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This article is still under construction. It may contain factual errors. See Talk:Payday 2 for current discussions. Content is subject to change.

Payday 2
Payday2 pc box.jpg
PC Boxart
Release Date: 2013
Developer: Overkill Software
Publisher: 505 Games
Series: Payday
Platforms: PC, PS3, X360, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
Genre: First-person shooter

Payday 2 (stylized as PAYDAY 2) is the sequel to Payday: The Heist. Like the first game, it is a co-op first person shooter where up to four players can commit daring robberies and other heists to earn money.

Entries marked with (*) are weapons obtained for free (although they still need to be bought with in-game money) by joining the official Payday 2 Steam group. Entries marked with (**) are DLC (downloadable content) weapons. In June 2017, nearly all DLC was removed from individual sale and bundled into a single collection called the Ultimate Edition. No other changes were made aside from the name, and aside from minor changes made throughout the course of the game's lifespan the DLC is identical to its originally released state.

The following weapons appear in the video game Payday 2




Players have two weapon slots; a primary and a secondary slot (unlike the first game, there is no sidearm slot, with sidearms now being secondary weapons). Later updates and DLCs added grenade and melee weapon slots in addition to the original two. Primaries consist of assault, battle, and semi-auto rifles (all grouped together as "assault rifles"), shotguns, bolt-action and semi-auto sniper rifles, light machine guns, dual-wielded secondaries, and a few "special" weapons like miniguns, bows, and grenade launchers. Secondaries consist of sidearms, submachine guns, machine pistols, some shotguns and assault rifles (the latter classed as SMGs), and again a few "special" weapons covering much the same ground as the primary special weapons. Ammo can be resupplied from fallen enemies, the MPD apparently supplying its members with a healthy amount of every caliber known to man. Weapons can not be changed during gameplay.

Certain weapon types also possess unique characteristics, such as sniper rifles and slug-loaded shotguns being able to pierce shields and cover, or machineguns being capable of massive volumes of fire at the expense of proper aiming. The game also has a tendency to heavily favor gameplay balance over realism when it comes to weapon stats. While most are depicted somewhat accurately to their real-world counterpart, several others feature grossly inflated damage values in relative to their caliber (such as the Kel-Tec SUB2000 and Jericho 941), with certain pistols being much more powerful than large-caliber assault rifles and shotguns.

Most firearms in Payday 2 are capable of performing a (usually) faster reload when the magazine is not emptied in addition to reloading from empty. Closed-bolt weapons are not depicted as retaining the round currently in battery when this happens, however.

Update #65 gave new first-person animations to nearly all of the base game's guns, as well as some of the DLC weapons. It also gave weapons with translucent magazxines (such as the P90 and G36K) visible bullets that deplete as the weapon is fired.

Unlike the first game, weapons are not granted upon leveling up. Weapons are instead unlocked for purchase by leveling up, and must then be bought with money, though money earned from heists is divided between a player's "Offshore Account" (which comprises 80% of the money they earn in a heist) and spending cash (the other 20%), and only the spending cash can be used to buy weapons and modifications.


Each weapon can be modified, though the degree of variety of modifications varies from barely any to turning it into a completely different gun. Some modifications, like barrel extensions and sights, are available to all compatible weapons (for instance, only sniper rifles can mount long-range scopes), while others are specific to one weapon. Sights can have their reticles customized.

Special ammunition is also treated as a modification. Only weapons using certain types of ammunition, like shotgun shells or grenades, can equip custom ammunition, which varies (depending on the ammunition) from incendiary rounds to shotgun slugs.

Mods are acquired from random drops at the end of the heist (mods that can be acquired this way can also be acquired by spending the "Continental Coins" in-game currency) or, for some weapons and mods added with DLC, permanently unlocked for an infinite number of weapons by completing certain achievements. An additional fee must be paid from the player's spending cash to equip a modification (except for a select few), although mods can be removed from the weapon and returned to the player's inventory for free.


As of update 61, it is now possible to dual-wield (or Akimbo) a select few of the handguns in-game. The Akimbo handguns are used as primary weapons. It is not possible to akimbo all handguns or a combination of two different pistols.

The handguns that can be dual-wielded are listed below in their respective entry.

Glock 17

The Glock 17 appears as the "Chimano 88" (presumably a reference to the "Pistol 88" designation the Swedish army gives the Glock 17). It is the first sidearm available, given to all players for free when they start the game.

It is slightly less accurate and damaging than most other 9mm pistols, but has a large reserve ammo pool and good concealment. It has a 17 round magazine capacity; while normally correct, the in-game Glock is modelled with an extended magazine base plate that should add two more rounds.

Glock 17 (Generation 3) - 9x19mm
Note the extended magazine base plate that's not factored into the weapon's capacity. Also note that the pistol lacks markings on the slide.
#14 is scribbled just below the extractor.
PD2 G17 holding.jpg
Iron sights.
Reloading. Dumping the empty mag...
...inserting a full one...
...and hitting the slide release. This animation is reused on all other Glocks in the game, as well as the Beretta 92FS Centurion.
A regular Police Officer with a Glock 17. Note the attached (and low quality) Streamlight TLR 1 weaponlight; they never actually use it. These types of cops are also occasionally seen with the Taurus Raging Bull.
A shield cop with his Glock 17; like regular cops, they never use the weaponlight. This is also a good view of the higher quality NPC Streamlight TLR 1 weaponlight model only used for some cop models.


PD2 G17 Akimbo.jpg
Bonnie dual-wielding her Glock 17s.
Aiming the akimbo Glock 17s. Like many other video games, this only really zooms the view in.
Reloading. Inserting a magazine into the first Glock 17...
...then the second...
...then chambering said rounds. While difficult to see, the player character uses their index finger to flick the slide release on the left pistol.

Springfield Armory 1911 Lightweight Operator

The Springfield Armory 1911 Lightweight Operator appears as the "Crosskill", unlocked at reputation level 2. It holds 10 rounds in a 7 or 8-round magazine. Modifying it with the "12rnd Mag." modification, based on the extended Kimber 10-round magazine, will actually give it a 16-round capacity.

The Crosskill is a perfect sidearm for those wanting to be the most tactical bank robber of all time, boasting higher damage over the Glock 17 and other 9mm pistols, only being beaten out by the Taurus Raging Bull and a few other sidearms. It can be configured both for stealth and for all-out gun fights.

Springfield Armory 1911 Lightweight Operator - .45 ACP
Note that the Lightweight Operator is one of only a few pistols in-game modeled with a threaded barrel.
The other side. At full size, the markings can be read; the slide says "CROSSKILL OPERATOR II", the chamber features a caution to read the user manual, and the frame reads "CROSSKILL TACTICAL, NY USA", and "C02012" beneath it (presumably the serial number).
Dallas and his Crosskill enjoy the old safehouse and its abundant graffiti.
Iron sights.
Reloading. Dropping the "dry" magazine. As is common in video games, bullets are still visible in in it.
Reloading. Inserting a mag. Note the clipping.
Speaking of clipping, when taking a look at the right side of the pistol, there's clipping galore! The trigger discipline is excellent however.
The Lightweight Operator on a loading screen.


Bonnie takes her two Operators out to pick up her dry cleaning.
Inspecting the Lightweight Operators. Note that the grip-safety isn't depressed, which would prevent the gun from firing. Also note that Bonnie is bending her thumbs freakishly far.

Beretta 92FS Centurion

The Beretta 92FS Centurion appears as the "Bernetti 9", unlocked at level 6. It has an incorrect 14-round capacity instead of 15. The name "B9-S" is visible on the slide, as a nod to the pistol's name from the first Payday (though the Payday 2 version is not suppressed by default).

The Bernetti is overall a jack-of-all-trades pistol, only boasting slightly higher damage over the Chimano with average stats elsewhere.

Beretta 92FS Centurion - 9x19mm
Note that for some reason it is modelled with Beretta Model 92S grip panels meant for a heel-magazine release, but still has a groove for the 92FS' proper thumb release.
The other side is a garbled mess of fake manufacturing marks.
Dallas takes his Beretta on a walk.
Iron sights. The Bernetti 9 is one of the few guns in the game with functioning night sights.
Reloading. About to insert a fresh mag...
...hitting the slide release.


John Woo? Never heard of him.
Dallas and his pair of Berettas watch as Chains flails around with his M249 SAW while forgetting that the first thing you do before gun smithing is unload the gun.

Glock 18C

The Glock 18C is unlocked at level 29 and, similarly to its appearance in the first game's "Wolf Pack" DLC, is known as the "STRYK 18c". It features a high rate of fire, decent damage, and low accuracy. It holds 20 rounds in a 19 round magazine, and fires at a too-slow 900RPM. Notably, unlike most selective-fire weapons in the game, it cannot equip modifications to lock it into one firing mode.

Glock 18C (3rd Generation) - 9x19mm
Note the fire-selector on the slide.
The tan frame is not available to auto-capable Glocks in reality, which come in either anodized or matte black only.
Jiro holding a Glock 18C.
Iron sights, as pedestrian as they come.
Reloading. About to insert a new magazine.
Note the cuts on the slide and ported barrel showing that it is a "C" model.
The Glock 18C fitted with a FAB Defense GLR-440 stock. This stock is exclusive to the Stryk in-game, despite the fact that its real-life counterpart can be fitted onto any full-size or compact Glock.

Desert Eagle Mark XIX

The Desert Eagle Mark XIX goes by its everlasting nickname of the "Deagle" in-game. It holds an incorrect 10 rounds in its 7-round magazine; while it's possible to squeeze ten rounds into the .357 Magnum version of a Desert Eagle (nine in the mag and a round in the chamber) the Desert Eagle in-game is clearly the .50 AE version since it has a non-fluted barrel. It also has shorter slide serrations akin to the Mark VII or I.

The Deagle is one of the most powerful handguns in the game, only beaten out by the revolvers.

IMI Desert Eagle Mark XIX - .50 AE
IMI Desert Eagle Mark VII - .44 Magnum. Image provided to show the shorter slide serrations.
Like the Glock 17, the Desert Eagle has no markings on the slide.
Note the scratched out serial number just above the grip.
Dallas admires some graffiti with his Eagle. Note that it is possible to see a bullet inside the gun if the back end is closely inspected.
Iron sights.
The slide cycling as the gun is fired.
Reloading. Inserting a new magazine filled with bullets...
...and then really racking the slide. The first-person animations update mentioned above made the Deagle's slide incorrectly not lock back when the gun was dry; this was later corrected.
The Desert Eagle modified into a ridiculous mall ninja's dream gun. The can at the end of the barrel is a makeshift oil filter suppressor. Note the ELCAN Specter scope attached to a scope mount that's attached to the existing scope mount.


Why? Because OVERKILL Software are mad men.
John Wick preparing to sprain his wrists.

Heckler & Koch USP45 Tactical(*)

The Heckler & Koch USP45 Tactical appears as the "Interceptor .45", automatically unlocked for purchase by joining the official Payday Steam Group. It has a 13-round magazine (one more than the .45 ACP version holds in real life).

The Interceptor is a powerful sidearm, fairly similar to the Crosskill, but with a somewhat larger magazine.

Heckler & Koch USP45 Tactical - .45 ACP
Note the Jet-Funnel mag-well extension which was only designed for 9mm and .40 S&W versions of the USP.
In a nice touch, the gun is marked for .45 ACP, though as will shortly be shown slide modifications can change it into non-.45 variants.
Dallas waits on his laundry, USP in hand.
Iron sights.
Reloading. Inserting a mag...
...then the slide release is hit. Here the slide is just a moment away from locking into battery.
Heckler & Koch USP Expert - .40 S&W. The Jet-Funnel mag-well extension is proper for the USP in this caliber.
The USP45 Tactical becomes a USP Expert if fitted with the "Expert Slide".
Heckler & Koch USP Match - 9x19mm
It can also be turned into an USP Match with the "Match Slide". Fitting this mod on the pistol will give the slide a stainless finish.


When you need to tactically intercept more things, always double up.
The lack of bullets modelled in the magazines becomes obvious when reloading akimbo USPs.

Glock 22C(*)

The Glock 22C was added in the Election Day update as the "Chimano Custom", available to all members of the official Payday 2 Steam group. It bears an OD frame and comes with a flared magazine well, while most of its non-unique mods are shared with the Glock 18C.

The Glock 22 is a fairly reliable alternative to the other higher damage pistols like the Crosskill, with a larger base magazine capacity than it plus fairly high concealment; however, it is very poor at range.

Glock 22 (Generation 3) - .40 S&W
Note the .40 S&W markings on the slide, denoting a Glock 22 variant. Also note the flared magazine-well.
As is the case with basically every other Glock variant in the game, the 22C's magazine is fitted with a 2-round extension plate. Unlike its brethren, however, the extension actually expands the 22C's default magazine, though it only comes loaded with half the amount it ought to.
Bodhi with his Glock 22C at the range.
Iron sights. Note the red fiber-optic front sight, which sadly does not glow in the dark.
Reloading. Note the cuts in the barrel, indicating it is a "C" model.

Modifying the "Chimano Custom" with the Long Slide produces a Glock 35.

Glock 35 - .40 S&W
Note the titanium-nitride coated vented-barrel. A vented barrel would make a suppressor useless, but it works just fine in-game.


It's not easy being somewhat green, so having a friend always helps.
Getting bored using just one Glock 22C, Bodhi pulls out another one.
After some very inaccurate blasting, Bodhi reloads his Glock 22Cs. Here the cuts in the slide are obvious. Note how the chamber of the barrels are clipping through the slide, as the barrels are inaccurately shown as straight and not tilted.

Glock 26(*)

On the seventh day of the Crimefest event (October 22nd 2014), John Wick himself jumped aboard as a playable heister and brought his trusted Glock 26 along for the ride. Renamed the "Chimano Compact", it tries to fill a similar rule to the Beretta 92, with equal damage and slightly better recoil, but in most other regards is somewhat inferior. It is unlocked at level 36, and is exclusive to members of the Payday 2 Steam group.

Glock 26 subcompact - 9x19mm
Wick's unsullied default Glock 26. Overkill set it to carry 10 rounds at a time, correct for a regular Glock 26, but didn't account for the extra two bullets the molded Pearce Grips magazine extension adds.
Given the worrying accuracy numbers Glocks have in this game, John is relieved to see that the Chimano Compact stands on the same adequate level as the Signature .40 and Crosskill. It can reliably put a round into a SWAT helmet around 10 meters (demonstrated by the poor bastard under the bead) without help and up to 20 when upgraded - which is about as far as the sights can comfortably handle, anyway.
The unique Striking upgrades (body kit, slide, magazine) turn the gun into a "Tier 1" custom version from Salient Arms International. It even appears to have some of the optional extras listed in the brochure, namely the grip stippling and eye-searing Cerakote finish. The end result is a welcome upgrade to both damage and accuracy, but the gaudy look lowers its top-notch concealment rating to the level of a common .44 revolver.
Looks like this tactical custom was created at an fictious "Chimano Custom Shop" instead of the real-life Salient Arms. The gadget options are the same limited set as with the starter Glock, but it gets a free set of Striking components from the get-go. Note the relatively massive attachment rail and low-profile laser which don't hurt concealability in any way. The stock slide also has a small stamp on top of the bolt with the letters "AT" and the Overkill bomb logo - perhaps a modeler's signature.
Dallas rallies his burly crew during an armored car ambush. When the slide locks back, the upgraded barrel is revealed to have heat-dissipating baffles all the way around it - another optional SAI custom order. Additionally, the colors of the Cerakote coating have a much closer resemblance to the real-life options under daylight. Another rather interesting detail is that the barrel is actually shown as tilting, an extremely rare detail in video games. This was the only pistol in-game to be properly shown with it until the H&K P30L was added to the game.
The grip-mounted laser module not only increases accuracy in itself, but its beam is completely unobtrusive when the sights are used. Note the small US flag on the back of the upgraded slide.


John Wick whips up a rampage inside a gangster stronghold. A rather weak option in the akimbo category, the Chimano Compacts suffer dearly from being stuck at a shallow 10-round magazine capacity. That said, they're still the least bad akimbo pistols to reach the maximum of 30 concealment - extremely important for Fugitives, whose combat performance is directly derived from stealthiness.
Chambers full? Check.
Revenge administered? Check!

Walther PPK(**)

The Walther PPK appears as the "Gruber Kurz", part of the Armored Transport DLC. It was the first handgun in the game that could equip a laser outside of the gadget slot, having a unique grip with a built-in laser. This was later followed by the Glock series' own laser grip.

The Kurz has one of the highest concealment ratings in the game, making it perfect for stealth. The rest of its stats are fairly similar to the Bernetti 9 - including its 14-round magazine capacity, double that of a real .32 PPK's.

Walther PPK - .32 ACP
The Gruber Kurz in all its glory. The name is a reference to Hans Gruber from Die Hard, who was originally intended to have a PPK; he has a P7M13 in the final film.
The lack of markings is an interesting choice given how the later WA 2000 is entirely bedecked in faux Walther marks.
Dallas and his Gruber go out back to watch the spray paint dry.
Iron sights.
Reloading. Inserting a new magazine.
Tugging the slide to release it. This is accurate; the PP-series lacks an external slide release, though due to animation reuse a nonexistent one is used when reloading the akimbo variant.
Walther PP - .32 ACP
Fitting the long slide to the PPK turns it into a Walther PP.
No, we don't know why it comes in two-tone.
Jiro takes his PP aside to observe it.
And he makes sure that its ejection port exists as well.
Iron sights, now in stylish white.

SIG-Sauer P226R(**)

The SIG-Sauer P226R in .40 S&W appears as the Signature .40 and is unlocked for purchase by buying the Gage Weapon Pack #01 DLC. In-game it does the same amount of damage as the Crosskill (Springfield Armory 1911 Lightweight Operator), but most, if not all, of its stats are better compared to the Crosskill. By default, the P226 holds 12 rounds (one less than the real .40 version) and its extended magazine unusually has no concealment penalty (unlike those for most weapons)

SIG-Sauer P226R - 9x19mm. The one in-game is a .40 S&W model.
Unlike the Kurz, the Signature comes with a whole frenzy of faux SIG markings.
It's some lovely extra work that we on IMFDB appreciate.
Dallas debates on dealing with these old moving boxes with some .40 S&W.
Iron sights.
Reloading. Dropping the dry magazine. If you take a closer look right under the gun you can see the magazine. It has some very strange-looking bullets modeled in it.
Not concerned about the strange bullets, Dallas inserts a new mag and is just frames away from hitting the slide release.
The P226 fitted with a Equinox two-tone slide, Osprey silencer, and micro LAM.

Mauser C96 "Broomhandle"(**)

The Mauser C96 appears as the "Broomstick" and is unlocked for purchase at level 23 if one owns the Gage Historical Pack DLC. A recent update puts the damage on the same level as the magnum handguns, and the long barrel mod puts it on the same level as DMR rifles, but is hindered by its 10-round magazine and a somewhat slower reload.

For a while, the Broomstick's low damage kept its potential pretty low. Following a rework, the gun enters a weird state of quasi-usefulness. While the 65 damage and the scope mod could lead to a pocket sniper, the max accuracy of 64 limits that option. The large magazine and stock can make an effective damage dealer, but the slow reloads and low total ammo cap that off as well. It sits in the twilight zone with no real solid way to use it.

Mauser C96 "Broomhandle" - 7.63x25mm Mauser
Left side, accurate besides the missing Mauser banner.
On the right, the original Mauser text is replaced by "Machinewerk Übertöten M1916" which translates to "Machine Work Overkill M1916".
Wolf decides to take his recently acquired antique to the range.
Iron sights, tiny and very fitting of the era.
Reloading. Inserting a clip with ten rounds, note the clipping (höhö).
After loading up, Wolf tugs the charging handle, making the clip fall and letting the bolt into battery. This is not the best idea as the clip would probably only break, causing a jam.
Interestingly, if one reloads when the magazine is only partially spent, the bolt will magically lock back by itself and the player character will load the magazine with a ten-round clip (regardless of how many rounds are still in the magazine); they will then proceed to remove the clip by hand instead of tugging the charging handle, which is the advised way of reloading a C96.
Mauser C96 carbine - 7.63x25mm Mauser
Mauser C96 with detachable holster/stock - 7.63x25mm Mauser
Modifying the C96 with the "Precision Barrel" and "Holster Stock" turns it into a hybrid Mauser C96 carbine. It's not an actual carbine as the stock is the removable holster stock and not a part of the grip.
Mauser M712 Schnellfeuer - 7.63x25mm Mauser
Fitting the C96 with the extended magazine (giving it 20 rounds) makes it resemble the Mauser M712 Schnellfeuer. The reload animation still shows the character only loading ten rounds.
Master Replicas "Star Wars Episode V Han Solo Blaster"
Putting a scope and the "Damper.L 44 Nozzle" makes it resemble Han Solo's BlasTech DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol from Star Wars, while the arctic Russian scenery provides a nice stand-in for Hoth. The gun would have made for an excellent cosplay prop too if not for the weirdly-shaped muzzle and the lack of the DL-44's other embellishments. The scope is also fixed to the right-sided gadget rail instead of having its own dedicated mount like in the movie. Modifying the weapon with these attachments gives the player the "So Uncivilized" achievement (a reference to Obi-Wan's opinion of blasters), which is required to use the extended magazine and holster stock shown above.

Springfield Armory XDM(**)

The Springfield Armory XDM appears as the "LEO Pistol" as part of the Bomb Heists DLC. Initially a Croatian design (as the HS2000), it has a 19-round magazine, which is correct for the 9mm version. The markings are inconsistent however, showing on the slide that the chambering is .40 S&W, but the ejection port markings show that is chambered for .45 ACP. The pistol has an olive drab frame.

The LEO is a bizarre gun stat wise, with a similar high damage of the Professional .40 and Crosskill mixed with a large 19 round magazine. However the lack of any mods that help spice the gun up plus the whopping 3 spare mags you get temper the gun a bit.

Springfield Armory XDM with 4.5 inch barrel - .45 ACP
PD2 XDM left.jpg
The XDM is erroneously shown with an ambidextrous slide release and takedown lever(!)
Chains with his XDM
Iron sights.
Reloading. Releasing the empty mag.
Shoving in a new one.
Chambering a round.
Springfield Armory XDM 5.25 with two-tone finish – .40 S&W. To show the 5.25 slide.
The XDM fitted with the "Long Slide", it's not actually as long as a real 5.25 slide.
Springfield Armory XD-9 V10 with 4 inch barrel - 9x19mm. To show the 4" ported XD slide.
The XDM fitted with the "Custom Slide". Note "5.25" on the the 4" XD slide.

Jericho 941 PL(**)

The Jericho 941 RPL was added in the Point Break heists DLC. It's known in-universe as the Sparrow 941 and referred to by the "Baby Deagle" moniker in-game, referencing Magnum Research's marketing of the Jericho as a "Baby Eagle".

As with the Springfield Armory XDM, the in-game Jericho's caliber is rather difficult to nail down due to the model featured being a mashup of several different variants. For starters, the ejection port is marked for the 9x19 Parabellum model, however it has a magazine capacity of 12 rounds, indicating a .40 S&W variant. Additionally, the Jericho has the chrome-plated guide rod of the 941's chambered in .41 AE and to confuse these caliber matters more, the pistol deals around a whopping 150 damage per shot unmodified, about on par with the game's resident .50 AE Desert Eagle.

IWI Jericho 941 RPL, current production polymer framed model - 9x19mm
Bohdi reloads his Jericho 941 RPL in the Point Break heist trailer.
Note the threaded extended barrel. It is notably a model with a frame-mounted decocker, Bohdi is seen using it before holstering the pistol in the trailer.
Bodhi decocking the Jericho.
Note the threaded barrel. The 941 is one of a handful of weapons in the game to actually have an interfacing component onto which suppressors and the like could logically be mounted.
9x19 is stamped on the ejection port.
Bodhi goes outside to shed some literal light on his weird franken-Jericho.
Iron sights, simple and effective..
Reloading. Inserting a new magazine. This animation was initially unique to this pistol, but was later reused on the PL-14.
Stainless IMI Jericho 941 F (note decocker on frame) - 9x19mm
The Jericho 941 RPL can be modified with the "Spike Kit" which turns it into an older steel framed Jericho 941 F.
PD2 Jericho 941 F right1.jpg
A non-firing replica of Spike Spiegel's Jericho 941 R by Japanese model company 'Poseidon' with laser sight and custom grips.
Adding the "Spike Grip" to the former will make it look like Spike Spiegel's 941 R from Cowboy Bebop. It is not the exact model as the decocker is mounted on the frame and not the slide as on the 941 R.
PD2 Jericho 941 F right2.jpg

Kalashnikov Concern PL-14 Lebedev

The Russian PL-14 Lebedev prototype pistol is another weapon added for free with the Hardcore Henry Packs DLC and is called the "White Streak Pistol" in-game. It is incorrectly depicted with a 12-round magazine capacity instead of the real life 15-round capacity, and even with its "Extended Magazine" mod it only brings it to 14 rounds. Judging from its ridiculously high Desert Eagle level damage it seems to be chambered in a caliber far larger than 9x19mm (which is the only caliber available), the capacity and high damage show that its stats are a copy-and-paste of the Jericho 941 RPL's stats.

PL-14 Lebedev - 9x19mm
PD2 PL14 left.jpg
PD2 PL14 right.jpg
PD2 PL14 holding.jpg
Iron sights.
Reloading. Inserting a magazine with no bullets. Bullets were later added in a patch.
...and then hitting the slide release.
The PL-14 with its two unique mods, an extended magazine and a "prototype" barrel.

Heckler & Koch P30L(**)

The Heckler & Koch P30L was added in the "John Wick Weapon Pack" alongside the long-awaited UMP-45 and Desert Tech SRS-A1 Covert. It is known in-universe as the "Schäfer & Gewehr Master", or "Contractor" pistol in the game's inventory screen. It can be dual-wielded, which also marks the first ever set of DLC akimbo pistols in PAYDAY 2.

The P30L is a balanced pistol that sits in the same boat as the LEO or Chimano Custom, not super high powered but doing enough damage to reliably kill with 1 headshot. With high concealment plus very good hip-fire aim, the only problem the gun has is low total ammo and a small set of moddable parts.

Heckler & Koch P30L - 9x19mm
A nice clean texture...
that someone smudged up.
Wick preparing to enter the range with his P30L.
Sighting up a target.
After some blasting, Wick runs out of ammo and reloads. First he flicks out the magazine with a super tacticool magflip.
Loading in a full mag. While somewhat hard to notice, like the Glock 26, the barrel is properly shown as tilting.
Then finishing by racking the slide. An observant player may notice this reload sequence was lifted straight out of the movie, being demonstrated during the Red Circle shootout.
The P30L decked out with the "Contractor Compensator" "Tritium Sights" and the "Extended Magazine". Note that the "tritium sights" are actually red fiber-optic sights and are properly depicted as glowing in the dark.
John Wick at the range with his P30L. He was using the weapon at the range before the weapon pack was officially announced.


PD2 P30L Akimbo.jpg
Just about to flick the slide releases on the P30Ls.

FN Five-seveN(*)

The FN Five-seveN FDE with an EFK Fire Dragon threaded barrel was added on Day 6 of the Search for Kento event as the "5/7 AP". As the name would suggest, the Five-seveN is capable of universal armor penetration (despite the real steel only being capable of piercing light kevlar), enabling it to shoot through walls, the breastplates of Maximum Force Responders, and to circumvent the Shield unit's primary means of protection, though damage is reduced for the latter. It also features astounding stopping power for a sidearm, being close to par with some of the game's magnums and revolvers, but only packs three magazines worth of ammunition. The in-game iteration is also under-loaded, stocking 15 bullets in the default 20-rounder magazine and 19 in the optional 30-rounder.

Modifications include a titanium nitride-coated barrel and extended magazine, both of which do not impact its Concealment stat in any way.

FN Five-seveN FDE - FN 5.7×28mm.
PD2 Five-seveN left.jpg
PD2 Five-seveN right.jpg
Jiro looking at some garbage with his Five-seveN.
Aiming the FN57.
Ejecting a magazine.
In with a new one.
John releasing the slide on an customized empty Five-seveN after seeing off some unwanted cops.
Inspecting the custom nitride-treated barrel mentioned earlier.

Luger P08

The Luger P08 was added to the game in the free WWII Weapon Pack update alongside the M1 Garand and MP40. Known in-game as the "Parabellum", it boasts ludicrously high stopping power for a 9x19mm piece, on par with the over-pressured .45 LC Ruger New Vaquero and is just about as accurate, though it also has quite some recoil to it, probably because of its one-handed grip. Unlike most non-revolver pistols in the game, the Luger can't use barrel extensions, therefore making it a poor choice for the sneaky despite its near-stellar Concealment.

Modifications include a thicker barrel for more accurate shot groupings, a shortened one for concealed-carry, and engraved grip panels.

Unlocking the P08 requires the player getting 10 kills with the free melee weapon included in the update.

Luger P08 - 9x19mm Parabellum
The left side of the P08...
...and the right side.
Having busted the P08 out of his butler's antique collection, Hoxton decides to test it out on the safe house's range.
Iron sights. These are tiny and barely visible in the dark.
Hoxton admires the quality of pre-WWI German engineering.
Ditto, right side.
Having emptied the mag at the highly dangerous training dummy, Hoxton drops the spent mag...
...clicking in a new one, and then resetting the toggle lock.

Colt M1911A1

Some of the display cases in the WW2-themed room of the McKendrick Museum seen in the heist "The Diamond" (added along with the aforementioned WWII Weapon Pack) feature unusable Colt M1911A1s.

Colt M1911A1 - .45 ACP
Joy inspects the .45 ACP firearms on display, while holding another one herself.

Colt Defender

The Colt Defender was added to the game on Day 7 of the 10-day Locke and Load community event as the "Crosskill Guard". For a subcompact pistol it has fairly excellent statistics and is perfectly concealable from the get-go, though its stopping power leaves a fair bit to be desired. It also stocks an astounding 17 rounds inside a single-stack 8+1-round magazine.

Modifications include an extended magazine, a lightweight slide, and two options for grips, one of which is the one in the image below.

Colt Defender with Hogue Officer's Model rubber grip - 9x19mm
The model of the "Crosskill Guard", its name displayed prominently on the slide, which also has the Colt Defender's signature "flat face" and large, flush muzzle.
The other side. Note that the slide seems a bit too tall.
Hoxton decides to test his new subcompact piece out on the safe house's range. Note the cocked down hammer. This was originally upright in DAO mode until the patch released on Day 8 fixed it.
The Defender's iron sights.
Admiring the details of the unpatched Defender. In the initial release the hammer was never cocked, implying DAO operation rather than the correct SAO. This has since been corrected, as in the other shots.
Ditto, right side. Note the slight clipping on the grip. Not as bad as the Springfield Armory LO, but clipping nonetheless.
Having emptied the mag at the highly dangerous training dummy, Hoxton drops the spent mag before swiftly getting a fresh one in. The vertical ridge along the magazine's body is a giveaway that this a 9x19mm piece. Also of note is the somewhat skewed positioning of the magazine relative to Hoxton's hand, resulting in it hovering slightly to the side of his thumb rather than being grasped on by the thumb and forefingers.
The slide then shoots forward with a loud snap.


A pair of "Guards".
One is not enough, so Hoxton brought in two.
Instead of aiming, Hoxton decides to just do... this.
He then examines the guns, first looking at the right side of the left gun and the left side of the right gun...
...then the left of the left and the right of the right.
After dumping an impossible 34 rounds at nothing in particular, Hoxton drops off his spent mags...
...and clicks in two new ones. *snap*

Heckler & Koch P7M13

The Heckler & Koch P7M13 was added to the game on Day 2 of the 2018 Breaking News event. Known in-universe as the "Schäfer & Gewehr SG M13", it is nonetheless referred to in the shop interface as the "M13 9mm". Featuring middling stats across the board, the M37 nevertheless is an extremely compact pistol with a base Concealment of 30, allowing the player some leg room in modifying it to suit their needs.

Unique modifications include an extended and externally-threaded barrel for muzzle attachments, and wooden grip panels.

Heckler & Koch P7M13 - 9x19mm
Left side of the "M13", complete with spoofed markings denoting an origin of "STORKELDORF, Germany", likely a reference to the city of Oberndorf am Neckar, which is the real-life location of the H&K headquarters.
The other side.
Hoxton with his German subcompact at the safe house's firing range.
The P7M13's iron sights.
Taking a gander at the rather finely-detailed left side of the slide and frame shows the machined rows of spoofed markings.
Ditto, right side. In contrast to the left side view, the lack of detail on this side is stunning.
After some 13-round magdumps, Hoxton reloads his P7M13 using the exact same technique John Wick did with his P30L.
A few seconds of theatrics later and the slide is let loose into battery.


A pair of P7M13s.
You can never have enough subcompacts these days.
Aiming with the dual P7M13s continues the PAYDAY trend of slightly squinting at nothing in particular.
He then examines the guns, first looking at the right side of the left gun and the left side of the right gun...
...then the left of the left and the right of the right.
Having exhausted his mags, Hoxton dumps them out..
...and clicks in two new ones. *snap*


Revolvers are not a separate category in-game, being a part of the Pistols category.

Taurus Raging Bull

The Taurus Raging Bull returns from the first Payday, again known as the "Bronco .44" but now featuring its full-length barrel by default. It holds 6 rounds and is unlocked at level 6. An early patch added street cops carrying this weapon. It is also notably used by the female FBI Agent enemies in the Hoxton Breakout heist and some mobsters in the Hotline Miami heist.

The Bronco is a solid sidearm for pretty much anything. Need to deal with Snipers when you have a shotgun? Equip the Bronco. Tired of Cloakers? One headshot with the Bronco will deal with them easily. The only issue of the Bronco is the obvious low capacity, low total ammo, and a low pool of unique and useful mods.

Taurus Raging Bull - .44 Magnum
Note that the hammer is in SA mode, but the trigger is in DA. Somehow the hammer cocks itself after each shot.
The flip-side. In stark contrast to the real revolver's prominent markings, the in-game model lacks any sort of writing on the barrel.
Jiro stands outside the safe house trying to get a grasp on his new Brazilian sidearm.
Iron sights, which can be swapped out for any optic in-game.
Reloading. The spent cases drop out by themselves smoothly in perfect formation; normally, the casings expand after firing and stick in the chambers, requiring the use of the ejector rod.
Loading in six new rounds with an invisible speed loader. The Freeman is pleased.
Then snapping the cylinder shut with a flick of the wrist, which is no small feat considering the Raging Bull's frontal latch. This animation is reused on the Taurus 4510 PLYFS.

Taurus 4510PLYFS(*)

The Taurus 4510PLYFS was added to the game as a Crimefest community milestone reward, for having 1 million members in the Payday 2 Steam group. Chambered in .410 Bore and holds 5 shells, it is classed by the game as a shotgun, so handgun skills have no effects on it. It is depicted as being ridiculously powerful, even more so than most of the 12 gauge shotguns, despite it's .410 chambering, much like the similar Taurus Judge in the Max Payne movie. Thanks to sharing its accessories with the other shotguns, it can accept the Silent Killer suppressor, which logically wouldn't work due to the gap between the barrel and cylinder.

Taurus 4510PLYFS - .410 Bore/.45 Long Colt
The Judge in all it's logic defying glory.
A nice touch, the markings that tell you that it's "The Judge".
Wick goes to the range with the mini shotgun.
Iron sights. Note the red fiber-optic insert in the front sight. It does not actually glow in the dark. Also note that the hole in the hammer is the keyhole of Taurus' patented Revolver Security System.
The rail mount for any underbarrel attachments. Note the Brazilian flag and that the shells are too long and clip into the gun.

Ruger New Vaquero(**)

A Ruger New Vaquero with wooden grips appears as the "Peacemaker .45" and is part of the "Butcher's Western Pack" DLC. While the game pretends it's an original SAA, the high damage combo'd with the use of a transfer bar over the original firing pin clues you in that it's a Vaquero. The Vaquero is a really odd gun in the whole lineup, with one of the highest damages of any pistol sidearm, plus solid starting accuracy. However everything else is a downside, including reload time, stability and a hidden accuracy nerf that makes it more effective at range than close up.

Single Action Army with 5.5" barrel aka "Artillery" model with wooden grips - .45 Long Colt
The Vaquero, note the lack of a fixed firing pin on the hammer plus the 2-pin receiver revealing it's a Vaquero.
The higher damage of the Peacemaker might be tied to the New Vaquero's resistance to overpressure handloads.
Dallas inspecting a peculiar sign.
Iron sights. Firing the Peacemaker like this would still prompt the player character to fan the hammer, however, which is not at all different from continuously karate chopping yourself in the nose in reality.
The hammer is fanned incredibly fast, happening almost the second the gun is fired.
Reloading. Instead of using the ejector rod, the player character will flick the gun slightly downwards to drop them out, which isn't the best way to do it.
Loading in a new round.
Lining up the next chamber. Also note the fully-cocked hammer which is mechanically impossible for the original Single Action Army but possible for the Vaquero, another giveaway on what the gun actually is.
After loading up, the rather loose hatch is closed with a flick of the wrist. What's keeping it from falling open again on its own during fire is not explained here.
Ruger Vaquero with blued finish, case hardened frame and 4.62" barrel - .45 LC
The "Shootout Barrel" gives the Vaquero a shorter barrel...
Colt Single Action Army with 12" barrel known as the "Buntline Special" - .45 Long Colt
...while the "Precision Barrel" will lengthen it.
Adding a stock is handy when one needs to shoot Snakes.

Mateba 2006M(**)

The Mateba 2006M was added into the game with the "Alesso Heist" DLC. It's called "Matever .357" in game, a reference to the butchering of the manufacturer's name in the English dub of Ghost in the Shell. The Mateba's a weird gun in the game, being the only revolver that can accept gadgets like laser sights and boasting higher accuracy over the Bronco, but lacking the ability for barrel-extension mods. It's a weird 50/50 split, with the Mateba being better for open gunfights, but suffering heavily when modded for concealment.

Mateba 2006M with 6" barrel - .357 Magnum
PD2 2006M left.jpg
PD2 2006M right.jpg
Sokol and his crew about to raid the Gensec vault during an Alesso concert.
Blasting away at some cops who apparently has not deemed it necessary to shut down the concert despite all the gunfire.
Sokol reloading while enjoying some slow hacking.
Inserting six new rounds of .357 with a speedloader that isn't invisible this time.
Taking down a Dozer.
Continuing the trend of Italian names, the "Pesante barrel" fitted to the 2006M. Pesante can be translated as heavy. This barrel with its barrel weight is exceedingly rare in reality, even more so than an actual 2006M.
Mateba 2006M with 4" barrel - .357 Magnum
The 2006M with the "Medio barrel" which can be loosely translated from Italian as median or middle.

Smith & Wesson Model 29

The Smith & Wesson Model 29 was added to the game on May 4th, 2017 as part of the free "Sangres Character Pack". Known as the "Castigo .44" (Spanish for "punishment"), it notably is the first revolver in the game to support dual-wielding. Stat-wise, it is almost identical to the Bronco .44 (fitting, seeing as they share the same caliber), but with slightly higher base damage and concealment at the cost of worse stability and higher purchase price. However, the Castigo doesn't have nearly the range of attachments that the Bronco has, with a grand total of three to its name - all of which increase Stability or Accuracy by 8. It also has a slightly slower reload.

Modifications include a Kokusai Devil heavy barrel, engraved grip panels, and a special black grip festooned with a black cloth wrapping, a cross, and spikes on the bottom.

Smith & Wesson Model 29 - .44 Magnum. This is the Screen used Model 29, carried and fired by Clint Eastwood in the movie The Enforcer.
Left side preview of the Model 29. This is an older, pre-1982 model as evident by the pinned barrel and recessed cylinder.
The other side of the Model 29. The hammer is always cocked like that.
Hoxton brandishing his mint Model 29 during an armored convoy raid.
Iron sights. These don't glow in the dark, unfortunately.
Reloading. The player characters will actually utilize the extractor rod to dump the casings (very smart!) instead of simply shaking them out of the cylinder. Note that the rod and extractor don't actually move, however, but regardless the casings will still pop out in a neat synchronized formation.
Loading in a new batch of .44 Magnum rounds.
Flicking the cylinder shut, a far less advisable move than the use of the ejector rod.
Hoxton dares the aptly-redshirted GenSec guard to make his day while lamenting the sore lack of Clint Eastwood references the developers could have made with this gun.


Did he fire six shots, or only five? Doesn't matter; he's still got at least six left.

Submachine Guns

The Hardcore Henry update added the ability to Akimbo two SMGs. The dual-wielding works the same as with the pistols, with the two guns being used as a primary weapon.

The SMGs that can be dual-wielded are listed below in their respective entry. All weapons of the SMG category in-game are included in this section except for the AKMSU and the Para 9mm, which are found in the carbines category.

Ingram MAC-11

The "Mark 10" is actually based on a Ingram MAC-11 and a cheap Double Eagle airsoft one at that. It is unlocked at reputation level 2. It holds an incorrect 40 rounds in a short 16-round MAC-11 magazine and the Extended Magazine attachment gives it a 32-round magazine that increases the capacity to 48.

As far as SMG's go, the Mark 10 is the best of the spray and pray crowd, with decent damage and magazine size offset by the gun's high recoil unmodified and it's inherent lack of accuracy. The large magazines plus a deep magazine pool make the Mark 10 a good side arm to any sniper rifle.

Ingram MAC-11 with stock extended - .380 ACP
The left side comes complete with bogus markings.
It comes standard with the sliding stock fully extended but there's no mod that actually allows you to retract the stock or even remove it. The only other option is the Skeletal Stock, which adds an even bulkier stock.
Jiro takes his Mark 10 out for a stroll.
Iron sights, simple and effective for what the gun is intended to do..
Peeking in on the right side of the weapon clearly shows that the bolt is closed, which is incorrect as MAC-11s fire from a open bolt, even though the charging handle is correctly in the rear position.
Reloading. Because the MAC-11 used to share the same first person animation rigging as the MP9 before the latter was changed in Update 79, reloading the weapon will result in the player character dropping out the magazine as if the gun had a thumb mag-release, despite the former having a heel mag-release.
In with a new mag.
And at last pulling the charging handle in a rather strange manner.
The extended 32-round magazine for the MAC-11 which only adds a measly 8 rounds.
The MAC-11 used by various gangsters in-game. Note that it has a unique flashlight attached to it that is never seen used. Also note the tape on the grip.

Heckler & Koch MP5A2

The Heckler & Koch MP5 returns from the first Payday, again known as the "Compact-5". It is unlocked at level 13 and can be modified into many different MP5 models. In-general, the Compact-5 is a solid choice if you need a secondary with deep ammo pools, with solid stability and accuracy only tempered by measly damage.

Heckler & Koch MP5A2 with Navy trigger group - 9x19mm
Left side view of the MP5A2. The preview in question sports a new, updated set of fire mode pictograms. At launch, the MP5 had an A4-style fire control group, albeit an oddly-incorrect three-position one with full-auto, burst and safe, but no semi-auto. More correctly, it used a whited-out semi-auto pictogram as a stand-in for the safety notch.
MP5A4 PD2 new right.jpg
Left side again, this time with a SureFire forend. The flashlight attachment is actually usable.
Wolf running into a T.B.O.U.S in the safehouse bathroom.
Iron sights, sadly cranked to the long range setting. It's recommended you get another sight option to offset the irons.
Pulling back the charging handle on a reload. Rather obviously this is never done during a partial reload, although topping of the MP5 with the bolt forward is rather difficult to do in real life.
Removing the dry mag.
About to load in a new one.
Wolf resorts to gently pushing down the bolt instead of going for the ubiquitous slap to chamber a new round. Update #172 replaced this with the iconic slap.

Heckler & Koch MP5A3

Heckler & Koch MP5A3 with Navy trigger group - 9x19mm
The "Adjustable Stock" turns the MP5A2 into an A3 model.
A Hostage Rescue team member with an MP5A3.

Heckler & Koch MP5SD2

Heckler & Koch MP5SD2 - 9x19mm
The "Ninja barrel" turns the weapon into a MP5SD2.

Heckler & Koch MP5SD3

Heckler & Koch MP5SD3 with S-E-F trigger group and stock extended - 9x19mm
Combining the "Ninja barrel" with the "Adjustable stock" produces an MP5SD3.

Heckler & Koch MP5SD6

Heckler & Koch MP5SD6 - 9x19mm
A member of the new "Zeal Team" posing with an MP5SD6. The real unit in the game uses an MP5A3 with a railed foregrip however.

Heckler & Koch MP5K

Heckler & Koch MP5K with Navy trigger group - 9x19mm
The "Sehr Kurze Barrel" and the "Bare Essentials Stock" produce something similar to the MP5K, missing only the classic integrated "K" vertical foregrip.

Heckler & Koch MP5K with PDW stock

MP5K with the PDW-style folding stock - 9x19mm
Replacing the above's "Bare Essentials Stock" with the "Spartan Stock" from the Gage Spec Ops pack produces a rough approximation of the MP5K-PDW, as it still lacks the foregrip on top of not having the PDW variant's extended barrel. The stock's proportions are also a little bit off compared to that of the real weapon.

Heckler & Koch MP5/10

The MP5/10 with its tell-tale straight box magazine is used exclusively by the Cloaker unit at launch, before the conversion kit was released to players in The Butcher's Mod Pack 2.

Heckler & Koch MP5/10 with 2-round burst trigger group and sound suppressor - 10mm Auto
The "Straight Magazine" turns the MP5A2 into a mostly accurate MP5/10; like the Cloaker's version, it lacks the bolt release.
The unique MP5/10 wielded by the Cloaker enemy. Note that it lacks the bolt release. Despite what appears to be a suppressor on the gun, it has the same loud report as the standard MP5 used by other officers.


Preview of Akimbo Compact-5s. Other than stocks, twin MP5s have access to the same pool of attachments as a single one.
Dallas with his two MP5s.
Aiming the MP5s produces the expected results. At least it's better than nothing...?
Reloading. Somehow dropping the magazines with both hands full.
Reloading. In classic video game fashion, Dallas pulls the guns off-screen and a bunch of noises gives us an idea of the guns are being reloaded, somehow.
Running with twin MP5s (and the AKMSU) gives us this rather different animation, both guns are held up in a reckless fashion.
John Wick brandishes his two MP5KA4s as he's about to rob a bank, remembering the good ol' days. Note the lack of an ambidextrous fire-selector, something that would have been very handy when dual-wielding any gun.

Brügger & Thomet MP9

The B&T MP9 appears as the "CMP" and is unlocked at reputation level 19, in reference to the Steyr TMP lookalike in the Nintendo 64 title Perfect Dark. It has an unfortunate niche in the stat rankings where it's not able to muster enough brawn to plug heavier SWAT in single headshots, but isn't quite small enough to pocket for stealth tasks either. What makes it such a hidden gem are the terrific accuracy and stability for its fire rate, which mean that it can put three rounds into a helmet where other SMGs could only place one before jumping off mark. The quick reload, deep ammo pool and agreeable hipfire performance are just further perks.

Brügger & Thomet MP9 - 9x19mm. Fixed foregrip variant shown.
A farm-fresh CMP. It looks uncannily like the current MP9-NA3 - N for NATO (9x19mm) and A3 for folding stock with gripless rail. The only crimp is the missing fire selection dial. It'd normally sit near the magazine release in thumb's reach, but this one uses the older double-stage trigger contraption.
These accessories are all official B&T extras, excluding the TangoDown vertical foregrip. The 30-round "Extended Magazine" is an option, the Aimpoint Micro TL a.k.a. "Professional's Sight" is officially endorsed by B&T and the massive proprietary "Tactical Suppressor" is a reminder that Brügger & Thomet started out in the business of making silencers. The last one in the bunch come along only recently in the Butcher's Mod Pack. The TMP's Solid Stock is out of place here, however, due to it being a Steyr product; a true MP9 is not naturally compatible with this kind of part due to the molded folding stock hinge.
The typical kinds of extras. The laser light gadgets sit on the left and upside down on the CMP, making the yellow laser module's label much more legible than usual.
Ever the tactical one, Houston kicks off the night raid from atop an optional vantage point. As can be expected for such a low-profile machine pistol, the sights aren't too fast to use over a distance. The aiming modules clamped on the side are much more obtrusive using the irons than with an optical sights, which sit much higher on top of the gun.
Although its new animations are much less showy, even the CMP magazines got their shiny chrome bullets. As usual, the magazine sizes are all over the place, fitting 30 and 42 rounds in the 15-round stub and the 30-round option respectively.
Armed with only an MP5 and a shotgun from the trunk, a trio of beat cops attempt to evacuate a bystander from the mall chaos. Houston gets ready to finish his interruption. Here the bolt seems to have missed the part where it's supposed to be moving along with the racked charging handle.
Coming from below and to the left, the laser sight beam on the CMP disrupts the sight picture much less than with most other guns.
A tased Shield unit helplessly unloads his MP9 against metal. The big tan TangoDown foregrip on the CMP wasn't there from the start - it was added in a patch during the first few months after release, held before that with a tight two-hand grip like the Mark 10 is. The sidearms carried by FBI Heavy Response Shields didn't have to conform to that change.


The FN P90 TR appears as the "Kobus 90" and is unlocked at reputation level 36. It has the highest magazine size of any secondary, but only comes with a total of three mags. If the Long Barrel mod is put on the gun, it will resemble the PS90 TR, the civilian carbine version. As of the First Person Animations Update, the P90's magazine is now translucent and visibly empties as the gun is fired.

The Kobus is a interesting gun, being both useful for stealth and loud. With high concealment and a few mods that benefit damage, the Kobus can be a multi-tool SMG even more-so than the Compact-5, but fails for low total ammo and reload speed.

FN P90 TR - 5.7x28mm
The Kobus in-game, note the error of having the rounds pointed to the right of the mag rather than the left.
Also note the selector is clicked into the semi-auto setting.
Jimmy, high on cocaine, takes his P90 out for some sun-gazing.
Iron sights, these sights are re-used for a number of other guns in the game.
Reloading begins with a swapped mag...
And ends with a quick tug on the charging handle.
FN PS90 - 5.7x28mm
The P90 fitted with the long barrel. It's not quite the same length as the PS90 and it has a standard P90 flash hider.

Thompson M1928(*)

The Thompson M1928 with a 50-round "L" drum magazine was added in the December 3, 2014 patch and is unlocked at level 14 for members of the Payday 2 Steam group. Along with the P90, it has the highest magazine size of any SMG in the game, but its accuracy and damage are rather low without modifications. It is one of 3 select-fire guns (one of two secondaries, alongside the Glock 18) that does not get the fire-mode locking mods.

The Thompson's a tricky gun in-game, being free and cheap plus having good damage and large magazines. However the accuracy is atrocious, and little can be done to remedy that. The sights are cramped, and any sight modification is mounted very far from the shooter making it hard to see, combo with a slow reload and most players just opt for the other options and leave the Thompson for either specific builds or for screwing around.

M1928 Thompson - .45 ACP
Nice touch, you can see the live round in the drum.
The other side for good measure.
Dragan showing up the annual Payday Halloween party with his Thompson, going for that gangster look.
Sighting up a pumpkin, sadly not the sort carved with a submachine gun.
Having emptied the entire 50-round drum, Dragan forcefully yanks it out of the gun, seemingly having no grasp of the concept of a magazine release. He doesn't bother to retract the bolt either, which would lock the drum in place.
The drum removed, showing that it's empty.
About to insert a new drum full of .45 ACP.
Cocking the weapon.