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(Video Games)
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| ''[[Project Reality]]'' ||  ||  ||  || 2005
| ''[[Project Reality]]'' ||  ||  ||  || 2005
| ''[[The Stalin Subway]]'' ||PM ||  ||  || 2005
| ''[[The Stalin Subway]]'' ||"PM" ||  ||  || 2005
| ''[[Vietcong 2]]'' ||  ||  ||  || 2005
| ''[[Vietcong 2]]'' ||  ||  ||  || 2005
| ''[[Yakuza]]'' || 9mm Semi-Automatic || || || 2006
| ''[[Yakuza]]'' || "9mm Semi-Automatic" || || || 2006
| ''[[S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl]]'' || PMm ||  || Despite the name, it's a regular PM || 2007
| ''[[S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl]]'' || "PMm" ||  || Despite the name, it's a regular PM || 2007
| ''[[ArmA: Armed Assault]]'' ||  ||  ||  || 2007
| ''[[ArmA: Armed Assault]]'' ||  ||  ||  || 2007
| ''[[Team Fortress 2]]'' || Pistol ||  || Mix between the Makarov PM and [[Walther PPK]] || 2007
| ''[[Team Fortress 2]]'' || "Pistol" ||  || Mix between the Makarov PM and [[Walther PPK]] || 2007
| ''[[Uncharted: Drake's Fortune]]'' || PM 9mm ||  ||  || 2007
| ''[[Uncharted: Drake's Fortune]]'' || "PM 9mm" ||  ||  || 2007
| ''[[Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat]]'' || Makarov || || || 2007
| ''[[Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat]]'' || "Makarov" || || || 2007
| ''[[7.62 High Calibre]]'' ||  ||  ||  || 2008
| ''[[7.62 High Calibre]]'' ||  ||  ||  || 2008
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| ''[[The 9th Company Roots of Terror]]'' ||  ||  ||  || 2008
| ''[[The 9th Company Roots of Terror]]'' ||  ||  ||  || 2008
| ''[[Far Cry 2]]'' || Makarov ||  || Double action only || 2008
| ''[[Far Cry 2]]'' || "Makarov" ||  || Double action only || 2008
| ''[[S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky]]'' || ||  || || 2008
| ''[[S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky]]'' || "PMm" ||  ||Despite the name, it's a regular PM|| 2008
| ''[[Yakuza 2]]'' || 9mm Semi-Automatic, Modified Model Gun || || || 2008
| ''[[Yakuza 2]]'' || "9mm Semi-Automatic", "Modified Model Gun" || || || 2008
| ''[[ArmA II]]'' ||  ||  ||  || 2009
| ''[[ArmA II]]'' ||  ||  ||  || 2009
| ''[[Call of Duty: Black Ops]]'' || Makarov || Civilian-model adjustable sights, optional suppressor or 12-round PMM magazine||  || 2010
| ''[[Call of Duty: Black Ops]]'' || "Makarov" || Civilian-model adjustable sights, optional suppressor or 12-round PMM magazine||  || 2010
| ''[[Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker]]'' || PM ||  ||  || 2010
| ''[[Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker]]'' || "PM" ||  ||  || 2010
| ''[[Singularity]]'' ||  ||  || Unusable || 2010
| ''[[Singularity]]'' ||  ||  || Unusable || 2010
| ''[[Yakuza 3]]'' || Shoddy Pistol || Extended barrel, ring hammer || || 2010
| ''[[Yakuza 3]]'' || "Shoddy Pistol" || Extended barrel, ring hammer || || 2010
| ''[[Ace Combat: Assault Horizon]]'' ||  ||  || Seen in cutscene || 2011
| ''[[Ace Combat: Assault Horizon]]'' ||  ||  || Seen in cutscene || 2011
| ''[[Uncharted: Golden Abyss]]'' || PM 9mm ||  ||  || 2011
| ''[[Uncharted: Golden Abyss]]'' || "PM 9mm" ||  ||  || 2011
| ''[[Yakuza 4]]'' || 9mm Automatic Pistol || Extended barrel, ring hammer || || 2011
| ''[[Yakuza 4]]'' || "9mm Automatic Pistol" || Extended barrel, ring hammer || || 2011
| ''[[Project Reality: Vietnam]]'' ||  ||  ||  || 2012
| ''[[Project Reality: Vietnam]]'' ||  ||  ||  || 2012
| ''[[Splinter Cell: Blacklist]]'' || Makarov PM-B ||  ||  || 2013
| ''[[Splinter Cell: Blacklist]]'' || "Makarov PM-B" ||  ||  || 2013
| ''[[Insurgency (2014)|Insurgency]]'' || Makarov || w/ various attachments || || 2014
| ''[[Insurgency (2014)|Insurgency]]'' || "Makarov" || w/ various attachments || || 2014
| ''[[Survarium#Makarov_PM|Survarium]]'' ||  ||  ||  || 2014
| ''[[Survarium]]'' ||  ||  ||  || 2014
| ''[[World of Guns: Gun Disassembly]]'' ||Makarov PM ||  ||  || 2014
| ''[[World of Guns: Gun Disassembly]]'' ||"Makarov PM "||  ||  || 2014
| ''[[Resident Evil: Revelations 2]]'' || MPM ||  ||  || 2015
| ''[[Resident Evil: Revelations 2]]'' || "MPM" ||  ||  || 2015
| ''[[Squad]]'' ||  ||  ||  || 2015
| ''[[Squad]]'' ||  ||  ||  || 2015
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| ''[[Rainbow Six: Siege]]'' ||  ||  ||  || 2015
| ''[[Rainbow Six: Siege]]'' ||  ||  ||  || 2015
| rowspan = 2 |''[[Yakuza 5]]'' || 9mm Automatic Pistol || Extended barrel, ring hammer ||rowspan=2| ||rowspan=2|2015
| rowspan = 2 |''[[Yakuza 5]]'' || "9mm Automatic Pistol" || Extended barrel, ring hammer ||rowspan=2| ||rowspan=2|2015
| Mr Random || Same as above, but with brightly-coloured parts  
| "Mr Random" || Same as above, but with brightly-coloured parts  
| ''[[Alekhine's Gun]]'' ||  ||  ||  || 2016
| ''[[Alekhine's Gun]]'' ||  ||  ||  || 2016
| ''[[Escape from Tarkov]]'' ||PM 9x18mm pistol <br> PM(t) 9x18mm pistol  ||Drum mag ||special vesrsion PM(t) represents PM with extended barrel and suppressor mount threading also available  || 2016
| ''[[Escape from Tarkov]]'' ||"PM 9x18mm pistol" <br> "PM(t) 9x18mm pistol" ||Drum mag ||special vesrsion PM(t) represents PM with extended barrel and suppressor mount threading also available  || 2016
|''[[Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades]]''||||||||2016
|''[[Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades]]''||||||||2016
| ''[[Yakuza 0]]''||9mm Automatic Pistol, Worn Out Pistol||rowspan=2|Extended barrel, ring hammer|| ||rowspan=2|2017
| ''[[Yakuza 0]]''||"9mm Automatic Pistol", "Worn Out Pistol"||rowspan=2|Extended barrel, ring hammer|| ||rowspan=2|2017
| ''[[Yakuza Kiwami]]'' ||Automatic Pistol||incorrectly holds 10 rounds
| ''[[Yakuza Kiwami]]'' ||"Automatic Pistol"||incorrectly holds 10 rounds
| ''[[Rising Storm 2: Vietnam]]'' || |||| || 2017
| ''[[Rising Storm 2: Vietnam]]'' || |||| || 2017
| ''[[Insurgency: Sandstorm]]'' || Makarov || || || 2018
| ''[[Insurgency: Sandstorm]]'' || "Makarov" || || || 2018
| ''[[Yakuza 6: The Song of Life]]'' || Pistol ||rowspan=3| Extended barrel, ring hammer|| ||rowspan=2|2018
| ''[[Yakuza 6: The Song of Life]]'' || "Pistol"||rowspan=2| Extended barrel, ring hammer|| ||rowspan=2|2018
| ''[[Yakuza Kiwami 2]]''||Antique Pistol
| ''[[Yakuza Kiwami 2]]''||"Antique Pistol"
| ''[[Yakuza: Like a Dragon]]'' || || || 2020
|''[[Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019)]]''||"Sykov"|| || Holds 12 rounds in regular PM magazine||2019
| ''[[Yakuza: Like a Dragon]]'' || ||Extended barrel, ring hammer || ||2020

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The PM (Pistolet Makarova - Makarov's Pistol) is a Soviet designed small-calibre handgun adopted by the Soviet military in 1951. It replaced the pre-WW2 designed TT-33 pistol, and served the Soviet/Russian government until 1991. The PM was adopted by various Eastern Bloc nations, including East Germany, Poland (in a modified form) and Bulgaria. The design uses a simple blow-back mechanism for cycling, making it easy to maintain and simple to produce, which has helped the PM's continued service in various militaries and police forces around the world, and has also found new life as a concealable pistol on the civilian market.


Makarov PM

Makarov PM - 9x18mm Makarov
Baikal IJ-70 - 9x18mm Makarov. It is a US market import model of the Makarov. It features an adjustable rear sight, not seen on the military Makarov pistol. Also the finish is inferior to the original Makarov PM.
Suppressed Makarov PM - 9x18mm Makarov
Stainless Baikal IJ-70-17AS - .380 ACP
Norinco Type 59 - 9x18mm. The Type 59 is a Chinese copy of the Makarov PM


(1951 - Present)

Type: Pistol

Caliber: 9x18mm Makarov, .380 ACP (some Baikal IJ-70 models)

Capacity: 8 (PM), 10, 12 (PMM)

Weight: 1.6 lbs (0.7 kg) (unloaded) 1.9 lbs (0.9 kg) (loaded)

Length: 6.4 in (16.2 cm)

Barrel length: 3.7 in (9.4 cm)

Muzzle velocity: 1033.4 ft/s (315 m/s)

Fire Modes: Semi-Automatic (Double-Action/Single-Action)

Effective range: 164,04 ft (50 m)

Maximum range: 1148,3 ft (350 m)

The Makarov PM pistol has appeared in the following films, television series, and video games used by the following actors:


Title Actor Character Note Date
Case No. 306 (Delo No. 306) Boris Bityukov Capt. Mozarin The first screen appearance 1956
Girl Without an Address (Devushka bez adresa) Pyotr Savin Militsiya Lt. 1957
Soldier's Heart (Soldatskoye serdtse) Vladimir Gulyaev Starshina In holster 1959
Planet of Storms (Planeta Bur) Yuriy Sarantsev Prof. Ivan Scherba 1961
Operation Y and Shurik's Other Adventures Vladimir Basov Severe Militiaman seen only in holster 1965
24-25 Does Not Return (24-25 ne vozvrashchaetsya) Zhanna Bolotova Militsiya Lt. Mara 1969
Karlis Sebris Militsiya Maj. Grigasts
Imeda Kakhiani Militsiya Capt.
Gentlemen of Fortune (Dzhentlmeny udachi) Evgeni Leonov Docent 1971
Pavel Shpringfeld Prokhorov
The Stolen Train (Otkradnatiyat vlak) Uno Loit Gen. Stenkenbauer Stands for Walther PP 1971
Boris Tokarev Lt. Rubashkin
Grandads-Robbers (Stariki-razboyniki) Yuri Nikulin Nikolay Myachikov 1971
The Path Towards Uninterested Love (Tropoy beskorystoy lyubvi) Filimon Sergeev Militiaman Fedya Gavrilov 1972
I'm a Detective (Ya, sledovatel...) Vakhtang Kikabidze Militsiya Capt. Georgi Mikeladze In holster 1972
I Serve at the Border (Ya sluzhu na granitse) Evgeniy Karelskikh Sr. Lt. Aleksey Borodin 1974
Boris Shcherbakov Pvt. Dmitriy Sedykh
In the Zone of Special Attention (V zone osobogo vnimaniya) Soviet Army officers 1977
Golden Mine (Zolotaya mina) Mikhail Gluzskiy Militsiya Col. Konstantin Zarubin 1978
Evgeniy Kindinov Militsiya Capt. Sergey Kroshin
Oleg Dal Boris Brunov In holster
The Detective (Syshchik) Andrey Tashkov Evgeniy Kulik 1979
Petrovka, 38 Vasili Lanovoy Maj. Kostenko 1980
Yevgeni Gerasimov Lt. Roslyakov
To Command Yourself (Prikazhi sebe) Valeriy Poletayev Lt. Sergey Vishnyakov 1980
Aleksandr Potapov Praporshchik Viktor Ivanchikov
Georgiy Shtil Maj. Pavel Poltygin
Problem with Three Unknowns (Zadacha s tremya neizvestnymi) Leonhard Merzin Militsiya Major Andrey Dorokhov 1980
Vladimir Gerasimov Militsiya Lt. Matushkin
Shot in the Back (Vystrel v spinu) Lev Prygunov Nikolay Ivanovich Gurov In holster 1980
Gorod prinyal Mikhail Chigaryov Militsiya Capt. Stanislav Tikhonov 1980
Border Dog Alyi (Pogranichnyy pyos Alyi) Viktor Kosykh Capt. Yeliseyev 1980
Hit Back (Otvetnyy khod) Anatoli Kuznetsov Lt. Col. Morozhkyn 1981
Soviet Army officers and NCOs Mostly holstered
Investigation (Rassledovaniye) Vladimir Samoylov Semen Vorobyev 1981
Andrey Myagkov Militsiya Col. Konstantin Yermilov
Missing Among the Living (Propavshiye sredi zhivykh) Pavel Kadochnikov Fyodor Kashlev alias "Nyrok" 1981
The Right to Shoot (Pravo na vystrel) Aleksandr Martynov Capt. Lt. Evgeniy Krymov 1981
The Grach Brothers (Grachi) Ugolovny Rozysk (crime police) officers 1982
Vertical Races (Gonki po vertikali) Andrey Myagkov Inspector Stanislav Tikhonov 1982
The Lynx Follows the Path (Rys vykhodit na tropu) Filimon Sergeev Militiaman Fedya Gavrilov 1983
From the Life of a Chief of the Criminal Police (Iz zhizni nachalnika ugolovnogo rozyska) Kirill Lavrov Ivan Malych 1983
Octopussy Only in opening credits 1983
Parade of the Planets (Parad planet) Oleg Borisov Kostin Only holstered 1984
Double Passing (Dvoynoy obgon) Georgiy Martirosyan Lt. Dzhafarov 1984
Vytautas Tomkus "Bug"
The Detached Mission (Odinochnoye plavanye) Mikhail Nozhkin Maj. Shatokhin 1985
Aleksandr Fatyushin Starshi praporshchik Kruglov In holster
A Trap for Jackals (Kapkan dlya shakalov) Nurullo Abdullayev Militsiya Maj. Farid Azizov 1985
Iso Abdurashidov Militsiya Sr.Lt. Abdulayev
Interception (Perekhvat) Andrei Rostotsky Aleksey Bakhteev 1986
The Match Will Take Place in Any Weather (Match sostoitsya v lyubuyu pogodu) Algis Matulionis Capt. Jiří Patočka 1986
Andrejs Zagars Karel
The Fourth Protocol Pierce Brosnan Valeri Petrofsky 1987
Michael J. Jackson Major Pavlov
The Beast of War George Dzundza Cmdr. Daskal 1988
Chaim Girafi Mustafah
Kings of Crime (Vory v zakone) Militsiya detectives 1988
Road to Hell (Doroga v ad) Romualds Ancans Militsiya Col. Nikolay Goncharov 1988
Nikolay Zaseev-Rudenko Veřejná bezpečnost Lt.Col. Václav Ševčík
Lyudmila Gurchenko Marta Cholman
Igor Chernitskiy Veřejná bezpečnost operative
Anatoli Pereverzev Veřejná bezpečnost operative
Anatoli Lukyanenko Militsiya operative
Zerograd (Gorod Zero) Vladimir Menshov Prosecutor Nikolay Smorodinov 1988
White Crows (Belye vorony) Militsiya personnel In holsters 1989
Crash - Cop's Daughter (Avariya - doch menta) Vladimir Ilyin Aleksey Nikolayev 1989
Oksana Arbuzova Valeriya "Crash" Nikolayeva
Aleksandr Potapov Nikolay holstered
The Package . Government Agent . 1989
The Iron Triangle Haing S. Ngor Col. Tuong 1989
Husband of the Hound of the Baskervilles (Muzh sobaki Baskerviley) Galina Surova The Hound of the Baskervilles 1990
Vyacheslav Shalevich Dmitriy Viktorovich Bavarin
Fools Die on Friday (Duraki umirayut po pyatnitsam) Viktor Litvinchuk Sergey Gusev 1990
Andrey Gusev Ryzhiy
Igor Yankovskiy Anatoliy Tkachyov
The Hunt for Red October Tomas Arana Igor Loginov 1990
I Declare War on You (Ya obyavlyayu vam voynu) Militsiya detectives 1990
Rabid Bus (Vzbesivshiysya avtobus) Ivars Kalnins Col. Orlov 1990
Igor Bochkin Pavel Melkoyatz
Sergei Maksachyov "Sedoy"
Living Target (Zhivaja mishen) Aleksandr Abdulov Yura Artykhov 1990
Aleksandr Porokhovshchikov Col. Kolobov
Vladimir Plotnikov Stepan
Militsiya and criminals
Savoy Vladimir Steklov Sergey Gusev 1990
Seydulla Moldakhanov Hamid
Vadim Pomerantsev Militsiya Sr. Lt.
Murder of the Witness (Ubiystvo svidetelya) Sergei Rozhentsev Militsiya Capt. Aleksandr Rodin In holster 1990
Nikolay Penkov Militsiya Col. Semyon Skokov In holster
Militsiya operatives
Zdraviya zhelayu! ili Beshenyy dembel Mikhail Kononov Capt. Bodrov 1990
The Mediator (Posrednik) Andrey Tarasenko Sergey Belenkiy 1990
Vilor Kuznetsov Georgiy Stepanovich Chernov
Algis Matulionis Kiselyov / "Angle 1"
Valeriy Storozhik Aleksandr Zamyatin
Militsiya personnel
The Passport A militsioner In holster 1991
Lumi Aleksandr Mokhov Sigis 1991
Militia holstered
Kill the "Jackal" (Ubit "Shakala") Evgeniy Smirnov Jackal 1991
Oleg Maslennikov The Sergeant
Evgeniy Zharikov Nikolay Alekseevich Petrov
Position of Murderer is Vacant... (Mesto ubiytsy vakantno...) Andrey Smolyakov Detective Aleksandr Ignatov 1991
Evgeniy Matveev Knysh
Valentin Bukin Danilov
Fyodor Smirnov Crime Boss
Militsiya personnel and criminals
The Bay of Death (Bukhta smerti) Aleksandr Slastin Capt. Anatoli Lensky 1991
Militsiya detectives
Loaded with Death (Zaryazhennye smertyu) Aleksandr Kulyamin Sr. Lt. Rakov 1991
Vadim Andreev Fedoseev
Anton Golyshev Border Guard Lt.
Afghan Breakdown Yuriy Kuznetsov Shchup 1991
Shtemp Anatoliy Khostikoev Arkadiy Yershov 1991
Yuriy Osipov Viktor Kulakov
plainclothes agent
Ghost (Prizrak) Rostislav Yankovskiy Militsiya Sr.Lt. Konstantin Grigoryevich 1991
Vladimir Tolokonnikov Ivan
Igor Murugov The commander of Militsiya special unit
The Touch (Prikosnoveniye) Aleksandr Zuev Andrey Krutitsky 1992
Vasily Shlykov A crime boss
Sergey Galkin A bald henchman
Four Sheets of Plywood (Chotyry lysty fanery) Ivan Gavrilyuk Capt. Bohdan Mazepa 1992
Sheriff's Star (Zvezda sherifa) Anatoliy Kotenyov Frank Angeli 1992
Weather Is Good on Deribasovskaya, It Rains Again on Brighton Beach Dmitry Kharatyan Fyodor Sokolov 1992
The Third Take (Tretiy dubl) Yulian Makarov Militsiya Capt. Aleksandr Panin 1992
Yuri Karpenko Militsiya detective Dmitriy Somov
Stanislav Fesyunov Militsiya Sr.Lt. Vladimir Uzlov
Dmitriy Shulkin Yakovlev
Water Thieves (Pohititeli vody) Algis Matulionis "Director" 1992
Pavel Abdalov "Maradona"
Fyodor Gavrilov A criminal
Rats Corner (Krysinyy ugol) Aleksandr Inshakov Aleksandr Klimov 1992
Aleksandr Glovyak Militsiya Lt. Zinchenko
The Full Moon (Polnolunie) Vladislav Toldykov Anton 1993
Aleksandr Kazakov Fyodor Petrovich
Istanbul Transit (Stambulskiy tranzit) On the poster 1993
Makarov Sergey Makovetskiy Aleksandr Makarov 1993
Vladimir Ilyin Vasily Tsvetaev
Irina Metlitskaya Margo
Leonid Okunev Illegal gun dealer
The Gray Wolves (Serye volki) Aleksandr Mokhov Capt. Sorokin 1993
KGB operatives
The Codex of Disgrace (Kodeks beshchestiya) Leonid Kuravlyov Edgar Nikolaevich Kholin Suppressed 1993
Wandering Sagittarius (Strelets neprikayannyy) Militsiya 1993
The Little Bee (Pchyolka) Aleksandr Rusnak Stas 1993
Prison guards
Hagi-Tragger Aleksandr Peskov Capt. Yevgeniy Rainin 1994
Aleksandr Yakovlev Gorbik
Little Odessa Russian mobsters With & without suppressors 1994
The Bomb (Bomba) Jamol Hoshimov Artiq 1995
Shirli-Myrli Militsiya personnel 1995
Valeriy Garkalin Vasiliy Krolikov
GoldenEye Gottfried John Gen. Arkady Ourumov 1995
Izabella Scorupco Natalya Simonova
Janus henchmen
Die Hard with a Vengeance Jeremy Irons Simon Gruber 1995
Son for Father... (Syn za ottsa...) Krasyuk's bodyguard 1995
Crusader (Krestonosets) Vladimir Ilyin Militsiya Maj. Puzyryov 1995
Aleksandr Inshakov Aleksandr Konov
All That Is Tender (Tot, kto nezhnee) Aristarkh Livanov Baighali 1996
Mercenary One of the Phoenix's mercenaries 1996
Prisoner of the Mountains (Kavkazskiy plennik) Old Chechen 1996
Ghoul (Upyr) Andrei Gryaznov Criminal 1997
The Pest Jeffrey Jones Gustav Shank 1997
Tomorrow Never Dies Pierce Brosnan James Bond 1997
Vietnamese thugs
Brother (Brat) Iron 1997
Deserter (Dezertir) Anatoliy Kotenyov Skif 1997
Boris Bystrov Habibullah
Half a Chance Aleksandr Yakovlev The Trenchcoat Killer 1998
Lethal Weapon 4 Chinese Triad members 1998
Composition for Victory Day (Sochinenie ko Dnyu Pobedy) Mikhail Ulyanov Ivan Dyakov 1998
A pilot, a security agent, militioneers
Classic Savitsky's henchmen 1998
Peculiarities of the National Fishing (Osobennosti natsionalnoy rybalki) Aleksei Sevostyanov (II) Captain-Lieutenant MP-654K 1998
Sergei Guslinsky Militsiya officer Semyonov In holster
Three Kings Mark Wahlberg SFC Troy Barlow 1999
Iraqi Army soldiers
Shergar George Whitehouse Gallager 1999
The World Is Not Enough Pierce Brosnan James Bond 1999
Russian Army soldiers
Rifleman of the Voroshilov Regiment, The Russian militia officers 1999
Sun Alley Detlev Buck ABV Obermeister Horkefeld 1999
Volkspolizei and Grenztruppen
I Am a Dummy (Ya - kukla) Nikolay Chindyaykin Captain 2001
Sergey Nikonenko Aleksey Ivanovich Seen only in holster
Formula 51 Skinhead 2001
Route 666 Sven-Ole Thorsen Russian assassin suppressed 2001
Route 666 Rob Roy Fitzgerald Joe suppressed 2001
Sisters (Syostry) Roman Ageev Alik 2001
Lion's Share (Lvinaya dolya) Nikolai Karachentsov Capt. Rezanov aka "Hedgehog" 2001
Dmitriy Pevtsov Maj. Grinin aka "Whale"
Dmitriy Maryanov "Frogling" Suppressed
Vladimir Zaytsev Oleg Simonov
Simonov's henchmen
April (Aprel) Evgeniy Stychkin Aprel Suppressed 2001
Die Another Day Kenneth Tsang General Moon 2002
Will Yun Lee Col. Tan-Sun Moon
Toby Stephens Gustav Graves
K-19: The Widowmaker Ravil Isyanov Suslov 2002
War (Voyna) Aleksey Chadov Ivan 2002
Ian Kelly John
Hot Saturday (Raskalyonnaya subbota) Aleksey Guskov Ivan 6P42-7.6 gas pistol 2002
Antikiller Yuriy Kuznetsov Krylov 2002
Sergey Veksler Maj. Litvinov
Nikolay Chindyaykin Larchenkov
Militsiya officers
In Hell Jean-Claude Van Damme Kyle LeBlanc 2003
Bumer Sergei Gorobchenko Pyotr "Rama" 2003
Vladimir Vdovichenkov Konstantin "Kot"
Antikiller 2: Antiterror Chechen terrorists 2003
Jisai (Dzisay) Evgeniy Voskresenskiy Hired killer Suppressed 2004
Aleksei Krasnopolsky Zakharych
Yuriy Osipov Makarych
Dudypin's bodyguards
Countdown (Lichnyy nomer) Aleksey Makarov Maj. Aleksei Smolin suppressed, continuity error with PB-version 2004
Russian soldiers/special forces
Moscow Heat Aleksandr Nevsky Vlad Stepanov 2004
Michael York Roger Chambers
Robert Madrid Rudy Sousa
Klimov's henchmen, criminals, Russian police
He Will Be Left Behind (Arxada qalmis gelecek) Fuad Poladov Malik 2005
Yuri Baliev Shmarov Seen only in holster
Aydin Aliyev Gurgen
Lord of War Russian Army soldier 2005
Munich Ciarán Hinds Carl 2005
The Business Tamer Hassan Charlie 2005
Revolver Ray Liotta Dorothy Macha 2005
Dead Man's Bluff (Zhmurki) Viktor Sukhorukov Stepan Voronov 2005
Andrey Merzlikin A bodyguard
Murder in a Winter Yalta (Vbyvstvo u zymoviy Yalti) Mustafa Kurtmulayev Akhtem Ablayev Viy variant 2006
Oleg Primogenov Mykola Popov
Piranha (Okhota na piranyu) Maksim Drozd Vasily Stepanovich Zhgutov 2006
Sergey Garmash Zima
Vladimir Mashkov Kirill Mazur
Aleksandr Golubev Sivyi
Prokhor's men
Junk (Zhest) Vyacheslav Razbegaev Pavel 2006
Seven Cabins (Sem kabinok) Mikhail Evlanov Oleg 2007
Sergey Kozik Shtrikh
Artur Vakha Killer
Racketeer (Reketir) Sayat Isembayev Sayan Makarych 2007
Murat Bisembin Ruslan
Saken Aminov Aman
Paragraph 78 (Paragraf 78) Aleksey Malashkin Doctor on on the station 2007
Not Gonna Get Us (Nas ne dogonish) Konstantin Lavronenko Colonel Valiyev 2007
Aleksey Kulichkov Andrey
OMON and Militsiya personnel
Cargo 200 (Gruz 200) Militiamen 2007
Aleksey Poluyan Captain Zhurov
Tins (Konservy) Anton Suppressed 2007
Hitman Henry Ian Cusick Udre Belicoff Referred to as a 'Makarov .22' 2007
S.S.D. Artyom Mazunov Pasha 2007
Philosophy of a Knife Tetsuro Sakagami Officer #1 2008
The Path of the Death 2: Atonement (Tropa smerti 2: Iskuplenie) Andrey Grigoryev Militia Major Tarasov 2008
Militimen seen only in holster
Native Dancer (Baksy) Satybaldy Azamat Criminal 2008
Farkhad Amankulov Batyr
Batyr's men
Dolphin Jump (Pryzhok Afaliny) Konstantin Strelnikov Sergey Matveev 2009
Farkhad Amankulov Timur
uncredited Berik
uncredited Nurlan Ordaq
The Miracle (Chudo) seen on the scheme 2009
Russia 88 Dmitriy Bolysov Militiaman holstered 2009
The Interceptor (Zapreshchyonnaya Realnost) Igor Petrenko Matvey Sobolev 2009
Hooked (Na Igre) Sergey Chirkov Vampire 2009
Antikiller D.K. Gosha Kutsenko "Lis" With and without suppressor 2009
Sergey Veksler Litvinov Dual-wielding
Vyacheslav Razbegaev "Metis"
Evgeniy Antropov "Young Shaman"
Konstantin Isayev A hitman Suppressed
Hitmen and bodyguards
999 Frensis Onyama Guard 1 2010
Syril Nveke Guard 2
Maxim Akbarov Shock
Biker (Bayker) Said Dashuk-Nigmatulin Grech 2010
Vyacheslav Razbegaev Sergey Fyodorovich
Dark World (Tyomnyy mir) Ilya Alekseev Arthur IZh 79-8 2010
Vladimir Lukyanchikov Toivo
Eduard Gorbenko Border Guards Captain Seen only in holster
My Joy Militiaman (Russian policeman) seen only in the holster 2010
Dmitriy Bykovskiy-Romashov Captain Deputy
Pavel Vorozhtsov Sergeant Deputy
A Yakuza's Daughter Never Cries Militiaman (Russian policeman) seen only in the holster 2010
The Assault (L'Assaut) Terrorist 2010
Tatar Operation (Tatar ajillagaa) Erdenebileg Ganbold Tulga 2011
Dagvajamts Batsukh Gyalbaa
Smithereens (Vdrebezgi) Andris Gross militsioneer 2011
Aleksey Yurin Vasya
Nikita Dyuvbanov Kirill
Fat Sergiu Pascaru Sgt. Caldare 2011
Mihail Turcan Lieutenant Colonel
The Liquidator Berik Aitzhanov Arsen 2011
Baurzhan Abishev Assassin
Daulet Abdygaporov Gorilla
Security guard, Kazakh police, criminals
Home (Dom) Eduard Flerov Veteran 2011
Angela Koltzova Svetka
The Hangover Part II Michael Berry Jr. Vladi 2011
Bablo Russian Police officers 2011
Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol Léa Seydoux Sabine Moreau With suppressor 2011
Paula Patton IMF Agent Jane Carter
Simon Pegg IMF Agent Benji Dunn
The House on the Edge (Dom na krayu) Mikhail Mamaev Vladimir 2011
Dmitry Isayev Sergey
Anastasiya Zavorotnyuk Anna
A Quiet Outpost (Tikhaya zastava) Andrey Chadov Capt. Pankov Only in holster 2011
Sergey Selin Praporshik Gritsyuk
Me Too (Ya tozhe khochu) Aleksandr Mosin Sanya 2012
Soldier holstered
Quagmire (Kuta) Nikolay Sedalishev Policeman #1 holstered 2012
Kirill Kovalyov Policeman #2
Suicides (Samoubiytsy) Viktor Suprun Osipovich 2012
Aleksandr Sukhinin major
Mitus' thug
The Ghost from Hovrino (Prizrak iz Khovrino) Anton Demkin Anton Vaganov 2012
Kirill Khrestinin Kirill Alex
Artem Polienko Artem Varanov
Winter of the Dead. Meteletsa Aleksandr Guryanov policeman 1 2012
Yuriy Loyko-Dovnar policeman 2
Student Nurlan Bajtasov Student 2012
Nightingale the Robber (Solovey-Razboynik) Ivan Okhlobystin Solovey-Razboynik 2012
Aleksandr Strizhenov Police General
Aleksandr Sukhinin Onisiy Petrovich
Red Dawn (2012) Will Yun Lee Captain Cho 2012
Fire with Fire Sniper IJ-70 2012
Assassin's Bullet Elika Portnoy Vicky Suppressed 2012
Weekend Viktor Sergachyov Yevgeniy Nikolaevich Grigoryev IZh-79-9T Makarych 2013
Maksim Matveev Igor Alekseevich Lebedev
Vyacheslav Chepurchenko Max
Police holstered
The Project: Panacea (Proyekt: Panatseya) Vadim Zubkov survivor 2013
The Lost City (Zahublene misto) Amiran Dmukhaladze Instructor 2013
Konstantin Linartovich General
Kicking Off (Okolofutbola) Oleg Baykulov Aslan 2013
Timur Efremenkov Larin holstered
Sergey Shnyryov Police Maj. Khomutov
Seen among confiscated weapons
Pawnshop (Lombard) Denis Nikiforov Mark 2013
Sergey Romanyuk Agent 1
Igor Gnezdilov Agent 2
Vladimir Kokotunov Bill collector 1
Andrey Burym Bill collector 2
Special Agent
Zombie Fever Alexander Levenchuk Pyotr 2013
Yuliya Volkova Natasha
A Good Day to Die Hard Jai Courtney Jack McClane 2013
The Purge 2013
Red 2 Catherine Zeta-Jones Katja 2013
All at Once Ilya Naishuller armorer 2014
Aleksandr Pahl Dan
Anton Shurtsov Tima
Andrey Galaktyonov Private Detective Zanoza
Policeman holstered
Hunting the Phantom Nikita Presnyakov Zack 2014
Bopesh Zhandayev Yerlan
Igor Babichev Plato
Kristanna Loken Rush
Sanjar Madi Timur
Kamila Ermekova Marah
Police, Mercenaries
Block 18 Viktor Solovyov Pyotr Konstantinovich, the father 2014
Tokarev Russian mobsters 2014
The Guy from Our Cemetery (Paren s nashego kladbishcha) Nodar Dzhanelidze Swarthy Investigator 2015
Evgeniy Volotskiy Blond Investigator
Yuriy Tarasov Volodya
Psychos Rostislav Bershauer Petrovich 2015
Egor Kharlamov Gorokh
Kristina Asmus Maya
Partners (Naparnikter) Azim Kuneev Arstan 2015
Jenish Mairambek Belek
Ulan Anylddakov Militaman
Adilet Aziev Militaman
Aibek Bektimirov Militaman
Cholpon Mamatov Militaman
Aktan Ryskeldiev Militaman
Daniyar Tumenbay Uulu Militaman
Militamen, criminal
Treasures of the Twelve Gods (Sokrovishcha dvenadthati bogov) Vitaliy Krivonos Seryozha 2016
Anton Taubin Bender
Evgeniy Pavlov Zhenya
Sergey Baygulov Sergeant
Elena Nizamova female assassin
Maksim Dunaev Doc
Sergey Trifonov Oleg Yevgenyevich holstered
#SELFIEPARTY Mykola Bereza Policeman 2 Viy rubber firing variant 2016
policemen Viy rubber firing variant, seen only in holster
Evil Spirits (Khara jay) Vladimir Sedelnikov Dima Baikal IJ-70 2016
The Equation with the Unknowns (Uravnenie s neizvestnymi) Sergey Lisinchuk X 2017
Sergey Kostromin Y
Denis Fit Z
Maxim Klushin Gun dealler 1
Roman Kolotukhin Gun dealler 2
Atomic Blonde Charlize Theron Lorraine Broughton 2017
Declan Hannigan KGB agent
James McAvoy David Percival
Roland Møller Aleksander Bremovych
KGB agents and Volkspolizei
Portal police officers 2018
The Soul Conductor Evgeniy Tsyganov Investigator Kapkov 2018
Aleksandra Bortich Katya Kaluzhskikh
Republic Z (Respublika Z) Georgiy Bessonov Byokke 2018
Dmitriy Baishev Mettee
12 Strong Navid Negahban General Abdul Rashid Dostum 2018
The Witch (Vedma) Vitaliy Pahomov Gleb Frolov 2020
Mara Aleksandr Vorobyov Police officer holstered 2020


Show Title Actor Character Note / Episode Air Date
Investigation Held by ZnaToKi (Sledstvie vedut ZnaToKi) Georgiy Martynyuk Pavel Pavlovich Znamenskiy 1971-1987
Leonid Kanevskiy Aleksandr Nikolaevich Tomin
Nikolai Pastukhov Militsiya Capt. Gusev "Case No.8"
Leonid Markov Mikhail Bagrov "Case No.8"
Militsiya personnel
Born by Revolution: The Last Meeting (Rozhdyonnaya revolyutsiey: Poslednyaya vstrecha) Militsiya Inspector In holster 1977
Inspector Losev Yuriy Shlykov Militsiya Sr.Lt. Vitaliy Losev 1983
Vladimir Nosik Militsiya Capt. Igor Otkalenko
Stanislav Landgraf Georgiy Mushanskiy
Gennadi Korolkov Pyotr Gorokhov
Confrontation (Protivostoyanie) Oleg Basilashvili Col. Vladislav Kostenko In holster 1985
Murman Jinoria Maj. Revaz Kardava In holster
Militsiya personnel
Visit to Minotaur (Vizit k Minotavru) Sergey Shakurov Stanislav Tikhonov 1987
Anna Kamenkova Militsiya Lt. Elena Nechayeva
The State Border: Film 8 Andrei Alyoshin Capt. Valeriy Belov 1988
Incident at the Airport (Sluchay v aeroportu) Zakir Kadyrov Maj. Rustam Dzhuraev 1989
Paul Butkevich Capt. Arkadiy Sviderskiy
Dmitriy Iosifov Sgt. Anatoliy Barybin
Iso Abdurashidov Bek
Entrance to Labyrinth (Vkhod v labirint) Igor Kostolevskiy Militsiya Capt. Oleg Muromtsev 1990
Vladimir Plotnikov A criminal
The Halt of Wanderers (Prival strannikov) Vladimir Borisov Syrtsov 1991
Aleksei Simanovsky Capt. Makhov
The X-Files - Season 4 Russian gulag guards "Terma" (S4E09) 1996
Seven Days Russian terrorist 1998-2001
Truckers a few characters "Movie"(S01E04), "Lyokha"(S01E10) 2000-2001
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Michael K. Williams Ronnie With stainless steel finish / "Hollywood Brass" 2000-????
Grazhdanin nachalnik Yuriy Stepanov Pavel Nikolaevich Pafnutyev 2001
Sergey Serov Maj. Shalanda
Medicopter 117 - Jedes Leben zählt - Season 5 Dirc Simpson Oleg Kerensky 2002
Brigada Sergei Bezukov Alexander Belov 2002-????
Brigada Dmitri Dyuzhev Kosmos Kholmogorov 2002-????
Brigada Andrei Panin Vladimir Kaverin 2002-????
Burn Notice Gabrielle Anwar Fiona Gelnanne "Hard Bargain" 2007-????
24 - Season 6 Keifer Sutherland Agent Jack Bauer 2001-2010
24 - Season 6 Russian Consulate guards 2001-2010
24 - Season 8 T.J. Ramini Tarin Faroush 2001-2010
Ultimate Force Dragan Micanovic Ruslan 2002-2006
Velibor Topic Haradic
Alex Reid Cpt. Caroline Walsh
Battlestar Galactica Dana Delany Sesha Abinell 2004-2009
I Have The Honor! (Chest Imeyu!) Chechen rebel 2004
Archangel Daniel Craig Christopher "Fluke" Kelso 2005
Archangel Yekaterina Rednikova Zinaida Rapava 2005
Archangel Kristina Brize Young Zinaida 2005
The Wire Fredro Starr Marquis "Bird" Hilton IJ-70, stainless steel finish / "All Prologue" 2002-2008
Chuck Goya´s bodyguard "Chuck vs. the Angel de la Muerte" 2007
Chuck Goya´s chief officer Nickel plated / "Chuck vs. the Angel de la Muerte" 2007
The Storm Gate various characters 2006
Boss 2009
Female Terrorist Ivanova (Terroristka Ivanova) Mariya Shukshina Polina Ivanovna Ivanova 2009
Female Terrorist Ivanova (Terroristka Ivanova) Nikolay Dobrynin Valera Chistov 2009
Female Terrorist Ivanova (Terroristka Ivanova) Aleksey Serebryakov Pilyugin Mikhail Gennadievich 2009
Female Terrorist Ivanova (Terroristka Ivanova) Ramil Sabitov Kirim Tulegenov 2009
Female Terrorist Ivanova (Terroristka Ivanova) Aleksandr Timoshkin Lyapunov 2009
Female Terrorist Ivanova (Terroristka Ivanova) Sergey Ivanov Igor Timonin 2009
Female Terrorist Ivanova (Terroristka Ivanova) Mikhail Tarabukin Andrey Golubev 2009
Female Terrorist Ivanova (Terroristka Ivanova) Aleksandr Zhdanovich Volodya Derevyanko 2009
Female Terrorist Ivanova (Terroristka Ivanova) Anatoliy Zhuravlyov Aleksandr Ivanovish Ivanov 2009
Female Terrorist Ivanova (Terroristka Ivanova) Sergey Pukita Bogdan 2009
Female Terrorist Ivanova (Terroristka Ivanova) Militia 2009
Iris - Season 1 So-yeon Kim Kim Seon-hwa 2009
Leverage "The Long Way Down Job" (S4E01) 2011
Bullet in the Face Kate Kelton Martine Mahler Baikal IJ-70 2012
Bullet in the Face Racken's henchman Baikal IJ-70 / (S01E04) 2012
Dexter Ray Stevenson Isaak Sirko Baikal IJ-70 (S07); also suppressed 2012
MosGaz Andrey Smolyakov Militsiya Maj. Ivan Tcherkasov CO2 air gun 2012
Anatoliy Gushchin Vasiliy Permyak
Yuriy Tarasov Militsiya Maj. Nikita Pozhidaev Original or less-lethal replica
Aleksey Bardukov Militsiya Sr. Lt. Aleksey Garkusha
Strike Back: Shadow Warfare Rhona Mitra Maj. Rachel Dalton S04E01 - S04E02 2013
Georg Nikoloff Zukov S04E07
Tereza Srbova Major Nina Pirogova S04E07 - S04E08
Bornholmer Straße Ulrich Matthes Hartmut Kummer 2014
Frederick Lau Jens Rambold
Charly Hübner Harald Schäfer
Father Brown - Season 3 Natasha Little Harriet Greensleeves "The Owl of Minerva" (S03E15) 2015
Ron Donachie Jock Hamilton
Tom Chambers Inspector Sullivan
The Executioner (Palach) Viktoriya Tolstoganova Antonina Malyshkina Gas-firing IZh-79-8 2015
Marina Aleksandrova Militsiya Lt. Sonya Timofeeva
Ivan Sukhanov Lyonka Ponomaryov
Vasily Slusarenko Militsiya Maj. Stepan Zinchuk
The Spider (Pauk) Andrey Smolyakov Militsiya Maj. Ivan Tcherkasov Gas-firing IZh-79 and CO2 replica 2015
Filipp Gurevich Militsiya Lt. Vasiliy Ivantsov
Sergey Ugryumov KGB Lt. Col. Robert Lebedev Gas-firing IZh-79
Rodion Nahapetov Sergey Skuratov
Aleksey Bardukov Militsiya Sr. Lt. Aleksey Garkusha CO2 replica
The Jackal (Shakal) Andrey Smolyakov Militsiya Maj. Ivan Tcherkasov Gas-firing IZh-79 2016
Yuriy Tarasov Maj. Nikita Pozhidaev
Aleksey Bardukov Sr. Lt. Aleksey Garkusha
Dmitriy Mazurov Capt. Kozyrev
Pavel Chinaryov Ilya Lyubovskiy
Aleksandra Bortich Nyura Gorbatova
Sergey Belov Sergey Matyushin
Yuriy Itskov Mikhail Podkolzin aka Uncle Misha Original PM and gas-firing IZh-79
The Witch (Vedma) Alexander Popov Pavel Bor'ka Viy 2015-2016
Maksim Radugin Roman
Kostyantyn Kosinskyy Gosha
Boris Georgievskiy Khudoy
Viktor Danylyuk Boroda
Agent Carter Rey Valentin Agent Vega "A Little Song and Dance" (S02E09) 2016
Father Brown - Season 4 Gina Bramhill Marianne Delacroix "The Daughter of Autolycus" (S04E05) 2016
The Tunnel Laura de Boer Eryka Klein 2016
Black Cat (Chyornaya koshka) Konstantin Lavronenko Maj. Lev Shein Supposedly blank-firing MP-371 2016
Aleksandr Zelskiy Anton Silkin
The Departed (Gorod) Vladimir Yumatov Militsiya Starshina Nazar Barsukov Supposedly blank-firing MP-371 2017
Daniil Islamov Militsioner Kostya Nilin
Vladislav Abashin Egor Chashchin
Vyacheslav Chepurchenko Yashka the Gypsy
Criminals Supposedly blank-firing MP-371 and CO2 MP-654K
The Departed - Season 2 (Gurzuf) Pyotr Fyodorov Militsiya Capt. Rodion Stotskiy Standard and CO2 Gletcher 2018
Evgeniy Antropov Militsiya Jr. Lieutenant Taras Zaytsev
Aleksey Komashko Militsiya Capt. Ivan Shkuropat
Aleksandr Bukharov Platon Babochkin aka Chapay Standard and CO2 Gletcher
Militsiya personnel Standard and CO2 Gletcher
Operation "Satan" (Operatsiya "Satana") Andrey Smolyakov Militsiya Maj. Ivan Tcherkasov 2018
Marina Aleksandrova Capt. Sonya Timofeeva
Aleksey Bardukov Sr. Lt. Aleksey Garkusha
Specialists (Specialisté) David Prachar Mjr. Pavel Vondráček "Naslepo" (S1E23) 2017-2019
Ladislav Hampl Marvin "Oko za oko" (S1E83)
Chernobyl Soviet soldiers and police 2019
Stranger Things - Season 3 Soviet agent 2019
Endeavour - Season 6 Richard Riddell DS Alan Jago (S06E04) 2019
Formula of Revenge (Formula mesti) Andrey Smolyakov Militsiya Maj. Ivan Tcherkasov Blank-firing MP-371 2019
Sergey Stepanchenko Militsiya Capt. Gennadiy Ryukhin
Sergey Garmash Vadim Buzyrev
Aleksandr Golubev Militsiya Sgt. Egor Osadchiy
Territory Aleksey Rozin Murzin 2020


Title Character Note Date
Noir Taiwanese Triad members 2001
Kirika Yuumura
Canaan Liang Qi 2009
Black Lagoon Roberta 2006
Batman: Gotham Knight Russian mobster 2008
Case Closed Killer Ep. 701 - 'The Jet-Black Mystery Train (Departure)' 2013
Killer Ep. 710/11 - 'Everyone Saw'
Bungo Stray Dogs Ichiyō Higuchi Ep. 03, Ep. 11 2016
Kyōka Izumi Ep. 10 "Rashōmon and the Tiger"
Port Mafia Ep. 05, 09, 11
Bungo Stray Dogs Osamu Dazai Ep. 14 "Nowhere to Return" 2016
Ichiyō Higuchi Ep. 19, 20
Port Mafia Ep. 14, 20
Bungo Stray Dogs: Dead Apple Port Mafia 2018
Ōgai Mori
Banana Fish Arthur's gang members Ep. "The Beautiful and Damned", "The Snows of Kilimanjaro" 2018
Weathering with You Hodaka Morishima 2019
Otherside Picnic Toriko Nishina 2021
Sorawo Kamikoshi

Video Games

Game Title Referred as Mods Notation Release Date
S.W.A.T. 3: Close Quarters Battle Used by hostile NPCs 1999
Conflict: Desert Storm 2002
America's Army Third-person model, unusable 2002
Splinter Cell Used by hostile NPCs 2002
Ghost Recon: Island Thunder "Russian 9mm Pistol" 2003
Vietcong 2003
IGI 2: Covert Strike 2003
Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater Used by guards when disarmed of their primary weapon, not usable by the player 2004
Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow Used by hostile NPCs 2004
Cold War Suppressed 2005
Project Reality 2005
The Stalin Subway "PM" 2005
Vietcong 2 2005
Yakuza "9mm Semi-Automatic" 2006
S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl "PMm" Despite the name, it's a regular PM 2007
ArmA: Armed Assault 2007
Team Fortress 2 "Pistol" Mix between the Makarov PM and Walther PPK 2007
Uncharted: Drake's Fortune "PM 9mm" 2007
Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat "Makarov" 2007
7.62 High Calibre 2008
The 9th Company Roots of Terror 2008
Far Cry 2 "Makarov" Double action only 2008
S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky "PMm" Despite the name, it's a regular PM 2008
Yakuza 2 "9mm Semi-Automatic", "Modified Model Gun" 2008
ArmA II 2009
Call of Duty: Black Ops "Makarov" Civilian-model adjustable sights, optional suppressor or 12-round PMM magazine 2010
Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker "PM" 2010
Singularity Unusable 2010
Yakuza 3 "Shoddy Pistol" Extended barrel, ring hammer 2010
Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Seen in cutscene 2011
Uncharted: Golden Abyss "PM 9mm" 2011
Yakuza 4 "9mm Automatic Pistol" Extended barrel, ring hammer 2011
Project Reality: Vietnam 2012
Splinter Cell: Blacklist "Makarov PM-B" 2013
Insurgency "Makarov" w/ various attachments 2014
Survarium 2014
World of Guns: Gun Disassembly "Makarov PM " 2014
Resident Evil: Revelations 2 "MPM" 2015
Squad 2015
Contract Wars 2015
Rainbow Six: Siege 2015
Yakuza 5 "9mm Automatic Pistol" Extended barrel, ring hammer 2015
"Mr Random" Same as above, but with brightly-coloured parts
Alekhine's Gun 2016
Escape from Tarkov "PM 9x18mm pistol"
"PM(t) 9x18mm pistol"
Drum mag special vesrsion PM(t) represents PM with extended barrel and suppressor mount threading also available 2016
Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades 2016
Yakuza 0 "9mm Automatic Pistol", "Worn Out Pistol" Extended barrel, ring hammer 2017
Yakuza Kiwami "Automatic Pistol" incorrectly holds 10 rounds
Rising Storm 2: Vietnam 2017
Insurgency: Sandstorm "Makarov" 2018
Yakuza 6: The Song of Life "Pistol" Extended barrel, ring hammer 2018
Yakuza Kiwami 2 "Antique Pistol"
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) "Sykov" Holds 12 rounds in regular PM magazine 2019
Yakuza: Like a Dragon Extended barrel, ring hammer 2020

Makarov PMM

Makarov PMM - 9x18mm Makarov

The PMM (Pistolet Makarova Modernizirovannyy, "modernized Makarov pistol") is a modernized variant of the Makarov designed in 1990. The design is updated to utilize a higher-pressure variation of the 9x18mm round to give the weapon a higher muzzle velocity, and features a widened frame to fit double-stacked 10- and 12-round magazines.


Title Actor Character Note Date
Junk (Zhest) Emiliya Spivak Lt. Nastya Tulskaya 2006
999 Maxim Akbarov Shock 2010
Dark World (Tyomnyy mir) Evgeniy Atarik Capt. Sharapov 2010
Portal Albert Karayev Police Investigator 2018
Artur Dzhikayev sergeant

Video Games

Game Title Referred as Mods Notation Release Date
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots 2008
ArmA III PM Converted to 9x21mm Added with Apex DLC, 2016 2013
Contract Wars 2015

Makarov PB

Makarov PB with secondary suppressor - 9x18mm Makarov

The PB (Pistolet Besshumnyj, "Silent Pistol") is an integrally suppressed version of the PM with a somewhat unique two-part suppressor; the secondary suppressor (the front) can be detached for concealment, and the weapon can still be fired in this state. Often referred to by its GRAU index code "6P9."


(1967 - Present)

Type: Pistol

Caliber: 9x18mm Makarov

Capacity: 8

Weight: 2.1 lbs (1 kg) (unloaded) 2.5 lbs (1.1 kg) (loaded)

Length: 12.2 in (31 cm) (with suppressed) 6.7 in (17 cm) (without suppressed)

Barrel length: 3.9 in (10 cm)

Muzzle velocity: 951.44 ft/s (290 m/s)

Fire Modes: Semi-Automatic (Double-Action/Single-Action)

Effective range: 82,02 ft (25 m)

Maximum range: 164,04 ft (50 m)

The Makarov PB and variants can be seen in the following films, television series, video games, and anime used by the following actors:


Title Actor Character Note Date
Afghan Breakdown Michele Placido Maj. Mikhail Bandura In holster 1991
To Survive (Chtoby vyzhit) Gangster 1992
Black Shark (Chyornaya akula) Valeriy Vostrotin Major Andrey Gusarov 1993
Black Shark (Chyornaya akula) Aleksandr Belov Capt. Rastorguev 1993
Countdown (Lichnyy nomer) Aleksey Makarov Maj. Aleksei Smolin continuity-error with PM-version 2004
Dolphin Jump (Pryzhok Afaliny) uncredited Nurlan Ordaq 2009


Title Actor Character Note Date
Grazhdanin nachalnik Avangard Leontev Ilya Ilyich Ogorodnikov 2001

Video Games

Game Title Appears as Mods Notation Release Date
ArmA: Armed Assault 2007
S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl PB1s 2007
Far Cry 2 Silenced Makarov 6P9 Double action only 2008
ArmA II Makarov SD 2009
Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker "PB/6P9" 2010
S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky PB1s 2008
Far Cry 3 6P9 Removable suppressor, uses generic suppressor model 2012
Far Cry 4 6P9 Removable suppressor, uses generic suppressor model 2014
World of Guns: Gun Disassembly PB silent pistol Removable suppressor 2014
Escape from Tarkov PB 9x18mm silenced pistol Removable suppressor, drum mag 2016
Far Cry 5 6P9 Removable suppressor 2018

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