A Beautiful Mind

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A Beautiful Mind (2001)

The following weapons were used in the film A Beautiful Mind:


Colt M1911A1

Parcher (Ed Harris) is prominently seen using an Colt M1911A1 handgun several times throughout the film.

M1911A1 .45 ACP.
Parcher's M1911A1 firing in slow motion. Note the crimped nose makes it clearly a blank round.
Parcher fires his M1911A1 out the back window.
Parcher fires his M1911A1 past John out the passenger's side window.
Parcher threatens to shoot Alicia Nash (Jennifer Connelly), John's wife, with his M1911A1.
Parcher points his M1911A1 at John.

Flash-paper M1911A1

When Parcher fires his 1911 very close to John Nash (Russell Crowe), it changes to a harmless "Non Gun" Colt 1911.

Colt 1911 Non Gun
ABM 107.jpg
ABM 108.jpg

M1 Garand

When John refuses to take his medication, he runs outside and is surrounded by U.S. Army soldiers armed with M1 Garands with flashlights taped on the ends.

M1 Garand - .30-06.
Parcher and U.S. Soldiers armed with M1 Garands surround John.
A U.S. Soldier stands guard outside the command center with an M1 Garand.

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