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Che! is a 1969 American biographical drama film directed by Richard Fleischer and starring Omar Sharif as Marxist revolutionary Ernesto "Che" Guevara. It follows Guevara from when he first landed in Cuba in 1956 to his death in Bolivia in 1967, although the film does not portray the formative pre-Cuban revolution sections of Che's life as described in the autobiographical book The Motorcycle Diaries (1993).



Colt 1911

A variant of Colt 1911 is used by a Cuban soldier and the captain of the Bolivian rangers.

COLTM1911 1913.jpg
Cuban oficcer pointing to a prisoner
Bolivian captain take cover during the combat

Colt New Army & Navy

Che (Omar Sharif) uses this weapon to execute Eutimio.

Bandicam 2018-09-24 23-02-35-085.jpg



Several rebels seem to use the PPSH41.

A rebel carries what appears to be a PPSH 41 (the second from the right)
During the triumph of the revolution a rebel carries a PPSH41(left)

M1921AC Thompson

The Thompson is used by both the rebels, the Cuban army, the Che guerrilla and the Bolivian rangers.

A rebel fire his thompson during the ambush
A rebel is hiding in a cane field during the ambush of the Cuban army.
Fidel Castro(Jack Palance) shoots his thompson against the barracks.
Rebel with his thompson after the combat.
Rebel aboard a jeep headed to "La Cabaña" holding a Thompson
A Bolivian ranger fires his thompson during the ambush of the guerrillas.

Madsen M50

Che Guevara uses a Madsen M50 during urban combat in a Cuban town, likewise is seen in the hands of a rebel and a Bolivian ranger.

Rebel with a Madsen during the popular trial (right).
Che carrying a Madsen during the advance to the village.
Che with his Madsen during the attack.
Madsen on the floor after Che is hurt.
Bolivian Ranger fires his Madsen against the guerrillas of Guevara.


Some rebels use the MP40 in some scenes.

Bandicam 2018-09-24 22-49-57-832.jpg

Beretta Model 38A

Willy (Rudy Diaz) carrie a Berreta Model 38A in a one scene in the film.

Beretta Model 38A.jpg
Bandicam 2018-09-24 23-26-16-454.jpg

Beretta Model 38/44

A guerrilla in Bolivia carrie a Berretta 38/44 in his back.

Beretta Model 38-44.jpg

Rifles and Carbines

M1 Garand

The M1 Garand is the main weapon of the Cuban rebels, soldiers of the Cuban army and Che's guerrillas.

M1 Garand.jpg
Rebels execute prisoners.
Bandicam 2018-09-24 22-40-39-272.jpg
Rebel taking prisoner to a Cuban soldier with his M1.
Cuban soldier with an M1 after slaughtering a peasant.
Cannons of a pair of M1 about to execute a traitor.
Rebellious firing squad in "La cabaña" military fortress.
Bandicam 2018-09-24 23-21-02-206.jpg
a guerrilla fighter targeting a Bolivian patrol with an M1.
Che checking an M1 Garand in Bolivia.

Winchester Model 70

Fidel Carrie a Winchester Model 70 in the film.

Bandicam 2018-09-24 22-46-55-445.jpg

Mauser Gewehr 1898

In the film bolivian soldiers are armed with appers a Gewehr 1898 rifles , a Bolivian ranger carrie a same rifle.

Mauser g98.jpg
Bandicam 2018-09-24 22-39-34-569.jpg
Bandicam 2018-09-25 00-12-24-956.jpg


A rebel is seen carrying a STG-44 during the celebration of the revolution.

Sturmgewehr 44.jpg
Bandicam 2018-09-24 23-21-56-316.jpg

M1 Carbine

Che , the rebels , the Cuban Army , Guerrillas and Bolivian Rangers use this weapon.

Bandicam 2018-09-24 22-43-01-474.jpg
Rebel fire his M1 Carbine during the ambush.
Che checking a M1 Carbine during the barracks attack.
Bandicam 2018-09-24 22-56-51-908.jpg
Tania (Linda Marsh) carrie a M1 after the river ambush.
Bolivian rangers captured a guerrilla.

M2 Carbine

Is the main weapon of Che in Bolivia.

M2 Carbine - .30 Carbine
Che prepared to fire on the bolivian soldiers
Bandicam 2018-09-25 00-09-36-556.jpg


Browning Automatic Rifle

Cuban soldiers are armed with is machinegun , Willy carrie a BAR during the guerrilla in Bolivia.

A Cuban Soldier armed with a BAR.
Bandicam 2018-09-24 23-49-53-241.jpg
Bandicam 2018-09-24 23-51-44-117.jpg
Willy fire his BAR agaist the bolivian rangers.

Browning M1919A2

A guerrilla use a Browning 1919 during the last combat.

M1919A2 M2 tripod.jpg
Bandicam 2018-09-25 00-08-34-054.jpg

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