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Movie Poster for Army of Darkness (1993)

Army of Darkness is the 1993 sequel to The Evil Dead and Evil Dead II. The film picks up from the end of Evil Dead II, as Ash (again portrayed by Bruce Campbell) finds himself transported to the Middle Ages and searches for a way to return to his own time. Sam Raimi returned as director and this was the first of the series distributed by a major film studio (Universal Pictures) and the decision was made to not use the title Evil Dead III, but rather to have the film stand on its own. Before its original North American theatrical release, the decision was made to change the film's original filmed ending with the one that takes place in the S-Mart (the original ending can be seen in the "Director's Cut" of the film). After two decades of rumors of continuing the franchise, a semi-reboot produced by both Raimi and Campbell was released in 2013.

The following weapons were used in the film Army of Darkness:


Stoeger Coach Gun

Ash (Bruce Campbell) wields what appears to be a 12 gauge Stoeger Coach Gun that he refers to as his "Boomstick". He identifies it as a Remington, but it is not.

Ash displays his gun to a group of "primitive screwheads" in his famous "This is my Boomstick" scene. He fights the "She-Bitch" soon afterward, has it fired at him by miniature doppelgangers, shoots Evil Ash in the face with it, and uses it once during the final battle. Near the end of the film Ash is seen with the boomstick holstered when he rides off on his horse.

Despite only holding two shells, Ash fires this weapon a total of 3 times without reloading during the "This is my Boomstick" scene. He also fires it 4 times without reloading during the "She-Bitch" fight scene. (Every time he fires both shells the shot changes to something else and some soft clicking is heard. Apparently he's a very fast reloader, especially for a guy with only one hand.)

The Stoeger IGA 20" Coach side by side Shotgun - 12 gauge. A close version, despite a slightly different shape of the receiver. Despite being explicitly named as a "Remington" in the movie, the gun used in the movie is NOT a Remington side by side.
Ash blows smoke off the barrels after shooting Lord Arthur's (Marcus Gilbert) sword in half.
"Alright you primitive screwheads, listen up. You see this? my BOOMSTICK!! It's a 12-gauge double barreled Remington. S-Marts top of the line. You can find this in the sporting goods department."
"That's right this sweet baby was made in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Retails for about $109.95. It's got a walnut stock, cobalt blue steel, and a hair trigger. That's right, shop smart, shop S-Mart."
"Now I swear.....The next one of you primates....even touches me...."
"HYAAAA!!" Ash takes aim at the deadite that crawled out of the pit.
Ash spins his boomstick before holstering it. This shotgun has shorter barrels, they must have used more than one while filming.
"Yo, She-Bitch. Let's go." Ash reloads his shotgun to face the She-Bitch.
The iconic shot of Ash laying the boomstick over his shoulder to shoot the She-Bitch.
Ash shoves the business end of his Boomstick into Evil Ash's face.
"Good......bad....I'm the guy with the gun." Ash shoulders his boomstick after blasting Evil Ash in the face.

Winchester Model 1892

In the theatrical version of the film's ending, Ash is seen wielding a Winchester Model 1892 lever-action rifle with a "Trapper" loop handle when a Deadite appears and begins tearing up the S-Mart in the present day. Despite the fact that most lever-actions hold nine to 13 rounds, Ash fires 37 shots in quick succession without reloading. A possible explanation to this is since he has a mechanical hand he can load and fire at the same time, and rather quickly.

Winchester 1892 - .38-40
The Winchester 1892 right before Ash breaks the glass to obtain it.
"Lady I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to leave the store."
"Name's Ash. Housewares."
Ash rides on a cart while shooting the deadite with extreme speed.
Ash cocking his Winchester 1892 as he pumps a deadite full of lead.
A view down the barrel as Ash shoots at the deadite.
Sideshot of the Winchester 1892.

Sporting Goods Department of S-Mart

When the deadite hits Ash she send him flying right into the Sporting Goods Department of S-Mart. Bad news for her, as Ash obtains a Winchester Model 1892 from one of the cases to combat her. We can see various other arms in the gun section as well.

The gun case where Ash obtains his Winchester 1892. There are 3 other guns inside too, what appears to be Winchester 1866 Yellowboy and a sporterized straight bolt Military surplus rifle (type unknown unless we can see a better view of the receiver)
Another look after he grabs the Winchester 1892, a clear look at the gun on the left can be seen, which looks like an over/under shotgun.
S-Mart's gun section. Multiple long arms and revolvers can be seen. The only revolver that is seen clearly appears to be a Single Action Army or more likely a reproduction version.

Winchester 1866 Yellowboy Carbine

On the far right, we can see a Winchester Model 1866 Yellowboy Carbine, or possibly the Non firing replica gun of the same design.

Winchester Model 1200 Shotgun

On the right case, left most gun is a Winchester Model 1200 shotgun - 12 gauge.

Close up on some of the long arms in the gun cases as Ash gets up.

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