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Three Days of June

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Trois Jours en Juin
(Three Days of June)
3 Jours en juin.jpg
Movie Poster
Country FRA.jpg France
Directed by Philippe Venault
Release Date 2004
Language French
Studio Cinétévé
Main Cast
Character Actor
Henri Dragance Patrick Catalifo
Sylvie Elsa Lunghini
Colonel Edmond Valadon Guy Marchand
Captain Rollet Marc Berman
Pierre Haudrusse Étienne Chicot
The Mayor Marc Betton

Trois Jours en Juin is a 2004 French World War II movie directed by Philippe Venault. In 1940, during the very last days of the Battle of France, a handful of French soldiers choose to resist the German invaders on the river Loire.

The following weapons were used in the film Trois Jours en Juin:


Pistols and Revolvers

Mle 1892

French soldiers and sergeant Henri Dragance (Patrick Catalifo) carry an Mle 1892 as a secondary weapon. They fire the revolvers at villagers.

Modèle d’Ordonnance Mle 1892 Revolver - 8x27mm SR
Dragance draws the Mle 1892 to "inspire" a deserting soldier to continue fighting.
Other angle of same scene.
Dragance's 1892.
Dragance shows Sylvie (Elsa Lunghini) how to use the revolver.


Numerous French officers, including Colonel Valadon (Guy Marchand), Captain Rollet (Marc Berman) and Lieutenant Samboura (Dioucounda Koma), are equipped with Ruby pistols.

Gabilondo Ruby - .32 ACP
Captain Rollet draws his Ruby to scare a French sentry who fell asleep.
Captain Rollet with the Ruby pistol.

Smith & Wesson Model 10

Haudrusse (Étienne Chicot) is seen with a Smith & Wesson Model 10 when villagers attack the French troops.

Smith & Wesson Model of 1899 M&P (1899-1902) - .38 Special
Haudrusse is shot while carrying his S&W Model 10.

Walther PP

Oberst Kopler (Jean-François Pages), executes Colonel Valadon with a Walther PP when the French colonel asks to be killed like his fellow soldiers, who were crushed by a Panzer II after their surrender.

War Time Walther PP - .32 ACP
The German officer executes the French colonel.
The pistol jams after the shot and we clearly see the case stuck.

Rifles and Carbines

Fusil Modèle 1916 Carabine

The majority of the metropolitan French soldiers are armed with the Berthier Mle 1916 Carbine.

Berthier Model 1916 Carabine - 8x50mm R
Dragance's carbine.
French soldiers with Mle 16 Carbines.
Berthier Mle 1916 Carabine bundles.
A French soldier threatening hostile villagers with a Berthier Mle 1916 Carbine.
A French soldier returns fire at the villagers before getting shot.
A French soldier in a gunfight with hostile villagers.

Fusil Modèle 1907-16 Rifle

Most French colonial soldiers are armed with the Berthier Mle 1907-16.

Berthier Mle 1907-16 Rifle - 8x50mm R
French colonial troops are armed with the Berthier Mle 1907-15 and 16.
We can clearly see the distinguishable extend magazine, which sets it apart from the Mle 15 rifle.
The soldier standing is equipped with a Fusil Modèle 1907-16. The soldier manning the machine gun is armed with a Berthier Mle 1907-15.

Fusil Modèle 1907-15 Rifle

Some French colonial troops are armed with the Berthier Mle 1907-15.

Berthier Model 1907-15 Rifle - 8x50mm R
A Berthier Mle 15 is circled in red.
A soldier manning the machine gun with an Mle 15 over his back.

Lebel 1886

At least one colonial soldier carries a Lebel 1886.

Lebel Model 1886 - 8x50mmR Lebel
A Lebel 1886 is circled in red.

Karabiner 98K

German troops use the Karabiner 98k as their main weapon.

Karabiner 98k - 7.92x57mm Mauser
A German soldier seems to be satisfied when a French colonial soldier is shot in the head by another hidden French soldier to prevent him from being crushed by a tank.
German soldiers force French colonial troops to lay down for the Panzer roll over them.
Moment before the war crime.


12 Gauge Double Barreled Shotgun

French villagers use 12 Gauge Double Barreled Shotguns against French troops. The Mayor kills Haudrusse with a shotgun, because Haudrusse pushed villagers to attack the French soldiers.

1960s Era Commercial Stevens hammerless side by side shotgun - 12 gauge
First confrontation between villagers and the French Army.
The French soldiers confiscate the 12 Gauge Double Barreled Shotguns.
The Mayor takes his gun to confront villagers before the crowd attacks.
Villagers arriving from behind the French defensive position.
A villager kills an unexpecting French soldier.
Gunfight against the French troops.
The Mayor kills Haudrusse for convincing villagers to attack the French soldiers.

Machine Guns and Automatic Rifles

Chatellerault M1924/29

An FM 24/29 is seen in the defensive position at the bridge. The soldier who uses it successfully shoots down a Stuka.

FM 24/29 - 7.5x54mm
An FM 24/29 in the background.
French soldier stand ready with the FM 24/29.
The soldier firing and successfully shooting down a Stuka.
Captain Rollet congratulates the soldier for the shot. Note the double trigger.


What appears to be an anachronistic MAS AA-52 is used by French colonial troops. It is probably standing in for a Hotchkiss Mle 1914.

MAS AA-52 in coaxial configuration - 7.5x54mm French
French Colonial troops set up a MAS AA-52, likely standing in for a Hotchkiss Mle 1914.
Good view of the barrel. It appears to be in the coaxial configuration.


Canon Antichar de 25mm

The French troops protecting the bridge use an effective 25mm anti-tank cannon that Dragance finds left behind by his retreating comrades.

An abandoned 25mm anti-tank cannon.
Dragance arrives at the bridge with his find.
The cannon in the defensive position.

Panzer II

The German armored unit is comprised of Panzer IIs. In fact, only one tank was used in the movie, the others were digitally added, that's why all the tanks have the same "304" number. Panzer II number 304 is currently on display at the Musée des Blindés (Museum of Armoured Vehicles) in Saumer, France.

3DOJPanzer I 1.jpg
Only the first tank is real, the others were added digitally in post-production.

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