Flintlock Pistol

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British Heavy Dragoon Pistol - .62 caliber
British 1756 Light Dragoon Pistol - .68 caliber
Tower Sea Service Pistol used by the British Royal Navy.
Prop replica of Jack Sparrow's 'Pirates' flintlock.
Replica Spanish Miqulet Flintlock Pistol similar to one used in Predator 2
Turkish Flintlock Pistol.
Late 18th century Belgian Flintlock Pistol made in Liège replica produced by Kolser S.A.
Belgian E.I.C. (East India Company) pattern flintlock pistol - .69 cal
French Model An IX Cavalry Flintlock Pistol - .69 cal
Charleville Model 1777 Cavalry Officer Flintlock- .69 cal
Saint Etienne 1810 Model An XIII Cavalry Pistol - .69 cal
Russian Cavalry Pistol M1809 - .70 cal
Scottish all-steel Christie & Murdoch Flintlock - .52 caliber
U.S. Johnson Model 1836 - .54 cal
Nock Flintlock Pistol with a Duck's Foot multiple barrel attachment to fire simultaneous shots in a wide arc. The Duck's Foot attachment, named for its visual similarity to the toes and webbing of a duck's foot, was originally intended as an anti-mutiny weapon aboard wooden sailing ships, where a lone ship Captain might find himself up against numerous mutineers.
Double-Barrel Flintlock Pistol by Durs Egg 18th Century .55 Calibre FirearmSold.
Irish Twin Flintlock, among the earliest multi-barrelled handguns.

Introduced about 1630, the flintlock rapidly replaced earlier firearm-ignition technologies, such as the matchlock and wheellock mechanisms. It continued to be in common use for over two centuries, replaced by percussion cap in the mid 19th century and, later, cartridge-based systems. The Model 1840 U.S. musket was the last flintlock firearm produced for the U.S. military although there is evidence obsolete flintlocks were seeing action in the earliest days of the American Civil War. In fact, during the first year of the war, the Army of Tennessee (Confederacy) had over 2,000 flintlock muskets in service. While technologically obsolete, flintlock firearms have enjoyed a renaissance among black powder shooting enthusiasts and many fine flintlock rifles and pistols are being made today.

Note that any firing Flintlock Pistols in a live-action production are likely to be modern replicas since period flintlocks are unsafe to shoot and much more expensive.



(17th Century - 19th Century)

Type: Pistol

Caliber: Various

Capacity: 1

Fire Modes: Single Shot

The Flintlock Pistol and variants can be seen in the following films, television series, video games, and anime used by the following actors:


Title Actor Character Note Date
The Mark of Zorro Douglas Fairbanks Zorro 1920
Jánošík P. Kutný Hrajnoha 1921
Theodor Pistek Jánošík
Khaspush Oriental, seen on the wall 1928
Tom Sawyer Dmitri Milyutenko Judge Thatcher Double Barreled 1936
Konstantin Kulchitsky Tom Sawyer
Weyland Rodd Jim Washington
Treasure Island (Ostrov sokrovishch) Vladimir Yershov Irish Commander Russian Cavalry M1809 1937
Mikhail Tsaryov Dr. Livesey
Klavdiya Pugachyova Jenny Hawkins
Sergey Martinson Blandley
Anatoliy Bykov Captain Smollett
Mikhail Klimov John Trelawney
L. Meshcherin Job Anderson
Osip Abdulov John Silver
uncredited Tom Redruth
Sailors, Pirates, Irish rebels, British soldiers
Gavroche Nikolay Smorchkov (II) Gavroche 1937
Dmitriy Popov Touchet
Bulldog Drummond in Africa John Howard Bulldog Drummond 1938
Devil's Party, The 1938
The Bear (Medved) A pair seen on the wall 1938
Thin Man Goes Home, The Donald MacBride Police Chief MacGregor 1944
Comanche Territory Maureen O'Hara Katie Howard 1950
Macdonald Carey Jim Bowie
Ian MacDonald Walsh Model An XIII Cavalry
Charles Drake Stacey Howard
Anne of the Indies Louis Jourdan Captain LaRochelle 1951
Thomas Gomez Captain "Blackbeard"
The pirates and british mariners
The Witch (Noita palaa elämään) can be seen hanged on the wall of Baron's castle 1952
Blackbeard, the Pirate William Bendix Ben Worley 1952
Robert Newton Edward Teach aka Blackbeard
Skelton Knaggs Gilly
Keith McConnell Jubal
Sol Gorss Sorrel
Linda Darnell Edwina Mansfield
Keith Andes Robert Maynard
Torin Thatcher Sir Henry Morgan
Leo Abbey Pirate
George Bruggeman Pirate
Cecil Combs Pirate
Rus Conklin Pirate
Taylor Flaniken Pirate
Al Haskell Pirate
Chester Hayes Pirate
Tom Humphries Pirate
Stubby Kruger Pirate
Bob Morgan Pirate
Peter Ortiz Pirate
Jack Perry Pirate
Cap Somers Pirate
Pat Valentino Pirate
Terry Wilson Pirate
The Count of Monte Cristo Seen on the wall 1954
The Spessart Inn Carlos Thompson Brigand chief 1958
Wolfgang Neuss Brigand Knoll
Wolfgang Müller Brigand Funzel
Paul Esser Brigand Corporal
Otto Storr Pastor
Ralf Wolter Brigand
Liselotte Pulver Comtesse Franziska von Sandau
Günther Lüders Baron Sperling
Hubert von Meyerinck Colonel von Teckel
The Devil's Disciple Burt Lancaster Rev. Anthony Anderson 1959
Allan Cuthbertson British captain
British officers, rebels
Kidnapped James MacArthur David Balfour 1960
Peter Finch Alan Breck Stewart
Haunted Castle, The 1960
Captain Blood (Le Capitan) Elsa Martinelli Gisele 1960
Guy Delorme Rinaldo
The Alamo 1960
The Black Monocle (Le Monocle noir) Seen on the wall 1961
Mutiny on the Bounty Marlon Brando Fletcher Christian 1962
Percy Herbert Matthew Quintal
Richard Harris John Mills
Hussar Ballad (Gusarskaya ballada) Yuriy Yakovlev Poruchik Rzhevsky 1962
Larisa Golubkina Shura Azarova
Nikolai Kryuchkov Ivan
Antoni Khodursky Count Nurin
Lev Polyakov Capt. Pelymov
French officer
How the West Was Won 1962
Cartouche Jean-Paul Belmondo Dominique 1962
Jess Hahn Gentle Giant
Odile Versois Isabelle de Ferrussac
Gendarmes, bandits
Cain the XVIII-th (Kain XVIII) Lidiya Sukharevskaya Queen Vlasta 1963
A Jester's Tale (Bláznova kronika) Miroslav Holub Matej 1964
Petr Kostka Petr
The Yellow One Ralf Wolter Hadschi Halef Omar 1964
Nikola Popovic Imer
Jovan-Burdus Janicijevic Manach
Rik Battaglia Nirwan
Zivojin Denic Aladschy Sandar
Dusan Perkovic Aladschy Bybar
Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb 1964
Angélique Giuliano Gemma Calembredaine 1964
Claude Giraud Philippe de Plessis-Bellières
Gendarmes officer
Angelique: The Road to Versailles Michèle Mercier Angélique 1965
Giuliano Gemma Calembredaine
Gino Marturano Rodogone
Gendarmes, bandits
A Pistol Shot (Vystrel) Mikhail Kozakov Silvio 1966
Yuriy Yakovlev The Count
Boris Novikov Kuzka
Valeri Babyatinsky Ensign
Ariadna Shengelaia Masha
hangs on the wall
The Second Wind hangs on the wall 1966
Khartoum hangs on the wall 1966
The Three Fat Men (Tri tolstyaka) Aleksey Batalov Tibul 1966
The Snow Queen (Snezhnaya koroleva) Era Ziganshina Little Robber Girl 1967
Viy or Spirit of Evil Pyotr Vesklyarov Dorosh 1967
Kill Me Gently hangs on the wall 1967
Untamable Angelique Pirates, guards of slaves 1967
Let Them Rest (Requiescant) hangs on the wall above the fireplace 1967
Chingachgook, the Great Snake (Chingachgook, die große Schlange) Horst Preusker Capt. Warley 1967
Karl Zugowski Lt. Thornton
Rolf Römer Deerslayer
British officers
The Seventh Companion (Sedmoy sputnik) Seen on the wall 1968
Honor and Glory (Cest a sláva) Karel Höger Jindřich Donovalský 1968
Targets (1968) hangs on the wall 1968
Oliver! a few characters 1968
Angelique and the Sultan Bruno Dietrich Coriano 1968
Port guards, pirates
Otley hangs on the wall 1968
The Beguiled Clint Eastwood McBurney 1968
The Diamond Arm (Brilliantovaya Ruka) Seen on the wall in the smugglers' den 1968
Family Happiness (Semeynoe schastye) 1969
Burn! Marlon Brando Sir William Walker 1969
Colonel Wolodyjowski Daniel Olbrychski Azja Tuhaj-Bejowicz 1969
Magdalena Zawadzka Basia
Polish soldiers
White Sun of the Desert (Beloye solntse pustyni) Anatoly Kuznetsov Fyodor Sukhov 1970
On a Comet Josef Vetrovec Sheik 1970
The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes Seen on the wall 1970
Mission in Kabul (Missiya v Kabule) Seen on the wall in Gedeonov's apartments; an Oriental pistol and a "Knee pistol" 1971
Kidnapped Lawrence Douglas David Balfour 1971
Michael Caine Alan Breck Stewart
Michael the Brave (Mihai Viteazul) Septimiu Sever Radu Buzescu 1971
The Married Couple of the Year Two (Les Mariés de l'an II) Laura Antonelli Pauline de Guerande 1971
Sami Frey Henri de Guerande
Marlène Jobert Charlotte Philibert
Michel Auclair The Prince
Mario David Requiem
Treasure Island (Ostrov sokrovishch) Aare Laanemets Jim Hawkins Russian M1809 1971
Boris Andreyev Long John Silver
Juozas Urmanavicius Captain Smollett
Osceola Iurie Darie Richard Moore 1971
Raynes' men
The Lost Letter (Propala hramota) Ivan Mykolaichuk Vasyl Russian Cavalry M1809 1972
Tecumseh Rolf Römer Col. Simon McKew 1972
Helmut Schreiber Col. Procter
Mieczyslaw Kalenik Gen. Brook
Serpico hangs on the wall 1973
A Bad Good Man (Plokhoy khoroshiy chelovek) Vladimir Vysotskiy Nikolay von Koren 1973
Apaches (Apachen) Hermann Eckhardt Old Ronny 1973
Happy New Year (La bonne année) Lino Ventura Simon 1973
Prosha, the Prince (Tsarevich Prosha) Brigands 1974
Beast Must Die, The 1974
The Deluge (Potop) Daniel Olbrychski Andrzej Kmicic 1974
Wladyslaw Hancza Hetman Janusz Radziwill
Lisztomania Nell Campbell Olga Janina 1975
Barry Lyndon Ryan O'Neal Redmont Barry 1975
Leonard Rossiter Captain John Quin
Arthur O'Sullivan Captain Feeny
Billy Boyle Seamus Feeny
Leon Vitali Lord Bullington
The Captivating Star of Happiness (Zvezda plenitelnogo schastya) Oleg Dal The officer on duty Supposedly French Model An IX without metal furniture 1975
The Count of Monte-Cristo Louis Jourdan de Villefort Possibly Saint Etienne Model An XIII with shortened barrel 1975
In the Shadow of the Sword (Zobena ena) Girts Jakovlevs Adam Jakubowski 1976
Arijs Geikins Bald mercenary
Calmos Michel Peyrelon The CEO 1976
Duellists, The Harvey Keitel Feraud 1977
Keith Carradine D'Hubert
An Ordinary Miracle (Obyknovennoye chudo) on the wall 1978
Almanzor's Rings (Koltsa Almanzora) Yakov Belenkiy Kokhinur 1978
Svetlana Smirnova Princesse Aleli
d'Artagnan and Three Musketeers Mikhail Boyarskiy d'Artagnan 1979
Venyamin Smekhov Athos
Margarita Terekhova Milady de Winter
Murder by Decree Seen on the wall in Holmes' apartments 1979
Don't Be Afraid, I Am Here For You (Ne boysya, ya s toboy) Seen in Farzally-beg's house 1981
The Last One Goes to Hell (Poslední propadne peklu) Ludek Munzar Captain Vaněk 1982
Treasure Island (Ostrov sokrovishch) Konstantin Grigorev Captain Smollett 1982
Vladislav Strzhelchik Squire Trelawney
Oleg Borisov Long John Silver
Viktor Kostetskiy Dr. Livesey
Leonid Markov Capt. Billy Bones
Vladimir Vorobyov George Merry
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan 1982
The Mysteries of Bucharest (Misterele Bucurestilor) Ion Dichiseanu Martac Possibly mockup 1983
Florin Piersic Margelatu
Police Academy G.W. Bailey Thaddeus Harris 1984
The Bounty Mel Gibson Fletcher Christian 1984
Liam Neeson Churchill
Philip Davis Young
Dexter Fletcher Ellison
Richard Graham Mills
Star Trek III: The Search for Spock Seen on wall 1984
Formula of Love (Formula lyubvi) Nodar Mgaloblishvili Count Cagliostro Russian M1809 1984
Aleksandr Mikhaylov (IV) Aleksei Fedyashev
Young Sherlock Holmes Tavern patrons "Knee pistol" 1985
The Silver Mask (Masca de argint) Ovidiu Iuliu Moldovan Aristide 1985
Highlander Ian Reddington Bassett 1986
The Mission Robert De Niro Rodrigo Mendoza 1986
Wall Street Michael Douglas Gekko in showcase, one is "Queen-Anne" pistol 1987
Island of Lost Ships (Ostrov pogibshikh korabley) Islanders Possibly Russian M1809 1987
Everything is Paid (Totul se plateste) Revolutionaries 1987
Chouans! Jean-Pierre Cassel Baron de Tiffauges Cavalry Model 1777 1988
Stéphane Freiss Aurèle
Charlotte de Turcheim Olympe de Saint-Gildas
Sophie Marceau Céline
Zerograd (Gorod Zero) Seen in the museum 1988
Drugstore Cowboy 1989
The Ashes and The Stars (Popel a hvezdy) mercenaries 1990
Predator 2 Danny Glover Mike Harrigan Miquelet 1990
Shipwrecked Stian Smestad Håkon Håkonsen 1990
Gabriel Byrne Lt. John Merrick
Louisa Millwood-Haigh Mary
Trond Peter Stamsø Munch Jens
Wild Field (Dikoe pole) Les Serdyuk Kon-Holova 1991
Hook Dustin Hoffman Captain Hook 1991
Journey of Honor David Essex Don Pedro 1991
Kane Kosugi Yorimune
Ronald Pickup Capt. Crawford
Polly Walker Cecilia
Norman Lloyd Father Vasco
Milutin Savic-Dzimi First Pistolier
Miomir Radevic-Pigi Second Pistolier
Spanish soldiers, pirates
Cossacks Go (Kozaky Ydut) Oleg Maslennikov Overko 1991
Yuriy Mazhuga Som
Far and Away Tom Cruise Joseph Donnelly 1992
Tom Cruise Stephen Chase
Musketeers Twenty Years After Mikhail Boyarskiy d'Artagnan 1992
Venyamin Smekhov Athos
Valentin Smirnitskiy Porthos
Igor Starygin Aramis
Viktor Avilov Mordaunt
The Last of the Mohicans Steven Waddington Duncan Heyward 1992
Madeleine Stowe Cora Munro
Eight Hundred Leagues Down the Amazon E.E. Bell Fragoso 1993
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III Stuart Wilson Walker 1993
The Secret of Queen Anne or Musketeers Thirty Years After Mikhail Boyarskiy d'Artagnan 1993
Venyamin Smekhov Athos
Valentin Smirnitskiy Porthos
Igor Starygin Aramis
The Road to Sich (Doroha na sich) Vladimir Golubovich Pavlo Pokhylenko 1994
Mikhail Golubovich Dzhmil
Anatoli Barchuk A Cossack
Vladimir Abazopulo Captain Jampolski
Yuliya Tkachenko Mother Superior
Aleksandr Zadneprovsky Count Potocki oriental style
Bodyguards of Count Potocki
Star Trek Generations 1994
Sharpe's Company Peter Birrel Don Moreno 1994
Pete Postlethwaite Hakeswill
Kidnapped Armand Assante Alan Breck Stewart 1995
Brian McCardie David Balfour
Michael Kitchen William Reid
Brendan Gleeson Red Fox
Dave Duffy Riach
Jonathan Ryan Hamish MacDonald
(uncredited) Red Fox's bodyguard
Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls 1995
Tom and Huck Lanny Flaherty Emmett 1995
Charles Rocket Judge Thatcher
Cutthroat Island Geena Davis Morgan Adams 1995
Frank Langella Dawg
Rex Linn Blair
Jimmie F. Skaggs Scully
Angus Wright Trotter
Rob Roy Liam Neeson Robert Roy MacGregor Scottish all-steel 1995
Ewan Stewart Coll
Highland Regiment Officer
The Horseman on the Roof (Le hussard sur le toit) Juliette Binoche Pauline de Théus Cavalry Model 1777 1995
Amistad 1997
Les Misérables (1998) Geoffrey Rush Inspector Javert 1998
Liam Neeson Jean Valjean
Razor Blade Smile Glenn Wrage Jack Ryder 1998
The Mask of Zorro Antonio Banderas Alejandro 1998
Catherine Zeta-Jones Elena Montero
Victor Rivers Joaquin Murrietta
Hornblower: The Even Chance Ioan Gruffudd Midshipman Horatio Hornblower New Land Pattern 1998
Dorian Healy Midshipman Jack Simpson
Duncan Bell Midshipman Clayton
Robert Bathurst Lieutenant Eccleston
Roger May Lieutenant Chadd
Colin MacLachlan Ship's Master Bowles
Paul Copley Matthews
Sean Gilder Styles
Simon Sherlock Oldroyd
Chris Barnes Finch
Vincent Grass Captain Forget
Hornblower: The Examination for Lieutenant Ioan Gruffudd Acting Lieutenant Horatio Hornblower New Land Pattern 1998
Sean Gilder Styles
Simon Sherlock Oldroyd
Hornblower: The Duchess and the Devil Ioan Gruffudd Acting Lieutenant Horatio Hornblower British Heavy Dragoon; Charleville Mle 1777 1999
Christopher Fulford Midshipman Hunter New Land Pattern
Paul Copley Matthews
Sean Gilder Styles
Simon Sherlock Oldroyd
A French Navy officer Charleville Mle 1777
Hornblower: The Frogs and the Lobsters Ioan Gruffudd Lieutenant Horatio Hornblower British Heavy Dragoon 1999
Samuel West Major Lord Edrington British Light Dragoon
Jamie Bamber Acting Lieutenant Archie Kennedy New Land Pattern
Colin MacLachlan Ship's Master Bowles
Paul Copley Matthews
Sean Gilder Styles
Simon Sherlock Oldroyd
Antony Sher Colonel Marquis de Moncoutant Charleville / Saint-Etienne Mle 1733 Dragoon; Charleville Mle 1777
John Shrapnel General Francois de Charette Charleville Mle 1777
With Fire and Sword (Ogniem i mieczem) Aleksandr Domogarov Bohun 1999
Sleepy Hollow Johnny Depp Ichabod Crane 1999
Michael Gambon Baltus Van Tassel
Miranda Richardson Lady Van Tassel
American Beauty 1999
Wild Wild West 1999
Anna and the King Chow Yun-Fat King Mongkut 1999
Randall Duk Kim General Alak
Plunkett and Macleane Jonny Lee Miller Captain James Macleane Cavalry Model 1777 1999
Robert Carlyle Will Plunkett Cavalry Model 1777, Scottish double-barrel
Liv Tyler Rebecca Gibson
Ken Stott Thief-taker General Chance
Thief-takers Cavalry Model 1777
The Captain's Daughter Sergey Makovetskiy Shvabrin 2000
Mateusz Damiecki Pyotr Grinyov
Vladimir Mashkov Yemelyan Pugachyov
Yury Belyayev Komendant Mironov
Yuriy Kuznetsov Ivan Ignatyevich
Andrei Dudarenko Beloborodov
The Patriot Mel Gibson Benjamin Martin 2000
Chris Cooper General Burwell
Jason Isaacs Col. Tavington
Dark Portals: The Chronicles of Vidocq Moussa Maaskri Nimier 2001
André Dussollier Lautrennes
Brotherhood of the Wolf Samuel Le Bihan Grégoire de Fronsac French Cavalry Flintlock Pistol 2001
Vincent Cassel Jean-François de Morangias Custom
Tiger Head (Cabeza de Tigre) Pablo Cedrón French 2001
Damián De Santo Castelli
Hornblower: Mutiny David Warner Captain James Sawyer A pair of dueling pistols 2001
A Royal Marine officer British Heavy Dragoon
Hornblower: Retribution Ioan Gruffudd Lieutenant Horatio Hornblower British Heavy Dragoon 2001
Paul McGann Lieutenant William Bush
Jamie Bamber Lieutenant Archie Kennedy
Philip Glenister Midshipman Hobbs
Terence Corrigan Midshipman Wellard
Paul Copley Matthews New Land Pattern
Sean Gilder Styles
Antonio Gil Colonel Ortega
A Spanish officer; a rebel slave Saint Etienne Mle An XIII
A Spanish officer Charleville Mle 1777
Showtime (2002) 2002
Count of Monte Cristo Guy Pearce Fernand Mondego 2002
Peter Pan Jason Isaacs Captain Hook 2003
Richard Briers Smee
Bruce Spence Cookson
Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World Russell Crowe Captain Jack Aubrey 2003
Paul Bettany Dr. Stephen Maturin
Billy Boyd Barrett Bonden
Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl Johnny Depp Capt. Jack Sparrow 2003
Jack Davenport Commodore James Norrington
Geoffrey Rush Capt. Hector Barbossa
Lee Arenberg Pintel
MacKenzie Crook Ragetti
Zoe Saldana Anamaria
Damian O'Hare Lt. Gillette
Fanfan la Tulipe Vincent Perez Fanfan la Tulipe 2003
Penélope Cruz Adeline
Gérald Laroche Corsini
Philippe Dormoy Adjudant (Sgt. Maj.) Fier-à-Bras
French gendarmes and highwaymen
Hornblower: Loyalty Ioan Gruffudd Commander Horatio Hornblower British Heavy Dragoon; Dueling Pistol 2003
Paul McGann Lieutenant William Bush British Heavy Dragoon
Paul Copley Matthews
Ian McElhinney Captain Hammond
Greg Wise Major Andre Côtard British Heavy Dragoon; Dueling Pistol
Jonathan Forbes Midshipman Charles Orrock
Sean Gilder Styles
Lorcan Cranitch Wolfe Saint Etienne Mle An XIII
Hornblower: Duty Ioan Gruffudd Commander Horatio Hornblower British Heavy Dragoon 2003
Paul McGann Lieutenant William Bush
Jonathan Coy Commander Bracegirdle
Jonathan Forbes Midshipman Charles Orrock
Paul Copley Matthews
Sean Gilder Styles
Lorcan Cranitch Wolfe Saint Etienne Mle An XIII; Charleville Mle 1777
Timothy Deenihan Maguire Charleville Mle 1777
Van Helsing Kate Beckinsale Anna 2004
Wanted David O'Hara Mr. X 2004
The Alamo Dennis Quaid Gen. Sam Houston 2004
Patrick Wilson Lt. Col. William B. Travis
The King Maker Gary Stretch Fernando De Gamma 2005
Dead Man's Bluff (Zhmurki) 2005
Sahara (2005) Lambert Wilson Yves Massarde 2005
An American Haunting Donald Sutherland John Bell 2005
Sissy Spacek Lucy Bell
Gaye Brown Kathe Batts
The Turkish Gambit (Turetskiy gambit) Bashi Bazouks 2005
Oliver Twist Mark Strong Toby Crackit 2005
Jake Curran Barney
Edward Hardwicke Mr. Brownlow
The Brothers Grimm Matt Damon Wilhelm Grimm 2005
Peter Stormare Cavaldi
Jonathan Pryce Delatombe
Julian Bleach Letorc
Snapphanar Malin Morgan Svart-Stina 2006
Samuel Hellström Joshua Swartz
Niklas Engdahl Mannen med ärret
Seen in armory
Pirates of Treasure Island Lance Henriksen John Silver 2006
Tom Nagel Jim Hawkins
James Ferris Captain Smollete
Rhett Giles Wilkins
Leigh Scott Ben Gunn
Justin Jones Billy Bones
Chriss Anglin Captain Flint
Jennifer Lee Wiggins Polly
Rebekah Kochan Anne Bonney non-firing replica
David Shick Blind Pew
Dean N. Arevalo Squire Trelawny
Alatriste Eduardo Noriega Conde de Guadalmedina 2006
Enrico Lo Verso Gualterio Malatesta
Viggo Mortensen Diego Alatriste
Eduard Fernández Sebastián Copons
Flandrian soldiers
The Fall Lee Pace Masked Bandit Tower Sea Service, akimbo 2006
The Prestige Christian Bale Alfred Borden 2006
Hugh Jackman Robert Angier
Goya's Ghosts Stellan Skarsgård Francisco Goya 2006
French officers
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest Johnny Depp Capt. Jack Sparrow 2006
Keira Knightley Elizabeth Swann
San Shella Leech
Kingdom of War Santisuk Promsiri King Mahinthrathirat 2007
Pratcha Sananwatananont Young Naresuan
Jirayu La-ongmanee Young Boonthing
The Legend of Naresuan: Declaration in Independence Wanchana Sawatdee King Naresuan 2007
Nopachai Chaiyanam Rachamanu aka Bunting
Taksaorn Paksukcharern Manechan
The Sovereign's Servant (Sluga Gosudarev) Dmitriy Miller Chevalier Charles de Brézé 2007
Aleksandr Bukharov Grigory Voronov
Aleksey Chadov Angie
Darya Semenova Anka
Valeriy Malikov Antoine De La Bouche
Ivan Shibanov Marquise von Schomberg
Kseniya Knyazeva Charlotte de Monterras
Szlachta members
1612 Aleksandr Baluev Brigand Osina 2007
Marat Basharov Voevoda of the Navolok
Invisible Target Seen in Cheung Man-yiu's office 2007
Smokin' Aces Jeremy Piven Buddy "Aces" Israel mini 2007
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End Johnny Depp Capt. Jack Sparrow 2007
Orlando Bloom Will Turner
Lee Arenberg Pintel
Mackenzie Crook Ragetti
David Schofield Mercer
Keith Richards Capt. Teague
Repo! The Genetic Opera Seen on Rotti Largo’s desk 2008
Max Payne (2008) Seen in BB's office 2008
The Miracle (Chudo) oriental, seen on the wall 2009
Solomon Kane James Purefoy Solomon Kane turkish, only on the posters 2009
Watchmen Seen in The Comedian's apartments 2009
Red In Dunning's gun collection 2010
Anton Chekhov's The Duel Andrew Scott Laevsky Flintlock Dueling Pistol 2010
Tobias Menzies Von Koren
Three Musketeers, The (2011) Ray Stevenson Porthos 2011
Sucker Punch (2011) Jena Malone Rocket 2011
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Johnny Depp Capt. Jack Sparrow 2011
Ian McShane Blackbeard
Keith Richards Capt. Teague
Óscar Jaenada The Spaniard
Ian Mercer Quartermaster
Deobia Oparei Gunner
Day of the Falcon (Or noir) Lotfi Dziri Sheikh Beni Sirri Double barreled 2011
Liya Kebede Aicha Oriental
Sultan's guards, tribal warriors Double barreled
Salvation Boulevard Pierce Brosnan Dan Day 2011
Rurouni Kenshin Part I: Origins 2012
September Eleven 1683 Jerzy Skolimowski King John III Sobiesk 2012
Polish soldiers
Les Misérables Hugh Jackman Jean Valjean 2012
Eddie Redmayne Marius Pontmercy
Aaron Tveit Enjolras
Russell Crowe Javert
Samantha Barks Éponine
Sacha Baron Cohen Thénardier
Helena Bonham Carter Madame Thénardier
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Benjamin Walker Abraham Lincoln 2012
Anthony Mackie Will Johnson
Lincoln James Spader W.N. Bilbo U. S. Johnson Model 1836 2012
Innocent Lilies Lisa Aizawa Risa Kikuta 2013
A Field in England Ryan Pope Cutler 2013
Michael Smiley O'Neil
Peter Ferdinando Jacob
Angélique Fabrice Rodriguez Prince de Condé Nock Flintlock Pistol 2013
47 Ronin Keanu Reeves Kai 2013
Rick Genest Foreman deleted scene
Dutch sailors
ABCs of Death 2 Tommy Abuel Quinito 2014
Beauty and the Beast Eduardo Noriega Perducas Double Barreled 2014
Perducas' brigands
Forbidden Empire Jason Flemyng Jonathan Green 2014
Yuriy Tsurilo Sotnik
Igor Jijikine Dorosh
Aleksandr Yakovlev Overko
Viktor Bychkov Taras
King Naresuan V Elephant Battle Wanchana Sawatdee King Naresuan 2014
Thai soldiers
Innocent Lilies: The End and The Beginning Lisa Aizawa Risa Kikuta 2015
In the Heart of the Sea Chris Hemsworth Owen Chase 2015
Benjamin Walker George Pollard
Frank Dillane Henry Coffin
The Revenant Leonardo DiCaprio Hugh Glass 2015
Domhnall Gleeson Captain Andrew Henry
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Jack Huston George Wickham 2016
Millie Brady Mary Bennet
Douglas Booth Mr. Bingley
Sam Riley Mr. Darcy
The Duelist (Duelyant) Seen in the gun store 2016
Ghouls (Vurdalaki) hanged on the wall 2017
Black '47 A local rent collector 2018
Hugo Weaving Hannah
Infernal Guidon, or Cossack Christmas (Pekelna khoruhva, abo Rizdvo Kozatske) Cossacks 2019
Journey to China: The Mystery of Iron Mask Anna Churina Miss Dudley 2019
Vilen Babichev Brigand cheff
Mengmeng Li Li Hong
Brigands, Russian sailors
The Reckoning Charlotte Kirk Grace Haverstock 2020
Jordan Long Watkins
Mark Ryan Peck
Steven Waddington Squire Pendleton
Sean Pertwee John Moorcroft


Show Title Actor Character Note / Episode Air Date
The Avengers 1961-1969
Mission: Impossible - Season 3 1968-1969
Sherlock Holmes: The Last of the Baskervilles (Sherlock Holmes: L'ultimo dei Baskerville) "Knee pistol"; seen on table 1968
The Adventures of Sir Michael (Przygody pana Michala) Magdalena Zawadzka Barbara Jeziorkowska 1969
Daniel Olbrychski Azja Tuhajbejowicz "Porwanie" (ep. 09)
The Adjutant of His Excellency (Adyutant ego prevoskhoditelstva) Seen in Startsev's collection 1969
The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes Seen on the wall; "The Superfluous Finger" (S02E07) 1973
Father Brown Wall decoration; several episodes 1974
The Christofel of Grimmelshausen Adventurous Simplizissimus (Des Christoffel von Grimmelshausen abenteuerlicher Simplizissimus) Matthias Habich Simplex Simplizissimus 1975
Radovan Lukavský Knan double barreled, "Teil 4: Adieu Welt"
Reiters, ambushers
The Legend of Till Ullenspiegel Uncredited Geuzen "Long Live the Beggars. Part 2" (S1E4) (S1E4) 1976
Bergerac In Carteret's gun collection; "Prime Target" (S02E04) 1983
Amazing Stories Richard Young Davy Crockett 1985-1987
Famous Brigands Stories: Václav Babinský Radoslav Brzobohatý Václav Babinský 1st episode 1986
Milos Vávra Parduba
Famous Brigands Stories: Schinderhannes Ondrej Vetchý Adam 4st episode 1986
Zdenek Srstka Jakub Bém
Ladislav Trojan Captain
Famous Brigands Stories: Róza Sándor Pavel Zednícek Róza Sándor 5th episode 1986
The Twentieth Century Approaches (Dvadtsatyy vek nachinaetsya) Seen on the wall 1987
Bergerac Seen on the wall; "S.P.A.R.T.A." (S05E06) 1987
The Return of Sherlock Holmes Arturo Venegas Garcia (S02E03) 1988
Basil Hoskins Murillo aka Henderson
Edward Hardwicke Dr. Watson
Dubrovsky Mikhail Efremov Vladimir Dubrovskiy Russian M1809, French An XIII 1989
Vladimir Samoylov Kirila Petrovitch Troekurov Russian M1809
Gennadiy Frolov Grigoriy Russian M1809
The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes Seen in Gibson's guns collection; (S01E02) 1991
Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman Flintlock Pistol is seen in Lex's gun collection. 1993-1997
Sharpe's Sword Emily Mortimer Lass 1995
Star Trek: Voyager "Author, Author" (S7E20) 1995-2001
Midsomer Murders 1997-present
Law & Order - Season 9 1999-1999
The Adventures of Swiss Family Robinson Kieren Hutchison Ernst Robinson 1998
Richard Thomas David Robinson
Margo Gunn Elizabeth Robinson
Charlotte Woollams Joanna Robinson
Junior Chile Billy
K.C. Kelly Jed Parsons
Madeline McNamara Bonnie Mary
Martyn Sanderson Raven Jones
Mail Call A Re-Enactor 2002-2009
Battlestar Galactica (2004) - Season 2 2004
Mythbusters 2003-present
Torchwood Soldier 2006-2011
Blackbeard Angus Macfadyen Captain Blackbeard 2006
Mark Umbers Lt Robert Maynard
Jessica Chastain Charlotte Ormand
His Majesty's Secret Service (Sekretnaya sluzhba Ego Velichestva) Wall decoration 2006
Stolypin... Unlearned Lessons (Stolypin... Nevyuchennye uroki) Seen in Gen. Trepov's house 2006
Battlestar Galactica: Razor 2007
Californication David Duchovny Hank Moody 2007-2014
Peter Gallagher Stacy Koons
Take, The (TV Series) 2009
NCIS - Season 7 2009-2010
Castle - Season 3 2010-2011
InSecurity Ryan Blakely Simon Grey 2011-2012
Top Shot - Season 4 2012
Sleepy Hollow Tom Mison Ichabod Crane 2013
Sherlock Holmes Igor Petrenko Sherlock Holmes Denix sword pistol replica 2013
NCIS: Los Angeles - Season 5 2013-2014
Black Sails Toby Stephens Captain Flint Doune Lock Pistol 2014-2015
Graham Hopkins Captain Parrish IX Cavalry Pistol
Jannes Eiselen Dufrene Light Dragoon pistol
Zach McGowan Charles Vane Double Barreled Pistol
brothel owner's henchmen Tower Sea Service Pistol
The Brink Rob Brydon Martin French Model An IX Cavalry 2015
Taboo Franka Potente Helga von Hinten 2017
Stephen Graham Atticus
Tom Hollander Dr. Cholmondeley 1756 Light Dragoon pistol
Always a Witch (Siempre Bruja) Edu Martín Fernando Aranoa "A Leap in Time" (S1E01) 2019
Lenard Vanderaa Cristóbal Aranoa "The Time Portal" (S1E09)
Jean Carlos Posada slave trader
Soldiers, Slavers, Cristóbal's mercenaries
Always a Witch (Siempre Bruja) - Season 2 Pirates "Someone Like Me" (S2E01) 2020
Sherlock: The Russian Chronicles (Sherlok v Rossii) Dmitriy Lomakin Grand Duke Georgiy Aleksandrovich Denix replica 2020
Midsomer Murders Seen on the wall (S21E04) 2020
The Great Nicholas Hoult Peter III of Russia British Heavy Dragoon (S01E01); British Tower Sea Service (S01E08 and S01E10); Prussian Dragoon 1731 (S01E01) 2020
Sebastian De Souza Leo Voronsky Model 1763/66 Cavalry (S01E10)
Bayo Gbadamosi Count Arkady Prussian Dragoon 1731 (S01E01)
Gwilym Lee Count Grigor Dymov (S01E01, S01E10)
Abraham Popoola Count Alexei Rostov Charleville Model 1777 Cavalry Officer (S01E09)
Douglas Hodge General Velementov British Light Dragoon, Hadley of London 1760 (S01E10)
Freddie Fox King Hugo of Sweden British Tower Sea Service (S01E08)
Christophe Tek Tartar Nick British Heavy Dragoon (S01E06); British Tower Sea Service (S01E08 and S01E09)
The Great Nicholas Hoult Peter III French Model An IX Cavalry (S02E01, S02E10); Prussian M1780 Flintlock Horse (S02E05); British Tower Sea Service (S02E06) 2021
Pugachev French Model An XIII Cavalry (S06E07)
Douglas Hodge General Velementov British Heavy Dragoon (S02E01); French Model An XIII Cavalry (S02E01, S02E02, S02E03, S02E10)
Gwilym Lee Grigor Dymov British Heavy Dragoon (S02E01); Prussian Dragoon 1731 (S02E01); Ketland Trade Pistol (S02E05, S02E06); French Charleville Model 1777 Cavalry Officer (S02E07)
Phoebe Fox Marial French Model An IX Cavalry (S02E06)
Florence Keith-Roach Tatyana French Model An XIII Cavalry (S02E05)
Blake Harrison Colonel Svenska Ketland Trade Pistol (S02E01)
Billy Postlethwaite The Ottoman Sultan Turkish (S02E10)
Tarik Badwan A bandit British Heavy Dragoon (S02E09)
Midsomer Murders Sinead Matthews Mel Wallace "The Wolf Hunter of Little Worthy" (S22E01); Tower New Land Pattern 2021
Topi Marina Vasilyeva Liza Gromkovskaya Lighter; "Transfiguration" (S1E05) 2021
Ms. Marvel - Season 1 drawn on the logo; "Generation Why" (S1E01) 2022


Title Characters Notation Date
Treasure Island Pirates 1988
The Adventures of Tintin Marines 2011
Archer - Season 5 2014


Title Character Note Date
Le Chevalier D'Eon Robin, Agents 2006
Sakura Taisen: New York, N.Y. 2007
Case Closed: Jolly Roger in the Deep Azure Mary Read, Matsumoto Mitsushi 2007
Shigofumi: Letters from the Departed "Beginning" (E08) 2008
Black Lagoon: Roberta's Blood Trail Mounted above the Lovelace Family's fireplace 2010-11
Inu x Boku SS hanged on the wall "Kagerō" (S1E11 2012
Bayonetta: Bloody Fate Jeanne 2013
Stella Women's Academy, High School Division Class C³ Bonny Anne 2013
Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie: Rebellion Mami Tomoe 2013
Mobile Suit Gundam: IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS 2015
Princess Principal Chise Ep. 09 2017
Date A Bullet Kurumi Tokisaki, White Queen 2020
Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina Curio Company criminal "The Two Apprentices" (E11) 2020

Video Game

Game Title Appears as Note Release Date
Eternal Darkness 2001
Enter the Matrix Unusable 2003
Nosferatu: The Wrath of Malachi 2003
Sacred 2004
Resident Evil 4 On the door of the shooting range 2005
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 2008
Tropico Series 2011
Counter-Strike Online 2011
Assassin's Creed III 2012
Call of Duty: Ghosts 2013
Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag 2013
Assassin's Creed Unity 2014
World of Guns: Gun Disassembly Harpers Ferry 2014
Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades "Flintlock Heavy Pistol 18th Century" 2016
Uncharted 4: A Thief's End 2016
Escape from Tarkov Unusable; seen on "Pistolety i Revolvery" magazine 2016

Flintlock Pocket Pistol

Pocket-sized Flintlock Pistols. Because Flintlock Pistols were occasionally carried in multiples to bypass their lengthy reload times, they allowed for possibly the earliest form of Akimbo shooting and/or the "New York Reload" technique.
Colonial Gray Pocket flintlock Pistol.


Title Actor Character Note Date
The Last One Goes to Hell (Poslední propadne peklu) Ivan Vyskocil Keruše 1982
The Last One Goes to Hell (Poslední propadne peklu) Dagmar Havlová Matouš 1982
Hook Dustin Hoffman Captain Hook 1991
Kidnapped Michael Kitchen William Reid 1995
Armand Assante Alan Breck Stewart
Adam Blackwood Captain Forbes
Rob Roy Eric Stoltz Alan MacDonald 1995
The Horseman on the Roof (Le hussard sur le toit) Paul Chevillard Giacomo 1995
The Mask of Zorro Victor Rivers Joaquin Murrietta 1998
Plunkett and Macleane Liv Tyler Rebecca Gibson Promo materials for the movie 1999
Dark Portals: The Chronicles of Vidocq Guillaume Canet Étienne Boisset 2001
The Legend of Zorro Pinkerton Agents 2005
Pirates of Treasure Island Alexandra Boylan Sophie 2006
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End Tom Hollander Lord Cutler Beckett 2007
Three Musketeers, The (2011) Milla Jovovich Milady de Winter 2011
Beauty and the Beast Perducas' brigands 2014
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Lily James Elizabeth Bennet 2016
Bella Heathcote Jane Bennet
Ellie Bamber Lydia Bennet
Millie Brady Mary Bennet
Suki Waterhouse Kitty Bennet
Journey to China: The Mystery of Iron Mask Martin Klebba Captain 2019


Title Actor Character Note Date
Taboo Franka Potente Helga von Hinten 2017
Tom Hardy James Keziah Delaney
Always a Witch (Siempre Bruja) "The Festival of Candela" (S1E05) 2019


Title Character Note Date
Mobile Suit Gundam: IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS 2015

Tap-Action Flintlock Pistol

Flintlock Box-Lock Tap-Action Pistol by P. Bond of London, late 18th century
Three-shot tap-action pistol. Sequentially-firing barrels were one solution to the Flintlock Pistol's single-shot nature before revolvers were invented.
Four Barrel Tap Action Flintlock Pistol, made circa the late 1700s to early 1800s - .40 caliber

A sub-variant of pocket flintlock pistols with two, three, or four barrels. There were also rare versions with six and seven barrels. Their name comes from the fact, that after the first shot, the shooter taps a small lever on the left side of the pistol. After that, the next barrel can be fired once the pistol is re-primed and re-cocked. Some tap-action pistols also had the side-by-side barrels. In some case the barrels were screw-off, in other they are usual muzzle-loaders.

Not to be confused with the turnover pistols, having a rotating block of barrels (see below).


Title Actor Character Note Date
The Three Fat Men (Tri tolstyaka) Pavel Luspekaev Gen. Karaska Quad barreled, converted to percussion 1966
Vladimir Kazarinov A courtier
Treasure Island (Ostrov sokrovishch) (1971) Quad barreled 1971
A Golden-coloured Straw Hat (Solomennaya shlyapka) Yefim Kopelyan de Beauperthuis Quad barreled, converted to percussion 1974
Andrey Mironov Fadinard
Treasure Island (Ostrov sokrovishch) (1982) Fyodor Stukov Jim Hawkins Quad barreled, converted to percussion 1982

Video Game

Game Title Appears as Note Release Date
Assassin's Creed Unity Quick To Reload Over Under Pistol Double-barrel 2014


Title Character Note Date
Shigofumi: Letters from the Departed "Beginning" (E08) 2008

Turnover Flintlock Pistol

Kolser made replica of a three barrel turnover flintlock pistol, made in Augsburg in 1775 (hand-rotated).
19th century Indian or Ottoman four-barreled flintlock pistol with ivory handle. This one uses the one pan for all barrels.

These predecessors of the pepper-box revolvers (the term "pepper-box" apparently appeared only in the 19th century) appeared around the middle of the 17th century in Europe, and originally had two barrels that were hand rotated. Towards the end of the 18th century, the three-, four-, and seven-barrel models appeared.


Title Actor Character Note Date
Forbidden Empire Jason Flemyng Jonathan Green 3-barrel 2014
Anatoliy Gushchin Gorobets
Journey to China: The Mystery of Iron Mask Jason Flemyng Jonathan Green 3-barrel 2019

Video Game

Game Title Appears as Note Release Date
Assassin's Creed Unity American Flintlock 4-barrel 2014


Title Character Note Date
Shigofumi: Letters from the Departed "Beginning" (E08) 2008

Queen Anne Flintlock Pistol

See Queen Anne Flintlock Pistol.

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