Burn Notice

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Burn Notice
Burn Notice season 5 poster.jpg
Country USA.jpg United States
Channel USA Network
Genre Crime, Espionage
Broadcast 2007-2013
No. of Seasons 7
No. of Episodes 112
Main Cast
Character Actor
Michael Westen Jeffrey Donovan
Fiona Glenanne Gabrielle Anwar
Sam Axe Bruce Campbell
Madeline Westen Sharon Gless
Jesse Porter Coby Bell

Burn Notice was an American spy action series that aired for seven seasons on the USA Network from 2006 to 2013. Created by Matt Nix, the series starred Jeffrey Donovan as Michael Westen, an American spy who unexpectedly receives a "burn notice" from his superiors, indicating that he's been "blacklisted" from doing any spy work for the government. Because of the burn notice, Michael finds that his reputation and his finances are ruined and the government has confined him to the city of Miami. While in Miami, he finds that only people he can turn to are Fiona Glenanne (Gabrielle Anwar), his former girlfriend and gundealer, Sam Axe (Bruce Campbell), a friend and former Navy SEAL, his mother Madeline (Sharon Gless) and beginning in Season 4, Jesse Porter (Coby Bell), a counterintelligence spy who was inadvertently burned by Michael. As Michael finds the clues to why he was "burned" and who is behind it, he finds himself helping others in need throughout the city.

The following lists the seasons and films of Burn Notice:

Burn Notice Franchise
Television Season 1  •  Season 2  •  Season 3  •  Season 4  •  Season 5  •  Season 6  •  Season 7
Films The Fall of Sam Axe

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