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This article is still under construction. It may contain factual errors. See Talk:Payday 2 for current discussions. Content is subject to change.

Payday 2.
Payday2 pc box.jpg
PC Boxart
Release Date: 2013
Developer: Overkill Software
Publisher: 505 Games
Series: Payday
Platforms: PC, PS3, X360, PS4, Xbox One
Genre: First-person shooter

Payday 2 is the sequel to Payday: The Heist. As with the first game, players may join up to three others in a spree of robberies and other heists to earn money. Payday 2 noticeably features many changes from the first game, among other things the new skill tree. Each of the five trees (the Mastermind, Enforcer, Technician, Ghost, and Fugitive) focuses on differing specializations, though unlike the first game do not grant new weapons for level ups (aside from special examples like the portable saw). Weapons are instead unlocked to purchase by leveling up, which now is done with experience points instead of money. Money is used to buy new weapons, modifications, and masks, though it is divided between a player's "Offshore Account" (which comprises 80% of the money they earn in a heist) and spending cash (the other 20%), and only the spending cash can be used to buy weapons and addons.

Entries marked with (*) are weapons obtained for free (although they still need to be bought with in-game money) by joining the official Payday 2 steam group. Entries marked with (**) are DLC (downloadable content) weapons.

The following weapons appear in the video game Payday 2



The game operates with the heister moving in with 2 weapons, and 2 weapons only. A primary and a secondary. Primaries consist of assault and battle rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles, machine guns, and dual-wielded weapons. Secondaries consist of pistols, machine pistols, and bizarrely, a few chopped down variants of some shotguns and assault rifles. Players can take ammo from enemies, but not weapons, ala SWAT 4 and other such tactical shooters.

Each weapon has its own customization options, though some like the Glock 17 barely have any and others like the M4A1 may have much more than others. In addition to shared items like suppressors, weapons also have their own sets of unique addons, such as extended magazines or different finishes or grips. Mods can be removed from these weapons for no charge, and the mod in question will not be lost, merely returned to the player's inventory. However, re-adding it will again require money, with the exception of certain items that have no cost to equip.

In addition to this, the Gage Weapon Pack #01 DLC introduced select-fire to weapons, and DLC owners unlock access to special addons that enable locking a weapon permanently in one fire mode, along with frag grenades. The later Gage Weapon Pack #02 DLC introduced machine guns and knives to the game. Owners of the Gage Mod Courier DLC are able to unlock a special set of free modifications that are otherwise unobtainable. As a bonus, the pack also comes with extra reticles and colors for all sights, though players without the DLC will still be able to use all the colors and a few of the new reticles. In addition, every weapon DLC pack since (and a few heist DLCs) have had even more new guns and melee weapons, and some lock weapon addons to specific achievements rather than random drops. The Gage Sniper Pack introduced armor-piercing sniper rifles to the game. Finally, a noteworthy addition from the Gage Shotgun Pack DLC is the option to use different shell types for any of the game's shotguns.

About 90% of the firearms in Payday 2 are capable of performing a faster "tactical reload" (i.e. reload when the magazine isn't emptied) in addition to the "dry" animation. All this does is reducing the reloading time, however, as none of the firearms are coded to retain the round currently in battery, meaning there is no "one round in the chamber".

The October 22, 2014 patch introduced akimbo weapons, which are wielded as primary weapons but are mostly identical to their single-wielded versions (aside to obvious penalties to their accuracy and recoil control). This list of weapons has expanded over time to include seven sets of pistols and three sets of sub-machine guns. Formerly, only players that had the Hitman perk deck or the Akimbo skill were able to use these weapons, though as of Update 100 (June 2, 2016) any player may use them without any skill investment at all

As of Update #65 (The first person animation update) All base game guns (except for the Taurus Raging Bull aka Bronco .44) and some DLC weapons have received new first person animations, most notably new reloading animations. Also with this update magazines now actually have fully modeled bullets in them. On top of that, weapons with translucent magazines like the JP36 (G36K), Commando 553 (SG 552-2), Kobus 90 (P90) etc. also have actual rounds modeled that visibly deplete as the gun is fired.


As of update 61, it is now possible to dual-wield (or Akimbo) a select few of the handguns in-game. The Akimbo handguns are used as primary weapons. It is not possible to akimbo all handguns or a combination of two different pistols.

The handguns that can be dual-wielded are listed below in their respective entry.

Glock 17

The first weapon the new players can use alongside the Colt Model 733 is a Glock 17. It is given to the player for free as soon as they start the game and goes by the name "Chimano 88" as a reference to "Pistol 88", the Swedish army's designation for the Glock 17. In the early days of Payday 2, the Glock 17's tactical use is as limited as it's selection of mods, only being able to use one of three suppressors, though additional mods compatible with it has since been added.

It has damage and accuracy stats very slightly below most 9mm pistols in the game but it boasts a huge ammo pool and top notch concealment. The pistol has a 17 round magazine capacity which would be correct if it weren't for the extended base plate that should add two more rounds, but it doesn't. It is one of eight pistols that can be dual-wielded.

Glock 17 (Generation 3) - 9x19mm
Note extended +2 magazine base plate that's not factored into the weapons capacity. Also note that the pistol doesn't have any markings whatsoever on the slide.
#14 is scribbled just below the extractor.
PD2 G17 holding.jpg
Iron sights.
Reloading. Dumping the dry mag...
...inserting a full one...
...and hitting the slide release. This animation is reused on all Glocks in-game and also the Beretta 92FS Centurion.
A regular Police Officer with a Glock 17. Note the attached (and low quality) Streamlight TLR 1 weaponlight, they never actually use it. These types of cops are also occasionally seen with the Taurus Raging Bull.
A shield cop with his Glock 17; like regular cops, they never use the weaponlight either. This is also great view of the higher quality NPC Streamlight TLR 1 weaponlight model only provided in some of Overkill's renders.


PD2 G17 Akimbo.jpg
Bonnie dual-wielding her Glock 17s.
Aiming the pistols produces this perspective, as common in video games. The same applies to all akimbo pistols in-game.
Reloading. Inserting a magazine into the first Glock 17...
...then the second...
...then chambering said rounds. While difficult to see, if one looks closely it's possible to see that the character will use their index finger to flick the slide release on the left pistol.

Springfield Armory 1911 Lightweight Operator

The Springfield Armory 1911 Lightweight Operator is unlocked at reputation level 2, and is much more customizable than the starting Glock 17. It goes by the name "Crosskill" as in the first game. The pistol holds 10 rounds in a 7 or 8-round magazine. Modifiying the pistol with the "12rnd Mag.", modeled off the extended Kimber 10-round magazine, will actually give it a 16 round capacity.

Springfield Armory 1911 Lightweight Operator - .45 ACP
Note the that 1911 is one of only three pistols in-game modeled with a threaded barrel.
PD2 1911 right.jpg
PD2 1911LO holding.jpg
Iron sights.
Reloading. Dropping the "dry" magazine that has bullets textured inside in it.
Reloading. Inserting a mag. Note the clipping.
Speaking of clipping, when taking a look at the right side of the pistol, there's clipping galore! The trigger discipline is excellent however.
The Lightweight Operator on a loading screen.


PD2 1911LO Akimbo.jpg
PD2 1911LO Akimbo holding.jpg
Inspecting the Lightweight Operators. Note that the grip-safety isn't depressed, which wouldn't allow the gun to fire. Also note that Bonnie is bending her thumbs freakishly far.

Beretta 92FS Centurion

The Beretta 92FS Centurion appears as the "Bernetti 9" and is unlocked at level 6. It has an incorrect 14-round capacity instead of 15. The name "B9-S" is visible on the slide, as a nod to the pistol's name from the first Payday.

Beretta 92FS Centurion - 9x19mm
Note that for some reason it's modeled with Beretta Model 92S grip panels meant for a heel-magazine release, but still has a groove for the 92FS' proper thumb release.
PD2 92FS right.jpg
PD2 92FS holding.jpg
Iron sights.
Reloading. About to insert a fresh mag...
...hitting the slide release.


PD2 92FS Akimbo.jpg
Dallas with his duel Beretta 92FS Centurions and Chains with his M249 Para.

Taurus Raging Bull

The Taurus Raging Bull returns from the first Payday, again known as the "Bronco .44" but now featuring its full-length barrel by default. It holds 6 rounds and is unlocked at level 6. An early patch added street cops carrying this weapon. It is also notably used by the female FBI Agent enemies in the Hoxton Breakout heist and some mobsters in the Hotline Miami heist.

Taurus Raging Bull - .44 Magnum
Note that the hammer is in SA mode but the trigger is in DA. Somehow the hammer cocks itself after each shot.
PD2 RBull right.jpg
PD2 RBull holding.jpg
Iron sights.
Reloading. The spent cases drop out by themselves smoothly in perfect formation.
Loading in six new rounds with an invisible speed loader. The Freeman is pleased.
Then snapping the cylinder shut with a flick of the wrist, which is no small feat considering the Raging Bull's frontal latch. This animation is reused on the Taurus 4510 PLYFS.

Glock 18C

The Glock 18C is unlocked at level 29 and, similarly to its appearance in the first game's "Wolf Pack" DLC, is known as the "STRYK 18c" (Stryk is swedish and can be translated as "beating") It still features a high rate of fire, decent damage, and low accuracy. It holds 20 rounds in a 19 round magazine. Notably, it is one of three non-LMG guns in the game that cannot equip modifications to lock it in one firing mode, and one of the two among them that is capable of selective fire.

Glock 18C (3rd Generation) - 9x19mm
Note the fire-selector on the slide.
It should be noted that Glock 18s are only manufactured in the standard black finish. The tan finish must be a custom job.
Jiro holding a Glock 18C.
Iron sights.
Reloading. About to insert a new magazine.
Note the cuts on the slide and ported barrel showing that it is a "C" model.
The Glock 18C fitted with a FAB Defense GLR-440 stock. This stock can only be fitted onto the "Stryk" and none of the other Glocks in-game, despite the fact that it should fit any real full-size or compact Glock.

IMI Desert Eagle Mark XIX

The IMI Desert Eagle Mark XIX goes by the everlasting nickname "Deagle" in-game. It holds an incorrect 10 rounds in its 7-round magazine. While it's possible to squeeze ten rounds into the .357 Magnum version of a Desert Eagle (nine in the mag and a round in the chamber) the Desert Eagle in-game is clearly the .50 AE version since it has a non-fluted barrel.

IMI Desert Eagle Mark XIX - .50 AE
Like the Glock 17, the Desert Eagle has no markings on the slide.
Note the scratched out serial number just above the grip.
Dallas admires some graffiti with his Eagle. Note that it is possible to see a bullet inside the gun if you take a close look at the back end of it.
Iron sights.
The slide cycling as the gun is fired.
Reloading. Inserting a new magazine filled with bullets...
...and then really racking the slide. There must be some malfunction with the slide release or more likely the magazine's hold-open device as the slide doesn't lock back once the gun is dry.
The Desert Eagle modified into a ridiculous mall ninja's dream gun. Note that the can at the end of the barrel is a makeshift oil filter suppressor. Also note the ELCAN Specter scope attached to a scope mount that's attached to the existing scope mount.


PD2 DE Akimbo.jpg
John Wick preparing to sprain his wrists.

Heckler & Koch USP45 Tactical(*)

The Heckler & Koch USP45 Tactical appears as the "Interceptor .45" and is automatically unlocked for purchase by joining the official Payday Steam Group. It's quite powerful and uses a 13-round magazine (one more than it holds in real life for the .45 ACP version).

Heckler & Koch USP45 Tactical - .45 ACP
Note the Jet-Funnel mag-well extension which was only designed for 9mm and .40 S&W versions of the USP.
PD2 USP T right.jpg
PD2 USP holding.jpg
Iron sights.
Reloading. Inserting a mag...
...then the slide release is hit. Here the slide is just a blink away from locking into battery.
Heckler & Koch USP Expert - .40 S&W. The Jet-Funnel mag-well extension is proper for the USP in this caliber.
The USP45 Tactical becomes a USP Expert if fitted with the "Expert Slide".
Heckler & Koch USP Match - 9x19mm
It can also be turned into an USP Match with the "Match Slide". Fitting this mod on the pistol will give the slide a stainless finish.


PD2 USP Akimbo.jpg
The lack of bullets modeled in the magazines becomes obvious when reloading akimbo USPs.

Glock 22C(*)

The Glock 22C was added in the Election Day update as the "Chimano Custom" and is available to all members of the official Payday 2 Steam group. It bears an OD frame and comes with a flared magazine well, while most of its non-unique mods are shared with the Glock 18C.

Glock 22 (Generation 3) - .40 S&W
Note .40 S&W markings on the slide, denoting a Glock 22 variant. Also note the flared magazine-well.
As was the case with basically every other Glock variant in the game, the 22C's magazine is fitted with a 2-round extension plate. Unlike its brethren, however, the extension actually expands the 22C's default magazine, though it only comes loaded with half the amount it ought to.
Bodhi with his Glock 22C at the range.
Iron sights. Note the red fiber-optic front sight, which sadly does not glow in the dark.
Reloading. Here the cuts in the barrel are obvious meaning it's a "C" model. These don't mean squat in the presence of a suppressor, however, as was the case with the Glock 18C.

Modifying the "Chimano Custom" with the Long Slide produces a Glock 35.

Glock 35 - .40 S&W
Note the titanium-nitride coated vented-barrel. A vented barrel would make a suppressor useless, but it works just fine in-game.


PD2 G22 Akimbo.jpg
Getting bored using just one Glock 22C, Bodhi pulls out another one.
After some very inaccurate blasting, Bodhi reloads his Glock 22Cs. Here the cuts in the slide are obvious. Note how the chamber of the barrels are clipping through the slide, this is because the barrels are shown as straight and not tilting, as common in video games.

Glock 26(*)

On the seventh day of the Crimefest release parade (October 22nd 2014), John Wick himself jumped aboard and brought his trusted Glock 26 along for the ride. Called the Chimano Compact, it tries to fill the same "high-capacity 9x19mm" role as the Beretta 92. It can stand up to it in terms of damage output and has a trivial recoil advantage, but otherwise lags a little behind on all fronts, especially so with the "high-capacity" bit. Unlocked at level 36, the $605,000 price tag is a little hard to swallow for what it is. It's also the first of the seven pistols which have separate akimbo variants classed as primary weapons.

Glock 26 subcompact - 9x19mm
Wick's unsullied Glock 26. Overkill correctly set it to carry 10 rounds at a time, but didn't account for the potential extra two bullets the molded Pearce Grips magazine extension adds.
Given the worrying accuracy numbers Glocks have in this game, John is relieved to see that the Chimano Compact stands on the same adequate level as the Signature .40 and Crosskill. It can reliably put a round into a SWAT helmet around 10 meters (demonstrated by the poor bastard under the bead) without help and up to 20 when upgraded - which is about as far as the sights can comfortably handle, anyway.
The unique Striking upgrades (body kit, slide, magazine) turn the gun into a "Tier 1" custom version from Salient Arms International. It even appears to have some of the optional extras listed in the brochure, namely the grip stippling and eye-searing Cerakote finish. The end result is a welcome upgrade to both damage and accuracy, but the gaudy look lowers its top-notch stealth rating to the level of a common .44 revolver.
Looks like this tactical custom was devised at an in-house "Chimano Custom Shop" instead. The gadget options are the same limited set as with the starter Glock, but it gets a free set of Striking components from the get-go. Note the relatively massive attachment rail and low-profile laser which don't hurt concealability in any way. The stock slide also has a small stamp on top of the bolt with the letters "AT" and the Overkill bomb logo - perhaps a modeler's signature.
Dallas rallies his burly crew during an armored car ambush. When the slide locks back, the upgraded barrel is revealed to have heat-dissipating baffles all the way around it - another optional SAI custom order. Additionally, the colors of the Cerakote coating have a much closer resemblance to the real-life options under daylight. Another rather interesting detail is that the barrel is actually shown as tilting! An extremely rare detail in video games. This was the only pistol in-game to be properly shown with it until the H&K P30L was added to the game.
The grip-mounted laser module not only increases accuracy in itself, but its beam is completely unobtrusive when the sights are used. Note the cute US flag on the upgraded slide.


John Wick whips up a rampage inside a gangster stronghold. A rather weak option in the akimbo category, the Chimano Compacts suffer dearly from being stuck at a shallow 10-round magazine capacity. That said, they're still the least bad akimbo pistols to reach the maximum of 30 concealment - extremely important for Fugitives, whose combat performance is directly derived from stealthiness.
Chambers full? Check.
Revenge administered? Check!

Walther PPK(**)

The Walther PPK is available for purchase with the Armored Transport DLC and is known as the "Gruber Kurz" pistol. It is fairly weak but easy to conceal and incorrectly holds 14 rounds instead of 6 (.380 ACP) or 7 (.32 ACP) rounds. It was the first handgun in the game to be able to use a laser without needing anything in the gadget slot, having a unique grip with a built-in laser. This was later followed by the Glock series' own laser grip

Walther PPK - .32 ACP
Payday2 Walther PPK -hd1- menu 1.jpg
Payday2 Walther PPK -hd1- menu 2.jpg
PD2 PPK holding.jpg
Iron sights.
Reloading. Inserting a new magazine.
Tugging the slide to release it. Which is proper, since the PP-series don't have an external slide release.
Walther PP - .32 ACP
Fitting the long slide to the PPK turns it into a Walther PP.
Payday2 Walther PP -hd1- menu 2.jpg
PD2 PPK PP1.jpg
PD2 PPK PP2.jpg
Iron sights.

SIG-Sauer P226R(**)

The SIG-Sauer P226R in .40 S&W appears as the Signature .40 and is unlocked for purchase by buying the Gage Weapon Pack #01 DLC. In-game it does the same amount of damage as the Crosskill (Springfield Armory 1911 Lightweight Operator), but most, if not all, of its stats are better compared to the Crosskill. By default, the P226 holds 12 rounds (one less than the real .40 version) and its extended magazine unusually has no concealment penalty (unlike those for most weapons)

SIG-Sauer P226R - 9x19mm. The one in-game is a .40 S&W model.
Payday2 SIG-Sauer P226R -hd1- menu 1.jpg
Payday2 SIG-Sauer P226R -hd1- menu 2.jpg
PD2 P226 holding.jpg
Iron sights.
Reloading. Dropping the dry magazine. If you take a closer look right under the gun you can see the magzine. It has some very strange-looking bullets modeled in it.
Not concerned about the strange bullets, Dallas inserts a new mag and is just frames away from hitting the slide release.
The P226 fitted with a Equinox two-tone slide, Osprey silencer, and micro LAM.

Taurus 4510PLYFS(*)

The Taurus 4510PLYFS was added to the game as a Crimefest community milestone reward, for having 1 million members in the Payday 2 Steam group. Chambered in .410 Bore and holds 5 shells, it is classed by the game as a shotgun, so handgun skills have no effects on it. It is depicted as being ridiculously powerful, even more so than most of the 12 gauge shotguns, despite it's .410 chambering, much like the similar Taurus Judge in the Max Payne movie. Thanks to sharing its accessories with the other shotguns, it can accept the Silent Killer suppressor, which logically wouldn't work due to the gap between the barrel and cylinder.

Taurus 4510PLYFS - .410 Bore/.45 Long Colt
PD2 PLYFS left.jpg
PD2 PLYFS right.jpg
PD2 PLYFS holding.jpg
Iron sights. Note the red fiber-optic insert in the front sight. It does not actually glow in the dark. Also note that the hole in the hammer is the keyhole of Taurus' patented Revolver Security System.
The rail mount for any underbarrel attachments. Note the Brazilian flag and that the shells are too long and clip into the gun.

Mauser C96 "Broomhandle"(**)

The Mauser C96 appears as the "Broomstick" and is unlocked for purchase at level 23 if one owns the Gage Historical Pack DLC. A recent update puts the damage on the same level as the magnum handguns, and the long barrel mod puts it on the same level as DMR rifles, but is hindered by its 10-round magazine and a somewhat slower reload.

Mauser C96 "Broomhandle" - 7.63x25mm Mauser
PD2 C96 left.jpg
PD2 C96 right.jpg
PD2 C96 holding.jpg
Iron sights.
Reloading. Inserting a clip with ten rounds, note the clipping (höhö).
After loading up, Wolf tugs the charging handle, making the clip fall and letting the bolt into battery. This is not the best idea as the clip would probably only break, causing a jam.
Interestingly, if one reloads when the magazine is only partially spent, the bolt will magically lock back by itself and the player character will load the magazine with a ten-round clip, they will then proceed to remove the clip by hand instead of tugging the charging handle, which is the advised way of reloading a C96.
Mauser C96 carbine - 7.63x25mm Mauser
Mauser C96 with detachable holster/stock - 7.63x25mm Mauser
Modifying the C96 with the "Precision Barrel" and "Holster Stock" turns it into a hybrid Mauser C96 carbine. It's not an actual carbine as the stock is the removable holster stock and not a part of the grip.
Mauser M712 Schnellfeuer - 7.63x25mm Mauser
Fitting the C96 with the extended magazine (giving it 20 rounds) makes it resemble the Mauser M712 Schnellfeuer. The reload animation still shows the character only loading ten rounds.
BlasTech DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol.
Putting a scope and the "Damper.L 44 Nozzle" makes it resemble Han Solo's BlasTech DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol from Star Wars, while the arctic Russian scenery provides a nice stand-in for Hoth. The gun would have made for an excellent cosplay prop too if not for the weirdly-shaped muzzle and the lack of the DL-44's other embellishments. The scope is also fixed to the right-sided gadget rail instead of having its own dedicated mount like in the movie.

Springfield Armory XDM(**)

The Springfield Armory XDM appears as the "LEO Pistol" as part of the Bomb Heists DLC. Initially a Croatian design (as the HS2000), it has a 19-round magazine, which is correct for the 9mm version. The markings are inconsistent however, showing on the slide that the chambering is .40 S&W, but the ejection port markings show that is chambered for .45 ACP. The pistol has an olive drab frame.

Springfield Armory XDM with 4.5 inch barrel - .45 ACP
PD2 XDM left.jpg
The XDM is erroneously shown with an ambidextrous slide release and takedown lever(!)
Chains with his XDM
Iron sights.
Reloading. Releasing the empty mag.
Shoving in a new one.
Chambering a round.
Springfield Armory XDM 5.25 with two-tone finish – .40 S&W. To show the 5.25 slide.
The XDM fitted with the "Long Slide", it's not actually as long as a real 5.25 slide.
Springfield Armory XD-9 V10 with 4 inch barrel - 9x19mm. To show the 4" ported XD slide.
The XDM fitted with the "Custom Slide". Note "5.25" on the the 4" XD slide.

Single Action Army(**)

A Single Action Army with wooden grips appears as the "Peacemaker .45" and is part of the "Butcher's Western Pack" DLC. It deals a rather ridiculous amount of damage per shot, more than the Desert Eagle and Raging Bull.

Colt Single Action Army with 7.5" barrel known as the "Cavalry" model. - .45 Long Colt
PD2 SAA left.jpg
PD2 SAA right.jpg
Dallas inspecting a peculiar sign.
Iron sights. Firing the Peacemaker like this would still prompt the player character to fan the hammer, however, which is not at all different from continuously karate chopping yourself in the nose in reality.
The hammer is fanned incredibly fast, happening almost the second the gun is fired.
Reloading. Instead of using the ejector rod, the player character will flick the gun slightly downwards to drop them out, which isn't the best way to do it.
Loading in a new round.
Lining up the next chamber. Also note the fully-cocked hammer which is mechanically impossible for this particular gun, as the cylinder bolt cams at this position, thus necessitating the half-cock step to release it first. If anything, the "Peacemaker" handles more like a Ruger New Vaquero instead, which could explain its ludicrous stopping power to a degree.
After loading up, the rather loose hatch is closed with a flick of the wrist. What's keeping it from falling open again on its own during fire is not explained here.
Single Action Army with 5.5" barrel aka "Artillery" model with wooden grips - .45 Long Colt
The "Shootout Barrel" gives the SAA a shorter barrel...
Colt Single Action Army with 12" barrel known as the "Buntline Special" - .45 Long Colt
...while the "Precision Barrel" will lengthen it.
Adding a stock is handy when one needs to shoot Snakes.

Mateba 2006M(**)

The Mateba 2006M was added into the game with the "Alesso Heist" DLC. It's called "Matever .357" in game, a reference to the butchering of the manufacturer's name in the English dub of Ghost in the Shell. It holds 6 rounds.

Mateba 2006M - .357 Magnum
PD2 2006M left.jpg
PD2 2006M right.jpg
Sokol and his crew about to raid the Gensec vault during an Alesso concert.
Blasting away at some cops who apparently has not deemed it necessary to shut down the concert despite all the gunfire.
Sokol reloading while enjoying some slow hacking.
Inserting six new rounds of .357 with a speedloader that isn't invisible this time.
Taking down a Dozer.
The 2006M with the "Medio barrel" which can be loosely translated from Italian as median or middle.
Continuing the trend of Italian names, the "Pesante barrel" fitted to the 2006M. Pesante can be translated as heavy. This barrel is exceedingly rare in reality, even more so than an actual 2006M.

IWI Jericho 941 PL(**)

The IWI Jericho 941 PL was added in the Point Break heists DLC. It's known in-universe as the Sparrow 941 and referred to by the "Baby Deagle" moniker in-game, referencing Magnum Research's marketing of the Jericho as a "Baby Eagle".

As with the Springfield Armory XDM, the in-game Jericho's caliber is rather difficult to nail down due to the model featured being a mashup of several different variants. For starters, the ejection port is marked for the 9x19 Parabellum model, however it has a magazine capacity of 12 rounds, indicating a .40 S&W variant. Additionally, the Jericho has the silver guide rod of the 941's chambered in .41 AE and to confuse these caliber matters more, the pistol deals around a whooping 150 damage per shot unmodified, about on par with the game's resident .50 AE Desert Eagle.

IWI Jericho 941 PL, current production polymer framed model - 9x19mm
Bohdi reloads his Jericho 941 PL in the Point Break heist trailer.
Note the threaded extended barrel. It is notably a model with a decocker lever, Bohdi is shown decocking the pistol before holstering it in the trailer.
Bodhi performing the aforementioned decocking.
Note the threaded barrel. The 941 is one of a handful of weapons in the game to actually have an interfacing component onto which suppressors and the like could logically be mounted.
9x19 is stamped on the ejection port.
PD2 941 RPL holding.jpg
Iron sights.
Reloading. Inserting a new magazine. This animation was initially unique to this pistol, but was later reused on the PL-14.
Stainless IMI Jericho 941 F (note decocker on frame) - 9x19mm
The Jericho 941 PL can be modified with the "Spike Kit" which turns it into an older steel framed Jericho 941 F.
PD2 Jericho 941 F right1.jpg
A non-firing replica of Spike Spiegel's Jericho 941 R by Japanese model company 'Poseidon' with laser sight and custom grips.
Adding the "Spike Grip" to the former will make it look like Spike Spiegel's 941 R from Cowboy Bebop. It is not the exact model as the decocker is mounted on the frame and not the slide as on the 941 R.
PD2 Jericho 941 F right2.jpg

Kalashnikov Concern PL-14 Lebedev

The Russian PL-14 Lebedev prototype pistol is another weapon added for free with the Hardcore Henry Packs DLC and is called the "White Streak Pistol" in-game. It is incorrectly depicted with a 12-round magazine capacity instead the real life 15-round capacity, even with its "Extended Magazine" mod it only brings it to 14 rounds. Judging from its ridiculously high Desert Eagle level damage it seems to be chambered in a caliber far larger than 9x19mm (which is the only caliber available), the capacity and high damage show that its stats are a copy-and-paste of the Jericho 941 RPL's stats.

PL-14 Lebedev - 9x19mm
PD2 PL14 left.jpg
PD2 PL14 right.jpg
PD2 PL14 holding.jpg
Iron sights.
Reloading. Inserting a magazine with no bullets. Bullets were later added in a patch.
...and then hitting the slide release.
The PL-14 with its two unique mods, an extended magazine and a "prototype" barrel.

Heckler & Koch P30L(**)

The Heckler & Koch P30L was added in the "John Wick Weapon Pack" alongside the long-awaited UMP-45 and Desert Tech SRS-A1 Covert. It is known in-universe as the "Schäfer & Gewehr Master", or "Contractor" pistol in the game's inventory screen. It can be dual-wielded, which also marks the first ever set of DLC akimbo pistols in PAYDAY 2.

Heckler & Koch P30L - 9x19mm
PD2 P30L left.jpg
PD2 P30L right.jpg
Wick preparing to enter the range with his P30L.
Sighting up a target.
After some blasting, Wick runs out of ammo and reloads. First he flicks out the magazine with a super tacticool magflip.
Loading in a full mag. While somewhat hard to notice, like the Glock 26, the barrel is properly shown as tilting.
Then finishing by racking the slide. An observant player may notice this reload sequence was lifted straight out of the movie, being demonstrated during the Red Circle shootout.
The P30L decked out with the "Contractor Compensator" "Tritium Sights" and the "Extended Magazine". Note that the "tritium sights" are actually red fiber-optic sights and are properly depicted as glowing in the dark.
John Wick at the range with his P30L. He was using the weapon at the range before the weapon pack was officially announced.


PD2 P30L Akimbo.jpg
Just about to flick the slide releases on the P30Ls.

FN Five-seveN(*)

The FN Five-seveN FDE with an EFK Fire Dragon threaded barrel was added on Day 6 of the Search for Kento event as the "5/7 AP". As the name would suggest, the Five-seveN is capable of universal armor penetration (despite the real steel only being capable of piercing light kevlar), enabling it to shoot through walls, the breastplates of Maximum Force Responders, and to circumvent the Shield unit's primary means of protection, though damage is reduced for the latter. It also features astounding stopping power for a sidearm, being close to par with some of the game's magnums and revolvers, but only packs three magazines worth of ammunition. The in-game iteration is also under-loaded, stocking 15 bullets in the default 20-rounder magazine and 19 in the optional 30-rounder.

Modifications include a titanium nitride-coated barrel and extended magazine, both of which do not impact its Concealment stat in any way.

FN Five-seveN FDE - FN 5.7×28mm.
PD2 Five-seveN left.jpg
PD2 Five-seveN right.jpg
Jiro looking at some garbage with his Five-seveN.
Aiming the FN57.
Ejecting a magazine.
In with a new one.
John releasing the slide on an customized empty Five-seveN after seeing off some unwanted cops.
Inspecting the custom nitride-treated barrel moments earlier.

Submachine Guns

The Hardcore Henry update added the ability to Akimbo two SMGs. The dual-wielding works the same as with the pistols, with the two guns being used as a primary weapon.

The SMGs that can be dual-wielded are listed below in their respective entry, except for the AKMSU. That entry is found in the rifles category.

Ingram MAC-11

The "Mark 10" is actually based on a Ingram MAC-11 and a cheap Double Eagle airsoft one at that. It is unlocked at reputation level 2. It holds an incorrect 40 rounds in a short 16-round MAC-11 magazine and the Extended Magazine attachment gives it a 32-round magazine that increases the capacity to 48.

Ingram MAC-11 with stock extended - .380 ACP
PD2 Mac11 right.jpg
It comes standard with the sliding stock fully extended but there's no mod that actually allows you to retract the stock or even remove it. The only other option is the Skeletal Stock, which adds an even bulkier stock.
PD2 Mac11 holding.jpg
Iron sights.
Peeking in on the right side of the weapon clearly shows that the bolt is closed, which is incorrect as MAC-11s fire from a open bolt, even though the charging handle is correctly in the rear position.
Reloading. Because the MAC-11 used to share the same first person animation rigging as the MP9 before the latter was changed in Update 79, reloading the weapon will result in the player character dropping out the magazine as if the gun had a thumb mag-release, despite the former having a heel mag-release.
In with a new mag.
And at last pulling the charging handle in a rather strange manner.
The extended 32-round magazine for the MAC-11 which only adds a measly 8 rounds.
The MAC-11 used by various gangsters in-game. Note that it has a unique flashlight attached to it that is never seen used. Also note the tape on the grip.

Heckler & Koch MP5

The Heckler & Koch MP5 returns from the first Payday, again known as the "Compact-5". It is unlocked at level 13 and can be modified into many different MP5 models.

Heckler & Koch MP5A4 - 9x19mm
MP5A4. Note the odd depiction of the HK fire mode pictograms, There seems to be no safe setting and the semi-auto setting is white like the safe setting instead of being red like the other fire modes. Compare this to the above picture.
MP5A4 PD2 right.jpg
The MP5A4 with the Nightstalker skin applied, which finally corrects the weapon's odd set of pictograms, as long as it is equipped anyway.
Wolf running into a T.B.O.U.S in the safehouse bathroom.
Iron sights.
Reloading. Pulling back the charging handle. Rather obviously this is never done during a partial reload, nevermind the fact that the MP5 isn't even entirely capable of reloading like that in the first place due to the bolt riding on top of the magazine while in battery and obstructing the path of the next bullet (hence the need to always have the bolt retracted first before swapping mags), thus topping it off with a fully-loaded magazine isn't feasible.
Removing the dry mag.
About to load in a new one.
Wolf resorts to gently pushing down the bolt instead of going for the ubiquitous slap to chamber a new round.
Heckler & Koch MP5A5 - 9x19mm
The "Adjustable Stock" turns the MP5A4 into an A5 model.
Heckler & Koch MP5SD5 - 9x19mm
The "Ninja barrel" turns the weapon into a MP5SD5.
Heckler & Koch MP5SD6 - 9x19mm
Combining the "Ninja barrel" with the "Adjustable stock" produces an MP5SD6.
Heckler & Koch MP5KA4 - 9x19mm
The "Sehr Kurze Barrel" and the "Bare Essentials Stock" produce something similar to the MP5KA4, missing only the classic integrated "K" vertical foregrip.
Heckler & Koch MP5K PDW - 9x19mm
Replacing the above's "Bare Essentials Stock" with the "Spartan Stock" from the Gage Spec Ops pack produces a rough approximation of the MP5K PDW, as it still lacks the foregrip on top of not having the PDW variant's extended barrel. The stock's proportions are also a little bit off compared to that of the real weapon.
Heckler & Koch MP5/40 - .40 S&W
The unique MP5/40 wielded by the Cloaker enemy. Note that it lacks the bolt-release. Despite what appears to be a suppressor on the gun, it has the same loud report as the standard MP5 used by other officers.
Heckler & Koch MP5/10 with 2-round burst trigger group and sound suppressor - 10mm Auto
The "Straight Magazine" turns it into a mostly-accurate MP5/10; like the Cloaker's version, it lacks the bolt release.
A Hostage Rescue team member with an MP5A3. This MP5 model is used across several enemy types. It has a Safe/Single/Auto trigger group as opposed to the Safe/Single/Burst/Auto trigger group used by the player available MP5s, making it an A3 model.
A member of the new "Zeal Team" posing with an MP5SD5. The real unit in the game uses an MP5A5 with a railed foregrip however.


Preview of Akimbo Compact-5s. Other than stocks, twin MP5s have access to the same pool of attachments as a single one.
Dallas with his two MP5s.
Aiming the MP5s produces the expected results. At least it's better than nothing...?
Reloading. Somehow dropping the magazines with both hands full.
Reloading. In classic video game fashion, Dallas pulls the guns off-screen and a bunch of noises gives us an idea of the guns are being reloaded, somehow.
Running with twin MP5s (and the AKMSU) gives us this rather different animation, both guns are held up in a reckless fashion.
John Wick brandishes his two MP5KA4s as he's about to rob a bank, remembering the good ol' days. Note the lack of an ambidextrous fire-selector, something that would have been very handy when dual-wielding any gun.

Brügger & Thomet MP9

The B&T MP9 appears as the "CMP" and is unlocked at reputation level 19, in reference to the Steyr TMP lookalike in the Nintendo 64 title Perfect Dark. It has an unfortunate niche in the stat rankings where it's not able to muster enough brawn to plug heavier SWAT in single headshots, but isn't quite small enough to pocket for stealth tasks either. What makes it such a hidden gem are the terrific accuracy and stability for its fire rate, which mean that it can put three rounds into a helmet where other SMGs could only place one before jumping off mark. The quick reload, deep ammo pool and agreeable hipfire performance are just further perks.

Brügger & Thomet MP9 - 9x19mm. Fixed foregrip variant shown.
A farm-fresh CMP. It looks uncannily like the current MP9-NA3 - N for NATO (9x19mm) and A3 for folding stock with gripless rail. The only crimp is the missing fire selection dial. It'd normally sit near the magazine release in thumb's reach, but this one uses the older double-stage trigger contraption.
These accessories are all official B&T extras, excluding the TangoDown vertical foregrip. The 30-round "Extended Magazine" is an option, the Aimpoint Micro TL a.k.a. "Professional's Sight" is officially endorsed by B&T and the massive proprietary "Tactical Suppressor" is a reminder that Brügger & Thomet started out in the business of making silencers. The last one in the bunch come along only recently in the Butcher's Mod Pack. The TMP's Solid Stock is out of place here, however, due to it being a Steyr product; a true MP9 is not naturally compatible with this kind of part due to the molded folding stock hinge.
The typical kinds of extras. The laser light gadgets sit on the left and upside down on the CMP, making the yellow laser module's label much more legible than usual.
Ever the tactical one, Houston kicks off the night raid from atop an optional vantage point. As can be expected for such a low-profile machine pistol, the sights aren't too fast to use over a distance. The aiming modules clamped on the side are much more obtrusive using the irons than with an optical sights, which sit much higher on top of the gun.
Although its new animations are much less showy, even the CMP magazines got their shiny chrome bullets. As usual, the magazine sizes are all over the place, fitting 30 and 42 rounds in the 15-round stub and the 30-round option respectively.
Armed with only an MP5 and a shotgun from the trunk, a trio of beat cops attempt to evacuate a bystander from the mall chaos. Houston gets ready to finish his interruption. Here the bolt seems to have missed the part where it's supposed to be moving along with the racked charging handle.
Coming from below and to the left, the laser sight beam on the CMP disrupts the sight picture much less than with most other guns.
A tased Shield unit helplessly unloads his MP9 against metal. The big tan TangoDown foregrip on the CMP wasn't there from the start - it was added in a patch during the first few months after release, held before that with a tight two-hand grip like the Mark 10 is. The sidearms carried by FBI Heavy Response Shields didn't have to conform to that change.


The FN P90 TR appears as the "Kobus 90" and is unlocked at reputation level 36. It has the highest magazine size of any secondary, but only comes with a total of three mags. If the Long Barrel mod is put on the gun, it will resemble the PS90 TR, the civilian carbine version. As of the First Person Animations Update, the P90's magazine is now translucent and visibly empties as the gun is fired

FN P90 TR - 5.7x28mm
P90 PD2 left.jpg
P90 PD2 right.jpg
Iron sights.
FN PS90 - 5.7x28mm
The P90 fitted with the long barrel. It's not quite the same length as the PS90 and it has a standard P90 flash hider.

Thompson M1928(*)

The Thompson M1928 with a 50-round "L" drum magazine was added in the December 3, 2014 patch and is unlocked at level 14 for members of the Payday 2 Steam group. Along with the P90, it has the highest magazine size of any SMG in the game, but its accuracy and damage are rather low without modifications. It is one of 3 select-fire guns (one of two secondaries, alongside the Glock 18) that does not get the fire-mode locking mods.

M1928 Thompson - .45 ACP
PD2 M1928 left.jpg
PD2 M1928 right.jpg
Dragan showing up the annual Payday Halloween party with his Thompson, going for that gangster look.
Sighting up a pumpkin, sadly not the sort carved with a submachine gun.
Reloading. About to pull out the drum. Note that the charging handle is still in the forward position, which would make the drum unable to be removed. Also note that the character will simply be shown as pulling out the drum instead of using the magazine release.
The drum removed, showing that it's empty.
About to insert a new drum full of .45 ACP.
Cocking the weapon.
M1927 Thompson Auto-Ordnance with 50-round drum magazine - .45 ACP
The M1928 fitted with the long barrel, giving it a similar appearance to the M1927 Auto-Ordnance Thompson. Also note the black furniture. Somehow this gives the gun higher concealment.

Carl Gustav M/45B(**)

The Carl Gustav M/45B is named the "Swedish K SMG" in game and incorrectly holds 40 rounds in the magazine instead of 36. It is available for purchase to anyone who owns the "Armored Transport" DLC. The in-game weapon is based on an early "B" model as evident by the elongated buffer cap hook and lack of Sweden's iconic green lacquer.

Swedish K / Carl Gustav M/45B Submachine Gun - 9x19mm‎
PD2 S K left.jpg
Note that the M/45B is incorrectly shown as firing from a closed bolt.
A view of the "hook" on top of the rear of the weapon which shows it to be a M/45B as opposed an older unmodified M/45.
Iron sights.
Reloading. Pulling out the empty mag.
A new magazine about to be loaded in.
Pulling the charging handle.

Modifying the Swedish K with the "Swedish Barrel", "Swedish Body" and "Ergo Grip" completes the look of a general-production M/45B.

A Carl Gustav M/45, "B" model with the stock folded - 9x19mm
Wolf with his Swedish K modified with the "Swedish Barrel", "Swedish Body", "Ergo Grip" (which is literally just the basic grip with a darker finish) "Extended Magazine" and "Folded Stock".

Heckler & Koch MP7A2(**)

The Heckler & Koch MP7A2 appears as the "SpecOps" and is unlocked for purchase by buying the "Gage Weapon Pack #01" DLC. It holds 20 rounds in its standard flush maganine.

Heckler & Koch MP7A2 - 4.6x30mm
Note the underbarrel rail slightly differs in shape from the real MP7A2, as the "SpecOps" was released in December 2013, which predates the actual A2 model.
PD2 MP7 right.jpg
PD2 MP7 holding.jpg
Iron sights.
Reloading. Dropping out the mag.
Showing in a new one.
Then hitting the bolt release with a slap. This wouldn't be the best way to engage it, rather one should flick it upwards with their trigger finger.
Heckler & Koch MP7A1 with 30-round magazine, H&K SD MP7 sound suppressor, and Aimpoint T1 Micro red dot sight - 4.6x30mm
The MP7A2 fitted with "The Professional's Choice Sight" (An Aimpoint T-1 Micro), "Unfolded Stock", "Suppressed Barrel", and the "Extended Mag" which is based off the 40-round magazine, but it only holds 32 rounds.

Sa. Vz.61 Skorpion(**)

The Sa. Vz.61 Skorpion appears as the "Cobra" and is unlocked for purchase by buying the "Hotline Miami" DLC.

CZ Vz. 61 E / Yugoslavian made M84 distinguishable by its black pistol grip - .32 ACP
PD2 Vz.61 left.jpg
PD2 Vz.61 right.jpg
PD2 Vz.61 holding.jpg
Iron sights.
Reloading. Pushing the mag release to pull out the magazine.
About to insert a new one.
Pulling the charging handle. Note that no bullet is visible in the chamber.
Sa. Vz.61 Skorpion - .32 ACP
Fitting the "Wooden grip" to the Vz.61 makes it resemble the classic Czechoslovakian model.
John Wick channeling his inner mallninja with a decked out Skorpion. Note the suppressor (called Suppressor in-game,very clever), is unique to this gun. Also note the "Extended" magazine. Somehow two magazines clamped together give the gun a 40 round capacity. How it feeds from both magazines isn't clear, but it might be black magic.

Intratec TEC-9(**)

An Intratec TEC-9 modified to allow for fully-automatic firing appears as the "Blaster 9mm" and is unlocked for purchase by buying the "Hotline Miami" DLC. It holds 20 rounds by default and it's Extended Magazine modification gives it a correct 32 rounds.

In-game, it operates in strange ways uncharacteristic of the real TEC-9, the weapon fires from a closed bolt, meaning that it could be based on the US-import KG-9 model. The KG-9 was forced to be converted to a closed-bolt firearm by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and Explosives (ATF) before the weapon could be marketed in the United States. The closed bolt would make the full automatic conversion unfeasible, which is an intended feature of the forced redesign as to discourage users from illegally modifying their TEC-9s. It is also capable of selective-firing, which is a highly unusual trait, that few illegal gunsmiths would implement into a weapon when converting from semi to fully-automatic. This also suggest that the Blaster could be partially based on the Interdynamic MP9, the parent design of the TEC-9.

However, Payday 2 depicts several open-bolt firearms (the MAC-10, Uzi, AA-12, M/45) as firing from a closed bolt, so the TEC-9 having a closed-bolt in-game could (and probably is) simply a mistake made by whoever modeled the weapon. As for the select-fire capability, once again, either a mistake or the devs decided to add it for gameplay reasons and didn't care that it doesn't make sense, which would be feasible considering how little sense the game makes overall.

Intratec TEC-9 - 9x19mm
PD2 Tec9 left.jpg
PD2 Tec9 right.jpg
PD2 Tec9 holding.jpg
Iron sights
Reloading. Inserting a twenty round magazine.
Reloading. Continuing the debate above, a rather curious detail with the TEC-9 is that, in the reload animation, once the charging handle is pulled, the bolt doesn't move at all. This is probably a mistake. However, in the original reload animation, the character holds the TEC-9 at an angle when pulling the charging handle that makes this mistake rather obvious. This "mistake" was not fixed in the new animation for the weapon, despite it still being held at an angle that makes it very obvious.
Intratec AB-10 pistol in factory Black Finish - 9x19mm. Note the absence of barrel threads.
The TEC-9 becomes a Intratec AB-10 if equipped with the "Short Barrel" modification.

IMI Uzi(**)

The IMI Uzi appears as the "Uzi" (one of the few guns to be called by its actual name in-game) and is unlocked for purchase by buying the "Hotline Miami" DLC. It holds 30 rounds in a 32-round magazine.

IMI Uzi with buttstock extended - 9x19mm
Note the "K" foregrip. This is mounted by default.
Like many other open-bolt guns in PD2, the UZI is depicted as firing from a closed bolt.
PD2 UZI holding.jpg
Iron sights.
Reloading. About to pull out the magazine.
In with a new one.
Just about to pull the charging handle.
IMI Uzi with detachable wood buttstock (late model with cheek cut out in comb) - 9x19mm
Fitting the weapon with the "Solid stock" mod gives it this late model wooden stock.
IMI Uzi with Sionics suppressor - 9x19mm
The UZI can also have its stock folded. Note the suppressor (called "Silent Death" in-game) It's similar but not quite the same as the Sionics Suppressor.

Sterling L2A3(**)

The Sterling L2A3 appears as the "Patchett L2A1" and is unlocked for purchase by buying the "Gage Historical Pack" DLC. It also holds an incorrect 20 bullets in the standard 34-round magazine. The name "Patchett" refers to the weapon's designer, George William Patchett, and the name of the weapon in its early development.

Sterling L2A3 (Mk.4) - 9x19mm
PD2 L2A3 left.jpg
Note that this is one of the few weapons in-game properly depicted with an open bolt.
Wick admiring his collection of guns. As with most Sten models and derivatives in video games, the Sterling is held in the ever-so-incorrect "Sten grip" position, which is even more jarring in the hands of the series' resident Brit, Hoxton.
Sighting up a blueprint of a Pancor Jackhammer.
If one empties the mag, the magazine will be properly shown as empty.
Reloading. About to pull out the magazine.
In with a new one.
Pulling back the bolt. Note that the bolt only goes locks forward at the beginning of the reload animation and not when the gun runs dry, as common in video games.
Sterling L34A1 (Mk.5), suppressed version of the Sterling L2A3 - 9x19mm
The "Suppressed Barrel" mod turns the L2A3 into the Sterling L34A1.
BlasTech E-11 Blaster Rifle prop from Star Wars
The L2A3 can be modified with a "Combat Sight", "Short Magazine", "Folded Stock" and "Heatsinked Suppressed Barrel" to make it look like the BlasTech E-11 Blaster from Star Wars.

Cobray M11/9(**)

The Cobray M11/9 appears as "Jacket's Piece" and is unlocked for purchase by buying the "Jacket Character Pack" DLC. It holds 32 rounds.

SWD/Cobray M11/9 with folding stock - 9x19mm
Note the aftermarket vertical foregrip in place of the barrel nut. The fire selector is set to "SMG", whatever that means.
Note that the open bolt is properly depicted as open.
Jacket holding his piece while bathing in the neon light.
Iron sights.
Reloading. Pulling out the magazine with the heel mag-release.
Mashing in a new mag.
Then pulling the charging handle...
...revealing the chamber.
The M11/9 modified with a shoulder thing that goes up (or a "Slotted barrel extension" as the game calls it)
The M11/9 with the "Werbell's suppressor" and its unique skin modification, known as "80's Calling". The M11/9 is currently the only weapon that can be modified with an alternate finish that isn't counted as a weapon "skin". Note the presence of Hotline Miami character Richard's face on the rear of the receiver.

KRISS Vector(**)

The KRISS Vector was added with the "Gage Ninja Pack" DLC. It is marketed as the "Polygon SMG" in-universe and called "Kross Vertex" by the inventory screen. The weapon holds 30 rounds in the "25+"-round magazines.

KRISS Vector - .45 ACP
PD2 KRISS Vector left.jpg
"Polygon SMG" can be seen on the receiver near the muzzle.
KRISS Vector PD2 idle.jpg
Iron Sights, which appear to be based on Daniel Defense A1 BUIS.
Reloading. About to insert a new magazine.
Pressing the bolt release, or rather, the surface just underneath it.
TDI CRB/SO with barrel "safety extension" - .45 ACP
The Vector fitted with the "Precision barrel" giving it a similar appearance to the Vector CRB, which is the civilian semi-auto only variant.
The Vector's unique suppressor, called "HPS Suppressor" in-game. It was modeled after the Defiance HPS 4GSK .45ACP, an actual Kriss USA product for Vector models of this caliber. Note that the "S" in "HPS" is already short for "suppressor", so the in-game suffix is redundant.
Sydney reloading her Vector. Note that it no longer has a foregrip, it's still held as it has one however. Strangely, when fitting a "skin" to the gun, the foregrip will appear again. Why it disappears when no "skin" is used is unknown.
The Vector with the "Urban camo" finish, showing the foregrip. Also note the stock interface, which is a Kriss USA's proprietary Enhanced Stock Adapter that appears when the Vector's default stock is swapped out for a mod.

IMI Micro Uzi(**)

The IMI Micro Uzi appears as the "Micro Uzi" and is unlocked for purchase by buying the "Yakuza Character Pack".

IMI Micro Uzi with bent trigger guard - 9x19mm
Micro Uzi PD2 right.jpg
Micro Uzi PD2 left.jpg
Micro Uzi PD2 idle.jpg
Iron sights. Note how the gun is held at an angle.
Reloading. Inserting a magazine.
Yanking the charging handle.

TsNIITochMash SR-2M Veresk

The SR-2M Veresk was added along with the Jimmy character from the free Hardcore Henry Packs DLC, with his voice and likeness given by Sharlto Copley from the movie Hardcore Henry. The weapon is called "Heather" ingame, which is the English translation of "Veresk". It's notably the first subgun that can be dual-wielded. It has a slightly incorrect magazine capacity of 32 rounds instead of the real-world 30, likely because the stats, sans the rate of fire and stability, are a copy-and-paste of the Cobray M11/9 (Jacket's Piece).

SR-2M - 9x21mm
Here you can see the fire-selector is set to full-auto...
...and the safety is set to fire!
PD2 SR2 holding.jpg
Iron sights.
Reloading. Removing the dry mag...
...inserting a new one...
...and pulling the charging handle. Note the coke stains on Jimmy's suit.
The SR-2 with its two unique mods, an extended stock (that mod has to be unlocked, it is however free to install once the player has one) and the Tishina suppressor. Tishina means silence in Russian, an apt name. It might look like it's clipping into the gun but it's actually supposed to fit that way.


PD2 SR2 akimbo left.jpg
PD2 SR2 akimbo holding.jpg
Reloading. Since the Veresk has an ambi mag-release, this is atleast somewhat conceivable.

Heckler & Koch UMP45(**)

The Heckler & Koch UMP45 was originally an NPC-exclusive weapon, being used by enemy factions such as the GenSec Elite SWAT and the Murkywater PMC enemies. It was eventually added as a player-usable weapon with the "John Wick Weapon Pack" alongside the P30L and Desert Tech SRS-A1. Named the "Jackal SMG", it is otherwise known in-universe as the "Schäfer & Gewehr AMP", made by the same company that created the Bootleg, Gewehr 3, and Contractor pistol.

Despite being ostensibly based on the .45 ACP model, the weapon's statistics and performance in the game are more akin to the UMP-40 variant, most notably the fire rate and 30-rounder magazine.

Heckler & Koch UMP45 with vertical foregrip and flash hider - .45 ACP
PD2 UMP left.jpg
If the player squints hard enough, the ".45 ACP" engraving can be seen on the bolt, thus confirming that this indeed is a UMP45, unlike what its stats may have suggested. Also despite being apparently milspec, the weapon also bears the caution to read the user manual above the fire selector, a feature not present on military UMPs.
Wick admiring Sokol's hockey corner.
Iron sights.
After filling the goal with the wrong sort of projectile, Wick reloads the UMP45. First by pulling back the charging handle.
Removing the empty mag.
In with a new one.
And the slapping (or punching, rather) the bolt into battery.
Heckler & Koch USC Tactical Match Rifle - .45 ACP
It's possible to modify the UMP45 into the Heckler & Koch USC with the "Civilian Barrel" and "Civilian Stock". Add the "Short Magazine" (which holds 20 rounds instead of 10) and "Single Fire" mod for more "immersion". The impersonation is less than perfect as the USC stock is not integral to the gun's frame, plus the UMP's stock hinge, 3-point fire selector switch and gadget rails remain attached to the weapon.
Heckler & Koch UMP45 - .45 ACP. This is a Screen used UMP45 fitted with a C-More red dot sight and Surefire M900 weaponlight foregrip as used on the films Iron Man (2008) and Live Free or Die Hard. A similar configuration, with the Surefire M900 replaced with a standard RIS foregrip, was used in XXX
The UMP decked out with a suppressor, "Twinkle Grip" (this makes it one of the two weapons currently in the game with a second vertical foregrip as a modification, the other being the Uzi) "Military Laser Module", "See More sight" and "Extended Magazine".
The GenSec Elite SWAT officer closest to the right side of the door holds a UMP45.
A dropped UMP wielded by a former Murkywater PMC.

Izhmash PP-19 Bizon-2(**)

The Izhmash PP-19 Bizon-2 was added with the "Gage Russian Weapon Pack" DLC. Named the "Tatonka" submachine gun in-game, the Bizon-2 is a rather inaccurate weapon with quite some recoil, though the latter is already remedied by the SMG's average fire rate. On the flip side, it is as compact as one would think and boasts unusually high damage per shot despite being chambered in pistol ammunition.

Like the AK-12 in the same pack, the Bizon-2 lacks unique modifications.

PP-19 Bizon-2 with side-folding stock - 9x18mm Makarov
PD2 PP19 left.jpg
PD2 PP19 right.jpg
Looking for trouble with the "Tatonka" SMG. The in-game name is actually a Native American word for "bison."
Iron sights of the PP-19.
Removing the helical mag on a customized Bizon.
Locking in another magazine.
Sokol chambering a round with his dominant hand.

Carbines / Assault Rifles / Battle Rifles

Colt Model 733

The Colt Model 733, fitted with an A2-style receiver and 6-position stock, appears as the AMCAR, the very first primary weapon. Originally, its damage output was outright miserable compared to every other long arm and little could be done to fix it. Dumped as soon as possible, but kept by few as a voluntary handicap. After the big 2015 Crimefest weapon balance update, it now has higher damage output, on par with the G36K (JP36), which has a bit lower than average damage for an assault rifle in the game. Given the influence of Heat on the production, the highly specific choice of model probably isn't a coincidence.

Colt Model 733 - 5.56x45mm. Note, the Model 733 does not appear to have a set specification from Colt, and could be found with either an A1, A1E1 or A2 upper receiver, A1 or A2 lower receiver, and a coated aluminum or fiberlite stock. This particular rifle has an A2 lower, an A1E1 upper (forward assist and case deflector with A1 sights as found on Canadian Colts), and a coated aluminium stock.
Unmodified Model 733, aside from the "Mil-Spec" magazine. The 20-round straight box comes by default.
"Crosskill Tactical", US-made. In spite of the markings, its original dismal damage put the Model 733 closer to a 9mm SMG than a short 5.56x45mm rifle.
Nigh unmodifiable by default, some DLC components have eventually leaked into the Model 733's reach. Note the missing carry handle - it doesn't detach from the real-life Model 733.
Chains catches a guard off-guard. The sight picture is clear, if cramped on the sides.
Knocking out a camera warrants a fresh magazine.
Empty box out.
Full box in.
And a civilized bolt release. Back in action.

Izhmash AKS-74

The Izhmash AKS-74 is the second primary weapon unlocked, at reputation level 1. It's simply called AK Rifle and holds 30 rounds.

Izhmash AKS-74 - 5.45x39mm
PD2 AKS74 left.jpg
PD2 AKS74 right.jpg
PD2 AKS74 holding.jpg
Iron sights.
Reloading. Rocking in a new mag...
...then pulling the charging handle. One can make out a round in the chamber.
AK-74 - 5.45x39mm
Fitting the "Classic Stock" from The "Butcher's AK/CAR Mod Pack" turns the rifle into a regular AK-74.
Unusable solid stocked AK-74s with wood pistol grips and metal magazines can be found as loot called "Assault Rifles" They always come in twos and the models are noticeably higher quality than the in-game model.

Colt M4A1

The Colt M4A1 appears as the "CAR-4" and is unlocked at reputation level 4. Essentially it is an upgrade of the starting Model 733 and features tan flip-up iron sights, KAC-style free-float railed foregrip, and a railed low-profile gas block. It is frequently used by law enforcers and holds 30 rounds. The NPC-exclusive model for this weapon features some small differences from player-used ones, such as a laser unit mounted on top of the railed handguard, instead of the side like on the player available M4A1. This rifle was notably used by the police Snipers, where it was claimed that it was a "higher caliber variant" of the M4 (perhaps a conversion to something like .50 Beowulf or .458 SOCOM) before being replaced by the G3A3 in PSG-1 mockup.

The M4A1 has a ridiculous amount of modifications available (albeit most of them are locked behind DLC) which means it can be modified to fit many different roles. These modifications, if put together correctly, can make the M4A1 resemble a whole host of different real world AR variants.

Colt M4A1 without carrying handle - 5.56x45mm
PD2 M4 left.jpg
PD2 M4 right.jpg
The markings on the side of the M4A1. They read: AR15 OVERKILL TACTICAL 5.56x45mm NATO MADE IN USA.
Unlike a lot of shooters, the M4A1 in Payday 2 has the fire selector set to full-auto instead of semi-auto, safe, or "look, I broke the fire selector".
Iron sights.
Reloading. Before mashing in the new mag, Dallas peeks into it, discovering it's only loaded with two bullets! (unless a magazine is completely empty, they will always been shown with two bullets in them.
Not worried about this shortcoming, he loads the gun with the magazine anyway...
...and then chambers one of the two bullets with the bolt release.
The Z-M LR 300ML - 5.56x45mm
Fitting a M4A1 with a Aftermarket Special Handguard, Folding Stock, Short Barrel, Straight Grip and Exotique (upper) Receiver makes it resemble the Z-M LR 300ML. It's not a complete copy however, more like an approximation.
Salient Arms International GRY rifle - 5.56x45mm
Salient Arms International Tier One AR-15 - 5.56x45mm
Fitting the M4A1 with a Short Barrel, OVAL Foregrip, Straight Grip, THRUST lower and upper receiver and Wide Stock turns it into a mix between the Salient Arms GRY (pronounced grey) rifle and their other Tier-One (operator) AR's. The THRUST upper adds the distinctive titanium nitride coated bolt carrier group while the THRUST lower adds a Magpul BAD lever, albeit it's not actually used, which is too bad.
An FBI...
...and higher level FBI member with their M4A1's. Note that this particular image is from a trailer, the model is higher quality than the actual in-game NPC used one. Also note how the iron sights are flipped down instead of removed like usual. This HD model more clearly shows its fitted with an Exotique (upper) Receiver and a EOTech 553 sight.
A Taser with his M4A1.
And finally the snipers with their old riles, note the laser.
A "Zeal Team" unit with an M4A1. Note the Folding Stock, which does not appear on said unit's weapon in the actual game.

Steyr AUG A2

The Steyr AUG A2 is at reputation level 8 and is named the "UAR" (presumably short for Universal Army Rifle, the English translation of Armee Universal Gewehr, or AUG). It holds 30 rounds and is rather accurate and powerful. It can be fitted with a railed fore end to make it resemble an AUG A3, but the rifle still lacks the bolt release of an A3. Oddly, instead of its build-in folding foregrip it has a section of rail added to the hinge and an aftermarket vertical grip attached to said rail. Upon launch, the rifle can be seen using a Magpul PMAG, which suggests it was not based entirely on an authentic AUG. After the animation update, however, it gains the AUG's proprietary magazine. As of update 61, the Raptor polymer body was added as a mod for the weapon, this mod will give the weapon the appearance of the Thales F90.

Steyr AUG A2 (Military Version) - 5.56x45mm
AUG A2 PD2 left.jpg
AUG A2 PD2 right.jpg
AUG A2 PD2 idle.jpg
Iron sights.
Reloading. Note the bullets are actually modeled inside the magazine!
Thales F90, a future replacement for the Australian F88 Austeyr - 5.56x45mm
Slapping the "Raptor Polymer Body" onto the AUG makes it sorta resemble the Thales F90, it lacks the bolt release however.

Izhmash AKMS

The Izhmash AKMS appears as the AK.762 and is unlocked at reputation level 16. It holds 30 rounds and has less total ammunition than the AKS-74. A golden version of this weapon with diamond plating on the wooden handguard was released as a community reward, though is more expensive and has a lower concealment stat with no other differences. It can become a AKM if the "Classic Stock" from The Butcher's AK/CAR Mod Pack is equipped.

AKMS, stamped steel receiver w/ slant muzzle brake and under-folding stock - 7.62x39mm
PD2 AKMS left.jpg
PD2 AKMS right.jpg
PD2 AKMS holding.jpg
Iron sights.
Reloading. Rocking in a new magazine.
Racking the charging handle. A round can be seen in the chamber if one looks closely enough.
The Gold AKMS in all its fugly glory.
AIMR - 7.62x39mm. The original Romanian designation for this rifle is the PM md. 90 cu țeavă scurtă (short barreled).
Fitting the "AK Slavic Dragon Barrel" to the AKMS allows it to impersonate the Romanian AIMR
AKM - 7.62x39mm
The AKM fitted with the "Classic stock" giving it that classic look.
The Russian mercs in the Boiling Point heist use AKMs with solid stocks as their weapon. They were the only enemies to use AKMs initially, but eventually enemies such as the Hotline Miami gangsters, cartel members, gang members and AI companions started using them too.
The AI Houston using an AKM.

Heckler & Koch G36KV

The Heckler & Koch G36KV makes an appearance as the "JP36", unlocked as early as level 16. The damage output stays mediocre no matter what, but its main draws are easy recoil, solid accuracy, and a deep 240 round ammo pool.

Heckler & Koch G36KV - 5.56x45mm
The standard issue JP36. G36K and G36KV are all but indistinguishable these days, but the Navy style fire selector shows that this G36 is a KV. The proportions are a little off and the flash hider is that of a G36C, hinting that it might've been modeled from an airsoft cousin or "stretching" a G36C model.
Festooned with toys. The option of installing a "Sniper Stock" from a civilian SR8 is an odd choice and makes the right-hand side fire selector vanish, but increases accuracy nonetheless. The side-mounting gadgets don't actually clip on the basic foregrip as intended, but rather bring their own screw-on rails if the originals weren't there.
The performance-increasing "Polizei Special Foregrip" is based on a Knight's Armament quad rail system. Note the combination retractable-folding HK stock, the fake vent holes on the foregrip texture, and the optic lens cover clipping through the front sight.
Houston breaks a shop display along with his ammunition. This completely unique melee attack is a weak knock with the most fragile part of the rifle, punctuated by totally absent trigger discipline.
As a bank robbery goes bad, Houston stuffs a hastily scavenged mag into his drained JP36. Fortunately, the massive ammo pool also means a very quick resupply rate.
20 extra bullets (count them!) certainly warrant sending the magazine home with a hearty smack. The precise number of rounds going into the rifle or going with the previous mag are strictly observed.
Then he racks the lever...
...just in time to save himself from a beat cop gone bad.
A GenSec Elite with a G36KV. Note the unique digital camo. It is fitted with a EOTech XPS red dot sight with a EOTech G33 3x magnifier mounted behind it, along with a Streamlight TLR 1 weaponlight on the handguard.
A GenSec Elite's G36KV laying on the ground, showing it is fitted with a HK 4-position combination retractable-folding G36 stock.
Heckler & Koch G36C - 5.56x45mm
Installing the "Compact Foregrip" turns the gun into a convincing G36C. The stamp names the rifle as a "PJ G36". The stubby nose helps concealment with only minor drawbacks, but even the potential maximum is too poor to really make a difference when stealth counts.
A downtown ambush kicks off. The iron sights would be good and serviceable if the rear sight wasn't always flipped to the long-range setting. Optics are all but mandatory.
Heckler & Koch G36 with ZF 3x4° dual optical sight - 5.56x45mm
The "Gage Spec Ops Pack" DLC added along with a plethora of weapons mods, the "JP36 Original Sight" and "JP36 Long Foregrip". This allows the weapon to impersonate the basic G36 or an original German G36K if just the JP36 Original Sight is used.
A look down the fancy top mounted red dot sight. The reticle shape and color can be changed at the player's discretion.

Olympic Arms K23

The Para SMG is unlocked at reputation level 19. A very competent and modifiable gun, it can easily cover whatever a gimmick primary weapon might lack - like a pocket CAR-4, albeit with worse concealability potential. It is a confusing mix of half-dozen different ultra-short AR-15 pistols and carbines, but since the game assets label it as "olympia", that's the headline.

Olympic Arms K23B

The basic look of the gun is closest to the OA K23B ultrashort carbine. However, the removable carry handle and RIS are featured only in its sister OA K23B Tactical, the emergency wire stock is taken from an M231 FPW and the original aluminium foregrip has been extended over the gas block to make it a dead ringer with a round-front type La France M16K. The name itself may be a dim reference to the fact that most of the involved guns have 9x19mm variants as well, but that's reaching.

Olympic Arms K23B - 5.56x45mm
Olympic Arms K23B Tactical - 5.56x45mm. The Para gets different rails and no vertical foregrip.
The Para in its basic state. There's more than one model that could claim to be the basis.

Attaching a Milspec Magazine and a Standard Stock bring the Olympic Arms K23B closest to its retail shape.

The older Para was a rather average SMG without being able to excel in any one area, but the 1st person animation update granted it a new lease of life by way of a lightning-fast reload.

Olympic Arms K23P

Buying a Bare Essentials Stock for extra concealment removes the wire stock and leaves only the buffer tube behind. This combined with the old A2 flash hider out it as the Olympic Arms K23P, a semiauto pistol version of the same caliber.

The wire stock secretly improves recoil control by +1. The in-game stat screens say that the stripped tube stock has no drawbacks, but memory hacking reveals otherwise. Note the further concealing Straight Grip.

M4 CQBR / Mk 18 Mod 0

Attaching a Medium Barrel for extra accuracy and replacing the basic handguard with something else makes the Para finally look like an actual assault rifle. However, the barrel's rather specific ~10" length (falls just short of the 11.5" AMCAR) makes the most American option the Mk. 18 Mod 0, ignoring the lack of a gas block/front sight and the too short foregrip.

Mk. 18 Mod 0 with Navy markings and special accessories - 5.56x45mm
The tan Tactical attachments have been in the game from the start and are less popular in the face of DLC stuff. The grip is Command Arms, the rest are faithful Magpul recreations.
Dallas tugs the charging handle of a reloaded Para - none of the other AR-15 pattern rifles reloaded like this until update 65, when the AMR-16 received a similar animation). Note the Butcher's recent Aftermarket Shorty foregrip and the bullets showing through the fresh Expert Magazine.
The sight picture is the same as the AMCAR, but it works well at ranges this short. Using a flashlight to make enemies pop out of a slightly dim background helps even during day heists.

Springfield Armory M14

A Springfield Armory M14 with a McMillan M2A stock and a short 16" barrel appears as the "M308" as in the first Payday. It is set to semi-auto by default but can be switched to full-auto and holds 10 rounds in a 20-round magazine. Prior to the first Gage Weapon Pack release, it was semi-automatic only, making it the only assault rifle to have the mode; as of then, it is now one of only two weapons with multiple fire modes that defaults to semi-auto, the other being the much-later-added HK417. The weapon can be modified with a JAE 100 G3 stock or a SAGE EBR Chassis, the later makes it resemble a Mk 14 Mod 0 EBR.

Springfield Armory M14 Designated Marksman Rifle in a McMillan M2A stock - 7.62x51mm NATO
Springfield Armory M14 with Sage stock and scope - 7.62x51mm NATO
Springfield Armory M1A SOCOM 16 PD2 left.jpg
Note fire-selector below the rear sight.
PD2 M14 holding.jpg
Iron Sights.
Reloading. About to remove the magazine.
About to insert a fresh mag.
Hitting the bolt-release, a very rare sight with M14-style rifles in video-games. Note that the bolt is just about to lock into battery.
The M14 DMR in a JAE 100 G3 stock...
...and here in a SAGE EBR Chassis.
In the "Butcher mod pack" update, a scope mount was added for the M14. Without the mount, any optics will be mounted further forward on the rifle.

Izhmash AKMSU

A variant on the Izhmash AKMSU is unlocked at reputation level 29 and is named the "Krinkov," the nickname of the AKS-74U. It holds 30 rounds and is a catogorized as an SMG, rather than an assault rifle like the other three Kalashnikov rifles.

Izhmash AKMSU - 7.62x39mm
PD2 AKMSU left.jpg
PD2 AKMSU right.jpg
Dallas admiring his huge stack of cash that he sadly can not spend on guns.
Iron sights.
Reloading. About to karate-chop the magazine out of the gun... it goes!
Chains about to insert a quad stack magazine...
...and finally racking the charging handle.
Russian "light" mercs and (formerly) the Cloaker's Russian cousin in the Boiling Point heist use AKMSUs with a PBS-1 suppressor, railed handguard, an Aimpoint T1 Micro sight, no stock, and bakelite magazines. One might assume they use AKS-74Us due to the bakelite mags, but the curvature of the magazine indicates that it's chambered in 7.62x39mm. This could mean that the magazines are simply retextured AKMSU magazines that are supposed to make the gun look like an AKS-74U.


This is a bad idea.
...but Dallas don't care.
Reloading. Somehow reloading two AKMSUs is faster than reloading any of the akimbo pistols in-game. Magic innit?

Bofors Ak 5

The whole Bofors Ak 5 family appears as the "AK5", all packed inside one gun's upgrade selection. Its accuracy and recoil are solid from the start, but the low damage needs help to reach its best. Unlocked at level 33.

Bofors Ak 5 - 5.56x45mm.
The stock model.

Ak 5B

Sticking on the "Bertil Stock" from the designated marksman model turns the AK5 into an ersatz Bofors Ak 5B.

This DMR stock is enough to boost shot accuracy. The stock foregrip doesn't get rails, the components just sort of clamp on.

Ak 5C

The modernized Bofors Ak 5C comes together by replacing almost everything that comes off the receiver.

Bofors Ak 5 - 5.56x45mm.
The true form of the rifle gains a leap to all important stats with the addition of the "Caesar" stock, "Karbin Ceres" foregrip and the recently introduced "CQB Barrel", decorated here with a yellow laser module and a Lancer L5 magazine. The resemblance is far from perfect, however, due to the lack of the Ak 5C's railed top and duckbill flash hider, and the complete absence of vent holes on the foregrip.
The sight picture is the western type, but the extra lateral vision is a welcome change from the AR-15 fashion.
More targets means more bullets. The real-life foregrip's venting holes are nowhere to be seen.
The first-person animation update introduced this baffling maneuver - Chains here is strong enough to tug back the charging handle, with one finger, even when he's twisting his left arm through the gap between the stock and his right hand.
The reload animation has since been updated to be more conventional.
Chambering a round.


The "Belgian Heat" handguard is cribbed straight off the FN Herstal FNC in a direct reference to Lt. Vincent Hanna (Al Pacino) from the movie Heat.

FN FNC - 5.56x45mm
This unusual upgrade is a shunned choice. It helps less than the 5C handguard in every way.
The ghetto-FNC showing off a modeling bug. The Tactical and Expert magazines are misaligned and oversized for the magazine well, clipping through the front. This has since been patched.
Looks like he's seen the film. The front sight is more reminiscent of the AR-15 types, very legible.
An empty magazine coming off the Bofors FNC. The voided barcode sticker is numbered "1KTG40885".
Another shot of the Ak 5's cocking acrobatics, showing off the clashing difference between the black handguard and the Swedish green lacquer.

Colt M16A4

The Colt M16A4 with a short barrel appears as the "AMR-16" and is unlocked at reputation level 39. It is shown with a safe/semi/auto selective fire capability, meaning it was based on the export International Model R0901, and incorrectly holds 30 rounds in a 20-round magazine. It can be equipped with an M16A1 handguard with the Blast From The Past modification. Unlike the other AR-15 type rifles, the M16's gas block and front sight disappear when using optics.

Colt M16A4 - 5.56x45mm
The magazine is modeled after a 20 round mag but somehow it holds 30 rounds. Putting an actual 30 round mag in gun gives it 38 rounds.
PD2 M16 right.jpg
PD2 M16 holding.jpg
Iron sights.
Reloading. Inserting a new magazine.
Then pulling the charging handle.

SIG SG 552-2(**)

The SIG SG 552-2 appears as the "Commando 553" (referring to the SG553 instead) and is available to purchase by anyone who owns the Armored Transport DLC. It Holds 30 rounds. The rifle can be confirmed as a 552-2 by the permanent scope rail, the simple, folding front and rear iron sights instead of the original sights of the SIG assault rifle series, and the proprietary SG 552 exclusive bolt handle. As of the First Person Animations Update, the weapon's magazine is translucent and visibly empties when firing, rather than being solid brown

SIG SG 552-2, version with permanent scope rail and ACOG scope - 5.56x45mm. The in-game rifle has a factory handguard, although the pictured handguard can be put on the weapon.
Note that the magazine has actual bullets modeled in it.
SIG 552-2 PD2 right.jpg
SIG 552-2 PD2 idle.jpg
Iron sights.
Reloading. Note that the magazine is modeled without a follower.
Inserting a new magazine.
Hitting the bolt release.


The FN SCAR-H appears as the "Eagle Heavy Rifle" and is available to purchase for owners of the Gage Weapon Pack #1 DLC. It holds 20 rounds and is a powerful weapon. A version with a FN SSR stock is used by some Murkywater PMC enemies.

FN SCAR-H - 7.62x51mm NATO
Note the Magpul AFG, it is on the weapon by default and cannot be removed.
SCAR-H PD2 right.jpg
SCAR-H PD2 idle.jpg
Iron sights.
Reloading. About to insert a magazine. The lack of feed lips is all too obvious in this frame.
For some reason the charging handle doesn't lock back, so instead it's pulled to chamber a new round. In the original animation the bolt release was used instead.
The SCAR-H used by the Murkywater PMCs. Note the AN/PEQ-15 IR designator on top of the front-rail.

Modified Version

Modified version with FN SSR stock, EOTech XPS, Command Arms pistol grip, and AN/PEQ-15 IR designator.

DSA SA58 FAL(**)

A DSA SA58 FAL fitted with a DSA bolt-on railed scope mount and a paratrooper rear sight appears as the "Falcon Rifle" and is available to purchase for owners of the Big Bank DLC. It holds 20 rounds and is a very flexible weapon. Notably, the SA58 was the first weapon to have its accessories linked to DLC achievements rather than random drops.

DSA SA58 with 18" barrel - 7.62x51mm NATO
Besides the DSA bolt-on railed scope mount and the eared paratrooper rear sight, it matches the above image to a T. Although difficult to spot in this screenshot, the receiver texture claims this weapon is chambered in .308 Winchester, a caliber that the original FAL cannot support while the SA58 can by using a proprietary receiver. Also note the fire selector being set to "Einzelfeuer" (single-fire), but the weapon still fires fully-automatic by default.
Note the DSA bolt with "sand cuts". The line "BARRINGTON, IL" milled onto its side is an obvious reference to the Barrington, Illinois-based DSA Arms.
PD2 FAL holding.jpg
Iron sights.
Reloading. Rocking in a new magazine...
...then finishes by racking the charging handle.
DSA SA58 OSW - 7.62x51mm NATO
A DSA SA58 OSW can be replicated by equipping the "CQB Foregrip", "Tactical Grip", and "CQB Stock" modifications. An Extended Mag is optional, but will further improve the look.
Israeli FAL "Romat" with Wooden Furniture - 7.62x51mm NATO.
Attaching the "Retro Foregrip" and "Wooden Stock" to the SA58 allows it to impersonate the IMI Romat.

FAMAS F1(**)

The FAMAS F1 appears as the "Clarion Rifle" and is unlocked for purchase by buying the "Gage Assault Pack" DLC. It incorrectly holds 30 rounds in a 25-round magazine. It features unique modifications based on other, often obscure variations of the weapon; alongside the "G2 Grip" to turn it into the FAMAS G1, it also gets alternate barrels based on those of the G2 Commando, the G2 Sniper, and the Century Arms MAS .223 civilian rifle.

FAMAS F1 - 5.56x45mm. Standard service rifle of the French Forces.
PD2 Famas left.jpg
PD2 Famas right.jpg
PD2 Famas holding.jpg
Iron sights.
Reloading. Throwing away the empty mag.
Inserting a new one.
Pulling the charging handle.
FAMAS G1 - 5.56x45mm. Older intermediate version of the G2 with magazine and magazine release system from the FAMAS F1.
If fitted with the "G2 Grip" (originally called "Retro Grip" before a patch, even though the G1 and G2 are newer models than the F1), the F1 turns into a G1 model.

IMI Galil ARM 7.62(**)

The 7.62mm variants of IMI Galil ARM appears as the "Gecko 7.62" rifle and is available to purchase for owners of the "Gage Assault Pack" DLC. It incorrectly holds 30 rounds in the 25-round magazine and has a much higher RoF than actual ARMs.

IMI Galil ARM chambered in 7.62x51mm NATO. Note the thicker, straight box magazine.
Note that the bipod can't be used, it's purely cosmetic.
PD2 Galil right.jpg
PD2 Galil holding.jpg
Iron sights.
Reloading. Removing the magazine, since it's not dry there's still bullets in it, or rather, a bullet.
Rocking in a new mag.... with one bullet.
IMI Galil SAR - 7.62x51mm NATO
It's possible to turn the ARM into a Galil SAR if fitted with the "Light Foregrip".
IMI Galil MAR - 5.56x45mm NATO
If one modifies the ARM with the "CQB foregrip and "Skeletal stock" it turns into a Galil MAR lookalike.
Galil Sniper - 7.62x51mm NATO
The "Sniper Foregrip" and "Sniper Stock" turns the ARM into the Galil Sniper Rifle.

Heckler & Koch G3A3(**)

The Heckler & Koch G3A3 with a Heckler & Koch HK21 machine gun's stock appears as the "Gewehr 3 Rifle" (a rather redundant name, as "Gewehr" means "rifle", making this the "Rifle 3 Rifle"), and is available to purchase for owners of the "Gage Assault Pack" DLC. It holds 20 rounds in the magazine.

Heckler & Koch G3A3 with Navy trigger-group - 7.62x51mm NATO
PD2 G3 left.jpg
Note the G3A3A1-style ambidextrous fire selector. A real G3A3 (see above picture) is designed for right-handed shooters only.
PD2 G3 holding.jpg
Iron sights.
Reloading. Removing the empty mag...
...about to insert a full one...
...chambering a round.
Early Heckler & Koch G3 rifle with wooden handguard and buttstock - 7.62x51mm NATO
Fitting the G3 with the "Wooden foregrip", "Wooden stock" and "Retro grip" will give it an appearance similar to the CETME rifles. Note the fancy (and entirely cosmetic) sling.
Heckler & Koch G3A3 with slimline handguard. This example is equipped with Olive-Drab colored furniture; H&K also produced this furniture in Black and "Jungle"-Green (referred to as "Police Green" in German circles). Saudi Arabia would also produce G3A3 rifles with light tan furniture - 7.62x51mm NATO
With the "Plastic foregrip" and "Retro grip" the G3 looks like the version above.
Heckler & Koch PSG-1 - 7.62x51mm NATO
The G3A3 modified to look like a PSG-1.
It's not quite a PSG-1 however...
Unlike a real PSG-1, this gun has S-E-F fire selector, a PSG-1 is semi-auto only and has a 0-1 selector. The PSG doesn't have any paddle magazine release or iron sights either.
Additionally, the fire selector on a PSG-1 isn't ambidextrous and was a forward assist/"silent bolt close divice", something not present on this mock-up.
The gun is more of a strange hybrid between the the SG-1...(S-E-F fire-selector, paddle magazine release, iron sights)
...SR9(TC)...(grip, trigger, stock)
...and MSG90A1(ambidextrous fire-selector, forward assist, handguard)
The new rifle used by the Police Snipers. Note that it has the "Theia Magnified Scope" installed. This scope can only be used by the player on weapons categorized as sniper rifles, which the G3A3 is not.
Left side of the rifle.

Enfield L85A2(**)

The Enfield L85A2 was released in the Clover Character Pack as the first paid DLC signature weapon. Known in-universe as the "L-95" and referred to as the "Queen's Wrath" by the inventory screen, the L85A2 comes with a Grippod vertical grip and optional Magpul EMAG that, despite the virtually unchanged dimensions compared to its default STANAG mag, seems to confer a sizable boost to capacity and, bizarrely, recoil reduction.

Enfield L85A2 - 5.56x45mm NATO
A small clover sticker along with several tally marks can be made out if the player squints hard enough. Apparently the rifle had claimed 38 lives prior to Clover joining the gang, after which she for some reason decided to drop the habit entirely. It's probably for the best anyway, however, due to the massive number of cops the player ventilate each day the tally counts would literally go through the roof.
Note the zipped-on bottom and right rails. This is due to the L85 series' "flush" handguards not providing any attachment points for aftermarket accessories to mount on.
Clover in her office with her favorite rifle.
Iron sights.
Reloading. Slapping the mag release, which probably wouldn't work very well.
About to mash in a STANAG mag.
Then pulling the charging handle. Like in many games, the bolt isn't depicted as locking back once the gun is dry.
The L85 is one of the few weapons in-game to have a completely different animation for reloading with a partially spent magazine. Instead of simply dropping the mag, it's removed by hand and presumably kept, which is wise.
L85A2 with magazine removed, Daniel Defense railed foregrip, ACOG scope, Grippod vertical foregrip, and Surefire FHSA80SA flash hider - 5.56x45mm NATO
One can deck out the L85A2 with the distinctive Daniel Defense rail for more tacticool. Also note the ACOG scope, called "Acough Optic Scope" in-game, and the Magpul EMAG, the latter was added along with this rifle and can be used with all rifles in-game that use STANAG magazines.

HS Produkt VHS-D2(**)

The HS Produkt VHS-D2 was released as part of the "Dragan Character Pack" DLC, much like the L85A2 was part of Clover's DLC. It is known in-game as the "Lion's Roar", has a high rate of fire and overall good stats, though it has a long reload time and if unmodified, high recoil.

HS Produkt VHS-D2 - 5.56x45mm NATO
PD2 VHS left.jpg
Note that the VHS-D2 is strangely a closed bolt weapon depicted as firing from an open bolt.
Dragan in the gym with the rifle of his homeland.
Iron sights. These bears some resemblance with the G36's iron sights.
Reloading. Pulling out the magazine.
A new magazine about to be loaded in. Here Dragan's VHS-D2 is shown to be using a real-but-relatively-obscure type of proprietary magazine. The VHS 2 series can accept G36 magazines in reality and are more commonly seen using them instead.
Pulling the charging handle.
HS Produkt VHS-K2 - 5.56x45mm NATO
With the "CQB Barrel" installed, the rifle resembles the K2 variant of the VHS.

TsNIITochMash AS Val(**)

The AS Val was added with the Sokol Character Pack. It's called "Valkyria" in-game and holds 20 rounds of 9x39mm in the magazine.

AS Val - 9x39mm
PD2 AS Val left.jpg
PD2 AS Val right.jpg
Sokol admiring his hockey stick.
Iron sights.
Reloading. Removing the empty.
Rocking in a new one.
Pulling the charging handle with an underhand technique.
The AS Val fitted with the "Prototype barrel" mod.
VSS Vintorez with PSO-1 scope - 9x39mm
Fitting the AS Val with the "Solid stock" turns it into a VSS Vintorez.
A VSS Vintorez in Chains' armory.
The VSS Vintorez used by the Russian Cloakers in the Boiling Point heist. At the time of the heist's release, they used AKMSUs.

Kel-Tec SUB-2000(**)

Introduced in the Golden Grin update as a farewell gift from the Dentist, the Kel-Tec SUB-2000 appears as the "Cavity 9mm". A unique weapon to put it in gentle terms, it is a pistol caliber carbine primary weapon that achieves the damage level of a light sniper rifle using 9x19mm rounds. It fires exclusively in semi-auto as it does in real life and correctly holds 33-rounds in the extended Glock magazine with a +2 base-plate it uses. For some reason it is modeled without the red plastic blade in the front sight.

Kel-Tec SUB-2000 with 33-round Glock magazine - 9x19mm
The Cavity, straight from the gift wrappings. There are some small markings on the gun, but most are completely illegible.
The gun comes complete with its own exclusive components. This Delabarre handguard reduces recoil at the expense of a lot of concealability. An alternate sight comes highly recommended.
Flipping open the SUB-2000. Explains the extreme concealment rating, fails to account for the aftermarket sights. Not much slower than any other weapon draw, oddly enough.
His peripheral sense tuned more towards sudden drawing motions, the guard fails to notice Hoxton pulling a carbine from his sleeve. Lifespan measured in seconds.
The second GenSec employee taking five to center mass. A surprise considering the gun's abysmal hipfire performance.
Hoxton's reign of terror takes a short pause. Note the LionGameLion maker's mark under the iron sight, right where the Kel-Tec logo is supposed to go.
The surprising stopping power might have something to do with the strange red tips in the 9x19mm that's crammed into the carbine. Chambering rare overpressure rounds would logically go with the low ammunition reserve, too.
Kel-Tec SUB-2000 Gen 2 - 9x19mm
Slapping on the "Appalachian Foregrip" transforms the first-run gun into a current Gen 2 model. The slimmer foregrip hikes concealment to brilliant levels, but stomps controllability to such a state where it genuinely starts competing in the class of actual sniper rifles. Note the stock, which also changed into that of the newer model.
The "Tooth Fairy Suppressor" foregrip option also puts the rest of the furniture into Gen 2 shape. It seems to be a slightly-modified mockup of the GemTech MK-9K suppressor and Red Lion Precision rail combo.
The sight picture of the SUB-2000, viewed against a distant mercenary's upper body. The weapon is missing the red plastic blade in its front ring sight, making precise shooting a bit difficult. In real life the front sight blade is notorious for falling out or breaking off easily.

Heckler & Koch HK416C(**)

The Heckler & Koch HK416C was added with the release of the Sydney Character Pack. It was marketed in-universe as the "Schäfer & Gewehr 416C", but this copy of the weapon was renamed by Sydney to "Bootleg" after apparently buying from a blackmarket arms trader behind a gas station in Australia. Sydney also has a tattoo of the carbine on her left arm. It comes pre-fitted with a set of Centurion Arms diopter drum sights, non-removable 100-round Beta C-Mag and a Magpul RVG, the latter of which is apparently for posterity only as its recoil remains horrible throughout.

Heckler & Koch HK416C carbine with 9" barrel - 5.56x45mm NATO
The Beta C-Mag is attached by default and can't be switched to anything else. It correctly holds 100 rounds.
Note the bullets modeled inside the drum. Also note the Magpul RVG that is fitted by default and can't be removed. The collapsible stock can't be extended either, meaning actual shoulder-firing of the weapon is not possible and explains quite a lot about its rather mediocre Stability value.
PD2 416C holding.jpg
Iron sights.
Reloading. Dumping the empty drum...
...inserting a new one... (Here you can see "SG 416 C" on the mag-well.)
...and hitting the bolt release.

CZ 805 BREN A1(**)

The CZ 805 BREN A1 was added with the Biker Heist Packs and called the "CR 805B" in-game. It's strangely treated as an SMG by the game and is therefore a secondary weapon, which is even more egregious than the similarly-categorized Olympic Arms K23B and AKMSU as it is a legitimate full-length assault rifle in reality. It's fitted with a non-removable Magpul MVG foregrip. It has a factory gray and black two-tone finish and is fitted with a STANAG magwell (which can also be a factory option). It can be given a shorter barrel that turns the rifle into an A2 model.

CZ 805 BREN A1 - 5.56x45mm NATO
CZ 805 BREN A1 with tan upper receiver - 5.56x45mm NATO, To show the CZ made STANAG magwell.
PD2 805BREN left.jpg
PD2 805BREN right.jpg
PD2 805BREN holding.jpg
Iron sights.
Reloading. Jiro begins with checking the chamber, which is empty.
Flicking out the magazine in a very dramatic way before inserting a new one...
...and then he takes his sweet time to chamber a round.

Heckler & Koch HK417(**)

The Heckler & Koch HK417 was added to the game as part the "Scarface Character Pack" DLC. Known in-universe as the "Little Friend 7.62 Assault Rifle" or "Schäfer & Gewehr SG-417D", it strangely sports an AR-15-esque solid stock instead of the proper one for the HK417, and a usable underslung M203 grenade launcher. The weapon is notable for not having any unique modifications to its name whatsoever. It's not even possible to switch out the grip or stock. It is also only one of two weapons in the game with multiple firing modes to default to semi-auto rather than full-auto, the other being the above M14.

Heckler & Koch HK417 with sights removed and 16" barrel - 7.62x51mm NATO
Left side preview of the HK417. Note the markings that confirm its caliber. While it is not uncommon for battle rifles to be classified as assault rifles in PAYDAY 2, the 417 hikes this up to eleven by having the explicit term right in its (rather long) name, caps and all, which it is not, by any stretch. Note the 30 on the full auto marking, which is not only wrong as the gun only holds 20 rounds in the mag, but on the real rifle it's marked 20. Lastly, the magazine is oddly solid despite several other weapons having their proper transparent magazines modeled and rendered.
Right side. For whatever reason, this incarnation of the "Little Friend" is a German-made battle rifle instead of Tony's classic M16, though it was clearly dolled up to pass for one as evident by the AR-15-esque solid stock. Overkill's decision to make it the HK417 instead could possibly be due to the fact that there already is an M16 in the game; adding another one would be redundant. The underslung M203 can be switched to the same way one would engage the bipods on an LMG.
Scarface introducing the target dummy to his "little friend". The fire mode is by default set to semi but can be flicked to auto, a trait only shared with the M14.
Iron sights. These are the same ones found on Sydney's HK416C.
Reloading. Scarface pulling out the spent mag.
Clicking a new one in.
Then finishes with a firm press on the bolt release accompanied with a very weak sound effect.
RM Equipment M203PI - 40x46mm.
Attached to the Scarface Pack's HK417 is the M203 grenade launcher, effectively forming a two-in-one combo with the launcher also doubling as the 417's unique "attachment" that cannot be removed. Rather strangely, the in-game M203 sports both a barrel clamp and rail mount brackets. Here Scarface is readying the HK417-mounted M203 upon a dangerously close dummy. Upon switching to launcher mode the player character will actually move his/her hand down to the M203's trigger.
Reloading. Opening the breech. Here's a frame away from the empty shell falling out.
Loading in a new grenade.
Then sliding the breech shut and the M203 is almost ready to fire again.

Taran Tactical Innovations TR-1 Ultra-light(**)

The Taran Tactical Innovations TR-1 Ultra-light was added with the release of the "John Wick Heists" pack as the "Contractor .308", ostensibly modeled after the rifle prominently used by Wick in John Wick: Chapter 2. While the rifle used in the movie is an AR-15 variant, the in-game weapon uses a .308 receiver, which makes it an AR-10. It is oddly classified as a sniper rifle, therefore blessing it with the ability to pierce heavy armor and shields (despite only having slightly higher base damage than the above HK417 and M14), while crippling it with the typically meager sniper ammo reserve (one full magazine in the weapon, and only one in reserve) at the same time. For whatever reason, the "Contractor .308" is vastly more concealable than any other weapon in its class (barring the later SVD), rivaling some of the middle-ground assault rifles and capable of respectable values once modified.

The in-game rifle utilizes a Cobra Tactical angled foregrip and Lancer Systems L7AWM .308 Winchester magazines.

TTI Rifle model TR-1 Ultra-light.
Left-side view of the TR-1. Note how the in-game rifle looks not quite as similar to the picture above due to the different parts used and the .308 AR-10 receiver.
The decision to list this gun as a sniper rifle is rather odd, as TR-1 rifles are usually little more than dolled up AR-15-based platforms with minimal changes to barrel lengths and whatnot, therefore are barely qualified as DMRs, much less sniper rifles. The upper receiver of the rifle is modeled after the Noveske upper used on the actual TTI TR-1, but they are only made for AR-15s, not the .308/7.62x51mm AR-10.
An up close look at the receiver. Taran Tactical Innovations has been changed to "Tecci Tactical Operations". Note that the while the lower has "SAFE-FIRE" markings, which would mean that it would be capable of firing in semi-auto only (which is also what it does in-game), the selector is flipped to where auto would be on a select-fire AR.
Fitting the rifle with the "contractor grip" and "contractor stock" gives it an appearance similar to the rifle pictured above.
On the watch for lawmen with the TTI TR-1.
Looking down an attached 45° canted reflex sight, just as John had on the movie's rifle.
Wick backs out of the window while taking fire from an unfriendly medic.
Meanwhile, Chains smacks in a new magazine as a random woman looks on in horror at the goon squad.
Chambering a .308 round. The bolt appropriately locks back for the empty reload.
The TR-1, locked and loaded.


The latest iteration of the AK-12 was added with the "Gage Russian Weapon Pack" DLC. Going by the name "AK17" in-game. It holds 35 rounds by default, and can accept the other AK magazine mods (the Low Drag US PALM magazine gives it a similar appearance to the AK-15 variant).

AK-12 with Krechet-M sight - 5.45x39mm, 2016 version
PD2 AK12 left.jpg
PD2 AK12 right.jpg
AK-12 in hand, Wolf watches a GenSec armored car crew have a very bad day.
Returning fire with the AK-12 on the PMC convoy.
Reloading the AK-12.
Rocking in a new magazine.
Followed by an underhand tug of the charging handle, if needed.
John Wick bashes another character (armed with a scoped SG 552) with his AK-12.


The Shotguns in PAYDAY 2 are among a handful that are capable of using alternative munitions instead of their standard 00 Buckshot shells. The Gage Shotgun Pack introduces the first four shell types (000 Buck, fragmentation rounds, tungsten flechette shells and armor-piercing slugs), while The Butcher's BBQ Pack adds the Dragon's Breath rounds to the equation.

All shotgun-type weapons are listed here except for the Taurus 4510PLYFS, which is indexed under "Pistols" instead.

Remington Model 870 Field Gun

A Remington Model 870 Field Gun, called the "Reinfeld 880" is unlocked at level 8, it has synthetic furniture instead of wood and has a pistol gripped stock. It's the first unlockable shotgun. It holds 6 shells and is used by law enforcers, Hotline Miami mobsters, Russian mercs, and the basic green Bulldozer.

Remington Model 870 Field Gun - 12 gauge
PD2 M870 left.jpg
PD2 M870 right.jpg
PD2 M870 holding.jpg
Iron sights.
Reloading. Loading up with some 12 gauge shells...
...and chambering said 12 gauge shell.
A LEO with his 870. Note that it has a wooden pump in this particular picture, in-game they are decked out with a unique Surefire dedicated forend weaponlight.
The green dozer's 870.

Remington Model 870 Short-Barreled

A stubby variant of the Remington Model 870 Field Gun is unlocked at level 13 and is called the "Locomotive 12G". It holds 6 shells in what appears to be a 3-round tube and was the only secondary shotgun prior to DLC and patches. It is overall similar to its full-sized counterpart, but has slightly higher damage and a higher rate of fire but shorter range and lower accuracy.

Short barreled Remington 870 with raised vented sight rib, Hogue Tamer pistol grip, and Pachmayr Vindicator foregrip - 12 gauge
PD2 M870SB left.jpg
PD2 M870SB right.jpg
PD2 M870SB holding.jpg
Iron sights.
Reloading. Loading some shells...
...and pumping it.
Remington 870 shotgun with AR-15 stock and pistol grip adapter and full-length picatinny rail system - 12 gauge
Putting an AR stock on the Shorty 870 makes it similar to the shotgun above.
A tacticooled Shorty 870. Payday 2 marks the first appearance of the SilencerCo Salvo 12 shotgun suppressor in a video game, and possibly, fictional media.

Izhmash Saiga-12K

The Izhmash Saiga-12K (going by the name "IZHMA 12G") is one of two select-fire shotguns in-game, along with the AA-12. It holds 7 shells in a box magazine and is unlocked at level 26.

The model is not an actual Saiga-12K, but is rather a hybrid taking several components from the AKMS. Firstly it features a standard ribbed AKM top cover, rather than the smooth cover used on the Saiga-12 which has a larger ejection port with a sprung sliding cover over the rear portion. Secondly it has an under-folding AKMS stock which was not available on the Saiga-12. Lastly the receiver is a hybrid of an AKMS one and a Saiga, with the magazine release being immediately ahead of the trigger guard and receiver dimples above the magazine, but with a Saiga-style front trunion (lacking the corresponding rivets however).

Izhmash Saiga-12K - 12 gauge
PD2 Saiga left.jpg
PD2 Saiga right.jpg
PD2 Saiga holding.jpg
Iron sights.
Reloading a customized Saiga-12K, note the magazine is now properly loaded.
It is now charged underhand, with regard to keeping the optic stable.
The black Dozers step up their shotgun game with a Saiga-12K.

Double Barreled Shotgun

A Double Barreled Shotgun appears as the "Mosconi 12G" and is unlocked at level 39. Obviously it only holds two shells but is one of the most powerful weapons in the game.

Stoeger/IGA Coach imported side by side shotgun - 12 gauge
PD2 Double left.jpg
PD2 Double right.jpg
PD2 Double holding.jpg
It would say "iron sights" here if there were any.
Reloading. Chucking out the spent shells. This wouldn't be that easy in reality as the shells would probably have expanded once they've been fired.
Loading in two new shells. Both shells will always be discarded, regardless if they've been spent or not.
Remington Spartan Sawed Off shotgun - 12 gauge
It's possible to saw down both the barrels and the stock with the use of the "Road Warrior" and "Gangsta Special" modifications respectively.

Franchi SPAS-12(*)

The Franchi SPAS-12 was added during CrimeFest 2014 and is called the "Predator 12G". It fires in semi-auto and holds 6 rounds in the default short tube, the "Extended Magazine" gives it the more standard length tube but it holds 10 rounds instead of the correct 8. It can be bought regardless of level and is unlocked by being a member of the Payday 2 Steam group.

Franchi SPAS-12 with butt hook attached to stock - 12 gauge
Note the slid back pump, which would indicate a SPAS-12 in pump-action mode. A semi-automatic SPAS-12 would have its foregrip locked forward protruding past the heatshield. Despite this, the SPAS-12 exclusively fires in semi-automatic during gameplay.
Payday2 SPAS12 2.jpg
PD2 SPAS holding.jpg
Iron sights.
Melee animation. The stock can be folded, removed, or replaced with the solid Franchi stock.
Loading up the SPAS-12 with some shells.
After doing so, Dallas flips over the SPAS-12 and racks the charging handle, or rather, he performs the motion of doing so, the actual charging handle doesn't move. It should be noted that this particular part of the reload animation wasn't changed in the weapon animation update.
The various stock configurations of the SPAS-12. Here with no stock, which strangely is the most expensive "attachment".
Franchi SPAS-12 with fixed stock - 12 gauge
Solid stock. Note the ball bearing latches above the pistol grip despite there being no folding stock to actually lock into.
Franchi SPAS-12 with stock folded and butt-hook removed - 12 gauge
...and lastly the SPAS-12 with the stock folded. Upon closer inspection, the in-game model seems to lack the SPAS-12's iconic swivel butthook. This is presumably removed to allow players to properly aim down the sights during play.

Beretta DT11/CZ Redhead Deluxe Hybrid(*)

This Over and Under Shotgun was introduced along with the Bonnie Character update as the "Joceline O/U 12G". It appears to be a hybrid of the Beretta DT11 and CZ Redhead Deluxe O/U, while the game files claim it's modeled after a Beretta 682 Gold E.

Beretta DT11 - 12 gauge
CZ Redhead Deluxe O/U - 12 gauge
As was the case with the other double-barreled shotgun in the game, the "Joceline O/U" seems to be a fictional frankengun, possessing the checkered forearm of the CZ Redhead Deluxe crammed together with what appears to be a Beretta DT11's stippled stock.
Beretta S3.CZ Redhead Deluxe hybrid PD2 right.jpg
Beretta S3.CZ Redhead Deluxe hybrid PD2 idle .jpg
Iron sights.
Unlike the other double-barreled shotgun in the game, the Joceline actually has a different animation for reloading when only one shell has been fired.
Reloading when both shells has been fired.
Inserting two new shells.

Benelli M4 Super 90(**)

The Benelli M4 Super 90 appears as the "M1014" in-game, the US Military designation of the shotgun. It first appeared in the Death Wish Update in the hands of the GenSec Elite shotgun units, albeit in the M4 tactical configuration. A player-usable version was finally added in the "Gage Shotgun Pack" DLC. It holds 8 shells in the 7 round tube.

Benelli M4 Super 90 - 12 gauge
Note that the default barrel length of the gun is slightly shorter (or longer) than any configuration of the shotgun sold by Benelli. Fitting the "Long Barrel" mod to the gun will give it the proper length.
PD2 M4 Super 90 right.jpg
PD2 M4 Super 90 holding.jpg
Iron sights.
Reloading. Inserting some new shells. Note that the ramp isn't moving.
After filling up, Wick flips over the shotgun and pulls the charging handle, which haven't locked back, neither does it move when it's "pulled"
Benelli M4 Tactical - 12 gauge
Fitting the M4 with the "Solid Stock" turns it into a Benelli M4 Tactical. Note that the "Long barrel" modification is also installed here, giving the shotgun its proper barrel lenght. That mod will also increase the capacity to 10 rounds.
Benelli M4 NFA - 12 gauge
With the "Short Barrel" mod, the shotgun becomes a Benelli M4 NFA. Here the "Collapsed Stock" mod is additionally installed. Note that the barrel is slightly too short.
Benelli M4 NFA Tactical - 12 gauge
With both the "Short Barrel" and "Solid Stock" installed, one can use the Benelli M4 NFA Tactical.

Kel-tec KSG(**)

The Kel-Tec KSG, called the "Raven" in-game. As in most games, there is no tube switching or selection shown and the shotgun's magazine is treated as a single tube. Notably it is one of the most concealable shotguns in the game and has the highest capacity of any of them. Holds 14 shells and was added in the "Gage Shotgun Pack" DLC.

Kel-Tec KSG with Magpul RVG foregrip - 12 gauge
PD2 KSG holding.jpg
Iron sights. Which are Daniel Defense A1 BUIS sights.
The KSG is the only non-pistol in Payday 2 that has two different sets of iron sights. These are Magpul MBUS sights.
The main difference between these and the BUIS is the additional +2 concealment the MBUS adds and the overall clearer sight picture.
Pumping the KSG.
Reloading. Inserting 14 shells in the left magazine tube. Is the TARDIS hiding in there?
Reloading. Chambering some gauge. It's interesting to note that the reload animation has been changed twice. The original animation is similar to the one that's in use right now, but that animation was changed to one were the KSG was held in such a way to that it wasn't possible to see the shells being loaded into the single tube, presumably to hide that fact. In a later update however, it was changed AGAIN to what we have now.

Sentinel Arms Striker-12(**)

The humble fixed-drum Striker-12 appears by the family's most prestigious name; the Street Sweeper. In Overkill's usual fashion, it's a mix of all of the different versions mooshed together in a highly educated, equal measure. Unlocked at level 33, it's very capable of terminating an entire room of FBI SWAT in one 12-shot sweep, but the low damage needs specialization help to cope with Maximum Response teams. It was the only secondary-class shotgun introduced by Gage's Shotgun Pack.

Cobray Street Sweeper - 12 gauge
The right side of a crisp Street Sweeper. The rails come with their own familiar clip-on irons, and the system itself appears to have come from Modern Warfare 3.
Note the different features: the drum advance level of the Armsel Striker, the shell deflector of the Protecta, the thin wind-up key of the Cobray Street Sweeper (actually visible in the above image) and the Sentinel Arms magazine's spring-loaded thumb tab actually used to advance the drum during reloads. The big tube on the end is an exclusive integral suppressor to further drive the gun into fantasy land.
The flag on the sling contrasts with the distinctly un-American manufacturer peeking out from underneath. The modern magazine action instead of the Cobray trigger-based one is a relief, considering that the safety lever in the corner of the trigger guard appears to have been sawed off into a nub.
T-minus one second to Hoxton's liberation, Chains tops off the magazine. Shell, tab, carry on the downward motion to the ammo pouch for another shell, repeat. A smooth cycle, but the Enforcer's reload speed upgrade is still rather necessary.
T-plus three seconds, minus three prison guards. The flashlight is arguably better than the laser, since the light cone not only indicates the rough shot spread, but a lit-up target also means they're inside the shotgun's effective range.

MPS AA-12 CQB(**)

The MPS AA-12 CQB was added with "The Butcher's BBQ Pack" as the "Steakout 12G", possibly a pun on the Ithaca 37 "Stakeout" model (ironically, a standard Ithaca 37 was added later with the "Goat Simulator" DLC)

It's possible to flick between semi and automatic fire in-game, something not possible on real AA-12s. They are full-auto only.

The MPS AA-12 CQB without its magazine - 12 gauge
"O-24" is scribbled on the magazine.
Note that the bolt is closed on the preview screen, showing that it is very nicely detailed.
PD2 AA12 holding.jpg
Iron sights.
Reloading. just about to fully insert a magazine.
Pulling the charging handle.
The AA-12 tricked out with a rail (that has a pointless shell holder) fitted with a Sightmark Sure Shot or similar model reflex sight, a 20-round drum mag, and a fictional suppressed barrel. Note that the drum magazine is translucent, it visibly empties as the shotgun fires. This was the first magazine in-game to have this feature, the later animation update added this detail to more magazines.
As the Payday chef BBQs some nearby cars, Jiro takes a closer look at his AA-12, discovering that the bolt is closed!
Later that day, as they storm the Commissar's penthouse, Jiro takes a look again, this time discovering that the bolt is properly open. Why the AA-12 fluctuates between a closed and open bolt (sometimes in the middle of a game) is unknown.
The MPS AA-12 - 12 gauge
Fitting the CQB with the long barrel modification turns it into a regular AA-12.

Ithaca 37(**)

Along with the "Goat Simulator" DLC (where do they get these ideas?) a full-size Ithaca 37 Riot was added, oddly as a secondary weapon. Called "GSPS 12G" in-game as a rather obvious parody of the "Deer Slayer Police Special" variant. It incorrectly holds 7 rounds in the standard 4-round tube magazine.

Ithaca Model 37 Riot - 12 gauge
PD2 Ithaca37 left.jpg
PD2 Ithaca37 right.jpg
PD2 Ithaca 37 holding.jpg
Iron sights, or rather a bead sight.
Reloading. The magazine tube takes 7 shells in a 4 round magazine tube.
Reloading. Chambering a shell.
The Ithaca 37 with the Riot Barrel and Stakeout Grip. Interestingly, neither actually match their namesake configurations, as the Riot Barrel is closer to the length of a Stakeout (the default length more closely resembles the actual Riot barrel), but the Stakeout Grip is simply a sawn-off version of the default stock rather than a dedicated pistol grip.

Winchester Model 1887(**)

The Winchester Model 1887 was added with the Biker Character Packs and is called the "Breaker 12G" in-game. It incorrectly holds 7 rounds in its 5-round tube magazine. Though Model 1887s can actually hold 5+2 by placing one shell directly into the chamber then placing a second shell on the loading ramp in the receiver, this action is not done when reloading the in-game Model 1887, the player characters simply loading all seven shells into the tube magazine.

Sawn-off Winchester Model 1887 (Norinco Replica) - 12 gauge
PD2 1887 right.jpg
PD2 1887 left.jpg
Rust (voice acted by Ron Perlman) holding his recently washed Model 1887.
Iron sights.
Cycling the action after firing, note the new shell being chambered.
Cycling the lever after the last round been fired reveals that the chamber is empty. Nice attention to detail.
Reloading. Inserting a new shell.
Loading up on more shells, note that the magazine tube is loaded.
Then after feeding his 1887, Rust decide to snap his fingers with a spin-cock. Trying to pull a spin-cock with a normal-sized lever is a bad idea.
The Model 1887 cut down to a short barrel...
...and an 1887 with a long barrel, treated receiver (adding a case-hardened finish, which somehow increases accuracy and stability) and a full stock. Note that cutting down or extending the barrel will also do the same for the magazine tube, but as with most of the other tube-fed shotguns doing so will not affect its capacity.

Crye Precision SIX12

The Crye Precision SIX12 was added during "Hoxton's Housewarming Party" as a secondary shotgun. It's called "Goliath 12G" in-game and is based on the 2nd prototype.

Modifications include a short barrel for extra compactness and a custom-made quick-detach silencer, a strange addition since the SIX12 does have a proprietary suppressor system in reality that consists of a SilencerCo Salvo-12 and a dedicated foregrip sleeve. Curiously, the already-in-game Salvo-12 is available as an option for a suppressor, albeit as an ordinary muzzle extension instead of the specialized barrel group it belongs to.

Crye Precision SIX12 (2nd prototype) - 12 gauge
Note the Magpul MVG foregrip.
PD2 Six12 right.jpg
PD2 Six12 holding.jpg
Iron sights. These are reused from the CZ 805.
Reloading. Pulling out the empty cylinder.
About to insert a new one.

Machine Guns

The first three machine guns (The RPK, M249 Para and HK21E) were added in the second "Gage weapon pack" DLC. The "Gage Historical Pack" introduced the MG-42 and the "CrimeFest 2015" update introduced the Ksp 58. These weapons can only be technically hip-fired, as aiming nominally zooms in on the weapon instead of using the sights, and are very inaccurate. The bipods could initially not be used but during the very same CrimeFest event that introduced the Ksp 58, a new attachment called the "Lion bipod" was added to all MGs, allowing the player to deploy them and fire more accurately and with almost no recoil. One cannot move when the bipod is deployed however.

While they are all categorized as LMGs in game, the HK21E, MG42 and FN M240 are actually GPMG (General Purpose Machine Guns)

Izhmash RPK(**)

The RPK appears as the "RPK" and is immediately unlocked at the start, on reputation level 0. It incorrectly holds 100 rounds in a 75-round drum magazine. The weapon comes lightly modified with a pair of small Picatinny rails on each side on the front portion of the barrel, an elongated birdcage-style flash hider, and a Romanian AIMS rifle handguard featuring a vertical grip.

RPK light machine gun with 75-round drum magazine - 7.62x39mm
PD2 RPK left.jpg
PD2 RPK right.jpg
Reloading. Inserting a new drum.
Reloading. Chambering a new round.
For some reason, putting a synthetic handguard with a plastic foregrip onto the RPK decreases both accuracy and stability but increases damage.
There is an unused RPK-74M type magazine hidden in the game files that can be used as a reskin of the default drum mag via mod tools.
The RPK seen along with various other AKs in the new safehouse. Note that this model still has its bipod despite it not being present on the current weapon model.

FN M249 Para(**)

The M249 Para appears as the "KSP" and is unlocked at reputation level 45. It has a 200-round detachable ammo drum. It is also the weapon of choice for the Skulldozer special enemy and the Commissar, the target of the Hotline Miami DLC heist.

FN M249 SAW Paratrooper version with 200-round ammo box - 5.56x45mm
Note the SAW's folded bipod fitting nicely into its handguard. As part of the gun's model, these remain attached to the weapon even with the Lion Bipod mod present, resulting in the M249 having two sets of bipods.
PD2 M249 holding.jpg
"Aiming" the weapon (or any machine gun for that matter) will simply zoom in the perspective like this. Laser sights are recommend.
Blasting away with the M249 Para, note the brass and disintegrating belt links.
Reloading. Note the strange presence of an empty belt, meaning the box mag was loaded with some extra belt with no rounds in them for some reason.
Reloading. About to fit in some more bullets.
The Commissar in a tasteful suit, holding on to his full-stocked M249 Para. Screenshot courtesy of the Payday wiki
A skull dozer ready to tear up some heisters with his own full-stocked M249 Para.
FN M249-E2 SAW - upgraded M249 with heat shield and full synthetic Stock, equipped with a 200-round ammo box - 5.56x45mm
The Soild Stock and Long Barrel attachments turn the M249 Para into a M249-E2 SAW.
FN Mk 46 Mod 0 - 5.56x45mm
Fitting the Railed Foregrip and Soild Stock to the M249 makes it resembles the Mk 46 Mod 0, it still has the STANAG magwell however.
The "Zeal Team" Dozer with his Mk 46 Mod 0.

Heckler & Koch HK21E(**)

Returning from the previous installment, the Heckler & Koch HK21E appears as the "Brenner 21" and is unlocked at reputation level 75. It has a 150-round detachable belt box magazine. It has a MP5-style diopter drum rear-sight rather than the Export variant's own. It has a canted front grip in order to make it easier to hold.

Heckler & Koch HK21E - 7.62x51mm NATO
Payday2 Heckler & Koch HK 21E -hd1- menu 1.jpg
Payday2 Heckler & Koch HK 21E -hd1- menu 2.jpg
PD2 HK21E holding.jpg
Reloading. A little button is pressed in order to release the box mag.
Reloading. Inserting a new box.

MG 42(**)

The MG 42 appears as the "Buzzsaw 42" and is unlocked for purchase by buying the "Gage Historical Pack" DLC. It incorrectly holds 150 rounds in a 50-round drum magazine and has the highest rate of fire of the machine guns.

MG42 with drum magazine - 7.92x57mm Mauser
PD2 MG42 left.jpg
PD2 MG42 right.jpg
Payday2 MG42 -hd1- holding.jpg
Reloading. Seating a new drum.
After seating the belt and closing the top cover, the charging handle is pulled.
MG34 with front and rear sights folded down - 7.92x57mm Mauser
Modified version of the MG 42. The "Light Barrel" modification gives it the barrel of its predecessor, the MG 34.
MG 42 modified with the "Heatsinked Suppressed Barrel", based on the DLT-19 Heavy Blaster Rifle from Star Wars (which was actually made from an MG 34).
The old MG42 model, before it had its bipod removed.

FN M240

Although called "Ksp 58" in-game, after the Swedish version of the FN MAG 58 and even has the distinctive Swedish green lacquer finish, it is actually modeled after the FN M240B, denoted by the short flash-hider, carry handle design, sights, the railed feed tray cover of the B model, and the stock design (both the default wood stock and the plastic stock use the same model). It was added on day 5 of "CrimeFest 2015" and along with it the ability to use a bipod with Machine Guns.

FN M240B - 7.62x51mm NATO
Carl Gustaf Ksp 58 B - 7.62x51mm NATO. For comparison
The "Ksp 58".
PD2 M240 right.jpg
PD2 M240 holding.jpg
Reloading. It should be noted that the belt is shown as still having bullets in it even after apparently going through the whole box.
Reloading. Inserting a new ammo box.
The M240 fitted with the "Lion's bipod" and "Plastic stock", the latter being more in line with a proper M240 stock.

Sniper Rifles

The 'Gage Sniper Pack' downloadable content introduced 3 new weapons to the players' arsenal. All 3 weapons (the Remington MSR, Blaser R93 LRS2, and Barrett M95) are slow-firing but powerful bolt action sniper rifles, featuring 2 unique scopes and a 45-degree offset iron sight attachment. All 3 are capable of firing through certain objects, such as thin walls or police riot shields. This also applies to the Mosin-Nagant and Winchester Model 1873, which were released later. Along with the Point Break heists update, the character Bodhi and a Winchester Model 70 was added for free to anyone who downloaded the update.

Every in-game sniper rifle is listed here with the exception of the TTI TR-1 Ultra-lite, which is under "Assault rifles" instead.

Remington MSR (**)

The Remington MSR appears as the "Rattlesnake" and is unlocked at level 15. It holds 10 rounds in the magazine.

Remington MSR with Harris bipod and Leupold Mark 4 scope - .338 Lapua Magnum
Note that this wooden body is entirely fictional.
PD2 MSR right.jpg
The standard scope for all sniper rifles is based off the Schmidt & Bender 1-8x24 PM Short Dot.
The reticle of the default scope. This scope can't be chosen as an attachment but is placed on a weapon by default when no other optic is chosen. Unlike the other optical sights, there is no way to change the reticle shape or color on this scope.
Cycling the bolt.
Reloading. Throwing away the empty mag.
Inserting a new one.
Cycling the bolt to chamber a round, or rather, an empty case.
The rifle fitted with the "Tactical Aluminium body" "Sniper Suppressor" and the "Theia Magnified Scope" (actually a Leupold Mark 4 LR/T 8.5-25x50mm (30mm) M1 Illum. Ret fitted with a Barrett BORS)

Blaser R93 LRS2 (**)

The Blaser R93 LRS2 Precision Sniper Rifle appears as the "R93" and is unlocked at level 35. It holds 6 rounds in a 5-round magazine.

Blaser R93 LRS2 Precision Sniper Rifle - .338 Lapua Magnum
PD2 R93 left.jpg
PD2 R93 right.jpg
PD2 R93 holding.jpg
Cycling the straight-pull bolt.
Reloading. Removing the empty mag.
Putting in a new one.
Chambering a round. Note that there's an actual bullet in the chamber.
Blaser R93 Semi Weight Sporting Rifle - .308 Winchester. The same rifle is offered in a "Sporting" configuration.
The R93 fitted with the "Wooden Body" giving it a similar look to the rifle pictured above.

Barrett M95 (**)

The Barrett M95 appears as the "Thanatos" and is unlocked at level 65. It uses a 5 round magazine. Notably, it was the strongest weapon in the entire game upon its release, and the second most powerful one so far, having an astounding damage stat of 2900, second only to the RPG-7 included with the OVERKILL Pack, which deals a solid 10000 damage per shot.

Barrett M95 - .50 BMG
The bipod is unfortunately just for show.
PD2 M95 right.jpg
PD2 M95 holding.jpg
A closer look at the markings.
Cycling the bolt which produces a rather odd sound effect.
Reloading. Removing the empty mag...
...and inserting a new one.

Mosin Nagant M1907 Carbine (**)

The Mosin Nagant M1907 Carbine wa introduced to the game alongside the MG 42, Sterling L2A3 and Mauser C96 as part of the Gage Historical Pack DLC. Known in-game as the "Nagant", it has a highly unusual name considering how the weapon was clearly modeled after a Mosin rifle, and the Léon Nagant-patented design was shelved before it ever entered mass production. Unlike the first three sniper rifles of the game, it can use ironsights, a trait shared with the Winchester 1873 and Model 70.

Mosin Nagant M1907 Carbine - 7.62x54mmR
PD2 Nagant left.jpg
PD2 Nagant right.jpg
PD2 Nagant holding.jpg
Iron sights. These aren't used by default, but rather has to be bought in order to be used, despite already being on the weapon! Also of note is the lack of a firing pin adjustment knob.
Dallas cycles the bolt on his Mosin Nagant M1907 Carbine as he tries his hand on some hip-shooting.
Reloading. Pressing in a clip with some 7.62x54R...
...and then chambering a round.
The Mosin Nagant is the first and so far the only weapon that can be used with a bayonet.
Mosin Nagant M38 Carbine - 7.62x54mmR
The Mosin Nagant can be modified with a M38 carbine length barrel...
Full-length, Soviet Mosin Nagant M91/30 - 7.62x54mmR
...and a full length M91/30 one.

Winchester Model 1873 (**)

The Winchester Model 1873 appears in the game as the "Repeater 1874" and is part of the "Butchers Western Pack" DLC. Oddly enough, despite being chambered entirely for pistol-grade ammunition types, it is classified as a sniper rifle, and thus can penetrate thin walls and shields. Like the Mosin-Nagant, the iron sights are usable, unlike the Nagant however, the irons are the basic sights with the scope being a modification.

Winchester Model 1873 with octagon barrel - .44-40 caliber
PD2 M1873 left.jpg
PD2 M1873 right.jpg
PD2 M1873 holding.jpg
Iron sights. The front sight post is barely visible.
Cycling the lever after hip-firing the rifle produces this animation.
When aiming and firing however, this animation is used.
Reloading. Loading up the magazine tube.
Chambering a new round.
The Model 1873 decked out with its unique scope and suppressed barrel.

Walther WA 2000 (**)

The Walther WA 2000 Generation 1 was added with the "Gage Ninja Pack" DLC. It's called "Lebensauger .308" in game, which can roughly be translated from German to "life-sucker". While the .308 in the name would suggest the weapon is chambered in .308 Winchester, it is more likely to be based on a .300 Win Mag Gen 1 rifle. The magazine in game holds 10 rounds even though it's modeled after the standard 6-round magazine.

Walther WA 2000 Gen 1 - .300 Win Mag
Inventory preview of the WA 2000. Note the can-shaped flash hider which denotes a first generation model.
PD2 WA2000 right.jpg
Bodhi preparing to zero in his WA 2000 at the range.
After pulling some sub-MOA groupings, he reloads the rifle. Pulling out the empty mag.
About to load in a new one.
Chambering a round.
Gage handles an unscoped WA 2000 in the pack's trailer whilst doing his best Agent 47 impression. Not entirely sure what he's hoping to achieve in doing this however, as the WA 2000 has no backup ironsights to rely on, ol' Gage would be practically blind-firing the rifle in this state.
Walther WA 2000 Gen 2 - .300 Win Mag
Attaching the Langer Barrel mod turns the WA 2000 into a rough approximation of the second generation model.

Winchester Model 70

The Winchester Model 70 was added along for free with the character Bodhi from the Point Break remake. The rifle uses FN's Tactical Box Magazine adapter.

Modern update of classic Winchester Model 70 with open sights - .30-06
PD2 M70 left.jpg
PD2 M70 right.jpg
Bodhi holding on to his Model 70.
Iron sights. Not the best place to put your thumb, however, as this could result in "shooter's thumb" a.k.a. getting whacked in the nose by your thumb knuckle due to the recoil.
Cycling the bolt. Note the round in the chamber.
Bodhi about to have some brass fly into his face. Note that once the last round is fired and the bolt is cycled, the magazine is visibly empty.
Reloading. Removing the empty mag...
...and then inserting a full one.

DTA Stealth Recon Scout(**)

The Desert Tactical Arms Stealth Recon Scout A1 Covert was added with the release of the "John Wick Weapon Pack". Along with the aforementioned Heckler & Koch P30L/Contractor, the SRS-A1 was ostensibly modeled to ape the rifle used by Wick in his movie, though the final weapon cannot be modified to resemble the source material. Named the "Desertfox Sniper Rifle", it has a black and tan two-tone finish.

Desert Tactical Arms Stealth Recon Scout A1 Covert - .338 Lapua Magnum
Note the 16'' barrel, which is not offered in .338 Lapua Magnum, but in .308 Winchester instead. The minimum barrel length offered in .338LM is 18''.
Although hard to notice in this screenshot, the receiver texture claims this is the .338 Lapua Magnum variant of the Covert, which is at odds with its default barrel length as noted above.
PD2 SRS holding.jpg
Cycling the bolt.
Reloading. Removing the dry magazine.
Fiddling in a new one.
Chambering a new round. Note that the magazine is just barely visible.
The rifle fitted with its suppressor. Called "Silenced Barrel" in-game, the mod does not change the barrel to an integrally suppressed one, as the name would have one assume, instead it's just a suppressor attached to the end of the barrel.
Earlier model DTA Stealth Recon Scout with quad-rail handguard and Harris bipod - .338 Lapua Magnum
The Stealth Recon fitted with the "Long Barrel" mod. Note the quad-rail handguard, meaning that this mod was possibly based of the early model Stealth Recon, as the newer models use a keymod handguard.

SVD Dragunov(**)

The SVD Dragunov is available for people who own the "Gage Russian Weapon Pack" DLC. Out of all the weapons in the pack, the SVD is the only one to come with unique mods. It goes by the name "Grom Sniper Rifle" in-game.

SVD Dragunov sniper rifle - 7.62x54mm R
Like with the Winchester M70 and Mosin Nagant in-game, the rifle doesn't use the iron sights by default. They have to be bought as a separate modification in order to be used.
PD2 SVD right.jpg
Sokol watches a street with his Dragunov.
Aiming. At the maximum field of view, it's hard to make out the front sight.
Reloading the SVD.
Inserting a mag into an empty SVD with an ACOG scop attached.
John waves his Dragunov at another heister.


M79 Grenade Launcher (**)

The M79 was added in the Gage Assault pack DLC. It's called the GL40 in-game, same as the first Payday. It is possible to hurt or kill one's own team members with it, so it pays to be careful when using it. Additionally, the grenades have no arming distance. This can be dangerous to the player as the grenade can be shot and detonated the split-second it's fired, leading to the user getting hurt.

M79 grenade launcher - 40x46mm
PD2 M79 holding.jpg
Iron sights.
M79 with the leaf sight flipped up using what might be the same nameless force as with the M79 in Far Cry 4.
Looking down the leaf sights.
Reloading. Dropping out the spent casing. Note the terrible trigger discipline.
Inserting a new one to do some thumping.

Milkor MGL Mk 1L (**)

The Butcher's BBQ Pack added a Milkor MGL Mk 1L to the game, called Piglet in-game. Unlike the other grenade launchers, the Mk 1 can be modified with sights, gadgets and more then one different stock.

Milkor MGL Mk 1L in desert tan finish fitted with Armson OEG reflex sight - 40x46mm
PD2 MGL left.jpg
PD2 MGL right.jpg
PD2 MGL holding.jpg
"Iron sights"
Reloading. About the swing out the cylinder.
The Mk 1L can take as long as 15 seconds(!) to reload if the user has gone through the whole cylinder. This is because each fired grenade is pulled out and subsequently replaced with a new one. Here a new grenade is loaded.
Closing the cylinder.
As Dallas takes a look at his Mk 1L, he showcases his terrible trigger discipline.

RPG-7 (**)

The RPG-7 was added in the Overkill Pack. It has the highest damage of any weapon in the game at an astounding 10000, but the player can only carry 4 rockets in total and ammo pickups are disabled, meaning more rockets can only be obtained from ammo bags. The weapon can easily incapacitate the user and their whole team if fired recklessly and rockets can be detonated mid-flight if it's hit by enemy fire, something that happens a lot on more intense heists. The only modifications the RPG can accept are sights.

RPG-7 - 40mm
Payday2 -hd1- rpg-7 menu 1.jpg
Payday2 -hd1- rpg-7 menu 2.jpg
Payday2 -hd1- rpg-7 holding.jpg
Iron sights.
Reloading. The RPG is loaded with PG-7VL HEAT rockets.
After inserting a new rocket, Wolf cocks the hammer, something very rarely shown in games.

China Lake Launcher (**)

The China Lake Launcher, known as the "China Puff" in game, was added in the Wolf Pack (the pack is free for anyone who bought the DLC back in the first Payday). Like the RPG, it's a secondary weapon.

China Lake Launcher - 40x46mm
PD2 China Lake holding.jpg
Iron sights...
...and the leaf sights. They are flipped up via some form of telepathy seemingly.
Cycling the pump to chamber a new grenade.
After the last grenade is fired the chamber is empty.
Dragan showing his (lack of) trigger discipline as he takes a look at the left side of the China Lake.

ATK XM25(**)

The latest model of the XM25 grenade launcher was added with the "Gage Spec Ops Pack" DLC. It has a very different unlocking method where the player has to find two keys and a box in four heists in order to unlock it. Known as the "Arbiter Grenade Launcher" in-game, it holds 5 rounds and does not come with its distinctive scope, thus restricting it to dumbfiring like any other launcher in the game, albeit the 25mm grenades travel faster and with less of an arc than the other 40mm grenade launchers.

2015 ATK XM25 with new fire control system - 25x40mm
PD2 XM25 left.jpg
Note the open bolt, which is rather odd, as the XM25 fires from a closed bolt.
Jimmy visiting the bar with his new found friend.
Iron sights. These are reused from the CZ 805.
Reloading. About to pull out the magazine with some struggle.
About to insert a new mag full of 25mm grenades.
Yanking the charging handle.

M202 FLASH(**)

The M202A1 FLASH was added to the game with the release of the Scarface Heist DLC (not to be confused with the similarly-named Scarface Character DLC, which adds a HK417 instead (see above)). Extremely powerful damage-wise, the M202A1 is second only to the RPG-7 in terms of punch, while boasting a quadrupled magazine size and doubled the reserve capacity, though it has no compatible mods aside from boosts.

M202A1 FLASH - 66mm
PD2 M202 left remastered.jpg
PD2 M202 right remastered.jpg
Here's Hoxton after trying out his new toy on an unfortunate Sosa thug.
Aiming through the M202's scope.
Hoxton tops off his M202 with a hearty smack to the release latch.
Loading in a new clip. Despite being loaded with orange-tipped warheads, these are not incendiary rockets. The in-game M202 exclusively fires standard HEAT projectiles.
Tugging on the clip to lock the rockets in.
Hoxton taking a detailed look at his "Commando 101" while aspiring to one day become as badass as Arnold.



C4 could originally only be used with the right Technician skills. As of Update 100 however, any player can use C4 by equipping Laser Tripmines, which come with a separate set of C4 charges. Laser Tripmines are powerful explosives that detonate when an enemy crosses the laser beam, or they can be toggled to merely act as a sensor device and mark special enemies or security guards that pass by, along with an audio cue. C4 charges are kept separate from Tripmines (in contrast to pre-Update 100, where a single charge used up a Tripmine) and are used to open doors and safes quickly. Some heists (such as The Bomb heists, Hotline Miami, and more) have a bag of C4 charges in the map to use for scripted objectives, these are treated as mission items rather that deployable equipment.

Two pieces of C4 in Wolf's workshop.
Two C4 charges on a wall. The blue laser is the sensor variant while the red one is of the explosive kind.
3 sticks of C4 stuck to a safe.

M18 Smoke Grenade

The M18 smoke grenade is used by law enforcers from time to time. Initially the smoke grenade model was reused for the flash bangs used by the police, but the flash finally got its own model in an update.

M18 smoke grenade.
A smoke grenade next to a dead Dozer.

M67 Hand Grenade (**)

The M67 hand grenade was added in the first "Gage Weapon Pack" DLC. Players who own the DLC will start a heist with three grenades and they can also buy a briefcase that holds three grenades that all players can pick up and use. One should be careful when throwing one however, as police gunfire can detonate the grenade if it's hit.

Update 100 added another version of the grenade called the "HEF Grenade" that can be used by any player following the Steam group for Payday 2. They work exactly the same as the Aforementioned ones.

M67 hand grenade.
The M67 grenade that was added with the "Gage Weapon Pack". Note that the model originally used much lower resolution textures,
The "HEF Grenade". Note the Overkill bomb attached to the pin.
A thrown grenade on the ground.

Model 24 Stielhandgranate (**)

The Model 24 Stielhandgranate was added as a melee weapon in the "Gage Historical Pack". It's referred to as the "Potato Masher" in-game.

Model 24 Stielhandgranate "Potato Masher" high-explosive fragmentation hand grenade
PD2 Model 24 misc1.jpg
Dragan swatting SWAT away from his backyard.

M84 Stun Grenade

The M84 Stun Grenade was added in the "Hoxton's Housewarming Party" update under the misnomer of "Concussion Grenade". Unlike the normally non-lethal flashbang, concussion grenades are offensive explosives that emit powerful shockwaves when detonated, which can be lethal up close.

After an update, the law enforcers' own version of the flashbang has been updated to use this model.

M84 stun grenade
PD2 M84 misc1.jpg
An M84 grenade on the floor. Note that the grenade's spoon actually flies off and is seen laying on the ground.

AN-M14 Incendiary Grenade

Another addition the game's arsenal of grenades is the AN-M14 Incendiary Grenade as part of "The Search for Kento" community event. As with the Molotov Cocktails, it sets enemies on fire, but does not create a fiery area-of-denial despite being essentially a handheld thermite charge; rather, it explodes more like a regular hand grenade.

AN-M14 Incendiary Grenade
Throwing an incendiary grenade (which looks massive due to perspective) into a tire pyre.


Hand Held M134 Minigun

A Hand Held M134 Minigun was added in the Overkill Pack DLC, and has the highest rate-of-fire of any weapon. It holds a total of 750 rounds, and has to be refilled via ammo bag deployables. Like LMGs, there is no actual iron sighting and the usually-nominal zoom is even less reliable. As usual in video games and films, the weapon appears to have no power source, though unlike most depictions of it in pop culture the in-game M134 does not need to be spooled up prior to firing, nor is the activity even possible during gameplay.

Airsoft handheld M134 Minigun with 'Chainsaw grip' to handle the recoil force. This variant was seen in Terminator 2: Judgment Day. This is an airsoft version which retains the half-circle attachment point for the M60 foregrip from Predator; the real T2 minigun did not have this - (fake) 7.62x51mm NATO
Payday2 -hd1- minigun menu 1.jpg
Payday2 -hd1- minigun menu 2.jpg
Houston holds the Hand Held Minigun. The Payday Gang must have recruited its members from a professional group of weight lifters, considering how they are able to deadlift a 48lbs+ gatling gun and lug it around without breaking a sweat. The CrimeFest 2015 updates have also removed the movement speed penalty for machineguns, meaning the Minigun is now no more cumbersome than a dinky Walther PPK.
Reloading. Beginning with removing the belt.
After a lot of fiddling around off screen, a new belt is inserted.
The M134 with "The stump barrel" and "I'll take half that kit" (the latter coloring parts of the weapon red, persumably making the weapon lighter, but also cutting down the total amount of ammo that one can carry). As stated above, Crimefest 2015 removed the speed penalty with LMGs and the Minigun. However, they neglected to remove the speed buffs for cut down minigun parts at the same time, leading to the ability to run nearly twice as fast with a MINIGUN then any other weapon in the game. This was thankfully later patched.

Sentry Gun

The Heckler & Koch MP5K appears as part of the Technician's Sentry Gun deployable, seen inside a case. As in the first game, the Sentry Gun can be destroyed by enemies and will shut down when its ammunition supply is exhausted. Aside from the Sentry, the MP5K can be used by modifying the MP5, as seen above. In Update 100, this model was replaced with a new Sentry Gun using a FN P90 as its base.

Heckler & Koch MP5K in trademark Heckler & Koch suitcase - 9x19mm
The original sentry gun in game.
FN P90 TR - 5.7x28mm
The Sentry Gun was updated from a MP5K briefcase contraption to this P90 contraption. This is the standard version...
and this is the suppressed version. The suppressed version will have a smaller chance of being targeted by enemies, prolonging its use.

Browning M2HB

A Browning M2HB machine gun is the main armament of the SWAT van turret weapons system. It is incorrectly depicted firing at almost twice its actual rate of fire at exactly 1000rpm, 600rpm is the max fire rate of a real Browning M2, and (thankfully for gameplay purposes) it does pitifully low damage for a .50 cal machine gun. It does however shred armor very quickly on higher difficulties. Though the rate of fire is befitting of the Browning M3 Aircraft, it is obviously modeled after an M2 and not the M3. The SWAT Van Turret itself appears to be a modified version of a C.R.O.W.S II RWS. The Browning M2HB is a very commonly used weapon for this kind of weapon system.

Browning M2HB - .50 BMG
The SWAT Van Turret as it appears when it deploys from the roof of the SWAT van.
A destroyed SWAT van turret lays on the ground, showing it is indeed a Browning M2HB. Note the tiny drum magazine that couldn't possibly hold more than 30 rounds of .50 BMG.

Heckler & Koch HK416D

In the opening live-action title sequence, Chains wields an airsoft Heckler & Koch HK416D rifle.

Heckler & Koch HK416D - 5.56x45mm NATO
The airsoft HK416D from the game's introductory video.

M18A1 Claymore

The motel overrun by Russian mobsters in the "Hotline Miami" job has M18A1 Claymore booby traps randomly placed on some of the door frames to the rooms.

M18A1 Claymore anti-personnel mine
As it turns out, Chains brought the right kind of VHS to this inn.

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