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Hi, I'm dnkakusei: self-proclaimed "gun expert" who's never even shot a real firearm. My main motivation for writing for this site was to give more recognition to Filipino movies, but I have also expanded to doing a lot of Asian media in general, mostly coming from Japan or Korea. This page will detail a bit of info about me and the pages that I have worked on for this site.
Feel free to swing by my sandbox if you want to see my WIP pages and notes. Also check out my Sandbox-2 for projects that don't normally fit the scope of this wiki.

If you'd like to contact me, feel free to check out my Carrd.

Current mood:


This image has been making me laugh for the past few days and appearing in my head at the worst times. Look at it. It's a work of art. We didn't ask for the live-action King of Fighters film but we were still blessed with Ray Park's hilariously edgy-looking Rugal.

A few facts about me

  • My favorite guns are the MP5 and the Beretta 92
  • I discovered this site through the page for Dead Rising when I was playing it for the first time in 2019, but playing Resident Evil 2 (2019) and checking out its page a few months later is what made me a frequent visitor. RE2 Remake also got me into firearms in general, as well
  • As a Filipino, I know about a lot of locally produced trash that's waiting to be documented on this wiki
  • I'm responsible for making the pages of A Hard Day (2014) and its' multiple interational adaptations. It's really strange how this one Korean movie has so many adaptations
  • I'm also responsible for documenting all of Mikhail Red's movies on this site. The ones that aren't present are either deleted/not eligible/not released yet

I made (and wrote most of) these pages

Movies (created/wrote most of)

My personal favorite pages are marked in bold.

TV Series (created/wrote most of)

Guns (created/wrote most of)

Actors (created/wrote most of)

Categories (created/wrote most of)

I created (and did minor work for) these pages

Movies (created/minor work)

Games (created/minor work)

I did a lot of work on these pages

Movies (major contributions)

TV Series (major contributions)

Games (major contributions)

Actors (major contributions)

I also did a bit of work on these pages

Movies (minor contributions)

TV Series (minor contributions)

Games (minor contributions)

Guns (minor contributions)

Actors (minor contributions)

I like these pages

Movies (pages I like)

TV Series (pages I like)

Games (pages I like)

Actors (pages I like)

Guns (pages I like)

People I like

  • TheExplodingBarrel - A real gun (and currency) expert. Thank you for your help and assistance on nearly every single page I've made, especially The Sadness, and for being a great guy in general. :)
  • Closet-Warlock - Writer of the Girls' Frontline sandbox page. It's an almost-definitive page on the guns in that game, and it's great.
  • Jusuchin - Really cool anime pages!
  • Tiger747 - Their screenshots and writing for a bunch of Korean-produced series were invaluable to their pages being written. Also helped me solve a mystery that's been blocking the progress of more than one page. You're a huge help, man. You deserve every single bit of credit I can give you.
  • All my family and friends for supporting me to this day. All of your love, appreciation and encouragement let me get to where I am today.
  • All the people, films and games that got me into firearms.

Special pages (pages I like)

Pages I want to work on / other projects

In the sandbox

In Sandbox-2

Filipino media

  • A Hard Day (2021)
  • Arisaka (2021)
  • Babae at Baril [2019]
  • Birdshot [2016]
  • Block Z [2020]
  • BuyBust [2018]
  • Day Zero [2021]
  • Dead Kids [2019]
  • Manila Skies [2009]
  • ML [2018]
  • Neomanila [2017]
  • Reroute [2022]
  • The Road (2011)
  • Rekorder [2013]
  • Watch Me Kill [2019]
  • Amok [2011]
  • Ang Pangarap Kong Holdap [2018]
  • Dekada '70 [2002]
  • Double Barrel [2017]
  • Evolution of a Filipino Family [2004]
  • Friendly Fire [????]
  • Goyo: The Boy General [2018]
  • The Ghost Bride [2017]
  • Haunted Forest [2017] (Get new screenshots)
  • Heneral Luna [2015]
  • In Just the Wink of an Eye (Kisapmata) [1981]
  • The Janitor [2014]
  • Kubot: The Aswang Chronicles 2 [2014]
  • Leonor Will Never Die [2022] (Screencaps taken, page to be written)
  • Liway [2018]
  • Lola [2014] (Due to this being a short film, I'll be making this one on my sandbox)
  • Maria [2019]
  • Mistah [1994]
  • Mindanao [2019]
  • Mission Unstapabol: The Don Identity [2019]
  • Nilalang (Geisha of Death) [2015]
  • Norte, The End of History [2013]
  • Not Like Us (Di ingon 'nato) [2011]
  • On The Job (series) [2021]
  • Pilapil [2016]
  • Shake, Rattle and Roll XIV: The Invasion [2012]
  • Topakk (Triggered) [2023]
  • Tenement 66 [2021]
  • The Janitor [2014]
  • Tiktik: The Aswang Chronicles [2012]
  • Tragic Theater [2015]
  • Trip Ubusan: The Lolas vs. Zombies [2017]
  • Utopia [2019]
  • Violator [2014] (Screencaps taken, page to be written)
  • Watch List [2019]
  • Way of the Cross [2019]
  • We Will Not Die Tonight [2018]
  • Yamashita: The Tiger's Treasure [2001]
  • You Have Arrived [2019]

Asian media

American media

European media

  • Restless [2022, France]
  • Black Crab [2022, Sweden]
  • Money Heist [2017-2021, Spain]
  • One Shot [2021, United Kingdom]
  • Sisu [2022, Finland]



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