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Heckler & Koch AG36 mounted on Heckler & Koch G36K - 40mm & 5.56x45mm
Heckler & Koch AG36 grenade launcher with handguard - 40x46mm
L123A2 grenade launcher mounted on an L85A2 - 40mm & 5.56x45mm
Heckler & Koch AG-C / GLM - 40mm mounted on Heckler & Koch HK416 - 5.56x45mm. This is the forerunner to the Heckler & Koch M320.
Heckler & Koch AG-C mounted on an M4 carbine - 40x46mm

The Heckler & Koch AG36 (Anbaugranatwerfer 36; "attached grenade launcher 36" with the 36 denoting it was designed for the G36) is a 40mm underbarrel grenade launcher developed by Heckler & Koch. The basic AG36 replaces the host rifle's handguard, while the later AG-C (also known as GLM or EGLM, not to be confused with the FN EGLM) is designed to attach to an underbarrel rail. The British military uses the AG36 as the "L123A2 UGL" on the L85A2 and the AG-C as the "L17A1 UGL" on the L119A1 carbine (the British name for the Diemaco C8).

The AG-C is the basis of the US military's Heckler & Koch M320, and is hard to distinguish from the early XM320 version of this launcher. Modern versions of the AG-C have an under-barrel rail used for mounting a front grip, while the M320 and some versions of the AG36 have a fixed front grip. The key difference between the latter two is the M320 mounts to a rail while the AG36 still uses a replacement handguard.



(???? - present)

  • Type: Grenade launcher
  • Calibers: 40x46mm grenade
  • Weight: 3.31 lb (1.5 kg)
  • Length: 13.8 in (350 mm)
  • Barrel length: 11.0 in (280 mm)
  • Capacity: 1
  • Fire Modes: Single-Shot

The Heckler & Koch AG36 grenade launcher (often seen mounted on a variant of the Heckler & Koch G36 rifle) has appeared in the following films and video games used by the following actors:


Title Actor Character Note Date
Resident Evil Colin Salmon One Mounted on Heckler & Koch G36K 2002
The Matrix Reloaded Merovingian henchman Mounted on Heckler & Koch G36K 2003
Stealth Josh Lucas Lieutenant Ben Gannon Mounted on Heckler & Koch G36K 2005
Punisher: War Zone Ray Stevenson Frank Castle Short-barreled airsoft replica, mounted on M4A1 carbine 2008
Iron Man Faran Tahir Raza Mounted on Heckler & Koch G36K 2008
In Bruges Short-barreled airsoft replica, seen on table 2008
The Expendables 2 Randy Couture Toll Road AG-C mounted on M4A1 carbine 2012

Video Games

Game Title Referred as Mods Notation Release Date
ArmA II L17A2 Mounted on L85A2 Can fire HE, smoke, and flare rounds; added in Operation Arrowhead: British Armed Forces 2010
Project Reality As the "L17A2" Mounted on L85A2, C7A1, and Heckler & Koch G36 Can fire HE, flare, and smoke rounds 2005
Far Cry Mounted on Heckler & Koch G36 2004
Operation 7
Battlefield 2 Mounted on L85A2 2005
Ghost Recon Wildlands As the "Standard Grenade Launcher" 2017


Heckler & Koch HK169 - 40x46mm

An AG36 derivative marketed as the successor to the Heckler & Koch HK69 introduced in 2013. It uses a G36-type folding stock.


Title Character Actor Notation Date
24: Live Another Day Belchek 2014

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