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The dart fired from a TASER cartridge. This dart came from an X2 training cartridge and is slightly shorter than the standard length. There is also a even longer XP Extra Penetration dart for use against targets wearing thick clothing.

The Taser (Thomas A. Swift's Electric Rifle) is a less-lethal weapon manufactured by Taser International. It is used by many law enforcement agencies around the world as a way to subdue potentially dangerous targets where normally a lethal weapon would have been used. The Taser works by firing small canisters of nitrogen gas to propel two electrode darts known as "probes" up to 160 fps that can pierce clothing and will stick into the skin. Each probe has conductive wires trailing behind them to carry the electric charge from the main unit. The electric shock lasts for 5 seconds (10/30 for civilian models) and will deliver 0.02-0.04 amps which will cause neuromuscular incapacitation, in which the target's nervous system would have no control of the muscles causing instant and unavoidable incapacitation. The Taser can double as a standard stun gun by removing the cartridges, or in the case of the X2 and X3, by holding the button on the side and pressing the Taser to the intended target.

The Taser and variants can be seen in the following films, television series, video games, and anime used by the following actors:

Air Taser Model 34000

The predecessor to the more well-known Taser M26, the Air Taser Model 34000 is the first Taser product that pioneered many features in later Taser models.

Introduced in 1994, the Model 34000 is a refinement of the earlier TASER TF-76, using compressed air instead of gunpowder to propel its probes, thereby bypassing classification as a firearm and the accompanying restrictions on who could buy and use them. It was also the first model to introduce the AFID (Anti-Felon Identification) tags stamped with the weapon's serial number that emerged whenever a cartridge (dubbed "Air Cartridges" by the manufacturer) was fired, as a means of providing evidence of use and identifying the weapon used, because conventional ballistic fingerprinting cannot be used with Tasers. The Air Taser 34000 can also be used as a conventional stun gun if cartridges are not loaded, a feature carried over to every subsequent Taser model.

When first introduced, this model did not come with any sights at all, but an external laser sight accessory eventually became commercially available. Its power source, fitting its early-1990s origins, was a 9-volt battery. Able to muster only 5 watts of power, the Air Taser in the field occasionally had trouble at incapacitating targets, or delivering as many shocks, compared to later models, and due to these factors the Air Taser Model 34000 has long been discontinued by Taser International. However, the cartridges introduced with this weapon would remain in use with later models, up to the Taser X26 (detailed below).

The Air Taser 34000 with an "Air cartridge" loaded and a laser sight on the yellow "power handle" (actually the base unit containing the battery and laser sight). Its appearance is, perhaps not coincidentally, very reminiscent of a conventional stun gun, just with ranged capability via its cartridges and the usual contact electroshock ability.


Range: 15'

Pulse Cycle: 30 seconds


Title Actor Character Notation Date
Looper Noah Segan Kid Blue With external laser sight 2012

Video Games

Game Title Appears as Mods Notation Release Date
Syphon Filter series Air Taser Completely black, needles emerge from the top edge of the weapon in side-by-side configuration rather than the real weapon's over-under arrangement Cannot be used in "Drive Stun" mode, has unlimited ammunition and battery power, and in several games possesses enough charge to set targets that are shocked for long enough on fire 1999 - 2007

Advanced Taser M26

The M26 was part of the "Advanced Taser" series, and was the first widely-adopted Taser model used by different law enforcement agencies and military personnel for less-lethal takedowns. Refinements over the Model 34000 include an ergonomic pistol-like shape, basic iron sights, an integral laser sight, and the ability to store data about the last 500+ shocks delivered (with cartridges or without), which could be downloaded through a proprietary download kit inserted into the dataport at the rear of the weapon. Like its predecessor, the M26 could be used as a conventional stun gun if fired cartridges or no cartridges were loaded.

The M26 (the 26 in the designation standing for the number of watts of power it could generate) was the first model to allow for reliable and consistent Neuro-Muscular Incapacition on the vast majority of targets, another factor leading to its widespread adoption. Its power source is an array of 8 AA batteries stored in the pistol grip, much like the ammunition magazine of many semiautomatic pistols. Despite its success, Taser International would discontinue sales of the M26 in 2010, with the civilian M26C (C for Citizen) being the only version of this model still being sold. Whether the M26C can use the longer range law-enforcement-exclusive cartridges has not been confirmed.

NOTE: The M26 is very similar in appearance to the M18 and M18L models, the civilian versions of the "Advanced Taser" series released around the same time as the M26, but which were discontinued in favour of the M26C. The differences are mainly internal, being that the M18 models could only generate 18 watts of power and could not record data on shocks delivered. They can, however, be externally distinguished from the M26 series in two ways. If a Taser in question looks like the M26 but lacks the integral laser sight, then it is an M18 model (all M26 models, along with the M18L model, have an integral laser sight). Both M18 models also lack the dataport at the rear, which could be hard to discern as the dataport is normally covered by a yellow rubber plug, the same colour as the rear of the weapon.

The Advanced Taser M26, loaded with a 25' range "Extra Penetration" cartridge (indicated by the green blast doors, and normally used to pierce thicker clothing such as that worn in colder environments). The integral laser sight is just below the muzzle, with the emitter in line with the lower edge of the trigger guard.
An unloaded Advanced Taser M26 held by a US Armed Forces Service Member. This version has a clip for an additional cartridge at the bottom of the weapons' battery tray, along with an attached lanyard for retention purposes.
Advanced Taser M26C.


Years in Production:

M26: 1999 - 2010

M18/M18L: 1999 - 2009

M26C: 2009 - Present

Range (All are LE only unless otherwise noted): 15'(Civilian), 21', 25', 35'

Pulse Cycle (All are LE only unless otherwise noted): 5 seconds, 30 seconds (civilian)


Title Actor Character Notation Date
Exit Wounds Matthew G. Taylor Useldinger Used only in Drive Stun mode, and depicted with a fictional voltage selector 2001
Hannibal Ivano Marescotti Carlo 2001
Collateral Damage FBI Agent 2002
Paycheck Joe Morton Agent Dodge All-black colour scheme 2003
National Treasure Henchman 2004
The Cutter Aaron Norris Anthony Maylam 2005
Death Race Jason Clarke Ulrich Had a scope attached 2008
Nine Dead John Terry Shooter 2010
The Sweeney Ray Winstone Jack Regan 2012
Fruitvale Station Alejandra Nolasco BART Officer Salazar 2013


Show Title Actor Character Note / Episode Air Date
24 - Season 2 Peter Outerbridge Ronnie Stark 2003
My Name is Earl George Frangides Officer Bob Smiley S1E09 & S1E17 2005
Burn Notice Gabrielle Anwar Fiona Glenanne 2007
Heroes Jack Coleman Noah Bennett 2007
NCIS Pauley Perrette Abby 2007
My Name is Earl Randy Brenner Cop S4E21 2009
Sanctuary Used without cartridge in Drive Stun mode / "Hero II" 2010
Supernatural - Season 7 DJ Qualls Garth Fitzgerald IV "Party On, Garth" (S07E18) 2012
Banshee - Season 3 Miles Doleac Roland Ep. 3 2015
Better Call Saul - Season 1 Jacob Browne APD Officer Jacocks "Alpine Shepherd Boy" (S1E05) 2015
Ryan Jason Cook APD Officer Tommy Holstered; "Alpine Shepherd Boy" (S1E05)
Better Call Saul - Season 3 Jon Summers Omaha Police Officer Holstered; "Mabel" (S3E01) 2017

Video Games

Game Title Appears as Mods Notation Release Date
Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness "K2 Impactor" fully black finish, no blast doors 2003
S.W.A.T. 4 "Taser" Has yellow muzzle and black colouration on the rest of the weapon Laser sight is unusable, weapon cannot be used in Drive Stun mode, rubber plug for dataport is missing 2005
Secret Service "Taser" 2008
Mirror's Edge Unusable 2008
Bloody Good Time "Taser" Slightly modified 2010
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Zeus X27 2012


Title Character Note Date
Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu Yoko Wakana 2003
The Strange Case Files of Ryoko Yakushiji Marianne, Lucienne 2008
Aria the Scarlet Ammo 2011
Case Closed: The Fist of Blue Sapphire Leon Lowe 2019

Redon RD-5M

The Redon RD-5M is a Chinese-made CEW. It appears to be based on Taser International's Taser C2, and like the C2 the RD-5M has both a laser sight and tactical light.

Redon RD-5M


Range: 16'

Pulse Cycle: Unknown


Title Actor Character Notation Date
Everly Salma Hayek Everly 2014
Hardcore Henry Oleg Poddubniy Yuri 2016

Taser X26

The Taser X26 is the smaller but upgraded version of the M26. Developed in response to concerns about the size and weight of the M26 (which has about the same dimensions as a full-sized service pistol), the X26 is 60% smaller in size than the M26. The X26 uses the same cartridges as its predecessor, the M26. The X26 also has the unique ability to be attached to rifles/carbines with an appropriate rail system, using Taser International's "X-Rail" mount.

Improvements over the M26 include an integral LED tactical light along with the standard laser sight (both of which can be switched on or off individually or together), high-visibility iron sights, an LED information display at the back of the weapon that can show the percentage of battery power remaining or the time left in an electrical discharge. The LED display will not turn on if neither the light or laser are set to be on while the weapon is armed. The X26 is also capable of recording data on its usage with more storage capacity than the M26, but its dataport is inside the battery socket, instead of being at the rear of the weapon like the M26.

The compactness of the X26 drove the developers to use a proprietary lithium-ion power source (called a "Digital Power Magazine"), smaller than the M26's battery array, but which cannot be recharged. This meant a reduced power level of around 7 watts, but due to its "Shaped Pulse" technology allowing more efficient use of power, the X26 achieves slightly greater NMI effects than the M26 could. All Taser models have since used "Shaped Pulse" technology and Digital Power Magazines. Taser International has, however, released a rechargeable proprietary lithium-ion battery for the "Taser Cam" camera accessory that powers both the camera and the weapon to which it's attached.

Three variants of the X26 are currently available. The X26C is the only one that civilians can purchase, and unlike the others does not record firing data. The variants available to law enforcement and military clients are the X26E (which was the earliest variant) and the more advanced X26P. The latter can be distinguished from the others by its more detailed information display, a differently-shaped grip, a redesigned exterior shell, and the ability to use a variety of battery packs that are unavailable to civilians.

A Taser X26E with safety cap attached to a mounted cartridge
A Taser X26C fitted with an XDPM (Extended Digital Power Magazine), which is a battery pack with a grip extension that can accept a spare cartridge. Like the Taser M26, a laser sight is mounted underneath the muzzle, alongside a tactical LED light.
Taser X26P
Taser X26P (Black)
A Taser X26P with an attached Taser Cam. The original version could be mounted on any Taser X26 model and could carry a spare cartridge, but the newer HD resolution models can only be mounted on the X26P and the X2 (detailed below), and cannot carry an additional cartridge.
A Taser X26 attached to a compact AR15 carbine with Taser International's proprietary X-Rail mount.


Years in Production:

X26/X26E: 2003 - Present

X26C: 2004 - Present

X26P: 2013 - Present

Range (All are LE only unless otherwise noted): 15'(Civilian), 21', 25', 35'

Pulse Cycle (All are LE only unless otherwise noted): 5 seconds (Law Enforcement/Military), 10 - 30 seconds (Civilian)


Title Actor Character Notation Date
District 13: Ultimatum Cyril Raffaelli Damien 2009
Salt Angelina Jolie Evelyn Salt 2010
Piranha Elisabeth Shue Sheriff Julie Forester 2010
Thor Kat Dennings Darcy Lewis 2011
Courageous Police 2011
Cosmopolis Patricia McKenzie Kendra Hays With XDPM and spare cartridge 2012
21 Jump Street Channing Tatum Jenko holstered 2012
21 Jump Street Jonah Hill Schmidt holstered 2012
Fruitvale Station Chad Michael Murray BART Officer Ingram 2013
Fruitvale Station Kevin Durand BART Officer Caruso 2013
Ant-Man Bobby Cannavale Paxton 2015
Hot Pursuit Reese Witherspoon SAPD Officer Cooper 2015
Jack Reacher: Never Go Back Tom Cruise Jack Reacher 2016
Bright Will Smith Daryl 2017
Ant-Man and the Wasp Tip "T.I." Harris Dave 2018
Ant-Man and the Wasp David Dastmalchian Kurt 2018
Copshop Alexis Louder Officer Valerie Young 2021
Copshop Gerard Butler Robert 'Bob' Vinnick 2021
Ambulance Jackson White LAPD Officer Zach Parker Green; Holstered 2022
Cedric Sanders LAPD Officer Mark Ranshaw
LAPD and SIS Officers
Chelsea Harris Bicycle Officer
Michael Bay SIS Officer
Remi Adeleke SIS Officer Wade
Jamie McBride SIS Officer Jay
Garret Dillahunt Captain Monroe
Corey Portugal SIS Undercover Agent
Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Cambridge Police Officers Holstered 2022
The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special Beverly Hills Police Officer Holstered 2022


Show Title Actor Character Notation/Episode Air Date
CSI: NY NYPD Officer "Uncertainty Rules" (S06E16) 2004-Present
Future Weapons Less-Than Lethal 11/29/07
Prison Break - Season 2 Wade Williams Brad Bellick with yellow finish and XDPM 2006 - 2007
My Name is Earl Ethan Suplee Randy 11/08/07
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation George Eads Nick Stokes 05/01/08
The Day of the Triffids Eddie Izzard Torrence Episode 1 2009
FlashForward NCAP Guard 05/27/10
Law & Order: Los Angeles Skeet Ulrich Det. Rex Winters "Harbor City"
Deadliest Warrior 04/20/10
The Bridge (Bron) Lars Simonsen Jens Hansen Season 1 2011-Present
Chicago P.D. Marina Squerciati Officer Kim Burgess "Thirty Balloons" (S1E05) 2014
Banshee - Season 2 Trieste Kelly Dunn Deputy Siobhan 2014
True Detective Taylor Kitsch Officer Paul Woodrugh 2015
The Mysteries of Laura Debra Messing Det. Laura Diamond 2014-2016
Midsomer Murders A masked attacker (S20E03) 2018
The Rookie Melissa O'Neil Officer Lucy Chen 2018
The Rookie Afton Williamson P03 Talia Bishop 2018
Ms. Marvel - Season 1 JCPD officers Holstered;"No Normal" (S1E06) 2022
She-Hulk: Attorney at Law - Season 1 Los Angeles Sheriff's deputies Holstered; "A Normal Amount of Rage" (S1E01), "Mean, Green, and Straight Poured into These Jeans" (S1E05), "Whose Show is This?" (S1E09) 2022

Video Games

Game Title Appears as Mods Notation Release Date
James Bond 007: Blood Stone "Stun Gun" Used by Bangkok police 2010
Ghost Recon: Future Soldier "UB Stun Gun" can be mounted on ACR, 5.56A-91, AK-200, AKM, AN-94, HK417, Mk 14 Mod 0 and TAR-21 2012
Battlefield Hardline "T62 CEW" Can mount a fictional holographic sight 2015


Title Character Note Date
Bungo Stray Dogs Nakajima Atsushi Ep. 17 "Three Companies Conflict" 2016
Izumi Kyōka

Taser X12 LLS

The Taser X12 LLS (for Less Lethal Shotgun) was the result of a collaboration between Taser International and Mossberg that took a Mossberg 500-series shotgun and modified it by giving it a crossbolt safety in place of standard Mossberg tang safety, ghost ring iron sights, a rifled barrel set to a custom 1:18 twist rate, yellow furniture to indicate that it was a dedicated less-lethal weapon, a Picatinny rail, and the Radial Ammunition Key to prevent the firing of lethal 12-gauge shells (which carries the extra side benefit of making it, like a flare launcher, a non-firearm). Its associated ammunition, the Taser XREP (EXtended Range Electro-Muscular Projectile) shell, on the other hand, can be fired out of any 12-gauge shotgun. The XREP ammunition was released in 2007, with the LLS released in 2009, and both were available to Law Enforcement only.

Given the high cost of the ammunition (the shells were essentially flying, self-contained stun guns good only for a single hit, and may or may not have been recyclable after use), issues with effectiveness in the field, and concerns about its ability to cause inadvertent lethalities, TASER International discontinued sales of the Taser X12 and the Taser XREP ammunition in April 2012.

Taser X12 LLS
Taser X12 LLS made off a Mossberg 590 with an underbarrel X26 and XREP shells held in the stock. The underslung X26 was to allow the user of the weapon to engage a target at very close range with less of risk inadvertent lethalities, since less-lethal shotgun ammunition can possess enough force at close range to kill via blunt trauma. The picture here implies that a user would have to put his/her off hand between the shotgun's forend and the top side of the X26 to work the pump-action.
The Taser XREP ammunition in its deployed state. When fired, 4 barbs extend forward and spring-loaded fins extend to spin-stabilize the projectile even if deployed from a smoothbore shotgun. The shell even had the ability to electrify its upper body in case a target were to attempt extracting an embedded round by hand.


Range: Max of 100 feet

Pulse Cycle: 20 seconds

Fire Mode: Pump-Action


Show Title Actor Character Notation/Episode Air Date
Hawaii Five-0 (2010) - Season 1 Alex O'Loughlin Lt. Cmdr. Steve McGarrett "Powa Maka Moani" (S1E17)
Hawaii Five-0 (2010) - Season 1 Daniel Dae Kim Chin Ho Kelly "Powa Maka Moani" (S1E17)
Future Weapons "Less-Than Lethal" 11/29/07
Strike Back Philip Winchester Sergeant Michael Stonebridge S03E08 2012
Training Day Menjivar sicario episode:"Apocalypse Now" 2017

Taser X3/X2 Defender

Render of the TASER X3
TASER X3 (Black)

The Taser X2 and X3 are the newest Tasers on the market, though neither was the first multi-shot CEW to be developed. The X2 and X3 use "Smart Cartridges" which differ from those used by the M26 and the X26, by virtue of being slimmer and having the ability to emit a "warning arc" of electricity to intimidate a potential target or otherwise allow the X2 or X3 to be used in "Drive Stun" mode without needing to be fired or unloaded.

The weapon themselves are fully ambidextrous, have a more detailed LCD screen than the X26, dual visible aiming lasers, an aiming light, plastic blade sights on top, and a new button on the side of the gun to trigger the "warning arc," engage "Drive Stun" mode, or to keep applying electricity to any target(s) previously hit. The difference between the X2, and X3, as their names state, are the amount of cartridges they hold. The Taser X2 can, however, also mount a night-vision-capable "Taser cam."

The Taser X3 was introduced in 2009 and discontinued around 2013, most likely due to its higher weight, bulk, and comparatively low sales. The Taser X2 was introduced in 2011 and currently remains in production. The two models' lithium-ion batteries are not interchangeable.


Range: 15' (Training and Civilian versions), 25', 30'

Pulse Cycle: 5 seconds


Title Actor Character Notation Date
22 Jump Street Ice Cube Capt. Dickson X2 2014
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Tom Butler G.U.N Commander Walters X2 2022


Show Title Actor Character Notation/Episode Air Date
Burn Notice X3/"Shock Wave" (S6E06) 2012
The Flash Tom Cavanagh Dr. Harrison Wells X2/"Who is Harrison Wells" 2014-2015
The Blacklist X3/"Alexander Kirk (No. 14)"(S3) 2015-2016
The Rookie Mekia Cox Officer Nyla Harper 2021

Video Games

Game Title Appears as Notation Release Date
Ghost Recon: Future Soldier "Stun Gun" Black finish, incorrectly shown to be single-shot 2012

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