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A-Team, The (2010)A-Team, The (TV Series)A-Team, The (disambiguation)
A-Team, The - Season 1A-Team, The - Season 2A-Team, The - Season 3
A-Team, The - Season 4A-Team, The - Season 5
A.J. BuckleyA.J. Cook
A.J. LangerA. Russell Andrews
AAC Honey BadgerAB-46ABCs of Death, The
ABCs of Death 2
ACR (disambiguation)AD-46
ADAR 2-15ADEN cannon
AEK-919K Kashtan
AEK rifle series
AGS-17 Plamya
AIG Asymmetric Warrior ASW338LM
AK GalleryAM-17
AMC Auto Mag Pistol
AMR-2AMSD OM 50 Nemesis
AMT Automag Pistol SeriesAMT Backup
AN/M14 incendiary grenadeAN/M5 Pyrotechnic Discharger
AN/M8 HC smoke grenade
APBAPS (disambiguation)
APS Underwater Assault Rifle
ASP 2000AS Val
AT-13 Saxhorn-2AT-14 Spriggan
AT-3 SaggerAT-4 (disambiguation)
AT-4 SpigotAT-5 Spandrel
AVPR: Aliens vs. Predator - Requiem
A Bad Good Man (Plokhoy khoroshiy chelovek)A Bay of Blood
A Beautiful MindA Better Tomorrow
A Better Tomorrow IIA Better Tomorrow IIIA Bittersweet Life
A Boy and His DogA Breath of ScandalA Bridge Too Far
A Bronx TaleA Bullet For JoeyA Bullet for Pretty Boy
A Bullet for the GeneralA Call to SpyA Captain's Honor (L'Honneur d'un capitaine)
A Captain at Fifteen (Pyatnadtsatiletniy kapitan)A Certain Magical IndexA Certain Magical Index: The Movie – The Miracle of Endymion
A Certain Magical Index IIA Certain Magical Index IIIA Certain Scientific Accelerator
A Certain Scientific RailgunA Certain Scientific Railgun SA Certain Scientific Railgun T
A Certain seriesA Christmas StoryA Clockwork Orange
A Colt Is My PassportA Cruel RomanceA Dandy in Aspic
A Dangerous ManA Dark TruthA Day of Fury
A Dear Boy (Dorogoy malchik)A Farewell to ArmsA Farewell to Arms (1932)
A Few Days in SeptemberA Few Good MenA Field in England
A Fish Called WandaA Fistful of Dollars
A Force of OneA Game without Rules (Hra bez pravidel)A Gang Story (Les Lyonnais)
A Generation (Pokolenie)A Gentle Creature (Krotkaya)A Gentle Woman (Une femme douce)
A Golden-coloured Straw Hat (Solomennaya shlyapka)A Good Day to Die HardA Good Lad (Slavnyy malyy)
A Good ManA Hill in KoreaA History of Violence
A Hologram for the KingA Holy Place (Sveto mesto)A Jester's Tale (Bláznova kronika)
A Judgement in Stone (La Cérémonie)A Life Less Ordinary
A Low Down Dirty ShameA Man Apart
A Man Before His Time (Prezhdevremennyy chelovek)A Man Called Blade (Mannaja)A Man Called Magnum (Napoli si ribella)
A Man Named Rocca (Un nommé La Rocca)A Man from the Boulevard des Capucines (Chelovek s bulvara Kaputsinov)A Martinez
A Midnight ClearA Million Ways to Die in the West
A Most Violent YearA Night to Remember
A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge
A Noisy Household (Bespokoynoe khozyaystvo)A Pain in the Ass (L'emmerdeur) (1973)
A Pain in the Ass (L'emmerdeur) (2008)A Pain in the Ass (L'emmerdeur) (disambiguation)A Perfect Getaway
A Perfect MurderA Perfect WorldA Pistol Shot (Vystrel)
A Police Commissioner Accuses (Un comisar acuza)A Prayer for Katarina HorovitzovaA Professional Gun (Il mercenario)
A ProphetA Quiet Outpost (Tikhaya zastava)
A Rumor of WarA Scanner Darkly
A Serbian FilmA Shot in the Dark
A Simple PlanA Slight Case of MurderA Soldier's Story
A Sound of ThunderA Special Cop in Action (Italia a mano armata)A Star Called Wormwood (Hvezda zvaná Pelynek)
A Step into the Darkness (Krok do tmy)A Stranger Among UsA Stroke of Fate: Operation Valkyrie
A Study in TerrorA Tale About Nipper-Pipper (Skazka o Malchishe-Kibalchishe)A Time to Kill
A Time to Love and a Time to DieA Touch of ClothA Touch of Cloth - Season 1
A Touch of Cloth - Season 2A Touch of Cloth - Season 3A Trap for Jackals (Kapkan dlya shakalov)
A Twelve-Year NightA Very Harold & Kumar 3D ChristmasA Very Long Engagement
A View to a KillA Walk Among the Tombstones
A Walk in the SunA Wicked Woman
A Woman's SecretA Woman at Her Window (Une femme à sa fenêtre)A Woman in Berlin
A Yakuza's Daughter Never CriesA Youth Orchestra (Orkestar jedne mladosti)
Aamir KhanAare Laanemets
Aarne ÜkskülaAaron AshmoreAaron Blakely
Aaron CourteauAaron DouglasAaron Eckhart
Aaron Fa'aosoAaron GlassAaron Grain
Aaron James CashAaron Kwok
Aaron McCuskerAaron NorrisAaron Paul
Aaron PearlAaron PedersenAaron Refvem
Aaron StanfordAaron Taylor-JohnsonAaron Toney
Aaron TveitAazaan
Abandoned, TheAbang Long Fadil 2Abbie Cobb
Abbie CornishAbby Brammell

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