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Siren: Blood Curse

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Siren: Blood Curse
Release Date: 2008
Developer: Japan Studio
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Series: Siren
Platforms: Playstation 3
Genre: Stealth Horror

Siren: Blood Curse (known as Siren: New Translation in Japan) is a stealth-survival horror title directed by Keiichiro Toyama of Silent Hill fame and developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment's internal Japan Studio for the PS3. It is an intentionally "Americanized" remake of the original Siren, inspired by similar remakes of Japanese horror films.

The game notably has a larger focus on melee weaponry compared to previous Siren games, with there being far more melee weapons than there are firearms, with the game technically having less firearms than even the original game. It adds features from Forbidden Siren 2 such as signal flares (functioning similarly to the smoke candles used by the military characters in 2) and hunting traps.

Firearms have once again had their functionality altered slightly, firearm reload speeds are no longer effected by how many rounds were actually fired, rifles are back to being manual-aim only (though at least the player can move while aiming now), characters can now use firearms while crouching and auto-aim firearms will now be aimed directly at a Shibito's head for increased damage at point-blank range instead of always center mass.

The following weapons appear in the video game Siren: Blood Curse:


Nambu Model 60

The Nambu Model 60 returns from the original Siren as the ".38 Caliber Handgun". The gun incorrectly holds six rounds and is used by both the player characters and the Shibito. Its most notable user is once again a Police Shibito, Shuji Shimada, a near-identical stand-in for Tetsuo Ishida from the original game, filling in the same story and gameplay purposes as the latter. He is also the only Shibito that won't drop his weapon when taken out. Notably, Shuji also uses the revolver in the live action promotional video "Siren: New Translation Episode 0", though due to the low quality of the footage combined with the revolver only being seen from a distance, it is hard to tell how accurate it is to the in-game model as it's essentially just a small black blur at best in the footage.

New Nambu Model 60 - .38 Special
"A standard-issue .38 caliber revolver that chambers up to 6 rounds".
Holding the Revolver in first person.
The revolver being emptied. 6 bullets are visibly ejected regardless of how many are shot.
The cylinder is opened just before the bullets are replaced (which occurs near-instantly regardless of how many bullets were fired, unlike past games where it'd be faster/slower depending on the number of shots fired) with bullets still visible the in the cylinder even after the gun is emptied.
Seigo Saiga holds the revolver in a promotional screenshot. Oddly, Seigo cannot use the revolver in the final game as he cannot take the revolver from Shuji in regular gameplay.
A "Fly" Shibito holds the revolver in another promotional screenshot. Fly Shibito in the final game do not carry guns except for Shuji.
Seigo aims the revolver at a Fly Shibito.


Double-Barreled Shotgun

A 12 Gauge Double Barreled Shotgun is used mainly by Seigo Saiga. Notably, the shotgun is portrayed as extremely accurate with a tight spread that keeps high damage at a distance unlike a typical video game shotgun; in one of his first scenes, not only is he able to blast Shibito from a long distance away, once the newly-turned Shibito Shuji takes cover in a house, Seigo is able to quickly and accurately blast the door's hinges off and reload his shotgun fast enough to shoot Shuji just after he draws his revolver. Shibito with the shotgun are of a mixed danger level, as the weapon's damage drops off against the player at a distance but a close-range blast will kill the player instantly.

VG Bentley - 12 gauge
"A double-barreled shotgun with a two-shot capacity designed primarily for hunting mid-sized game like deer."
The shotgun in first person just before the game transitions to the "Sniper" view.
Reloading the shotgun in the "Sniper" view used when shooting, only one shell is ejected during the reload animation and it's a reused empty .38 casing from the revolver; removing the two shells and inserting two new ones is only mimed.
Seigo attempting to bash a Shibito with the shotgun's buttsock.
Seigo holding his shotgun over his shoulder like Akira did with his rifle in the original.

Sawed-off Double Barreled Shotgun

The shotgun is also available in a sawed-off version, which trades off the manual sniping mode for faster lock-on aiming; the player is given the ability to manually saw the shotgun down in 2 stages, where it is highly encouraged due to the stages being set in a mine, where close-quarters combat is essential.

Sarasqueta sawed-off shotgun - 12 gauge
"A two-shot capacity shotgun that has had the barrel and stock dramatically reduced for easy carrying and improved maneuverability."
Reloading the sawed-off in first person, due to being fired from the hip this is the only time it's visible in first person.
Aiming the sawed-off at a Shibito in third person.
Howard Wright holds a sawed-off shotgun.


Murata Type 13

A Murata Type 13 appears as the "Hunting Rifle". Unlike Siren 1 which had three different rifles, Blood Curse only has a single rifle. The rifle holds only one bullet, but a new round is quickly inserted when reloading when used by the player/companions. Shibito, however, take longer to reload the rifle. The rifle's bolt is fully animated when reloading unlike previous games in the series, however this is impossible to see when using the rifle yourself, as the first person view doesn't have the bolt visible due to the zoom.

Murata Type 13 - 11x60mmR Murata
"A one-shot capacity bolt-action hunting rifle."
Howard holds his newly obtained Murata Type 13 just before the game zooms into the sniper view.
A Miner Shibito holds a "Hunting Rifle". Apparently, wearing sunglasses at night doesn't hinder a Shibito's ability to snipe. Shibito Snipers are especially dangerous in this game as they'll sometimes kill you outright in one shot.

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