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Dead Rising

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Dead Rising (2006)
Note the disclaimer regarding Dawn of the Dead

Dead Rising is a open world survival horror beat 'em up video game developed by Capcom, initially set as an Xbox 360 exclusive in 2006 before also coming to other consoles and PC years later. It focuses on photojournalist Frank West, who ends up trapped in a shopping mall infested with zombies in the fictional town of Willamette, Colorado, while still attempting to uncover the truth behind the zombie incident.

The following guns were seen in the video game: Dead Rising.


Colt M1911A1

The Colt M1911A1 is found in Gunstore, carried by zombie cops, and used by Brad Garrison and several survivors.

M1911A1 - .45 ACP.
If only this idiot would just shoot himself and be done with it.

FN Five-seveN

A FN Five-seveN is used by Carlito Keyes in the final fight scene with Brad Garrison.

FN Five-SeveN (Original Model), 5.7x28mm
Carlito with his FN Five-SeveN.

SIG-Sauer P228

A SIG-Sauer P228 is used by Brad and Frank in cutscenes (where it replaces the 1911).

Brad give a P228 MAGAZINE to Frank.

Submachine Guns

Micro Uzi

The Micro Uzi is found in various places in mall

Micro Uzi with 32 round magazine - 9x19mm
Frank with a Micro Uzi.

FN P90

The FN P90 is used by Carlito Keyes, not usable by player.

Fabrique Nationale P90 5.7x28mm
Carlito with a P90.


Remington 870 Hardwood Home Defense

A Remington 870 is found in Gunstore and carried by several survivors.

Remington 870 Hardwood Home Defense - 12 gauge

A crazed survivor with a Remington 870, that looks like it hurts...
870s with Remington 700s on the rack.


Hybrid Assault Rifle w/M203

A rifle that resembles US Army's famous Colt M4A1, but with hybrid features such as SA80-like handguard with rails and an FN FAL-style stock. In-game it is referred under the very generic name "Machinegun". It is used by the special forces team and a survivor. Seen attached with an M203 (which seems to be only for decoration), the player gets to wield it later in the game. It has a capacity of 150 rounds.

The Hybrid Assault Rifle in-game
A special forces member with the Hybrid Assault Rifle.
A "drone" with an M4 attached to it

Sniper Rifles

Remington 700

The Remington 700 is found in the gun store and carried by the Hunters. It is equipped with a scope.

Remington 700 .308 Winchester

Barrett M82A1

A Barrett M82A1 is used by Carlito Keyes and his sister. The rifle is the M82A1 model, equipped with the accessory rail of an M82A1M (without the back-up front sight). This weapon is not usable by player.

Barret M82A1 - .50 BMG
Barrett M82A1M - .50 BMG
Carlito fires the hybrid M82A1.
"A big gun, huh?"

Machine Guns

Browning M2HB

A Browning M2 is seen mounted on the back of a Humvee used by escaped convicts. You get to use it once you disable the vehicle.

Browning M2HB on vehicle mount - .50 BMG
The Browning M2 in-game. Note also the incorrect shape and location of the Humvee's headlights, which should be round and further centered toward the grill.

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