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Winchester Model 70

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Pre-1964 Winchester Model 70 - .30-06
Winchester Model 70 sniper rifle with Unertl 8x scope. A copy of the USMC sniper rifle from Vietnam, made famous by legendary sniper Carlos Hathcock - .30-06
Modern update of the classic Winchester Model 70 with open sights - .30-06
Winchester Model 70 - .458 Winchester Magnum. This is the actual screen-used rifle carried and fired by Clint Eastwood in Dirty Harry.
Modern Winchester Model 70 Magnum - .375 Holland & Holland Magnum
Pre-64 Winchester Model 70 carbine w/ 20" barrel. Scarce - .30-06
Winchester Model 70 -.243 Winchester. From the 1970's, illustrating the Monte Carlo style stocks used in this era.

The Winchester Model 70 is a classic bolt action rifle and one of the most popular and well known bolt action rifles in sports shooting history. It is used by not only sportsmen, but military and police snipers as well.

The Winchester Model 70 has been manufactured in the following calibers: .22 Hornet, .222 Remington, 22-250 Remington, .223 WSSM, .225 Winchester, .220 Swift, .243 Winchester, .243 WSSM, .250-3000 Savage, .25-06 Remington, .25 WSSM, .257 Roberts, .264 Winchester Magnum, .270 Winchester, .270 WSM, 7mm Mauser, 7mm Remington Magnum, 7mm WSM, .300 Savage, .30-06 Springfield, .308 Winchester, .300 H&H Magnum, .300 Winchester Magnum, .300 WSM, .300 RUM, .325 WSM, .338 Winchester Magnum, .35 Remington, .358 Winchester, .375 H&H Magnum and .458 Winchester Magnum. The action is currently available in short or long, corresponding to cartridge length. The blind magazine capacity varies, depending upon the calibers, from 3 to 5. Standard calibers have 5 round capacities, larger rounds have a 4 round capacities and magnum rounds have a 3 round capacity.

The Winchester Model 70 was used by the following actors in the following movies, television series, anime, and video games:


Title Actor Character Notation Date
The Batman Riddler's followers 2022
Eternals Amazon villagers scoped 2021
OSS 117: From Africa with Love Hunters 2021
Daughter of the Wolf Stew McLean Seth 2019
Sydelle Noel Hobbs
Anton Gillis-Adelman Charlie
Gina Carano Clair Hamilton
Bad Times at the El Royale Lewis Pullman Milles Miller 2018
Maze Runner: The Death Cure resistance member 2018
Hold the Dark police 2018
Thelma Henrik Rafaelsen Trond scopped 2017
Revenge Vincent Colombe Stan scopped 2017
Hell or High Water Jeff Bridges Ranger Marcus Hamilton pre-64 2016
Hell or High Water Ben Foster Tanner Howard 2016
Villmark Asylum Anders Baasmo Christiansen Ole Scoped 2015
Mads Sjøgård Pettersen Even
Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials Dylan O'Brien Thomas 2015
Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials Nathalie Emmanuel Harriet 2015
Into the Forest Elliot Page Nell 2015
Evan Rachel Wood Eva
A Walk Among the Tombstones Boyd Holbrook Peter Kristo 2014
The Bourne Legacy Oscar Isaac Agent #3 2012
Straw Dogs Alexander Skarsgård Charlie Venner 2011
Straw Dogs James Marsden David Summers 2011
Rebellion Rebel 2011
The Artist Jean Dujardin George Valentin 2011
Wrecked Adrian Holmes Man in the Woods 2011
Tomorrow, When the War Began . Australian Resistance fighters 2010
Cold Prey III Is seen in the Jon's car 2010
The Road . Scavenger 2009
When They Cry: Reshuffle SAT snipers 2009
Anaconda 3: Offspring David Hasselhoff Hammett 2008
Babel Boubker Ait El Caid Yussef Chambered in .270 2006
Said Tarchani Ahmeds
The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada Various actors Hunters 2005
Dreamcatcher Damian Lewis Jonesy 2003
Thomas Jane Henry
Darkness Falls seen at the Gun Shop 2003
Cabin Fever Robert Harris Old Man Caldwell Winchester Model 70 Featherweight Deluxe 2002
Charee Cuthrell (credited as Cherie Rodgers)
Escanaba in da Moonlight Joey Albright Remnar Soady w/scope 2001
Drop Dead Gorgeous Denise Richards Rebecca 'Becky' Ann Leeman 1999
The Pentagon Wars With scope, seen on wall 1998
Legion of Fire: Killer Ants! Mitch Pileggi Police Chief Jeff Croy 1998
The Pest Jeffrey Jones Gustav Shank With scope 1997
The Postman Rex Linn Mercer 1997
The Lost World: Jurassic Park Harvey Jason Ajay Sidhu 1997
Anaconda Jon Voight Paul Sarone 1997
Eraser John Snyder Sal 1996
A Time to Kill Kiefer Sutherland Freddie Lee Cobb 1996
Forest Warrior John Dennis Johnston Williams 1996
Chuck Norris John McKenna
Terry Kiser Travis Thorne
Elya Baskin Buster
Brainscan Posse Member 1994
Speed LAPD SWAT Snipers Some equipped with Harris Bipod 1994
A Perfect World deputy sheriff 1993
In the Line of Fire Various actors Secret Service Counter-Snipers 1993
Pet Sematary Two Clancy Brown Gus Gilbert 1992
Point Break (1991) Australian police officer 1991
Desperate Hours Various actors SWAT snipers Fitted with laser sights 1990
Tremors Reba McEntire Heather Gummer 1990
Tremors Fred Ward Earl 1990
Lock Up Prison Guards 1989
Dead Bang Various actors Dixon's Deputies 1989
Messenger of Death Charles Dierkop Orville Beecham "Pre-64" model 1988
Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers Michael Ruud Alan "Big Al" Gateway Scoped 1988
Colors gang members 1988
The Living Daylights Maryam d'Abo Kara Milovy 1987
Harry and the Hendersons John Lithgow George Henderson 1987
Outrageous Fortune Peter Coyote Michael Santers With sniper scope 1987
Outrageous Fortune Gary Morgan Agent Panansky With sniper scope 1987
Short Circuit Brian McNamara Frank 1986
Silver Bullet Bill Smitrovich Andy Fairton 1985
Starman Ted White Hunter 1984
Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter Erich Anderson Rob Dyer later seen broken 1984
Sheena Soldier scoped 1984
Ninja III: The Domination A Phoenix PD officer Scoped 1984
Blue Thunder L.A.P.D. S.W.A.T. 1983
Turkey Shoot Michael Craig Charles Thatcher 1982
Race for the Yankee Zephyr Various actors Brown's henchmen 1981
The Howling 1981
Hopscotch . FBI Agent . 1980
The Hunter Los Angeles Police S.W.A.T. 1980
Brubaker Various actors Prison Guard 1980
The Cannibal Holocaust Gabriel Yorke Alan Yates Without scope 1980
And Justice For All Various actors Police Officers 1979
Mad Max Steve Millichamp Roop 1979
Bear Island Christopher Lee Lechinski 1979
Bear Island Lawrence Dane Paul Hartman 1979
Bear Island Donald Sutherland Frank Lansing 1979
Game of Death Mel Novak Stick . 1978
Power Play Secret Policeman With infrared sight 1978
Death Force uncredited Jordan 1978
Who'll Stop the Rain Ray Sharkey DEA Agent Smitty 1978
The Gauntlet Fritz Manes Helicopter Gunman 1977
Orca Richard Harris Nolan With sniper scope 1977
Vigilante Force Jan-Michael Vincent Ben Arnold With scope 1976
Vigilante Force Andrew Stevens Paul Sinton With scope 1976
Assault on Precinct 13 Austin Stoker CHP Lt. Ethan Bishop 1976
The Wilby Conspiracy Rutger Hauer Blane Van Niekirk 1975
Michael Caine Jim Keough
Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze Dar Robinson Indian assassin 1975
The Sugarland Express Various actors Texas Rangers 1974
Lupin the Third: Strange Psychokinetic Strategy Various actors Snipers 1974
Detroit 9000 Detroit Police 1973
Walking Tall Joe Don Baker Buford Pusser 1973
Dirty Harry Clint Eastwood Insp. Harry Callahan Chambered in .458 magnum 1971
The French Connection Marcel Bozzuffi Pierre Nicoli . 1971
Billy Jack David Roya Bernard Posner 1971
Che! Jack Palance Fidel Castro 1969
Targets Tim O'Kelly Bobby Thompson 1968
Point Blank James B. Sikking Organization hitman with scope 1967
Cool Hand Luke Morgan Woodward Boss Godfrey 1967
Fantômas The guards with scope 1964
I Am Cuba (Soy Cuba) Raul Garcia Enrique With Unertl 8x scope 1964
The Deadly Decoy (Le gorille a mordu l'archevêque) James Campbell Ouémélé With sniper scope 1962
The Law Is the Law Fernandel Ferdinand Pastorelli With sniper scope 1958
Death in the Garden Georges Marchal Shark 1956
Charles Vanel Castin
Soldier of Fortune With sniper scope; seen in Hank Lee's cabin 1955
Manhunt Walter Pidgeon Capt. Alan Thorndike Fitted with short scope 1941


Show Title Actor Character Note / Episode Air Date
Gilligan's Island - Season 3 Rory Calhoun Jonathan Kincaid "The Hunter" (S03E18) 1967
Mission: Impossible - Season 2 Greg Morris Barney Collier "Operation 'Heart' " (S2E07) 1967
Mission: Impossible - Season 5 Lesley Ann Warren Dana Lambert "Takeover" (S5E14) 1971
S.W.A.T. James Coleman Officer T.J. McCabe 1975-1976
Hill Street Blues James B. Sikking Lt. Howard Hunter 1982 - 1987
The A-Team . poacher . 1985
The X-Files - Season 2 William Sanderson Edward Funsch Post-64 model with scope / "Blood" (S2E03) 1994
The Stand Stephen King Teddy Weizak . 1994
The Stand Various actors Boulder Free Zone guards . 1994
That 70's Show Topher Grace Eric Foreman "Hunting" (S2E13) 1999
Medicopter 117 - Jedes Leben zählt - Season 4 (S4E10) 2001
Bones Ryan O'Neal Max Keenan . 2005
Jericho Lennie James Robert Hawkins . 2006-2008
Meteor 2009
Criminal Minds - Season 3 Pat Skipper Harris Townsend Fitted with scope and Harris Bipod / "Identity" (S03E07) 2007
The Walking Dead - Season 1 Michael Rooker Merle Dixon Scoped; "Guts" (S1E02) 2010
Andrew Lincoln Richard "Rick" Grimes
Juan Gabriel Pareja Morales
Uncredited Vatos gang member "Vatos" (S1E04)
Jeffrey DeMunn Dale Horvath Scopped; "Vatos" (S1E04)
Falling Skies - Season 2 . Child survivor . 2011 - present
Longmire - Season 1 Robert Taylor Walt Longmire pilot 2012
Longmire - Season 1 Arron Shiver Billy Barnes pilot 2012
Fargo - Season 2 Kansas City mobsters 2015
Wynonna Earp Revenant guard Fitted with scope / "The Blade" (S1E04) 2016
Tokyo Vampire Hotel hanged on the wall 2017
Fear the Walking Dead - Season 3 Black Hat Reservation residents "The Unveiling" (S3E07), "Children of Wrath" (S3E08) 2017
Riverdale - Season 3 Riley Keough Laurie Lake "Chapter Forty-Two: The Man in Black" (S3E07) 2018
Hawkeye Fra Fee Kazi Kazimierczak takedown w/suppressor and scope; "Ronin" (S1E05), "So This Is Christmas?" (S1E06) 2021
The Last of Us - Season 1 Pedro Pascal Joel Miller w/black synthetic stock; "Please Hold to My Hand" (S1E04)
w/wooden stock, scoped; "Endure and Survive" (S1E05), "Kin" (S1E06)
Ron J. Anderson Anthony w/wooden stock, scoped; "Endure and Survive" (S1E05)
Bella Ramsey Ellie Williams w/wooden stock, scoped; "Kin" (S1E06)
Nelson Leis Josiah w/black synthetic stock; "When We Are in Need" (S1E08)
Scott Shepherd David w/wooden stock; "When We Are in Need" (S1E08)
Troy Baker James w/wooden stock, scoped; "When We Are in Need" (S1E08)
Cannibal group member w/camouflage stock; "When We Are in Need" (S1E08)
The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon - Season 1 Ned Dennehy RJ Gaines "Alouette" (S1E02) 2023
Milo Mazé Hérisson
Norman Reedus Daryl Dixon "Alouette" (S1E02), "Deux Amours" (S1E05)
Tristan Zanchi Emile "Paris Sera Toujours Paris" (S1E03); "La Dame de Fer" (S1E04)
Shiraz Tzarfati Fallou's community guard "Paris Sera Toujours Paris" (S1E03)
Elie Haddad Bastien "La Dame de Fer" (S1E04)
Eriq Ebouaney Fallou Boukar
Fuller's Auto Repair Guards and Power of the Living movement Guerriers "Deux Amours" (S1E05)
David Sollazzo Power of the Living movement Guerrier
Nest Residents "Coming Home" (S1E06)


Film/Television Title Character Notation Date
Devilman: Demon Bird Sirène Ryou Asuka 1990
Case Closed Bobby-trapped 1996-???
Case Closed: Jolly Roger in the Deep Azure Iwanagawa 2007
Lupin the 3rd vs. Detective Conan Prince Gill Cowell, Duke Gerard Musca 2009
Case Closed: Quarter of Silence Mizuki Toono, Keisuke Yamao 2011
Gyo Huntsmen 2012
Jujutsu Kaisen - Season 2 Mai Zen'in "Metamorphosis, Part 2" (S2E22) 2023


Film Title Character Notation Date
The Iron Giant Deer hunters 1999

Video Games

Game Title Appears as Mods Notation Release Date
S.W.A.T. 3: Close Quarters Battle NPC-only 1999
Silent Hill 2 Hunting Rifle 2001
Vietcong Winchester Model 70 No scope attached actually a Winchester Model 52 2003
Vietcong 2 Winchester Mod.70 No scope attached 2005
Silent Hill: Origins Hunting Rifle 2007
Godfather II, The (VG) 2009
State of Decay "Model 70" scope 2013
Payday 2 Platypus 70 w/ FN Tactical Box Magazine adapter; optional suppressor 2013
The Last of Us Hunting Rifle Can be fitted with a scope 2013
Mafia III Manitou Model 67 2016
Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades Pre-1964 model 2016
TheHunter: Call of the Wild Appears in several forms 2017
State of Decay 2 2018

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