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This article is still under construction. It may contain factual errors. See Talk:Battlefield 1 for current discussions. Content is subject to change.

Battlefield 1
PC Boxart
Release Date: October 21, 2016
Developer: DICE
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Series: Battlefield
Platforms: PC
Playstation 4
Genre: First-Person Shooter

Battlefield 1 is a first-person shooter developed by Swedish game developer DICE and published by Electronic Arts, and the latest installment in the popular Battlefield series. It is set in a fictionalized version of the First World War, with players taking on the role of soldiers in the trenches or controlling vehicles from tanks and early fighter planes to armored trains and Zeppelins.

The following weapons were used in the videogame Battlefield 1:



The game's class system is altered somewhat from previous incarnations. The Assault class is close to the anti-tank classes of previous games, using heavy anti-vehicle weapons and submachine guns or shotguns, the Medic class are general-purpose combatants with automatic or semi-automatic rifles, the Support class use machine guns, and the Scout class use sniper rifles. There are also new vehicle-using "Tanker" and "Pilot" classes, both using pistol-carbines and the former having a repair tool; these appear to be automatically assigned if the player chooses to spawn directly inside a vehicle.

Battlefield 1 has changed the way weapons work in the form of certain attachments. Each weapon has a set number of variants with pre-allocated attachments instead of allowing the player to customize their attachment loadout. The only attachments that can be customized by the player are Ironsights, Bayonets, Magnification range and in the case of automatic weapons adjusting the direction of recoil control. Below is a list of common names referring to each variant.

  • Factory - Describes the weapon being light weight having fast movement speeds and ADS times. No Attachments installed.
  • Trench - Refers to the weapon having improved hip fire or close range abilities. Typically equipped with a foregrip or some unique cases such as the Winchester 1895, a caliber change.
  • Storm - Refers to the weapon having improved ADS Accuracy even when moving. Formerly called "Light Infantry" in the Alpha and Open Beta versions.
  • Optical - Attaches an experimental optical "Dot" sight for greater ADS accuracy. In some weapons such as those in the Assault class, it adds both the sight and a foregrip.
  • Marksman - Attaches a medium range optical sight with a magnification range between 2.5x and 5x as well as bipod.
  • Sniper - Equipped with a long range optical sight with magnification ranges between 5x and 10x as well as a bipod for stabilised accuracy. The Mondragon rifle is the only medic rifle to support this variant, only the Scout class has the variant otherwise.
  • Backbored - Applies to Shotguns, refers to the weapon using low-recoil buckshot allowing for less recoil but faster damage drop off.
  • Hunter - Applies to Shotguns, attaches a choke tightening shot spread for greater range.
  • Slug - Only applies to the Model 10-A, equipped with Slugs and a Magnified Dot Sight. Formerly called the "Heavy" variant in the Open Beta.
  • Extended - Extends the weapons magazine, only the Browning Auto-5 and Remington Model 8 have this variant prefix.
  • Low Weight - Applies to Machine Guns, identical to the "Factory" variant having no attachments but improved movement speed and ADS times.
  • Telescopic - Applies to Machine Guns, Equipped with a bipod and a medium range optical sight with a magnification range between 2.5x and 5x.
  • Suppressive - Applies to Machine Guns, extends the weapons magazine capacity, adds a bipod and attaches an optical sight.
  • Infantry - Applies to Scout weapons, removes optical sights in place of standard ironsights, considered identical to the "Factory" prefix.
  • Carbine - Applies to Scout Weapons, removes the medium or long range telescopic sight in place of a short range "Dot" sight with increased movement, ADS times and slightly better hip fire accuracy.
  • Sweeper - Only available to the Winchester 1907 and the M97 Trench Gun. In case of the 1907 it adds a foregrip and select fire functionality improving hip fire and close range effectiveness while the M97 shotgun adds a duckbill choke for greater shot dispersion.
  • Experimental - Applies only to the MP18 and Springfield 1903. MP18 Experimental locks the weapon to a three round burst, having greater long range accuracy. The Springfield 1903 Experimental attaches the Pedersen device.

In addition, taking a page from Battlefield Hardline, each of the classes have their own class-exclusive sidearms. However, there are also a small handful of all-class sidearms available.


Beretta M1915

The Beretta M1915 is available as one of the Support class's sidearms as the "Modello 1915." Able to kill in 4 shots at short distances, it offers a decent sized magazine at 8 rounds plus one chambered and a fast rate of fire for the pistol class.

Beretta M1915 - .32 ACP
British soldier holds the Beretta 1915.
Aiming the pistol.
Reloading, note the unusual sight of trigger discipline in World War I. Also note that the slide is locked back, which is impossible as the M1915 has no mechanism to lock the slide back besides a magazine cut out.

Borchardt C-93

The Borchardt C-93 is an available pistol that can be utilised by all classes once unlocked by getting to Rank 10 with the Support Class. It inflicts similar damage to some of the faster firing pistols at 4 shots within close range but is hampered by a somewhat average rate of fire. It does however possess one of the best hip fire ratings of all the pistols.

Borchardt C-93 - 7.65x25mm Borchardt
A German soldier holds the Borchardt.
Aiming the Borchardt.
Chambering the pistol.

Colt 1903 Hammerless

A Colt 1903 Hammerless is available for the Assault class. It is the fastest firing pistol in the Assault Class at 450 RPM but is also relatively weak, killing in about 4 shots at close range.

Colt 1903 Hammerless with Colt Wood Grips - .32 ACP
An Assault Gunner holds the Colt.
Aiming the Colt.
Reloading. Note the inaccurate locked back slide despite the empty magazine being removed and replaced. However, as of the February 2017 patch, the animation was updated to properly depict the slide as remaining in battery after the last shot is fired.
Powerstroking the slide of the Hammerless, similar to the M1911.

Colt M1911/A1

The "M1911" in the game is a hybrid with features of both the M1911 and M1911A1, the latter being anachronistic since the M1911A1 was not standardised until 1926. It has a long M1911-style trigger and hammer spur and a short grip safety spur, but an A1-style frame cutout behind the trigger, no diamond markings on the grip, and a curved mainspring housing. The M1911 is the default starting pistol and is able to kill a target within 3 shots at close range with a moderate rate of fire and reload time, however its weapon spread and recoil are more severe than other pistols.

Colt M1911 (dated 1913) - .45 ACP
Pre-War Colt M1911A1 Pistol - Commercial Model known as the "Colt Government Model" - .45 ACP. This has a deep Colt factory blued finish, common for commercial variants before and after the war.
The Colt M1911 Hellfighter ingame.
A M1911 with a two-toned finish, an in-game skin for the M1911 called "The Incarcerator," rewarded to players who completed an M1911-specific community mission in Battlefield 4 and Battlefield Hardline before October 17th, 2016.
Reloading from empty.
Releasing the slide.

Colt M1911/A1 "Extended"

The "M1911 Extended" is a pistol-carbine variant of the Colt M1911, uses by Tankers and Pilots. It's semi-automatic, has a 15 round magazine, and is fitted with a wire-frame stock and Thompson-style foregrip (the same foregrip featured on Trench-variant weapons in the game). In a notable (but acknowledged by the devs) animation error, the weapon is animated as a double action only pistol (the hammer even cycles) and the slide does not lock open when empty, being fully cycled by the player on an empty reload; it's fantastic animation work, just not for an M1911.

Colt M1911A1 Machine Pistol factory full-auto conversion - .38 Super. Somewhat similar to the one in game.

FN M1903

The FN M1903 is available by default alongside the M1911 and P08. Called the "Mle. 1903" in-game it offers a balance between the two other default sidearms by being faster than the M1911 and P08 but offering less damage as a result.

FN Browning Model 1903 - 9x20mm Browning Long
The FN 1903 ingame.
Aiming down the weapon's sights.
An empty reload; note the incorrect locked open slide despite the empty mag being removed before.
The weapon during a mid-magazine reload.

Mle. 1903 Extended

The "They Shall Not Pass" DLC adds the "Mle. 1903 Extended" for the Pilot and Tanker classes, with a stock and 10-round magazine.

The FN 1903 Extended ingame.
Reloading. Note the stock.

Frommer Stop

The Frommer Stop is available for the Scout Class. It is yet again another fast firing pistol at 450 RPM but is offset with low damage at 4 shots at close range. Unlike other 4 shot, high ROF pistols it only holds 7 rounds plus one chambered instead of the usual 8 plus 1.

Frommer Stop - .380 ACP
German soldier holds the Frommer Stop.
Aiming the pistol.

Frommer Stop Machine Pistol

The fully-automatic lengthened-barreled variant of the Frommer Stop is available to the Pilot and Tanker classes as the "Frommer Stop Auto". In-game it erroneously holds 14 rounds plus one in the chamber, whereas the real extended magazine of this variant held 15 rounds.

Frommer Stop Machine Pistol - .380 ACP
An American Tanker holds the pistol.
Aiming the pistol.

Kolibri Pistol

The tiny Kolibri 2.7mm Pistol is the weakest and smallest pistol in the game, unlocked by getting to Rank 10 with the Scout Class. The weapon seems to have been included primarily as a joke similar to the old ability to kill someone by hitting them in the head with a stun grenade; its damage output at point-blank range is only 5 per shot, and it can only reach levels comparable to other pistols when aiming for the head. Even then, it only deals 25 damage - respectable, but not for a point-blank headshot.

2mm Kolibri pistol with a penny for scale - 2.7x9mm Kolibri
A scout draws the Kolibri.
Holding the pistol.

Lancaster Howdah Pistol

A Lancaster 4-barreled Howdah Pistol chambered in .476 CF is available to the Assault Class. It is a 2 shot kill at close range, but damage drops off sharply at longer distances; in comparison to the Gasser it offers a faster rate of fire (257 RPM compared to the 180 RPM of the Gasser) and a much faster reload speed as the soldier character inserts two rounds at a time when reloading.

For 100% completion of the campaign "The Runner" the player will be awarded "Frontiersman", a skin for the Howdah Pistol that is usable in Multiplayer.

Lancaster 4-barrelled Howdah Pistol - .476 CF
A German soldier holds the pistol.
Aiming the pistol.
"Frontiersman" skin granted for 100% completion of "The Runner".

Luger LP08 "Artillery"

A Luger LP08 "Artillery" with buttstock and Trommelmagazin 08 snail drum magazine can be seen on the art. In-game, it is an available weapon for the Tanker and Pilot classes. Despite the increased barrel length it only inflicts marginally more damage at range than the standard Luger P08. In the final version, however, it also received a long barrel with foregrip, from the carbine variant.

Luger LP08 "Artillery" model with the rare 32-round Trommelmagazin 08 snail drum magazine compatible with the Bergmann MP18 submachine gun - 9x19mm
A rare Luger carbine - 9x19mm
A German soldier on the right holding the Luger LP08 "Artillery" model pistol.
A British pilot holds the Luger Artillery.
Aiming the pistol.
Reloading a Trommelmagazin 08. Note the foregrip from the carbine variant.

Luger P08

The Luger P08 pistol appears as a sidearm. A heavily engraved Luger P08 appears in the Red Baron Pack, which is included in the Early Enlister Deluxe Edition. It is a 4 shot kill at close range with a moderatly fast rate of fire and good hip fire accuracy. It holds 8 rounds plus one chambered.

Luger P08 - 9x19mm
A German pilot with a Luger P08.
Aiming the Luger.
The Luger P08 being reloaded.
Note that the second "Behemoth" is the HMS Iron Duke or a ship of the same class, while the third is the WW1-era Russian / Soviet "rail cruiser" Zaamurets, later known as Polipanovtsi, BP-4, Lenin, Orlik and Train No. 105. This train served on both sides during the Russian Civil War and undertook a remarkable journey across the world, ultimately ending up in the hands of the Japanese military after being seized from Chinese forces in Manchuria.

Mars Automatic Pistol

The Mars Automatic Pistol is available for the Scout class. It appears to have a 10-round magazine, suggesting it could be chambered for 8.5mm or 9mm Mars. It has high stopping however the Gasser Revolver is the most powerful in terms of raw damage, the Mars sports decent hip fire accuracy but has high recoil and a below average rate of fire.

Mars Automatic Pistol - 8.5x26mm Mars / 9x26mm Mars / .45 Mars
A British sniper holds the Mars Pistol.
Aiming the Mars.

Mauser C96

A Mauser C96 is available as one of the Medic class's sidearms. It is relatively weak at a 4 shot kill at close range but can be fired relatively quickly. A known reload bug plays when using the weapon as it will sometimes load rounds one at a time when completely empty instead of loading a stripper clip while other times the weapon will be reloaded with 21 rounds, 11 more rounds than what the weapon can possibly hold. A version of the weapon available only to the DICE developers is the "Export" variant.

For 100% completion of the campaign "Through Mud and Blood" the player will be awarded "His Lordship", a skin for the Mauser C96 that is usable in Multiplayer.

Pre-war Mauser C96 "Broomhandle" Commercial Version - 7.63x25mm Mauser
Aiming Down sights
Mid-recoil. Note the spent casing ejecting from the gun
Empty reload
Mid-reload, loading one round at a time.
"His Lordship" skin granted for 100% completion of "Through Mud and Blood".
Anzac runner Frederick Bishop overlooks the Dardanelles with a Maxim Silencer-equipped C96. It is also modeled with the C96 Carbine's 20-round magazine, but appears to only load 10.

Mauser C96 Carbine

A carbine Mauser C96 is the main weapon for the Pilot and Tanker classes where it is the default primary weapon. Oddly, the weapon has a 20-round fixed magazine; while these did exist, they weren't ever recorded as being put into carbines. Despite being a Carbine it inflicts identical damage to the regular C96 at 4 shots and only has a slightly higher muzzle velocity.

Mauser C96 Carbine - 7.63x25mm Mauser
Mauser C96 Carbine in the customize menu.
A German pilot holds the Mauser C96 Carbine.
Aiming the pistol carbine.
Reloading a 10 stripper clip.
Zara holds a unique scoped Mauser C96 carbine.

Mauser Pocket Pistol 1914

The 1914 Mauser Pocket Pistol is available as one of the Medic class's sidearms as the "Taschenpistole M1914" (which is German for "pocket pistol"). It is a faster firing pistol at 450 RPM, but like other pistols in the same role is relatively weak, killing in 4 shots.

1914 Mauser Pocket Pistol - 7.65x17mmSR
A German medic holds the Mauser Taschenpistole M1914.
Aiming the pistol.

Steyr M1912

The Steyr M1912 appears as a Support-exclusive sidearm. When performing a non-empty reload, the player character correctly opens the action and presses a button that dumps all remaining rounds from the gun, then loads it with a stripper clip. When empty, the gun simply locks open like most pistols and is then loaded with the clip, making an empty reload much faster. Considering Support has access to infinite ammo, it's likely a good idea to empty the pistol whenever using it. It should also be noted that the gun actually ejects the correct amount of remaining rounds, ranging from one to seven. It is relatively weak, killing in 4 shots with an moderatly fast rate of fire at 360 RPM.

Steyr Hahn Model 1912 (1913 mfg) - 9x23mm Steyr
Holding the Steyr M1912.
Aiming the pistol.
Pulling the slide back during a mid-magazine reload.
Letting some happy little 9x23mm Steyr rounds go free.
Inserting an 8-round stripper clip.
Thumbing in the cartridges.
All rounds loaded, the character prepares to yank out the clip to release the slide.

Webley & Scott No. 1 Mk. III* Signal Pistol

The Scout class can use a Webley & Scott No. 1 Mk. III* Signal Pistol, firing flares that either spot enemies close to them or blind any observers (a bit like a flashbang, but with a bit longer "flash", and no "bang"), but set enemies on fire on direct hit in either case. In other cases it's very common for users to light themsleves on fire when the flare is fired in close proximity and enemies who run over the flare will take additional fire damage for a short duration. Notably, the weapon is never seen ejecting any casings; the rounds behave as though they were caseless.

Webley & Scott No. 1 Mk. III* Signal Pistol - 1 inch - brass frame and barrel
A German pilot holds the Webley & Scott Flare gun.


Bodeo M1889

The Bodeo M1889 is available for Scout class at rank 2. A reasonably powerful 2 shot kill at close range however damage drops off sharply at longer distances to the point it will require all 6 rounds to kill a soldier at max range. It is painfully slow to reload as it reloads via a reloading gate, removing spent cartridges one at a time and inserting new ones. Although it is also reloaded in what seems to be a rather unsafe manner (pulling the trigger to rotate the cylinder after each round is inserted), this is how the Bodeo is supposed to function; with the loading gate open, the hammer is disconnected from the trigger, allowing this faster method of reloading compared to other gate-loaded revolvers. It is however a moderately fast revolver in comparison to revolvers in other classes.

Bodeo Model 1889 Type II - 10.4x22mm Italian
A Scout holds the Bodeo revolver.
Aiming the revolver.

Gasser M1870

The Austrian Gasser M1870 revolver is available and is exclusive to the Assault Class. It is likely the 11.25x36mmR model, as the description states it was favoured by Austrian Stormtroopers. It fires single action only, is a pain to reload due to its loading gate system, and is, unlike the other revolvers, a very reliable two hit kill weapon at medium distances.

Gasser M1870 Montenegrin second model - 11.25x36mmR Gasser
Aiming down sights
Reloading, each round is loaded one by one

Smith & Wesson New Model No.3

The Smith & Wesson New Model No.3 is available, simply called "No.3 Revolver". It lacks the trigger guard spur of the Russian Model and according to the in-game stats is chambered in .44 American. It can be used by all classes but must be unlocked by getting Rank 10 with Assault. Like other Revolvers it is somewhat powerful at close range killing about 2 shots but damage drops off sharply at long range. It is one of the two only top break revolvers in the game offering a much faster reload in comparison to other revolvers.

Smith & Wesson New Model No.3 Target - .44 S&W American
Holding the revolver.

Webley-Fosbery Auto Revolver

The Webley-Fosbery Automatic Revolver is shown being used by several tank crewman during the campaign mission "Through Mud and Blood". In-game, it is one of the Medic class's sidearms when it offers a high damage 2 shot kill at close range with damage dropping sharply at longer ranges with a faster reload in comparison to other revolvers. Called the "Auto Revolver"- which is more or less correct, but not terribly specific; an auto-revolver is a type of weapon (albeit with very few of the sort existing), not an individual one. Like the S&W No.3 Revolver it is one of two revolvers that reload via a top break system.

For 100% completion of the campaign "Friends in High Places" the player will be awarded "Straight Flush", a skin for the Auto Revolver that is usable in Multiplayer.

Webley-Fosbery Auto Revolver - .455 Webley
Aiming down sights
Mid-recoil. As seen here, the top frame recoils, turning the cylinder to the next chamber. Note the grooves in the cylinder, which helped rotate it to the next round
Reload. Note the spent .455 casings ejecting out of the cylinder.
"Straight Flush" skin granted for 100% completion of "Friends in High Places".

Webley Bulldog

A Webley Bulldog revolver is available as one of the Support class's sidearms. Like other revolvers it is a 2 shot weapon at close range and is the fastest firing of the Revolver class at 257 RPM (in comparison to the Auto Revolver which has 225 RPM) but damage drops off sharply at longer ranges to counter its fast rate of fire. The weapon reloads via a loading gate, ejecting and inserting new rounds one at a time.

Webley BullDog - .45 caliber - 1870s. Note that the one in-game is a later model, and has an unfluted cylinder
Aiming down sights
Reloading, similar to the Gasser 1870
Another frame of the reload; tapping the ejector rod.

Submachine Guns

Beretta M1918

The Beretta M1918 submachine gun is available for the Assault class at rank 2. Presumably due to the continued existence of Beretta's name trademark, in the pre-alpha multiplayer gameplay footage it is called the "Automatico M1918." It has the fastest ROF of the Assault SMG's at 900 RPM but is offset with a magazine size of 25 rounds and very poor damage drop off. Three variants exist for the weapon with pre-allocated attachments, "Factory", "Trench" and "Storm".

Beretta M1918 submachine gun with folding spike bayonet - 9mm Glisenti
British soldier holds the submachine gun.
View down the M1918's default iron sights.
Aiming with the alternative peep hole rear sight.
Removing a spent magazine.
Inserting a new one.
Rechambering the Automatico.

Bergmann MP18

The Bergmann MP18 is the first submachine gun available for the Assault class. It is the slowest firing SMG at 500 RPM but offers good accuracy over short to medium distances even from the hip. Three variants are available "Trench", "Optical" and "Experimental". The "Experimental" variant locks the weapon to three round burst and gives substantially greater long range accuracy. The "Factory" variant is available in the single player.

Bergmann MP18 with 32 round Trommelmagazin 08 - 9x19mm
A soldier with a Mauser C96, a Bergmann MP18, a trench raiding club, and a rather displeased facial expression.
A soldier wields a MP18 with a 32-round snail drum magazine and a spike bayonet. The MP18 was never actually fitted with bayonets in real life; bayonets are treated as an accessory for many weapons in the game.
Aiming the MP18.
Reloading the submachine gun.
Inserting a new snail-drum magazine into the "Experimental" variant, with an added camouflage skin.
Pulling the bolt back into battery.

Standschütze Hellriegel 1915

The Standschütze Hellriegel 1915 heavy sub-machine gun appears in the Gamescom Trailer; it is the Assault class's Level 10 unlock in-game. Two variants are available: the "Factory" variant that holds 59+1 rounds in a drum magazine, and the "Defensive" variant introduced to the game in March 2017, which holds 119+1 rounds and is equipped with a bipod and a magnifying sight. The detachable drum magazine depicted on both variants doesn't seem to have existed in reality; the real weapon was known to feed either from a 20-round box magazine, or from a 160-round drum magazine that is noticeably larger than the one in-game, and that fed the cartridges through a flexible chute instead of being attached to the weapon itself.

Standschütze Hellriegel 1915 heavy submachine gun - 9mm Steyr
Holding the submachinegun.

Villar-Perosa M1915

A version of the Villar-Perosa M1915 SMG is available. It is the weapon of the Sentry Elite Class in the Italian Maps (Monte Grappa and Empire's Edge, including the campaign mission Avanti Savoia.) and can be picked up from crates spread around the maps. It is in similar style to the Bapty & Co. mock up made for the 1987 film The Sicilian, with a Bren front grip, and an MG42 grip and trigger group. It has a smaller magazine than the MG08/15 at 50 rounds (both guns loaded), but its blazing rate of fire of 1800 rounds per minute makes it a shredder at close range.

Fake Villar Persoa SMG used in the Sicilian. Photo from Long Mountain Outfitters web site
The Villar-Perosa lies in a weapon cage.
An Italian soldier holds the Villar-Perosa M1915.
Holding the submachine gun.
The Villar Perosa in action. Note the 25 round capacity: while the capacity is actually 50 rounds, the ammo indicator shows the number of times the weapon can be fired since both barrels use the same trigger.


Browning Auto-5

The Browning Auto-5 is one of the available shotguns for the Assault class. In-game it is known as the "12g Automatic", although in trailers it was properly named "Automatic 5". Unlike the two other shotguns, the player character loads an extra round in the chamber; this was most likely done for balancing purposes. Three variant exist which are "Backbored", "Hunter", and "Extended". The "Extended" model increases the magazine capacity from 5 rounds to 7, making it the highest capacity shotgun in the game.

Browning Auto-5/Remington Model 11 in Riot Gun configuration - 12 gauge
The Browning Auto-5 in-game.
Dropping a brass-cased 12-gauge shell into the A5.
Pressing the bolt release.
Topping the tube magazine off with more shells.
The "Extended" variant of the Browning Auto-5 in-game.

Remington Model 10A

The Remington Model 10A is the first shotgun unlocked for the Assault class and is referred as the "Model 10-A". It differs from the Winchester Model 1897 for having a longer barrel of 23 inches, rather than 20 inches on the Model '97. It has a correct 6-round tube capacity in the game and unlike the M97 cannot be slam fired. Three variants are available in-game, "Factory", "Slug" (Formerly called "Heavy" in the Beta) and "Hunter".

World War I era Remington Model 10A "Trench Gun"
The Model 10A shotgun lies in a weapon crate.
An Assault Gunner holds the shotgun.
Holding the "Slug" variant of the Model 10A. Note the experimental dot sight on it; this kind of sight was only tested by the British in small quantities and only on the Lee-Enfield rifles of the era.

Sawn-Off Double Barreled Shotgun

The Tank Hunter Elite Class is armed with a Sawn-Off Double Barreled Shotgun as his sidearm. The same shotgun can be unlocked as a primary weapon for the Pilot and Tanker classes by reaching Rank 10 with the Tanker class. Additionally, an option allows a player to equip other Elite Classes (such as the Sentry and Flamethrower) with the Sawn Off Shotgun as a secondary when unlocked.

Remington Spartan Sawn-Off shotgun - 12 gauge
The Tank Hunter holds the Sawn-Off Double Barreled Shotgun.
Aiming the shotgun.

Sjögren Shotgun

The Sjögren semi-automatic Shotgun was confirmed by the developers to be in the "They Shall Not Pass" DLC and was seen in a teaser image. It is referred to as the "Sjögren Inertial" in-game, referring to the Sjögren's inertial action, even though the designation of the real weapon is actually Sjögren Inertia.

Sjögren Inertia - 12 gauge
Holding the Sjögren.
Loading a new round.

Winchester Model 1897

The Winchester Model 1897 Trench Gun is one of the available shotguns for the Assault class under the name "M97 Trench Gun." It correctly holds 5 rounds in the tube magazine and is also capable of being "slam-fired" in-game, just like in real life. However, unlike in previous Battlefield games, the player is unable to load a round in the chamber, unlike on the Browning Auto-5. This was most likely done for balancing purposes. Four variants exist in Multiplayer, these being "Hunter", "Backbored", "Sweeper" and "Hellfighter". The "Hellfighter" is only a cosmetic pre-order bonus apart of the Early Enlister and Deluxe edition copies of the game; statistically it is identical to the M97 Hunter variant.

Winchester Model 1897 "Trench Gun" - 12 gauge
A special version of the Winchester Trench Gun as part of a promotional picture.
An Assault Gunner holds the Hellfighter Winchester Model 1897.
Aiming the shotgun.
Reloading a round.
Pumping an alternately-skinned M97 "Hunter", with a ribbed barrel.
The "Backbored" variant of the Winchester M1897 Trench Gun in game.



The Cei-Rigotti, an obscure Italian select-fire rifle with a production run of around 100, is the first rifle available for the Medic class. It comes in three variants: "Factory", "Trench", and "Optical." Tests say the weapon fired around 900 RPM in real life, but is capped at a much slower 299 RPM.

For 100% completion of the campaign "Avanti Savoia" the player will be awarded "Fiamme Verdi", a skin for the Cei-Rigotti that is usable in Multiplayer.

Cei-Rigotti - 6.5×52mm Mannlicher
A German soldier holds the Cei-Rigotti rifle.
Aiming the rifle.
A German soldier reloading the Cei-Rigotti with a stripper clip.
A German soldier holding a Cei-Rigotti with the experimental British Lee-Enfield dot sight that appears on other weapons.
"Fiamme Verdi" skin granted for 100% completion of "Avanti Savoia".

Lebel Mle 1886

The Lebel Mle 1886 Rifle appears in the "They Shall Not Pass" DLC, having both "Sniper" and "Infantry" variants.

Lebel Model 1886 - 8x50mm
A French scout holding the Lebel.
The scoped variant ingame.

Lee-Enfield No.1 Mk.III*

The Lee-Enfield No.1 Mk.III* rifle is available for the Scout class and is the standard issue rifle for the British faction in the 'Back to Basics" game-mode. It comes in three variants: "Infantry", "Carbine;", and "Marksman."

Lee-Enfield No.1 Mk.III* - .303 British. This was the main battle rifle of British and Commonwealth forces during the First World War.
British soldiers in trenches with Lee-Enfield No.1 Mk.III* rifles.
A British Scout holds the SMLE.
Aiming the rifle.
Reloading the weapon with a 5-round stripper clip.

Lee Enfield Carbine

A short version of the SMLE is also available with an experimental dot sight. This carbine seems to be a mix of the No.1 Mk.III* and a post war No.1 Mk. V carbine.

Lee-Enfield Mk.V - .303 British.
A Soldier holding a Lee-Enfield No.1 Mk.III* carbine with experimental dot sight, originally designed for the Lee-Enfield but is a universal attachment for other weapons in the game. This kind of sight was only tested by the British in small quantities and only on the Lee-Enfield rifles of the era.
Aiming the SMLE Carbine.

Luger Selbstlader Model 1906

The prototype Luger Selbstlader Model 1906 toggle-action self-loading rifle is available for the Medic at rank 10. The magazine contains 5 rounds and it has almost the same characteristics as the Mauser Selbstlader M1916 rifle. It is only available in the "Factory" variant.

Luger Rifle M1906 - 7.92x57mm Mauser
The world model of the Luger Rifle.
A German medic holds the Selbstlader 1906.
Aiming the Luger rifle.


The Martini-Henry is avalible for the Scout class in the game. It boasts itself as the highest damaging sniper rifle but only holds a single round. Additionally, it has the longest "sweet spot" of any sniper rifle; this is the range in which the weapon will be able to score 1-shot kills to an enemy's torso. As a drawback, only an Infantry variant is available. In the "Back to Basics" custom game-mode, the Martini-Henry is the standard rifle for the Ottoman Empire.

Martini-Henry Mk. I (1871-1876) - .577-.450 caliber
A sniper holds the rifle.

Mauser 1918 T-Gewehr

The Mauser 1918 T-Gewehr can also be seen in the trailer and a Promotional picture. It is exclusive to the Tank Hunter battle pickup class, and is capable of dealing terrifying amounts of damage to vehicles and infantry alike, at the cost of a 1-shot capacity, a slow reload, and the rather understandable inability to use the weapon without the bipod deployed.

Mauser 1918 T-Gewehr Anti-Tank Rifle - 13.2mm TuF
A soldier charging with a Mauser 1918 T-Gewehr.
A T-Gewehr in a weapon box.
Aiming the T-Gewehr.
The T-Gewehr placed on a wall.
Reloading a 13.2mm cartridge.

Mauser Gewehr 1898

The Mauser Gewehr 1898 is available for the Scout class. In "The Runner" campaign Ottoman soldiers use this rifle instead of accurate 1893 and 1903 Mauser rifles. The Gewehr 98 was delivered to the Ottomans only towards the end of the war, so the appearance of them in the "Nothing is Written" missions is correct. It comes in the "Infantry", "Marksman", and "Sniper" variants. It is also the standard issue rifle for the German Empire in "Back to Basics."

Mauser Gewehr 1898 - 7.92x57mm Mauser
A Scout holds the Gewehr 1898.
Aiming the Lange Visier.
Reloading a 5-round stripper clip.
A Gewehr 1898 in "Sniper" variant with a scope and a bipod.
A Gewehr 1898 in "Marksman" variant fitted with a bayonet and Warner & Swasey Model 1913 Prismatic Musket Scope, a 5.2x magnifier developed for the Springfield M1903.

Mauser Selbstlader M1916

The Mauser Selbstlader M1916 appears as a primary weapon for the Medic class. It holds 25+1 rounds in the magazine and comes in the "Factory," "Optical", and "Marksman" variants.

Mauser Selbstlader M1916 - 7.92x57mm Mauser
A German Soldier holding a Selbstlader with a bayonet.
Aiming the Selbstlader.
Reloading the rifle.
The "Optical" variant experimental dot sight.
The "Marksman" variant.

Mondragón Modelo 1908

The Mondragón Modelo 1908 is available for the Medic class. It is only self-loading rifle to not have a "Factory" variant, instead it has the "Storm," "Optical," "and "Sniper." In the E3 2016 Trailer, a German soldier is seen with the Flieger-Selbstlade-Karabiner Modell 15 equipped with a 30-round drum magazine, but in the final game only the default 10-round magazine is available.

Mondragón Modelo 1908 semi-automatic rifle - 7x57mm Spanish Mauser
A German soldier with the Mondragón rifle.
Aiming the Mondragón.
Reloading a 5 round stripper clip.
A soldier holding a Mondragón with a scope.

Pieper Revolving Carbine

The Pieper Revolving Carbine is an available primary weapon for the Pilot and Tank driver classes.

Pieper Revolving Rifle - 8mm Pieper
Aim down sights

Remington Model 8

The Remington Model 8 appears as the Autoloading 8." Two of the variants are chambered in .35 Remington, the "Factory" and "Marksman" variants; the third variant , "Extended", comes equipped with a wooden foregrip and an extended magazine having a 15+1 capacity, chambered in .25 Remington. An easter-egg exists where the weapon is reloaded in a similar fashion to the Battlefield 4 AN-94.

Remington Model 8 - .30 Remington
The Remington Model 8 in-game.
Aiming the rifle.
Stripping a 5-round clip of .35 Remington into the rifle.
Releasing the bolt on the "Marksman" Model 8.
Remington Model 8 with detachable magazine - .25 Remington
Removing the magazine on the .25 Remington version.
Inserting a new one, "tacticool" style from the easter-egg animation.
Chambering a new round.

R.S.C. Mle 1917

The R.S.C. Mle 1917 semi-automatic Rifle appears in the "They Shall Not Pass" DLC. It is one of the slowest-firing Medic rifles, but also has the highest damage model of any of the Medic's rifles, being capable of killing in 2 body shots out to a decent range.

R.S.C. Model 1917 - 8x50mmR
Holding the R.S.C..
Pulling the charging handle.

Ribeyrolles 1918

The Chauchat-Ribeyrolles 1918 Automatic Carbine is avalible in the "They Shall Not Pass" DLC. Even though technically a rifle, it is classified with the SMGs in game (to be fair, the distinction wasn't as clear during WW1, as the term "submachine gun" didn't actually exist until 1919). By default, the weapon comes with a bipod (the only weapon in the Assault class with one), and is the best Assault-class automatic weapon at range, at the cost of having the MP18's low rate of fire mixed with the M1918's low capacity of 25 rounds.

Ribeyrolles 1918 Carbine- 8x35mm Ribeyrolles
Holding the Ribeyrolles.
Pulling the charging handle.

Springfield M1903 Mk 1

The Springfield M1903 Mk 1 is one of the available rifles for the scout class. The M1903 is the only bolt action rifle to not feature an "Infantry" variant in game, only having a "Sniper," "Marksman," and "Experimental" variants, with the latter being fitted with the Pedersen Device. The "Infantry" version of the weapon appears in the single-player campaign intro, and is available to the American faction in the "Back to Basics" gamemode (added December 16th, 2016).

Springfield M1903 Mk 1 - .30-06
Idle. Note that the user is holding the attached monopod like a foregrip
Aiming down the Warner & Swasey Scope, which was issued to several Springfield M1903s during WWI
Empty reload
mid-reload. As with all bolt action rifles, the user blocks the ejecting round with his four fingers stretched over the chamber before loading rounds individually
Iron sights of the Springfield.
Reloading a K-Bullet.

Pedersen Device

The Springfield M1903 Mk 1 fitted with the Pedersen Device is available in the game as a variant of the regular M1903 (M1903 Experimental). This device makes the weapon function as a semi-automatic rifle firing the experimental .30 Auto-Pistol round, which can be considered a mix between the .32 ACP and the WW2-era .30 Carbine. Production began in 1917 and it was officially adopted as US Automatic Pistol, Caliber .30, Model of 1918. However, the war ended before it saw combat usage; it would have been in use during the 1919 Spring Offensive. If 'K' Bullets (armor-piercing rounds capable of damaging vehicles) are chosen as a gadget while using this variant, a unique animation plays when switching to 'K' Bullets, where the soldier removes the Pedersen device and replaces it with the original bolt of the 1903, turning the semi-automatic rifle into its original bolt-action form (and vice versa). It's worth noting that when using the original bolt with K-Bullets, the rifle is actually the no attachments setup that is otherwise unavailable in multiplayer, just without the ability to use standard rounds in a five-round magazine.

M1903 Mk 1 Springfield fitted with the Pedersen Device - .30-18 Auto (also known as the 7.65×20mm Longue)
A Pedersen Device-fitted '03 Springfield rifle in the hands of an German soldier.
Removing a used magazine.
Clicking in a new one.
Preparing to charge the upper receiver.
Removing the Pedersen Device.
Rechambering the Pedersen after reinstalling it on the M1903.

Steyr Mannlicher M1895

The Steyr Mannlicher M1895 appears as a primary weapon for the Scout class. In pre-release versions of the game, the M1895 could be incorrectly reloaded with individual rounds, however, in the final release, the en-bloc clip is ejected when reloading mid-magazine (there are always five unfired rounds modeled in the clip, though). It comes in the "Infantry," "Carbine," and "Marksman" variants, with the iron-sight version given to the Austro-Hungarian empire in the "Back to Basics" gamemode.

Steyr Mannlicher M1895 - 8x50mmR Mannlicher
German soldier holding a Steyr Mannlicher M1895.
Aiming the Steyr Mannlicher.
Reloading the rifle.
The Steyr M1895 with a Model 1913 Prismatic Musket Scope.

Stutzen Carbine

The short version of the Steyr Mannlicher M1895 is also available, equipped with a magnifying sight. It was actually called Repertier-Stutzen M1895. The photo below is the post war rechambered and modified version of the 1930s and should be replaced with the correct version.

Steyr M1895 Short Rifle (M1930 Conversion) - 8x56mmR Mannlicher
Idle. Note the experimental magnifying sight, which was used on some Lee-Enfield rifles during WWI.
Aiming down the magnifying sight on the Stutzen M1895.
mid-reload. Note the en-bloc clip when ejected still has five rounds even if the magazine is partially loaded. This is, however, a major improvement over earlier builds of the game, where the player was able to reload the gun with single rounds when partly loaded, which is mechanically impossible for this rifle.

Winchester Model 1895 (Russian Contract)

The Winchester Model 1895 appears as the "Russian 1895" and a primary weapon for the Scout class in multiplayer. Three variants are available one, the "Infantry," "Trench," and "Sniper" variants, with the "Trench" variant being chambered in .30-40 Krag. If the player spawns in as the Calvary class, they are given the "Calvary" variant of the weapon. For 100% completion of the campaign "Nothing is Written" the player will be awarded "Desert Dweller", a skin for the Russian 1895 that is usable in Multiplayer.

Winchester Model 1895 made under contract for the Russian Army - 7.62x54mmR
Aim down sights
Empty reload
"Desert Dweller" skin granted for 100% completion of "Nothing is Written".

Winchester Model 1907

The Winchester Model 1907 is a weapon issued for the Medic class. In the Alpha build of the game, the weapon was modeled with a 10-round magazine, but has since changed to the correct 20 round version in the Beta. It comes in the "Factory," "Trench," and "Sweeper" variant; the latter converted to full-auto firing at 300 RPM. During the war, the French versions of the weapon were converted to full auto, but clocked in at a much faster 700 RPM.

Winchester Model 1907 - .351 Winchester
French Winchester Model 1907 with Lee-Navy bayonet and 20-round magazine for comparison- .351 Winchester
A Medic character holds a Winchester Model 1907 with a bayonet.
Aiming the Winchester.
Reloading the M1907.
Releasing a magazine from a camouflaged M1907.
Pressing the distinct charging handle in to rechamber the rifle.

Machine Guns

Bergmann MG 15 n. A.

The Bergmann MG 15 n. A. is the only belt-fed machine gun in game available to the Support class.

Bergmann MG 15 n. A. light machine gun - 7.92x57mm Mauser
A German soldier holds a MG 15 n. A.
Aiming the Bergmann.
A German soldier reloading an MG 15 n. A.
Feeding an 8mm Mauser belt into the chamber. Note the added bipod.
Tugging the charging handle.
A soldier holds an MG 15 n. A. equipped with a ZF12, a German machine gun optic designed for the MG08.

Browning Automatic Rifle M1918

The World War I version of the Browning Automatic Rifle is available to the Support class in game, and is set to the higher of the 2 rate of fire options for the weapon, 600 RPM. The HUD icon appears to be equipped with the World War II-era hinged bipod at the end of the weapon.

M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle - .30-06
Browning Automatic rifle in idle.
Aiming down the sights.
Pulling back the charging handle while looking down, which shows off the rather detailed character model's hands.
Reload. Note the vertical grip, as this is the BAR Trench variant.
About to insert a new magazine.


The Chauchat Light Machine Gun appears in the "They Shall Not Pass" DLC. Ingame, it has the highest damage model of all of the Support class's machine guns, at the cost of a low rate of fire (still higher than the real weapon's; 360 RPM ingame versus the real steel's 240) and a mere 20-round capacity.

Chauchat Light Machine Gun - 8x50mmR Lebel
French soldier holding the Chauchat.
Holding the Chauchat.

Hotchkiss Mk.I

The Hotchkiss Mk.I light machine gun is one of the first Support class weapons, labeled as the "M1909 Benet-Mercie." The reloading animation for the non-empty reload is inaccurate.

For completion of the Battlefield 1 Singleplayer the player will be awarded "Trench Cleaner", a skin for the M1909 Benet-Mercie that is usable in Multiplayer.

Hotchkiss Mk.I - .303 British
A soldier shooting a Hotchkiss Mk.I light machine gun.
Aiming the light machine gun.
"Trench Cleaner" skin granted for the completion of Battlefield 1 Singleplayer.

Huot Automatic Rifle

The Huot Automatic Rifle is available for the Support class. One gun for each class requires reaching max level with the class (Level 10), whereas every other gun and variant is unlocked by Level 3; the Huot is the Support's Level 10 gun. There are two variants available in game, the "Low Weight" and "Optical" variants, but only the "Low Weight" version is usable in multi-player.

Huot Automatic Rifle - .303 British
Holding the Huot Automatic.
Holding the Huot.
Reloading the Huot.
Edwards holds a muddy unique Huot Automatic found in Fog of War. Looking down shows off the rather awkward ergonomics of converting a bolt action Ross rifle to fully-automatic.
Charging the Huot.

Lewis Gun

The Lewis Gun is the first light machine gun available to the Support class. It comes in the "Low Weight," "Optical," and "Suppressor" variants. The latter is equipped with a 97 round pan magazine, although is modeled out of the 47 round one.

Lewis Gun - .303 British
The Lewis Gun in-game.
Aiming the Lewis.
Reloading the Lewis Gun.
Mashing in a new drum magazine.
Pulling the charging handle.

Madsen M1902

The Madsen M1902 is a Danish light machine gun with a 30+1 magazine capacity. It comes in the "Low Weight," "Trench," and "Storm" variants. In the December 16th, 2016 patch, all the "Low-Weight" machine guns were given bipods.

Madsen Light Machine Gun - 7.92x57mm Mauser
A Support gunner holds the Madsen MG.
Aiming the Madsen.
Reloading the machine gun.
Loading a new magazine into the M1902. Note the added bipod compared to the older screenshots above.
Giving the crank-style charging handle a pull.

Maxim MG08/15

A rare "man-portable" variant of the famous Maxim heavy machine gun, the Maxim MG08/15 appears in the game. The weapon has exceptional recoil and shot spread when fired initially, but longer continuous bursts allow the weapon to settle and become more accurate provided the player character using it is not moving; crouching assists with this mechanic by making the length of a burst required for the recoil to settle down far shorter. The fact that the iron sights of the weapon cannot be used makes the above gameplay mechanic the only way to use the weapon accurately.

In singleplayer the Maxim MG08/15 is the first weapon used by the Italian Arditi unit member Luca Vincenzo Cocchiola, the protagonist of the third "War Story" chapter, titled Avanti Savoia. Luca uses both the machine gun and anachronistically-effective body armour to accomplish the herculean task of storming his way up a mountain in the Italian Dolomites defended by the Austro-Hungarian army, all to protect his twin brother Matteo in a unit fighting nearby. In multiplayer, the Maxim MG08 is available to any player character who can pick up a "Sentry Kit" from weapon crates that randomly spawn through a level. Mirroring Luca's exploits, any soldiers picking up a "Sentry Kit" in multiplayer are also automatically equipped with the same body armour Luca used, which makes them much more resistant to almost any form of weapon damage, but leaves the user unable to put on a gas mask and thus extremely vulnerable to ingame chemical weaponry.

Maxim MG08/15 - 7.92x57mm Mauser
The Maxim MG08/15 lies in a weapon crate, stashed along with pieces of body armour. Experiments with body armour in WWI were partially successful in producing heavy and bulky suits that could defend the user against shrapnel and pistol caliber rounds, but could not protect against rifle-caliber guns. In addition, body armor like this was likely never used by the real Arditi (Italian for "Daring Ones") units in WWI, who were primarily armed with a dagger and grenades and normally sent to clear enemy trenches just after a suppressing barrage from friendly artillery lifted.
Holding the Maxim MG08/15 heavy machine gun. As this screenshot shows, it has been fitted with an ahistorical "chainsaw grip"; this seems to be a carrying handle from the Hotchkiss Mk. I.
Reloading; replacing the 200-round belt box.


Wechselapparat M1917

The Wechselapparat M1917 appears in the game. In real life, it was the first flamethrower in history intended for, and capable of, being carried and operated by one man; disappointingly, it goes by the shorter name "Wex" rather than the original "Wechselapparat" moniker, depriving us all of the opportunity to hear people unfamiliar with German pronunciations stumble over the name. As with most flamethrowers in film and video games, the Wechselapparat is very short-ranged, cannot spread unignited fuel to create a flammable pool for later ignition, and is treated as having infinite ammunition despite the severely low fuel reserves mandated by weight considerations for man-portable flamethrowers. All this said, it does have considerably better range and damage than most video game flamethrowers, and the sounds it creates (initial ignition, flames themselves, and inevitable screaming) along with the flame effects make for a powerful and terrifying weapon to use or face.

In multiplayer, the Wechselapparat is available to all sides via the "Flame Trooper Kit" weapon crates that randomly spawn in multiplayer levels, and is always depicted as spraying a small amount of unlit fuel before the pilot light gets going, most likely for balance reasons. Players using this kit are also automatically equipped with body armour similar to but not as effective as that given to the users of the "Sentry Kit", presumably to allow Flame Troopers to weather some fire while getting close enough to use their primary weapon.

In singleplayer it is never available to the player, but is seen right from the first "War Story" chapter "Storm of Steel" and the "Through Mud and Blood" chapter, always in the hands of German flame troopers who also wear anachronistically-effective body armour. The flame troopers in singleplayer do possess a weak point, however, as a few hits from any firearm to the Wechselapparat's back-mounted fuel tank is enough to always cause ignited fuel to spray out through the puncture, condemning the attached flame trooper to a flailing fit of screaming through his gas mask, shortly before exploding in a good-sized ball of fire.

Wechselapparat Wex M1917. Wechselapparat in German means "exchange apparatus," referring to how the nitrogen propellant gas in the spherical central tank is exchanged to the larger doughnut-shaped fuel tank, pumping out the fuel.
The Wechselapparat lies in a weapon crate.
An American soldier holds the Wex.
A German soldier lays down flames with his Wex in the first Trailer.
Another American soldier on the right with a Wex Flamethrower. In reality, the Entente forces would develop and deploy their own flamethrowers after seeing the German ones in action, but those do not appear in this game.


1.59-inch Breech-Loading Vickers Q.F. Gun, Mk II

The 1.59-inch Breech-Loading Vickers Q.F. Gun Mk II, a rather obscure weapon designed for attacking enemy fortifications and quickly replaced in infantry use by the Stokes Trench Mortar, is a deployable weapon for the Assault class, similar to the rocket and missile launchers of previous games. It is referred to in the game as the "AT Rocket Gun," which is an error not entirely of the developers' making: due to the two flames emitted from holes in the base of incendiary shells for the aircraft-mounted version, it was popularly known as the "Vickers-Crayford Rocket Gun"

1.59-inch Breech-Loading Vickers Q.F. Gun, Mk II - 1.59 in (40 mm)
The Vickers Q.F. Gun, with its mounting deployed on a wall.
Aiming the Vickers Q.F. Gun.
Loading a new round.

Enfield Grenade launcher

The Medic class can equip their long guns with British Enfield cup-type grenade launchers to fire rifle grenades.

The "cup" attachment at the muzzle of a Lee Enfield No.1 Mk. III
The grenade launcher mounted on a Winchester Model 1907.

Grenade Crossbow

A Grenade Crossbow is available for the support class. The Crossbow looks very similar to those that are used in the movie Capitaine Conan.

A support gunner holds the crossbow.


Flachmine 17

The German Flachmine 17 Anti-Tank mine is available for the Assault class.

The Flachmine 17 ingame.

Geballte Ladung

The Geballte Ladung appears as a weapon used by the Assault class (referred to as the "Anti-Tank Grenade"). Note that is the model for the anachronistic Model 24 Stielhandgranate instead of the accurate Model 16 or the Model 17.

Model 24 "Geballte Ladung" ("Bundled Charge")
An Italian soldier with a Geballte Ladung.
A soldier holding a Model 24 grenade.

Jam Tin Grenade

The Jam Tin Grenade is used by the player who destroys the radio in the Rush mode.

Jam Tin Grenade
The grenade placed on the table.

Mk.V CN Gas Grenade

The American Mk.V CN Gas Grenade appears as the "Gas Grenade.

The Mk.V ingame.

Mills Bomb

The Mills Bomb is the common grenade for the Allied nations in-game. Appears as the "Frag Grenade".

No. 36M Mk.I "Mills Bomb" High-Explosive Fragmentation hand grenade.
A British soldier throws a Mills Bomb.

Model 15 Diskushandgranate

The Diskushandgranate appears as the "Impact Grenade".

Model 15 Diskushandgranate.
The M1915 "Turtle" disk grenade in the menu.
A German soldier throws the Diskushandgranate.

Model 17 Eierhandgranate

The Model 17 Eierhandgranate appears as the "Mini Grenade".

Model 17 Eierhandgranate.
The Eierhandgranate in the menu.
The Eierhandgranate ingame.

Model 24 Stielhandgranate

The anachronistic Model 24 Stielhandgranate (identified by the lack of a belt clip on the head) is the standard grenade for the Central Powers in-game: this version, as the name suggests, was not actually available until 1924, with the Model 15 Stielhandgranate, Model 16 Stielhandgranate and Model 17 Stielhandgranate being the appropriate WW1 variants. Appears as the "Stick Grenade".

Model 24 Stielhandgranate "Potato Masher" high-explosive fragmentation hand grenade
A German Medic throws a Stielhandgranate.

No. 2 Mk II Hale Grenade

The British No. 2 Mk II Hale Grenade appears as the Light Anti-Tank Grenade.

British No.2 Mk II Hale grenade
A soldier throws the grenade.

No.27 Smoke Grenade

British No.27 smoke grenade appears as the Incendiary Grenade.

British No.27 smoke grenade
The No.27 grenade is thrown by the player.

Mounted Weapons

4 inch Stokes Mortar

The Mark V tanks can be equipped with 4 inch Stokes Mortars

The Mortar mounted on a Mark V.

7.7 cm Feldkanone 96 n.A.

During the second gameplay trailer, one player character is seen manning a 7.7cm Feldkanone 96 n.A., followed by the POV player character taking control of one and using it to shoot a British Mark V "male" tank. More Feldkanones are seen around control points in multiplayer footage.

7.7 cm Feldkanone 96 neuer Art - 77mm
An Entente soldier fires the Feldkanone. The gun would normally require a crew of five. Granted, this is somewhat justified by the agonizingly slow reload, but not where the limitless supply of shells is supposed to be hiding.
Loading a shell.
A Feldkanone with camouflage.

9.2 inch Mark I Siege Howitzer

The 9.2 inch Mark I Siege Howitzer is available with the "They Shall Not Pass" DLC. Unlike the 21 cm Mörser 16 the player can use this Howitzer on the maps "Verdun - Heights" and "Soissons" in the Operation mode. It fires explosive, smoke and gas shells. In the first mission of "Avanti Savoia" a few unprepared Siege Howitzers can be seen at the beginning.

9.2 inch Mark I Siege Howitzer
The Howitzer in the trailer.
Manning the Howitzer.

21 cm Mörser 16

Fixed German 21cm Mörser 16 heavy howitzers are seen around base areas in the multiplayer. In the singleplayer campaign British and German soldiers use this howitzers.

Langer 21 cm Mörser Model 16, displayed at the Finnish Artillery Museum in Hämeenlinna - 210mm
A Mörser is prepared by an British soldier in the Mission Through Mud and Blood.
3 Mörsers on the multiplayer map St. Quentin Scar.


The Kaliber 38 cm, Schnell-Ladekanone, Kaliberlänge 45 (also called Langer Max, Long Max) can be seen on the map "Rupture". It cannot be used but it fires at regular intervals. In the "Nothing is Written" campaign the Railroad gun is mounted on the Ottoman armoured train.

The Schnell-Ladekanone on the map "Rupture".
Different view.

Becker Type M2 20mm

Becker Type M2 20mm is seen in multiplayer footage mounted on Zeppelins and Bomber Aircraft. It is also mounted on boats in the game.

Becker Type M2 - 20mm
The Becker mounted on a crashed Zeppelin part.
Manning the Becker.
A Becker Type M2 20mm Auto-Cannon that is mounted on a German Gotha Bomber.

Granatenwerfer 16

A Granatenwerfer 16 is available as a gadget for the Support class and comes with two variants, an Airburst version ideal for Infantry but dealing minimal damage to vehicles and a High Explosive (HE) variant ideal for enemy armor but dealing less splash damage to infantry.

Granatenwerfer 16
The Granatenwerfer 16 in-game.

Hotchkiss Mle 1914

The Hotchkiss Mle 1914 is mounted on the Saint-Chamond assault tank and Char 2C Super Heavy Tank.

The Hotchkiss Mle 1914.
The Saint Chamond tank in Battlefield 1. Note the Hotchkiss MGs mounted around the front and sides.
The Hotchkiss mounted on the Saint Charmond.
Manning the MG.

Lewis Gun

The British Mark V tank incorrectly has a Lewis Gun mounted on the bow, which can be used by the driver; in real life, there would be a separate gunner for the machine gun mounted here. Lewis guns were mounted on previous Marks of British tank, but the Mark V used Hotchkiss guns instead. Mark V tanks seem to be used by both sides, which is actually accurate; huge numbers of tanks were abandoned following failed advances and pressed back into service with German forces.

Lewis Gun - .303 British
A German soldier leaps dramatically into his pilfered Mark V tank, showing the pan magazine of the bow-mounted Lewis gun.
View from the bow-mounted Lewis.

Lewis Mk II Aircraft MG

Lewis Mk II Aircraft MGs are mounted on British planes.

Lewis Mk II Aircraft MG - .303 British
The Lewis Mk II ingame.
The gunner of a Bristol F.2 biplane using a Lewis Mk II Aircraft MG.

LMG 08/15

LMG 08/15 machine guns are mounted on a German planes.

LMG 08/15 Air-Cooled - 7.92x57mm Mauser
A German pilot looks through his LMG 08/15.
A pair mounted on a Fokker Dr I Triplane.

Maxim Gun

Fixed Maxim machine guns can be found around maps seen in the multiplayer pre-alpha. These are shown fitted with a Russian-style ribbed water jacket. A similar Maxim is seen mounted in a cupola on top of the British airship, which is actually a German P-Class Zeppelin.

Maxim 1910 with 'Sokolov' wheel mount, w/o shield - 7.62x54mmR
A Maxim gun on the Battlefield.
A German soldier mans a Maxim near his base.
A British soldier spawns on top of the Zeppelin, the E prompt showing he is already trying to jump out of it in a rather ill-advised fashion.

Maxim MG08

The German A7V tank is equipped with a 57mm main gun and a number of Maxim MG08 machine guns that can be used by the crew. As with the Mark V, the A7V is shown being used by both sides, which is a little less likely since only 20 were built (Generalquartiermeister Erich Ludendorff was disinterested in tanks, declaring them to merely be a "nuisance") and the British and French already had tanks that were superior to them.

Maxim MG08 on 'sledge' mount - 7.92x57mm Mauser
A A7V in "Mephisto" optic with 2 rear-mounted MG08 machine guns.

Maxim QF 1 Pounder "Pom-Pom"

Maxim QF 1 Pounders appear in certain fixed locations on maps.

Maxim-Nordenfelt QF Mk II 1-pounder Pom-Pom gun at the Imperial War Museum, London - 37x94mm R
A Maxim QF 1 Pounder on the Battlefield.
Manning the Maxim-Nordenfelt.

Parabellum MG14

Parabellum MG14s are mounted on Halbterstadt and Gotha planes. In the last mission of "Friends in High Places", the German Zeppelin is armed with a pair of them.

Parabellum MG14 - 7.92x57mm Mauser
The MG14 mounted on a Halberstadt.
Manning the MG.

Vickers Mk 1

Vickers Mk 1 Machine Guns are mounted on British Pattern 1914 Rolls-Royce Armoured Cars.

Vickers gun with ribbed water jacket - .303 British
The Vickers Mk 1 on the Armoured Car. These vehicles were an armored body placed on a repurposed Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost chassis.

Unusable Weapons

Carcano 1891 Placeholder Rifle

Italian soldiers in the first trailer are seen with what appear to be ersatz Carcano 1891 Cavalry Carbines made out of the game's other rifle models. The model, while only witnessed briefly, is very incomplete. The Carcano ultimately does not appear in the release version of the game.

Carcano M91/38 Cavalry Carbine with folded bayonet - 6.5x52mm
Italian soldiers charging. Note that there are no folding bayonets.

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