I Am a Dummy (Ya - kukla)

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I Am a Dummy
(Ya - kukla)
Ya-kukla poster.jpg
Russian Poster
Country RUS.jpg Russia
UKR.jpg Ukraine
Directed by Yuriy Kara
Release Date 2001
Language Russian
Studio Master Film
Main Cast
Character Actor
Viktor Vorobyov Aleksandr Domogarov
Gerda Olga Sumskaya
Captain Nikolay Chindyaykin
Aleksey Ivanovich Sergey Nikonenko
Anatoly Denis Karasyov
Captain's wife Alla Mironova
Mila Natalya Gromushkina
Colonel Aristarkh Livanov
Kaban Yuriy Dumchev
Murat Vladimir Episkoposyan

I Am a Dummy (Russian: Я - кукла; Ya - kukla, lit. "I Am a Doll") is the 2001 Russian-Ukrainian adveture movie. Viktor Vorobyov, the Russian soldier during the war (the war isn't named but the most likely it's First of Second Chechen War) find themself under attack of mysterious foregen mercenary sniper, who uses silver bullets to kill soldiers, civilians and even childrens.

The following weapons were used in the film I Am a Dummy (Ya - kukla):




Makarov PM

Captain's (Nikolay Chindyaykin) duty sidearm is the Makarov PM, which he uses throughout the movie. Aleksey Ivanovich aka Batya (Daddy) (Sergey Nikonenko) carry another Makarov in holster. Makarov PM can be briefly seen in thehands of one of the Murat's (Vladimir Episkoposyan) ans Aslan's (Igor Novoselov) men.

Russian Makarov PM - 9x18mm Makarov
Captain brandishes his PM.
Ya-kukla pistol 1 2.jpg
Perfect view of the PM in the Captain's hands.
Aleksey Ivanovich with the holstered PM. Only grip can be seen.
Murat and Aslan's man with the pistol.

Stechkin APS

Stechkin APS is the personal sidearm of female Lithuanian mercenary, named Gerda (Olga Sumskaya). The main hero, Viktor Vorobyov (Aleksandr Domogarov) uses Stechkin at the film climax.

Stechkin APS - 9x18mm Makarov
Gerda aims her Stechkin.
Gerda with the Stechkin at the prologue.
Another view of the same scene.
Good view of the Stechkin.
Gerda fires.
Viktor Vorobyov with the APS at the film climax.
Gerda disarms Viktor Vorobyov. The Stechkin's grip is seen.

Umarex Walther P88 Compact

Aslan (Igor Novoselov) tries to use suppressed Umarex Walther P88 Compact. Later, this gun was tooked from him by the "brunette" (Inna Pivars), who puts it in the hands of Viktor Vorobyov (Aleksandr Domogarov). Most likely, this is the same movie prop, that used in the High Security Vacation (Kanikuly strogogo rezhima).

Umarex Walther P88C - 8mm blank firing
Aslan aims his pistol at the Viktor Vorobyov.
Aslan draws his pistol...
...and fires it.
Note the empty casing (circled in red) and pistol cycling.
Brunette grabs the pistol...
Ya-kukla pistol 3 5.jpg
...and put's it in the Viktor's hand.

Assault Rifles


Most of the Russian soldiers were armed with the AKMSs.

AKMS - 7.62x39mm
Viktor Vorobyov (Aleksandr Domogarov) (far left) holds his AKMS rifle.
Aleksey Ivanovich (Sergey Nikonenko) fires.
Russian soldier at the left holds the AKMS.
Cadets with the rifles on the slings.
Viktor Vorobyov (Aleksandr Domogarov) with the AKMS.
Frighteneed Viktor Vorobyov covers with his AKMS.
Cadets with the AKMS on the slings. Gerda with the AKS-74U at the right.
Murat (Vladimir Episkoposyan) (far right) holds AKMS in the hands. Another mujaheddin holds AKS-74U at the far left.
Viktor Vorobyov carry AKMS and AKS-74U on the shoulder.


AK-74M appears in the hands of several Prison Guards.

AK-74M - 5.45x39mm
Muzzle and buttstock is seen.
More good view of the muzzle and barrel.
View of another side of the AK.
Barrel is seen.
Guardian with the AK at the night scene.


Most of the Prison Guards carry AKS-74U.

AKS-74U (also referred to as the "AKSU" or 'Krinkov') - 5.45x39mm
Viktor Vorobyov fires at the mercenary.
Another view of the same scene.
Two Prison Guards carry AKS-74Us.
Another view of the rifles.
Muzzle is seen.
Guardian aims his AKS-74U at the Viktor.
Escort (Viktor Abdulov) with the rifle at the film climax.
Gerda with the AKS-74U at the right. Cadets with the AKMS on the slings at the left.
Mujaheddin holds AKS-74U at the far left. Murat (Vladimir Episkoposyan) (far right) holds AKMS in the hands.
Viktor Vorobyov carry AKMS and AKS-74U on the shoulder.

Sniper Rifles


Sniper (uncredited) uses TOZ-17. Gerda uses the similar rifle (probably, the same movie prop) at the film climax. Viktor tooked it for himself.

TOZ-17 and TOZ-18.
Sniper covers with the rifle.
Note turned dawn bolt handle.
Front sight is seen.
Sniper aims.
Note the small magazine, typica for small calibre rifles.
Gerda aims.
Close view of the trigger and trigger guard.
Perfect view of the rifle.
Gerda with the rifle.

Unique X-51

Gerda owns Unique X-51. Viktor Vorobyov briefly holds it. Gerda correctly credited it as "wonderfull french rifle". Most likely, this is the same movie prop, that used in the Antikiller.

Unique X-51 - .22 LR
Viktor Vorobyov cello case with the rifle. Note the long magazine.
Viktor grabs the rifle. The cartridges next to the rifle are significantly larger than .22 caliber, more resembling 7.62x54R.
Ya-kukla rifle 5 1.jpg
Blured shot of another side of the gun.
Viktor investigate the rifle.
Viktor aims.


RGD-5 hand grenade

Viktor Vorobyov uses RGD-5 hand grenade against mercenary at the film climax. Ukrainian mercenary, named Kaban (lt. "Wild Boar") (Yuriy Dumchev) carry another (probably, the same movie prop) RGD-5 on the belt.

RGD-5 High-Explosive Fragmentation hand grenade
Viktor Vorobyov readies the grenade.
Ya-kukla grenade 2.jpg
RGD on the belt of Kaban.
Viktor uses his teeth to pulls the pin of the RGD hand grenade. In this moment he even not hold the grenade, which was freely hanged on the belt, so it's absolutely impossibly to pulls the pin.

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