folded-down pistol sights, as opposed to its flipped up rifle sights seen in other games, such as Medal of Honor: Warfighter and Rainbow Six: Vegas 1 & 2. This time, it comes default with the extended 40-round magazine.

Heckler & Koch MP7A1 with Zeiss Z-Point red dot sight and 40-round magazine - 4.6x30mm
Stock MP7A1 in the loadout menu. Although not visible in this image, the HK logo is still present on the grip.
The MP7A1 being held.
MP7A1 iron sight, with the flip up apertures not being utilized. Note the misalignment - in real life, the rounds would impact a little low.
Reloading the MP7 - pulling up a fresh mag.
Inserting it.
Actuating the bolt release in the empty reload, though pushing in the wrong direction; the real weapon unlocks with a downward push.
Right side of a customized MP7.

Heckler & Koch UMP45

The Heckler & Koch UMP45 is an available PDW in the game. Unlike its 9mm brother, the UMP45 is present in the unlock tree for PDWs, and does not require the player to complete an assignment. The UMP-45 requires 11000 score with PDWs to acquire.

Heckler & Koch UMP45 - .45 ACP
Note the safe-semi-auto lower. Despite this, the UMP45 can also be fired in two-round bursts.
Mounting a sight of any kind to the UMP45 will remove the entire front sight assembly. This would require one to chop it off entirely. This is unlike it's Battlefield 3 equivalent. Since the front sight post doesn't really obscure the view through an optic, removing it like this is entirely unnecessary.
A Russian engineer holds his UMP45 after successfully landing a HELO without it blowing up.
Later, after infiltrating the local office, he sights up a strange empty room that seem to serve no purpose whatsoever.
Reloading. Inserting a new magazine while showing off some horrible (and clipping) trigger discipline.
Pushing the bolt-release to chamber a new round.

Heckler & Koch UMP9

The Heckler & Koch UMP9 is an unlockable PDW in the game, through the "Engineer Expert" assignment.

Heckler & Koch UMP9 - 9x19mm
The UMP9 with its default greyish white finish.
Without it however, it uses the same finish as the UMP45.
As with the UMP45, mounting a sight to the weapon will removed the entire front sight assembly.
A soldier showing up to the basketball game a little bit to late.
He decides to take out his frustration on the balls.
The UMP9 reuses the UMP45 reload animation, which includes the awful trigger discipline.

Jianshe CS/LS2

The Jianshe CS/LS2 appears in-game as the "JS2" and is the last PDW unlocked. Following the Spring 2015 update, the caliber chambering was updated from 5.8x21mm (50+1 rounds) to 9x19mm (30+1 rounds), ending the caliber confusion with the QCQ-05. The update also removed the three-round burst option that was incorrectly available to the weapon in-game.

The name of the weapon is either a combination of its unofficial nickname, "JS 9mm", and the weapon's official designation, "CS/LS2", or a misinterpretation of the name of Jianshe's prototype 9mm SMG No. 2 as the weapon's actual name, which is also referred to as "JS2" in some sources. While the real CS/LS2 fires from an open bolt, BF4's CS/LS2 fires from a closed bolt.

It is the final unlocked weapon in the PDW set, requiring a PDW score of 48000.

CS/LS2 - 9x19mm
The side of the gun is marked with "中国特种部队" (Zhōngguó tèzhǒng bùduì), or "Chinese Special Forces".
BF4 JS2 holding.jpg
Iron sights.
Reloading. Dropping out the magazine.
Inserting a new magazine. Note that the magazine release is the large triangular button behind the magwell.
Pulling the charging handle.


The PP-2000 is available in multiplayer. This time around, it has a 44-round magazine by default. It is an unlockable PDW requiring 4000 points earned with PDWs.

PP-2000 - 9x19mm
The PP-2000 in-game. Light and laser attachments use a custom mount fitted underneath the foregrip.
The PP's right side, note the name texture on the grip is mirrored.
Wielding the PP-2000 in the Russian base on Caspian Border.
Aiming reveals the front sight to be a little high, opposite of the MP7A1's low front sight.
Reloading the SMG.
The character turns the PP-2000 over to the other side while rechambering it.

Saab Bofors Dynamics CBJ-MS

The Saab Bofors Dynamics CBJ-MS appears in-game as an unlockable PDW. It has the highest muzzle velocity in its class, due to its unique 6.5x25mm round. The weapon model shows a 100-round drum magazine, but it actually only holds 50+1 rounds in-game, most likely for balancing purposes. It requires 19000 PDW points to unlock, and is the third Engineer-specific weapon unlocked through PDW score after the starting Mx4 Storm. In singleplayer it is the third and final collectible weapon in the first level, Baku.

Saab Bofors Dynamics CBJ-MS - 6.5x25mm CBJ-MS
The CBJ-MS in the loadout screen.
An Engineer holding on to his CBJ-MS as he makes his way through Sweden during the winter.
Iron sights.
Reloading. Dropping out the empty drum. The little logo on the side of the weapon is a clan emblem; under normal circumstances, this would be the flag of whichever faction the user is currently part of, and is replaced by their emblem as soon as they create one.
Inserting a new drum.
Pulling (and then pushing in) the charging handle.


The prototype version of the SIG-Sauer MPX appears in the Dragon's Teeth DLC. It is chambered in .40 S&W, which at the time was a planned chambering in reality, though to date it hasn't been released and the gun is only available in 9mm so far. It features a magazine capacity of 30+1. Interestingly, the MPX is the most recently developed firearm in the game, first displayed in late 2012 and officially announced by SIG-Sauer in early 2013. It is unlocked via the "Not the Weakest Link" assignment.

SIG-Sauer MPX, 2012 prototype - 9x19mm
Note that the weapon doesn't have actual SIG markings.
Holding the MPX.
Iron sights.
Reloading. Dropping out the empty mag.
Inserting a fresh one.
Then giving the bolt release a rather awkward slap.

SR-2M Veresk

The SR-2M Veresk appears as the "SR-2" in the Naval Strike DLC, requiring the completion of the "Packing a Punch" assignment to acquire it.

SR-2M - 9x21mm
The SR-2M in the loadout menu.
The SR-2M being held.
Iron sights.
Dumping out a spent magazine.
Inserting in a new one.
Pulling the charging handle in a rather awkward way. Note the safety lever incorrectly in the safe (up) position and the soldier's left hand clips through the receiver.


Shotguns in Battlefield 4 are equipped in the primary weapon slot with the exception of the Serbu Super Shorty (a secondary), M26 MASS (a gadget), and the USAS-12 (a battle pickup). The game features pump-action, semi-automatic, and fully-automatic (USAS-12 only) shotguns fed from either a tube or detachable magazine. Unique to this weapon category, the player may choose from a variety of ammunition types - buckshot, flechette, slug, and explosive Frag-12 rounds. In addition to optics, lights, lasers, and grips, the player may equip muzzle devices such as chokes, brakes, and compensators. Shotguns may not be suppressed in the game. Shotguns are available to all classes with the exception of the M26 MASS, which is only available to the Assault class.

Benelli M1

A Benelli M1 with a fixed stock and top rail incorrectly replaces the the proper Benelli M4 with a collapsible stock from BF3 as the "M1014". It is identical to the one in Medal of Honor 2010's singleplayer. It does average damage per shot when compared to the other shotguns, but this is balanced with a very high rate of fire and fast reload time. The Benelli M1 requires 11000 score with shotguns to unlock.

Benelli M1 in similar configuration to the one seen in-game - 12 gauge
Actual M1014 for comparison - 12 gauge
BF4 M1 left.jpg
A rather odd detail with the Benelli M1, when attaching any 1x optic (except for the FLIR scope), an additional rail section is added onto the barrel in front of the main rail section for whatever reason. This doesn't happen when using any magnifying optic.
A USMC Support holds a Benelli M1 on the "Operation Locker" map.
Iron sights.
Reloading. Inserting a shell directly into the chamber.
After chambering said round, the rest are loaded into the magazine tube.

Cobray Street Sweeper / Armsel Protecta Hybrid

The same SWD/Cobray Street Sweeper / Armsel Protecta hybrid called "DAO-12" from Battlefield 3 returns in Battlefield 4. It is an unlockable shotgun in the Second Strike DLC. The reloading animation differs (more realistically) from the Battlefield 3 DAO-12 in that the player will manually turn the key in front of the drum after inserting each shell. While still far more realistic than its reload in BF3, the BF4 reload neglects the fact that the firing-gas-based ejection system of the Armsel Protecta always leaves one round unejected, which needs to be manually ejected with the ejector rod. Due to an oversight, when reloading an empty drum, the player character is seen inserting 13 shells, despite the actual ammunition count being 12.

SWD/Cobray Street Sweeper with short barrel and top folding stock - 12 gauge
Armsel Protecta with 12" barrel - 12 gauge
Stock "DAO-12" in the loadout menu. Lights and lasers are awkwardly attached directly to the underside of the barrel.
Right side of a modified "DAO-12".
The Street Sweeper/Protecta hybrid in-game.
Iron sights. Note that these were borrowed from the CZ Scorpion Evo 3.
The soldier inserts a shell into the drum...
... and then turns the key in front of the drum, rotating the drum clockwise. The clockwise rotation would in reality rotate the unfired rounds into the ejection port and prevent the reload. The clockwise rotation also means that the drum is constantly being unwound, which would eventually cause the drum to stop rotating. If the animation instead turned the drum counter-clockwise, both issues would be fixed.

Daewoo USAS-12

The Daewoo USAS-12 appears in the game as a battle pickup and is the only fully automatic shotgun. It usually is configured with an EOTech sight and ergo grip, though a FLIR 2x sight with angled foregrip version is present on some maps. It holds 10+1 rounds from a box magazine, and appears to have the standard carrying handle permanently removed for a rail. It will always be equipped with the "Laser Light Combo" (AN/PEQ-15) and frag rounds. In singleplayer, however, another variant loaded with slugs and equipped with the Prismatic 3.4x scope and an extended 14+1 magazine can be unlocked in the "South China Sea" level for completing the Gold assignment in the level by scoring 10000 points.

Daewoo USAS-12 - 12 gauge
The USAS-12's world model lying inside a boxcar - the foregrip is mispositioned here.
Wielding the standard USAS-12 variant.
Aiming with the EOTech - the green dot in the center is the visible beam from the PEQ-15.
Popping off some FRAG-12 rounds.
Reloading the USAS's short magazine.
Pulling the charging handle.
The campaign USAS variant, inside the "USS Valkyrie."
The view through the Prismatic scope.
A view of the camo finish.


The "DBV-12" (DBV stands for "drobovik", "shotgun" in Russian), supposed to represent the AK-12/76, a planned AK-12 variant modified to fire shotgun shells (like the the original AK's Saiga 12), is the last unlockable shotgun in multiplayer. It requires 59000 points earned with shotguns and is the last weapon in the shotgun list. The in-game weapon uses the standard AK-12 magwell, though actual AK-12/76 concept art from Izhmash showed it with an extended magazine well, which is reflected in the photoshopped mock-up below. Additionally, for one reason or another, the DBV-12 is depicted feeding from USAS-12 magazines; real USAS-12 magazines lack the proper magazine tab that is required for it to lock in place on an AK-type weapon, nevermind the fact that the original magazine tabs aren't modeled either.

Photoshopped mock-up of an AK-12/76 - 12 gauge
Stock "DBV-12" in the loadout menu. Note the selector switch correctly set to semi.
The DBV-12 (sans the khaki finish) inside of Hangar 21.
Iron sights.
Reloading the short USAS magazine.
Rechambering the DBV.

Franchi SPAS-12

The Franchi SPAS-12 with the top-folding stock is available. It operates only in pump-action mode, just like in the Bad Company series and Battlefield 3. In-game the weapon holds 9 (8+1) rounds and requires a score of 37000 with shotguns.

Franchi SPAS-12 - 12 gauge
Stock SPAS-12 in the loadout menu. The iron sights are removed whenever an optic is attached, and lights and lasers are awkwardly attached directly on the bottom of the magazine tube.
On the lookout for birds in Altai Range with the SPAS-12.
Cycling the shotgun.
Under-hand chamberloading the SPAS.
Replenishing the magazine tube. As with most older games, the carrier latch release isn't pressed, which is necessary to load the magazine.
In the campaign level "South China Sea", a SPAS-12 without iron sights can be found inside a MV-22 Osprey in the USS Valkyrie's hangar.
The lack of sights didn't get in the way of Recker stopping the PLAN boarding party, however. The bug fixes itself once the player interacts with any weapon crates.

Hawk 97-2

The Hawk 97-2 pump-action shotgun appears as the "Hawk 12G". It is the most powerful of the pump-action shotguns but with the largest shot spread and shot count at 14 shots. It requires a shotgun score of 19000.

Hawk Pump Tactical Shotgun - 12 gauge
The side of the gun is marked with a "serial number"—not an actual number mind you, but the literal word "serial number" in Chinese: "序列号" (Xù liè hào).
BF4 Hawk holding.jpg
The iron sights of the Hawk 97-2 as the Marine unwisely takes aim at a gas pump.
Reloading. Having just pulled out the magazine.
As the rain comes in, the soldier decides to load in a new magazine.
Finally, as the rain passes, he chambers a new round.

M26 Modular Accessory Shotgun System

The M26 Modular Accessory Shotgun System is once again an unlockable shotgun "gadget" exclusive to the Assault class. If the Assault's primary weapon has the Underslung Rail attachment, the shotgun is attached to the weapon, otherwise it is used standalone. As with the previous game, multiple ammunition types are available, obtained through the Assault Kits level progression. When equipped by itself it is outfitted with a Trijicon reflex sight.

M26 MASS mounted on M4 carbine with Aimpoint CompM4 sight - 12 gauge
M26 Modular Accessory Shotgun System - 12 gauge
The M26 MASS in its standalone configuration.
Reloading. Rocking in a new magazine whilst showing off some poor trigger discipline.
Chambering a shell, causing another to eject for some reason.
A M26 attached to an M16.
Flipping up the charging handle when switching to MASS.
Racking the handle.
Reloading. Once again, with the finger on the trigger.


The QBS-09 is the default shotgun available once shotguns are unlocked through progression of the Support class. It is the most powerful semi-automatic shotgun in the game, offsetting its rather low 5+1 round capacity. It requires 16000 score with the Support kit to unlock.

QBS-09 - 12 gauge
QBS-09 loadout preview. The front sight assembly is removed when an optic is attached. The gun is also marked with the phrase "Chinese Special Forces" in Chinese, just like the CS/LS2.
Right side of the shotgun.
The QBS-09 in the destroyed park at the start of Operation Metro.
Aiming down the sights.
Chamberloading the QBS.
Inserting a shell into the tube magazine.

Remington 870 MCS

The Remington 870 MCS returns and now holds 7+1 rounds, indicating an 18" barrel and +3 magazine tube extension. It is an unlockable weapon requiring 4000 shotgun score. It is the most balanced of the Pump Action shotguns with no significant faults.

Remington 870 MCS - 12 gauge
Stock Remington 870 MCS in the loadout menu. Strangely, lights and lasers are affixed to the bottom of the barrel/magazine tube clamp, instead of the real MCS's side rail.
Previewing the right side of the 870.
The Remington 870 MCS in-game.
Aiming with the rifle-style sights.
Pumping out an unfired shell.
Chamber-loading the Remington.
About to load a shell into the magazine.


The Saiga-12K is one of the shotguns in BF4. It fires in semi-auto, and uses a 5-round detachable box magazine with an incorrect 8-round capacity. The Saiga requires a score of 28000 points earned with shotguns to unlock. Its model appears to be the same as the one in Bad Company, Bad Company 2, and BF3.

Saiga-12K - 12 gauge
Stock Saiga-12K in the loadout menu.
The Saiga's right side.
The Saiga-12K in-game.
Aiming the shotgun.
Removing a spent magazine.
Pulling up a new one.
Charging the Saiga.

Serbu Super Shorty

A Remington 870-based Serbu Super Shorty appears the "Shorty 12G" . It has an integrated accessory rail on top of the receiver, and can mount a Trijicon RMR or Leupold DeltaPoint sight in addition to a ghost ring iron sight setup borrowed from the handguns. It cannot be aimed unless equipped with a sight accessory, and can only use buckshot rounds. It has a correct 2+1 capacity. It is available in multiplayer as a secondary. Although unlocked with 18000 pistol score, it contributes points towards the other shotguns rather than the rest of the handguns.

Serbu Super Shorty (Remington 870) - 12 gauge
Serbu Super Shorty in-game.
Bf4 hd Serbu Super Shorty holding.jpg
Reloading. In with a shell in the chamber...
...then the remaining two going in the magazine tube.


The UTAS UTS-15 appears in multiplayer. It is the weakest in terms of the primary pump action shotguns but has the highest capacity and the most range and tightest spread by default. During an empty reload, the chamber loading animation depicts the first shell as being erroneously inserted backwards. It requires 4,000 points in the "Baku" level to unlock in singleplayer and 48,000 shotgun score to unlock in multiplayer.

UTAS UTS-15 - 12 gauge
The UTS-15 in the multiplayer weapon customization menu. Uniquely, using laser and light attachments will turn on the integrated laser/light module under the barrel instead of adding another attachment.
The UTS-15 in-game. The tube selector is set to the middle position, meaning that it alternates feeding from the left and the right tube.
Aiming the with the Troy folding sights.
About to load a backwards shell into the UTS' open action.
The soldier reloads the left magazine tube ...
... and then the right one, apparently opening and closing the dust covers every time.
Right side of a UTS-15 equipped with a Kobra sight. The red line visible right under it is a bugged shotgun shell.

Assault Rifles & Battle Rifles

This category generally spans the in-game weapon classes of assault rifles, designated marksmen rifles (also covered in the Sniper Rifles section), and carbines (specific in-game categories of each weapon will be noted in their description). Assault rifles are exclusive to the Assault class, while carbines and DMRs are all-kit weapons. DMRs feature higher damage and range but are semi-auto only, limiting their close-range effectiveness. The entire selection of attachments and close to medium-range optics are available to equip, and some assault rifles can directly mount an M320 or an M26 MASS, via the Underslung Rail attachment (in gameplay, this essentially shortens the time to switch from primary to the gadget).


The 5.56A-91 returns in multiplayer as a carbine. It once again has the misleading designation of "A-91" (referring to original 7.62x39mm non-export Russian weapons) and still has the 40mm grenade launcher removed, but this time around it is also incorrectly stated to be chambered in 5.45x39mm, possibly indicating a fictional variant, although there is also the nearly identical ADS amphibious variant. It requires 28000 carbine score to unlock.

5.56A-91 - 5.56x45mm NATO / 40mm
Stock 5.56A-91 with Hexagon Naval paint in the loadout menu.
Right side of the 5.56A-91. Note the lack of ejection port, which is correct as the A-91 series uses a forward ejection system.
The 5.56A-91 along the Caspian border checkpoint.
Aiming with the rather bare iron sights.
Removing the A-91's non-standard push-button release magazine.
About to put in another.
Charging the carbine.


The AEK-971 returns from BF3, once again a hybrid between the prototype and production models of the AEK-971. It has a very high rate-of-fire with heavy (but predictable) muzzle climb. It requires a score of 28000 points earned with assault rifles to unlock.

AEK-971 - 5.45x39mm
Prototype AEK-971 - 5.45x39mm
Bf4 hd AEK-971 menu.jpg
Bf4 hd AEK-971 holding.jpg
Iron sights.
Reloading. About to insert a new magazine.
Pulling the charging handle. The BF3 animation was completely different, showing the player character kicking out the dry magazine with a fresh one and pulling the charging handle with the left hand.


The 2012 prototype of AK-12 is available in the game as the starting assault rifle for all factions. Interestingly, the rifle's three-round burst fire has a higher ROF than it has in full-auto.

In addition to the basic assault rifle model, the game took advantage of its near-future setting and depicted several proposed variants of the AK-12 as full weapons. These are the AK-12U carbine, the RPK-12 LMG, the "SVD-12" DMR, and the "DBV-12" shotgun (the latter two being altered representations of the proposed SVK-12 and the AK-12/76). At the time of the game's release, these variants were proposed for the 2012 AK-200-based prototype AK-12. As the time went and the AK-200-based prototype was canceled, any future these AK-200 based variants could have were also shut down.

AK-12 - 5.45x39mm, 2012 prototype
AK-12 in-game.
Bf4 hd AK12 holding.jpg
Iron sights.
Reloading. Rocking in a new mag.
Pulling the charging handle with a underhand technique, not utilizing the left side of the ambidextrous charging handle for whatever reason. This exact animation is used across all AK-12 pattern weapons in the game.


The AK-12U is the planned sub-carbine version of the AK-12 with a shortened gas system and barrel. It is referred to as "AKU-12" in-game. It has stats similar to the Ak 5C, but with a slightly slower rate of fire and less overall recoil. It requires 19000 carbine score to unlock.

Photoshopped mock-up of the AK-12U - 5.45x39mm
The AK-12U without its default camo. Note that the front sight is clipping into the gas block. It also has the standard flash hider, as opposed to the Krinkov muzzle booster in the photoshopped image above.
And here with it.
BF4 AK12U holding.jpg
Iron sights
Reloading. The Chinese PLA soldier balancing the AK-12U in his hand after removing the magazine.
Rocking in a fully loaded one.
Racking the charging handle.


The AN-94 returned from Battlefield 3 in the Spring 2015 Patch. The AN-94's (in)famous 2-round burst fire is set to 1200 rounds per minute (as opposed to the 1800 RPM in real life) , when firing in full-auto however, the first two rounds are not in 1200 RPM unlike the real AN-94, instead its 600 RPM flat. Why it's not correctly featured like in BF3 is unknown.

AN-94 - 5.45x39mm
The AN-94's model in the loadout preview, having been reworked from BF3.
Note that unlike Battlefield 3, the magazine is correctly modeled as slanting to the right. It is also plum colored instead of green.
Iron sights.
The barrel reciprocating as the burst is fired. The burst is so fast it sounds like only one shot is fired.
Reloading. Like in the previous game, using a fresh magazine to kick out the old one. There are still bullets in the magazine as it wasn't emptied.
If ones does however empty the entire magazine and reload, the charging handle is of course pulled. Note the excellent trigger discipline.

AS Val

The AS Val appears as a PDW in the Second Assault DLC. It is integrally suppressed, so no other barrel attachments are available. It is unlocked via the "Co-pilot" assignment, and is also the only returning PDW to not use its high-capacity magazine, instead making do with its standard-capacity 20-round mag. It was initially erroneously depicted with an optional three-round burst mode, a feature that the real AS Val does not have. This was removed later in a patch.

AS Val - 9x39mm
BF4 Val left.jpg
An AS Val on Zavod 311. The "6149" inventory mark appears to be the same decal used from the Milkor Mk 1S MGL.
The iron sights with tritium inserts.
Reloading. The old magazine is knocked out of the gun with the new one. Regardless if they're empty or partially filled, the old magazines are always depicted as empty.
Pulling the charging handle with the underhand technique.

Beretta ARX-160

The Beretta ARX-160 appears in the Naval Strike DLC as the "AR-160" assault rifle, holding 30+1 rounds. It requires the completion of the "Spare Time Sniper" assignment for it to unlock. The weapon model is notably glitched and much smaller in size compared to other similar sized weapons.

Beretta ARX-160 - 5.56x45mm NATO
BF4 ARX left.jpg
The ARX-160 is strangely small in-game, a good way to get a sense of how small it is, is to fit it with an M320. The M320 is a big grenade launcher, but on the ARX-160 it's almost as big as the rifle!
A US Marine holds a ARX-160 on the "Flood Zone" map.
Iron sights.
Reloading. Having just dumped the dry mag.
Giving the teeny charging handle a tug to chamber a new round. Why the soldier does this instead of pushing the bolt-release that's nicely placed on the trigger guard is unknown.
The tiny world model of the ARX-160 compared to the normal-sized AK-12.
The soldier on the back of the hovercraft fires an ARX-160 fitted with an ACOG and Magpul AFG, note how the soldier is gripping the magazine instead of the actual grip.

Bofors Ak 5C

The Bofors Ak 5C is the first carbine the player can use in the game. The model has been brought in from Medal of Honor: Warfighter, unlike some weapons brought over however, the Ak 5C has new animations in BF4. It requires a score of 15000 Engineer points to unlock.

Ak 5C - 5.56x45mm NATO
Bf4 hd AK-5C menu.jpg
Bf4 hd AK-5C holding.jpg
Iron sights.
Reloading. Inserting a new magazine.
Pressing the bolt release to chamber a new round.

Colt M4LE Carbine

The "M4" returns in BF4 without its full-auto M4A1 counterpart. In some initial trailers, the carbine was seen firing in full-auto, like the M4A1, but in the final game it is the 3-round burst-firing version instead. Like in BF3, it is modeled after the civilian M4LE. It is unlocked at 59,000 carbine points.

Colt M4LE Carbine - 5.56x45mm
The M4 is fitted with a Hogue pistol grip and a VLTOR retractable stock unlike actual military-issue M4s. Taking a closer look at the selector reveals that it has the characteristic Safe/Fire positions of civilian AR-15s. Also, on top of not having a bayonet lug, the M4 lacks the cut in the barrel to allow the attachment of an M203.
Like the M16, the M4's bolt has a strange texture.
BF4 M4 holding.jpg
Iron sights. Like the M16A4, the sight is set to the small-aperture ring but incorrectly has a large-aperture opening.
Reloading. About to insert a magazine.
Pushing the bolt-release.
Pac firing his M4 in a promotional picture.

Colt Sporter Competition

The 3-round burst "M16A4" is the only returning M16 in BF4, leaving its (infamously powerful) full-auto brother back in BF3. Once again, it is modeled after the civilian Colt Sporter Competition. The rifle is unlocked at 59,000 assault rifle points in multiplayer.

Colt Sporter Competition with magazine removed - 5.56x45mm NATO
Colt M16A4 MWS (Modular Weapon System) with KAC M5 railed handguards, AN/PEQ-2 IR designator, KAC RIS foregrip, and Trijicon TA01 4x32 ACOG scope - 5.56x45mm NATO
Unlike the M16A4s used by the Marines, the in-game model uses a Hogue pistol grip. Note also the two-position selector switch.
Note that there doesn't appear to be any proper texture on the bolt, it appears to all grey. The wrap around the stock from the previous game is gone.
A US Marine looks over a burning oil refinery with his rifle at the ready on the "Operation Firestorm" map from the Second Assault expansion pack.
Iron sights. The sight is set to the small-aperture ring but incorrectly has a large-aperture opening. Also as in BF3, the rear sight is slightly closer-in compared to the M4's iron sights.
Reloading. Removing the magazine, instead of simply dropping it on the ground, the soldier grabs hold of it and (presumably) keeps it, which would be wise.
Inserting a fully loaded one.
Then gently pushing the bolt release. This animation is reused on the "M4" and the HK416.

CZ S805 A

The prototype version of the CZ 805 BREN, the CZ S805 A, appears as the "CZ-805". It holds 30+1 rounds and is the last assault rifle to be unlocked, requiring 71000 assault rifle score.

Prototype CZ S805 A - 5.56x45mm NATO
Note the HK steel magazine, indicating that a STANAG magazine housing was installed, but it has the paddle-magazine release meant for the proprietary CZ polymer magazines.
Despite the paddle magazine release, the magazine-release button is still modeled on the right side of the receiver.
The S805 on the test range.
Iron sights.
Reloading. A fresh magazine about to be inserted. In the initial release, the charging handle/bolt was bugged and locked back during a non empty reload and reset to the forward position after the fresh mag was inserted, but this has since been patched.
Giving the charging handle a tug to chamber a new round.

Enfield L85A2

The L85A2 is included in the China Rising DLC pack. It holds 30+1 rounds and has very low recoil. It requires the completion of the "Open Fire" assignment to unlock.

L85A2 with magazine removed, Daniel Defense railed foregrip, ACOG scope, Grippod vertical foregrip, and SureFire FHSA80SA flash hider - 5.56x45mm
Like in BF3, the weapon has a dovetail mount when using iron sights and gets a dovetail-mounted Picatinny rail when alternate sights are used. Unlike its BF3 counterpart, the L85A2 comes with a Daniel Defense railed foregrip installed. Also note the Magpul on the STANAG magazine.
Looking for treasure with a L85A2 in hand.
Instead an enemy base is found!
After some "suppressing fire" the L85A2 has to be reloaded. Beginning with removing the magazine.
Inserting a new mag.
Afterwards the soldier reaches over and appears to use the bolt hold-open lever to chamber a round.
The famous "karate slap" is actually a form of forward assist to make sure the bolt is fully in battery. This action isn't really necessary on the A2 model.

FAMAS Valorisé

The FAMAS Valorisé is unlocked once the player reaches 37,000 points in assault rifles, known simply as the "FAMAS". It has the highest rate of fire of all assault rifles at 1000 RPM but is balanced by its 25-round magazine and high recoil. As standard the ubiquitous bipod is missing but can be equipped, though its practical usefulness in the game is questionable. The variant in-game has the incorrect G1/G2 style trigger guard rather than the F1 type, and it also incorrectly has a ribbed F1 style barrel. Note that it's missing the cover for the ejection port, which would usually result in the user's face getting sprayed with hot gas and debris when the bolt cycles back, except it doesn't. The bolt and charging handle are stationary and do not reciprocate whatsoever. The rifle also has an incorrect type of fire selector - it should be a flag type switch. Finally, the picatinny rail is missing from the top of the rifle and the top of the barrel.

FAMAS Valorisé with EOTech sight - 5.56x45mm
The FAMAS Valorisé in the menu. Note the G-series trigger guard and the F1 ribbed barrel.
A soldier with his rifle. The missing rail can be seen.
Aiming down the iron sights.
Inserting a new magazine.
Pulling the charging handle.

FN F2000 Tactical

The FN F2000 is an unlockable gun from the Second Assault DLC, unlocked via the "Express Train" assignment.

FN F2000 Tactical with CAA FVG5 foregrip - 5.56x45mm NATO
The flat top F2000 in the loadout customization. Note the sling wrapped around the stock.
F2000 Tactical in game, next a green AH-1Z helicopter.
Using the back-up sights.
Performing a tactical reload with the F2000.
The non-empty reload ends with a mag-slap.

FN F2000

Equipping the factory 1.6x optic turns the weapon back to the original FN F2000, with its non-extended rails.

FN F2000 - 5.56x45mm NATO
Stock F2000 with 1.6x magnification sight in the loadout menu.
A customized F2000 with its classic integral scope.
Aiming. The top-mounted BUIS are unusable.
Empty reloads have bolt locked back initially.
Swapping out the STANAG magazine.
HK, or in this case, FN-slapping it home.


Two FN SCAR-H rifles appear in BF4, the standard 16 inch barreled version as an assault rifle called the "SCAR-H", and the 20 inch barreled version as a DMR called the "SCAR-H SV". The model has been brought in from Medal of Honor: Warfighter. The SCAR-H is unlocked at 4000 assault rifle points while the SV version requires 82000 DMR points.

FN SCAR-H (16" barrel) - 7.62x51mm NATO
BF4 SCAR-H left1.jpg
Bf4 hd scar-h holding.jpg
Iron sights.
Reloading. About to insert a magazine that's loaded with some lovely bullets. Note that the charging handle is in its forward position as there's still a bullet in the chamber.
About to push the bolt release - it looks as if the character is going to push the mag release from the left side, but that's just this particular frame.
FN SCAR-H (20" barrel) - 7.62x51mm NATO
The "SCAR-H SV". The front sight is clipping through the rail extension, which is a Daniel Defense RIS II (compatible only with AR-15s) somehow mounted backwards, to include the mounting plate! However, attaching any optic removes the front sight, at least alleviating the clipping issue. Also note the selector switch set to semi.
The "SCAR-H SV" with its default dark-brown finish.

Heckler & Koch G36C

The Heckler & Koch G36C returns from Battlefield 3. It holds 30+1 rounds and requires a carbine score of 48000 to unlock.

Heckler & Koch G36C - 5.56x45mm NATO
Note the fire-selector is on safe. It should also be noted that the G36C can be fired in 2-round bursts despite not having a trigger unit allowing this. Also note how the rifle seems to be equipped with a STANAG magwell, despite using G36 pattern magazines.
The G36C on the "Pearl Market" map.
Iron sights.
Reloading. Removing the mag.
In with a new one. Here the very poor trigger discipline is obvious.
Giving the charging handle a tug to chamber a new round.

Heckler & Koch HK416

The Heckler & Koch HK416 returns from Battlefield 3 and now has a longer 14.5" barrel and current-gen HK buttstock and grip. The new model, brought over from Medal of Honor: Warfighter, is a far more accurate representation of current HK416 iterations at the time of BF4's release. It is still called the "M416", presumably to avoid trademark issues. It requires an assault rifle score of 11000 to unlock.

Heckler & Koch HK416 with 14.5 inch barrel - 5.56x45mm NATO.
Previewing the "M416."
The dust cover is stuck in a half-open position for whatever reason, just as in Warfighter.
The HK416 in idle.
The iron sights of the HK416. Note the HK-style drum sights, no longer used on current HK416s.
Reloading. The start of a mid-mag reload for the HK416.
About to insert a fresh mag into the HK416. Note the selector switch set to auto and the poor trigger discipline.

IWI Galil ACE 21

The IWI Galil ACE 21 appears as the "ACE 21 CQB" and is classified as a carbine. It is the shorter-barreled variant of the ACE 23, and also holds 35+1 rounds. It requires a carbine score of 71000 to unlock. Both the ACE 21 and ACE 23 have 7.62x51mm markings on the receiver, this indicates they reuse the 7.62x51mm variant's model.

IWI Galil ACE 21 - 5.56x45mm NATO
Stock Galil ACE 21 in the loadout menu. Like all the other weapons with a default camo, this is now removable after a patch.
Right side of the ACE 21. It also has the same recoil pad on the stock as the 7.62 NATO versions.
A Russian Engineer equipped with the ACE 21 outside of the Metro.
Firing, which shows the reciprocating charging handle and sliding dust cover.
The soldier reloads the ACE 21. Unfortunately, a STANAG AR-15 magazine is used as evidenced by the magazine catch cutout. Galil ACE magazines are secured via the top of the magazine spine by rocking it in, like the Kalashnikov series of rifles. Also note that the bolt is shown locking back on empty, which is technically plausible here as this is a feature of the variants with actual STANAG magwells. However, this is incorrect on the 7.62x51 variant that feeds from 25-round Galil battle rifle magazines as those lack BHO follower functionality.

IWI Galil ACE 23

The IWI Galil ACE 23 appears as an assault rifle. It has a capacity of 35+1 rounds and is unlocked by completing the "Assault Expert" assignment.

IWI Galil ACE 23 - 5.56x45mm NATO
Galil ACE 23 in-game. Note the 7.62x51mm markings on the side of the receiver.
Holding the Galil ACE 23 on the test island.
Aiming the ACE 23.
Reloading the 5.56 magazine.
Charging the Galil.

IWI Galil ACE 52

The IWI Galil ACE 52 appears as the "ACE 52 CQB" and is classified as a carbine. It is the most powerful of the carbines on a per shot basis, due to its 7.62x51mm NATO rounds but with the smallest capacity at 25+1. It requires a carbine score of 37000 to unlock.

IWI Galil ACE 52 - 7.62x51mm NATO
Stock Galil ACE 52 in the loadout menu. The magazines don't sit at quite the right angle as they should, compared to the reference image above.
The right side of the Galil ACE 52, without its default camo.
Standing out on the Russian airstrip on "Operation Firestorm" with the Galil ACE 52.
The iron sights are the same as the other variants.
Reloading the older ARM .308 magazine.
Pulling the charging handle.

IWI Galil ACE 53

The IWI Galil ACE 53 appears as the "ACE 53 SV" and is classified as a designated marksman rifle, firing in semi-auto only. Of the DMRs, it features the highest magazine capacity of 25+1. It requires a DMR score of 65000.

IWI Galil ACE 53 - 7.62x51mm NATO
Stock Galil ACE 53 in the loadout menu, with its now-removable default camo.
The other side of the ACE 53 in the loadout, modified with a AN/PAS-13D scope and AN/PEQ-15.
The ACE 53 out in the Gobi Desert.
Removing an empty magazine on a reload.


The IWI X95 was added with the China Rising DLC as a carbine, referred to as the earlier MTAR-21. This variant fires 5.56x45mm NATO rounds and comes with the non-flattop standard IDF configuration with a 13-inch barrel. It has a capacity of 30+1 rounds and requires the completion of the "Multi Talent" assignment to unlock.

IWI X95R with 13-inch barrel and tan body - 5.45x39mm
Note the fire selector is on safe.
BF4 X95 holding.jpg
Iron sights.
Reloading. Dropping out the mag. For some reason the player character moves his hand back to the magazine to do this as if the weapon had a magazine release lever instead of just using the mag release button right above the grip. This method should only work on the original TAR-21 design.
Inserting a new magazine. A nice touch shows the handle sliding back a little with nothing to hold it in place, until the bolt is released, locking it back in the forward position - often mistakenly reported as a bug.
Releasing the bolt.

Kel-Tec RFB Hunter

The 24" barreled Hunter variant of the Kel-Tec RFB is available as a DMR in multiplayer. A Daniel Defense RIS II, compatible only with the AR-15 platform, is erroneously mounted in front of the handguard. This is probably meant to stand in for Kel-Tec's Quad Rail attachment for the RFB. It is the first unlockable DMR in the game, being available once reaching 13000 points with the Recon kit.

The in-game weapon correctly depicts the RFB's forward ejection system, with empty cartridges visibly flying out from the front of the gun.

Kel-Tec RFB Hunter - 7.62x51mm NATO
Kel-Tec RFB Hunter in game. Note that it uses the SCAR-H's flash hider by defualt.
A US Recon with the RFB on the Caspian Border wall.
Aiming through the short radius sights.
Mid-firing the Kel-Tec - the charging handle cycles back and an empty casing ejects out the front.
Removing an empty FAL magazine from the RFB.
Loading in a new one.
Releasing the bolt.
The right side of a RFB with some sci-fi like attachments and a bipod mounted in an extremely unergonomic location.

M59/66 SKS

The Yugoslavian M59/66 variant of the SKS rifle returns from Battlefield 3 as a designated marksman rifle. The spigot-type grenade launcher muzzle differentiates the M59/66 from other SKS variants. The integral bayonet has been removed and it has also been modified to accept detachable box magazines, holding 20 rounds in-game. The original wood furniture is replaced with a modern synthetic Tapco one with a retractable AR-15 stock system. It requires a DMR score of 11000.

Yugoslavian M59/66 SKS with Tapco furniture - 7.62x39mm
Stock SKS in the loadout menu. Evident here is the grenade launcher muzzle device (a function not utilized in the game).
SKS in the post-apocalyptic Parisian cityscape. Rifle is not fine after being exposed to radiation...
SKS iron sights.
Grabbing a spent magazine. The text on the receiver cover says "Army Sniper Division".
Locking in a new magazine during a full reload.
Racking the bolt while trying to hide the rest of the Tapco monstrosity from view...

Magpul PDR-C

The Magpul PDR-C returns from Battlefield 3, this time as an Engineer-only PDW. Unlike most PDW style weapons, it is chambered in the NATO standard 5.56x45mm round with forward ejection, and a utilizes a 12" barrel. It requires a score of 28000 with PDWs to unlock.

Magpul PDR-C with red dot sight and 20-round polymer magazine - 5.56x45mm NATO
The PDR-C in the multiplayer weapons customization menu. The 30-round polymer magazine is reminiscent of the Magpul EMAG. As the extended magazine customization from BF3 is not in 4, the 30s are default and the short 20-rounders are not available.
The Magpul PDR on Dragon Valley.
Aiming down the low profile Scorpion iron sights.
Dumping out a spent 5.56 magazine.
About to put in another.
Charging the PDR-C.

OTs-14-1A-01 Groza

The OTs-14-1A-01 Groza is included in the Spring 2015 Patch as a carbine named Groza-1. The Groza-1's reload reuses one of the AKU-94's empty reload animations from Medal of Honor: Warfighter.

OTs-14-1A-01 Groza - 7.62x39mm
BF4 OTs Groza left.jpg
On the prowl for mutants in "Operation Métro 2014" with the OTs-14-1A-01 Groza.
Iron sights of the OTs-14-1A-01.
An underside view of the Groza during the start of a reload.
Discarding the empty polymer magazine with a fresh one. Such is life in the Metro.
As with a lot of DICE LA's weapons, the animations came from one of the AKU-94's sets from Warfighter.
Chambering a fresh 7.62x39mm round.

OTs-14-4A-03 Groza

The 9x39mm OTs-14-4A-03 Groza is listed as a PDW called Groza-4 for the Engineer class. It has a suppressor permanently attached.

OTs-14-4A-03 Groza - 9x39mm
The Groza-4 in the deployment menu.
Right side view of the Groza-4
The OTs-14 "Groza-4" in-game.
Using the iron sights.
Tossing aside a spent magazine.
About to rock in a new one.
Letting go the bolt on an empty reload.

Remington ACR

The Remington ACR with a 16.5" barrel, fixed stock, and 5-sided handguard returns from Battlefield 3 as the "ACW-R" carbine, but this time it's chambered in 5.56x45mm NATO with a full 30-round magazine. The ACR is the first carbine unlocked after the Ak 5C, requiring 4000 carbine score.

Remington ACR with 14.5" barrel, 5-sided handguard, and fixed stock - 5.56x45mm NATO
The ACR in-game. Note the Remington 5-sided railed handguard and AAC Blackout flash hider.
The player character holds the ACR.
Aiming the ACR.
Reloading the Bushmaster ACR.
On a reload from empty, the player character uses the right side of the bolt release with his trigger finger, unlike Battlefield 3.

SIG SG 553

The SIG SG 553 returns from Battlefield 3 as an unlockable carbine. It requires a carbine score of 11000. The magazine is depicted as opaque instead of translucent.

SIG SG 553-1 SP with railed handguard - 5.56x45mm
Note the strange upwards cant of the stock, and that the fire-selector on safe. Note that as in BF3, it has the markings of the semi-auto only SIG SG 553-1 SP seen above.
When a sight is fitted to the SG 553, in this case a Trijicon ACOG, the front sight-post is seemingly just chopped off.
A soldier about to take a swim with his rifle.
Iron sights.
Reloading. Pulling out the empty mag while demonstrating poor trigger discipline.
Mashing in a new mag.
About to clap the bolt-release. This method might not work, as the bolt release needs to be pushed upwards to function, instead of being a button like the one on AR-pattern rifles.

SRSS BullDog 762

The SRSS BullDog 762 appears as the "Bulldog" in the Dragon's Teeth DLC, complimenting the SCAR-H as the only 7.62x51mm NATO assault rifles in the game. It is unlocked via the "Lions and Tigers and Bears" assignment. The BullDog 762's reload animations appear to be based on one of the Mk. 14 Mod 0 EBR empty reload animations from Medal of Honor: Warfighter. Presumably due to its construction, metallic pings can be heard when firing.

SRSS BullDog 762 - 7.62x51mm NATO
Stock SRSS BullDog 762 in the customization menu.
The M14 receiver is easily seen on the right side of the SRSS.
The BullDog 762 in-game.
Aiming through the Troy sights.
Reloading. About to scoop out the spent magazine.
The used magazine dropping out - it always appears to be fully empty.
Inserting the new one.
Charging the SRSS.

Steyr AUG A3-CQC

The Steyr AUG A3-CQC returns again as an assault rifle, holding 30+1 rounds. Unlike in Battlefield 3, it can mount an M320, but not the M26 MASS. It requires a 48000 assault rifle score to unlock.

Steyr AUG A3-CQC, 18-inch barrel with Surefire M900 weaponlight foregrip and EOTech red dot sight - 5.56x45mm.
Note the longer barrel and lack of any type of muzzle device; the previous game's incarnation has the proper length and flash hider.
The AUG A3 on the test range.
Iron sights. While the front sight is a Troy fixed HK-style sight, the rear sight appears to be a Z-M LR 300 rear sight, curiously enough.
Reloading. Inserting a new magazine.
Pushing the bolt release.


The STK SAR 21 is an unlockable assault rifle. It features a low but highly controllable rate of fire, and good accuracy. It has a capacity of 30+1 rounds. Note that the variant used in game is the SAR 21 MMS (Modular Mounting System). It requires 19000 score with assault rifles.

STK SAR 21 - 5.56x45mm NATO
STK SAR 21 in game.
Iron sights. These are reused from the HK416.
Reloading. About to pull out the mag.
After inserting a new one, the charging handle is pulled.

Machine Guns

This category lists the light and medium / general-purpose machine guns available for the player to equip. All are limited only to the support class. Open bolt operation is correctly portrayed (with the exception of the Ultimax Mark 5) in the reload animations and the ammunition belt visibly depletes when approaching empty. Unlike Medal of Honor: Warfighter, there is no overheating gameplay mechanic and the player may continuously fire as long as ammunition remains. Players may outfit all close and medium-range optics with the exception of canted iron sights. For the most part, when optics are equipped, the front sight assembly is removed. Compared to assault rifles and carbines, machine guns deal greater suppression to enemies and have lower first round recoil multipliers.


The AAI LSAT (Lightweight Small Arms Technologies) light machine gun returns from Battlefield 3. It is currently in the developmental stages to demonstrate the latest in lightweight LMG design. This is mainly achieved via two new types of ammunition - a cased telescoped 5.56mm round (as shown in the Battlefield series) and a caseless 5.56mm variant. Interestingly, a round counter developed with the LSAT does not make an appearance in game. It requires 11000 LMG score to unlock.

LSAT Light Machine Gun prototype - 5.56mm Caseless
Note the plastic cased telescoped 5.56mm ammunition on the ammo belt
A USMC Support holds a AAI LSAT on the "Operation Locker" map.
Iron sights.
Right side of the LSAT.
Firing the LSAT shows brass bottle-necked casings being ejected, which is incorrect as the telescoped 5.56 ammunition would be ejecting cylindrical plastic casings.
Aiming while firing shows the feed-tray cover bouncing around. This doesn't happen when the weapon is hip-fired.
Reloading. Pulling the charging handle.
Flipping up the feed-tray cover.
Inserting a new ammo box.

Ares-16 MCR

The Ares-16 MCR appears as the "AWS" and is a weapon introduced in the Naval Strike DLC. It is fitted with a 100-round C-Mag giving it a 100+1 capacity, providing more ammo than the QJB-95-1 as a magazine-fed light machine gun (and a much higher rate of fire too). It is unlocked via the "Swiss Cheese" assignment.

Ares Defense Ares-16 MCR - 5.56x45mm NATO
Note the Magpul CTR stock.
BF4 Ares 16 holding.jpg
Right side of the "AWS".
Iron sights. The rear sight is strangely lacking in details. The windage adjustment knob on the right side should have serrated edges and there's no threading on the bolt that the rear aperture is attached to. The sight is also strangely shiny in comparison to the rest of the gun.
Reloading. With the C-Mag removed, the lack of detail on the lower receiver is evident - the front push-pin, magazine catch bar, and front trigger pin are all missing. Also note the fire-selector on safe.
Inserting a new double-drum.
Pulling the charging handle, presumably because the bolt-release has disappeared into the ether.

Enfield L86A2

The L86A2 returned from Battlefield 3 in the Spring 2015 Patch, this time correctly an L86A2.

L86A2 with SUSAT scope - 5.56x45mm NATO
Note the bipod, which has its own unique model tied to this gun. It's based of the bipod the actual L86A2 is issued with.
A Russian soldier preparing to conquer a small island with his L86. Note the Picatinny rail on the top of the receiver instead the dovetail mount like in BF3.
Right side of the rifle.
Iron sights.
Reloading. Removing the dry mag which is properly empty, but it also appears to lack a follower.
Inserting a new mag with some lovely 5.56mm.
Pushing the bolt release to chamber a new round.
Then giving the gun a forward assist to make sure that the bolt is in battery.

FN M240B

The M240B returns from Battlefield 3. It is the standard medium machine gun of the United States Army, chambered in 7.62x51mm NATO and a derivative of the FN MAG, one of the most widely fielded machine guns in the world. It requires 37000 LMG score. In the Dragon's Teeth DLC, a M240 variant is mounted on the "RAWR", Battlefield 4's version of the MAARS robot (Like the other firearms, the RAWR's model and function has been brought in from Medal of Honor: Warfighter).

FN M240B - 7.62x51mm NATO
BF4 M240 left.jpg
Note the "Bravo Team" written on the box-magazine.
Iron sights.
Right side of the M240B. As in BF3, the M240 uses a fictional bottom-mounted 100-round belt box, which would block the bottom ejection port and cannot be possibly mounted in reality.
As the weapon fires, both brass and links ejects to the right. In reality, spent links are sent through the port on the top cover, while 7.62mm casings are ejected through the bottom.
The M240B with an almost used up ammo belt dangling free, a welcome touch on belt-fed machine guns in video games.
Reloading. Pulling the charging handle.
Flipping up the top-cover.
Inserting a new drum.
The "RAWR" bot an M240B and four M203s.


The M249 returns from Battlefield 3. The model has been updated from Battlefield 3, brought in from Medal of Honor: Warfighter, featuring the M4-styled telescoping stock from the Rapid Fielding Initiative. It still features the Mk 46 Mod 0 heat shield, however.

The game incorrectly depicts the 100-round soft bag magazine as holding 200 rounds. It is not unlocked through multiplayer, requiring completion of the "Final Duty" campaign achievement.

M249 with Rapid Fielding Initiative telescoping stock, short barrel, heat shield, RIS handguard, Picatinny rail, ACOG scope, and 100-round cloth ammo bag - 5.56x45mm
Mk 46 Mod 0 - 5.56x45mm
FN M249 SAW in game.
The right side of the M249 with its bipod attached. Both it and the M60E4 reuse the M240B's bipod.
The M249 SAW on Caspian Border.
Using the iron sights.
Pulling the bolt back at the start of a reload.
Reloading the belt box.
Setting in linked 5.56.
Closing the top cover.

Heckler & Koch MG4

The Heckler & Koch MG4 is the standard light machine gun for the German Bundeswehr (military), gas operated, belt-fed, and fires the 5.56x45mm NATO round. The model has been brought in from Medal of Honor: Warfighter. It appears as the standard full length version and is the last LMG to be unlocked in multiplayer, with a required LMG score of 48000.

Heckler & Koch MG4 - 5.56x45mm NATO
The MG4 in the multiplayer weapons customization menu.
Right side of the HK MG4. The strap wrapped around the stock is from the KSK MG4 from Warfighter. Note the folded down carry handle.
Equipping the MG4 with the aid of the carry handle, despite it being flipped down as seen above.
The HK MG4 in idle.
Iron sights of the MG4.
Pulling the bolt back at the start of a reload.
Opening the top cover.
Reloading the machine gun.

M60E4/Mk 43 Mod 1

The M60E4 is a medium machine gun released with the Second Assault DLC. It is an updated version of the M60, previously the standard general purpose machine gun of the United States armed forces - Navy designation as the Mk 43 Mod 1. It requires the completion of the "Dust Devil" assignment to unlock. A version of the gun appears as the M60 ULT, it is a battle pickup that fires explosive rounds, it has a 150 round belt and cannot be aimed down the sights.

M60E4/Mk 43 Mod 1 with Picatinny rails, RIS foregrip, and ammo belt - 7.62x51mm NATO
Stock M60E4 in the loadout menu.
The M60E4's right side, equipped with the M240's bipod.
M60E4 in-game, in the Caspian Border town.
Aiming the M60 with not particularly aligned sights, despite these being correct in the previous game. The large front sight also stays on when optics are mounted.
Pulling the charging handle while braced against some crates.
Reloading the M60E4.
Loading in a new ammunition belt.
Smacking the top cover closed, which gives a rather close view of the operator's gloves.
M60 ULT Battle pickup.
M60 ULT Battle pickup being held.



The QJB-95 returns from Battlefield 3; it is referred to as the "QBB-95-1", but it is actually the older QJB-95. It is the light machine gun variant of the Chinese Type 95 family of weapons and is fielded by the People's Liberation Army. It fires the Chinese 5.8x42mm round from a 75-round drum magazine. It has the second-highest capacity of all magazine-fed weapons in the game. It is unlocked by acquiring 15,000 points with LMGs.

QJB-95 - 5.8x42mm
A real QJB-95-1 for comparison - 5.8x42mm
Note the selector switch on the stock, identifying as the older variant. Also note the step-down rail-integrated carrying handle, which is more or less fictional.
The QJB-95 in the hands of a PLA Support. The back of the carrying handle is marked with "中国军队" (Zhōngguó jūnduì), meaning "Chinese Military".
Iron sights of the QJB-95.
Reloading a bipod-less QJB-95. Following the Spring 2015 patch, the 80+1 capacity has been reduced to a correct 75+1.
Inserting a new drum; ready for big trouble in an even bigger China.
Racking the charging handle. Unlike the other Type 95 variants, the QJB's bolt does not lock back all the way during an empty reload.


The so called "QBZ-95-1" assault rifle in Battlefield 4 is actually a QJB-95 using 30-round magazines. This is evident as it lacks the new foregrip design and features the old QBZ-95 design of having the fire-selector on the stock, not above the the pistol grip like the newer QBZ-95-1, as well as having the barrel length of a QJB-95. It is unlocked by completing the "To Valhalla" campaign assignment.

QJB-95 - 5.8x42mm
A real QBZ-95-1 for comparison - 5.8x42mm
Bf4 hd QBZ-95-1 menu.jpg
Bf4 hd QBZ-95-1 holding.jpg
Iron sights.
Reloading. About to remove the magazine.
About to give the charging handle a tug.

"Type 95B-1"

The last carbine unlocked, requiring an 83,000 carbine score, is called the "Type 95B-1" but it's actually the QJB-95 with a 30-round magazine and a shorter barrel. It's incorrectly depicted as being able to fire 3-round bursts.

QBB-95 - 5.8x42mm
A real QBZ-95B-1 for comparison - 5.8x42mm
BF4 95B-1 left1.jpg
The "Type 95B-1" with its previous default blue finish.
BF4 95B-1 holding.jpg
Iron sights.
Reloading. About to remove the empty mag.
Rocking in a new one, completely through the right wrist.
Tugging the charging handle, this animation is reused from the "QBZ 95-1"


The QJY-88 returns from Battlefield 3. It is a gas operated, belt-fed light machine gun currently in service with the Chinese People's Liberation Army. It fires the Chinese 5.8x42mm round. The QJY-88 is also known as (and referred to in-game as) the Type 88 LMG - not to be confused with the Type 88 sniper rifle (QBU-88) that is also in the game. It is the first unlockable LMG, requiring a 4000 score with LMGs.

QJY-88 - 5.8x42mm DBP87
QJY-88 in-game.
The QJY-88 in first person perspective. The gun's name in Chinese (88式通用机枪, 88 Shì tōngyòng jīqiāng) is marked on the rear of the receiver, just under the feed tray cover.
Aiming at some pesky Arleigh Burke-class destroyers shadowing the Shanghai financial district.
View of the Type 88's other side.
Locking the bolt back for a reload.
Removing the ammunition box.
Placing the 5.8x42mm belt in the feed tray.

PKP Pecheneg

The PKP Pecheneg is a gas-operated, belt-fed general purpose machine gun in limited service with the Russian Armed Forces, chambered in the 7.62x54mmR round. It is requires 19000 LMG score to unlock.

Like the earlier PK series of machine guns, it feeds from the right and ejects to the left, which is correctly portrayed in the game. However, like its previous appearance in Battlefield 3, the 7.62x54mmR belts are inaccurately portrayed as disintegrating belts rather than the real non-disintegrating belts.

PKP Pecheneg - 7.62x54mmR
PKP Pecheneg in-game.
The PKP Pecheneg, and a lot of T-54 tanks on "Zavod 311".
ADS view.
Right side of the PKP Pecheneg.
Top cover open...
Loading a fresh belt of 7.62x54R, rimmed for the extractor's pleasure.
Racking the bolt back open. Unlike its previous iteration in BF3, and all other BF4 machine guns, the PKP's reload animation has the charging handle pulled last rather than at the start.


The RPK light machine gun was added as part of the China Rising DLC. Originally it was incorrectly referred to as the RPK-74M with the 5.45x39mm chambering and 45-round capacity to match, but the weapon model is actually modeled on the older 7.62 RPK, as can be noted by its wood furniture and magazine curvature. Following the Spring 2015 patch, the caliber has been changed to the correct 7.62x39mm and magazine capacity reduced to an accurate 40 rounds. As of the Summer 2015 patch, it has been properly renamed to simply "RPK", as it still kept the "RPK-74M" name up until then. The RPK and RPK-74/74M are light machine gun variants of the AKM and AK-74/74M, respectively - all in use within the Russian Armed Forces and widely exported.

RPK with 40-round box magazine and bipod deployed - 7.62x39mm M43
Note that the cleaning rod port / guide that is found about halfway down the barrel is not modelled.
A Russian Army Support soldier inspects an ol' Soviet-era RPK on the "Hammerhead" map from the Final Stand DLC
Iron sights.
Right side. Note that the fire selector is correctly on full-auto.
Reloading. Removing the magazine.
Rocking in a new one.
Then using the underhand charging technique to chamber a new round. This animation is partially reused from the AK-103's "High Power Ammunition" reload animation from Medal of Honor: Warfighter.


The RPK-12 is the light machine gun variant of the AK-12; the game uses its near-future setting to depict a fully-fledged development of the AK-12 LMG variant, which was only a proposed concept at the game's release. The weapon model appears to differ from the basic AK-12 model only in the barrel length and magazine. In-game it fires the same 5.45x39mm round and uses a 60-round quad-stack magazine that was developed for the AK-12. It is unlocked by completing the "Support Expert" assignment.

Interestingly, in 2016, Kalashnikov unveiled the 5.45x39mm RPK-16 derived from the later (and much different) AK-400-based AK-12 model.

Photoshopped mock-up of the RPK-12 - 7.62x39mm
Note the thick 60-round quadstack magazine.
The RPK-12 with its default tan finish.
A Russian Army Support soldier witnesses the glory of the rising Russian flag!
Iron sights.
The right side.
Reloading. Out with the empty mag...
...rocking in a fresh mag...
...then chambering a round with the underhand charging technique.

STK Ultimax 100 Mark 5

The STK Ultimax 100 Mark 5 appears as the starting weapon for the Support class. In-game, it is incorrectly depicted (stat wise) as a closed-bolt weapon that can chamber a +1 round on top of its 30-round magazine. Another note is that this Ultimax 100 Mark 5 is modeled with the heavier barrel of the older variants.

STK Ultimax 100 Mark 5 with Grippod foregrip / bipod - 5.56x45mm NATO
Ultimax 100 Mark 5 in-game. The backup rear sight is a KAC 300m flip-up iron sight.
Note that the bolt is open, which is correct. Despite this it can still hold a bullet in the chamber, as mentioned.
The Ultimax 100 Mark 5 in Shanghai.
Aiming the U100 Mark 5 across the harbor.
Right side view, showing off the carry handle.
Reloading a fresh STANAG mag...(in the original release, the weapon had an incorrect 45 round capacity)
...followed by a quick tug of the charging handle.

Sniper Rifles

This category spans all of Battlefield 4's bolt action sniper rifles, and some precision-oriented semi-automatic rifles. The in-game sniper rifle category include all bolt-actions smaller than .50 caliber and the semi-auto FD338, and are exclusive to the Recon class only. These weapons have the entire selection of short to long-range optics available to equip, and some unique modifications such as laser range finders and straight-pull bolts.

The all-class designated marksmen rifles (partially covered in the Assault Rifles & Battle Rifles section above) fire in semi-auto. They cannot equip long-range optics. All semi-auto rifles except the FD338 in this section are all placed in the DMR category in-game. Additionally, the Barrett M107 and the AMR-2 are the two sniper rifle battle pickups in the game, both .50 caliber.

The long-range optics the Sniper Rifles can equip, from lowest to highest magnification, are: The 6x "CL6X" (Trijicon TA648-308 ACOG) the 7x PKS-07, the 8x "Rifle Scope" (US Optics SN-8 1-8x) the 20x "Hunter Scope" (Delta Titanium 3-24x56 scope) and the 40x "Ballistic Scope" (Schmidt & Bender/Premier Reticles USMC M8541 3-12x50 scope)

What's interesting to note is that the "CL6X" scope is the default scope for the Chinese sniper riles. The CL6X is referred to as a Chinese scope despite being made by an American company (Trijicon).

Another thing to note is that the "straight pull bolt" attachment does not actually give the rifle a straight pull bolt. It's purely a gameplay modifier in that it doesn't require the player to stop aiming down sights in order to cycle the bolt.

Accuracy International L115A3

The AWM-F, in British military service as the L115A3, was added with the China Rising DLC. Before the 2015 Spring Patch it was referred to as the L96A1 and held 10+1 rounds of 7.62x51 NATO. The aforementioned patch changed the name to L115 and gave it the correct 5+1 capacity of .338 Lapua Magnum. It could be distinguished from a L96A1 due to its larger magazine, side-folding stock, and fluted barrel, as well as the bottom of the stock being cut out for a monopod mount.

Accuracy International L115A3 (AWM-F) - .338 Lapua Magnum
Accuracy International Precision Marksman - 7.62x51mm NATO. This is an actual L96A1, for comparison.
The default desert Coyote Brown L115A3 in the menu.
A decked out L115A3 in a properly arctic environment. It's fitted with a "Hunter 20x" scope, a Delta Titanium 3-24x56 scope in reality.
Right side.
Cycling the bolt by putting the bolt-handle between the thumb and the index finger.
Reloading. Pulling back the bolt in an unnecessarily dramatic way.
Inserting a magazine. Note DELTA CORP on the side of the scope, a reference to the maker of the real world version of the scope.
Chambering a round.


The AMR-2 appears as a battle pickup in the game on select multiplayer maps. It is a bolt-action, 12.7x108mm Chinese sniper rifle that holds 5+1 rounds. It is called the "AMR-2", "AMR-2 MID", or "AMR-2 CQB", depending on its optic configuration, the CQB versions uses a "PRISMA 3.4x" optic, a SIGTAC CP1 Prismatic 3x scope, the MID uses a "CL6X" scope, a Trijicon TA648-308 ACOG 6x scope, and the "ordinary" variant uses a "Hunter 20x" scope, a Delta Titanium 3-24x56. A fictional laser range finder is always mounted (an AN/PEQ-11 with the rear end altered into a display).

AMR-2 - 12.7x108mm
The AMR-2 battle pickup.
An "ordinary" AMR-2 fitted with a "Hunter 20x" scope (Delta Titanium 3-24x56) on the "Golmud Railway" map.
The right side of the rifle. Note the carry handle.
The scope rectile. The blue numbers is the distance the rifle is zeroed at while the red numbers indicate the distance.
Cycling the hefty bolt. Note the massive cartridge ejecting.
Reloading. Pulling back the bolt.
About to rock in a new magazine.
Chambering a 12.7x108mm round.

Barrett M107

The Barrett M107 in-game is incorrectly dubbed as the "M82A3", despite it not having a raised top rail and not lacking a rear grip and monopod socket. It is a semi-auto .50 BMG sniper rifle battle pickup in the game, called the "M82A3", "M82A3 MID", or "M82A3 CQB", depending on which scope its utilizing, the CQB versions uses a ELCAN M145 MGO 3.4x optic, the MID uses a 8x scope, a US Optics SN-8 1-8x, and the "ordinary" variant uses a 40x scope, a Schmidt & Bender/Premier Reticles 3-12x50 USMC M8541. It holds 10+1 rounds and always comes with 11 rounds in reserve. The fictional laser range finder is always mounted (an AN/PEQ-11 with the rear end altered into a display).

Barrett M107 - .50 BMG
Barrett M82A3 - .50 BMG. Note the raised top rail in comparison to the M107 above.
A M107 just laying around waiting for someone to pick it up.
A solider holding his slick new M107 looking over the "Paracel Storm" map. This is the "MID" variant fitted with an US Optics SN-8 1-8x simply called a "Rifle Scope (8X)" in-game.
The right side of the rifle.
Reloading. Reaching to grab the magazine and remove it.
About to rock in a fully loaded mag.
Chambering a round.
The M107 in the "Paracel Storm" trailer. Note the "US Army" markings on the receiver - in the final build this is changed to "USMC" to match the American forces depicted in game.

Barrett Model 98 Bravo

The Barrett Model 98 Bravo returns from Battlefield 3, once again called the "M98B". This time around it correctly holds 10 rounds in the magazine, but unfortunately suffers from the "fat rail segment" ailment that afflicts many weapons that were ported over. It used to have the fastest bullet velocity of all the sniper rifles in the game, but after a patch the JNG-90's bullet velocity now beats the M98B's. It requires a sniper rifle score of 34000 to unlock.

Barrett M98B with Harris bipod and Scope - .338 Lapua Magnum
BF4 M98B left.jpg
The M98B on the "Hangar 21" map from the Final Stand DLC. It is fitted with the "Rifle Scope (8X)" (US Optics SN-8 1-8x).
Cycling the bolt. If you look closely in the bottom right corner of the picture it's possible to see a part of the bolt handle.
The right side of the rifle. Here it's easier to see the bolt handle.
Reloading. Pulling back the bolt. Once again, look in the bottom right corner.
About to pull out the magazine.
Chambering a round.

Cheyenne Tactical M-200 Intervention

The Cheyenne Tactical M-200 Intervention is an unlockable bolt-action sniper rifle and is called the "SRR-61" in the game, named after the Jordanian 61st Special Reconnaissance Regiment, or SRR-61, who use the rifle. It holds 7+1 rounds and is the last sniper rifle unlocked, requiring 42000 sniper rifle points. It has the ability to defy gravity as its bullet drop is 6 m/s instead of 9.81 m/s.

Cheyenne Tactical M-200 Intervention - .408 CheyTac
Note the bipod, which is unique to the SRR and based of the real M-200's proprietary bipod.
A CheyTac M-200 fitted with a "Rifle Scope (8X)" (US Optics SN-8 1-8x) on the "Rogue Transmission" map.
The right side of the rifle.
Cycling the bolt.
Reloading. About to insert a magazine.
Chambering a new round.
A PLAAF pilot with a M-200 on the "Dawnbreaker" map. He's dressed in a flight suit as he dropped out of a jet to land atop the building. As with some other games featuring the M-200, the world model is noticeably smaller than it should be.

Desert Tactical Arms Stealth Recon Scout

The Desert Tactical Arms Stealth Recon Scout is called the "338-Recon" in-game and is the only bullpup configuration sniper rifle. It has a capacity of 5+1 rounds and requires a sniper rifle score of 27000 to unlock.

Desert Tactical Arms Stealth Recon Scout - .338 Lapua Magnum
BF4 SRecon left.jpg
Looking at the right side of the weapon shows a strange "feature" on the Stealth Recon, there's an empty case seemingly glued to the side of the rifle for whatever reason.
A DTA Stealth Recon Scout on the "Silk Road" map from the China Rising DLC.
Right side of the rifle. Note that the mysterious empty brass casing is nowhere to be seen.
The bolt cycling by itself as the rifle is fired, which is wrong on so many levels.
Cycling the bolt. This solider has to watch out so he doesn't get smacked in the face.
Reloading. Pulling back the bolt.
Inserting a new magazine.
Pushing back the bolt.

F&D Defense FD338

The F&D Defense FD338 was added in the Naval Strike DLC under a slightly different "SR338" name and is the only semi-auto sniper rifle in the game that's actually a part of the Sniper Rifle category. It holds 10+1 rounds of .338 Lapua Magnum. Despite being chambered in the aforementioned caliber, its damage model is significantly lower than its bolt-action .338 counterparts in order to balance its semi-auto advantage, to the point that it was the only sniper rifle incapable of killing in a single shot regardless of distance or hit location (it was so low that even a point-blank headshot couldn't kill a full-health enemy). The weapon has since been patched in an October 2014 update to allow it to kill with a single headshot out to a fairly short distance. The rifle is incorrectly depicted as having a reciprocating charging handle, which also locks a uselessly small distance to the rear when empty.

F&D Defense FD338 - .338 Lapua Magnum
Note the disproportionately large mag well and magazine.
BF4 FD338 holding.jpg
Right side of the FD338. Note that the dust cover is closed even after the rifle is fired.
Reloading. Dropping out the old magazine. How the soldier manages to do this while still having his finger on the trigger is not clear.
In with a new magazine. The awful trigger discipline does not improve.
Pushing the bolt release.

GOL Sniper Magnum

The GOL Sniper Magnum, called the "GOL Magnum" makes a return from Battlefield: Bad Company 2 with the Second Assault DLC. It features a high rate of fire for bolt-actions and has a 5+1 round capacity.

GOL Sniper Magnum - .338 Lapua Magnum
BF4 GOL left.jpg
A GOL Sniper Magnum on the "Giants of Karelia" map from the Final Stand DLC
Right side of the rifle.
Cycling the bolt. Note the milling on it.
Reloading. Pulling back the bolt while holding the rifle at its side for some reason, in a style reminiscent of the CS5 reload from Medal of Honor: Warfighter.
Inserting a new magazine.
Pushing the bolt back into the battery.

Izhmash SV-98

The early model Izhmash SV-98 appears in multiplayer as a sniper rifle. It has a capacity of 10+1 rounds and requires 13000 sniper rifle score to unlock.

Early Izhmash SV-98 - 7.62x54mmR
BF4 SV98 left redux.jpg
The SV-98 fitted with a PKS-07 scope on the "Zavod 311" map.
The SV-98 with its bipod deployed. The bipod is always in its deployed state on the SV-98.
The reticle of the PKS-07 scope.
The extravagant bolt-cycle animation.
Reloading. Pulling back the bolt.
Inserting a new magazine.
A SV-98 without any scope.
Using the rifle's distinct iron sights.

Jian She CS/LR3

The Jian She CS/LR3, named the "FY-JS" in-game, is the 5.8x42mm variant of the CS/LR4. Unlike its larger caliber sibling, the FY-JS has a standard finish instead the permanent camo on the CS/LR4, like a lot of variants have in the game.

The origin of the name "FY-JS" is uncertain, but Chinese players identified the name as being the initialism of a Chinese military message board named 飞扬军事 (pinyin: Fēi yáng jūn shì), or fyjs.cn. Oddly, this hypothesis originates from the analysis of an image of the CS/LR3 with a fyjs.cn watermark on the Battlefield wiki, which is unaffiliated with DICE, that the players had incorrectly assumed to be DICE-run. Regardless, this is still the most probable guess as to what the name means, being a case of "right for the wrong reasons".

The rifle requires the player to complete various tasks in order for it to unlock. Its stats makes it seem like the best long-range sniper in the game until one realizes that its lowest damage is lower than 50. This means that at extreme ranges one has to pull two headshots or three body shots on a player with full health in order to kill them, which isn't easy.

Jian She CS/LR3 - 5.8x42mm
The "Chinese Special Forces" (中国特种部队) marking makes another appearance.
The CS/LR3 fitted with a "Hunter 20x" scope (Delta Titanium 3-24x56). The weapon has the exact same animations and model as the CS/LR4, only difference being the texture.

Jian She CS/LR4

The Jian She CS/LR4 is the starting weapon for the Recon class. It is a bolt-action, magazine-fed rifle of Chinese origin with a capacity of 5+1 rounds (it was initially 10+1 but this was corrected in a patch) and is a well-rounded sniper rifle in-game.

Jian She CS/LR4 - 7.62x51mm NATO
The CS/LR4 with its camo applied.
After a patch it is now possible to remove permanent camo jobs, reveling that the CS/LR4 uses the same skin as the CS/LR3 underneath.
The CS/LR4 fitted with its default 6x Trijicon TA648-308 ACOG scope on the "Golmud Railway" map. Oddly the TA648-308 ACOG, called the "CL6X" in-game, is claimed to be a Chinese made scope even though it is made by Trijicon, an American manufacturer. You can see "State Property" written in Chinese on the side of the scope.
The right side of the rifle.
Cycling the bolt.
Reloading. Pulling back the bolt
About to insert a new magazine.
Chambering a new round.

M14 (Sage EBR chassis)

An M14 fitted inside a Sage EBR chassis is seen on the cover art of the game, with Recker holding one fitted with various accessories. It appears in both modes, incorrectly referred to as the M39 EMR and classified as a DMR. It holds 20+1 rounds, appearing as a secret weapon that can be found in the first level of the campaign and requiring 37000 points in the DMR category to unlock in multiplayer.

M14 with Sage stock and scope - 7.62x51mm NATO
M39 Enhanced Marksman Rifle - 7.62x51mm NATO for comparison. Note the longer gas cylinder below the barrel.
BF4 M14 left.jpg
BF4 M14 holding.jpg
Iron sights.
Reloading. Removing the dry magazine.
Rocking in a new one.
Giving the charging handle a tug to chamber a new round. While difficult to spot here, the charging handle is depicted as being locked back (which is proper), but the actual bolt carrier is still in battery, for whatever reason it's not animated as moving at all, which was also the case with the M39 in BF3.
Recker hugging his precious M14, wondering who decided to start a rave in the middle of a war zone. This M14 is fitted with a scope that is bigger than both the Hunter (20x) and the Ballistic (40x) scopes, a AN/PEQ-15 laser designator/sight, a flashlight, Harris bipod, and suppressor. The scope and AN/PEQ-15 are not available in the game and you can not equip both a laser sight and a flashlight at the same time in-game. He is holding a Glock 17 fitted with a flashlight in his right hand.


The M40A5 appears in multiplayer and is built on the Remington Model 700 platform with significant upgrades, including a precision trigger, detachable 5-round magazine, SureFire compensator, and a McMillan stock. This configuration was in service with the United States Marine Corps and replaced the M40A3. It is an unlockable weapon that requires 3000 sniper rifle score.

M40A5 - 7.62x51mm NATO
BF4 M40A5 left.jpg
A Russian soldier's attempt at some sniping is interrupted by a sand storm on the "Gulf of Oman" map.
The right side of the M40A5
Cycling the bolt.
The M40A5 is one of the few weapons in BF4 to have a fairly different animation when reloading with a partially empty mag. The left hand is used to remove and insert a magazine.
Pulling back the bolt on an "empty" reload.
Here the magazine is removed with and inserted with the right hand instead, which isn't exactly an optimal way to reload.
Chambering a new round.

McMillan CS5

The McMillan CS5 appears as the "CS5" in the Dragon's Teeth DLC. The model and animations has been brought over from Medal of Honor: Warfighter. It comes with a suppressor attached by default, but it can be removed at the player's discretion.

McMillan CS5 with bipod and sound suppressor - 7.62x51mm NATO
The CS5 with its suppressor attached.
And here without it.
A USMC Recon soldier with a McMillan CS5 on the "Operation Outbreak" map. This map was added with the "Community Operations expansion" in 2015.
Right side of the CS5.
Cycling the bolt. This is similar to how the bolt is cycled on the L115A3.
Reloading. Pulling back the bolt.
The dry magazine just about to fall out. This is the animation used in the empty reload of the CS5 from Warfighter, but is applied to both empty and non-empty reloads, while Warfighter had a separate animation for recovering the partial magazine in non-empty reloads.
Inserting a new magazine. It appears to be empty. Which is strange because when reloading with a round still in the chamber, the magazine inserted will have bullets in it.
Chambering a new round. This entire animation seems to have inspired the reload for the L115A3.

Knight's Armament SR-25

The Knight's Armament SR-25 appears as the Mk 11 Mod 0, and requires requires 4000 DMR points to unlock in multiplayer.

Knight's Armament SR-25 with Harris bipod - 7.62x51mm NATO
BF4 MK11 left.jpg
If one manages to take a look at the right side of the rifle, the rather strange looking bolt can be seen, it appears that the texture for the dust cover has somehow ended up inside the chamber.
A Russian soldier holds a Mk 11 Mod 0 wondering if firearms are permitted in the rooms on the "Hainan Resort" map.
Iron sights.
Reloading. Inserting a new magazine. Note the safety is set to, well, safe.
Then just barely gracing the bolt release.


The MKEK JNG-90 returns from Battlefield 3. It was initially a rather run-of-the-mill rifle, but after a patch it now has the fastest bullet velocity of all sniper rifles, beating the M98B. It requires a sniper rifle score of 20000.

MKEK JNG-90 - 7.62x51mm NATO
BF4 JNG left.jpg
The strange brass case haunting seems to have affected the JNG as well!
A USMC Recon soldier admiring a JNG-90 fitted with a PKS-07 scope on the "Graveyard shift" version of the "Zavod 311" map. This map was added with the "Night Operations" map pack.
Taking a peek at the right side of the JNG-90 when its bipod is deployed revels that the bass casing is also present on the rifle during gameplay! Unlike the Stealth Recon.
Cycling the bolt.
Reloading. Pulling back the bolt.
Inserting a new magazine.


The QBU-88 returns from Battlefield 3. It holds 10+1 rounds.

QBU-88 - 5.8x42mm
BF4 QBU left.jpg
A Chinese PLA soldier holds a QBU-88 on the "Silk Road" map.
Iron sights. When alternate sights are mounted, the iron sights are removed and a piece of Picatinny rail is added to the top of the receiver.
Reloading. Removing the magazine.
Rocking in a new one.
Pulling the charging handle.

Steyr Elite

the Steyr Elite appears in the game. It is the 5.56x45mm version and has a capacity of 10+1 rounds. Despite being one of the weaker hitting sniper rifles, it features a fast rate of fire, aim speed, and bullet velocity to balance the low damage. It requires 8000 points with sniper rifles to unlock.

Steyr Elite - 7.62x51mm NATO
The Steyr Elite with its proprietary bipod fitted.
BF4 Elite holding.jpg
Right side of the rifle.
Cycling the bolt.
Reloading. Pulling back the bolt.
Inserting a new magazine.


The "SVD-12" appears as a designated marksman rifle version of the AK-12. It is supposed to represent the SVK-12, which was a proposed sniper rifle variant of the AK-12. It features the lowest capacity of all DMRs with 15+1 rounds, but has the fastest velocity, making shots easier to land at long range. In-game it is referred to as the "SVD-12" and is listed as being chambered in 7.62x54mmR. It requires a DMR score of 19000 to unlock.

Photoshopped mock-up of a 7.62x51mm AK-12
The "SVD-12" in the loadout menu, with its removable default camo.
The 7.62mm AK-12 in-game, next to a Su-57 prototype.
Aiming down the PSO-1 scope, in this instance the reticule is green.
Reloading the magazine.
Rechambering in the same manner as the other variants.


FGM-148 Javelin

The FGM-148 Javelin is an unlockable anti-vehicle launcher for the Engineer kit. It is no-longer a fire and forget weapon, requiring a constant lock in order to successfully make a hit. Aircraft targeting requires the aid of a Recon's laser designator gadget.

FGM-148 Javelin - 127mm
The FGM-148 Javelin on Altai Range.
The view through the CLU.
Locking onto a stationary Type 99 tank.


The FGM-172 SRAW returns from Battlefield 2 and is once again (incorrectly) depicted as a SACLOS (semi active command line of sight) weapon guided using a laser, rather than the fire-and-forget guidance of the real system. It was first seen at the beginning of the "Levolution" trailer.

FGM-172 SRAW - 139.7mm
Wielding the FGM-172 in-game.
Aiming through the scope.
Sprinting with the SRAW reveals the right hand gripping the trigger assembly.


If the M320 is mounted to a Russian weapon or the "QBZ-95-1" via the Underslung Rail attachment, it instead becomes a GP-30M.

GP-30M - 40mm
GP-30M attached to a AEK-971.
As seen mounted to the AN-94.
The GP-30M, activated.
Reloading - the round appears to be a Bulgarian VOG-25P.
Right side of the GP-30 under the "QBZ-95-1."

Heckler & Koch M320

The Heckler & Koch M320 is first seen at the rather over-dramatic end of the singleplayer prologue, being used against an Mi-28 Havoc. In multiplayer it's a gadget unlockable for the Assault class. It can fire 40mm HE, Dart, Smoke, "LVG" (named after "low velocity grenade", but functionally a HE round with timed instead of impact fuze, allowing it to bounce off walls), and later a Flashbang ammunition variant. Like the M26 MASS, it is mounted to the Assault's primary weapon if it has the Underslung Rail attachment, otherwise it is used standalone.

The in-game description for the "LVG" round states that the round has a "small anti-personnel warhead that bounces off surfaces before exploding", suggesting that the "LVG" is a representation of the real-life M397 "Jump-Up" round. The M397 features a secondary projectile within itself, a steel ball assembly with an HE charge. When the M397 impacts a surface, the ball assembly is ejected with a separation charge and ignited, creating an airburst effect with its delayed explosion.

The Naval Strike DLC added a fictional variant of the M320 known as the "M320 3GL". It functions in a similar way to the real-world Metal Storm 3GL (from which its name is also taken) in that it fires 3 rounds from the same tube without reloading. However it simply reuses the standard M320 model used for the standard launcher, even to the point where it can be seen that only a single round is inserted into the tube during the reload animation.

Heckler & Koch HK416 with M320 grenade launcher - 5.56x45mm NATO / 40x46mm
Heckler & Koch M320 - 40x46mm
The real-world Metal Storm 3GL 3-round grenade launcher in standalone configuration - 40mm. Note that this is significantly different to the "M320 3GL" model which appears in the game
Irish gives a M320 to Recker to shoot down the Mi-28 Havoc
Recker takes aim with the M320 to bring down the chopper while Bonnie Tyler's Total Eclipse of the Heart plays in the background
The M320 standalone in normal gameplay.
Aiming the launcher with the 250m rear notch, which it isn't really zeroed to in actual gameplay.
Reloading - the spent casing is correctly portrayed in-game.
M320 mounded under a HK416 in the loadout menu.
An M16A4/M320 combo in the Operation Metro park.
The UBGL activated.
The L85A2/M320 combo in the loadout menu.
Using the M320 slung under the L85A2 in-game.
Reloading - here the spent casing is visible.
In with another round. This configuration reuses the reload animation of the M320 from Warfighter.

Heckler & Koch XM25

The Heckler & Koch XM25 is usable by the Support class only. It too, like the M320 is capable of launching alternate ammunition ranging from its default Airburst, Dart, and Smoke rounds. Using Dart ammunition increases the fire rate and it behaves similar to a semi-automatic shotgun with a Infrared Scope.

Note that BF4 is set in the year 2020 - in reality, XM25 development ended in 2017 and the program was officially canceled in 2018.

Heckler & Koch XM25 - 25x40mm
Wielding the XM25 in-game.
Aiming through the IRNV scope at the sky, showing the default projectile settings. Note the infrared green is just a screen overlay covering the outside edges of the scope.
The scope view as seen locked and set to airburst behind the guardrail.
Reloading the 25mm magazine - it always shows a cartridge loaded even when empty. Note the locked back charging handle.
Chambering the XM25.

M136 CS

The M136 AT4 appears as a battle pickup. It is named the "M136 CS", CS standing for "confined space".

M136 AT4 Anti-Tank recoilless launcher - 84mm
The M136-CS as dropped from its original spawn crate.
The AT4, shouldered. Note the lack of a foregrip, which was present on the 'Pansarskott m/86' from BC2 and BF3, though AT4-CS models received by the US Military do have foregrips.
Aiming through the standard sights.
Sprinting with the tube shows the firing hand on the trigger mechanism.


The MBT LAW is the starting launcher for the Engineer class. It is the easiest to use but also the weakest of the launchers as the rocket fired has a self guidance system, providing it's close to the target and will automatically attack the weakest point (top armor). Both ground and air targets can painted with the PLD or SOFLAM, and the LAW will fire a top-attack high-damage round when locked onto a painted target.

MBT LAW - 150mm
Wielding the MBT LAW.
The scope has a ballistic reticule, but the warhead fires in a fairly straight trajectory.
Sprinting for another view of the tube.

Milkor MGL Mk 1S

Recker is also seen wielding a Milkor MGL Mk 1S with Picatinny rails and reflex sights. The model has been brought in from Medal of Honor: Warfighter. When reloading, the whole 6 grenades are ejected from the cylinder, regardless of how many have been fired, and new ones are loaded, two grenades at a time. It is available as a Battle Pickup in multiplayer.

The reload animation completely neglects the need to wind up the cylinder after firing; the cylinder is in fact exclusively rotated clockwise when reloading, which not only would've unwounded the spring, but is also impossible, since the cylinder cannot be manually rotated when it's partially wound up (the spring needs to be reset first), and when the spring is completely unwounded, a cylinder limiter prevents any further clockwise rotation.

Milkor MGL Mk 1S in desert tan finish fitted with Armson OEG reflex sight - 40x46mm
The "M32 MGL" on some frozen earth.
The Milkor MGL Mk 1S in-hand.
Aiming through the OEG sight - it cannot be dialed up despite the low velocity of the 40mm rounds.
Firing and blowing out the building wall with the MGL.
Dumping out the Mk 1S's cylinder.
Setting in two grenades.
All cylinders loaded, about to smack the MGL closed.

Mk 153 SMAW

The Mk 153 SMAW is an unlock for the Engineer class. It is the second most powerful the Anti-Tank Launchers and possesses a flatter trajectory compared to the RPG-7. It goes by the longer "MK153 SMAW" name in-game, compared to the BF3.

Mk 153 Mod 0 SMAW - 83mm
Equipping the SMAW shows a better view of the fire control group.
The Mk 153 in idle.
As with the last game, the iron sights are used rather than any fancy scope despite the rails.
Pulling out the empty rear tube after blasting the hillside.
In with the new warhead.


The RPG-7V2 returns from Battlefield 3, now with the correct rear tube cover of the V2 model. It is the most powerful of unguided Anti-Tank launchers but is also the hardest use at range due to the arcing trajectory of the rocket in flight.

RPG-7 - 40mm
Holding the RPG-7V2.
Aiming down the sights.
Loading a new rocket.

SA-18 Grouse

The SA-18 Grouse is an AA unlockable for Engineers. It is once again called the "SA-18 Igla". In-game it behaves differently from Battlefield 3 instead forgoing the use as a fire and forget launcher for use as a constant lock launcher. In posses the longest range of the AA Launchers but requires a near constant lock to maintain a hit, alternatively, a target can be reacquired even if the target used counter measures providing the missile is still in flight.

SA-18 Grouse launcher and missile - 72mm
Drawing the SA-18 - the rear sight is flicked out, but the front is never used.
The shouldered IGLA.
Aiming, which activates an audible tone from the infrared seeker.

Starstreak HVM

The shoulder launched Starstreak HVM launcher is available as a battle pickup in the game. It has only two shots and can engage both aircraft and armor. It is requires a constant lock to maintain a hit, however a lock can be reacquired even if a target used counter-measures. The Starstreak is most effective against enemy aircraft as opposed to enemy land vehicles such as enemy armor.

Starstreak HVM
The Starstreak HVM's world model.
The HVM-II equipped.
Aiming through the sight.
Running with the Starstreak.

Training Set Guided Missile M134

As in Battlefield 3, the "FIM-92 Stinger" in the game is actually an M134 training set with the rear-mounted performance indicator removed. It is considered a fire and forget launcher but has the shortest range of the portable AA Weapons.

Training Set Guided Missile M134, a tracking and acquisition training device for the FIM-92 Stinger - 70mm
Training Set Guided Missile M134 training battery compared to FIM-92 Stinger Battery Coolant Unit.
The "Stinger" has a rapid but detailed equip animation...
...first, the IFF interrogator is popped open...
...then the sight is unfolded.
The Training Set M134 shouldered.
Aiming through the sight.
A US Engineer with the launcher.
Firing the missile, screenshot taken right before the propellant ignites.


M112 C4 Demolition Charge

Various maps have IEDs which can be set off via remote detonators. They are covered with M112 C4 Demolition Charges (with both English and Chinese text).

M112 C4 demolition charge.
The common IED model (note the wires which actually connect to the box). Some of the shells are 152mm Type 66 HE artillery shells, others 120mm Type 55 HE mortar shells and others 82mm Type 832 mortar shells.
Closeup of an IED on the tracks of the Bangkok MRT. Note the Chinese text on the C4 blocks.
The detonator, which appears to be a Orica uni tronic 600.
A unique IED model on the Silk Road objective A: Camp with unique yellow detonator case.
Closeup. Note the text is the original English text.


The M2 SLAM is usable by the Engineer class. It is a highly versatile mine, capable of sticking to walls and objects and even enemy vehicles to some extent but inflicts less damage than the M15 AT mine.

The engineer slammed the SLAMs so hard into the ground they penetrated the asphalt.

M15 anti-tank mine

The M15 anti-tank mine appears in a Gamespot video showing off all the weapons and gadgets in the game. It is once again only usable by the Engineer class.

M15 anti-tank mine
M15 being held.
M15 deployed.

M18 smoke grenade

The M18 smoke grenade appears as an alternative for the standard M67 grenade.

M18 smoke grenade
M18 smoke grenade being held.
The smoke from the M18 is not strong enough to conceal lens flares.

M18A1 Claymore

The M18A1 Claymore appears in a Gamespot video showing off all the weapons and gadgets in the game. It is usable by the Support and Recon classes. When planted, 3 trip wires shoot from the front of the mine, any thing that crosses the wires will trigger the mine.

M18A1 Claymore
M18A1 Claymore being held.
M18A1 Claymore with trip wires deployed.

M34 White Phosphorous grenade

The M34 White Phosphorous grenade appears as the "M34 Incendiary".

M34 2-1-.jpg
"M34 Incendiary" being held.
The result of a detonated M34. Keep clear.

M67 fragmentation hand grenade

M67 hand grenades is the standard grenade, available at the start of the game with no unlock requirements. It was initially possible to carry two grenades in multiplayer but this was cut down one due to complaints about grenade spamming.

M67 fragmentation hand grenade
A soldier preparing for some grenade fishing.
Pulling the pin.
The soldier pauses to crush a drone's head before he throws.
Throwing the grenade.

M84 stun grenade

The M84 stun grenade appears in the game. It's called the "M84 Flashbang".

M84 stun grenade
A soldier holding a M84, preparing to breech & clear the restroom.
Not the wisest of operators, he instead ends up flashing himself, treating us to this lovely white screen.

RGO fragmentation grenade

The RGO fragmentation grenade appears as an unlockable hand grenade, named as the "RGO Impact" in gameplay. Originally two were carried, but a nerf in the Fall 2014 patch reduced it to a single RGO (two with the GRENADES specialization) in addition to reducing the damage radius. The grenades actually have a delayed 1 second detonation after impacting a surface.

RGO fragmentation grenade
A US Marine holding the RGO grenade.

V40 Mini-Grenade

V40 Mini Grenades are another gadget making an appearance from Medal of Honor: Warfighter. The V40 functions differently in BF4 - rather than being tossed as a cluster of three grenades, a single V40 is thrown instead, having further range but reduced power compared to the other grenades. Two are carried at a time (three with the GRENADES specialization) and they do have a faster resupply rate than the M67/RGO. The "Mini Grenade" subtype would reappear in the following games.

V40 Mini-Grenade
Holding a V40 Mini-Grenade.

Mounted Weapons

2A38M autocannon

Two 2A38M autocannons are mounted on both the Pantsir AA and Tunguska Mobile AA.

2A38M autocannon - 30x165mm
Pantsir Stationary AA.
Tunguska Mobile AA.
2A38M to be mounted on a battle walker.

AT-14 Spriggan

The AT-14 Spriggan is launched from the 9K123 missile system as a stationary anti-tank weapon.

AT-14 Spriggan launcher and missile - 152mm
AT-14 Spriggan launcher.


The BGM-71 TOW appears on the M220 launcher, fitted with an AN/TAS-4A night vision sight, as the emplaced anti-tank missile launcher for the US faction.

BGM-71 TOW on M220 tripod - 152mm
BGM-71 TOW launcher.

Bofors 40mm

The Bofors 40mm L/60 cannon is on AC-130 gunships.

Bofors 40mm L/60 AA gun in a Boffin mounting - 40×311mmR

Browning M2HB

The Browning M2HB heavy machine gun appears in the game mounted on vehicles, including M1A2 Abrams tanks.

Browning M2HB heavy machine gun in vehicle mount - .50 BMG
Browning M2HB Mounted on a Growler.
Using the M2HB - bizarrely, the old FPS trope of the user's hands disappearing is present here, despite not occurring with the other HMGs and the hands are also present when using the Browning in the previous game.
Remote controlled M2HB.

Browning M3 Heavy Machine Gun

The Browning M3 heavy machine gun once more appears in the game dual-mounted on the Changhe Z-11W scout helicopter in HMP-400 gun pods. The helicopter is used by both Chinese and Russian factions.

Browning M3 - .50 BMG
The Browning M3 on a Changhe Z-11W.
The chopper's right side.
Firing the Brownings.
Closeup of the HMP-400 gun pod.

Bushmaster M242 chaingun

The M242 Bushmaster chainguns appears on the LAV-25s in the game. A LAV-25 can also be seen on the cover art of the game.

M242 Bushmaster Chain Gun - 25x137mm
"What is all this crap in front of me?!"
Up close of the LAV-25's M242.

General Electric GAU-8/A Avenger

The General Electric GAU-8/A Avenger appears in the game as the gun armament of the A-10 Thunderbolt II ground attack jet.

GAU-8/A Avenger complete with feed system and 1,174 round drum - 30x173mm
GAU-8 mounted on an A-10.
His commanding officer wasn't sure whether to tell him this was not the best way to get a better look, or give him a medal for doing this with a knife.

General Dynamics GAU-12/U

The GAU-12/U is the mounted on the LAV-AD in multiplayer. Though the actual gun fires 25mm ammunition, the game depicts the gun as capable of firing either 20mm or 30mm rounds depending on the player's choosing. The Commander-deployed AC-130 also carries a GAU-12/U.

General Dynamics GAU-12/U with unfired rounds - 25x137mm
A GAU-12/U mounted on an LAV-AD.

General Dynamics GAU-17/A

GAU-17/A miniguns are mounted on the Bell UH-1Y Venom, Kamov Ka-60 Kasatka, Harbin Z-9, Zodiac RHIB, Riverine Command Boat, CMN DV15 Interceptor and the Boeing AH-6J Little Bird. The GAU-17/A actually eject casings, unlike BF3.

General Dynamics GAU-17/A, US Air Force version of the M134 Minigun - 7.62x51mm NATO
A Bell UH-1Y Venom with a GAU-17/A in a pre-release image.
"Charlie don't surf."
Closeup of a door gunner with the GAU-17/A. Note much like BF3, the hands don't move with the GAU-17/A. Also the weapon has no feed system.
A Kamov Ka-60 Kasatka with twin GAU-17/A miniguns (it doesn't carry them in reality).
A Harbin Z-9 with twin GAU-17/A miniguns (it doesn't carry them in reality).
A Boeing AH-6J Little Bird with twin GAU-17/A.
A Zodiac RHIB with a GAU-17/A.

General Dynamics GAU-19/A

A General Dynamics GAU-19/A is mounted on the "XD-1 Accipiter", a Battle Pickup available in the Final Stand DLC maps, essentially a flying rotary cannon with limited operating lifetime. It takes its name from the SD-8 Accipiter drone available to squad leaders in Battlefield 2142, and is presumably supposed to represent an early experimental iteration of it, using a jet-lift hovering system rather than antigravity. It will self destruct once it's out of fuel.

General Dynamics GAU-19/A - .50 BMG
The "XD-1 Accipiter", the source of ammo for this weapon is still a mystery unsolved.

General Dynamics GAU-22/A

The F-35B carries the GAU-22/A as its secondary cannon armament. It is erroneously portrayed being mounted in a nacelle over the left side air intake; this is the case for the Air Force's F-35A while the B and C variants mount the GAU-22/A in an underslung external pod.

GAU-22/A - 25mm

General Dynamics M197 Vulcan

In several trailers and promo pictures, the M197 Vulcan is seen mounted on a AH-1Z Viper.

General Dynamics M197 Vulcan - 20x102mm
The AH-1Z Viper seen with the General Dynamics M197 Vulcan.
Up close of the General Dynamics M197 Vulcan.

Gryazev-Shipunov GSh-30-2

A Gryazev-Shipunov GSh-30-2 appears in the game as the secondary armament of the Su-25 ground attack jet under the nose.

Gryazev-Shipunov GSh-30-2 30mm automatic cannon - 30x165mm

HJ-8 Red Arrow-8

The HJ-8 Red Arrow appears tripod-mounted in the game as a counterpart of the American TOW and Russian Kornet, it is also used on the Chinese ZBD-09 IFV.

Baktar-Shikan launcher, an HJ-8 Red Arrow variant produced under license by Pakistan, with missile - 120mm
"My name is Commander Shepard and this is my favorite rocket launcher on the Citadel."

HJ-73D Red Arrow

The HJ-73D is used for both "TOW missiles" and "ZUNI rockets" on the ZBD-09.

Twin HJ-73D mounted on a ZBD-09 / ZBL09
A ZBD-09 in the streets of Shanghai with twin HJ-73D and fictional up-armor kit.


The H/PJ-12 rotary 30mm cannon is mounted on the Chinese Stationary AA LD-2000.

Type 730 CIWS (H/PJ-12) - 30×165mm AO-18
LD-2000 mounting the H/PJ-12.

Kord Heavy Machine Gun

The Kord appears on Russian T-90 tanks and BTR-90 AFVs.

Kord heavy machine gun with ammo box - 12.7x108mm
A Kord mounted on a T-90 tank.
A closer image of the Kord machine gun. It is one of the lesser detailed weapons in the game.

M102 105mm Howitzer

The M102 Howitzer is mounted on AC-130 gunships.

Modified M102 howitzer taken from an AC-130 Spectre gunship - 105x372mmR

M203 Grenade Launcher

The M203 grenade launcher appears in the game mounted the "RAWR", only having limited shots before running out of ammo. Four of them are mounted on the robot, two on each side.

M203 grenade launcher - 40x46mm
Four M203 grenade launchers mounted on a "RAWR".

Metal Storm Technology Demonstrator

A portable tripod-mounted weapon utilizing Metal Storm technology, called "Schipunov 42" for some reason (a name seemingly alluding to the Shipunov 2A42), and fitted with the day tracker sight of an M220 TOW launcher, is accessible in the Final Stand DLC maps. It essentially functions like an enormous shotgun that can take out infantry, light vehicles, and low flying choppers. It is based closely on the "Bertha" one million RPM concept demonstrator: this is a little strange, since "Bertha" was never intended to be a practical weapon system. It fires off four volleys before having to reload.

Metal Storm 36-barrel "Bertha" Rig - 9mm preloaded barrel
The business end of the "Schipunov 42" Metal Storm turret, showing that its barrels are arranged slightly differently from the original proof-of-concept rig. Note the support bracket and daysight from a TOW launcher.

Mk 19 Grenade Launcher

The Mk 19 grenade launcher is seen mounted on Desert Patrol Vehicles (DPV) and AAVP7A1 amphibious transports.

Mk 19 grenade launcher on vehicle mount - 40x53mm
DPV mounting a Mk 19.
Using the Mk 19 on a DPV.
Firing the Mk 19 on a AAVP7A1.
Mk 19 on a AAVP7A1.

M61 Vulcan

The M61 Vulcan appears in the game on Phalanx CIWS and C-RAM installation. F/A-18F Super Hornets that carry the M61A2 Vulcan also have some appearances in the single player mode.

Phalanx Block 1B CIWS - 20x102mm
M61 Vulcan on a Phalanx CIWS.
A pair of F/A-18F Super Hornets still tied to the flight deck of the "USS Titan," which can be released and dropped on enemy boarders by shooting the convenient red barrel crates tied up to the nose gear. These aircraft come straight from the Battlefield 3 "Going Hunting" mission, and have the same "Shark" squadron livery.


PKBs can be seen mounted on Russian light vehicles and the train on the Golmud Railway map. These function in-game akin to the HMGs, with a low rate of fire.

PKB Machine Gun with spade grips - 7.62x54mmR
The PKB mounted on a "VDV Buggy".
Recker fires the buggy-mounted PKB at enemy infantry.
A PKB mounted on the Golmud locomotive.

PKT machine gun

The PKT machine gun is mounted coaxially on Russian tanks, and is also mounted on the remote weapon station of the Chinese ZBD09 IFV.

PKT machine gun with 250-round ammo drum - 7.62x54mm R


The QJZ-89 is mounted as coax machine gun with the main gun on the Chinese T-99 MBT. It is also mounted on top of the Chinese buggies.

QJZ-89 - 12.7×108mm
QJZ-89 on a buggy.
Mounting a QJZ-89.

QW-2 Vanguard 2

The QW-2 Vanguard 2 appears in the game as the missile armament on the Chinese Type-95 anti-aircraft vehicle.

QW-2 Vanguard 2 launcher and missile - 72mm
Chinese Mobile AA mounting QW-2 Vanguard 2 launchers.

Shipunov 2A42

During the gameplay video, Recker's squad is being chased and shot at by an Mi-28 Havoc armed with a Shipunov 2A42 autocannon. It is also seen on the BTR-90.

Shipunov 2A42 30mm automatic cannon - 30x165mm
Mi-28 with a Shipunov 2A42.
Close up of the Mi-28 with a Shipunov 2A42.
Close up BTR-90 with a Shipunov 2A42.


What seems to be a QJC-88 heavy machine gun is mounted as an remote controlled machine gun on the Type 99 MBT.

QJC-88 - 12.7x108mm
Heavy machine gun on a Type 99 tank.

Type 23-3

The Changhe Z-10 attack helicopter uses a Type 23-3 chaingun on its nose. The muzzle device appears larger than reality, is shaped different and lacks port holes on its sides.

A Z-10 with the Type 23-3 - 23x115mm
The Type-23-3 mounted on the nose of the Z-10.

Type 87

Four Type 87 autocannons, a 25mm Chinese-made copy of the Russian ZU-23, are mounted on the Type-95 Mobile AA.

ZU-23-2 - 23x152mm
Chinese Mobile AA mounting Type 87 guns.


The ZBD-09 IFV mounts the ZPT-99 autocannon.

ZPT-99 mounted on a ZBD-09 / ZBL09 - 30x165mm
The ZPT-99 on a ZBD-09.


Type 56 Assault Rifle

On the Dragon's Teeth DLC Multiplayer map "Propaganda", set in Pyongyang, the Chinese Type 56 assault rifle can be seen on various propaganda images around the level. It cannot be unlocked or used by the player.

Type 56, milled receiver model without bayonet - 7.62x39mm. This is the "sanitized" (M22-code) export version made with no factory markings and the selector markings in the latin alphabet (L for full-auto and D for semi-auto).
Propaganda murals of the Type 73 LMG and what also appears to be some soldiers with shiny Chinese Type 56 rifles.

Type 73 Light Machine Gun

On the Dragon's Teeth DLC Multiplayer map "Propaganda", set in Pyongyang, the North Korean Type 73 machine gun can be seen on various propaganda images around the level. It cannot be unlocked or used by the player.

Type 73 Light Machine Gun - 7.62x54mmR
Propaganda murals of the Type 73 LMG and what also appears to be some soldiers with shiny Chinese Type 56 rifles.

"Rorsch Mk-1" Railgun

The only truly fictional firearm in the game, the "Mk-1" is a Railgun made by fictional manufacturer Rorsch who would later make the Rorsch Mk-S8 fixed railgun emplacement seen in Battlefield: 2142, which the Final Stand DLC is a prequel to. The railgun is a Battle Pickup that can be found at certain locations on the Final Stand maps. The stock portion of the rifle notably resembles the AW series, with the thumbhole stock, stock pad and spacers, location for the monopod, and general shape.

According to its description it fires heavy sabot rounds, and while they have an extremely high velocity as one would expect from a railgun, they are not technically hitscan: the projectiles travel at a velocity of about 3,600 m/s. In comparison, the JNG-90 has the fastest bullet velocity for the sniper rifles in the game with projectiles going at about 690 m/s. Since the game's maximum map size is 1.5 x 1.5 km, a shot fired along the map's diagonal length while the game is running at 60 frames per second would make the minimum effective muzzle velocity for a hitscan weapon 127,279 m/s (about 371 times the speed of sound). The rifle holds one round that deals very high damage, it can kill any infantry with one shot at any range and is the only non-explosive weapon in the game that can damage tanks. The projectile will produce a small explosion at the point of impact.

It uses a two-stage chamber, in which a traditional rifle round is loaded into the first chamber, which fires the bullet into battery, then the casing is ejected, and then uses the rail gun to fire bullet, now in the second chamber. Considering that it's built off of an AWM-F, and that the round appears to reuse the model from the .338 Lapua Magnum round, it's relatively safe to assume that it is in fact a .338 LM. Even if it uses a regular 250 grain projectile, (though the game implies that the sabot is heavier than the .338 LM's traditional bullet), firing it at an obscene 3,600 m/s (well past Mach 10) would give it an obscene 105,000 joules of muzzle energy, five times even the strongest of .50 BMG cartridges, and thus shattering the shooters shoulder beyond any reparability, as railguns do in fact have recoil, contrary to the belief of many science fiction writers.

Accuracy International AWM-F - .338 Lapua
Rorsch Mk-1 - Heavy sabot railgun rounds
The Mk-1's heavy sabot round can be seen just below the battery, which resembles a magazine. The handguard is very similar to a M60E4's.
A sling attachment point can be seen near the rear of the barrel assembly. The railgun appears to have a SCAR-like safety above the trigger.
The fancy scope reticle. The scope have 2 different zoom levels. The default level appears to be 20 times with the lower being 12 times.
Firing the gun requires it to charge up for about a second before it can fire. When it fires it will produce this blue muzzle flash with visible sparks coming out along the barrel.
The first step in the elaborate reload. Some buttons appear to be tapped on the side of the railgun.
After this, the receiver opens up and the old case is ejected, here the new case can be seen in the soldiers hand.
Closing the receiver.
Pulling the charging handle.

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