71: Into the Fire

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71: Into the Fire
포화속으로 / 포화 속으로
Movie poster
Country KoreanFlag.jpg South Korea
Directed by John H. Lee
Release Date 2010
Language Korean
Studio Taewon Entertainment
Distributor Lotte Entertainment
Main Cast
Character Actor
Major Park Mu-Rang Seung-won Cha
Ku Kap-Jo Sang-woo Kwone
Oh Jang-Beom Seung Hyun Choi
Captain Kang Suk-Dae Seung-woo Kim

71: Into the Fire (포화속으로 / 포화 속으로) is a 2010 South Korean war movie. Set during the darkest days of the Korean War, it tells the true story of 71 undertrained South Korean student soldiers who defended the P'ohang-dong girls school against the 766th Vanguard of the North Korean Army over 11 hours on August 11th, 1950.

The following weapons were seen in the film 71: Into the Fire:



Colt M1911A1

The Colt M1911A1 pistol makes an appearance in the hands of Captain Kang Suk-Dae (Seung-woo Kim) during the battle in the prologue. Other US and ROK officers carry it holstered.

Colt M1911A1 - .45 ACP
Cpt. Kang (Seung-woo Kim) holds his Colt M1911A1.
Cpt. Kang fires his .45.
Close-up of the M1911A1.
Cpt. Kang reloads his Colt M1911A1.

Luger P08

One of the 766th Vanguard officers carries a Luger P08, which is odd because most captured German weapons were sent to the Kremlin after World War II.

Luger P08 - 9x19m
The 766th Vanguard Senior Lieutenant (Sangwi, or equivalent of an American Captain OF-2, on the left carries a Luger P08.
Close-up of the Luger.

Nambu Type 14

The Nambu Type 14 pistol can be seen in the hands of several North Korean officers, most notably their commander, Major Park Mu-Rang (Seung-won Cha)

Nambu Type 14 - 8x22mm Nambu
Major Park (Cha Seung-won) draws his Nambu Type 14.
The 766 Independent Infantry Regiment Captain, equivalent to US Amry OF-2 Captain, aims his Nambu at Major Park, accusing him of treason.
Close up of Major Park's pistol.
Mu-Rang fires his Nambu. Note the hammer has drawn back, meaning the weapon has expended it's magazine.

Submachine Guns


Some North Korean soldiers and some students are seen wielding the PPSh-41 submachine guns. Ku Kap-jo (Sang-woo Kwone) fires a captured one during the school battle. Park Mu-Rang (Seung-won Cha) also uses the PPSh during the final battle, notably to kill a Commissar who bosses him around..

Soviet PPSh-41 Submachine Gun - 7.62x25mm Tokarev
A North Korean soldier fires his PPSh-41.
A North Korean soldier fires his PPSh-41 at the student soldiers.
Close-up of the PPSh action.
KPA soldiers firing PPSh's.
A KPA soldier struggles to clear a jam on his PPSh.
A North Korean child soldier with his PPSh-41.
A 766th officer with his PPSh.
Park Mu-Rang (Seung-won Cha) calls his men to arms whilst holding his PPSh-41.
Ku Kap-jo (Sang-woo Kwone) fires his captured PPSh-41.
Kap-jo fires his captured PPSh-41 at North Korean soldiers on the rooftop.


M1 Garand

Most of the South Korean soldiers, U.S. soldiers and student soldiers use M1 Garand rifles, most notably Student Soldier Captain Oh Jang-Beom (Seung Hyun Choi) and Ku Kap-jo (Sang-woo Kwone). This was the main service weapon of the US and Republic of Korea during the war.

M1 Garand - .30-06
An ROK soldier fires his M1 Garand.
A crate of M1 rifles.
An instructor shows the recruits the consequence of not keeping their thumbs clear of the action.
Ku Kap-jo (Sang-woo Kwone) aims his M1 Garand.
A student soldier struggles to work his M1 as his buddies watch.
Oh Jang-Beom (Seung Hyun Choi) aims his Garand.
A pair of sentries on watch with their rifles.
Student MP Dar-young (Hyeong-tak Shin) with his M1 Garand, fitted with an M7 bayonet.
Kap-jo fires his M1 Garand.
1st platoon unleashes a deadly volley of fire with their M1 Garands.
A student soldier reloads his M1 Garand. Note that it appears to be genuine .30 M2 ball being loaded and not blank cartridges.
One student soldier fails to heed Jang-Beom's advice and catches his thumb between the bolt and receiver while reloading.

M1 Carbine

Some of the South Korean soldiers and U.S. soldiers wield the M1 Carbine with both 15 and 30 round magazines. Kang Suk-Dae (Seung-woo Kim) also uses one throughout the film.

Korean-war era M1 Carbine - .30 Carbine
A South Korean soldier carries an M1 Carbine.
The soldier aims his Carbine...
...and fires.
A Carbine lies next to the dead ROK soldier.
An ROK sentry on watch with his Carbine.
The KPA solider behind the barbed wire (bottom right) carries, oddly enough, an M1 Carbine.
Kang Suk-Dae (Seung-woo Kim) jumps from a jeep with his Carbine.
Suk-Dae with his M1 Carbine.
Suk-Dae aims his Carbine.
The photographers Carbine lies supported against the chair.

Mosin-Nagant M1891

Most of the North Korean soldiers use the Mosin Nagant M1891. Near the end of the film, Oh Jung-Beom (Seung Hyun Choi) and Ku Kap-jo (Sang-woo Kwone) also use captured rifles against North Korean soldiers.

Full-length, Mosin Nagant M1891 - 7.62x54mmR
A North Korean sniper with a Mosin Nagant M1891.
The sniper takes aim at the student soldiers.
Close-up of the rifle barrel.
Two North Korean soldiers fire their rifles. A Mosin Nagant barrel is seen on the left of the picture.
A KPA soldier works the bolt on his rifle.
A North Korean soldier whirls around after hearing gunfire...
...only to be dropped by Kap-jo's M1.
North Koreans are cut down whilst carrying Mosin Nagant rifles.
Ku Kap-jo (Sang-woo Kwone) fires his captured PPSh-41. A Mosin Nagant M1891 is seen on his back.
A KPA soldier with a Mosin Nagant.


The SKS is used by KPA soldiers in the film.

SKS rifle - 7.62x39mm
A North Korean soldier fires his SKS rifle.
A North Korean soldier bayonets an ROK soldier with his SKS.
A KPA soldier fires his SKS.
A student soldier with a captured SKS.

Machine Guns

Browning M1917

ROK soldiers fire a Browning M1917 during the opening battle.

Browning M1917 - .30-06
A South Korean machine gun crew firing a Browning M1917.
The M1917 in a sandbagged barrier.

Browning M1919A4

The Browning M1919A4 is seen used by ROK soldiers during the opening battle. An M1919A4 fitted with a custom bipod can be seen on a guard post at the P'ohang-dong school.

Browning M1919A4 fitted with bolt latch - .30-06
A South Korean machine gun crew set up a Browning M1919A4. Note the conical flash hider.
ROK soldiers fire an M1919A4 from a rooftop defense position.
The gun crew reloading.
An ROK MG crew stand by to fire.
A .30 cal fitted with a bipod can be seen on the sandbags as the guard post at P'ohang-dong school.
A South Korean soldier fires the Browning M1919A4 from atop a Deuce-and-a-Half truck.

Degtyaryov DP-28

The Degtyaryov DP-28 is used by North Korean soldiers. Ku Kap-jo (Sang-woo Kwone) and Oh Jang-Beom (Seung Hyun Choi) also use this gun to kill North Korean soldiers on the rooftop.

Degtyaryov DP-28 - 7.62x54mmR
A Degtyaryov DP-28 can be seen in the truck.
A North Korean soldier fires the DP-28 from an Armored Car.
Ku Kap-jo (Sang-woo Kwone) fires a DP-28 from a North Korean Half-track.
A KPA soldier fires the DP-28 from the turret of an M4A4E8 Sherman - an odd choice for the North.
A DP-28 on the rooftop.
Kap-jo fires the DP-28.
Kap-jo places his captured DP-28 on the ground to reload.
Oh Jang-Beom (T.O.P) reloads the DP-28.
Jung-Beom fires the DP-28.
Jang-Beom firing the DP-28.

Maxim M1910/30

Ku Kap-jo (Sang-woo Kwone) uses a Maxim M1910/30 mounted on top of a North Korean Half-track. It is later dismounted and used on the rooftop by Kap-jo and Oh Jung-Beom (Seung Hyun Choi).

Russian Maxim 1910/30, post 1941 manufacture with top hatch on cooling jacket allowing it to be filled more quickly or with snow - 7.62x54mmR
North Korean soldiers set up a wheel-mounted Maxim M1910/30.
The KPA gun crew in action.
Ku Kap-jo (Sang-woo Kwone) fires the Maxim M1910/30 from the North Korean Half-track. One hand on the trigger, the other handling the ammunition belt.
"Show us your war face!"
Oh Jung-Beom (T.O.P) fires the Maxim from the rooftop machine gun nest.
Close-up of the Maxim.
Kap-jo mowing down KPA soldiers with the M1910/30.
Ku Kap-jo (Sang-woo Kwone) struggling to clear a jam.


M20B1 "Super Bazooka"

An M20B1 "Super Bazooka" is used by Kang Suk-Dae (Seung-woo Kim) to destroy a North Korean tank.

M20 "Super Bazooka" - 3.5" Rocket
US soldiers open up a crate of M20B1 "Super Bazooka" anti-tank launchers. Note the writing on the crate: "8 Rockets, AT .35 IN".
The Bazookas in the crate. The launcher on the right is an M20B1, whereas on the one on the left is either a mockup or a different model.
Kang Suk-Dae (Seung-woo Kim) aims the M20B1.
Suk-Dae firing the "Super Bazooka".

M18 Recoilless Rifle

A North Korean soldier uses an M18 Recoilless Rifle to destroy a machine gun nest in the opening battle. This could be the Type 36, the ChiCom designation for the M18.

M18 Recoilless Rifle - 57mm
A North Korean soldier runs for cover with an M18 Recoilless Rifle.
The KPA soldier fires the Recoilless.

M2 Mortar

The M2 Mortar is discovered in an abandoned barn by the student soldiers, and used in the P'ohang-dong battle. North Korean soldiers fire it during the opening battle.

M2 Mortar - 60mm
North Korean soldiers fire the M2 Mortar.
An M2 Mortar in a crate.
The M2 Mortar rigged up to a chair, in lieu of a tripod.
A student soldier fires the Mortar.
The mortar firing.
A student soldier with two 60mm rounds, used as an improvised anti-tank weapon.


Mk 2 Hand Grenade

The student soldiers also use the Mk 2 Hand Grenade against North Korean soldiers along with their M1 Garand rifles, rigged up to a length of rope as a booby trap.

Mk 2 High-Explosive Fragmentation Hand Grenade
Kang Suk-Dae (Seung-woo Kim) hands a Mk 2 Hand Grenade to Oh Jung-Beom (Seung Hyun Choi).
A student soldier inspects a Mk 2.
An ammunition crate filled with Mk 2 grenades.
Say goodbye to the potatoes.
Mk 2 grenades rigged to fuel cans.
Pulling the pins on the Mk 2 booby traps.

Type 67 Stick Grenade

KPA soldiers carry the Type 67 Stick Grenade. It is never seen used in the movie though.

Type 67 High-Explosive Fragmentation Stick Grenade
The KPA soldier on the right has two Type 67 Stick Grenades on his belt.

Original poster

The original Korean movie poster.

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