Touch (Prikosnoveniye), The

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The Touch (Prikosnoveniye)
Prikosnoveniye poster.jpg
Original Poster
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Directed by Albert S. Mkrtchyan
Release Date 1992
Language Russian
Main Cast
Character Actor
Andrey Krutitsky Aleksandr Zuev
Marina Nikolayevna Krutitskaya Maryana Polteva
Nikolay Ilyich Maltsev Andrey Dudarenko
Sergey Nikolay Averyushkin
Nastya Krutitskaya Anna Konstantinovskaya
Olga Nikolayevna Maltseva Yelena Metyolkina
Yuriy Afanasyevich Travin Stanislav Zhitaryov
Kolya Andrey Annenskiy
Vyacheslav anatolyevich Yerokhin Vasili Kravtsov
Forensic Expert Andrey Poroshin

The Touch (Russian: Прикосновение, Prikosnoveniye or Prikosnovenie) is a 1992 Russian mystery horror, one of the first mystery horrors of modern Russia. A militia (Russian police) investigator Andrey Krutitsky investigates the series of causeless suiciders. At first, he suspects the mafia or sectants, but, later, he realizes, that in this cases the involved an evil spirites.

The following weapons were used in the film The Touch (Prikosnoveniye):



Makarov PM

Militia investigator Andrey Krutitsky (Aleksandr Zuev) carry his duty Makarov PM throughot the movie. Crime boss (Vasily Shlykov) and his bald henchman (Sergey Galkin) both uses Makarov PM at the one scene.

Russian Makarov PM - 9x18mm Makarov
Crime boss (Vasily Shlykov) charges his Makarov...
...and aims it at Andrey.
Andrey draws his duty PM.
Close view of the Makarov.
Andrey holds the PM, while strugles with the crime boss.
Another view of the PM.
Bald henchman (Sergey Galkin) grabs the PM of his boss...
...and fires it.
Andrey fires the PM.
Andrey drops his duty PM at the final scene.


A toy BTRs, toy soldier and toy AA gun can be seen in the Kolya's room.

From left to right: toy soldier, two BTR, AA gun.

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