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Rainbow Six Siege

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Work In Progress

This article is still under construction. It may contain factual errors. See Talk:Rainbow Six Siege for current discussions. Content is subject to change.

Rainbow Six Siege
R6 siege pc box.jpg
Official Boxart
Release Date: December 1, 2015
Developer: Ubisoft
Publisher: Ubisoft
Series: Rainbow Six
Platforms: Xbox One
PlayStation 4
Genre: First-Person Shooter

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege is a tactical first person shooter available on the PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series S/X, and PC. Players assume the roles of counter-terrorism operators from around the world, and engage in PvP and PvE combat. In regular gameplay, players play as either Attackers or Defenders on maps designed with clearly defined indoor and outdoor regions. Attackers must enter the central structure of the map and complete objectives like defusing bombs, securing a point, or rescuing a hostage, while the Defenders must prevent the Attackers from achieving their objectives and run down the round timer to win. Eliminating the enemy team is also a victory condition. There is also a PvE mode called Terrorist Hunt.

Players play as "Operators", a roster of characters divided between Attackers and Defenders, with each Operator coming from a counter-terrorist unit background. Each Operator carries a unique Operator gadget that defines their abilities and team role (no Operator may be selected twice by the same team, except in certain modes). In terms of weaponry, each Operator generally has two primary weapon options (three at most, occasionally one) and one or two secondary options. Generally speaking, Rifles and LMGs are used by Attackers, SMGs are used by Defenders, and Shotguns are mostly used by Defenders though sometimes shared with Attackers. Operators of a CTU generally share their sidearm options and their shotgun option. Each Operator also carries a piece of team-specific universal equipment alongside their unique gadget, choosing one from two options.

Also playable are Recruits, who are generic Operators with no special gadgets, instead taking a second piece of universal equipment in place of it. Recruit was reworked in Operation Void Edge to allow new players an opportunity to use a wide variety of weapons and weapon types in order to learn the game quicker. Attacking recruit has access to the L85A1, M249, MK14 EBR, USP, Remington 870 "Super Shorty" shotgun and CZ75 Auto. Defending recruit uses the MP5K PDW, Remington 870, FNP-9 and the MAC-11.

The game also features destructible environments for players to take advantage of, primarily blowing holes in walls for a new entry point to flank opponents, creating windows to defend an area without exposing the player's whole body, or shooting through thin walls to suppress enemies.

All primary and some secondary weapons in the game have "charm mounts" to which keychain-like charms can be attached, which by default appear as sling loops.

Notably, third person weapon animations are completely identical to their first person counterparts. Ejected fired rounds and dropped magazines are physical objects that bounce against surfaces, and can be seen in both first and third person.

As of Year 8 Season 1 Operation Commanding Force, the reloading mechanic is overhauled to be more immersive and "staged" to the likes of Ground Branch. Various actions while the weapon's magazine is out will retain the one bullet in the chamber (if available) and not the magazines that are removed during the animation. Reloading again inserts the magazine and - if the bullet in the chamber is fired - charge the weapon. Prior to this, weapons can reload cancel.

For ease of searching, all weapons on this page are primarily ordered by chronology of addition to the game, with the base game weapons near the top of each weapon category and DLC weapons further down.

The following weapons appear in the video game Rainbow Six Siege:


FN Five-seveN

The FN Five-seveN Mark 2 is issued to the FBI SWAT faction, Jaeger Corps operator Nøkk added in Year 4 Season 2 Operation Phantom Sight, and rouge Swedish neuroscientist Fenrir. It appears as the "5.7 USG" (referencing the earlier USG variant). The Five-seveN has an appropriate 20+1 capacity, but its overall effectiveness is offset by low stopping power. A special version was added in Year 5 Season 3 Operation Shadow Legacy, available to operative Zero (as giving Sam Fisher anything other than a 5.7 would be heresy), with a permanent Osprey suppressor affixed to the weapon.

FN Five-seveN Mark 2 - 5.7×28mm FN. This variant is now the standard version of the FN Five-seveN offered by FNH. The Mk2 model has cocking serrations on the front of the slide as well as on the rear. This is a fixed-sight version.
Menu model of the Five-seveN Mark 2.
First-person view of the weapon.
Aiming down the sights.
Ejecting a magazine; for whatever reason, this is done using the slide release.
Inserting a new mag into the empty pistol.
Rechambering the Five-seveN; since the slide release is now the magazine release, this is done by simply pulling it back. As an aside, the barrel does in fact exist, though the similarly-colored background makes it hard to see in this image.
Zero's special Five-seveN.


The FN FNP-9 is a high capacity, 9x19mm handgun used by the GIGN Operators, the reworked Recruit defender and NIGHTHAVEN Attacker Ace. It is referred to as the "P9". Lion always carries one in a vest holster, in addition to his main sidearm (either another FNP-9 or a Model 586) in his leg holster; the extra pistol is not usable by the player.

FN FNP-9 - 9x19mm
FNP-9 in the weapon inspection screen.
The FNP-9 in the hands of the GIGN operator Twitch.
Aiming the pistol. This is the original version; thee night sights got a redesign in the Operation Wind Bastion update.
Reloading the FNP-9.
Reloading from empty.

GSh-18 Sport

The GSh-18 is a sidearm available to the all five operators (including Finka) originating from Spetsnaz CTU (the depicted CTU is more specifically Alpha Group of FSB, going under the more generic and well-known Spetsnaz name), as well as FBI asset Flores. As with the two pistols mentioned above, it is the Russians' high capacity, low damage 9x19mm caliber pistol. The particular model used in-game is a GSh-18 Sport, a civilian offering intended for competition shooting, evident by the front cocking serrations and lack of trigger safety.

GSh-18 Sport - 9x19mm
GSh-18 Sport in the early customization menu.
Spetsnaz operator Fuze holds the GSh-18 on a bullet-ridden armored car.
Aiming the GSh-18.
Empty reload.
Racking the slide, similar to the FN Five-seveN.
Testing a mattress with the GSh-18.

Heckler & Koch USP Tactical

The "P12" is the German equipment designation for the Heckler & Koch USP Tactical, used by the German GSG-9 operatives, reworked Recruits, and NIGHTHAVEN operator Wamai. The loadout icon was originally the same as the FNP-9, but in Update 3.2 the USP was given a new proper icon.

Heckler & Koch USP Tactical - .45 ACP
USP Tactical in the weapon inspection screen.
The USP Tactical in the hands of GSG-9 operator Blitz. Note the HUD; while a flush-fitting magazine for a .45 USP ought to hold 10 or 12 rounds, the in-game version somehow crams in 15.
Aiming the handgun.
Reloading the USP.
Tugging the slide to release it and chamber a round. When using the pistol in conjunction with his flash shield, Blitz will thumb the slide release instead.


The M45/MEU(SOC) is the other sidearm available to the FBI SWAT operatives with the exception of Castle, who had it swapped for an M870 MCS Masterkey in a later update. It appears as the "M45 MEUSOC" and feeds from standard seven-round magazines. Compared to their Five-seveN, the MEU(SOC) offers substantially higher stopping power at the expense of having close to only a third of the former's magazine capacity at only 7 rounds.

MEU(SOC), later version - .45 ACP
M45/MEU(SOC) in the weapon inspection screen.
FBI operative Ash models the M45/MEU(SOC).
Aiming down the Novak night sights.
Reloading a magazine.
Inserting another mag into the empty M45.

Makarov PM

Though referred to as the improved PMM, the in-game pistol is actually the older Makarov PM, and is issued to the Russian Spetsnaz and NIGHTHAVEN operator Osa. Likely to balance out its small magazine (with most of the game's pistols featuring double-stack magazines holding 15 rounds or more), the weapon is obscenely powerful - it's currently the most powerful sidearm in the game short of magnum handguns like the S&W 586 and the SEALs' Desert Eagle, and doing as much damage per shot as DMRs like the 7.62x51mm SR-25.

Russian Makarov PM - 9x18mm Makarov
An actual 12-round Makarov PMM for comparison - 9x18mm Makarov
The Makarov PM in the weapon inspection screen. Note the oddly thick slide serrations.
The Makarov PM in the hands of Fuze.
Aiming the PM.
Reloading. The animation is very fast, making up for the low magazine size.
Dry reloading the Makarov.
Using a shiny Makarov to remove some barbed wire.

SIG-Sauer P226 MK 25

The SAS operators, NIGHTHAVEN operator Kali and DAE operator Tubarão use the SIG-Sauer P226 MK 25 as their default handgun of choice. The choice of this particular model for the SAS is odd, as the military of the UK uses regular P226/P226R pistols under the "L105A1/A2" designation. It also predates the inclusion of a proper US Navy SEAL faction, who, in true tacticool fashion, were given the Desert Eagle as their sidearm instead. Although it should be noted that in-universe, Rainbow is a multinational counter-terrorist group with no set loadouts for their operators, so they would be theoretically free to use whatever armaments they see fit.

SIG-Sauer P226 Navy, this is the version used by the Navy SEALs, easily identifiable by the white anchor on the slide - 9x19mm
SIG-Sauer P226 Mk 25 in the weapon inspection screen.
A recruit holds the P226 Mk 25.
Iron sights of the P226.
Reloading the pistol.
Reloading from empty.

Inglis Hi-Power

The Inglis Hi-Power, a Canadian-manufactured version of the Browning Hi-Power, is used by the Canadian JTF2 Operators Buck and Frost, REU operator Iana and 35th Commando Battalion Operator Ram. It appears under the strange name "MK1 9mm". The version used by Iana features custom grips.

Inglis Hi-Power - 9x19mm Parabellum
Inglis Hi-Power in the weapon inspection screen.
The Hi-Power in Buck's hands.
Iron sight view of the Inglis.
Inserting a new magazine.
Slide released; ready to go. Like the Makarov PM above, the Hi-Power has oddly thick slide serrations; unlike the Makarov, however, these are only on one side.

Desert Eagle Mark XIX

The classically absurd Desert Eagle Mark XIX is used by the Navy SEAL Operators added to the game with the Operation Dust Line expansion, and is also used by the Jaeger Corps operator Nøkk and literal ronin Azami. Contrary to popular belief, the Desert Eagle has been issued to military forces. The Polish GROM (which appears in the game) as well as the Portuguese Special Operations Group both use the Desert Eagle. It appears as the "D-50", similar to its name in other Ubisoft releases around the same time like Far Cry 3. Originally released with a chrome default finish, the Operation Velvet Shell update changed the default finish to black.

A special golden variant (as the "Extravagance" skin) is the sole weapon used in the Golden Gun arcade game mode, which was previously available in limited time events. Obviously inspired by the Goldeneye 007's Golden Gun, it only contains one shot that instantly kills enemies. It also uses an alternate reload animation.

MRI Desert Eagle Mark XIX - .50 AE
Old menu model of the Desert Eagle.
Current model of the weapon.
"Having decided to forsake all sensible armament", Blackbeard brandishes the chrome Desert Eagle.
The non standard illuminated iron sights are nice and open, however.
Performing a mid-magazine swap with the "Deagle."
Blackbeard dramatically ditches out an empty magazine...
...and inserts a fresh one, 7 rounds of .50 Action Express, before finishing off with a tap of the slide release. Unlike the SEALs, Nøkk has a more subdued and simple pull-magazine-out-put-magazine-in empty reload animation, and finishes off the animation with a rack of the slide instead of using the slide release.
The melee animation of the current Desert Eagle model; note the new color of the iron sights.
Aiming down the red and yellow irons.

Beretta 92

The Beretta 92 is used by the BOPE Operators from the Operation Skull Rain expansion and Aruni from the Operation Neon Dawn expansion, labeled in-game as "PRB92." Presumably, these pistols were intended to be vintage Taurus PT92 handguns, but the rounded trigger guard and magazine release located on the butt of the grip are features of the first model Beretta 92. It also has the wider cocking serrations on the slide from the newer PT92 models.

On another note, the defender Caveira wields a unique "Luison" version that comes pre-equipped with a mineral-based suppressor and fires non-lethal, subsonic rounds. Due to balancing, Lusion used to be able to deal more damage than a .50 caliber handcannon at close range before being nerfed down, where it now only deals slightly more damage than the Spetsnaz' Makarov (which is still a compact handcannon that puts all other non-magnum sidearms to shame). The magazine size of the Luison is also nerfed compared to the standard PRB92, at 12 instead of 15 rounds.

Beretta 92, the first Beretta 92 Series model produced, noted by rounded trigger guard, butt located magazine release, and frame mounted safety (pre-decocking safety) - 9x19mm
Taurus PT92AF, earliest model of the PT92 for comparison - 9x19mm
The "PRB92" in the weapon inspect screen. Note the rounded trigger guard, which has never been a feature of the Taurus series. Also the trigger seems to be in its double-action position, despite the hammer being cocked.
Luison in the weapon inspection screen.
The Beretta 92 in idle on the new Favelas map.
Iron sights.
Caveira wields her 92 one-handed while in "Silent-Step" mode. Note that the "custom suppressor" is just the same Osprey 9 as other pistols, wrapped in a mysterious shroud.
Capitão ejects a magazine, note the low button release. This leads to a rather flamboyant "holding the pistol as high as possible while dropping the mag" show of reloading.
Caveira racks the slide to chamber a round on her Luison. The alleged "non-lethal" rounds seem just as lethal as other pistols, though; its only difference is that it will only incapacitate targets (unless the victim is the last person alive on the enemy team) to allow Caveira a chance to interrogate them and expose the rest of the enemy's positions.
One of the Skull Rain loading screens shows the actual PT92, however, a current production PT92AF to be precise.

SIG-Sauer P229 Elite

The SIG-Sauer P229 Elite is used by the SAT Operators from the Operation Red Crow expansion, the FES operator Goyo from the Operation Ember Rise expansion and the NIGHTHAVEN Attacker Grim from the Operation Brutal Swarm expansion. It appears as simply the "P229". What appears to be a SIG-Sauer P229 is seen on the "Custom Game" icon.

SIG-Sauer P229 Elite - .40 S&W
P229 in the weapon inspection screen. Note the Elite beavertail frame with front strap checkering; sadly, "thick slide serration syndrome" has claimed another victim - though, like the Hi-Power that came before it, only one set (the rear set, in this case) have been altered.
Hibana patrols the rooftop dojo, P229 Elite at the ready.
Aiming the P229 Elite.
Reloading. It predictably uses the same animations as the SAS's P226, which include the hammer always staying half-cocked during gameplay.
Fresh mag-in, preparing to release the slide from empty.
P229 on the "Custom Game" icon.

Heckler & Koch USP Compact

The Heckler & Koch USP Compact is used by Spanish GEO Operators Jackal and Mira, GIGR guest Operator Oryx and COT Operator Brava. It appears as the "USP40".

Heckler & Koch USP Compact - .40 S&W
USP40 Compact in the weapon inspection screen. The pistol has a black Hogue grip sleeve, which combines with the default tan body and black slide to give it a somewhat three-tone appearance. Oryx's USP40 has a different dark green default finish.
Jackal holds down a hallway with the USP40 Compact.
Aiming the USP40 Compact.
Mashing in a new magazine.
Followed by a tug of the slide, similar to the full-size USP used by the GSG-9 operators.
Melee bashing with the pistol.


The 9x19mm variant of the QSZ-92 is used by the SDU Operators featured in the Operation Blood Orchid DLC and STAR-NET Aviation's Thunderbird from the Operation North Star expansion, but with a lowered capacity of 10 rounds instead of 15. It appears as the "Q-929".

QSZ-92 - 9x19mm
QSZ-92 in the weapon inspection screen. Note the CF-07 marking on the slide. This is most likely modified from the CF-98 markings on export QSZ-92 pistols, but CF-07 is an actual (but very obscure) Chinese compact pistol derived from the QSZ-92.
SDU operative Lesion skulks around outside with his QSZ-92.
Aiming at a hostile ice cream truck.
Ying reloads her QSZ-92.
Reloading the pistol from empty.
Lesion whips a heroin packet with his sidearm.

PR-15 Ragun

The Polish PR-15 Ragun was added to the game with the Operation Blood Orchid expansion. It is referred to as the "RG15", and is used by the GROM Defender Ela and GROM Attacker Zofia (who was released in Operation White Noise, the following season), and Inkaba Task Force (a fictional anti-poaching unit seemingly inspired by the real-world Black Mambas APU) Defender Melusi. It features a permanently-attached SIG ROMEO1 reflex sight which was originally exclusive to this pistol in-game before the inclusion of the Taurus 4510PLYFS with the Italian GIS faction. Interestingly, pre-release renders of Ela showed her instead holding a SIG-Sauer P228 with a red-dot sight.

PR-15 Ragun - 9x19mm
PR-15 Ragun in the weapon inspection screen; the trigger oddly sits in the double-action position, despite the cocked hammer. A unique green colored laser, mounted in the guide rod, can be used as an upgrade for the pistol.
Ela looks down a corridor with the PR-15 Ragun.
Aiming down the ROMEO1 red dot sight.
Reloading the PR-15 Ragun. Note the unusually large slide serrations have unfortunately struck again.
Thumbing the slide release.
Meleeing with the PR-15; oddly, despite showing proper trigger discipline during reloads, Ela keeps her finger firmly wrapped around the trigger while pistol-whipping.

CZ 75 Automatic

The CZ 75 Automatic using 26 round magazines was added to the game with the Operation White Noise expansion. It is referred to as the "C75 Auto", and is used by the 707th Special Mission Battalion operators Dokkaebi and Vigil, NIGHTHAVEN attacking operator Kali, reworked attacker Recruits, and Garda EDU defender Thorn. It is classified as Machine Pistol in-game.

The weapon cannot accept any attachments beyond a suppressor, despite having a rail on top of the sights, although it technically does come in with a compensator and vertical grip in the form of the spare magazine mounted on the lower frame (which is not usable for quick reloads and its also empty).

CZ 75 Automatic - 9x19mm
CZ 75 Automatic in the weapon inspection screen.
Vigil points his CZ 75 Automatic at a suspect pantry.
Aiming down the sights; the pistol is held quite a bit closer than most other pistols, likely to reduce the field of view as a balancing measure. Despite the Picatinny rail that is part of the rear sight, it cannot accept other sight options, like the M9A1 in Call of Duty: Ghosts.
Reloading in the presence of a Buddha.
Rechambering the CZ.
Melee-ing. The slide is locked back in this instance.

SIG-Sauer 1911 TACOPS

The SIG-Sauer 1911 TACOPS is the sidearm of Delta Force and GSUTR ("Grim Sky Urban Tactical Response Team", the CTU added in Year 3 Season 3, Operation Grim Sky) Attacker Operator Maverick and Garda ERU Defender Thorn. It is equipped with Hogue grip panels and a worn tan finish. Compared to the M45 MEUSOC, the 1911 TACOPS does slightly less damage than the M45, but has the benefit of having one more round due to its eight-round magazine (and a total of nine with one in the chamber).

SIG-Sauer 1911 TACOPS - .45 ACP
The 1911 TACOPS in the weapon inspection screen. Uniquely, its suppressor shares the sand yellow tone as the rest of the gun.
Maverick holding his 1911 TACOPS.
Aiming down sights.
Removing the old magazine.
Inserting a new magazine.
Empty reload, removing the empty magazine.
Inserting new magazine.
Flicking the slide release to chamber new round.

CZ P-10 C

The CZ P-10 C is one of the sidearms available to the GSUTR and Metropolitan Police Service Defender Operator Clash added in Year 3 Season 3 Operation Grim Sky, as well as Secret Service operator Warden added in Year 4 Season 2 Operation Phantom Sight. It features a permanently-attached SIG ROMEO1 red dot sight like the PR-15 Ragun, and a blue flat-faced HB Industries aftermarket trigger.

CZ P-10 C with Trijicon RMR sight - 9x19mm
The P-10 C in the weapon inspection screen.
Clash holding her P-10 C.
Aiming through the affixed red-dot sight.
Removing a partly-empty magazine.
Inserting a new one.
The pistol's empty reload animation; Clash drops the mag out of her P-10 C...
...inserts a fresh one...
...and finishes by sling-shotting the slide to chamber a new round.

AMC Auto Mag

The two Moroccan GIGR Operators added in Operation Wind Bastion (the Attacker Nomad and the Defender Kaid) both have access to an AMC Auto Mag as their sole sidearm option. It goes by the rather generic moniker ".44 Mag Semi-Auto" in-game, and is fitted with Duane Short wood grips and a permanently-affixed low-power pistol scope, the only sidearm in the game to have a sight that grants x2.5 magnification.

The Auto Mag is a rather bizarre choice; if the pistol's heavy weight, low magazine capacity, large size (especially with a scope mounted), and sharp recoil don't make it an impractical option for martial use (not unlike the Navy SEALs' equally ridiculous Desert Eagle Mark XIX), then its significant rarity (and correspondingly high price tag) and nigh-on unobtainable proprietary ammunition certainly do. That said, all these factors convinced Ubisoft that the gun is an unparalleled work of craftsmanship and turned it into a pocket DMR.

High-Standard-manufactured Auto Mag - .44 AMP
The Auto Mag in the inspection screen. Note that the barrel seems to be slightly longer than the one in the reference image (having 4 vents instead of 3), but is not as long as the real gun's alternate 10 inch barrel option, which also lacks the ribs. The barrel seems closer to that of the .22 LR Baby Auto Mag in some respects.
Nomad points her Auto Mag towards the heavens, giving a good look at its well-polished finish.
The scope of the Auto Mag, which went for a more representative approach rather than blacking out the borders like most games do. Holding a hard-kicking handgun with a scope this close to one's eye is generally not recommended for those who wish to retain their depth perception.
Removing an empty magazine, with one round in the chamber.
When you've only got seven rounds to a magazine, that extra one in the pipe can make all the difference. Especially when each one hits with the force of a small train.
Ditching an empty magazine (not a wise choice - if the gun itself is unobtainium, then extra mags are its rarest isotope, Un-562).
Inserting a full magazine.
Giving the bolt a quick tug to send it back into battery.

CZ P-09 in CAA Tactical RONI-G2

Mozzie, the Australian Defender added in the Operation Burnt Horizon expansion and Aruni, the Thai Defender added in the Operation Neon Dawn expansion, can wield the "P10 RONI" as a primary weapon option under the submachine gun category; despite having "P10" in the name, it is actually a CZ P-09, converted to full-auto and somehow mounted into a CAA Tactical RONI-G2 carbine conversion kit meant for Glock pistols. It lacks the spare magazine holder and the foregrip is absent by default, though the foregrip is reattached with the Angled Grip and Vertical Grip attachments. It is fitted with Magpul MBUS Gen 2 sights and can be equipped with Battlecomp 2.0 flash hider. Initially, it had a unique holographic sight modeled after the Vortex Razor UH-1, this sight has since been given to every operator.

CZ P-09 mounted in a CAA Tactical RONI-CZ - 9x19mm. The conversion kit meant for the P-09.
Glock 19 mounted in a CAA Tactical RONI-G2 - 9x19mm. For comparison.
Render of the "P10 RONI" from the Mozzie Cosplay Guide. Note that because its in a RONI-G2 kit meant for Glock pistols, the slide release is partially blocked on the CZ P-09.
"P10 RONI" with Angled Grip attachment.
"P10 RONI" with Holographic Sight and Vertical Grip attachments.
The P10 Roni in game.
Aiming down the MBUS Gen 2 sights.
Removing magazine before its empty.
Inserting new magazine.
Removing empty magazine.
Inserting fresh magazine.
Charging the gun.

Sphinx SDP Compact Duty

The pistol sidearm option for both Australian SASR operators added in the Operation Burnt Horizon expansion is the Sphinx SDP Compact Duty with a "Krypton" (OD green) frame, going by the name "SDP 9mm" in-game. The pistol was also later given to SFG operator Sens in Operation Vector Glare expansion.

Sphinx SDP Compact Duty - 9x19mm Parabellum
The SDP in the inspection screen; tragically, Thick Slide Serration Syndrome has claimed another victim.
Holding the SDP.
Aiming down sights; note the odd partially-cocked state of the hammer.


Smith & Wesson Model 586

The base game's lone revolver, the Smith & Wesson Model 586 is available to the French GIGN. It appears as the "LFP586". This weapon is likely standing in for the Manurhin MR-73 revolver, which is used in real life by the French GIGN. Compared to their FNP-9, the Model 586 offers substantially greater stopping power per shot, but requires prime shot placement and well-timed reloads to offset its stout recoil and low capacity. The only accessory available to the 586 is a laser aiming module mounted onto the trigger guard.

Oddly, the revolver has different empty and non-empty reload animations; on a non-empty reload, the user will press the cylinder release with their right thumb and push the cylinder with their left hand from the right side, whereas on an empty reload, they will press the cylinder release with their left thumb.

Smith & Wesson Model 586 with 6" barrel - .357 Magnum
Smith & Wesson Model 586 in the weapon inspection screen.
The S&W 586 in idle.
Aiming the Model 586.
Hitting the revolver's ejector rod.
Loading six rounds with the aid of a speedloader.
A GIGN recruit aims a Model 586 at Rook in the latter's introductory cinematic for a "Trust Exercise", which involves shooting the trustee square in the chest to give them full confidence in their teammates and prototype "Rhino" armor plates.
Cocking the hammer...

Taurus 4510PLYFS

The Taurus 4510PLYFS is a sidearm option for Italian GIS Operators Maestro and Alibi GIGN operator Doc, Nighthaven operator Grim, GIGR guest operator Oryx and unaffiliated operator Fenrir. It is a .410 shotgun revolver that holds 5 rounds. In Siege, it is called the "Bailiff 410", a play on the real weapon's "Judge" moniker. It comes equipped with a fixed ROMEO1 reflex sight, just as some pistols do.

Taurus 4510PLYFS - .410 Bore
The "Bailiff 410" in the main menu. The Bailiff 410's laser mount is located on the right side of the revolver's custom grip, in a similar fashion to the PR-15.
The Taurus 4510PLYFS in game.
Aiming with the mini-reflex sight.
Ejecting the spent .410 shells.
Putting in new shells. Rather weirdly, there are different animations for non-empty and empty reloads (despite there being no open/closed bolt tracking on this gun nor the need to chamber anything), with the non-empty reload animation ending with a very un-Tom Clancylike flick to shut the cylinder, and the empty reload ending with the operator pushing it shut and giving it a spin, Gordon Freeman-style.
Punching a table.

Chiappa Rhino 40DS

The Chiappa Rhino 40DS, referred to in-game as the "KERATOS .357" ("keratos" being Greek for "horn"), was added in Operation Para Bellum, and can be used by GIS Operators Alibi and Maestro, and NIGHTHAVEN Operator Wamai. It is rather bizarrely depicted as being capable of using a suppressor; with the exception of the Nagant M1895, revolvers fitted with suppressors serve essentially no purpose, as the gases that escape through the gap between the cylinder and barrel would more or less completely negate any noise-reducing effects that the suppressor would otherwise have. This mistake is made even more bizarre by the fact that the game's three other revolvers are both correctly shown as being unable to use a suppressor.

The Rhino's hammer-shaped cocking lever incorrectly cycles when the gun is fired; the Rhino's actual hammer is internal.

Chiappa Rhino 40DS (4" barrel version) - .357 Magnum
The Chiappa Rhino in the main menu. The markings read ".357 MAGNUM cal." on the first line, "Made in Italy" on the second, and "76481" (presumably a serial number) on the third.
Maestro's view of the Rhino. What may appear to be some sort of underbarrel module is actually just the severed head of a stone statue sitting on the floor.
Aiming down the Rhino's sights, which are a nice combination of green dots on the rear sight and a red fiber-optic insert in the front, though the lighting in this room makes the latter rather hard to see.
Ejecting a set of spent cases from the cylinder...
...and inserting six fresh rounds, with the help of a speedloader. The reload animation is pretty much identical to the S&W Model 586 reload animation.
Pistol-whipping a table with the Rhino.

Smith & Wesson Model 629 Stealth Hunter

The Smith & Wesson Model 629 Stealth Hunter was added to the game as the signature sidearm of mercenary Keres Legion leader and former Rainbow member Deimos, introduced in Operation Deadly Omen. Appearing as the ".44 Vendetta", it is the only sidearm usable by Deimos, comes with a permanently mounted short-range scope, and has only a single attachment option, a laser sight (which, like the 586, is mounted to the trigger guard despite the presence of a front rail section). The description states it is custom made by Deimos, and indeed has some differences from the real thing, such as barrel ribbing, a ported muzzle similar to that of the Smith & Wesson Model 500, and a flat, square cylinder release.

In game, it is portrayed with absurdly low recoil despite its stated .44 Magnum chambering, being more in line with .22 LR than anything. The revolver is depicted as single-action, with the draw animation having him pull back the hammer. However, the hammer is only cocked when the revolver is hip-fired and the weapon has a very high rate of fire, almost as fast as the player can press the fire button on their controller or mouse. The reload speed is also noticeably faster than the other revolvers in the game. It is also the only weapon Deimos can use when he activates his unique gadget, the DeathMARK Tracker.

Smith & Wesson Model 629 Stealth Hunter - .44 Magnum‎
The Model 629. The scope has a decal depicting the Keres Legion, Deimos' mercenary outfit.
Deimos holding the revolver at the range. His left thumb is positioned in such a way to quickly pull back the hammer.
A view through the scope.
Dumping out the rounds...
...and as with the other revolvers, Deimos re-ups with a speedloader. And as with the 4510PLYFS, the cylinder is flicked shut.
Whacking some crates- probably not recommended when you have a scope attached to your revolver.

Submachine Guns

This section primarily covers two in-game categories, Submachine Guns and Machine Pistols. As they're meant to fight in close quarters, SMGs are primarily used by the defenders, although a few are available to attackers. None are used by AI enemies in Terrorist Hunt.


The FN P90 TR is available to the GIGN Defenders and AFEAU Operator Solis. It can be equipped with an extended barrel that turns it into a fully-automatic PS90 carbine. Its one of the few SMGs capable of using an ACOG sight.

FN P90 TR - FN 5.7x28mm
FN P90 TR menu model. Note the grey material covering most of the magazine (it's presumably duct tape).
The P90 TR in idle.
Iron sights.
Reloading the P90.
Chambering a new round. The "duct tape" is probably there to cover up the fact that Ubisoft didn't animate the rounds inside of it, but this seems unlikely as the small visible portion of the magazine is clearly solid tan.

Heckler & Koch MP5 MLI

The Heckler & Koch MP5 MLI is also usable by the GIGN Operators Doc and Rook, and ITF Operator Melusi. It appears as the "MP5". Its one of the few SMGs capable of using an ACOG sight.

Trivia: GIGR guest operator Oryx could formerly use the MP5 MLI until Operation Neon Dawn had him swap the MP5 with Melusi's Jianshe.

Heckler & Koch MP5 MLI - updated with a triple-rail forearm, a quick-release-mount, and the new RAL8000 color scheme - 9x19mm
Heckler & Koch MP5 MLI in the weapon inspection screen.
Holding the Heckler & Koch MP5 MLI.
Aiming down the stock iron sights.
Reloading the MP5.
Thumbing the bolt, a rather downplayed variation on the HK Slap.

Heckler & Koch MP5K-PDW

The Heckler & Koch MP5K-PDW is available in the game. Its used by SAS Operator Mute, NIGHTHAVEN Operator Wamai, and the updated Defender Recruit. Unlike the MP5 MLI and MP5SD, it is not capable of using an ACOG sight.

MP5K-PDW with its extended barrel with 3 lugs & folding stock - 9x19mm
Heckler & Koch MP5K-PDW in the weapon inspection screen.
The MP5K-PDW in the hands of a SAS Recruit.
Aiming down the sights.
Changing magazines.
About to push the bolt into battery.

Heckler & Koch MP7A1

The Heckler & Koch MP7A1 is issued to the GSG-9 Defender Bandit and unaffiliated Operator Fenrir. It has a 30-round magazine capacity despite being modeled with the 40-round magazine. At launch, the charging handle was for some reason modeled to be permanently in its pulled back position, even visible on HUD icons; this error was fixed in the Operation Black Ice update. In the Dust Line update, the carabiner clipped to the rear sling mount was removed in favor of a "charm" mount instead. A special version was added in Year 5 Season 3 Operation Shadow Legacy, available to Attacker Zero.

Heckler & Koch MP7A1 with Zeiss Z-Point red dot sight and 40-round magazine - 4.6x30mm
Heckler & Koch MP7A1 in the weapon inspection screen (before Operation Black Ice).
In-game view of the pre-Black Ice MP7A1.
Aiming through the MP7's iron sights. Similar to Medal of Honor: Warfighter, the sights are in the raised position. These have been updated to include illuminated dots on the 3 and 9'o-clock positions and on the front post.
Pressing the bolt release.
Zero's special MP7.

Heckler & Koch UMP45

The Heckler & Koch UMP45 is used by the FBI Defenders. The charging handle incorrectly locks back on its own when the magazine is emptied, similar to the MP5 in Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 4. It has a three-round burst mode; the real UMP45 only has a two-round burst mode.

Heckler & Koch UMP45 - .45 ACP
The Heckler & Koch UMP45 in the inspection screen.
First-person view of the UMP45.
Aiming down the sights.
Cocking the UMP.

PP-19-01 Vityaz

The PP-19-01 Vityaz appears as the "9×19VSN" and is available to Spetsnaz Defenders Tachanka and Kapkan, as well as unaffiliated Defender Azami. It is heavily customized with Zenitco furniture, including a B-13 optic mount that remains permanently on the weapon, optic on or off. VSN quite likely is an abbreviation of "PP-19-01 Vityaz-SN", which is a variant of the Vityaz with a railed dust cover and no side rail, but this very clearly has a smooth dust cover and a side rail with the B-13 optic mount on it, making it just an original PP-19-01 Vityaz.

PP-19-01 Vityaz with Zenit accessories - 9x19mm
Vityaz menu model.
The Vityaz in first person.
Iron sights. Note the B-13 despite no optic being equipped.
Removing a magazine.
Reaching for the charging handle.


A MAC-10 with the upper receiver of a MasterPiece Arms MPA10SST appears as the "SMG-11," as in Watch_Dogs. The shape of the ejection port denotes it as the .45 ACP version. It is one of the few secondary SMGs available, and is used by all SAS defenders, as well as Peruvian Operator Amaru and Colombian Operator Solis. The Recruit defender can also use the MAC-10.

The weapon uses a 30-round magazine, but for balancing reasons it only has half that at 16 rounds.

Infamously, the MAC-10 used to be able to use a magnified ACOG as an optic option, with the weapon often paired with Smoke on defense. The high damage of the MAC-10 along with its low recoil prior to a later SMG recoil rework resulted in the MAC-10 becoming frequently decried as overpowered and referred to as a "pocket sniper". In a controversial move, Ubisoft removed the ACOG from the MAC-10 in November 2016 during Operation Red Crow.

MasterPiece Arms MPA10SST with safety extension - .45 ACP
The "SMG-11" in the inspection screen; note the stock similar to a Micro Uzi's.
The MPA modified MAC-10 in first person.
Aiming down the sights.
Opening the bolt on the M10. For balancing reasons, that large magazine only holds 16 rounds, and despite having a proper animation for an open bolt gun, it still tracks +1 round in the chamber incorrectly.
Inserting a new magazine.


The "SMG-12" is a sidearm available to the Korean 707th SMB Operators and US Secret Service Operator Warden. It appears to be a further development of the SAS's "SMG-11". It appears to have the general receiver design of the MasterPiece Arms MPA935SST, the trigger guard of the MasterPiece Arms MPA930DMG, a wire stock, and a large KeyMod foreend with rail bits. It was initially integrally suppressed, although this feature was removed in the first Year 3 patch.

While weaker than the SMG-11 due to its smaller cartridge; it has the benefit of having a 32-round magazine and the ability to use an angled foregrip to increase ADS speed.

MasterPiece Arms MPA935SST - 9x19mm
MasterPiece Arms MPA930DMG - 9x19mm
The "SMG-12" in the weapon inspection screen.
Dokkaebi rappels off a tower in Seoul, "SMG-12" in hand.
Aiming down the sights while in an elevator shaft.
Opening the bolt of the "SMG-12".
Inserting a new MPA-style MAC-10 magazine. Warden's SMG-12 reload animation is similar to the basic animation, just with a bit more flair.
The SMG-12's melee animation, as seen here with Dokkaebi pistol-whipping a light fixture.

Magpul FMG-9

The Magpul FMG-9 is available in the game, and is used by SAS Operator Smoke and the SAS Defender Recruit. It has also been available to Jaeger Corps Operator Nøkk who is on the attacker's side, making it the second available primary SMG available to Attackers, after Jackal's UDP-9.

The weapon performs similarly to the MP5K, but with worse damage drop-off at range. A strange fact when you consider that the FMG-9 has a longer barrel than the MP5K.

Magpul FMG-9 in open form - 9x19mm
Magpul FMG-9 menu model.
The player character holding a Magpul FMG-9.
Aiming down the sights.
Thumbing the internal slide release.

C1 Submachine Gun

The C1 Submachine Gun, the Canadian variant of the Sterling Mk.4 Submachine Gun, has been available in the game since the Operation Black Ice expansion was released. It is referred to as the "9mm C1", and is exclusive to the JTF-2 Defender Frost. The in-game weapon seems to be modeled after the MGC replica for the C1, and includes its unique round front sight. In reality, the C1 is long out of service, a more appropriate choice would have been an MP5 or FN P90, but both are already in use by other operators in game and Siege wouldn't start recycling weapons until year 4.

The weapon can be equipped with a suppressor or extended barrel that turns it into a carbine. Additionally, its one of the few SMGs that can't use a vertical grip and can only use an angled foregrip (although due to its low recoil and slow firing rate; it still remains stable even at full auto).

C1 Submachine Gun - 9x19mm
MGC Sterling
The C1 in the customization screen.
Prior to the Skull Rain DLC, Frost used to wield her C1 SMG improperly by gripping the magazine, which is a great way to damage the magazine and the well. Note the rail mounted onto the weapon; this is a fictional version of the original NATO standard rail (that got replaced by the Picatinny rail) present on other guns in the game, such as the L85A2. The C1 does not use any sort of rail system on top of the receiver, and this fictionalised rail is thinner and flimsier-looking than the real thing.
Iron sight view of the C1 Submachine Gun.
Locking the bolt back on a full reload.
After the Skull Rain DLC was released, Frost was updated to grip the C1 SMG properly by the heat shield.
Reloading the C1 SMG. It still inaccurately tracks +1 in the chamber.


The SIG-Sauer MPX is one of the weapons available to the Navy SEAL operator Valkyrie, Secret Service operator Warden and Portuguese DAE operator Tubarão, simply referred to in-game as the "MPX". It is a cross between the prototype version and the Gen 1 model, as it has the left-side receiver components of the former, but with the right-side receiver components and the 8" barrel. It is also fitted with an early version of the MPX Gen 1's collapsible stock.

SIG-Sauer MPX (prototype model) - 9x19mm
SIG-Sauer MPX (Gen 1) with early stock - 9x19mm
MPX in the weapon inspection screen.
Valkyrie wields the SIG MPX.
ADS view of the MPX.
Valkyrie rather dramatically pitches the gun upwards when swapping magazines.
She then turns the gun over to yank the charging handle.
With determination, Warden outdoes Valkyrie with his MPX manual-of-arms. Note how the safety and the upper part of the magwell are those of an MPX prototype, in contrast to the right side shown below.
Neither one of them has quite figured out how to use the bolt release paddle though. In Warden's unique reload animation, the charging handle is pulled back only about half the distance it would need to be in order to chamber a round in reality. As additional trivia, Warden has unique sprint animations for all of his weapons, different from the standard gun to the side sprint animation. For most weapons, including the MPX, he sprints with the gun in one hand, pointed upwards. For his other primary, the M590A1, he sprints with the gun sideways and tilted. Here we can see the ejection port, mag release and ambidextrous bolt catch of an MPX Gen 1.

Beretta PM12S

The Beretta M12, with the stock extended, is one of the weapons available to the BOPE Defender Caveira. As with other open bolt weapons in-game, it is incorrectly portrayed as having an additional round in the chamber.

The weapon can be equipped with a long carbine-length barrel.

Beretta PM12S - 9x19mm
M12 in the weapon inspection screen.
The PM12S inside a favela laundry.
ADS of the PM12S.
Reloading the Beretta PM12S. Note the safety marking is printed opposite of the Beretta model; this actually matches the Taurus MT-12AD produced in Brazil.
Locking the bolt back, which apparently chambers a fresh round according to Rainbow logic.

Heckler & Koch MP5SD2

The Heckler & Koch MP5SD2 is one of the weapons available to the SAT Defender Echo, simply referred to in-game as the "MP5SD". The weapon performs similarly to the MP5 MLI, but is equipped with a built-in suppressor that does not reduce its damage.

Heckler & Koch MP5SD2 - 9x19mm
The MP5SD in the weapon inspection screen. Note the original SEF trigger group, identifying this as an SD2. A KAC M4 RIS is also attached to the handguard with, of all things, steel hose clamps.
Looking at a high-tech display of some Tokyo towers with the MP5SD2.
Aiming down the rather cropped-open sights.
Locking the bolt back, just like the other factions' MP5 variants.
Loading in a fresh magazine...
...and witnessing the aftermath of a gentle HK slap.
Attempting to no avail to stock-bash a hologram.

Minebea M-9

The Minebea M-9 is one of the few secondary SMGs available and usable by Japanese SAT Operators Hibana and Echo, also later given to STAR-NET Aviation Operator Thunderbird and as part of balancing measures, later given to the Spetsnaz Operators Glaz and Tachanka. It is referred to as the "Bearing 9".

Minebea M-9 - 9x19mm
The "Bearing 9" in the weapon inspection screen. Minebea stands for "Nippon Miniature Bearing Company," which likely explains the odd in-game designation.
Echo observes some more traditional Japanese fighting gear, Minebea M-9 in hand.
Aiming the M-9.
Reloading, basically the same procedure as seen on the M11.
Charging the M-9, Modern Warfare style (although Echo at least has the decency to use the vertical foregrip).
Breaking in to one of the display cases.
The empty reload animation actually changes when an optic is mounted on the M-9, another nice detail.

Angstadt Arms UDP-9

The Angstadt Arms UDP-9 was added to the game with the Operation Velvet Shell expansion. It is referred to as the "PDW9", and is used by the GEO operator Jackal and later NIGHTHAVEN Operator Osa, initially the only primary SMG available to the Attackers until the introduction of Nøkk who is armed with an FMG-9. It feeds from KCI 50-round 9mm Glock drum magazines (also known by other imported rebranded names such as SGM Tactical drum mags) and has a Rainier Arms ambidextrous charging handle. It formerly had an incorrect 3-round burst option; this was later removed.

Angstadt Arms UPD-9 PDW - 9x19mm
PDW9 in the weapon inspection screen.
The Angstadt Arms UDP-9 in idle.
ADS view.
Sliding in a new drum.
Chambering a round. Note that the bolt is static though, and doesn't move.
Bashing a drink glass with the collapsible stock.

KRISS Vector

A Gen I / Gen II hybrid KRISS Vector is available in the game with the Operation Velvet Shell expansion. It is referred to as the "Vector .45 ACP" (the same name it goes by in several other Ubisoft games since Far Cry 3), and is available to GEO operator Mira and Mexican Fuerzas Especiales operator Goyo. It holds 25 + 1 rounds, and has an additional 2-round burst firing mode like in reality.

TDI / KRISS USA Gen I Vector - .45 ACP
KRISS USA Gen II Vector - .45 ACP / 9x19mm Parabellum
Vector .45 ACP in the weapon inspection screen. Note the Magpul UBR stock mounted via an M4 stock adaptor, and the magazine assist. The weapon has a Gen I magwell, trigger, and opening above the barrel for a SureFire weaponlight, but a Gen II pistol grip. The setting of the safety lever at the rear is also similar to that of a Gen II Vector, and is incorrectly in the safe position.
Mira observes both sides of her one-way window gadget in the resort's courtyard, Vector in hand.
Aiming; it uses the same iron sights as the GSG-9's M870 shotgun.
Dropping a spent magazine.
Inserting a new one.
Charging the Vector.
Attacking the floorboards with the UBR stock.


A fictional 7.62x51mm NATO version appears as the primary choice for GIGN CBRN specialist Lion, of the Operation Chimera expansion. It bears a strong resemblance to the sci-fi weapon design "HK G56" by concept artist AlexJJessup, and uses an X Products type drum magazine, similar to the X-91 already used by the G8A1 in-game, though this one is adapted for the fictional .308 Vector magwell and is more correctly proportioned. It is referred to as the "V308".

"V308" in the weapon inspection screen. The safety of this version is more akin to a Gen I Vector, and is correctly set to the fire position.
"V308" in game being held by Lion.
Aiming down sights.
Removing the magazine.
Inserting a fresh 50 round drum.
Lion moves to hit the bolt release with the palm of his hand.
Hitting the ground with the Magpul stock.

Jianshe CS/LS2

The Jianshe CS/LS2 is one of the weapons available to the SDU Defender Lesion and was later to given to (unofficial) GIGR guest operator Oryx. It is referred to as the "T-5 SMG", and like several other open bolt guns is depicted with an incorrect closed bolt operation in Siege.

Trivia: ITF Operator Melusi could formerly equip the Jianshe until Operation Neon Dawn swapped her Jianshe with Oryx's MP5 MLI.

CS/LS2 - 9x19mm
Jianshe CS/LS2 in the weapon inspection screen. Note the weird rail bits added to the side of gun. The Chinese text on the magazine well reads "Warning: Read Operating Manual before Use"
Lesion looks at a wall with his CS/LS2.
ADS view.
Tossing out a spent magazine.
Pulling the charging handle.
Bashing with the CS/LS2. Note the spent magazine on the floor.

CZ Scorpion Evo 3 S1 Carbine

The CZ Scorpion Evo 3 S1 Carbine, a civilian variant of the Scorpion Evo 3 A1, is one of the primary weapons available to the GROM Defender Ela. Unlike its real-world counterpart, (a civilian semi-auto carbine), it fires full-auto in-game like a standard Evo 3 A1; interestingly, it is modeled with the correct fire selector for such a weapon, rather than the 2-position safe-semi selector of the S1. It uses magazines fitted with CZ Custom magazine extensions; this initially gave them a correct (and, as many players complained, completely overpowered) capacity of 50 rounds, but this was later reduced to 40, for balance reasons. It also sports a HB Industries THETA trigger and charging handle in a bright green color, and the extended receiver features Picatinny rails on the M-LOK slots.

CZ Scorpion EVO 3 S1 Carbine with muzzle brake - 9x19mm
CZ Scorpion Evo 3 A1 - 9x19mm
The "Scorpion Evo 3 A1" in the menu. Note the threadless barrel (although the flash hider attachment gives it the factory Evo 3 A1 flash hider) and sand-colored finish that is faded on the mag and grip. Also note the oddly segmented rails on the top and bottom of the weapon.
The Evo 3 S1 Carbine in idle.
Aiming the Scorpion.
Reloading, in-between magazines. Here, both the weapon's name and the 4-position fire selector are clearly visible.
On empty reloads, Ela locks the charging handle back...
...changes magazines...
And drives it home with more thorough HK-slap than the gentle tap seen on the MP5 variants. If the Scorpion is equipped with an optic, Ela will thumb the charging handle instead.
Meleeing with the Scorpion Evo 3.

Beretta Mx4 Storm

The Beretta Mx4 Storm is a submachine gun available exclusively to Italian GIS Defender Alibi, who was added during Operation Para Bellum.

Beretta Mx4 Storm - 9x19mm
The Mx4 in the inspection screen. Note the strange top rail - the standard full-length rail is replaced with a different system, which then has a normal Picatinny rail attached to it anyways. Also note the shortened rear sight.
The Mx4 in Alibi's hands. It only seems fitting to show this weapon in the map that was released in the same DLC as it - Villa.
The submachine gun's iron sights; looking just below the rear sight reveals a folded-down aperture sight; sadly, this isn't selectable in-game.
Dropping a spent magazine out of the Mx4. Note the non-standard round charging handle.
Sending the bolt into battery with a quick flick of the bolt release.
The Mx4's melee attack animation, which shows off the weapon's seldom-seen stock and right hand side.

Brügger & Thomet MP9-N

The Brügger & Thomet MP9-N is one of the sidearms available to SCO19 (and GSUTR) operator Clash (her primary weapon is the CCE Shield, meaning that she only has firearms as secondary options), added in Operation Grim Sky and NIGHTHAVEN operator Kali. It is referred to as the "SPSMG9", uses 20-round magazines, features a permanently attached red dot sight, and was initially locked in two-round burst fire mode.

A future update removed the two-round burst and allowed it to fire on full-auto, making it a true secondary machine pistol.

Brügger & Thomet MP9-N with Aimpoint Micro TL sight - 9x19mm
Brügger & Thomet MP9 in the weapon inspection screen. The suppressor model uses the correct proprietary B&T version and the "flash hider" uses the classic TMP muzzle device.
Clash holding her SPSMG9.
Aiming down the sights.
Inserting a new magazine.
Empty reload.
Inserting a new mag from empty.
Pulling the charging handle back to chamber a new round.

Steyr AUG A3 9mm XS

The Steyr AUG A3 9mm XS is one of the weapons available to the Moroccan GIGR Defender Kaid added in Operation Wind Bastion; it is referred to simply as the "AUG A3". While it is modeled with a 32-round magazine, it bizarrely has a capacity of 31+1 in-game.

Steyr AUG A3 9mm XS - 9x19mm
An officially-released render of the "AUG A3" from Ubisoft's Kaid Cosplay Guide. Note the interesting skeletonized upper rail segment; compare with the image above.
The AUG A3 9mm XS in the inspection screen; this menu was updated with the release of Operation Wind Bastion.
The AUG A3 in the hands of Kaid.
Aiming down the submachine gun's sights.
Removing a dry magazine...
...inserting a fresh one...
...and finishing a reload by pulling back the charging handle.

Colt 9mm Submachine Gun (R0991)

The Colt 9mm Submachine Gun, specifically the R0991 model, is available as a primary option for the Australian Defender Mozzie added in Operation Burnt Horizon. It is modeled with a fixed stock, similarly to the civilian R6430 model. It is referred to in-game as the "Commando 9", and holds 25+1 rounds despite being modeled with a 32-round magazine. Bizarrely, it is currently incorrectly classified as an assault rifle, like the HK416-C (and unlike the K1A), despite it being quite obviously a submachine gun both visually and performance-wise.

Colt 9mm Submachine Gun (R0991) - 9x19mm
Render of the "Commando 9" from Mozzie Cosplay Guide. Note the rail-mounted carry handle, fixed stock, round handguard, and extra rail segments on the handguard. The stock, lower receiver, and pistol grip also feature a rather worn coat of camouflage paint; this appears to be at least partially inspired by the finish applied to wartime Owen Guns, fittingly enough.
The "Commando 9" in the inspection screen.
Mozzie holding his "Commando 9" in game.
Aiming down the SMG's sights.
The R0991's reload animations, both empty and non-empty, are rather flashy; for the latter, Mozzie sharply twists the gun to the left as he ejects the magazine, catching it in his left hand...
...then mashes in a fresh one, finger firmly wrapped around the trigger.
During empty reloads, on the other hand, Mozzie twists the gun to the right as he dumps the old magazine; this gives a good view of the right side of the receiver, showing that, while it does correctly have an SMG-type brass deflector, it also bafflingly has a standard rifle-style brass deflector behind it, and a forward assist behind that, possibly suggesting that a standard 5.56mm AR variant was used as a reference/basis for the model. The open ejection port furthers this idea with its view of the rifle-type locking lugs visible in the back of the barrel extension (Colt's 9mm subguns are all straight blowback, and thus lack these); to top it all off, Mozzie's consistently nonexistent trigger discipline means that he's not even hitting the magazine release.
Inserting a new fully loaded magazine, still refusing to let go of the trigger...
...and hitting the bolt release to chamber a round.


A stylized IMI Uzi was added in Y6S4 Operation High Calibre as the "UZK50GI" as the Irish Garda EDU Defender Thorn's signature primary weapon. It is rechambered in .50 GI, has a high-powered destruction profile, and holds 22 rounds, with an incorrect +1 chambering.

IMI Uzi with buttstock extended - 9x19mm Parabellum
R6s UZI 01.jpg
R6s UZI 02.jpg
R6s UZI 03.jpg


POF PSG is added in Y7S2 Operation Vector Glare as the "POF9" for Belgian SFG Operator Sens, it is incorrectly classified as an assault rifle despite the game itself claiming that it uses 9mm.

POF PSG with stock mounted sling - 9x19mm
R6s POF 01.jpg
R6s POF 02.jpg
R6s POF 03.jpg

Rifles and Carbines

These weapons are mostly usable by Attackers in Multiplayer. This large category of weapons is also sub-divided into Assault Rifles and Marksman Rifles in-game, the latter of which all fire semi-auto only.


The 2012 prototype variation of the AK-12 is issued to operators Fuze and Ace. The Spetsnaz Recruit had access to the AK-12 in older versions of the game.

AK-12 2012 prototype - 5.45x39mm
AK-12 menu model.
The AK-12 in first person.
Iron sights.
Throwing away an empty magazine. While the fire mode is correctly set to full-auto, the selector is shown in the wrong direction: the order АВ-3-1-ПР should be from the rear to the front.
About to send the AK-12's bolt home. Unlike other games, the bolt is shown locking open, which was a feature of the later AK-12 prototypes. Also unlike several games, the player character does not feel the need to ignore the left-side charging handle and reach underneath the weapon to grab the right-side one.

Beryl M762

A heavily customized Beryl M762 is the primary choice for GROM operator Zofia of the Operation White Noise expansion, named simply as "M762". It is fitted with the Midwest Industries Extended Handguard, a Hera Arms CQR stock, and a railed dust cover in lieu of its standard rail assembly. The assortment of customizations is primarily inspired by a photoshopped AK reported by The Firearms Blog, which is an AK-103-lookalike with the Midwest Industries Gen 1 SS-Extended Handguard with the Hera Arms CQR stock photoshopped in.

Arsenal SLR-107FR with the Midwest Industries Gen 1 SS-Extended Handguard with the Hera Arms CQR stock photoshopped on.
Beryl M762 - 7.62x39mm
The M762 in the weapon inspection screen. Note the fire selector on the left side of the receiver, a distinctive Beryl feature.
Zofia shows off the Beryl M762.
Iron sights.
A foregrip-equipped Beryl, which gives a cleaner view of the rifle.
Reloading, which shows the unique foregrip that this weapon and the "BOSG 12.2" use.
Charging the M762.
Melee-ing with the Hera Arms CQR stock. In real life, this stock wasn't available for AK-type rifles at the time of the release of Operation White Noise, but life imitated art (and photoshopped concepts) and the stock later became available to AK-type rifles.

Enfield L85A2

The Enfield L85A2 is available in the game, and issued to all SAS Attackers and the Recruit class. It is fitted with a long, quad-railed Daniel Defense handguard.

It is also, most bizarrely, the primary weapon of the "White Mask" terrorists in the Terrorist Hunt mode. Exactly why they chose to use a somewhat uncommon assault rifle, not exported in wide numbers, with near-unobtainable spare parts, and plagued with a variety of design issues even after its improvement as a service weapon, is as much as a mystery as the White Masks' relevance in Siege in general.

Enfield L85A2 with magazine removed, quad-railed Daniel Defense handguard, ACOG scope, Grippod foregrip, and SureFire FHSA80SA flash hider - 5.56x45mm
Enfield L85A2 in the weapon inspection screen. Note the shorter-than-normal barrel compared to the reference image, as well as the altered pistol grip and DD handguard, both of which are slightly different to the actual rifle.
The L85A2 in idle. Note the rail underneath the carry handle; this is a fictional version of the original NATO standard rail (that got replaced by the Picatinny rail) present on other guns in the game, such as the C1 SMG. The SA80 does use this style of rail instead of the Picatinny rail, but it is thinner and flimsier-looking in-game.
Aiming down the carry handle iron sights.
Inserting an empty magazine. Bullets have since been added in a patch.
Ignoring the bolt release and proper British Army drill, the Recruit tugs the charging handle to release the bolt.


The FAMAS F1 appears in the game as the "F2" and originally incorrectly held 30 rounds in 25-round magazines. The magazine capacity was changed to 25 during a mid-season balance patch in Y4S3, nerfing the gun while making its magazine capacity accurate to real life. It is only available to Operator Twitch, after the Recruit rework removed the faction-based Recruit system.

FAMAS F1 - 5.56x45mm
FAMAS F1 in the weapon inspection screen.
Twitch holds the FAMAS.
Aiming down the second pair of iron sights.
Inserting a new magazine.
Charging the FAMAS.

Heckler & Koch G36C

The Heckler & Koch G36C is available in the game, and used by FBI SWAT operator Ash and REU operator Iana.

The gun was frequently overlooked due to its complete inferiority to her other weapon, the R4-C, until a later patch made it that the G36C is the only gun in Ash's arsenal that can use an ACOG optic (which grants a very valuable x2.5 view magnification) before the R4-C received the ACOG once more in Operation Deadly Omen.

Heckler & Koch G36C - 5.56x45mm
Heckler & Koch G36C in the weapon inspection screen. Note the strange texture on the magazine.
Ash modeling the G36C.
Aiming down the G36C iron sights.
Swapping magazines.
Releasing the bolt.

Heckler & Koch HK33A2

The Heckler & Koch HK33A2 appears as the "AR33", and is used by SAS Operator Thatcher and FBI asset Flores. It uses a 30-round magazine, though it only holds 25 rounds. It has a permanently attached optic rail, a rail on the bottom of the handguard, and a "charm mount" was on the left side of the stock, above the stock pins, but was updated to be on the rearward most claw on the optic mount. The rear sight is removed when using optics.

Heckler & Koch HK33A2 Select Fire rifle with Factory 25rd Magazine - 5.56x45mm
Heckler & Koch HK33A2 in the weapon inspection screen.
The HK33A2 in the hands of an SAS Recruit.
Aiming down the HK diopter sights.
Changing mags on the HK33.
Charging the rifle. Unlike the other HK roller-delayed blowbacks, the bolt isn't locked back on this variant's reload.

Heckler & Koch HK416C

The Heckler & Koch HK416C is appears as the "416-C Carbine". Prior to the "White Noise" update that added the Daewoo K1A for Vigil, it was the only assault rifle usable on the Defender's side; issued to Jäger and the original GSG-9 Recruits.

The weapon can be equipped with a 14.5 inch extended barrel.

Heckler & Koch HK416C ultra-compact carbine with 9" barrel - 5.56x45mm NATO
The HK416C in the weapon inspection screen.
A Recruit holds the HK416C.
*notices your iron sights*
Reloading a STANAG magzine.
Pulling the charging handle.

Heckler & Koch HK417

The Heckler & Koch HK417 is available to Twitch, GIGN CBRN specialist Lion and SFG operator Sens. It is intended to be used as a DMR, as it is restricted to semi-auto only. It is also modeled with a 20-round magazine, which is rendered solid instead of transparent, but at release it had the in-game capacity of only 10 rounds; this was buffed and fixed to the correct 20 rounds in Operation Ember Rise.

Heckler & Koch HK417 with sights removed and 16" barrel - 7.62x51mm NATO
Heckler & Koch HK417 in the weapon inspection screen.
The HK417 in idle.
ADS view.
Reloading the 417.
Pulling the charging handle, again....Note the fire selector is properly set to semi-auto.
HK417s seen inside a weapons locker on the Favela level.

Remington R4-C

A Remington R4-C appears simply as the "R4-C" and is available to FBI Operator Ash and South Korea's 35th Commando Battalion Operator Ram in the upcoming Operation Heavy Mettle expansion. It is modeled with a Magpul MOE pistol grip, CTR buttstock, and Remington RAHG modular forend with rail sections permanently installed. The weapon's charm mount is located in the middle of the receiver, close to the top rail.

Remington R4-C - 5.56x45mm
Remington R4-C menu model. On the left side, one can see that the operator has written "pew pew" on the auto selector position in red marker pens.
The R4-C in first person, which is held by the magwell.
Iron sights.
Pulling out an old magazine.
Chambering a new round.

SIG SG 552

The SIG SG 552 is appears as the "552 Commando". Like in previous games, it has a 30 round magazine capacity despite being modeled with the 20 round magazine. It can be seen in terrorist hands in the Terrorist Hunt mode. The SG 552 is used by GSG-9 Attacker IQ and NIGHTHAVEN Attacker Grim.

SIG SG 552 - 5.56x45mm
SIG SG 552 in the weapon inspection screen. The magazine has an unusual waffle-like pattern.
The SG 552 in idle.
Iron sights.
Reloading the SIG SG 552.
Moving to tug the charging handle.

SIG-Sauer SIG556xi SWAT

The SIG-Sauer SIG556xi SWAT with a full-auto lower and a 16" barrel is available to FBI attacker Thermite and NIGHTHAVEN attacker Osa. When firing, and when the bolt locks back after the last shot, the bolt does not fully recoil backwards, and instead stops at the point where the ejection port/charging handle slot narrows; apparently the developers mistook the narrowed charging handle slot as a fixed part of the receiver.

Trivia: in the "Inside Rainbow" trailer series showcasing the CTUs, Glaz is seen using the weapon in the the SAS, FBI SWAT, and GIGN trailers. The model is slightly different, with more segments on the handguard and R4-C-styled diamond iron sights, and is also incredibly broken - it sounds like an OTs-03 when fired, and Glaz's hand isn't even on the trigger when firing. He got the proper SVU model by the release of the GSG-9 and the Spetsnaz trailers.

SIG-Sauer SIG556xi SWAT 16in - 5.56x45mm
SIG556xi SWAT in the weapon inspection screen.
FBI SWAT operative Thermite models the SIG556xi SWAT. Note the charging handle is on the left side of the ambi receiver as can be done in real life.
Aiming down the sights.
Chambering the SIG556xi SWAT. It is the only base game assault rifle with a used bolt release.

Steyr AUG A2

The Steyr AUG A2 appears under the name "Aug A2", the developers seemingly not realizing that AUG is an acronym and should be capitalized accordingly. It is available in the game to the GSG-9 operator IQ and NIGHTHAVEN operator Wamai and is occasionally seen in terrorist hands in the Terrorist Hunt mode.

Steyr AUG A2 - 5.56x45mm
Steyr AUG A2 in the weapon inspection screen.
GSG-9 operator IQ holds the AUG A2.
Iron sights, note that these are folded down MP7 iron sights.
Inserting a new mag.
Charging the AUG.

Colt Model 933

A Colt Model 933 with the carrying handle removed, a KAC RIS handguard, Colt Canada-type M4 stock, and using Magpul PMAGs with Ranger plates has been available for JTF-2 operator Buck since the Operation Black Ice expansion was released. It is referred to incorrectly as the "C8 SFW", but is identifiable as a 933 by its 11.5" barrel. It also incorrectly has a cut in the barrel for an M203 grenade launcher.

It is equipped with a M26 Modular Accessory Shotgun System, which is actually Buck's special gadget, the "Skeleton Key". Details of it can be seen below. The Team Deathmatch and free-for-all Deathmatch game modes added much later removes the ability to use operator abilities, and rather than giving Buck an empty shotgun, it actually removes the M26 from the weapon entirely. The M26-less rifle can also be seen in the loadout menu, though exclusively in the overview section, as actually clicking on it to customize brings the M26 back.

Colt Model 933 with 4-position stock - 5.56x45mm
An actual Colt Canada C8 SFW, for comparison - 5.56x45mm
The Model 933 in the weapon inspection screen. The front sight is replaced with a low profile gas block when an optic is added.
The Model 933 in first person.
Iron sight view of the 933.
Inserting a new Magpul PMAG, which shows a good view of the underbarrel shotgun.
Buck karate chops the oddly-shaped charging handle back to chamber a round.
The 933 sans M26.


The C1A1, the Canadian variant of the L1A1 SLR, is Buck's second primary weapon choice from the Operation Black Ice expansion. It is referred to as the "CAMRS", and is fitted with an L1A1 SLR's synthetic stock and handguard. Like the "C8-SFW", Buck's special gadget the "Skeleton Key" (a M26 Modular Accessory Shotgun System) is attached to the weapon, details of which can be seen below. The C1A1 without the skeleton key is available to COT operator Brava from the Operation Commanding Force expansion.

It is only capable of semi-auto fire, accurate for a C1A1.

Canadian C1A1 - 7.62x51mm NATO
L1A1 SLR - 7.62x51mm NATO
The "CAMRS" in the game's weapon inspection screen.
The C1A1, wielded by Buck. Note the exposed bolt on the top of the receiver, a feature unique among FAL variants; interestingly, rather than properly reciprocating, the bolt simply disappears when the rifle is fired.
View of the C1A1's distinct ring aperture rear sight.
Inserting a new magazine, which give a good view of the real name on receiver.
Chambering a round on a C1A1 customized with a muzzle device and an Aimpoint Micro T1. Unlike the firing animation, this process correctly involves the bolt actually moving.


The FN SCAR-H CQC has been available in the game since the Operation Dust Line expansion was released, for Navy SEAL operator Blackbeard. It is referred to as the "Mk17 CQB".

The weapon is powerful, but is plagued by having the slowest ADS speed of any assault rifle in the game and extremely high recoil, leading to many in the community labeling it one of the worst primary weapons in the game.

FN SCAR-H CQC - 7.62x51mm NATO.
Mk17 CQB in the weapon inspection screen.
Blackbeard's SCAR-H.
ADS view of the Mk17.
Reloading the SCAR with several attachments, including Blackbeard's gadget, the Rifle Shield, attached on a pair of rail-mounted clips.
The uncommon sight of a bolt release being used in Siege.

Knight's Armament SR-25

The Knight's Armament SR-25 Enhanced Combat Carbine is the DMR option for Blackbeard and one of the two weapons included in his kit. It was later made available to FBI asset and questionable rogue Flores. The Crane stock has been replaced with a Magpul UBR stock and Blackbeard has custom clips mounted on the handguards of his SR25 to allow the attachment of his rifle shield.

It is a generally average but lackluster gun in comparison to others.

Knight's Armament SR-25 Enhanced Combat Carbine - 7.62x51mm NATO
SR-25 in the weapon inspection screen. Note the clips to attach Blackbeard's Rifle Shield and the Magpul UBR Collapsible Stock.
Blackbeard uses his SR25 with attached gun shield to defend himself from some deranged 7.62x51mm STANAGS.
Troy iron sight view.
Reloading the SR25 ECC.
Operating the charging handle.

DSA SA58 OSW Carbine

A DSA SA58 OSW Carbine is the main battle rifle available to BOPE Operator Capitão and COT Operator Brava (who happens to be Capitão's cousin), under the name of "PARA-308". It has a worn tan finish and holds 30 rounds per magazine; the magazine depicted in-game is too short for that, but is also too long to be 20-rounder - 25 rounds would be a good guess.

DSA SA58 OSW Carbine with 30-round magazine - 7.62x51mm NATO
PARA-308 in the weapon inspection screen. Note the different fire selector markings compared to the above SA58 OSW.
Capitão patrols a street with the OSW.
ADS view.
Inserting a fresh magazine of 7.62 NATO.
And lastly, a refreshing tab of the FAL's lesser known bolt release.

Howa Type 89-F

The Howa Type 89-F has been available for SAT operator Hibana with the Operation Red Crow expansion. It is referred to as the "Type-89".

Howa Type 89-F - 5.56x45mm
Type-89 in the weapon inspection screen.
The Howa Type 89-F in-game.
Aiming the Type 89.
Changing out a 20-round STANAG.
Hibana uses her right hand to chamber a round when reloading from empty.
Rifle-butting a helicopter...

Colt Canada C7

The Colt Canada C7 is used exclusively by GEO Operator Jackal who was added with the Operation Velvet Shell DLC. The weapon in-game is modeled after the C7NLD, an officially dubbed, custom variant of the C7 used by the Armed Forces of the Netherlands. Along with the Dutch handguard, it is fitted with a Magpul PRS, uses PMAGs with Ranger Plates, and has the same charging handle as the UDP-9. It is named the "C7E" in-game, and is incorrectly depicted as having both fully-automatic and burst-fire modes.

C7NLD with Grip Pod and Aimpoint sight - 5.56x45mm
C7E menu model. Note the lack of a muzzle device and any barrel threading.
Jackal overlooks a yacht similar the one that serves as the setting for the JTF-2 DLC.
Iron sights of the C7.
Reloading a PMAG.
Pulling the charging handle.
Melee attack of the C7E.

Daewoo K1A

A customized Daewoo K1A is available for 707th SMB Operator Vigil with the Operation White Noise expansion. It is referred to as the "K1A" and is classified as a submachine gun; while this isn't correct from a technical standpoint, it is at least correct in the sense that that's how the Korean military classifies it. The gameplay seems to go with the SMG route too, having a damage and recoil profile more similar to other SMGs than the assault rifles.

Daewoo K1A - 5.56x45mm
K1A in the weapon inspection screen. It is fitted with a DEVGRU DT-K01 MK.II RAS handguard and the standard collapsible stock has been replaced with a StormWerkz AR-15 stock adapter fitted with a Z-M Weapons LR-300 stock.
The K1A in idle.
Aiming the K1A.
Reloading a STANAG magazine.
Empty reload; note the bolt release paddle is properly sticking out.
Pressing it in.
Buttstroking with the LR-300 style stock. Note the glow-stick strapped to the stock (which also changes color depending on what weapon skin is equipped).

Troy Industries Rock SOPMOD M14

The Troy Industries Rock SOPMOD M14 is used by 707th SMB operator Dokkaebi, NIGHTHAVEN operator Aruni, and the reworked attacking Recruits. It is incorrectly designated "Mk 14 EBR" and locked in semi-automatic.

Troy Industries Rock SOPMOD M14 - 7.62x51mm NATO
Rock SOPMOD M14 in the weapon customization.
Watching a sunrise with the one-of-a-kind Rock SOPMOD M14.
Aiming down the sights.
Removing the magazine.
In with a new one. Note the classic M14 flash hider; it can be attached as the "Flash Hider" barrel modification.
Releasing the bolt.
Melee animation of the Rock SOPMOD M14.


A compact version of the Saritch design concept is the primary choice for Spetsnaz CBRN specialist Finka, of the Operation Chimera expansion and later STAR-NET Aviation Operator Thunderbird in the Operation North Star expansion. In-universe, the Saritch appears to be a prototype weapon. Where in reality, the design is one conceived military version of the Saritch proposed by its designer but never mocked up, with 30-round magazines, automatic fire and a compact barrel; the in-game model resembles the medium-length 622mm-barrel version shown in the weapon designer's concept arts. A right-facing ejection port has been added to the weapon, and the forearm is replaced with a set of underbarrel rails. It is referred to as the "Spear .308".

Saritch design concept - 7.62x51mm NATO (non-functional)
Saritch in the weapon inspection screen. The camouflage is the weapon's default skin. Note the 30-round 5.56mm PMAG.
Saritch in game being held by Finka.
Aiming down sights.
Removing magazine from gun, which involves a very dramatic yank.
Inserting new magazine.
Pulling the charging handle to load new round.
Smacking a concrete wall.

M4A1 Block II

Available for SFOD-D (and GSUTR) operator Maverick of the Operation Grim Sky expansion, a carbine indexed as the "M4" appears to be a customized M4A1 Block II. It features a Daniel Defense MK18 RIS II 9.5 inch railed handguard and a 12.5 inch barrel instead of the usual 14.5 inch barrel, along with a tan Command Arms UPG16 modular pistol grip (a copy of the Fab Defense/Mako AG-43), rail covers, and a standard 6-position M4 stock. The weapon is marked "M4A1 Carbine" on the left side of the mag-well where the usual roll marks would be. Equipping the "M4" with the Heavy Barrel attachment gives it a longer 16-inch aftermarket pencil barrel. Attaching this would technically make it a heavily modernized Colt Model 653 instead of a proper Block II.

It incorrectly features semi-auto, three-round burst, and fully automatic fire modes, even though it has an M4's Safe/Semi/Burst fire selector, while being marked as an M4A1. Additionally, the developers forgot to model a gas block onto the standard or extended barrel, so in reality Maverick's using a bolt-action M4 that's only capable of automatic fire through the power of video game magic.

It has a unique suppressor model, which is wrapped in lots of cloth like Caviera's Luison's suppressor, to help remove the mirage from when the can is hot and make it safer to re-tighten it. Equipping the compensator gives it a unique XM177-style moderator.

M4A1 Block II - 5.56x45mm
The M4A1 Block II Carbine in the weapon inspection screen. Maverick's STANAG magazines have improvised magazine assists in the form of Paracord looped into the baseplate and duck-tape around the bottom of the mag.
Maverick holding his custom M4A1 Block II. For whatever reason, his DD handguard has quad-weaver rails instead of the traditional picatinny, a truly odd design choice since Daniel Defense do not offer any product with this kind of rail system.
Aiming down the folding iron sights.
Removing empty magazine.
Inserting new magazine.
Pulling the standard looking charging handle to chamber a new round.
A fully kitted-out "M4" with the Heavy Barrel attachment.
A close up of the receiver, note the "Burst" marking on the selector, which makes us wonder if Maverick just DIYed his M4A1 by cannibalizing AR-15s he found around Afghanistan until he managed to get his gun to work as it is.

Alexander Arms .50 Beowulf

The Alexander Arms .50 Beowulf is available for the SFOD-D Attacker Maverick with the Operation Grim Sky expansion. It is referred to as the "AR-15.50", and is correctly semi-automatic. It is fitted with a Mako Group Recoil Reducing GL-Shock stock, a Mako Group MWG (mag well grip), and a Magpul BAD Lever (which is never used, Maverick instead pulling the charging handle on empty reloads).It was also later given to DAE operator Tubarão in the Operation Deep Freeze expansion.

The weapon used SureFire 60-round quad-stack magazines at release, but only holds 10 rounds in gameplay - not that this really matters, since the internal geometry of the SureFire magazine would render .50 Beowulf rounds unable to fit anyways. The Operation Burnt Horizon update apparently acknowledged this, replacing the magazine with a more sensible 30-rounder, fitted with a Magpul Ranger Plate; this also fixes the capacity issue, since 30-round STANAG magazines can fit only ten .50 Beowulf rounds.

Alexander Arms .50 Beowulf - .50 Beowulf
The .50 Beowulf in the inspection screen. Equipping a muzzle brake replaces the "birdcage"-style flash hider with an Alexander Arms Tank Brake, unique to this weapon in-game.
Maverick holding his AR-15.50.
Aiming down the familiar ArmaLite-style iron sights.
Removing the magazine.
Inserting a new mag, note that his hand is rather seriously clipping into it.
Pulling the charging handle.
The updated model with a STANAG magazine added in the Burnt Horizon update.


The "AK-74M" is an assault rifle available for GIGR operator Nomad of the Operation Wind Bastion expansion and later for Deimos as his alternate primary. Instead of being an actual AK-74M, the in-game weapon the appears to be an AKM customized with Magpul MOE pistol grip, stock, hand guard, and a rail mount. Telltale signs of the in-game weapon model being based on an AKM is its ribbed dust cover, original slanted gas block, and its magazine being a waffle-pattern 7.62x39mm magazine (that holds 40 rounds) instead of 5.45x39mm that the AK-74M actually uses.

The right side of the in-game weapon features a white piece near the stock, which exists on the real AK-74M as a component of its side-folding stock. Despite this, the in-game weapon does not have a folding stock, and even lacks the corresponding button on the other side of the receiver for the AK-74M's folding stock.

More bizarrely, the lower receiver is marked "WASR-10 Cal. 5.45×39mm"; the WASR-10 is indeed an AK variant, but is 7.62x39mm like the AKM, and is also semi-automatic only while the in-game weapon is select-fire. The in-game receiver also most definitely isn't based on a WASR-10 since it has standard AK dimples which the WASR-10 lacks.

Just to confuse matters further, the Operation Burnt Horizon update replaced the 7.62x39mm magazine model with a 5.45x39mm one, appropriate for an actual AK-74M, but not for anything else that the gun is based on.

AKM - 7.62x39mm
Century Arms C39 V2 fitted with Magpul MOE furniture - 7.62x39mm
AK-74M - 5.45x39mm
A US imported Romanian WASR 10/63 - 7.62x39mm
A render of the "AK-74M" from Nomad Cosplay Guide. Note that, like many firearms in Siege, the AK features an M16A2-style flash hider by default.
A fully kitted-out "AK-74M", with the reflex sight, suppressor and laser Sight. Note the new reflex sight model, which was previously used for Clash's MP9.
The hybrid AK in first-person. Note Nomad's gadget, the "Airjab Launcher", mounted onto the side of the handguard. This fires proximity-detonated sticky grenades that push back and knock down enemies, somehow dealing no damage in the process, despite throwing them hard enough to send them through thin walls.
Removing an empty magazine...
...inserting a new one...
...and pulling the charging handle. Since Nomad lost her right middle and ring fingers, she uses her pinky to pull the charging handle back, though why she doesn't use her index finger, her palm, or her other hand instead isn't entirely clear. Deimos also reuses this same animation, despite having all of his fingers intact.
The post-Burnt Horizon version, complete with its less-curved plum-colored 5.45mm magazine.

Beretta ARX-200

The Beretta ARX-200 is available for the GIGR attacker Nomad and REU operator Iana. In comparison to Nomad's frankensteined AKM, the ARX-200 does more damage, at the cost of having higher recoil and lower magazine size.

Beretta ARX-200 - 7.62x51mm NATO
Render of the ARX-200 from Nomad Cosplay Guide.
The ARX-200 in the inspection screen.
The ARX-200 in-game.
Aiming down the rifle's sights; yet another re-use of the irons from Bandit's MP7.
Removing an empty magazine...
...inserting a new one...
...and pulling the charging handle.

Thales F90

Gridlock, the Australian attacking operator added in the Operation Burnt Horizon expansion, has access to a Thales F90 as a primary option, an Australian improved derivative of the Steyr AUG.

Thales F90 - 5.56x45mm
Render of the F90 from Gridlock Cosplay Guide.
The F90 in the inspection screen.
Gridlock holding the F90 in game.
Aiming down sights.
Removing Magazine.
Inserting new Magazine.
Pulling the charging handle back when gun is empty.
Inserting Full magazine.
Hitting the charging handle to chamber new round.


An FN F2000 Tactical with a slightly modified design and rechambered in .300 Blackout was added in the game in the Operation Shadow Legacy expansion as the "SC3000K". It is used by the Operator Zero, aka Sam Fisher from the Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell series. The weapon itself is a nod to the many F2000s (many times with fictional modifications) used by Sam Fisher throughout the Splinter Cell series, all of them having the fictional series name of "SC-number-K" (starting from the "SC-20K" in the original Splinter Cell).

FN F2000 Tactical TR with gray finish - 5.56x45mm
FN FS2000 Tactical with a C-more red dot sight and Monolith Arms rail system and P90-style foregrip - 5.56x45mm NATO. The latter accessory was discontinued when Monolith Arms was bought out by Magpul.
The SC3000K in the weapon inspection screen. Changes to the F2000's design can be observed in the replacement of the exposed barrel with a unique muzzle device, reshaped buttstock, reshaped magazine well, non-folding charging handle, slightly reshaped top rail (similar to the Slovenian contract F2000s), and the addition of a foregrip that somewhat resembles Monolith Arms' P90-styled foregrip for the F2000.
Zero holding the SC3000K in game.
The SC3000K uses the same iron sights from the MP7.
Removing a spent magazine.
Inserting a full magazine.
A suppressed SC3000K with the "Angled Grip," which uses the classic style F2000 forearm.

Machine Guns

With exception to Tachanka's DP-28 and Maestro's CETME Ameli, Machine Guns are issued only to Attackers. As with some SMGs, most open bolt machine guns incorrectly track +1 in the chamber.

Degtyaryov DP-28

The Spetsnaz operator Tachanka's primary weapon is a DP-28, also known as the DP-27. At the release of the game, the DP was Tachanka's gadget, mounted onto tripod and able to be manned by anyone, even by enemies in unfortunate situations, and his primary weapons were the Vityaz and Saiga. In this tripod-mounted form it was called the "RP-46" in game, though this is the designation for the belt-fed, pistol-gripped version of the DP. Tachanka himself referred to it as the "DP-28." Its magazines hold an erroneous 70 rounds, and incorrectly do not rotate as the weapon fires. During its life as a mounted weapon, it incorrectly tracked the round in the chamber, but after being reworked into his primary weapon, it's correctly depicted as open-bolt, and the extra round was given to Tachanka's ammo reserve.

In its original form, the DP-28 was widely considered an extremely weak gadget, resulting in Tachanka being regarded as one of the weakest Operators in the game (conversely also earning him the ironic nickname and memetic badass status of "Lord Tachanka"). While dealing high damage, the mounted machine gun was extremely situational and required careful placement and quite a bit of luck in order to be used successfully. It was also (comparatively) very slow to both set up and take down. Furthermore, the machine gun could only turn a maximum of 60 degrees in either direction.

A patch released in December 2016 added a reinforced glass shield to the turret (modeled after this particular shield, and marked with the Russian word for "Lord" acknowledging the Lord Tachanka meme), making its usage somewhat more viable. In Operation Blood Orchid, it was changed so that Tachanka kept the magazine loaded in the weapon when moving it instead of unloading and loading it every time, making it faster to move around.

The 2020 October update made the DP-28 man-portable, as Tachanka's new primary weapon, as part of a rework to Tachanka's kit.

Degtyaryov DP-28 machine gun - 7.62x54mm R
The official art of the DP-28 after the update.
Tachanka's new toys in an official artwork.
Render of Tachanka holding his new weapon in first person. The gun was given an unique, vintage-style reflex sight to match Tachanka's antique collector persona.
Now a primary weapon, the DP-28 can be examined and customized in the menu.
Free of the need to mount it on a tripod, Tachanka hefts around the vintage MG via its bipod.
Aiming the unique reflex sight.
After some 7.62x54mm interior decorating, reloading begins by pulling back the charging handle, and then popping off the magazine.
Slapping a new pan magazine into place.

Mounted version

Tachanka's DP-27 mounted on its tripod. Note the shortened barrel, which seems to have been returned to the full-length coned barrel with model updates.
Tachanka's profile, armed with his mounted DP-28.
Tachanka holds his undeployed DP-28. The large green bin seen on the far right was where additional pan magazines are stored.
Manning the Degtyaryov.
Reloading the magazine.
Pulling the custom ambidextrous charging handle.
Tachanka blinds his hostage with the glory of his shielded not-RP-46 machine gun.
Deploying the Degtyaryov.
Pointing the steel beast at his hapless victim admiring audience.
Tachanka gives the shield a punch after finishing his work and going mobile.
The DP-28 in Tachanka's operator video.

Heckler & Koch HK23/HK13 Hybrid

A hybrid of the 5.56mm belt-fed Heckler & Koch HK23 and the 5.56mm mag-fed Heckler & Koch HK13 appears in Rainbow Six Siege. The magazine well is a key feature of the HK13, but the receiver design, with its longer ejection port and a large, tubular brass deflector, is almost never found on the mag-fed HK machine guns, and instead comes from the belt-fed HK machine guns like the HK23. It has a G3 rear sight and added rails.

It appears under the name "G8A1", the German designation of the 7.62mm mag-fed Heckler & Koch HK11, even though its magazine well is rather clearly in 5.56mm, appearing more or less identical to the one on Thatcher's HK33. Despite the magazine well, the magazine used are 7.62mm X Products X-91 50-round drum magazines, apparently scaled down to fit into the 5.56mm magazine well.

The weapon is available in the game for IQ and Peruvian Operator Amaru introduced in Year 4 Season 3 Operation Ember Rise.

HK23E with sound suppressor - 5.56x45mm
Heckler & Koch HK11E - 7.62x51mm NATO
The machine gun in the weapon inspection screen.
The G8A1 held by IQ.
Aiming down the sights.
Reloading an X-91 drum.
Locking the bolt back on an empty reload.

PKP Pecheneg Bullpup

A PKP Pecheneg with an aftermarket bullpup conversion kit manufactured by Zenit is used by the Spetsnaz attacker Fuze and Spetsnaz CBRN specialist Finka.

PKP Pecheneg with Zenit bullpup conversion kit - 7.62x54mm R
The PKP Pecheneg bullpup in the weapon inspection screen.
Fuze holding the PKP. Note that it is labeled by its GRAU index of "6P41" in game.
ADS view; an AK-12 rear sight is co-opted as the new rear sight since the original is covered by a cheek rest.
Opening the tray cover.
Setting in the new belt of 7.62x54R. The incorrect +1 in the chamber has since been patched.

M249 SAW

The second option for BOPE attacker Capitão is the M249 SAW. It has a newer FN Minimi Mk 3 collapsible stock and sports a worn beige finish by default, similar to his SA58 OSW. Until Operation Blood Orchid, it incorrectly tracked a round in the chamber. The reworked Recruit also has access to the belt-fed SAW.

Later, in Operation Burnt Horizon, Australian attacker Gridlock has a near-identical M249 as a primary weapon option, albeit without the beige finish. Hers somewhat bafflingly uses a 60-round SureFire quad-stack magazine shoved into the emergency STANAG magazine well, rather than a belt; while this isn't strictly impossible, the M249's magwell is notoriously unreliable, and belts are preferred whenever possible. It has access to a unique scope attachment, which works like the pistol scope on the Auto Mag Pistol.

When reloading from empty, the charging handle on Gridlock's M249 incorrectly springs back forwards after she pulls it back, while Capitão's M249 is correctly animated with him pushing the handle back forwards manually.

M249 SAW - 5.56x45mm
M249 Paratrooper - 5.56x45mm
M249 in the weapon inspection screen.
M249 SAW in idle.
View down the rather beat-up iron sights.
Capitão moving to open the latches and pop up the feed tray cover. Note the clippage issue on the rear sight.
Setting the fresh belt in place. Unlike the PKP, the belt does not disappear as the gun runs out of ammunition, unfortunately enough.
And finally, a tug of the charging handle.
Render of the M249 from Gridlock Cosplay Guide.
The M249 SAW with Scope attachment.
R6S M249 SAW 2.jpg
R6S M249 SAW 3.jpg
R6S M249 SAW 4.jpg


The QJB-95 is available in the game with the Operation Blood Orchid expansion. It is indexed as the "T-95 LSW", and is usable by the SDU attacker Ying. The weapon's description states that it has been custom made to fire 5.56mm rounds, even though the weapon model is clearly based on the 5.8x42mm version. The QJB-95 is also modeled with several upgrades from civilian Type-97 rifles, such as the flat-top upper, enhanced trigger group, and lower handguard upgrades, reflecting its "custom" nature.

QJB-95 - 5.8x42mm
EMEI T97NSR with T97.ca LHG (Lower Hand Guard) and FTU (Flat Top Upper) modifications - .223 Remington
QJB-95 in the weapon inspection screen.
The QJB-95 in idle.
Reloading the drum magazine.
Charging the QJB-95.
Stock attack of the weapon.

Krytac Trident LMG-E

The same airsoft gun based on the Ares Shrike from Ghost Recon: Wildlands appears in Siege under the designation of "LMG-E". The "LMG-E" is used by GROM operator Zofia and 35th Commando Battalion Operator Ram.

Airsoft Krytac Trident LMG-E
"LMG-E" in the weapon inspection screen.
The "LMG-E", idle.
Iron sights.
Opening the top cover.
Inserting a new belt box, which holds 150 rounds.
Feeding the ammunition belt into the receiver.
Charging the "LMG-E".
Melee animation.


The CETME Ameli is added in Operation Para Bellum as the "ALDA 5.56". Being a primary option for Defense Operator Maestro, it was the only portable LMG available to Defenders, until Tachanka's rework made his DP-27 mobile.

CETME Ameli - 5.56x45mm NATO
The CETME Ameli in the weapon inspection screen.
The Ameli in the hands of Maestro. One could presume that he stole it from the Spanish GEO faction's armory.
Aiming down sights.
Lifting the tray cover to remove the spent belt box. In a non-empty reload, Maestro will actually push the belt back into the box before removing it, a neat detail. Similar belt removal animations can also be seen on the M249 and the LMG-E.
Attaching a new 80 round belt box onto the gun. There are a few things unusual with this belt box: the CETME Ameli only has 100 or 200-round belt boxes in reality, and the in-game 80-round belt box has a similar shape to the 200-round one, but is much smaller and slimmer. 100-rounds would be a good guess. The in-game belt box also opens to the right rather than to the left like on the real belt boxes. Due to the right-sided belt box opening, Maestro uses an unorthodox process where he locks the first round in position (as pictured here) and then pulls the box out to attach it to the left side of the weapon, as opposed to the standard "attach the belt box first and then pull out the belt" procedure.
Pulling the charging handle.
Hitting a table with the stock of the Ameli.


Shotguns are available to both sides in Multiplayer. Given the game's emphasis on micro-destruction, they make great assets in "redecorating" the interiors throughout the game's levels, except for the ones that fire slugs.

Benelli M4 Super 90

The Benelli M4 Super 90 is available in the game, and goes by its US Military designation of M1014. Although in-game, the M4 holds 7+1 rounds, it is modeled with a 4-round civilian magazine-tube. The Benelli M4 is usable by every FBI operator except Ash, and Norwegian Nighthaven operator Ace.

Benelli M4 Super 90 with 4-shot tube - 12 gauge
Benelli M4 Super 90 in the weapon inspection screen.
The M1014 in the hands of Thermite.
Using the iron sights.
Loading a shell into the M1014's chamber.
Loading the tube magazine.


A FABARM SDASS Compact with ghost ring sights of the "Tactical" model appears as the "SG-CQB". It can be used by every GIGN operator sans Montagne and Nighthaven attacker Grim. It is the only pump-action shotgun that can be fitted with a foregrip, and weapon animations change correspondingly when the grip is used.

FABARM SDASS Compact - 12 gauge
FABARM SDASS Tactical - 12 gauge
Heckler & Koch FABARM SDASS Tactical in the weapon inspection screen.
Twitch holds her FABARM.
Aiming the shotgun.
Dropping a shell into the chamber.
Reloading the rest of the magazine.


A heavily customized Saiga-12K, most closely resembling ones customized by the Hatcher Gun Company, appears as the "SASG-12" (which The Division followed suit with). It has a RIS foregrip with an aftermarket front sight and an AK-12 rear sight mounted on top, an aftermarket trigger-guard, Hogue pistol grip, and a CAA CBS AR-15 stock. It uses 8-round box magazines. The Saiga-12 is used by Spetsnaz defender Kapkan, CBRN Threat unit's Finka and certified mad scientist Fenrir.

The weapon is the most powerful semi-automatic shotgun available that uses buckshot, but is offset by having the highest recoil aswell.

Saiga-12K - 12 gauge
A heavily customized Saiga-12 by the Hatcher Gun Company (H.G.C.) - 12 gauge
Custom Saiga-12K in the inspection screen.
First-person view of the Saiga.
Aiming down the sights.
Inserting a new magazine.
Pulling the charging handle. Despite being modeled with an ambidextrous charging handle, it uses an animation similar to that of the Vityaz-SN.
Melee animation of a snake-skinned Saiga.

Mossberg 590A1 Blackwater

The Mossberg 590A1 Blackwater is available in the game, issued to the SAS, Secret Service operator Warden, and Deimos. The M590A1 is also somewhat used by terrorists in the Terrorist Hunt mode, though they usually carry assault rifles. Although in-game, the M590A1 hold 7 rounds, it is modeled with a 9-round magazine-tube.

Mossberg 590A1 Blackwater - 12 gauge
Mossberg 590A1 Blackwater in the weapon inspection screen.
Holding the Mossberg 590A1 Blackwater.
Aiming the shotgun.
Chamberloading the Mossberg.
Filling up the rest of the tube.
The business end of a terrorist's M590A1.

Remington 870 (G&P M870 RAS)

A short-barreled Remington 870 equipped with a Command Arms UPG16 modular pistol grip, 6-postion M4 stock, bolted-on extended top rail, and flip-up iron sights is available to the reworked Defender recruits, both the GSG-9 Defender operators Jäger and Bandit and the Irish Garda ERU defender Thorn. It is closely modeled after the G&P M870 RAS, an airsoft Remington 870.

The weapon is the second most powerful shotgun in the game, although somewhat "balanced" by the fact that its efficiency diminishes greatly beyond point-blank range.

Airsoft G&P M870 RAS
M870 in the weapon inspection screen.
A GSG-9 recruit models the M870.
Reloading. Placing a shell into the M870's chamber.
Reloading, but this time from the magazine loading port. In spite of its size, suggesting a 4+1 capacity at the most, the weapon in-game holds an impressive 6 rounds in the tube, plus one in the chamber.

Benelli M3 Super 90 Shorty

The Benelli M3 Super 90 Shorty has been available in the game since the Operation Black Ice expansion was released, for JTF-2 defender Frost and later the fictional Inkaba Task Force's operator Melusi. It is referred to as the "Super 90," and operates exclusively in semi-automatic mode.

Benelli M3 Super 90 Shorty - 12 gauge
Super 90 in the weapon inspection screen.
Benelli M3 shorty in first person.
ADS on the M3 Super 90; the rear sight's usefulness is negligible at best.
Frost has not yet mastered the technique of chamber-loading this Benelli....
Loading more shells in the tube.

M26 Modular Accessory Shotgun System

The JTF-2 operator Buck uses the M26 Modular Accessory Shotgun System as his gadget, equipped to whatever primary weapon (i.e. "C8-SFW" or "CAMRS") he is using. It is named the "Skeleton Key", an obvious allusion to the Knight's Armament Masterkey's name, and also a likely nod to how the fictional Skeleton Key can open any door, paired with the fact the M26 was designed to be a door-breaching (or wall-breaching as the design is applied in Siege) shotgun. It has a very large spread that limits its use in combat and at range, but is very destructive, able to create giant peek holes on walls with ease when combined with its spread. Like in previous games, the M26 in the game is semi-automatic, while the real one is a straight-pull bolt action.

M4A1 carbine fitted with M26 MASS - 5.56x45mm NATO & 12 gauge
M26 MASS mounted to a Model 933 in the weapon inspection screen.
M26 MASS mounted to a CAMRS in the weapon inspection screen.
Activated M26 MASS on the Model 933.
Reloading the M26; note the bolt locks back like a modern auto loading shotgun. In this instance, the carbine also sports its railed gas block instead of the front sight.
Releasing the bolt on an empty C1A1's M26. Note the totally empty FAL magazine, even the follower is gone.

Franchi SPAS-12

The Franchi SPAS-12 is used by Navy SEAL operator Valkyrie and GIGR guest operator Oryx. As with the Benelli M3, it operates only in semi-automatic mode. Despite being modeled with an 8-round magazine tube (holds 9 rounds in total), the SPAS only holds 7 (6+1) rounds in-game.

Franchi SPAS-12 - 12 gauge
SPAS-12 in the weapon inspection screen.
The SPAS-12 in first person.
Iron sight view of the SPAS-12, which appear to be identical to the ones on the same weapon in Far Cry 3 and 4.
Valkyrie, on the other hand, has mastered the ability to load her shotgun from empty. And it's nice to see that developers understand how the SPAS-12 works in semi-automatic, leaving the pump locked and stationary. Also note the first-generation lever-type safety.
In an extremely rare display of realism, Valkyrie holds the shotgun upside down to load the tube with her right hand while keeping her left forefingers on the bolt release to enable the feed door to open.

Franchi SPAS-15

The last addition of the Operation Skull Rain update is the SPAS-12's successor, the Franchi SPAS-15, used exclusively by BOPE operator Caviera. It is depicted as semi-automatic only, and properly utilizes its bolt catch mechanism.

Franchi SPAS-15 - 12 Gauge
SPAS-15 in the weapon inspection screen.
SPAS-15 in-game view.
ADS view. As with the USAS-12 from Modern Warfare 3, optics are mounted rather high on the non-removable carry handle.
Reloading the SPAS-15 mid-magazine.
Releasing the bolt....after making a new window.

Benelli Supernova

The Benelli Supernova was added in the Operation Red Crow expansion, and is available to both SAT Operators, and the Peruvian Operator Amaru added in Y4S3. Its low damage and slow cycling speed takes a toll on its damage output, but offers excellent recoil control.

Benelli Supernova with pistol grip stock combination - 12 Gauge
SuperNova menu model. Note the green furniture.
Hibana holding the Benelli Supernova.
Iron sights.
Pumping the Supernova.
Chamberloading the Benelli.
Loading shells into the magazine tube. Like with most shotguns in Siege, the player turns it sideways/upside down.
Melee attack.


Two variants of the FABARM STF 12 are introduced in Operation Velvet Shell, the Pistolgrip F.E. (without the muzzle brake) as the primary "ITA12L" and the Short Initial as the secondary "ITA12S". The ITA12S was the only secondary shotgun available in the game until the release of the "Super Shorty" in Operation Burnt Horizon of 2019. Both variants are available for both G.E.O. operators introduced in Operation Velvet Shell, while the secondary ITA12S is also available to Peruvian Operator Amaru introduced in Operation Ember Rise, and the primary ITA12S is available to AFEAU operator Solis introduced in Operation Solar Raid, while the secondary version is available to JTF2 Operator Frost and 35th Commando Battalion Operator Ram in the Operation Heavy Mettle expansion.

FABARM STF 12 Pistolgrip F.E.

FABARM STF 12 Pistolgrip F.E. - 12 gauge
ITA12L in the weapon inspection screen.
The STF 12 in-game.
Reloading the STF 12 from empty.
Loading the tube magazine.
Hitting a pillow with the stock.

FABARM STF 12 Short Initial

FABARM STF 12 Short Initial - 12 gauge
ITA12S in the weapon inspection screen.
The STF 12 Short Initial in idle.
Chamberloading the shotgun.
Stuffing more shells into the tube.

Crye Precision SIX12

The Crye Precision SIX12 is available for both SDU operators introduced in Operation Blood Orchid, and comes in two variants, the standard variant as "SIX12" for Attack operator Ying and the integrally suppressed as "SIX12 SD" for Defense operator Lesion. Danish Jaeger Corps Operator Nøkk, added in Y4S2, also uses the SIX12 SD.

Interestingly, the two variants are unique even beyond the suppressor, with the standard variant being based on a prototype model of the SIX12, and the SD being based on the production version. This can most easily be seen in the much thicker buttpad of the SD. Several other surface details also differentiate the two guns that could have, for all purposes, used the same model for everything rearward of the suppressor.


Crye Precision SIX12 (2nd prototype) - 12 gauge
The SIX12 in the weapon inspection screen.
Ying's SIX12 in idle.
Aiming down the MBUS iron sights.


Crye Precision SIX12 (2016 production) with integral SilencerCo Salvo 12 shotgun suppressor - 12 gauge
Lesion's SIX12 SD.
Lesion's suppressed SIX12, equipped with a Trijicon RMR, similar to the reference image.
Inserting a fresh cylinder on the SD variant.
Stock attack of the SIX12. Note that the "SIX12" engraving on the magazine can be seen on certain revolutions of the cylinder.

Fostech Origin-12

The Fostech Origin-12 is available in the game with the Operation Blood Orchid expansion. It is referred to as the "FO-12", and is used by the GROM defender Ela. The weapon currently has the highest RoF out of any semi-automatic shotgun in the game and can also be equipped with a long-barrel to increase its damage over distances.

Fostech Origin-12 SBS with 5-round magazine - 12 gauge
The Origin-12 in the inspection screen. The in-game weapon uses the 10-round magazine.
Ela checks a suspicious garage door with her Origin-12.
Aiming down the "diamond" sights.
Reloading the Origin after revealing the dastardly delivery van that was hiding outside.
Pressing the shotguns bolt release, a surprising maneuver given how most of the Rainbow operators prefer to yank their weapons' inviting charging handles instead.
Meleeing with the shotgun.
Fostech Origin-12 - 12 gauge
The extended barrel attachment turns the Origin-12 SBS back into its factory variant.


The "BOSG.12.2" (BOSG presumably standing for Break-Open Shotgun, compare with how "SASG" likely stands for Semi-Auto Shotgun) is a tactical over/under shotgun that is usable by the 707th SMB operators introduced in the Operation White Noise expansion. It shares many design elements with the Mossberg Maverick HS-12 and Stoeger Double Defense Over and Under shotguns. It fires slug shells, unlike the other shotguns in the game. These slugs are extremely powerful and accurate, even at longer ranges. Plus its ability to fire both barrels in quick succession allows it to devastate operators once hit. Although, as a trade-off, its 2-round capacity and long reload time heavily punishes missed shots, plus its ability to damage the environment is limited.

During public testing, the weapon was originally capable of penetrating the bulletproof windows of the executive jet in the "Presidential Plane" map, something only Glaz's SVU can do, but this ability was later removed in the official release.

Maverick HS-12 Thunder Ranch - 12 gauge
Stoeger Double Defense Over and Under - 12 gauge
Preview of the "BOSG.12.2". Note how the stock, receiver and triggerguard are placed in a manner more like conventional tube fed shotguns compared to the references above. The front of the triggerguard also seems to have a pin or Winchester pump shotgun-like crossbolt safety, despite the presence of a more typical break-action tang safety on the top.
The "BOSG.12.2" in idle.
Aiming the shotgun; these sights appear to be Advantage Tactical pyramid pistol sights.
Ejecting spent shells. Note that, despite having been fired, these shells have unstruck primers.
Loading two more in. Reloading with only a single shell fired will only reload that single shell, the one in the bottom barrel.
Stock attack.


Added in Operation Para Bellum, the "ACS12" is a modified AA-12, and can be used by the two operators added in that expansion, Maestro and Alibi. It is also used by literal ronin Azami. Its standard iron sights are missing, the weapon instead being fitted with a G36C-like top rail system for mounting optics, a corresponding low-profile extended charging handle, and a handguard seemingly inspired by the Mk 14 Enhanced Battle Rifle's Kydex handguard, with rail segments on its sides and bottom. It uses 20 or 32-round drum magazines in-game, which incorrectly hold 30 rounds (plus an incorrect 1 in the chamber, Ubisoft either not realizing or caring that the AA-12 is open-bolt).

Of note is that the addition of the "ACS12" marks the appearance of Siege's first (and so far only) fully-automatic shotgun, which also made it the single most destructive weapon in terms of environmental destruction, able to eat through an entire wall in seconds. Balancing out its full-auto capability is its very big spread and the lowest damage of any shotgun in the game, but that's just another plus when you're busy bulldozing entire rooms because it allows more destruction per shot. During Operation Steel Wave however, the "ACS-12" was balanced to utilize slugs due to its low pick rate among the Italian operators, largely losing its destructive potential while making it more effective at longer ranges.

Incidentally, the name "ACS12" was first used for this weapon in a previous Ubisoft game, Splinter Cell: Blacklist. Presumably Ubisoft has its own dictionary for non-trademark-infringing weapon names for its allegedly interconnected video game universe spanning multiple franchises.

While the AA-12 is correctly animated as having a non-reciprocating bolt handle when firing, the empty reload animation incorrectly shows the bolt reciprocating forwards when the player character releases it after pulling it back.

AA-12 - 12 gauge
The "ACS12" in the weapon inspection screen. This camouflage finish is, interestingly, the default skin for this weapon.
The AA-12 in Alibi's white-nailed hands. The text on the scope mount reads "Mil-spec 1913 Rail" on the first line, and "Scope Mount" on the second.
Aiming the shotgun; someone should probably let Bandit know that Alibi stole his MP7A1's sights.
Removing an empty drum after a quick and impressive demonstration of the game's destruction mechanics...
...inserting a fresh one...
...and ignoring enemy gunfire whilst pulling the charging handle, an action which does not apparently require touching it.
Then again, Alibi can make sparks by hitting a table with a shotgun, so she might very well be some sort of magician.

Akdal Arms MKA 1919

A heavily customized Akdal Arms MKA 1919 semi-automatic shotgun is available with the Operation Wind Bastion Expansion. The customizations include the lower receiver being modified to fit a Bushmaster ACR stock and Magpul MOE pistol grip, a modified Chaos quad-rail hand guard, a shortened 13" barrel with appropriately modified gas-system, the front sight repinned to the barrel, an enlarged charging handle and bolt-release paddle, and custom 10-round magazines.

Simply dubbed "TCSG12" in-game (presumably standing for "Turkish Combat Shotgun"), the weapon is used by GIGR defender Kaid and Mexican FES defender Goyo. The shotgun only fires slugs, just like the "BOSG-12.2".

Akdal MKA 1919 - 12 gauge
A custom "Tac 19" Akdal MKA 1919 by RRA with modified Chaos quad-rail.
A custom milled aluminum Akdal MKA 1919 lower receiver built to fit a Bushmaster ACR stock and a B5 Systems Type 23 P-Grip.
The custom Akdal MKA 1919 in the inspection screen.
The other side. Note the charging handle.
Kaid holding the heavily customized Akdal MKA 1919.
Aiming down sights.
Removing the magazine during a partial reload.
Loading a new magazine. The markings on the magwell read "Made in Turkey".
Pulling the bolt back before removing empty magazine.
Flipping the empty magazine out of the gun.
Inserting a new magazine.
Pressing the bolt release to chamber a new round.

Remington 870 MCS

While referred to as a "Super Shorty", the secondary shotgun made available (initially as a later update removed Mozzie's Super Shorty) to both Australian operators in Operation Burnt Horizon is actually a Remington 870 MCS, in the short-barreled "Masterkey" configuration, as evidenced by the MCS's distinctive forend (compared to the Super Shorty's folding foregrip).

An update made the 870 MCS Masterkey available as a replacement for M45 in FBI operator Castle's loadout, and it is also an available secondary for the reworked Recruit attackers, MPS operator Clash and COT operator Brava.

Remington 870 MCS Masterkey - 12 gauge
The MCS Masterkey in the inspection screen.
Mozzie holding the "Super Shorty".
"Aiming"; the MCS doesn't come with any sights by default, not even a groove in the Picatinny rail, making this a bit of a pointless exercise.
Loading a shell into the chamber...
...then another 2 in the tube.

Sniper Rifles

SVU Dragunov

The SVU Dragunov appears as the "OTs-03", and is used by the Spetsnaz operator Glaz. The weapon has the best surface-penetrating capabilities of any weapon, being capable of piercing a wide variety of surfaces with a minimal loss of damage, and, prior to Operation White Noise and its addition of the "BOSG. 12.2", being the only weapon capable of shooting through airplane windows (specifically the reinforced airplane windows on the map "Presidential Plane", which is also the only place where they appear); after the aforementioned weapon's mechanics were changed, it once again became the only weapon capable of such a feat.

Glaz's unique gadget is the magnifier on the rifle, which can be flipped into or out of the main sight plane; this does not actually require an optical sight to use, with the front iron sight serving as the reticule instead in the absence of other optics. The sight is originally a rather odd red-tinted (or completely clear, as shown in the Spetsnaz trailer) magnifier called the "HDS Flip Sight", which had no effect other than a bit of zoom. In the Velvet Shell Mid-Season Reinforcements, the magnifier lost its red tint and gained a thermal effect, highlighting enemies by their heat signature; this effect, strangely, only applies to a smaller central blue-tinted circle in the magnifier, rather than the entire thing.

A rather neat detail is that after the thermal sight update, the sight model had an extra clip-on thermal imager added to it.

SVU Dragunov modernized with black furniture and a bipod - 7.62x54mm R
SVU Dragunov in the weapon inspection screen (pre-update).
Holding the SVU Dragunov.
Aiming with the regular sights.
Aiming with the flip-up magnifier (pre-update). The rather heavy red tint was toned down in a later patch, before being replaced by the thermal scope. The reticle seems to be from a Belarusian Zenit civilian 8x42 PSOP scope; note the .5 and 1.5 meter lines on the stadiametric range finder, which are for hunting deer and elk respectively; a military PSO-1 or PSOP (or, for that matter, presumably any military scope) would instead feature a single 1.7 meter line for human targets.
Reloading the SVU.
Chambering a new round.
Lining up a headshot on a suicide bomber with the thermal lens. The "red tint" one may infer from this image is actually the red wallpapers and wood furniture in the hallways of Kafe Dostoyevsky.
Aiming a SVU equipped with the OKP-7 reflex sight, which shows a good view of the magnifier's thermal imager.
Butt-stroking with the SVU.

"CSRX 300"

NIGHTHAVEN operator Kali uses a fictional custom-built rifle known as the "CSRX 300" as her sole primary weapon. The rifle appears to take design cues from the Blaser R93 and the Accuracy International Arctic Warfare series of rifles, with an underbarrel launcher resembling the FN EGLM. As the name implies, the rifle is chambered in .300 Winchester Magnum. The rifle has a custom scope that allows the player to switch between x4 and x12 zoom. In-game, players shot by the rifle are instantly downed, though the sniper rounds leave tell-tale vapor trails. The underbarrel launcher fires an explosive drilling device that can destroy barricades (including Castle's barricades) and floor hatches, and creates small holes in breachable walls. When penetrating walls, the explosive destroys any placed gadgets within the blast radius.

Blaser LRS2 with Harris Bipod - .338 Lapua Magnum.
Accuracy International AW - 7.62x51mm NATO
FN EGLM - 40x46mm
The CSRX300 in Operation Shifting Tides – New Operator Gadgets Teaser.
The CSRX 300 in the inspection screen.
Kali armed with her CSRX 300.
View of the CSRX 300's scope reticle.
Working the bolt-action.
Reloading the sniper rifle.


Launchers are almost always Operator gadgets. Other launchers of note include Capitão's crossbow, Hibana's X-KAIROS, Zofia's KS79 LIFELINE, Nomad's Airjab Launcher, Kali's LV Lance, Grim's Kawan launcher and the generic GONNE-6 "Hand Cannon" gadget (actually a single-shot rifle), not listed here for one reason or another.

Heckler & Koch M320

The Heckler & Koch M320, indexed as "M120 CREM," is used by the FBI SWAT operative "Ash". It appears stand-alone in the game with a longer barrel and an under-barrel rail with an attached vertical grip instead of the the built-in folding vertical grip. In-game it fires specialized (and, given the reload animation, seemingly caseless) breaching rounds that drill into destructible surfaces, then explode after a delay in order to ensure maximum penetration. The shell does not explode if it does not hit a breachable surface.

To the relief of some and the disappointment of others, the game's list of "breachable surfaces" does not include enemies, although getting directly struck with the shell deals a moderate amount of damage. While the breaching round itself also has a small blast radius and is not reliable against human targets, getting caught in the explosion of an armed round deals a large amount of damage.

Heckler & Koch M320 with optional telescoping stock - 40x46mm
Ash with the customized Heckler & Koch M320.
Aiming the M320 with non-standard sights mounted directly on top, similar to the HK69A1. The Closed Alpha launcher had them on a raised platform like the image above, and these can still be seen in Ash's Operator video.
Handling another breaching round.
The "M120 CREM" barrel loaded and about to be closed.
The update from "Operation Blood Orchid" altered the M320's reload animation; Ash keeps the muzzle pointed up now.
Bashing with the pistol grip.

Kulakov Revolver Grenade Launcher

The October 2020 Tachanka rework adds a Kulakov Revolver Grenade Launcher to his arsenal as his new gadget, known as the "Shumikha" in-universe. For whatever reason, the Shumikha fires incendiary grenades instead of high-explosives, and its operation is utterly bizarre: the Mosin's receiver is treated as semi-automatic and the bolt blows back like a gas-operated weapon, despite the real deal (still) being bolt-action, and the magazine of the launcher component itself is not animated, with Tachanka simply cramming in more grenades through the static loading gate when reloading the weapon without indexing the drum at all. The pistol grip is also absent; the stock also seems to be a non-standard partial C-grip style.

As an unintentional bit of irony, the in-game write-up claims that replacing Tachanka's machinegun stand with the Shumikha will lighten his gear load, while one of the main reasons leading up to the Kulakov being rejected in the first place was how heavy and unwieldy it is to use as a standard-issue weapon. To put it into perspective, an unloaded Kulakov weighs significantly more than a fully-loaded DP-28 (15kg vs. 11.5kg), and was designed to be fired with its bipod deployed.

Kulakov Grenade Launcher - 44.15mm
The official art of the Kulakov Launcher.
Tachanka's new toys on an official artwork.

Grenades & Explosives

Most equipment in this category are non-exclusive "generic" gadgets available to multiple Operators (alongside things like Barbed Wire and Deployable Shields), though they are still limited to one team.


Bundles of C4 charges, somewhat strangely referred to as "Nitro Cells", are available for certain defenders. Unlike other explosives; the C4 sticks to surfaces and is manually detonated with a cellphone.

The weapon is currently the most powerful explosive available, capable of outright killing anyone caught in its 5m blast radius; however, as a heavy explosive, its throwing distance is considerably shorter than that of grenades. It also emits a faint beeping sound once deployed, which can potentially alert attackers to its presence. Much like a real C4, the charge will only explode if its triggered by the user. Attacking it will simply destroy it, and if the user dies before the charge is triggered, the C4 is essentially rendered inert.

M112 C4 Demolition Charge
C4 in game.
C4 in game.

M18 Smoke Grenade

The M18 smoke grenade is available to attacking operators.

M18 smoke grenade
M18 smoke grenade in game. Apparently, it releases grenade-colored smoke (compare with the above image).
M18 smoke grenade in game.
Unusable M18 smoke grenade on the "Bank" map.

M67 Hand Grenade

The M67 hand grenade is given to some attacking operators.

The weapon explodes after 4 seconds and deals high damage, although since the grenade is primarily focused on scattering shrapnel than an explosion: it does smaller environmental damage than the impact grenade. The grenade can be cooked to reduce the chances of an enemy escaping the blast once thrown, but cooking it for longer than 4 seconds will cause it to detonate; killing the wielder and anyone else unlucky enough to be near them.

M67 hand grenade
M67 hand grenade in game.
M67 hand grenade in game.

M84 Stun Grenade

The M84 stun grenade is another non-lethal grenade for attackers.

M84 Stun Grenade
M84 Stun Grenade in game.
M84 Stun Grenade in game.

M18A1 Claymore Mine

The M18A1 Claymore was added in the September 13, 2016 patch 4.2 for attacking operators. The weapon is very powerful, capable of incapacitating or outright killing anything infront of it once it goes off.

Unlike traditional claymores, the mine is triggered with three laser beams arranged in a triangular pattern, that extend upto three meters each. If a defender touches any of the lasers: the mine will explode in a 180-degree radius, with a lethal range of upto 5 meters. Although as a balancing measure, both teams can see the claymore's lasers.

M18A1 Claymore anti-personnel mine
Back of the Claymore in the loadout screen, note the warnings.
And a triple laser beam trigger device is glued on the enemy-facing side.
Claymore in-game.

T13 Beano grenade

The Impact Grenade was added on September 13, 2016, in patch 4.2. It is a modernized depiction of the WWII-era T13 Beano impact grenade. It is exclusive to defenders and deals limited damage in a small radius of 2.5m (in fact you'd actually have to throw it directly at someone to get any kind of decent damage). However, its small explosion radius and damage means its relatively safe to throw around to create large openings in destructible surfaces for other operators to pass through, in comparison to other explosives.

T13 Beano impact grenade
The Beano grenade in the inspection screen; note that the model somewhat concerningly lacks a pin...
...the consequences of which are actually reflected in first-person, with the button on top popping up to reveal a red ring.
Vigil observing the results of chucking a grenade at a wall.

"EMP Grenade"

Thatcher's special gadget, the EMP Grenade, is modeled after the Portable Jammer Pack, an Israeli grenade-shaped radio jammer made by Netline Communications Technologies.

Netline Communications Technologies Portable Jammer Pack

Unusable Weapons

Beretta 93R "Auto 9"

The "Theme Park" level has arcade machines of "Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon," featuring Rex "Power" Colt and his Beretta 93R "Auto 9".

Beretta 93R "Auto 9" - 9x19mm
Rainbowsix Auto 9.jpg

Luger P 08

A tiny Luger P 08 appears in the game as the "Suspicious Package" charm for weapons.

Luger P 08 - 9x19mm Parabellum
"I wonder what it is?"

Nagant M1895

A Nagant M1895 is seen on Tachanka's phone in an Outbreak cutscene.

Nagant M1895 - 7.62x38mmR Nagant
Tachanka doing some online shopping.

Smith & Wesson M&P9

A Smith & Wesson M&P9 is seen in the map "Oregon", on several posters.

Smith & Wesson M&P9 - 9x19mm Parabellum
One of the M&P posters, as seen in the older version of the level.

Single Action Army

A Single Action Army is seen in the map "Chalet", in the trophy room. Two of the same pistols are seen in the map "Kafe Dostoyevsky", in the mining room, and one more in the map "Fortress", in the museum.

Single Action Army with 5.5" barrel with wooden grips - .45 Long Colt.
Rainbowsix Chalet trophy room.jpg
Rainbowsix Dostoyevsky pistols.jpg
Rainbowsix Fortress Gunwall.jpg

Walther P22

A fairly generic pistol seemingly modeled off of a Walther P22 is seen on several posters in the map "Presidential Plane".

Walther P22 - .22 LR
The poster in question.

Pepperbox Pistol

A 3-barreled Pepperbox pistol is seen in the map "Chalet", in the trophy room. Two of the same pistols are seen in the map "Kafe Dostoyevsky", in the mining room, and one more in the map "Fortress", in the museum. It appears to be based on Allen and Thurber percussion pepperbox pistols and the Mariette Pepperbox.

Mariette Pepperbox, 4-barrel model - .36 caliber
Allen & Thurber Pepperbox revolver.
Rainbowsix Chalet trophy room.jpg
Rainbowsix Dostoyevsky pistols.jpg
Rainbowsix Fortress Gunwall.jpg

British Percussion Pistol

A British style percussion pistol, either a Tower Percussion Pistol or Enfield, is seen in the map "Chalet", in the trophy room. Two of the same pistols are seen in the map "Kafe Dostoyevsky", in the mining room, and one more in the map "Fortress", in the museum.

A Tower Model 1871 Percussion Rider Pistol
Rainbowsix Chalet trophy room.jpg
Rainbowsix Dostoyevsky pistols.jpg
Rainbowsix Fortress Gunwall.jpg

PP-19 Bizon-2

The PP-19 Bizon-2 model from Far Cry 3 is seen in the map "Clubhouse", in the basement, though it isn't available for use in-game.

PP-19 Bizon-2 - 9x18mm Makarov
The wall of Bizons; note their slightly extended barrels and incorrect left-side ejection ports, showing their FC3 origins.


A PPSh-41 is seen on Tachanka's phone in an Outbreak cutscene.

PPSh-41 - 7.62x25mm Tokarev
R6S PPSh.jpg


The wood-furnished AK-103 from Far Cry 3 also appears in the basement on Clubhouse; like the Bizon, it isn't usable in-game. The same rifle is also seen on the "Fortress" map.

Photoshopped AK-103 with side-mounted RIS rail & AK-74 style stock, handguard, and pistol grip as seen in Far Cry 3 - 7.62x39mm
The AKs (and a bunch of other sadly-unusable toys) on the Clubhouse basement's wall. At full size, the tell-tale 90-degree gas blocks on the rifles can be seen, confirming their identity.
Rainbowsix Fortress Gunwall.jpg


In the introductory video for the Spetsnaz operator Fuze, terrorists are shown wielding what appears to be AK-107 rifles. The AK-107 was a weapon featured in the extremely early development builds of the game from 2013, but never made it into the game proper, likely having been replaced by the AK-12 prototype.

AK-107 with experimental 60-round magazine - 5.45x39mm
Note the distinctive gas tube containing the counter-balance recoil system and the scope rail.
RSS AK107-1.jpg

Heckler & Koch G36

A full size Heckler & Koch G36 is seen on an Outbreak loading screen.

Heckler & Koch G36 with ZF 3x4° dual optical sight - 5.56x45mm
R6S G36art.jpg

Mosin Nagant carbine

What appears to be a Mosin Nagant carbine is seen on Tachanka's phone in an Outbreak cutscene.

Mosin Nagant M38 Carbine - 7.62x54mm R
Rainbowsix Mosin.jpg

M1 Carbine

A M1 Carbine is seen in the map "Tower", on a Korean War poster.

Korean War Era M1 Carbine - .30 Carbine.
Rainbowsix Korean War poster.jpg


Several M16A4 rifles are seen in the map "Kanal", on a NATO poster.

M16A4 with carry handle attached - 5.56x45mm
M16A4 with M203 grenade launcher - 5.56x45mm / 40x46mm
Rainbowsix Kanal Squad Poster.jpg


An M4A1 rifle with what appears to be a M203 grenade launcher is seen on a decal in the map "Kanal". The other two M4A1 rifles (one of which has what appears to be a LMT M203) are seen in a photo in the map "Fortress".

M4A1 with M203 grenade launcher - 5.56x45mm / 40x46mm
Rainbowsix Kanal M4A1M203.jpg
Rainbowsix Army photo.jpg

Mk 18 Mod 1

What appears to be an Mk 18 Mod 1 is seen on an Outbreak loading screen.

Mk 18 Mod 1 with Crane stock, Daniel Defense MK18 RIS II rail system, and folding sights - 5.56x45mm NATO
R6S Mk18ishart.jpg

Norinco Type 56-1

What appears to be a Norinco Type 56-1 is seen on a book cover, in the map "Presidential Plane", in the executive office, and in the "Coastline" map.

Norinco Type 56-1 - 7.62x39mm
RainbowsixType56 Plane.jpg

Ottoman Musket

An Ottoman-pattern musket is seen in the map "Fortress", depicted in a painting.

Ottoman-pattern musket
Rainbowsix Ottoman Musket.jpg

Unidentified Assault Rifle

An unidentified assault rifle is seen in the map "Kanal", on several NATO posters.

Rainbowsix Kanal Rifle.jpg

Unidentified Rifle

An unidentified rifle (over the Vetterli-Vitali M1870/87) is seen in the maps "Villa" and "Fortress".

Rainbowsix Villa rifles.jpg
Rainbowsix Fortress Gunwall.jpg

Berthier Mle 1892

The background for Doc's WWI "Trench Medic" Poilu-themed elite skin shows French soldiers with what appear to be Berthier Mle 1892 Artillery Carbines.

Berthier Mle 1892 Artillery Carbine - 8x50mmR Lebel
RSS Trench Medic.jpg

Vetterli-Vitali M1870/87

Zofia's "Duch Bojowy" elite skin contains a Vetterli-Vitali M1870/87 in her MVP animation. The same low poly rifle is seen in the maps "Villa" and "Fortress".

Vetterli-Vitali M1870/87 - 10.35x47mm R
Note that the rifle is extremely undersized. Zofia stands 1.79m tall and a Vetterli rifle with its bayonet as seen here would at least be 1.3m tall.
Rainbowsix Villa rifles.jpg
Rainbowsix Fortress Gunwall.jpg

Double Barreled Shotgun

A Double Barreled Shotgun is seen in the map "Theme Park", on a movie poster parodying Mad Max, called "Dystopian Outback".

Stevens hammerless side by side shotgun - 12 gauge
Rainbowsix Theme Park DBShotgun.jpg

Heckler & Koch CAWS

What appears to be a visually modified Heckler & Koch CAWS is seen in the map "Theme Park", on "Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon" arcade machines.

Heckler & Koch CAWS with scope and short barrel - 12 gauge
Rainbowsix Auto 9.jpg

Browning M1919A4

The background image for Fuze's "2nd Shock Army" elite skin shows a Browning M1919A4 machine gun in the coaxial mount of an M4A1 Sherman tank.

Browning M1919A4 - .30-06 Springfield
Rainbowsix DT mg.jpg

Goryunov SG-43

A Goryunov SG-43 is seen on Tachanka's phone in an Outbreak cutscene.

Goryunov SG-43 Machine Gun On 'Sokolov' mount with shield - 7.62x54mm R
Rainbowsix SG-43.jpg

St. Étienne Mle 1907

The background image for Doc's "Trench Medic" elite skin shows a French St. Étienne Mle 1907 emplacement.

Mitrailleuse Saint-Étienne modèle 1907 - 8x50mmR Lebel
Note that it is shown feeding from an ammunition belt rather than the iconic feed strip. This was a feature introduced in 1916.

M240 Machine Gun

An M240 Machine Gun is seen in the map "Kanal", on several NATO posters.

M240B - 7.62x51mm NATO.
Rainbowsix Kanal M240.jpg

M249 Paratrooper

An M249 Paratrooper is seen on the "Compensation" charm for weapons. Another M249 is seen in a photo in the map "Fortress".

M249 Paratrooper with Picatinny rail and 200-round drum - 5.56x45mm
Rainbowsix Compensation charm.jpg
Rainbowsix Army photo.jpg

Maxim MG derivative

A low-poly Maxim MG variant is seen in the map "Fortress", on the second floor. Mira's "Inspiracion" elite skin contains the same Maxim MG derivative in her MVP animation.

Maxim M1910, for comparison - 7.62x54mmR
Rainbowsix Mira Maxim.jpg
Rainbowsix Fortress Maxim.jpg

M134 Minigun

A M134 Minigun is seen in the map "Outback", in the truck.

Dillon Aero M134 - 7.62x51mm NATO.
Rainbowsix Minigun.jpg


An MG3 is seen in the map "Kanal", in a photo.

MG3 - 7.62x51mm NATO.
Rainbowsix Kanal MG42.jpg

Mk 19 Grenade Launcher

GSG-9 operative Jäger tests his trademark active defense system against a remote Mk 19 Grenade Launcher firing a training 40mm round in his introduction video.

Mk 19 grenade launcher in vehicle mounting - 40x53mm
The Mark-19 with a mounted camera scope rises out of a bunker. Note the blue rounds, which usually signify dummy ammunition.
The business end of the mean machine.

Oerlikon 20mm Cannon

What appears to be an Oerlikon 20mm Cannon is seen in the map "Kanal", on a poster.

Twin Mark 4 Oerlikon L70 cannons in a Mark 24 mounting with Mark 14 Gyro Gunsight - 20x110mm RB.
Rainbowsix Kanal Ship Poster.jpg


An RPG-7 is seen in the map "Clubhouse", in the basement.

RPG-7 with PG-7VM rocket and PGO-7 scope - 40mm
Rainbowsix 2016-05-10 02-58-47.jpg

Unidentified grenade

Ela's "Huk Sztuki" elite skin features a what appears to be unusable TD Multi Port Plus Distraction Devices.

TD Multi Port Plus Distraction Device flashbang grenade
Rainbowsix Ela grenade.jpg

AN/M14 Incendiary Grenade

Blackbeard's "Guerrilla" elite skin features an unusable AN/M14 incendiary grenade, attached to his chest by seemingly nothing.

AN/M14 incendiary grenade (modern version with black/orange color scheme & M83-type body)
M14 Blackbeard.jpg

M26 Hand Grenade

Blackbeard's aforementioned elite skin also features an unusable M26 hand grenade attached to his belt.

M26 hand grenade
Rainbowsix Blackbeard M26.jpg

Mk 2 Hand Grenade

The Mk 2 Hand Grenade appears in the game as the "Grenade" charm for weapons.

Mk 2 hand grenade
Rainbowsix Grenade charm.jpg

RGD-33 stick grenade

The RGD-33 stick grenade appears in the game as the "Fragmentation Stick" charm for weapons.

RGD-33 stick grenade
Rainbowsix Fragmentation stick charm.jpg

M67/Mk 2 hand grenade hybrid

An M67 hand grenade and Mk 2 hand grenade hybrid appears in the game as the "Festive Ammo" and "Missile Toe" charms for weapons.

M67 hand grenade
Mk 2 hand grenade
Rainbowsix Festive ammo charm.jpg
Rainbowsix Missile Toe charm.jpg


Antique blackpowder cannons are seen on the "Fortress" map.

Naval cannon - 18th century
Rainbowsix Fortress Naval cannon.jpg

Unidentified autocannon

Rainbowsix Battleship.jpg
Rainbowsix Fortress Tank.jpg
Rainbowsix Border Tank.jpg

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