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Who'll Stop the Rain

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Work In Progress

This article is still under construction. It may contain factual errors. See Talk:Who'll Stop the Rain for current discussions. Content is subject to change.

Who'll Stop the Rain
Theatrical Release Poster
Country Flag of the United States.jpgUnited States
Directed by Karel Reisz
Release Date 1978
Studio Katzka-Jaffe Productions
Distributor United Artists
Main Cast
Character Actor
Ray Hicks Nick Nolte
John Converse Michael Moriarty
Marge Converse Tuesday Weld
Danskin Richard Masur
Smitty Ray Sharkey
Antheil Anthony Zerbe
Charmian Gail Strickland
Eddie Peace Charles Haid
Bender David Opatoshu

Who'll Stop the Rain is a 1978 American crime film. The movie stars Nick Nolte, Tuesday Weld, Michael Moriarty, and Anthony Zerbe. The screenplay was written by Judith Rascoe and Robert Stone, based on Stone's prize-winning 1974 novel Dog Soldiers. Set in the early Seventies, during the waning days of the United States involvement in South Vietnam. John Converse (Michael Moriarty) plays a cynical and disillusioned war correspondent who decides that if the world is going to hell, then he'll get something for himself. He asks his buddy Ray (Nick Nolte), who is a merchant marine to smuggle several pounds of heroin back to the U.S. where he will deliver it to John's wife, Marge (Tuesday Weld) who will broker a deal with a wealthy movie producer and pay Ray a share from the deal. But when Ray arrives in Los Angeles, he learns that Marge is now a drug addict and both corrupt Drug Enforcement Agents led by Agent Antheil (Anthony Zerbe) and professional criminals know about the heroin and want it for themselves. Ray takes Marge on a road-trip to New Mexico with the DEA agents, John and other criminals in pursuit. His goal initially is to stay alive and to broker his own deal, but he and Marge fall for each other, and things become complicated.

The following weapons were used in the film Who'll Stop the Rain:


Colt Python

Agents Antheil (Anthony Zerbe) and Danskin (Richard Masur) both carry Colt Pythons, but only Danskin is shown using his. Antheil is shown carrying his Colt.

Colt Python Snub Nose with 2.5" barrel - .357 Magnum
Danskin taking some target practice.
Production still, but a good look at Danskin's Python snubbie.
Agent Antheil with his Colt jammed down inside his waistband. One would expect a holster.


Ray (Nick Nolte) uses a classic M16 with the three-pronged flash suppressor and no forward bolt assist.

M16 with 20-round magazine - 5.56x45mm
Ray cleans his rifle before going into battle.
Ray opens up on his opponents
John comforts his wife after they find Ray following the showdown.

Winchester Model 70 Rifle

Agent Smitty (Ray Sharkey) uses a Winchester Model 70 during the climactic exchange/showdown at the abandoned hippie commune in the mountains of New Mexico.

Pre-1964 Winchester Model 70 - .30-06
Smitty preps his position.

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