A Very Long Engagement

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A Very Long Engagement (2004)

A Very Long Engagement is a 2004 French romantic World War I film directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet (Alien: Resurrection). The film stars Audrey Tautou as Mathilde Donnay, a young woman whose desperate search for her fiancée leads to her subsequent discovery that he is one of five soldiers that have been convicted of self-mutilation in order to escape military service during World War I. They are condemned to face near certain death in the no man's land between the French and German trench lines unarmed. It appears that all of them were killed in the subsequent Battle of The Somme, but Mathilde, the fiancée of one of the soldiers, refuses to give up hope and begins to uncover clues as to what actually took place on the battlefield. She discovers the brutally corrupt system used by the French Military to deal with those who tried to escape the front during her search and what happened to the other men who were sentenced to the no man's land as a punishment. The film's cast includes Gaspard Ulliel, Jodie Foster, Dominique Pinon, Chantal Neuwirth, and Marion Cotillard.

The following weapons were used in the film A Very Long Engagement:



Ruby Pistol

Bastoche (Jérôme Kircher) accidentally wounds himself while trying to kill rats with a Ruby Pistol.

Garate, Anitua y Cia Ruby-Type Pistol - .32 ACP
French soldier hits rats with a Ruby Pistol.

Mle 1892 Revolver

Mle 1892 Revolver - 8 x 27mm
French officer murdered with a Mle 1892 Revolver in his hand.

Chamelot-Delvigne Model 1873 Revolver

Chamelot-Delvigne Model 1873 Revolver - 11 x 17mmR
Tina Lombardi (Marion Cotillard) holding a Chamelot-Delvigne Model 1873 Revolver in her hand.
Tina Lombardi (Marion Cotillard) holding a Chamelot-Delvigne Model 1873 Revolver in her hand, about to spit on muzzle.

Smith & Wesson Fourth Model .32 DA Revolver

Smith & wesson 4th Model DA - .32
Tina Lombardi (Marion Cotillard) preparing a Smith & Wesson 4th Model on her belt.


Mauser Gewehr 1898

Mauser Gew 98 Rifle - 7.92 x 57mm
German soldier holding a Mauser Gew 98 Rifle.

Berthier 1907-15

Fusil Mle 1907-15 Berthier Rifle - 8 x 50mmR
Two French soldiers firing their Fusil Mle 1907-15 Berthier Rifles at their hands.
Manech Langonnet (Gaspard Ulliel) crawling with a Fusil Mle 1907-15 Berthier Rifle.
French soldier firing a Fusil Mle 1907-15 Berthier Rifle at a wounded French soldier.

Machine Guns

Hotchkiss M1914

1914 Hotchkiss Machine Gun - 8 x 50mmR
French soldier firing a 1914 Hotchkiss Machine Gun in a bunker.


FN MAG-58 Machine Gun - 7.62 x 51mm
FN MAG-58 Machine Gun mocked up as a Maxim MG08/15 Spandau on a German aircraft.
FN MAG-58 Machine Gun mocked up as a Maxim MG08 firing from a German bunker.


A French soldier is briefly seen with a Chauchat light machine gun.

Chauchat Light Machine Gun - 8x50mmR Lebel
The soldier at the right.


Citron Foug modèle 1916

A Citron Foug modèle 1916 grenade is used to destroy the German Albatross.

Citron Foug modèle 1916 with 2nd Model cap.
The grenade in the air.


Renault F-17

AVLE ft17.jpg

Mortier de 58 mm type 2

AVLE mortar.jpg

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