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Predator 2
Predator two.jpg
Country USA.jpg United States
Directed by Stephen Hopkins
Release Date 1990
Language English
Studio Davis Entertainment
Lawrence Gordon Productions
Silver Pictures
Distributor Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
Main Cast
Character Actor
Lieutenant Mike Harrigan Danny Glover
Peter Keyes Gary Busey
Detective Leona Centrell Maria Conchita Alonso
Detective Danny Archuleta Rubén Blades
Detective Jerry Lambert Bill Paxton
Garber Adam Baldwin
Deputy Chief Phil Heinemann Robert Davi
Captain B. Pilgrim Kent McCord
El Scorpio Henry Kingi
The Predator Kevin Peter Hall

Predator 2 is the 1990 sequel to 1987's Predator. Set in the then-future year of 1997, the sequel features a different "Predator" coming to Earth and descending upon a Los Angeles besieged by rival drug gangs in order to hunt for human trophies, one of which could be LAPD Detective Mike Harrigan (Danny Glover). The film was directed by Stephen Hopkins and the cast included Gary Busey, Rubén Blades, Bill Paxton, as well as Kevin Peter Hall, who returned to portray a Predator in this sequel.

The following weapons were used in the film Predator 2:




Magnum Research Inc. Mark VII Desert Eagle

LAPD Detective Lieutenant Mike Harrigan (Danny Glover) carries a brushed chrome .357 Magnum chambered Desert Eagle Mark VII fitted with a laser sight as his sidearm. The attachment of sights and weaponlights to pistols was not a commonplace occurrence for law enforcement at the time of the film's production, but has since been widely adopted.

Desert Eagle MK VII with nickel finish - .44 Magnum
Lt. Mike Harrigan (Danny Glover) looks up towards the building holding his Desert Eagle.
Harrigan searches the rooftop with his Desert Eagle drawn.
Harrigan aims his Desert Eagle at El Scorpio - Not the best installation of the laser sight, as the wire for the grip switch could impede spent shell casings from exiting the weapon properly.
Harrigan with his Desert Eagle in the cemetery.
A closeup of Harrigan's Desert Eagle.
Harrigan retrieves his Desert Eagle and forces one of Keyes' men to open the door.

SIG-Sauer P226

Detective Leona Cantrell (Maria Conchita Alonso) uses a SIG-Sauer P226 as her weapon of choice. Attached to the pistol is an early LASERAIM sight (All the pistols in the film needed a little modification to attach these aiming sights since the film was made before pistols regularly were designed with rails).

SIG-Sauer P226 - 9x19mm
Detective Leona Cantrell (Maria Conchita Alonso) Cantrell with her SIG-Sauer P226. The early LASERAIM sight appears to have been designed for a pistol with a longer slide.
Cantrell fires her SIG-Sauer P226.
Cantrell's SIG seen in the middle of the frame. Below her is Det. Danny Archuleta (Rubén Blades) with his S&W 4506.

SIG-Sauer P226 (Nickel)

Det. Jerry Lambert (Bill Paxton) also carries a SIG-Sauer P226, which is the nickeled variant. Lambert's pistol is fitted with a black laser sight, notably aboard the subway train and later when attacked by the Predator. A similar P226 is also seen in Harrigan's trunk.

A nickel SIG-Sauer P226 - 9x19mm. This is another real movie gun and has been adapted to fire full flash motion picture blanks.
"We don't need any rush hour Rambos here..." Jerry Lambert (Bill Paxton) draws his P226 fitted with a laser sight.
The SIG-Sauer P226 is seen in Harrigan's trunk, below the Colt Commander.

Smith & Wesson 4506

Det. Danny Archuleta (Rubén Blades) carries a Smith & Wesson 4506 fitted with a weaponlight as his sidearm.

Smith & Wesson 4506 - .45 ACP
Det. Danny Archuleta (Rubén Blades) at the top carries a Smith & Wesson 4506 fitted with a Laser Products model 302 weaponlight.
Det. Archuleta busts in with his 4506.
Danny on the left with his pistol drawn.

Colt MK IV Series 70

A Colt MK IV Series 70 is seen in Harrigan's trunk cache.

Colt MK IV Series 70 - .45 ACP
An MK IV Series 70 fitted with a first series of production Laser Products 310R tactical light (first type ever produced) is seen in Harrigan's trunk.

Colt Commander

A Colt Commander is seen in Harrigan's trunk cache.

Colt Combat Commander - .45 ACP
A Colt Commander is seen in Harrigan's trunk, to the left of the Smith & Wesson Model 66 and Colt MK IV Series 70, above the SIG-Sauer P226.

Miquelet Lock Pistol

This 18th century pistol with a characteristically Iberian form of flintlock ignition was presented to Mike Harrigan (Danny Glover) by the Elder Predator at the end of the film. The movie prop was an off-the-shelf commercially available non-firing replica from the Spanish manufacturer Denix, made in cast pot metal and hardwood. The external miquelet mainspring and full-cock sear are purely decorative, as the replica uses the same internal dry-fire mechanism as the other Denix models. It was reportedly customized for the movie by Keystone Arsenal Replicas. Modifications appear limited to the removal of the original die-cast sideplate and fabrication of the over-sized engraved sheet-metal replacement.

Denix 'Catalonian' replica pistol.
Harrigan is thrown the pistol.
Closeup of the pistol with the plate reading "Raphael Adolini 1715", showing how long the Predators have been hunting on Earth.
Harrigan walks with the pistol.


Dan Wesson Model 15-VH

One of the gang members on the subway can be seen pulling a Dan Wesson Revolver Model 15-VH on a train commuter.

Dan Wesson Model 15-VH - .357 Maximum (not Magnum).
"Mine's bigger than yours!" One of the gang members on the subway can be seen pulling a Dan Wesson Model 15-VH on a train commuter.
Side view of the Dan Wesson.

Smith & Wesson Model 66 (Snub)

A 2.5" barrel Smith & Wesson Model 66 is one of the handguns Harrigan selected from in his trunk cache. It also appears to be the revolver pulled by a subway rider who is threatened by some thugs.

Smith & Wesson Model 66 with 2.5" barrel - .357 Magnum
A Smith & Wesson Model 66 lying in Mike Harrigan's trunk.
A subway rider pulls his S&W 66 on some thugs.

Smith & Wesson Model 66 (Gold-plated)

The leader of the Jamaican gangsters during the voodoo-murder is seen carrying two of what appear to be gold-plated Smith & Wesson Model 66 revolvers with white (probably Ivory)-grips.

Smith & Wesson Model 66 with 4" barrel - .357 Magnum
The head gangster on the left is seen with his twin golden revolvers.
Another angle of the gangsters revolvers. The ivory grips are seen clearly.

Smith & Wesson Model 60

Several other subway passengers pull their Smith & Wesson Model 60 revolvers at the thugs.

Classic Smith & Wesson Model 60 - .38 Special
Several other subway passengers pull their Smith & Wesson Model 60 revolvers at the thugs.

Submachine Guns

Heckler & Koch MP5A2

A police officer can be seen firing a Heckler & Koch MP5A2 in a news clip in the beginning of the movie.

Heckler & Koch MP5A2 - 9x19mm
An officer fires his MP5A2 in the news footage.

Heckler & Koch MP5A3

Several LAPD officers can be seen with Heckler & Koch MP5A3s in the opening shootout.

Heckler & Koch MP5A3 - 9x19mm
A police officer is shot while holding a MP5A3.

IMI Micro Uzi

"El Scorpio" (Veteran stuntman and occasional actor Henry Kingi) is seen using two Micro Uzi's during the opening scene before being forced to flee. These customized two-tone Uzi's are the same ones used in the films The Running Man, Total Recall and Class of 1999.

Micro Uzi with 15 round magazine - 9x19mm
El Scorpio fires his Micro Uzi's. Note the slightly longer barrels.


A full size IMI Uzi is among the weapons glimpsed in El Scorpio's armory.

IMI Uzi - 9x19mm
On the shelf on the right, the Uzi's are seen.

Franchi LF-57

Jamaican gangsters use Franchi LF-57 SMG's.

Franchi LF-57 - 9x19mm
The Jamaican gangster raises his Franchi LF-57 as he begins the search of the penthouse.
The Jamaican gets shot by the Predator while holding his Franchi.

Rifles / Carbines

Colt CAR-15 variant

Harrigan (Danny Glover) uses a CAR-15 variant with an underslung M203 grenade launcher when he confronts the Predator. Since the receiver is never seen clearly it remains unidentified.

XM177 (5.56x45mm) with M203 grenade launcher (40mm)
Late 1970s model AR15 Sporter 1 Carbine - converted into an XM177 Lookalike for the film The Dogs of War - 5.56x45mm
M203 grenade launcher - 40x46mm
Mike Harrigan (Danny Glover) holds his CAR-15.
Mike Harrigan (Danny Glover) picks up his CAR-15 with an underslung M203 from the trunk of his car.
Harrigan cocks his CAR-15...
...before cocking it again just a few moments later.

Muzzelite MZ14 Bullpup

One of government agents under the command of Peter Keyes (Gary Busey) carries two Muzzelite MZ14 Bullpup rifles during the attempt to hunt down the Predator in the abattoir.

Ruger Mini-14 in a Muzzelite MZ14 Bullpup stock - 5.56x45mm
One of the government agents dual-wields the Muzzelite MZ14 Bullpup rifles while hunting down the Predator.

Steyr AUG

The Steyr AUG is used by various Colombian gang members during the shootout at the beginning of the film. Some LAPD officers are also seen holding these weapons outside of the Metro station.

Steyr AUG A1 - 5.56x45mm
A Colombian opens fire at police officers with a Steyr AUG.
A Colombian fires his Steyr AUG at police officers.
Another Colombian fires his Steyr AUG before Harrigan takes him out.
The Colombians cheer after El Scorpio blows up a car
The Colombians fire their weapons

Heckler & Koch G3A3

Several Heckler & Koch G3A3s are used by the Colombian gang during the shootout at the beginning of the film. LAPD officers are also seen using G3A3s with Imatronic LS45 laser sights attached to them.

Heckler & Koch G3A3 with wide handguard - 7.62x51mm
A Colombian fires his G3A3.
Police officers fire laser sighted G3A3s.
A Colombian fires his G3A3. He fires it way over the head of the police. Most likely this is for safety reasons.
A Police officer gets shot holding his G3A3.
One police officer can be seen holding a G3A3 behind tabloid reporter Tony Pope (Morton Downey Jr.).
An LAPD officer with a G3A3.
An LAPD officer stands next to Harrigan on the rooftop with a G3A3 fitted with an Imatronic LS45 laser sight.


When Mike Harrigan (Danny Glover) goes to the metro station to find Jerry Lambert (Bill Paxton), a police officer wearing a PASGT helmet can be seen holding an M16A1. Various M16A1s can be seen when the Colombians pick up weapons at the beginning of the film.

Colt M16A1 with 20 round magazine - 5.56x45mm
An LAPD officer with an M16A1 runs past Harrigan and Captain Pilgrim (Kent McCord).

Ruger AC556K

The short barreled version of the AC556, the Ruger AC556K is used by the Jamaican gangsters.

Ruger AC556K - 5.56x45mm
A Jamaican holding a Ruger AC556K.
A Jamaican fires a Ruger AC556K.

M1 Carbine

A number of M1 Carbines were seen on a circular gun rack at the Colombian gang's armory while the Colombians were re-arming with heavier weapons.

World War II Era M1 Carbine, with Dark Walnut Stock, 'L' peep sight and no bayonet lug - .30 Carbine - correct for most of WWII, shown with khaki sling and oiler and a period twin magazine pouch for buttstock
Pred2 046.jpg

AK47 / AKM

Among the many guns (and missiles) seen in the Colombians' stash, at least three AK-47s or AK-47 derivatives (such as AKM) is seen in a weapons crate.

AKM - 7.62x39mm
On the right, a few AK47/AKM are seen in the weapons crate.


Benelli M1 Super 90 "Entry"

In addition to his Desert Eagle, Harrigan uses a Benelli M1 Super 90 "Entry" semi-auto shotgun with a cut-down barrel, removed stock, pistol grip and laser sight. This gun is the same one used in the short lived 80's television series "The Highwayman" starring Sam Jones. Harrigan uses it to kill various gang members and to injure the Predator near the end of the film.

Benelli M1 Super 90 "Entry" in tactical pistol grip configuration - 12 Gauge
Harrigan grabs his Benelli from his trunk
Harrigan fires his Benelli at the Colombians. A total of ten shots even though a tube that short couldn't possibly hold that many.
Harrigan fires the Benelli at the Predator. Again he fires ten shots from such a short tube. At least the movie's consistent with its inaccuracies.
With his shotgun out, Harrigan inspects the Predator.
Harrigan holds the Benelli to the predators throat.

Franchi SPAS-15

A Franchi SPAS-15 can be seen being used by an LAPD sergeant (Steve Kahan) with a laser sight attached to it (which seems rather unnecessary for a shotgun unless it is using slugs) in the beginning of the movie.

Franchi SPAS-15 - 12 Gauge
The Sergeant (Steve Kahan) with his SPAS-15 in the opening shootout.
Another shot of the SPAS-15.

Mossberg 500 Bullpup

In the opening shootout and throughout the film, several LAPD officers can be seen with Mossberg 500 Bullpups. It's also briefly glimpsed in Harrigan's trunk as he loads up before confronting the Predator. Garber (Adam Baldwin) also is seen carrying one as he confronts Harrigan at the end of the film.

Mossberg 500 Bullpup with 18.5" Barrel - 12 Gauge
Garber (Adam Baldwin) is seen with a Mossberg bullpup while confronting Harrigan.
The Bullpup also briefly glimpsed in Harrigan's trunk as he loads up before confronting the Predator.

Heavy Weapons

Barrett M82A1

At the start of the movie, one of the Colombian gangsters picks up an early model Barrett M82A1 from their weapons cache. The gangster with the Barrett M82A1 is Thomas Rosales Jr., a Hispanic professional stuntman who routinely plays unnamed thugs in motion pictures.

Early model Barrett M82A1 - .50 BMG (12.7x99mm)
One of El Scorpio's gangsters (Thomas Rosales Jr.) pulls up the Barrett M82A1. When he flips the front-lid of the scope there is a distinct metal sound eventhough the lid is made of plastic.
Side shot of the Barret M82A1 Anti Materiel Rifle.

Iver Johnson AMAC-1500

One of the Colombians is seen taking up a Iver Johnson AMAC-1500 in El Scorpio's armory. Perhaps not the best choice for a stand off with police, as to reload the bolt needs to be completely removed and a single round loaded to fire.

Iver Johnson AMAC-1500 - .50 BMG
Iver Johnson rifle.
A colombian withdrawing the bolt in order to attach a bullet. The order of the scene is reversed. First the colombian is seen attaching a round to the removed bolt, then he is seen in the above photo removing the bolt.

M60 Machine Gun

Two Colombians pick up two M60 machine guns when they are in their weapons cache. One member of the special team headed up by Peter Keyes (Gary Busey) uses one with the bipod and the sights removed (a la US Navy SEALs in Vietnam).

M60 GPMG - 7.62x51mm
The M60 is seen behind El Scorpio.

Defense Technologies 1315 37mm

Colombian gang leader 'El Scorpio' (Henry Kingi) uses a two tone Def Tech 1315 37mm launcher, made to act like an HE launcher. Its used to kill or injure two LAPD officers and destroy a Police car.

DefTech 1315 - 37mm
'El Scorpio' (Henry Kingi) readies his DefTech 1315 37mm Launcher. Kingi also appeared in Predator as the guerrilla that gets blown up when he tries to stop the runaway truck Arnold Schwarzenegger sent careering into the rebel camp.
'El Scorpio' (Henry Kingi) celebrates after blowing up a police car with his DefTech 1315 37mm Launcher. In reality this is not possible with that weapon, since the explosion looks more like an 80mm mortar round than a 37mm "HE" round.
"Come and get it! El Scorpio is ready!" The Colombian Gang leader (Henry Kingi) emotes after taking a large hit of cocaine, while holding his Deftech 1315.
An armory crate filled with Deftech 1315 37mm launchers is seen in the Colombian gang armory.

Browning M2HB

Among the weapons glimpsed in El Scorpio's armory is a Browning M2HB Machine gun.

Browning M2HB on vehicle mount - .50 BMG
The M2 is seen laying against the wall in the center background.

M47 Dragon

Among the weapons glimpsed in El Scorpio's armory is an M47 Dragon launcher.

M47 Dragon - 140mm
The M47 is seen laying against a wall to the right.

Double Barreled Firearm

A custom double barreled firearm is carried by one of Peter Keyes' men.

Rear of weapon
Rifle seen in the hands on the man to the right
Closeup of the two barrels in the center
The two-barrel weapon bringing up the rear.

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