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Gilligan's Island - Season 3

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Gilligan's Island - Season 3
Gilligans Island.jpg
Country Flag of the United States.jpg USA
Channel CBS
Creator Sherwood Schwartz
Genre Comedy
Broadcast 1966-1967
No. of Episodes 30
Main Cast
Character Actor
Gilligan Bob Denver
Jonas Grumby "The Skipper" Alan Hale Jr.
Roy Hinkley "The Professor" Russell Johnson
Ginger Grant Tina Louise
Thurston Howell III Jim Backus
Mrs. Lovey Howell Natalie Schafer
Mary Ann Summers Dawn Wells

The following weapons were used in Season 3 of the television series Gilligan's Island:

Colt Detective Special

In "The Invasion", (Episode 11) Gilligan (Bob Denver) and the Professor (Russell Johnson) use a Colt Detective Special. In "Gilligan Goes Gung-Ho", (Episode 15) Ginger (Tina Louise) carries a nickel-plated Colt Detective Special with pearl grips.

Colt Detective Special - .38 Special.
Gilligan points the revolver at the Skipper.
Gilligan holds the revolver.
The Professor points the revolver.
Ginger points the revolver.
Ginger holds the revolver.

Mauser Pocket Pistol

In "The Invasion", Mr. Howell (Jim Backus) uses a Mauser Pocket Pistol.

1914 Mauser Pocket Pistol - .32 ACP.
Mr. Howell points the pistol.
Mr. Howell fires the pistol.
Another view of the pistol showing the ejection port.

Winchester Model 70

In "The Hunter" (Episode 18) Jonathan Kincaid (Rory Calhoun) uses a Winchester Model 70.

Winchester Model 70 - various calibers.
Jonathan Kincaid aims the rifle.
Jonathan Kincaid holds the rifle.

Naval Mine

In " Mine Hero" (Episode 14), a naval mine is beached near the lagoon.

Gilligan discovers the mine.

Razor Pistol

In "The Invasion", Gilligan is equipped with a Razor Pistol, i.e. a pistol disguised as a shaving razor.

Gilligan pulls out the Razor Pistol.
Gilligan fires the Razor Pistol.

Bow Tie Gun

In "The Invasion", Gilligan is equipped with a gun hidden in a bow tie.

Gilligan fires the bow tie gun.

Chrysanthemum Gun

In "The Invasion" Mary Ann (Dawn Wells), is equipped with a Chrysanthemum Gun, i.e. a gun concealed within a chrysanthemum .

Mary Ann points the Chrysanthemum Gun at Gilligan.

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