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P-64P-83 Wanad
P.H. MoriartyP.J. Soles
P90 (disambiguation)
P9 (disambiguation)
PGM sniper rifle series
PK Machine Gun
PL-14 Lebedev
PM-63 RAK submachine gunPM-84 Glauberyt
PMN mine series
POMZ-2 anti-personnel mine
PP-19-01 VityazPP-2000
PPSh-41 / PPS-43
PROM-1 anti-personnel mine
PSM pistol
PSS Silent Pistol
PTRS-41 riflePTUPT (disambiguation)
PWS MK1 rifle seriesPablo Espinosa
Pablo Riva
Pablo Schreiber
Pacific, ThePacific BluePacific Rim
Pacifier, ThePacifist, The (La pacifista)Pack, The
Package, The (1989)
Package, The (2013)Paddy Considine
Page FletcherPage KennedyPaget Brewster
Paige TurcoPain & Gain
Painkiller Jane (2005)Painkiller Jane (2007)Painkiller Jane (disambiguation)
Paint Your WagonPale RiderPaleface, The
Pallad grenade launcher
Pam GrierPamela AndersonPamela Blake
Pamela GidleyPamela ReedPan's Labyrinth
Pancor JackhammerPandemicPandora Peaks
Pandora in the Crimson Shell: Ghost UrnPanic Room
Panic in Bangkok (Banco à Bangkok pour OSS 117)Panzerfaust
Panzerfaust 3Panzerschreck
Paola TurbayPaolo BrigugliaPaolo Giusti
Paolo StoppaPaolo Villaggio
Paper, ThePaper TigerPapillon
Papillon Soo SooPara-OrdnancePara-Ordnance 1911 Series
Parabellum MG14
Parade of the Planets (Parad planet)Paradox Soldiers (My iz budushchego 2)
Parallax View, TheParasite Dolls
Parasite Eve IIParasyte: The Maxim
ParatrooperPardiniPardini PC/GT
Parer's WarPariah, The (La Scoumoune)Parinco Model 3R
Park is Mine, TheParkerParker-Hale M-85
Parker PoseyParks and RecreationParminder Nagra
Parole, Inc.Parole Officer, The
Parting Shots
Pascal ElbéPascal GuilleminPascal Riccieri
Pascal TedesPascale ArmandPascale Hutton
Pasha (Le Pacha)Pasha D. LychnikoffPasquale Aleardi
Passage, ThePasschendaelePassenger 57
Passion Leads Army, The (aka Glorious Missions)Past Midnight
Pat FlahertyPat Garrett and Billy the KidPat Hingle
Pat MulderrigPat O'BrienPat Renella
Pat SkipperPatachouPath Towards Uninterested Love (Tropoy beskorystoy lyubvi), The
PathologicPaths of Glory
Patlabor: The MoviePatlabor: The Movie 2Patric Knowles
Patrice ColsPatricia ArquettePatricia Clarkson
Patricia LópezPatricia McKenziePatricia Morison
Patricia OwensPatricia TallmanPatricia Velasquez
Patrick AllenPatrick BauchauPatrick Bergin
Patrick BonnelPatrick BruelPatrick Catalifo
Patrick ChauvelPatrick DempseyPatrick Dewaere
Patrick DuginPatrick FierryPatrick Fischler
Patrick GallagherPatrick GuilleminPatrick John Flueger
Patrick KakePatrick KennedyPatrick Kilpatrick
Patrick LigardesPatrick LysterPatrick Macnee
Patrick MalahidePatrick McGoohanPatrick Muldoon
Patrick MédioniPatrick O'KanePatrick O'Neal
Patrick PréjeanPatrick RaynalPatrick Rombi
Patrick SabonguiPatrick St. EspritPatrick Steltzer
Patrick StewartPatrick SwayzePatrick Timsit
Patrick TreadwayPatrick Van HornPatrick Vo
Patrick WarburtonPatrick WaynePatrick Wilson
Patrick WymarkPatrik Dergel
Patriot, The (1998)Patriot, The (2000)Patriot (disambiguation)
Patriot GamesPatriot Ordnance Factory P416
Patsy Kensit
Patterson JosephPattonPatton Oswalt
Patty DuffekPaul
Paul AdelsteinPaul AndersonPaul Anka
Paul AntrimPaul BaePaul Barge
Paul BarrettPaul Ben-VictorPaul Benjamin
Paul BettanyPaul BlackthornePaul Blair
Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2
Paul Blart Mall CopPaul BrightwellPaul Bryar
Paul BuschPaul ButkevichPaul Butler
Paul CalderonPaul CampbellPaul Carr
Paul ChunPaul CrauchetPaul Dano
Paul DesmondPaul DrakePaul Essiembre

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