A Farewell to Arms (1932)

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A Farewell to Arms
Movie Poster
Country Flag of the United States.jpg United States
Directed by Frank Borzage
Release Date December 8, 1932
Language English
Distributor Paramount Pictures
Main Cast
Character Actor
Lt. Frederic Henry Gary Cooper
Catherine Barkley Helen Hayes
Major Rinaldi Adolphe Menjou
Helen Ferguson Mary Philips
Priest Jack La Rue

A Farewell to Arms is a 1932 American film drama by Frank Borzage. The screenplay is based on the eponymous novel by Ernest Hemingway. The American Fred Henry (Gary Cooper) is during the First World War for the Italian Army in action. As far as possible, he and his buddy Captain Rinaldi (Adolphe Menjou) try to enjoy themselves between missions. One day, Henry falls in love with the beautiful nurse Catherine (Helen Hayes). But timing and circumstances for a young love are extremely unfavorable, especially since he is ordered back shortly afterward to the front. The pregnant Catherine decides to flee to Switzerland to wait there for her sweetheart. The turmoil of the devastating war and the difficult to bridge distances put the happiness of the two to a hard break.

The novel was filmed in 1957 again starring Rock Hudson and Alberto Sordi.

The following weapons were used in the film A Farewell to Arms:



Krag-Jørgensen M1896

Italian soldiers are seen with U.S. Krag-Jørgensen M1896 rifles standing for correct Carcano M91 rifles. The military police Carabinieri also use these long rifles instead of accurate Carcano M91 TS carbines.

US Property Marked Krag-Jørgensen Model 1896 Rifle - .30-40 Krag
Italian soldiers march with their Krag-Jørgensen M1896 rifles through a city.
An Italian soldier marches with his Krag rifle in front of Frederic Henry.
A Carabinieri holds his rifle on Frederic .
Carabinieri fire their rifles at him.

Machine Guns

Vickers Mk 1

Austrian planes are armed with British Vickers machine guns instead of accurate air-cooled Schwarzlose M.07/12/R16 machine guns.

Vickers gun with ribbed water jacket
Close up of the muzzle.
The pilot fires the Vickers.


Field Cannons

Some field cannons are seen used by Italian soldiers.

The gun on the right next to Frederic's Ford T Ambulance Car.

38 cm Belagerungshaubitze M 16

Italian troops are seen with an Austro-Hungarian 38 cm Belagerungshaubitze M 16 siege gun.

Fare32 gun1.jpg

Ordnance QF 18 Pounder

A British Ordnance QF 18 Pounder field gun is seen during the plane attack.

Ordnance QF 18 Pounder.
Fare32 qf1.jpg

Ehrhardt E-V/4 Armoured Car

A German Ehrhardt E-V/4 Armoured Car is seen used by Italian troops.

Fare32 car1.jpg

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