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Sharpe's Rifles

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Sharpe's Rifles (1993)
N.B. Sean Bean's green jacket gaps open in the photo because it was originally tailored for Paul McGann, who was first cast as Richard Sharpe, before he had to withdraw due to conflicts and was replaced by Bean.

Sharpe's Rifles is the premiere episode of the Carlton UK series Sharpe, starring Sean Bean as Captain Richard Sharpe, the officer of a small Rifles detachment during the Napoleonic Wars. In Rifles, Sharpe is commissioned as an officer after saving General Wellesley's (the future Duke of Wellington) life from a French assassination attempt. His first task is to take command of a small detachment of marksmen and join a larger party of Rifles searching the Spanish mountains for a missing banker.

The following weapons were used in the television series Sharpe's Rifles:

Baker Rifle

The most prominently used weapon is the Baker Flintlock Rifle, issued to special units of the British Army during the Napoleonic Wars. Richard Sharpe (Sean Bean) and his "Chosen Men" – Patrick Harper (Daragh O'Malley), Cooper (Michael Mears), Harris (Jason Salkey), Hagman (John Tams), Tongue (Paul Trussell) and Perkins (Lyndon Davies) - all carry Bakers.

Baker Rifle (1801-1837), Caliber - 0.625 inch (15.9 mm)
The Baker rifle is used by Richard Sharpe (Sean Bean).
Riflemen Harris (Jason Salkey) and Cooper (Michael Mears) alongside Lt. Sharpe (Sean Bean).
Rifleman Tongue (Paul Trussell) aims his Baker.

Brown Bess Flintlock Musket

The standard long arm issued to "redcoat" British soldiers is the Brown Bess Flintlock Musket. In some scenes, French forces also use the weapon.

Original "India Pattern" Brown Bess musket made 1805-1840 - .75 caliber
British soldiers on parade with their muskets.
French soldiers with Brown Bess Muskets

Model 1816 Cavalry Carbine

French cavalry appear to be armed with Model 1816 Cavalry Carbines while chasing General Wellesley.

French 1816 Cavalry Flintlock Carbine - .69 caliber
Sharpe's rifles 000.jpg


Sharpe's rifles 001.jpg
Sharpe's rifles 002.jpg

Flintlock Pistols

Various characters use Flintlock Pistols of various kinds, including Richard Sharpe (Sean Bean), Don Blas Vivar (Simón Andreu), Colonel de L'Eclin (Malcolm Jamieson) and the Man in Black (Anthony Hyde).

Tower Sea Service Pistol used by the Royal Navy.
Sgt. Richard Sharpe (Sean Bean) uses the Flintlock pistol.
Don Blas (Simón Andreu) and Teresa Moreno (Assumpta Serna) enter the apparently deserted village with Sharpe.

Boxlock Blunderbuss

Teresa Moreno (Assumpta Serna), carries a brass boxlock blunderbuss pistol with a cannon style barrel and underfolding bayonet.

Boxlock blunderbuss pistol, with cannon barrel and folding bayonet
Teresa (Assumpta Serna) deploys the bayonet on her pistol, before impaling a French dragoon through the back.


Cannon are also prominent in the series.

British infantry march past a cannon.

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