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Movie Poster
Country Flag of the United States.jpg United States
THA.jpg Thailand
Directed by Kevin Connor
Release Date 2006
Language English
Studio Hallmark Entertainment
Larry Levinson Productions
Living Films
Distributor Sonar Entertainment
Main Cast
Character Actor
Blackbeard Angus Macfadyen
Lt. Robert Maynard Mark Umbers
Governor Charles Eden Richard Chamberlain
Charlotte Ormand Jessica Chastain
Cpt. Benjamin Hornigold Stacy Keach
Sally Dunbar Rachel Ward
Israel Hands Anthony Green
Cpt. Ellis Brand Paul Brightwell

Blackbeard is an adventure – drama based on a story about the pirate Blackbear, directed by Kevin Connor in 2006. The 18th century notorious pirate captain Edward "Blackbeard" Teach (Angus Macfadyen) wreaks havoc on the high-seas looking for Captain Kidd's treasure. His dark presence causes controversy in the local port town of New Providence, especially among governor Charles Eden (Richard Chamberlain) and his adopted daughter Charlotte Ormand (Jessica Chastain), who is being wooed by Lt. Robert Maynard (Mark Umbers).

The following weapons were used in the TV film Blackbeard:


Flintlock Pistol

The pirates and also british mariners in the film uses a Flintlock Pistols.

Prop replica of Jack Sparrow's 'Pirates' flintlock.
Captain "Blackbeard" (Angus Macfadyen) holds his Flintlock pistol.
Israel Hands (Anthony Green) pointed pistols at Hornigold´s men.
The governor Charles Eden (Richard Chamberlain) wears in a carriage constantly a gun.
Cpt. Ellis Brand (Paul Brightwell) shots to Tobias Knight.
Pirate shoots from a pistol at Lt. Maynard.
Charlotte Ormand (Jessica Chastain) shot this pirate by her pistol.
Lt. Robert Maynard (Mark Umbers) (left) fired at Blackbeard.

Brown Bess Flintlock Musket

Modern reproduction Sea Service Brown Bess Naval musket
The pirate fired from a Brown Bess Flintlock Musket in the English mariners.
The soldiers armed with muskets leads condemned men to the gallows.
The English mariner fire from a musket at the pirates.


Charlotte (Jessica Chastain) prepares to welcome some pirates with a Blunderbuss.

Blunderbuss Flintlock
Charlotte (Jessica Chastain) prepares to "welcome" pirates with a Blunderbuss in her hands.

Swivel cannon

Swivel gun - 18th century
Captain Edward "Blackbeard" Teach pointed at Lt. Maynard by Swivel cannon.
British mariners want firing at Blackbeard´s ship.

Naval cannon

The pirate ship was equipped with a powerful naval cannons.

Naval cannon - 18th century
Naval cannon-B2.jpg
Naval guns-B.jpg

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