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Splinter Cell

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Splinter Cell
Release Date: November 18, 2002
Developer: Ubisoft Montreal
Publisher: Ubisoft
Series: Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell
Platforms: PC
PlayStation 2
Genre: Stealth

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell is a critically acclaimed, multiple-award winning stealth action video game. NSA Agent Sam Fisher (voiced by Michael Ironside) is the main protagonist in the game. He returns from a long break to investigate the murder of the Georgian president and stop a nuclear attack against the United States.

The Splinter Cell franchise was promoted and endorsed (but not created) by writer Tom Clancy. The game was released in 2002 for the PC, Mac, Xbox, PS2 and GameCube.

The following weapons appear in the video game Splinter Cell:

Player-only Weapons

Fabrique Nationale Five-seveN

The FN Five-seveN appears as Sam Fisher's sidearm. Probably due to trademark issues, Ubisoft changed the name to "5.7mm SC Pistol". Holds 20 rounds and is always suppressed.

FN Five-SeveN (Original Model) - 5.7x28mm
The Five-seveN in Sam's holster.
Fisher interrogates a Tbilisi policeman, sidearm in hand.
Sam Fisher reloads his Five-seveN on a Georgian oil rig in the Caspian Sea.

Fabrique Nationale F2000 with GL-1

The first (known) appearance of the FN F2000 was in this video game. To avoid the copyright violation, the developers changed its name to SC-20K, rather curiously pronounced as "SC-2000" despite that it would literally read as "SC-20000." It always appears with a non-detachable suppressor. The standard 1.6X red dot scope is upgraded to provide better zooming ability. The FN EGLM functions as a 303 Less Lethal Launcher and it can be used to fire ring airfoil rounds, sticky shockers, CS grenades, diversion cameras or sticky cameras. A little "goof" appears during the first mission in which it appears, when Lambert calls it an "F2000". The manual for the game also refers to its launcher as an F2000. In a rare depiction of this in a video game; Splinter Cell and Pandora Tomorrow actually coded it in the ejection chute as the F2000 won't visually eject any bullets until Sam fires more than five bullets from his F2000 then one casing will be ejected per bullet fired and all 5 stored casings will eject when reloading.

FN F2000 with GL-1 - 5.56x45mm
The "SC-20K" on Fisher's back.
Fisher aims at a dangerous looking coffee mug.
The scope of the rifle.

Frag Grenade

In some missions Fisher can use fragmentation grenades against the enemy guards. The grenade appears to be based on the M26 hand grenade, but it also could be fictional.

M26 HE grenade
The "frag grenade" in Splinter Cell.

Non-player Weapons

Beretta 92FS

Plainclothes CIA intelligence officers at the CIA headquarters can be seen using a suppressed pistol which closely resembles the Beretta 92FS. Strangely, when they fire them, they sound as if they are not suppressed at all. In the PS2/Gamecube version, a Beretta is the icon of the Five-SeveN and an early promotional render shows Sam using the Beretta so it may have been Sam's pistol early in development before being replaced by the Five-SeveN.

Beretta 92FS - 9x19mm
The 92FS-look-a-like weapon in the hands of a CIA intelligence officer in-game.

Makarov PM

The Makarov PM is used by Tbilisi policemen and guards at the Georgian Ministry of Defense building, one of Grinko's mercenaries at the abattoir, and Chinese PLA general Kong Fei-long.

Russian Makarov PM - 9x18mm Makarov
A Makarov PM in the hands of a Tbilisi policeman.

Heckler & Koch Mark 23 Mod 0

The Heckler & Koch Mk 23 Mod 0 is used by Grinko's mercenaries to execute the prisoners at the abattoir if the player is not fast enough.

H&K Mark 23 Mod 0 - .45 ACP
MK23 (without trigger and trigger guard, of course) on the ground.

SIG-Sauer P228

A pistol can be seen in a cutscene which appears to be a SIG-Sauer P228. It lacks the trigger and trigger guard, which makes the identification hard, but judging by its length, it is the P228.

SIG-Sauer P228 - 9x19mm
The SIG-Sauer in the game.

Česká Zbrojovka Skorpion Vzor 82

The Skorpion SA is used by Georgian and Chinese Colonels.

Skorpion SA Vz 82 - 9x18 Makarov
A Georgian Land Forces colonel armed with a Skorpion at the Georgian Ministry of Defense building in Tbilisi. Note the lack of trigger and trigger guard.

Heckler & Koch MP5A2

The Heckler & Koch MP5A2 is used by CIA Security Protective Service officers standing guard at the CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia.

Heckler & Koch MP5A2/N - 9x19mm
The MP5A2 slung over the back of an unconscious CIA Security Protective Service officer. Note the lack of a trigger and trigger guard, probably due to hardware/software limitations.


The Uzi is mainly used by Russian mafiosos when they are destroying the evidence at the Kalinatek building.

IMI Uzi - 9x19mm
Sam Fisher holds a Russian mafioso hostage at the Kalinatek building in Langley, Virginia. In the right hands, a pistol can be more intimidating than a submachine gun.

Heckler & Koch UMP45

The Heckler & Koch UMP45 with a scope and suppressor is used by Chinese PLA soldiers in embassy and joint task force of Chinese-US intelligence officers in Myanmar, but Sam Fisher never encounters this weapon in-game. The UMP45 was originally intended to Fisher's primary weapon instead of the F2000 and is called "maingun" internally. Its textures remain in the game files and it can be used by swapping the model with the final game's F2000, this unused UMP45 also has what appears to be an M203 launcher attached.

Heckler & Koch UMP45 - .45 ACP
Chinese and US intelligence officers use the UMP45 in Myanmar.
Fisher with his cut UMP45, the gun's textures are notably bugged and the gun will turn solid white if near a lightsource.
Fisher aiming his cut UMP45.

Norinco QBZ-95

The QBZ-95 is accurately portrayed in Splinter Cell as being the standard-issue weapon of the Chinese PLA soldiers, unlike many other games which inaccurately portray them with AK-47 derivatives.

Norinco QBZ-95 - 5.8x42mm
A QBZ-95 in the hands of an incapacitated Chinese PLA soldier (note the longer handguard, probably done for animation purposes).
Two Chinese PLA soldiers armed with QBZ-95s in a promotional still, while Sam Fisher looks on from the shadows.

Izhmash AKS-74

The AKS-74 is used by guards at the Georgian Ministry of Defense, Georgian soldiers, a Tbilisi policeman in a newsreel, and Chinese PLA soldiers in Myanmar.

AKS-74 - 5.45x39mm
AKS-74 on a dead Georgian soldier's back. Note the different handguard and the ribbed metal magazine.

Izhmash AK-107 with GP-30

The AK-107 with GP-30 grenade launcher is used by Georgian Special Forces and Nikoladze's troops during the last level.

AK-107 - 5.45x39mm
GP-30 - 40mm
AK-107 fitted with GP-30 grenade launcher in the game.

Colt M16A1

The M16A1 with A2 handguards can be seen in the hands of various US Army soldiers in the newsreels but Sam Fisher never encounters this weapon in-game. The model bears a heavy resemblance to the proper M16A2 utilized in Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield, another Ubisoft game which came out a few months later.

Colt M16A1 with A2 handguards - 5.56x45mm
US Army National Guard soldiers armed with M16A1s at an apartment complex in Maryland, during a newsreel cutscene.
A US Army soldier stands guard with his M16A1 rifle, during a newsreel cutscene.

Franchi SPAS-12

The Franchi SPAS-12 is used by Georgian special forces commandos, Nikoladze's henchmen and CIA Security Protective Service officers at the CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia. The NPCs always use them in semi-automatic mode.

Franchi SPAS-12 - 12 ga.
SPAS-12 slung over the back of a CIA Security Protective Service officer at the CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia.


The PSL Sniper Rifle can be seen in the hands of the enemy snipers most notably during the abattoir mission.

PSL - 7.62x54mm R
The PSL in the hands of a Georgian sniper.

Fictional Sentry Gun

A fictional mounted sentry gun can be found at the Weapon Testing Department of the CIA and later at the abattoir. It was probably based on the M249 Para. This particular system is controlled by a super-smart computer and has auto-tracking ability and IFF (identification, friend or foe). Can be hacked and used against enemy guards.

FN M249 Para - 5.56x45mm
Close look on the sentry gun.

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