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Escape from Tarkov
Escape from Tarkov logo 1.jpg
Release Date: First alpha test - 1Q 2016
Developer: BattleState Games
Publisher: BattleState Games
Series: Russia 2028
Platforms: PC
Genre: Online first-person shooter / MMOFPS

Escape from Tarkov is a first-person shooter video game by BattleState Games. The game is currently in Closed Beta testing (since 2016).

The game is set in the fictional city of Tarkov of the Norvinsk region in Russia in the Russia 2028 universe (same as Contract Wars). Set in 2016, Escape from Tarkov follows two rival private military companies - the western-aligned United Security (USEC) and Russian-backed Battle Encounter Assault Regiment (BEAR) in their battle for control over the city of Tarkov following a major destabilizing event that had the entire region placed under military lockdown by both UN and Russian military, with the ultimate goal for each player being to successfully escape the city, following the eponymous title.

Players take control of operators from one of the two aforementioned PMC factions, choosing one to join when first starting the game - the faction joined influences initial skills and equipment. The primary FPS elements occur in the game's matches, where are a large number of players descend upon any of the game's maps of their choosing to loot weapons, gear, and goods from the map spawns as well as other players they kill - in order to leave the map, one must reach a designated "extract point" in order to keep what they have acquired. If the player dies during the match, anything they have picked up as well as all gear they bring into the match is automatically lost, with some little exceptions.

A third non-aligned faction of desperate survivors called "Scavs" (short for "Scavengers") also appear as hostile AI that roam around the game's maps. Players also have the ability to join the match as a Scav, chosen before it begins, though it is only temporary. Player-controlled Scavs have randomized (generally low-end) weapons, gear, and stats on spawning in, and start out automatically friendly with AI Scavs (though the AI will turn hostile to any player Scav if they are witnessed attacking or killing other Scavs.) Upon a successful extract, player Scavs have any earned loot automatically transferred to their player character's inventory, making Scavs a relatively risk-free means of acquiring new gear.

Gunplay is very realistic, with simulation for bullet ballistics and weapon degrading and realistic body part-based damage model. There are also a host of unusual actions the player can perform with their weapons, such as chamberloading, ejecting individual rounds, and speed reloading that discards the original magazine. Ammo in particular needs to be loaded individually to magazines, which then needs to be placed into the player's rig inventory spots to be used in reloading, which are tracked individually. The attachment system is similarly expansive, encompassing many real world accessories and allowing modification of every major part of the gun, including essential parts such as the receiver.

The following weapons are used in the video game Escape from Tarkov:



Glock 17

Introduced in February 2018, the Glock 17 can be purchased from trader Sergey "Mechanic" Samoylov, who was added alongside the Glock. A variety of aftermarket slides and barrels are also available for the pistol, ranging from Salient Arms International barrels to compensated Zev Technologies slides. Regular 17-round, 21-round Magpul GL9 magazines, extended 33-rounds stick magazines, and a 50-rounds drum magazine can be used with the Glock 17.

Glock 17 Gen 3 - 9x19mm
Left side of the Glock 17 in the weapon customization menu.
Right side of the Glock 17 in the weapon customization menu.
Disassembled model of the Glock 17 in the weapon customization menu.

Glock 18C

The Glock 18C is added in Patch It does not share with barrels and slides with the Glock 17, but can accept its magazines and iron sights.

Glock 18C (3rd Generation) - 9x19mm
Checking the 33 round magazine. Good view on fire selector and the compensator cut in the slide
Loading the 50 round drum in the modified Glock 18C, fitted with scope mount and (now inferior) Dead Ringer rear sight
Left side of the Glock 18 in the weapon customization menu.
Right side of the Glock 18 in the weapon customization menu.
Another view of the Glock 18. Note the holes in the barrel and slide.

Makarov PB

The suppressed Makarov PB is available in the game. It spawns rarely on Scavengers and can be traded for bartering items by trader Prapor. Like the Makarov PM, only its grip and magazines can be removed. An 80-round drum magazine can also be attached to the weapon, however it's exceedingly rare.

Makarov PB - 9x18mm Makarov
Left side of the PB in the weapon customization menu.
Right side.
PB without silencer.
The Makarov PB in-game, warm from a few shots.
Releasing the drum magazine.
Sliding in a new one.

Makarov PM

The Makarov PM is a fairly common pistol in EFT. PMCs will have a few available in their stash and the weapon is a fairly common loot in Military Cargo crates. Scavengers, both Player and AI, may occasionally use a Makarov PM as their starting weapon. A special variant exists in-game called the PM (t) which has a threaded barrel to accept sound suppressors. Currently, only the grip and magazine can be removed from the weapon, and an 80 round drum magazine is also available, albeit at an extreme rarity.

Makarov PM - 9x18mm Makarov
Left side of the Makarov in the weapon customization menu.
Right side.
The PM in-game.
Aiming at the sky.
Pulling out an empty magazine.
Inserting a new mag.
Pulling the slide.
Inspecting the pistol.
Ditto; other side.
The special version of PM - PM(t).

MP-443 Grach

The MP-443 Grach fills the role of a less common mid-tier pistol in the game. PMCs in the Russian BEAR faction will receive the pistol in their stash in the latest patch. Scavs can also spawn with the pistol alongside a few spare magazines, and on occasion a Scav may spawn with a customized Grach equipped with an under-barrel weaponlight. Currently, the weapon cannot be suppressed, but it can accept attachments via its underbarrel rail.

MP-443 Grach - 9x19mm
Left side of the MP-443 in the weapon customization menu.
Right side.
The MP-443 Grach with a torch.
Aiming the pistol.
Removing an empty mag.
Sliding in a new one.
The slide, a few frames away from returning to battery.

SIG-Sauer P226R

The SIG-Sauer P226R is primarily issued to the USEC faction, whose PMCs will get some in their stash. The weapon is also a possible spawn weapon for Scavengers, sometimes with its iron sights missing, and rarely with an underbarrel weaponlight equipped. Unlike the MP-443, it can be suppressed, and also use compact reflex sights via either aftermarket slide rails or scope mounts.

SIG-Sauer P226R - 9x19mm
SIG-Sauer P226 with wood grips - 9x19mm
Left side of the P226R in the weapon customization menu.
Right side.
Disassembled model of the P226R in the weapon customization menu.
The P226 with a torch and a (nice) MRE Meal 18.
Reloading a tricked-out P226.
Custom P226R in customization menu

Tokarev TT-33

The Tokarev TT-33 is a dated, but viable pistol available in the game. It is infrequently carried by AI Scavs in-game and is a rare spawn for Player Scavs. Currently the TT-33 is the only weapon to utilise the 7.62x25mm round, of which 7 types are available. Additionally, the TT-33 can be outfitted with a "home-spun" threaded barrel and a home-made suppressor, making it one of the earliest and most cost effective suppressed pistols currently in the game. Various aftermarket modifications such as muzzle brakes and LAMs were added later.

A gold-plated TT-33 with custom wooden grips is the backup weapon of Scav Boss "Dealmaker" ("Reshala", which in Russian slang also means "executor"). Aside from its appearance, it's identical to a regular TT and is considered more like a trophy than a weapon, and even then it's still valued less than Reshala's primary weapon, a modified AK-102.

Tokarev TT-33 - 7.62x25mm
Left side of the TT in the weapon customization menu.
Right side.

Stetchkin APS

The Stechkin APS and its silenced variant Stechkin APB were introduced in patch 0.8. While the base APS is an unpopular sidearm due of its high recoil and the poor ballistics of the 9x18 round, the silenced APB equipped with wire stock and loaded with special hollow-point SP7 ammunition is often used by experienced players as a budget primary weapon, which is surprisingly effective against unarmored targets.

The standard APS is also a common sidearm amongst the Scav Raiders.

Stechkin APS - 9x18mm Makarov
Left side of the APS in the weapon customization menu.
Right side.
Disassembled model of the APS in the weapon customization menu.
Performing a magazine check

Stechkin APB

Stetchkin APB - 9x18mm
APB fitted with wire stock in customization menu.
APB without silencer in customization menu.


The SR-1MP is Russian special forces pistol "kit" that includes the SR-1 pistol, a sound suppressor, and quad-rail accessory mount. All three components of the SR-1MP are available in the game, and can be combined together to form the whole set. It is currently the only 9x21mm weapon in the game.

SR-1M - 9×21mm Gyurza
SR-1MP - 9×21mm Gyurza
Left side of the SR1MP in the weapon customization menu.
Right side.
An SR-1M with some smoke trailing out of the pipe.
The fully kitted out SR-1MP, or "Shrimp" as it is nicknamed among English-speaking players.
Inserting a fresh mag, which automatically causes the slide to drop on empty reloads (note the lack of an external slide stop/release).

Beretta M9A3

The Beretta M9A3 was added in patch

Beretta M9A3 - 9x19mm Parabellum
The Beretta M9A3 in-game.
M9A3 in hands of a player's character
Loading a fresh magazine
Taking a good look on the left side...
...and the right side of the handgun

FN Five-seveN

The FN Five-seveN MK2 was added in patch

FN Five-seveN Mark 2 - FN 5.7×28mm.
Holding a default Five-seveN in the hideout.
Loading new magazine, full of SS190 rounds.

Submachine Guns

Heckler & Koch MP5

The H&K MP5 is available in the game. The MP5 is not used by normal Scavs, but is often wielded by Raiders, and can acquired by PMCs via the trader "Peacekeeper". The version featured in-game appears to be either an A4 or an A5 model due to the four position fire selector but is described in-game as being a Navy Model.

Peacekeeper sells two fixed stock variants, the unsuppressed MP5A4 (at loyalty level 1) and the suppressed MP5SD5 (at loyalty level 2, and after the player completes a quest for Peacekeeper). Players can customize the MP5 extensively, such as replacing the fixed stock for a collapsible one, or replace its foreend with a railed one to mount under-barrel attachments. A 50 round drum magazine and 20 round magazine are also available.

Heckler & Koch MP5A4 - 9x19mm
Left side of the MP5 in the weapon customization menu.
Right side of the MP5 in the weapon customization menu.
Disassembled model of the MP5 in the weapon customization menu.
The MP5A4 inside of the Factory.
Pinky-promising the charging handle that it'll be locked back.
Inserting a fresh 9mm stick magazine.

Heckler & Koch MP5SD5

Heckler & Koch MP5SD5 - 9x19mm
Loading an X-Products drum magazine into a MP5SD5.
HK-slapping the MP5SD.

Heckler & Koch MP5K

The Heckler & Koch MP5K was added in patch It is sold by Peacekeeper at loyalty level 1.

Heckler & Koch MP5KA4 (3 round burst added) with 15-round magazine - 9x19mm.
Eft mp5k default idle.jpg
Eft mp5k default inspect.jpg
Eft mp5k default reload.jpg

Heckler & Koch MP7

The Heckler & Koch MP7 is added in the 0.10.5 update. Two variants are available: MP7A1 and MP7A2. Both variants have an array of magazines to choose from, with 20, 30 and 40 round magazines. Only the MP7A2 can mount foregrips, and the MP7A1 cannot.

Heckler & Koch MP7A1 with factory 20-round magazine and rifle sights flipped up - 4.6x30mm
Heckler & Koch MP7A2 with RAL8000 finish - 4.6x30mm
The MP7A1 in the customization menu. Its stock is currently collapsed. With a collapsed stock and no suppressor equipped the gun is taking just two slots in inventory, allowing to fit it in a magazine pouch on player's chest rig. This move is also allowing player to quickly draw the SMG and use it, making it a very effective sidearm
The left side. Stock is retracted now. Although losing some mobility and utility, now the recoil is way lower
Disassembled model of the MP7A1 in the weapon customization menu.
Unleashing the swarm of 4.6x30 armor piercing bullets
Checking the 40 round magazine, loaded in a customized MP7A2

PP-19-01 Vityaz

The PP-19-01 Vityaz is a 9x19mm submachine gun available in the game. PMCs can purchase it from trader Prapor at loyalty level 1, and BEAR PMCs receive the weapon with the "Prepare to Escape" and "Escape from Darkness" editions. The weapon is currently the cheapest of the SMGs, and one of the first that the player can modify extensively. The SMG initially had a vicious recoil; this has been reduced in subsequent patches.

PP-19-01 "Vityaz-SN" - 9x19mm
Reloading a suppressed PP-19.
Strong-arming the bolt to rechamber the SMG.
PP-19-01 Vityaz-SN with Zenit accessories - 9x19mm
PP-19-01 Vityaz-SN with Zenit accessories in customization menu.

Saiga 9

The Saiga 9, a semi-automatic carbine variant with a 16 inch barrel, was added to the game. It is used by Scavs, equipped with 10 round magazines that are interchangeable with regular 30 round Vityaz magazines. It can still utilize many of the attachments that can be mounted onto the Vityaz.

Saiga 9 - 9x19mm

PP-91 Kedr

There are two variants of the PP-91 Kedr in-game, the standard "Kedr" and the "Kedr-B". The "B" variant features a threaded barrel to accept sound suppressors and other muzzle devices. Currently the "Kedr" is infrequently used by AI Scavs, and can be bought from the trader Prapor. The "Kedr-B" can be bartered from Prapor with various items.

The "Kedr" as of the current patch has been nerfed considerably from previous patches, dealing almost no damage against armor even with AP ammunition. Additionally, it cannot fire 9x18mm PMM increased-power rounds, and is restricted to using the older 9x18mm PBM as its AP ammunition (which still has trouble penetrating low tier armor). The weapon can be outfitted with barrel-mounted accessory rails for sights and weaponlights, and utilizes 20-round or 30-round stick magazines, of which the latter can only be purchased with bartering items.

Kedr PP-91 - 9x18mm Makarov
PP-91-01 Kedr-B - 9x18mm
Reloading a well-equipped PP-91. Note how the bolt locks back on empty.
Releasing the bolt by tugging the charging handle.
About to unfold the stock on a Kedr-B.

PP-9 Klin

The PP-9 Klin is another special variant of the Kedr that is available for purchase from Prapor via barter. It does not spawn on AI Scavengers, as of the current patch. It has slightly different recoil patterns from the Kedr and has a slightly higher 1000 RPM fire rate. It can utilize the same attachments and magazines as the Kedr, but can also use PMM ammunition in addition to the PBM, unlike the Kedr.

Klin PP-9 - 9x18mm PMM


The SIG-Sauer MPX is available for use by PMCs and Scav raiders, and can bought from trader Peacekeeper. While it is the Gen 1 version, it is equipped with the collapsible stock of an earlier MPX prototype by default, and can equip a stock adaptor for other stock options.

It is the most versatile of the SMGs and features two variants like the MP5, a standard variant and another variant with an Integral suppressor. It is the second-fastest-firing SMG at 850 RPM, and can equip more attachments than the MP5, some of which are interchangeable with the AR-15 rifles. 0.11.5 patch introduced more unique weapon parts, including new barrels, hanguards, magazines and stocks.

SIG-Sauer MPX, Gen 1 - 9x19mm
SIG-Sauer MPX, prototype model - 9x19mm. Image used to show the stock.
Taking an empty mag out of the SIG MPX. Although hard to see, the transparent magazine is empty.


SIG-Sauer MPX-SD, Gen 1 - 9x19mm
Inserting a fresh one into an MPX-SD.
Thumbing in the bolt release paddle.

FN P90

The FN P90 was added in patch 3 versions are available in-game - the original variant with its integrated reflex sight, the rail-equipped P90TR, and a variant fitted with an aftermarket EFFEN 90 flat top upper receiver. It can also accept a unique proprietary suppressor. The P90 can also be fitted with the 16" extended barrel of the FN PS90 civilian carbine variant, as well as its green body.

FN P90 - FN 5.7x28mm
FN P90 TR - FN 5.7x28mm
FN PS90 customized with a short SBR barrel and an aftermarket EFFEN 90 flat-top upper receiver - 5.7x28mm
Holding the former of these 3 variants in the Hideout's indoor range.
Swapping out the magazine; these are correctly depicted as transparent in-game, though the lighting makes this rather hard to see.
Looking through the integrated reflex sight.
A customized P90TR. With the exception of the sight (a PK-06, rather than the original EOTech), this version is identical to infamous "P90 DEVGRU" variant from Contract Wars (which is set in the same universe as EFT). This is likely an in-community joke, because this build currently can be bartered from the Mechanic for five CP points (a barter item identical in appearance to Contract Wars' microtransaction-based currency).
Reloading the modified P90TR.
Chamber-checking the P90 is a rather unusual process, involving a quick partial ejection of a magazine, followed by a short pull of the charging handle to get a look into the chamber. A nice detail, though it isn't fully visible here.
FN PS90 - FN 5.7x28mm
Mil-spec FN P90, customized with the PS90's 16" barrel and a green body in the customization menu

Brügger & Thomet MP9

The Brügger & Thomet MP9 was added in v0.12.2.5479 patch.Two versions are available in the game: MP9 and MP9N. The MP9 is tan-colored and an underbarrel rail for tactical grips, and the MP9N is black-color and features the regular foregrip.

Brügger & Thomet MP9 - 9x19mm

Assault Rifles

AS Val

The AS Val is a late-game weapon available for barter from trader Prapor. While the effective range and muzzle velocity of the 9x39mm round is fairly low, it boasts one of the highest DPS in the game with its very high armor penetration. In addition, it has the fastest assault rifle rate of fire at 900 RPM, something only shared by the Kedr and Klin SMGs.

AS Val - 9x39mm
AS Val in customization menu. Left side.
AS Val in customization menu. Right side
The AS Val in first-person.
Iron sights.
The Val with its magazine removed.
Placing in a new one.
Rechambering the AS Val.
Inspecting the right side.
And the left.
An AS Val without its dust cover.


The M4A1 is a ubiquitous weapon in EFT. It is the most customizable weapon in the game, with a multitude of options for rails, grips, stocks, magazines, real handguards from companies such as Knight's Armament Company, Daniel Defense, and War Sport, and even charging handle options, including the Badger Ordnance Tactical Latch or the Raptor charging handle. At one point in development, the M4A1 was the only 5.56mm weapon available; this is no longer the case as more 5.56mm weapons are added.

Originally, the M4A1's default configuration included several aftermarket parts (namely a KAC railed handguard, a Windham Weaponry railed low-profile gas block, and a set of Colt A2 iron sights); patch 0.8.3 added the "classic" M4A1 parts - the standard round M4 handguard, a detachable carrying handle, and a standard gas block/front sight. From then on the "standard" M4A1 became the rifle's default configuration, with the previous build being renamed the "M4A1 SOPMOD I".

Other customization options include the Mk 18 Mod 0 10.5-inch barrel. The Mk 18 is often used by Scav Raiders, equipped with 60-round Surefire quad-stack magazines, a Magpul CTR stock, a KAC railed handguard, a Tango stubby grip, a flashlight, and a Walther MRS reflex sight, installed on quick-detachable Picatinny raiser.

Colt M4A1 - 5.56x45mm NATO
A customized M4A1 in a pre-release trailer.
Loading a Surefire quad-stack 60-round magazine into the rifle.
An M4A1 in the customization menu. Note the gas tube protruding from the front of the handguard, as the gas block has been removed by the player. The lack of a gas block would render the gun unable to cycle, making it essentially a straight-pull bolt action; this is accurately reflected in-game, with the customization menu prohibiting the player from equipping a "non-ready to fire" weapon. Low-profile gasblocks became a "must-have" modification for a many players.
The "Standard" M4A1 introduced in patch 0.8.3 in the customization menu. Player now must install a railed handguard in order to fit their M4A1 with foregrips, LAMs, and/or flashlights.
An example of a (rather tastelessly) customized M4A1. The top of the AR-15 carry handle is able to accept some sights, such as Trijicon ACOGs (both 3.5x35 TA11D and 4x32 TA01NSN) and the Primary Arms Compact Prism 2.5x. Otherwise, those scopes require their specific mounts in order to be mounted on a accessory rail.
The "LVOA" variant, sold by dealer Mechanic. Aside from the War Sport LVOA-S handguard, this build also includes the Vltor MUR-1S upper receiver and the Vltor EMOD stock.
Mk 18 Mod 0 with LMT rear sight, Crane stock, and RIS foregrip - 5.56x45mm NATO
A custom Mk 18 Mod 0, formerly owned by a Scav Raider. Unfortunately for players, the recoil on this build is rather high, so captured rifles are often either heavily rebuilt or simply disassembled and sold for parts.
Inspecting a Mk 18 Mod 0, this one is built by a player to closely resemble the reference image
Swapping a STANAG for a fresh Magpul PMAG. The KAC QD Compensator is allowing to attach a proprietary NT-4 Quick Detachable Sound Suppressor right on it


The AK-74, specifically the AK-74N variant with an attached night scope rail is available from Prapor at level 2, and can be purchased with or without ammunition via various trade options usually with black polymer furniture. The weapon features plenty of customization options from manufacturers like Zenitco, CAA, Magpul, and TAPCO.

The AKS-74 (AKS-74N variant) and a proper AK-74M were added in the 0.8 patch. The v0.11.0.2448 patch added an original AK-74 and AKS-74 variant without the "N" prefix as a cheaper alternative.

AK-74 - 5.45x39mm
The AK-74 in customization menu.
Right side.
The AK-74 in-game.
Aiming down the sights.
Pulling an empty 30-round magazine out.
Rocking in a new one.
Pulling the charging handle.
Looking at one side of the rifle.
And the other.


Both AKS-74 and AKS-74N are presented alongside with other AK family. The former variant is sometimes carried by regular Scavs, while modified AKS-74Ns are often wielded by AI-controlled elite Reshala's bodyguards, fitted with railed TRAX 1 handguards, PK-06 sights and PWS 5.45 muzzle brakes.

AKS-74 - 5.45x39mm


The AK-74M is the most popular AK-74 variant among both Scavs and players, making it the most popular weapon in the game period. While popular, it cannot mount some of the aftermarket stocks designed specifically for fixed stock AKs, such as the Magpul Zhukov.

AK-74M - 5.45x39mm

AK-100 Series

With exception to the counter-balanced AK-107/108 rifles, the AK-100 family of rifles was brought into Escape From Tarkov with the 0.8 patch. The AK-101 and its shorter AK-102 variant are the first, and so far only 5.56mm AK variants on offer. The AK-103 and AK-104 are more advanced alternatives to their older, classic AKM brothers. They offer side-folding stocks and the side-rail for attaching Russian non-railed optics and scope mounts. The AK-105 is an intermediary between the AKS-74U and AK-74, offering reduced barrel length without having the increased recoil of the AKS-74U.


AK-101 - 5.56x45mm


AK-102 - 5.56x45mm


AK-103 - 7.62x39mm


AK-104 - 7.62x39mm


AK-105 - 5.45x39mm


Several flavors of the AKM are available in the game, the first and foremost being the original AKM with a fixed wood stock. By default, it has a stamped receiver with no provision for mounting sights, but there is also an "AKMN" variant with the scope mount bracket on the left side of the receiver.

AKM - 7.62x39mm
A tacticool AKM in game.
Setting the fire selector to full-auto, confirming it isn't one of the civilian models.
Charging the AKM.


The AKMS with the underfolding stock, which can be folded to take up less inventory space, is also available in EFT. As with the regular AKM, there is a "AKMSN" variant with the side rail for mounting optics or a sight rail.

AKMS - 7.62x39mm
Rocking a magazine into an AKMS, note the sling mount on the folding stock.


The AKS-74U is one of the earliest and cheaper weapons that can purchased from the trader "Prapor" at the lowest level of reputation. They are somewhat uncommonly used by both AI and player Scavs. Those that are carried by Scavs tend to lack an array of even standard factory parts. It can be outfitted with a variety of custom furniture pieces, mostly ones from Zenitco.

There are 2 variants, the AKS-74UN, which has a side rail for optics and optic mounts, and the AKS-74UB. The modeled UB is technically a UBN as it features a side rail for optics. The only muzzle device compatible with the UB is the PBS-4. The AKS-74UB also has an RPK-style rear sight, without leaf sight itself.

AKS-74U - 5.45x39mm
Actuating the AKS-74U's fire selector.
Reloading a quad-stack 60 rounder magazine.
Charging the carbine.

Heckler & Koch HK416 A5

The Heckler & Koch HK416 A5 is added in patch v0.11.0.2448. In terms of performance, it behaves as superior version of M4A1, with decreased base recoil and increased rate of fire up to 850 RPM. Its default 14.5 inch barrel can be replaced with a short 11 inch barrel and the HK Quad Rail handguard. Currently, the HK416 is one of the most expensive weapons to buy from a trader, being sold by the Peacekeeper at high level of reputation. The weapon is also sometimes is used by NPC Scav Raiders in short barrel configuration.

Heckler & Koch HK416 A5 with 14.5 inch barrel and black finish - 5.56x45mm
HK416 A5 in its default configuration in modification menu.
Default HK416 A5 in the hands of a player character.
Heckler & Koch HK416 A5 with 11 inch barrel and black finish - 5.56x45mmm
The HK416 A5 fitted with an 11 inch barrel and Quad Rail handguard in the modification menu. This hanguard can be fitted on a 14.5 inch barrel as well; both the Quad Rail handguard and the 14.5 inch barrel feature integrated flip-up front sights, and due a bug, both front sights would be flipped up if no optic is used.
Short barreled HK416 A5 in the field.

Heckler & Koch HK433

The Hideout contains a poster of the Heckler & Koch HK433. The rifle isn't usable in-game.

Heckler & Koch HK433 with 11" barrel - 5.56x45mm NATO
Heckler & Koch HK433 on poster in Hideout.

Desert Tech Micro Dynamic Rifle

The 5.56 version of Desert Tech Micro Dynamic Rifle is added in patch 0.11.7. This is the first bullpup weapon featured in the game. The 7.62x51 NATO version of the MDR is also confirmed and expected to be added in future updates.

Desert Tech Micro Dynamic Rifle, final production version - 5.56x45mm NATO
DT MDR in the customization menu. It comes without any sights by default, so it might be a good idea to buy one. Even a cheapest one, which in this case it going to be a set of Colt A2 iron sights. Or just spend a few dozen dollars more and purchase Burris FastFire compact RDS...
DT MDR in hands of a player's character
Inspecting the rifle. The fire selector is correctly set on full-auto, ideal for Factory's close quarters combat
Checking MDR's chamber. The rifle is fully ambidextrous and can be easily converted for left-handed shooters. But, unsurprisingly, this feature isn't depicted in the game
Checking the magazine. DT MDR is correctly depicted to be compatible with any AR-15 type .223 magazine

Desert Tech Micro Dynamic Rifle .308

The 7,62x51mm version of the Desert Tech Micro Dynamic Rifle .308 was added in v0.12.2.5479 patch, and can be differentiated from the previous 5.56 variant by its black color.

Desert Tech Micro Dynamic Rifle, black - .308 Winchester
Promo photo of DT MDR 7.62.


The ShAK-12 was added in patch At the moment, there are avaliable mags for 10 and 20 rounds, as well as its own unique silencer. In addition, there are rails on the handguard from the bottom and side, for foregrips and the tactical combo devices. Also on top is rail for sights. Note: in the game the weapon is called "ASh-12", however the model clearly indicates ShAK-12

ShAK-12 - 12.7x55mm
ShAK-12 in game

Magpul Masada

The Hideout added in patch 0.12 features a poster of a Magpul Masada; the rifle isn't usable in-game.

Magpul Masada (1st gen) - 5.56x45mm NATO
Magpul Masada on poster in Hideout.


The DSA SA58 OSW chambered in 7.62x51mm is added in Patch It features an extensive amount of customization options, including some original FAL parts.

DSA SA58 OSW Carbine - 7.62x51mm NATO
SA58 AUS in the customization menu
DSA58 MECHANIC in the customization menu
Inspecting a SA58 BEL
Reloading a DSA58 OSW
Checking the DSA58's chamber

Designated marksman rifles

Springfield Armory M1A SOCOM 16

Introduced in the 0.8 patch, the M1A SOCOM 16 is a middle-of-the-road alternative to the SKS and RSASS, offering proper 7.62x51mm battle rifle characteristics in a handy package. It is appropriately semi-automatic only. Available stock/chassis options include Archangel, Sage EBR, and Troy S.A.S.S.

M1A SOCOM 16 - 7.62x51mm NATO (.308 Winchester)
Short-barreled M1A in an EBR Chassis System - 7.62x51mm NATO
M1A in a Troy MCS (Modular Chassis System) with EOTech red dot sight and Vltor Modstock - 7.62x51mm NATO
M1A in an EBR Chassis System, fitted with Trijicon ACOG sight in the customization menu
Long barreled M1A in a Troy MCS (dubbed in game as "SASS") with an EOTech holographic sight and Magpul CTR stock in the customization menu. This chassis system allows the installation of AR-15 type collapsible stocks and pistol grips, as well as any rail mounted iron sights.

Remington R11 RSASS

The Remington RSASS is also available in-game as an expensive but highly capable and modular 7.62x51mm rifle. Some players have come up with an ultra-compact configuration of the weapon known as the "Mini-SASS" by fitting telescoping stocks and short barrels to the RSASS, which makes its inventory size identical to some of the larger SMGs.

Remington RSASS with Leupold Mark 4 scope, Harris LM-S bipod, AAC Titan sound suppressor and Magpul PRS stock - 7.62x51mm NATO
A suppressed Remington RSASS in idle.
Inserting a new 7.62 NATO PMag.
Clacking the bolt release. When firing, the folding charging handle notably pops out a bit.

VSS Vintorez

The VSS Vintorez can be bartered from Prapor at loyalty level 2, but becomes more accessible at loyalty level 3. It comes pre-fitted with 10 round VSS magazines and is compatible with AS Val and SR3M magazines. Currently it uses a regular PSO-1 optic. It is an extremely rare weapon to find, even inside weapon crates.

VSS Vintorez - 9x39mm
The VSS in-game.


The SVDS, a modern version of Dragunov SVD with side-folding stock and shortened barrel, was added in patch 11.7. This is the first automatic weapon, chambered with 7.62x54 R, featured in the game. Customization options includes 20 round magazines, pistol grips and rear sights compatible with AK series, as well as any optic or mount that can be attached on Warsaw Pact dovetail mount.

SVDS - 7.62x54mm R


The Knight's Armament SR-25 was added in v0.12.2.5479 patch.

Knight's Armament SR-25 Enhanced Combat Carbine - 7.62x51mm

Bolt action sniper rifles


The Izhmash SV-98 becomes available from Prapor at level 2 reputation where it be purchased with a number of bartering items. It doesn't officially become purchasable until level 3 reputation, where it costs nearly 100,000 roubles. By default, it comes with a 10 round magazine and a bipod, and without any optics. Most of maps in the current game build are not large enough to make the high magnification scopes useful, and most players use lower powered 3x and 4x scopes instead. It can only utilize three types of rounds, these being the 7N1 sniper cartridge, SNB Armor Piercing, and LPS GzH, a lightened match round with heightened velocity.

SV-98 - 7.62x54mmR
Image of the rifle from a gameplay trailer.
Aiming and cycling the action.
Ejecting a spent round out of the SV-98.
Reloading the sniper rifle.

Lobaev DVL-10

The Lobaev DVL-10 comes in two variants in the game, the standard version, and an integrally suppressed version known as the "SABOTEUR". It is an exceedingly rare sniper rifle, and becomes available from Skier at late reputation levels. It uses 7.62x51mm ammunition. Like the SV-98, most players use 3-4x magnification scopes instead of high-power scopes.

Lobaev DVL-10 - 7.62×51mm NATO
The DVL-10 in-game.
Opening the bolt, note the ejected case.

Mosin-Nagant M91/30

The Mosin-Nagant M91/30 sniper rifle is added to the game in patch 0.10. Reloading the weapon is done with individual rounds. When the weapon is reloaded with a chambered round, said round will be ejected and can be recovered by picking it up. While the rifle has a maximum capacity of 5+1 rounds, it can only be reloaded up to 4+1 in the field.

It is can be equipped with the Kochetov mount for the PU 3.5x sniper scope (or Picatinny rails for more modern attachments), and the barrel can accept the Bramit suppressor (which is more commonly associated with suppressed Nagant M1895 revolvers). Alternate stocks for the Mosin include the ATI Monte Carlo stock and the Archangel stock. The rifle can also be fitted with a Tacfire pistol grip.

The standard 91/30 infantry variant with straight bolt was added in the 0.11 update alongside a M38 Carbine variant and an Obrez variant. The Trader "Mechanic" will trade a modified Obrez rifle that has a pictanny rail attached to the rear sight with a threaded 220mm barrel to accept suppressors.

Full-length, Soviet Mosin Nagant M91/30 - 7.62x54mm R
Full-length, Mosin Nagant M91/30 Sniper Rifle with Russian PU 3.5x sniper scope and down turned bolt handle - 7.62x54mm R
Mosin Nagant M38 Carbine - 7.62x54mm R
Mosin Nagant M38 Carbine with PU 3.5x sniper scope - 7.62x54mm R
Mosin Nagant M91/30 "Obrez" - 7.62x54mm R
Mosin Nagant "Archangel" with 10-round detachable magazine - 7.62x54mmR
Reloading a M38 carbine. This variant offers a higher ergonomics and maneuverability in close quarters
Sniper version of the Mosin Nagant equipped with PU 3.5x scope and Bramit suppressor. Only the M91/30 sniper version can be fitted with a Kotchetov PU mount; for other Mosin variants, the player must replace the rear sight with a Picatinny rail interface to use an optic.
Mechanic's custom Obrez. Judging by the barter items required for the trade (two default Mosin barrels and a receiver of a sniper one), this Obrez was crafted two different Mosin rifles. As it has the sniper variant's receiver, this Obrez can use the original PU scope, though it requires the rail interface to be detached. The front sight likely comes from the Gletcher M1891 Obrez pneumatic air gun.

Remington Model 700

The Remington Model 700 was added in Update v0.11.0.2448. It is chambered in .308 Winchester, and features a Hogue stock and detachable Wyatt magazines (in both 5- and 10-round varieties); the rifle also can be reloaded with individual rounds, if needed.

Remington Model 700 with Hogue "Overmolded ghillie" stock - .308 Winchester
A default Model 700 in the customization menu. Note the shorter, 20-inch treaded barrel, compatible with the most .308-specific muzzle devices. The railed mount on top is an optional, player-installable accessory.
A decked-out Model 700, equipped with a longer 26-inch barrel and a powerful optic with a back-up Trijicon RMR sight on top.

Orsis T-5000

The ORSIS T-5000 was added in v0.12.2.5479 patch and appears in 7.62x51mm NATO caliber.

ORSIS T-5000 - .308 Winchester.

VPO-215 Gornostay

The VPO-215 "Gornostay" was added in v0.12.2.5479 patch. As with the VPO-209, it is chambered in .366 TKM (considered a shotgun under Russian firearms laws and more suited for civilian purchase).

VPO-215 - .336 TKM

Assault carbines


The SKS is available in Escape from Tarkov in two variants, the standard model and the OP-SKS, a civilian hunting version with a prefitted dovetail optic mount attached. The standard model is occasionally found on Scavs and can only mount optics at later reputation levels when the required mounts are unlocked. The OP-SKS model is only used by Scav Snipers and is often found with a PSO-1 scope fitted.

Prior to patch 0.11.7 all SKS types in the game sported Promag/Tapco 20 round detachable magazines - the 10 round internal magazine and 35 round Promag options were introduced later, as well as ability to reload a SKS with any magazine by individual rounds. However, stripper clips are still not present.

SKS - 7.62x39mm
Russian hunting carbine OP-SKS, civilian version of SKS - 7.62x39mm
Chinese SKS with aftermarket Tapco Intrafuse Stock System furniture - 7.62x39mm
Modified SKS in a Tapco furniture fitted with Walther MRS sight, Zenith RK-1 vertical grip and Promag 20 round detachable magazine in the customization menu. This chassis allows the installation of any AR-15 type collapsible stock.
The OP-SKS without a scope, in idle. Note the black bolt on this version.
Iron sights of a kitted-out SKS, the rear half of the dust cover blocks most of the picture out though.
Removing a used magazine. The character grabs it first with his left, then actuates the release with his right hand, taking it off the grip.
Inserting a new one, which appears to be empty.
Sending the bolt home.

Molot Vepr-KM

A civilian variant of the AKM, the VEPR-KM / VPO-136 semi-automatic only carbine also appears in EFT. It lacks the slanted AKM muzzle brake and is semi-automatic only, and is a bit cheaper in-game. It is used by Scavs, and fires the same 7.62x39mm ammunition as its select fire counterparts.

Vepr-KM (VPO-136) - Civilian version of AKM - 7.62x39mm

Molot VPO-209

The final variant of the AKM in Escape from Tarkov is the Molot VPO-209 semi-automatic shotgun. Another civilian variant of the AKM, the VPO-209 has a smoothbore barrel (with "paradox rifling" on the last 120mm), letting it be categorized under the less-restricted firearm category of shotguns rather than semi-automatic rifles, making it easier to acquire for Russian civilians. Firing the .366 TKM cartridge, the VPO-209 in-game boasts incredible power, atrocious recoil, and notoriously low armor penetration, as its .366 TKM rounds cannot even penetrate class 2 armor reliably.

Molot VPO-209 shotgun - .366 TKM. This is a smoothbore semi-automatic civilian version of the AKM (with "paradox rifling" on the last 120mm of the barrel) sold in Russia under the shotgun license.
Variant of the VPO-209, which are armed with some Scavs in the customization menu. Such stripped down "two-o'-nines" are noticeably common amongst Scavs. Unfortunately for players, while the AI's accuracy is barely impacted by the lack of a stock, the lack of a stock makes the weapon near-unusable for human players.

ADAR 2-15

The ADAR 2-15, a Russian AR-15 with SVD-patterned wood furniture, is added in patch v0.11.0.2448. As an AR family weapon, it has a large amount of available modifications, allowing for all sorts of AR-15 configurations to be made. Its semi-auto lower receiver can be swapped with the full-auto lower of a mil-spec M4A1.

ADAR 2-15 - 5.56x45mm
ADAR 2-15 fitted with 10-round Magpul PMAG and Magpul MBUS rear sight in customization menu. Rear sight is sold separately
Checking magazine, loaded with armor piercing M995. Good view of the 2-position lower receiver.

Lone Star Armory TX-15 DML

The TX-15 DML, a semi-automatic AR-15 variant manufactured by Lone Star Armory, was added in patch

Lone Star Armory TX-15 DML- 5.56x45mm NATO

VPO-101 "Vepr Hunter"

The VPO-101 "Vepr Hunter", a Russian AK-based semi-automatic hunting rifle chambered in .308 Winchester, was introduced in 0.11.7 patch. A powerful yet cheap weapon, the VPO-101 can be purchased early on in the game, and is often used by Scavs. It comes by default with 5-round box magazine, though 10-round magazines become available later. Its side-mounted dovetail rail allows the rifle to be fitted with Eastern optics, or Western ones with a Weaver mount adaptor.

VPO-101 Vepr HUNTER - 7.62x51mm NATO
The VPO-101 Vepr Hunter in the customization menu.
Taking out a 5-round magazine for an ammo check.

Machine Guns


The RPK-16 was added in patch v0.11.0.2448. It was the first light machine gun added to the game, and is considered a higher-tier weapon. Most of its parts (including the new 95-round drum magazine) are compatible with other 5.45x39mm AK variants, and its only unique modification is a 580mm long barrel, which greatly boosts its accuracy and decreases its already-manageable recoil.

A modified RPK-16 is one of weapons used by Killa, a dangerous Scav boss located on map Interchange.

RPK-16 - 5.45x39mm
A relatively bog-standard RPK-16 with 95-round drum magazine in weapon customization menu.
A more customized setup, featuring a long barrel, a quad stack magazine, a 1P87 sight, and a Zenith RK-1 grip on an angled mount.
Loading an AK-12 30 round magazine. As every other 5.45 AK, currently featured in the game, RPK-16 is fully compatible with any 5.45 magazine
Customized RPK-16, ready to pack some heat. It's drum magazine is loaded with recently introduced 7N39 Igolnik ("Needler") rounds, featuring the best armor penetration amongst 5.45x39 rounds at the cost of it's stopping power


Baikal MP-133

The Baikal MP-133 is a pump-action shotgun commonly used by Scavengers as a primary weapon, and is frequently used by traders as a bartering item. It comes with a factory installed 6 round magazine tube and a 510mm barrel. Different barrel lengths and magazine tubes can be purchased from trader Skier at various reputation levels, and many attachments are interchangeable between the MP-133 and the MP-153 below. A somewhat infamous weapon attachment setup allows the shotgun to mount up to 5 weaponlights at once, and is dubbed the "Pentalight" by players.

Baikal MP-133 - 12 gauge
Early footage of the Baikal.
Acquiring a basic pattern MP-133 in early footage.
The Baikal MP-133 with a PK-06 reflex sight, in-game.
Chamberloading the shotgun.
The character holds the receiver with his right hand while returning the pump forward.
Topping off the magazine tube.

Baikal MP-153

The Baikal MP-153 is a semi-automatic 12 gauge shotgun and is very common amongst AI Scavs. By default it can be purchased from Skier at level 1 and comes with a factory installed 750mm barrel and a 4 round internal tube magazine. Most attachments, such as magazine tubes, pistol grips, and stocks, are interchangeable between the MP-133 and MP-153.

Baikal MP-153 - 12 gauge
MP-153 for practical shooting - 12 Gauge
The semi-automatic Baikal in-game.
Dropping a 12-gauge shell into the chamber in an overhand manner.
Reloading the rest of the shells into the tube mag.

Saiga 12K

The Saiga 12K is a semi-automatic, magazine-fed, 12 gauge shotgun. It is occasionally carried by Scavengers as a primary weapon, often with the dust cover missing. Unlike most shotguns, it features a folding stock, allowing its carry size to be reduced. It is the most effective shotgun when utilizing slugs, having the best accuracy and recoil control among the shotguns, and it also has many customization options. Both five and ten round magazines are available in game.

Saiga 12K - 12 gauge
Reloading a dust-coverless Saiga.
Rechambering the shotgun with an underhanded technique.

Remington 870

Another addition of the 0.8 update, the Remington 870 is a Western-supplied equivalent to the MP-133 shotgun. Its main difference over the latter shotgun is the ability to equip a short barrel, which makes it handy as a backup weapon, that can be stored in a chest rig's pouch.

Remington 870 Police Magnum with early style black synthetic riot foregrips and buttstock - 12 gauge
Short barreled Remington 870 with raised vented sight rib, Hogue Tamer pistol grip, and Pachmayr Vindicator foregrip - 12 gauge
Remington 870 with a sawed-off barrel and stock - 12 gauge
Remington 870 Express Tactical - 12 gauge
Default Remington 870, identical to its Police Magnum version
Inspecting a modified M870, fitted with a 7 round tube magazine, Remington Tactical Choke, compact flashlight and Picatinny rail with a Ghost Ring rear sight. This build is similar to the Express Tactical version
Reloading the sawed-off Remington 870


A fairly atypical shotgun design, the TOZ-106 is a bolt action, 20 gauge, compact survival shotgun with an underfolding stock designed for civilian use. When the stock is folded, it is the smallest shotgun in the game in terms of inventory size, allowing it to be fitted inside Secure Container Gamma.

It is another common Scav weapon, with players often nicknaming it the "Blunderbuss" for its loud signature report when fired at range. It feeds from a detachable 2 or 4 round magazine. Players can also replace the metal folding stock and pistol grip with that of a TOZ MTs 20-01 fixed wooden stock which improves recoil control and ergonomics at the cost of a larger inventory size.

TOZ-106 - 20 gauge
MTs 20-01 - 20 gauge
The handy TOZ-106 inside the Factory
Aiming the shotgun.
Working the action.
Taking out a spent mag.
And in with a loaded one.
Closing the bolt.

Grenades & Explosives

F-1 Hand Grenade

The F-1 hand grenade is one the hand grenades found in Tarkov. It is the most lethal of the three grenades with the largest splash radius of almost 30 meters and the most damage. This makes it useful for enemies hiding behind cover, as the damage can hurt or kill those hiding behind light and medium grade materials. The F-1 grenade is sometimes used by Scavengers; however as of the latest patch they have grenade throwing disabled to work out flaws of Scav's killing themselves within the grenade large blast radius. It can be bartered at Level 3 Prapor reputation for two energy saving light bulbs or purchased with roubles at Level 4 Prapor reputation.

F-1 High-Explosive Fragmentation hand grenade

RDG-2 Smoke Grenade

The RDG-2 smoke grenade is added to the game in Patch, specifically the RDG-2B fuse-match white smoke variant.

RDG-2 smoke grenade

RGD-5 Hand Grenade

The RGD-5 hand grenade is the least damaging of the three explosive grenades, and is also the heaviest, having the shortest throwing distance and smallest blast radius. This however also makes it ideal for use inside enclosed spaces. To compensate for its lack of damage, it is also the cheapest and easiest to find, available to be bartered from Prapor for one Energy Saving Lightbulb at level 2 reputation, or purchased with roubles at level 3 reputation. It is also the most common grenade found inside Grenade Boxes and is also sometimes found in the pockets or vests of AI Scavs.

RGD-5 High-Explosive Fragmentation hand grenade
RGD-5 hand grenade in-game.
RGD-5 hand grenade in-game.
RGD-5 hand grenade in-game.

M67 Hand Grenade

The M67 is available from trader Peacekeeper. It can be bartered from Peacekeeper for two "Zibbo Lighters", or it can be directly purchased from him after completing one of his quests. It is not used by AI Scavs and is very rare to find in a raid, only being found inside black weapon crates. It costs between $49-51 in-game and still retains its "middle of the road" status, bridging the power and throw gap between the RGD-5 and F-1.

M67 Fragmentation Hand Grenade

Zarya-2 Stun Grenade

The Russian Zarya-2 stun grenade is added to the game in Patch

Zarya-2 stun grenade

Mounted weapons


The AGS-30 was included in patch 0.12 on the Reserve level, where two can be found inside the military base.

AGS-30 on tripod - 30x29mm
AGS-30 with PAG-17 scope on the Reserve map.

M242 Bushmaster chaingun

A unusable M242 Bushmaster chaingun is present on a LAV III in the Reserve map.

M242 Bushmaster Chain Gun (Current Model) - 25x137mm

Kord heavy machine gun

The Kord was added in patch 0.12 and is also found on the Reserve level.

Kord heavy machine gun with ammo box - 12.7x108mm.
A Kord heavy machine gun on the Reserve map.

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