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1612: Khroniki smutnogo vremeni
1612: Chronicles of the Time of Troubles
1612 poster.jpg
DVD Cover
Country RUS.jpg Russia
Directed by Vladimir Khotinenko
Release Date 2007
Language Russian
Studio Central Partnership
Federal Agency for Culture and Cinematography
Golden Eagle
Distributor Central Partnership
Main Cast
Character Actor
Andrei Pyotr Kislov
Polish hetman Kybowsky Michal Zebrowski
Kostka Artur Smolyaninov
Prince Dmitri Pozharsky Mikhail Porechenkov
Brigand Osina Aleksandr Baluev
Xenia Borisovna Violetta Davydovskaya
Voevoda of the Navolok Marat Basharov
Styopka Podkova Daniil Spivakovskiy
Mordan Aleksandr Samoylenko
Alvaro Borja Ramón Langa

1612 (Original title is 1612: Хроники Смутного времени; 1612: Khroniki smutnogo vremeni, literal 1612: Chronicles of the Dark Time (or 1612: Chronicles of the Time of Troubles)) is a 2007 Russian movie, directed Vladimir Khotinenko. This is the second movie about Time of Troubles. The first is Minin and Pozharsky. The story tooked place during the end of Time of Troubles, and is mixed of historical events and fantasy elements.

The following weapons were used in the film 1612:



Wheellock Pistol

Several Swedish and Polisah mercenaries uses Wheellock Pistols throughout the pistol.

Wheellock pistol
Swedish mercenary carries the pistol on his belt.
1612 pistol 1 2.jpg
Polish mercenary draws his pistol...
...to kill ortodox priest.
1612 pistol 1 5.jpg

Flintlock Pistol

Brigand Osina (Aleksandr Baluev) carries anacronistic Flintlock Pistol throughout the movie and fires it many times. Voevoda of the Navolok (Marat Basharov), Ivan Nikitich (uncredited) and several mercenaries also uses flintlock pistols during the siege.

Replica Spanish Miqulet Flintlock Pistol similar to one used in Predator 2
Good view of the flintlock.
1612 pistol 2 2.jpg
Osina ambush with his flintlock pistol.
Osina draws his pistol...
...and fires it.
Ivan Nikitich covers with his pistol.


Wheellock Musket

Kostka's (Artur Smolyaninov) personal firearm is the Wheellock Musket. Another model of the Wheellock Musket were used by Alvaro Borja (Ramón Langa). Andrei (Pyotr Kislov) also briefly holds Alvaro's musket.

Wheellock Musket (16th/17th centuries)
Kostka (Artur Smolyaninov) holds his musket.
1612 musket 2 2.jpg
Kostka (Artur Smolyaninov) turns the wheel.
1612 musket 2 4.jpg
Alvaro Borja (Ramón Langa) with a wheellock musket.
1612 musket 2 6.jpg
1612 musket 2 7.jpg
Alvaro Borja (Ramón Langa) fires.
Close view of the muzzle.

Matchlock Musket

Near all Polish and Swedish mercenaries, as well as several Russian soldiers and militia (irregular soldiers) can be seen armed with the Matchlock Muskets. One can be briefly seen inthe hands of Kostka (Artur Smolyaninov).

A Matchlock musket.
Polish mercenaries with a matchlock musket.
1612 musket 1 2.jpg
Polish mercenaries carries muskets.
1612 musket 1 4.jpg
Close view of the matchlock.
Mercenary (Sergey Safronov) aims.
Polish mercenaries fires.
Musket at the center in the hands of Swedish mercenary.
Kostka (Artur Smolyaninov) aims.
Polish mercenaries fires their matchlock musket during the siege of Navolok.
1612 musket 1 11.jpg


Fuse Grenade

Polish mercenaries uses Fuse Grenades during the siege of Navolok.

Polish mercenary readies his grenade.
Activated grenade a second before explosion.

Improvised Grenade

Navolok defenders uses improvised grenades, made from clay pots.

Two improvised grenades puted on the catapult.

Grenade Launchers & Mortars

Matchlock Grenade Launcher

Ivan Nikitich fires matchlock Grenade Launcher.

1612 launcher 1.jpg
1612 launcher 2.jpg
1612 launcher 3.jpg
Close view.
Launcher fires.
1612 launcher 6.jpg
Close Up.
1612 launcher 8.jpg
1612 launcher 9.jpg

Heavy Mortar

Polish mercenaries uses heavy mortars during the siege.

1612 mortair 1.jpg
1612 mortair 2.jpg

Heavy Weapons


Russian soldiers and Polish mercenaries fires cannons many times.

Naval cannon - 18th century
Russian soldiers loads the cannon by the False Dmitriy I's ash
1612 cannon 1 2.jpg
1612 cannon 1 3.jpg
1612 cannon 1 4.jpg

Leather Cannon

Andrei (Pyotr Kislov) made the Leather Cannon. It's historically correct. This was an actual cannon.

1612 cannon 2 1.jpg
1612 cannon 2 3.jpg

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