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ObsCure: The Aftermath

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This article currently has one or more unidentified weapons.
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ObsCure: The Aftermath
Steam Header
Release Date: March 25, 2008
Developer: Hydravision
Publisher: Ignition Entertainment (original)
Mighty Rocket Studios (Steam release)
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, Wii
Genre: Survival Horror

ObsCure: The Aftermath, released in other regions as "ObsCure II", is the sequel to ObsCure.

Unlike the first game, the player characters simply hold a flashlight alongside their firearm and flashlights can no longer be used to strip away the "shield" enemies used to have (with the "Uber Flashlight" instead being used as a designated weapon that kills monsters outright).

In addition, while the game's larger cast still all have unique abilities, they are now used for progression and permadeath was removed with characters only dying plot deaths. This means no characters have any sort of special interactions with weapons unlike the first game.

Due to the game's mechanics, the game treats each weapon as if the player only has one of them despite the fact the party would logically have multiple of some weapons, the exception is whenever the player characters split up, then both split groups somehow have access to all weapons collected before the split with them somehow being with both parties at once (The only exception being weapons found while split up).

Like Silent Hill 3, the game alters the available resources depending on the player's current stash though this mostly consists of the game "hiding" items if the player's stock of that item is high enough (with them becoming unhidden if the player returns to the area after having expended that resource) as well as crates that sometimes randomly drop ammo/health if the player is low on either.

Some of the game's weapons are acquired by "Item Boxes" found in each area, these require three small keys found in each area to unlock, if the player fails to unlock an item box before proceeding then they'll get that weapon in the next area instead as the weapons are obtained by number of item boxes unlocked rather than which area they are located.

The following weapons appear in the video game ObsCure: The Aftermath:


Zastava CZ99

A two-tone Zastava CZ99 chambered in 9mm appears as the player's first firearm outside of the opening nightmare; it is referred to simply as the "Gun". It holds seven rounds, as opposed to the real weapon's 15 (presumably for balance-related reasons).

Zastava CZ99 - 9x19mm Parabellum
Corey with the pistol.

Webley & Scott No. 2 Mk. V

Simply called the "Flare Gun", a Webley & Scott No. 2 Mk. V can be found from the fourth Item Box the player unlocks. As with most depictions of flare guns in video games, the flare will embed itself in the target and deal damage overtime.

Webley & Scott No. 2 Mk. V - 1" flare
Stan with the flare gun.

Verney-Carron Flash-Ball Super Pro

A Verney-Carron Flash-Ball, specifically the Super Pro model, can obtained from the third item box the player unlocks, referred to simply as the "Flash-Ball". In-game, it functions as a low-damage grenade launcher that is incapable of damaging the player. It can somehow hold up to four rounds at once, despite only having two barrels. While an odd inclusion for the America-set game, it was likely included since Hydravision are based in France.

Verney-Carron Flash-Ball Super Pro - 44x83mm
Holding the Flash-Ball.

Advanced Taser M26

The Advanced Taser M26 appears as the "Stun Gun" and is the first Item Box-unlocked weapon. It is charged by a generic battery that the cast carry around that somehow powers all of their electronic weaponry (including the Uber Flashlight, the M26, and a chainsaw) and shoots out a stream of non-damaging electricity that stuns monsters rather than the real weapon's barbed electrodes.

Advanced Taser M26
Corey zaps a monster with the Taser.

Submachine Gun

IMI Mini Uzi

A stockless IMI Mini Uzi appears as the final weapon obtained by Item Boxes and the penultimate Item Box unlock, under the name "Mini SMG". Unlike the other Item Box weapons, no spare ammunition can be found for it; it is only found with spare ammunition in the post-credits section of the game for the true final boss. This implies that the weapon is chambered for something other than 9x19mm (with the Mini Uzi also having been offered in .22 LR, .41 AE, and .45 ACP), since it can't simply use ammunition for the CZ99.

IMI Mini Uzi with stock folded - 9x19mm Parabellum
Picking up the Mini Uzi.


Unknown Shotgun

An unknown shotgun is used by the cast, despite the fact the party should logically have two of them, (since the party finds a single one and then Stan later shows up with his own shotgun) the player is still restricted to only equipping one character with the shotgun at a time. A shotgun with infinite reserve ammo is used by Cory in the nightmare at the beginning of the game and he later retrieves his father's shotgun from the boot of his car.

Cory with the shotgun, note how the flashlight is held with a reverse grip even with two handed weapons, somehow this doesn't prevent the characters pumping the shotgun.



A crossbow firing explosive bolts is available as the second Item Box weapon.

Stan with the crossbow.


Dynamite is oddly obtained when the gang mixes various chemicals in a hospital to blow up a wall and later absurdly found in the abandoned Leafmore High science lab in a glass case to blow up another wall. Outside of these scripted spawns of two sticks each (that respawn if the player runs out while the wall is still up), the player will only extremely rarely find dynamite if they are completely out of dynamite in crates.

Finding dynamite in the science lab.


Like the first game, flashbangs can be rarely obtained as the most powerful weapon though they are relatively more common this time around. The model is relatively generic, though it could be based on the TD Multi Port Plus Distraction Device.

TD Multi Port Plus Distraction Device
Picking up a Flashbang.

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