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Browning M1917A1 - .30-06
Browning M1917A1 machine gun with tripod and ammo box - .30-06‎
Colt version of the Browning M1917 water-cooled machine gun - .30-06

The Browning 1917 .30 caliber machine gun is the immediate predecessor of the Browning M1919. This weapon saw heavy use from the opening days of World War I and World War II as well as both the Korean and Vietnam wars due in large part to its reliability and usefulness in the sustained fire role (made possible by the water cooling jacket surrounding the barrel).

The Browning M1917 machine gun can be seen in the following films used by the following actors:



(1917 - ????)

  • Type: Machine Gun
  • Caliber(s): .30-06 Springfield
  • Weight: 103 lb (47 kg) (gun, tripod, water, and ammunition)
  • Length: 38.5 in (980 mm)
  • Barrel length(s): 24 in (609 mm)
  • Capacity: 250-round fabric belt
  • Fire Modes: Full-Auto


Title Actor Character Note Date
Wings WWI American soldiers 1927
Bataan 1943
The Fighting Seabees US Marine 1944
Back to Bataan 1945
Halls of Montezuma Richard Hylton Conroy 1951
The Steel Helmet North Korean Army 1951
The Desert Rats German soldiers 1953
Godzilla Japanese Defense Forces 1954
Merrill's Marauders the Marauders 1962
Up to His Ears (Les tribulations d'un Chinois en Chine) Jean-Paul Belmondo Arthur Lempereur 1965
Ursula Andress Alexandrine Pinardel
OSS 117: Mission for a Killer (Furia à Bahia pour OSS 117) Frederick Stafford Hubert Bonnisseur 1965
Nazis and Indians
The Professionals 1966
The Wild Bunch 1969
Rum Runners (Boulevard du Rhum) U. S. Coast Guard 1971
Bad Man's River (El hombre de Río Malo) Aldo Sambrell Canales 1971
Mexican soldiers
Soldier of Orange 1977
1941 Dan Aykroyd Sergeant Tree 1979
The Professional African prison guards 1981
Exterminator 2 Mounted on Eastland's truck 1984
Commando Iin the hidden armory in 1985
Matewan private detectives 1987
Return from the River Kwai 1988
Farewell To The King 1989
Miller's Crossing 1990
Tae Guk Gi 2004
Public Enemies 2009
Spoils of War 2009
71: Into the Fire South Korean soldiers 2010
Into the White Norwegian soldiers 2012
Gallipoli: End of the Road Australian and Turkish soldiers 2013
The King's Choice Norwegian soldiers Norwegian Colt M/29 2016


Show Title Actor Character Note / Episode Air Date
Mission: Impossible Colt MG38 mounted on truck, "Nitro" (S03E21) 1969
State Border: Film 5, The . . . 1986
Mail Call . . . 2002-2009
The Pacific . US Marines . 2010
Boardwalk Empire . Ku Klux Klan . 2010-Present

Video Game

Game Title Appears as Note Release Date
Desperados: Wanted Dead Or Alive Gatling Gun Anachronistic. 2001
Forgotten Hope 2 2005
Company of Heroes 2006
The Darkness 2007
Red Dead Redemption "Browning Gun" Anachronistic 2010
Red Orchestra 2: Rising Storm 2013
Battlefield 1 "M1917 MG" Introduced in "Turning Tides" DLC (2017) 2016

Kulspruta M/1936

Kulspruta M/1936 - 6.5×55mm.
Another view of the Swedish Kulspruta m1936.
This is the 8mm double anti-aircraft configuration.

The Swedish adopted a version of the M1917 under the name "Kulspruta M/1936". The M/1936 was converted into the (then) standard 6.55mm, but the anti-aircraft version used the 8×63mm Bofors (ptr m/32). In the 1970s the remaining M/1936 were converted to the 7.62×51 mm NATO.

Title Actor Character Note Date
The Callup Swedish soldiers 1979
Beyond the Border Martin Wallström Sven Stenstrom 2011
Antti Reini Wille Jarvinen
Swedish soldiers

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