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Mauser Gewehr 1898 - 7.92x57mm Mauser
Karabiner 98b - 7.92x57mm Mauser
Karabiner 98k - 7.92x57mm Mauser. The only visual difference between the 98b and 98k is the 98b has a 29.1" barrel and correspondingly longer stock.
Post WW1 Weimar reissue Scharfschutzengewehr98 - 7.92x57mm Mauser. Note tangent-leaf rear sight, indicative of Reichswehr service.

The Gewehr 98 rifle was the final development in Mauser's line of turn-bolt rifles. First patented by Paul Mauser in 1896, it was adopted by the Imperial German Army in 1898. The Gew.98 action featured cock-on-opening, meaning that the cocking piece was forced back (and thus the mainspring compressed) by camming with an inclined-plane cut into the circular wall of the bolt body. Furthermore, the diameter of the receiver ring was increased by 1/8" (3.18mm), allowing the receiver to withstand greater chamber pressures.

The Gew. 98 incorporated several new safety features designed to cope with a burst cartridge. First, the receiver incorporated a ring of metal that would surround the bolt head between the locking lugs and the chamber face when the bolt was fully locked. This was to prevent the gasses from a burst cartridge from forcing the bolt head apart and traveling down the bolt raceway. The bolt body also had two large holes in the wall of the bolt, which allowed gasses from a breached primer to vent laterally out of the side of the bolt, rather than compressing and deforming the mainspring. In case the primary locking lugs gave way, a third locking lug was placed on the rear of the bolt body, which was designed to engage a recess in the bottom of the receiver and prevent the bolt from moving backward. In the event that burst gasses did escape into the bolt raceway, a large flange was designed into the front of the bolt shroud, which would deflect the gasses away from the shooter's face.

The design retained the 29.1" barrel of previous Mauser long rifles, but featured a new rear v-notch quadrant sight now known as the Lange-Visier. A very short handguard extended from the sight base to the lower barrel band, and the buttstock featured a pistol grip for more comfortable shooting. The Gew. 98 also featured a new bayonet lug projecting forward from the forend of the stock, which allowed the bayonet to be mounted closer to the centreline of the bore.

After World War 1, the Weimar Republic adopted the Gew. 98 for the 100,000-man Reichswehr allowed them under the Treaty of Versailles. The Lange sight was replaced with a conventional v-notch tangent-leaf sight, which would be retained on the later Kar98b, Mauser Standard Modell, and the Kar98k. Other variants based on the Gew. 98 can be found on the Mauser Rifle Series page.



(1898 - 1918)

Type: Battle Rifle

Weight: Gewehr 98: 9 lbs (4.1 kg), Karabiner 98a: 7.7 lbs (3.5 kg)

Length: Gewehr 98: 49.2 in (125 cm), Karabiner 98a: 42.9 in (109 cm)

Barrel length: Gewehr 98: 29.1 in (74 cm), Karabiner 98a: 23.2 in (59 cm)

Cartridge: 7.92x57mm Mauser

Capacity: 5 round internal magazine-fed with 5-round stripper clips; rare 20-round “trench magazines” are known to have existed.

Fire modes: Bolt action

The Mauser Gewehr 1898 and variants can be seen in the following films, television series, video games, and anime used by the following actors:


Title Actor Character Note Date
The King's Man German soldiers 2020
1917 Bogdan Kumsackij German sniper 2019
German soldiers
Jojo Rabbit Volkssturm and Hitler Youth 2019
Wonder Woman Chris Pine Steve Trevor 2017
Danny Huston General Erich Ludendorff
German soldiers
The Lost City of Z German soldiers 2017
The Fear German soldier 2015
Batalion German soldiers 2015
The Water Diviner Turkish soldier 2014
Stalingrad A German soldier 2013
Back to 1942 Chinese Soldiers 2012
Emden Men Ken Duken Karl Overbeck 2012
Sebastian Blomberg Kapitänleutnant von Mücke
Oliver Korittke Maat Kluthe
Sibel Kekilli Salima Bey
German sailors
War Horse Nicolas Bro Friedrich 2011
Sebastian Hülk German soldier
German soldiers
My Best Enemy SS guards 2011
Hans Kloss. Stawka wieksza niz smierc WWII German mariner patrolman 2012
Battle of Warsaw 1920 Polish troops / Red Army soldiers 2011
Beneath Hill 60 German Soldiers 2010
X-Men Origins: Wolverine Liev Schreiber Victor Creed During melee fight in WW1 2009
Hugh Jackman James Howlett
German soldiers
Spoils of War 2009
Mutant Chronicles Devon Aoki Cpl. Valerie Duval Modified into Sci-Fi rifle 2009
The Red Baron German soldiers 2008
Bavarian Outlaw Simon Schwarz Gendarm Grasser 2008
Thomas Schmauser Gendarm Förtsch
Michael Schreiner Policeman
Hitler's Kaput! (Gitler kaput!) German soldiers 2008
The Bridge François Goeske Albert Mutz 2008
Lars Steinhöfel Walter Forst
Alexander Becht Ernst Scholten
Florian Heppert Siegi Lindner
German soldiers
Frontier(s) Patrick Ligardes Karl 2007
Days of Glory Roschdy Zem Messaoud with Zeiss ZF42 scope and curved bolt handle 2006
Bernard Blancan Sergent Roger Martinez
Flyboys WWI German soldiers 2006
The Wind That Shakes The Barley IRA Members 2006
King Kong Jack Black Carl Denham 2005
Jamie Bell Jimmy
SS Venture Crewmen
Joyeux Noël Benno Fürmann Nikolaus Sprink 2005
Daniel Brühl Leutnant Horstmayer
German soldiers
A Very Long Engagement Gaspar Claus German soldier 2004
Denis Lavant Francis Gaignard
German soldiers
Strange Gardens (Effroyables jardins) Bernard Collins Bernd 2003
Christian Koerner Otto
Rémi Thiberge Karl
Markus Fennert Fritz
Benoît Magimel Emile Bailleul
Nazi German soldiers
The Lost Battalion WWI German Sniper Fitted with telescopic sight 2001
Uprising SS soldiers 2001
Three Kings Shiite Refugees 1999
Legionnaire Rif/Berber Horsemen 1998
Kamel Krifa Abd-El Krim
Capitaine Conan Bulgarian soldiers 1996
Michael Collins Jonathan Rhys Meyers IRA Sniper 1996
The Quest Dobbs' men and Turk smugglers 1996
Truman German soldiers 1995
Nemesis 2: Nebula Sue Price Alex Sinclair 1995
Legends of the Fall WWI German soldiers 1994
A Midnight Clear German soldiers 1992
The Last Emperor Kuomintang soldier 1987
Biggles: Adventures in Time WWI German soldiers 1986
Three Amigos Kai Wulff The German 1986
Alfonso Arau El Guapo
The Jewel Of The Nile Arab Tribesmen 1985
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Chinese Soldier at Airport 1984
Sahara Nomadic tribes fighters 1983
The Lives of a Bengal Lancer Gérard Rinaldi Alfred 1983
Jean Sarrus Emile
Gérard Filipelli Marcel
German soldiers
The Big Red One Seen on ground 1980
The Stuntman WWI German soldiers 1980
The Passage Malcolm McDowell Capt. von Berkow 1979
Marcel Bozzuffi Perea
German soldiers
Go Tell the Spartans James Hong The Old Man 1978
Severino Ranchers and Indians 1978
The Seventh Company Outdoors (La 7ème compagnie au clair de lune) German soldiers Karabiner 98b 1977
A Bridge Too Far German soldiers 1977
Mama, I'm Alive (Mama, ich lebe) A German soldier, a Soviet partisan 1977
The Eagle Has Landed WWII German soldiers 1976
Smoke and Shorty (Smok i Malysh) A prospector 1976
The Land That Time Forgot Doug McClure Bowen Tyler 1975
John McEnery Capt. Friedrich von Schoenvorts
Keith Barron John Bradley
The Wind and the Lion Berber warriors 1975
The Old Gun (Le vieux fusil) WWII German soldiers 1975
Borsalino and Co. Reinhard Kolldehoff Sam 1974
The Odessa File WWII German soldiers Flashback Scenes 1974
The Last Four Days Italian partisans 1974
Zeppelin WWI German soldiers 1971
You Can't Win 'Em All greek soldiers 1970
Che! Albert Paulsen Captain Vasquez 1969
The Battle of Neretva Ustasha patrol and partisans 1969
Oh! What a Lovely War German soldiers 1969
The Green Berets Mike Force soldier 1968
The Last Adventure Found in the old arsenal 1967
Is Paris Burning? German soldiers 1966
Pierrot Goes Wild (Pierrot le Fou) Anna Karina Marianne Renoir With a Scope 1965
OAS members Fitted with a scope and suppressor
Behold A Pale Horse Gregory Peck Manuel Artiguez Fitted with a scope and suppressor 1964
Guardia Civil
Mata Hari, Agent H21 Jean-Louis Trintignant Captain François Lasalle 1964
German soldiers
The Thin Red Line Keir Dullea Pvt. Doll standing for Arisaka rifles 1964
Jack Warden 1st Sgt. Welsh
Japanese soldiers
55 Days at Peking German soldiers, Chinese troops and "Boxers" 1963
Optimistic Tragedy (Optimisticheskaya tragediya) Red sailors 1963
The World in My Pocket U. S. Military Police 1961
Five Branded Women Carla Gravina Mira 1960
German soldiers, Italian partisans
Forty-Four Mutineers Juraj Sarvas Viktor Kolibec 1959
Dusan Blaskovic Tono Mikles
Austro-Hungarian Soldiers
The Bridge Günter Pfitzmann Sgt. Heilmann 1959
German soldiers
Gloomy Morning (Khmuroe utro) Makhno's men 1959
The Square Peg German soldiers Converted to carbine length 1959
Carve Her Name With Pride French Resistance Fighter 1958
Ice Cold in Alex German soldiers, bedouins Converted to carbine length 1958
Oleko Dundich Serbian and Red Army soldiers 1958
And Quiet Flows the Don (Tikhiy Don) German and French soldiers 1957
Paths of Glory French soldiers 1957
The Sisters (Syostry) Austro-Hungarian soldiers G98 and Karabiner 98b 1957
Santiago Spanish soldiers 1956
Between Heaven and Hell Japanese soldiers 1956
The Desert Rats German soldiers in one scene shown with bolt pulled back 1953
Action B (Akce B) Czech insurgent 1952
Go for Broke! German soldier 1951
The Secret Brigade (Konstantin Zaslonov) German soldiers, Soviet partisans 1949
The Battle of Stalingrad (Stalingradskaya bitva), Part II German soldiers 1949
Wolves' Lairs (Vlcie diery) German sniper 1948
Golden Earrings German soldiers 1947
Dead Reckoning Seen propped against couch 1947
Pride of the Marines Japanese soldiers 1945
Back to Bataan Philippine guerrilla fighters and Japanese soldiers 1945
The Story of G.I. Joe WWII German Soldier 1945
The Fighting Seabees Japanese soldiers Some equipped with the sniper scopes and flash hiders 1944
Ivan Nikulin: Russian Sailor (Ivan Nikulin - Russkiy Matros) Mikhail Rumyantsev Italian soldier 1944
In the Name of the Fatherland (Vo imya Rodiny) German soldiers With bayonets 1943
Sahara German soldiers 1943
Immortal Sergeant Italian and German soldiers 1943
Hangmen Also Die! German soldiers, SS men 1943
Gung Ho! IJA Soldier 1943
Bataan WWII Japanese Soldiers Impersonating Arisakas 1943
Native Shores (Rodnye berega) German soldiers 1943
T-9 Submarine (Podvodnaya lodka T-9) German and Finnish soldiers 1943
The New Adventures of Schweik (Novye pokhozhdeniya Schweika) German soldiers 1943
Schweik Is Preparing for Battle (Schweik gotovitsya k boyu) German soldiers 1942
Wake Island Japanese soldiers 1942
Elusive Jan (Neulovimyy Yan) German Sturmabteilung soldiers 1942
Kotovsky Imperial German soldiers 1942
Somewhere in France German soldiers 1942
Fighting Film Collection No. 11 (Boyevoy kinosbornik No. 11) Ivan Novoseltsev A Polish partisan Some with bayonets 1942
Stepan Kayukov An old man
Emmanuil Geller Tryasku
German soldiers, Soviet partisans
Fighting Film Collection No. 1 (Boyevoy kinosbornik No. 1) Viktor Kulakov A German soldier 1941
German soldiers
Imperial German soldiers Kar 98b, footage from Shchors
Fighting Film Collection No. 6 (Boyevoy kinosbornik No. 6) German soldiers 1941
Fighting Film Collection No. 7 (Boyevoy kinosbornik No. 7) Ivan Lyubeznov Pvt. Otto Schulz 1941
German soldiers
Sergeant York WWI German soldiers 1941
Sundown Emmett Smith Kipsang 1941
Bruce Cabot William Crawford
George Sanders Major A.L. Coombes
Tribe fighters
In the Rear of the Enemy (V tylu vraga) Finnish soldiers 1941
The Fighting 69th WWI German soldiers 1940
Squadron No. 5 (Eskadrilya No. 5) German soldiers 1939
Shchors German soldiers, Red soldiers, Ukrainian soldiers Including Kar 98b 1939
La Grande Illusion German Prison guards with Seitengewehr SG 98 bayonet 1937
Fedka White soldiers 1937
The General Died at Dawn General Yang's troops 1936
La Bandera Jean Gabin Pierre Gilieth 1935
Raymond Aimos Marcel Mulot
Shock Troop German soldiers 1934
Revolt of the Fishermen (Vosstaniye rybakov) Vladimir Uralsky A Soldier 1934
rebels, soldiers
Outskirts (Okraina) Hans Klering Mueller 1933
The First Platoon (Pervyy vzvod) German soldiers 1933
Marionettes (Marionetki) Soldiers of "Bufferia" 1933
Wooden Crosses German soldiers 1932
Hell on Earth German soldier 1931
Dishonored Austro-Hungarian soldiers 1931
Sniper German, Russian and British soldiers 1931
Tell England Turkish soldiers standing for Turkish 1893 and 1903 Mauser rifles 1931
All Quiet on the Western Front Lew Ayres Paul Bäumer 1930
Louis Wolheim Stanislaus Katczinsky
Slim Summerville Tjaden
Ben Alexander Kemmerich
John Wray Corporal Himmelstoss
German soldiers
Westfront 1918 Gustav Diessl Karl 1930
Fritz Kampers The Bavarian
German soldiers
Hell's Angels WWI German soldiers 1930
Journey's End German soldiers 1930
The New Babylon French officers anachronistic 1929
Arsenal Amvrosi Buchma German soldier in glasses 1929
Sergey Petrov German soldier
Dmitri Erdman German officer
German soldiers
Verdun: Visions of History Thomy Bourdelle German Captain 1928
Hans Brausewetter Fritz
German soldiers
Four Sons Francis X. Bushman Jr. Franz 1928
George Meeker Andreas
German soldiers
October: Ten Days That Shook the World (Oktyabr) Imperial German soldiers 1927
Wings WWI German soldiers 1927
The End of St. Petersburg Imperial Russian and German soldiers bayonet attached 1927
The Heart of Humanity German sniper with telescopic sight 1918
Hearts of the World George Siegmann German officer Von Strohm 1918
German soldiers


Show Title Actor Character Note / Episode Air Date
The Road to Calvary (Khozhdenie po mukam) German Imperial soldiers, Red Army soldiers Ep.6,10,13 1977
Long Road in the Dunes (Ilgais cels kapas) Juozas Kiselius Arthur Banga Ep.2 1982
Martins Verdins Bruno Ep.4
Eduards Pavuls Jacob Ozols Ep.5
Egons Beseris Peteris Ep.5
Arijs Geikins Aboltynsh Ep.5
Latvian Army soldiers Ep.2
Reilly: Ace of Spies John Castle Count Massino 1983
Front Without Mercy (Front ohne Gnade) Spanish Republicans, German soldiers Ep.6-7 1984
Anzacs German & Turkish troops 1985
Fiery Roads (Ognennye dorogi) Ulmas Alikhodzhayev Hamza Hakimzade Niyazi Ep.15 1985
Lenin...The Train German soldiers Gewehr 98b 1988
Agatha Christie's Poirot: The Yellow Iris Argentinian soldiers Converted to carbine length 1993
Rebel Heart IRA fighter 2001
Hitler: The Rise of Evil Robert Carlyle Adolf Hitler 2003
German soldiers
Verdun: Descent into Hell German and French soldiers 2006
The Somme – From Defeat to Victory German soldiers 2006
Downton Abbey German soldiers S2E04, E05 2011
Birdsong German soldiers 2012
The White Guard (Belaya gvardiya) Soldiers of several armies 2012
Rebellion Barry Ward Arthur Mahon Ep. 01 2016
Barry Keoghan Cormac McDevitt Ep. 01/02/04/05
Brian Gleeson Jimmy Mahon Ep. 01/03
Charlie Murphy Elizabeth Butler Ep. 01
Ruth Bradley Frances O'Flaherty Ep. 03
ICA members
The Crown Waffen SS honor guard episode: "Paterfamilias" (S02E09) 2017
Babylon Berlin - Season 1‎ Florian Panzner Major Scheer 2017
Peter Kurth Bruno Wolter
Berlin police forces, German Border and Train station guards

Video Game

Game Title Appears as Note Release Date
Medal of Honor: Underground 2000
Battlefield: 1918 2004
Peter Jacksons King Kong: The Official Game of the Movie 2005
Darkest of Days 2009
The Saboteur Steiner Rifle 2009
NecroVisioN 2009
NecroVisioN: Lost Company 2010
The Great War 1918 2013
Battle of Empires : 1914-1918 2014
Verdun Gewehr '98 2015
Battlefield 1 Gewehr 1898 2016
Screaming Steel: 1914-1918 Gewehr 98 2018
Battlefield V seen during the intro 2018
11-11: Memories Retold 2018


Title Character Note Date
Space Pirate Captain Herlock: The Endless Odyssey - Outside Legend 2002
Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo 2004-2005
Fullmetal Alchemist: Conqueror of Shamballa German soldiers 2005
Joker Game German soldiers 2016
Saga of Tanya the Evil Empire troops G98M 2017
Violet Evergarden Major Gilbert Bougainvillea Ep. 01/08 2018
Violet Evergarden Ep. 01/08
Leidenschaftlich soldiers Ep. 01/08/12
Saga of Tanya the Evil: The Movie Empire troops G98M 2019


Title Character Note Date
Archer German Sniper "Double Deuce" (S02E05) 2011

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