Westfront 1918

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Westfront 1918
Vier von der Infanterie
Movie Poster
Country GER.jpg Germany
Directed by Georg Wilhelm Pabst
Release Date May 23, 1930
Language French
Main Cast
Character Actor
The Bavarian Fritz Kampers
Karl Gustav Diessl
The Student Hans-Joachim Moebis
The Lieutenant Claus Clausen

Westfront 1918 (Vier von der Infanterie) is a 1930 German anti-war film that tells the story of four German soldiers on the western front in France in World War One. The Bavarian sees the war primarily as an adventure. The Student experiences his first great love with the Frenchwoman Yvette. Their superior, the Lieutenant, knows only one thing, namely duty fulfillment. When Karl, the fourth in the league, returns to the front after a home leave in which he surprises his wife with another man in bed, the four fall victim to their fate. The movie was based on the novel Vier von der Infanterie by Ernst Johannsen and was released before All Quiet on the Western Front.

The following weapons were used in the film Westfront 1918:




A French soldier can be seen with a Ruby pistol during a trench raid.

Garate, Anitua y Cia Ruby-Type Pistol - .32 ACP
French soldier storming the German trench holding the pistol.
The French retreating after taking a German prisoner.


Mauser Gewehr 1898

The Mauser Gewehr 1898 is the standard weapon for the German infantry in the movie including the Bavarian (Fritz Kampers), Karl (Gustav Diessl) and the Student (Hans-Joachim Moebis). During the last charge German soldiers seen advancing with G98s with fixed Seitengewehr 98/05 bayonets

Mauser Gewehr 1898 - 7.92x57mm Mauser
German artillery runner with a slinged G98 awaits orders.
The squad looks at the returned Student while cleaning their rifles.
Karl puts his rifle on the ground as he comes home.
Later Karl looks at his wife and the butcher with his Mauser in his hands.
He chambers his Gewehr while taking aim at the butcher (Carl Ballhaus).
The Bavarian fires the rifle at advancing French soldiers.

Mauser Gewehr 1871

The Mauser Gewehr 1871 is seen in the German artillery bunker and in the hands of French soldiers. When Karl is at home in Germany several G71s are seen during a parade.

Mauser Gewehr 1871 - 11 × 60 mm R.
The rifles behind the Meal Orderly (Vladimir Sokoloff).
A German soldier marches with a G71 during the parade.
The French soldier holds the rifle while taking cover behind a tank.
Another view of the same soldier.
A French holds his Mauser while he is under fire.
Promotional picture of the hospital. The Mauser is seen on the left next to the sitting officer.

Chassepot 1866

The majority of French soldiers use old Chassepot 1866 rifles, recognizable by the smooth receiver that differentiates it from the Gras Model 1874.

Chassepot 1866 - 11 mm
The soldier on the left holds the rifle. The receiver is seen.
The soldier retreats with the rifle. The soldier in the background holds also a Chassepot.

Lebel 1886

A Lebel 1886 rifle can also briefly seen near a trench.

Lebel Model 1886 Rifle - 8x50Rmm
The Lebel on the right.

Machine Guns

Maxim MG 08/15

A Maxim MG08/15 is used by German soldiers. Karl briefly fires the gun before he gets wounded.

Maxim MG08/15 - 7.92x57mm Mauser
German soldiers prepare the light machine gun.
The MG team fires the gun.

Hotchkiss M1914

A Hotchkiss M1914 Machine Gun is mounted on a French tank.

M1914 Hotchkiss Machine Gun with tripod - 8x50mmR Lebel / 7.92x57mm Mauser / 11mm Gras
Promotional picture of the two tanks. The Hotchkiss is seen on the right one.

Hand Grenades

Model 17 Stielhandgranate

German soldiers use correct Model 17 Stielhandgranates (Identifiable by the belt clip and star-shaped screw cap). The Lieutenant (Claus Clausen) is seen with a bundle before the counterattack.

Model 17 Stielhandgranate "Potato Masher" high-explosive fragmentation hand grenade
Some M17s in the German trench.
The Student tries to throw a Model 17 Stielhandgranate.
The Bavarian with M17s on his belt.
The grenade on the left.

Model 16 Stielhandgranate

Some older Model 16 Stielhandgranates are also used by German soldiers.

Model 16 Stielhandgranate
The Model 16 in the middle.

Model 1914 Ball Grenade

French soldiers also use Model 1914 Ball Grenades during the trench raid.

Model 1914 ball grenade without fuse.
French soldier on the left holds a Ball Grenade.
A Ball Grenade in front of the Maxim.


French Tank

The French army use tanks that are mockup from a Schneider CA1 and a Renault FT-17.

Wf tank.jpg

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