Gallipoli: End of the Road

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Çanakkale Yolun Sonu
Gallipoli: End of the Road
Movie poster
Country TRK.jpg Turkey
Directed by Kemal Uzun
Serdar Akar
Release Date 2013
Language Turkish
Studio Aydin Film
Distributor Warner Bros.
Main Cast
Character Actor
Sniper Mushin Gürkan Uygun
Hassan, Mushin's brother Umut Kurt
Nurse Behice Berrak Tüzünataç
Capt. Ibrahim Adil Fikret Yildirim Urag
Sgt. Enver Çavuş Emir Çiçek
Eyüp Mehmetcan Diper
Kostas Inanç Koçak
Cpl. William Eagle Ben Warwick
Lt. Rush Dean Baykan
Major Steward Stephen Chance

Gallipoli: End of the Road (Original title: Çanakkale Yolun Sonu) is a 2013 Turkish war drama from the First World War, depicting the battle of two elite sniper during the Battle of Gallipoli. Starring Gürkan Uygun as turkish sniper Mushin and Ben Warwick as Australian sniper William Eagle.

The following weapons were used in the film Gallipoli: End of the Road:



Walther P38

The Australian officer, who led attack on Turkish defense, holds a Walther P38 in his hand. Also Lt. Rush (Dean Baykan) carries this anachronistic pistol during WWI. It probably mocked as Luger P08 used in the army of the Ottoman Empire.

Walther P38 WWII dated with black grips - 9x19mm
The Australian officer holds during the attack on the Turkish coastal defense line a Walther P38 in hand.
This pistol in hand of the Australian has intent to act as a captured Luger P08.
Lt. Rush (Dean Baykan) insert his sidearm into holster on the belt.

.577 Boxer Revolver (Replica)

Various characters, include Turkish first commander and the ANZAC commander Major Steward (Stephen Chance), are seen with an revolvers. They remind .577 Boxer revolver (produced by Webley, as well as Tranter and Adams) but it has a number of different details, which implies that it is a some kind of replica (possibly molded from plastic or silumin and non-firing).

The first Turkish commander during battle on a beach holds revolver. A similar later used also Capt. Adil (Fikret Yildirim Urag) (eere is not screen, he used gun only during a night's fight).
The Turkish commander during the first battle on beach with his sidearm.
Commander of the troops ANZAC Major Steward (Stephen Chance) and his aide aims at Mushin by revolvers.

Unidentified revolvers

Various characters are seen with an unidentified revolvers.

Aide of ANZAC commander aims at Mushin by unidentified revolver. It looks like some top-break, such as Smith & Wesson New Model No.3.


Springfield M1903A3 Rifle

Most Turkish soldiers, include Eyüp (Mehmetcan Diper), Kostas (Inanç Koçak), Mushin (Gürkan Uygun), his brother Hasan (Umut Kurt) and also Capt. Adil (Fikret Yildirim Urag), are armed with anachronistic Springfield M1903A3 rifles, apparently standing for the 1903 Turkish Mausers.

An M1903A3 Rifle manufactured by Remington Arms for use during World War II. Note the C-type pistol-grip stock - .30-06
Turkish soldiers Eyüp (Mehmetcan Diper) (left) and Kostas (Inanç Koçak) with others soldiers in defensive line-up on the coast ...
... fire from their M1903A3 rifles on Anzac invasion forces.
Sniper Mushin (Gürkan Uygun) in his first action wraps rifle in a green cloth to blend in with the surroundings.
Hasan, Mushin's brother (Umut Kurt) became a sniper, when he serving as quartermaster and saved the life of commander.
Capt. Adil (Fikret Yildirim Urag) during the final fight took in his hand also the rifle.

Gewehr 1888

Some Turkish soldier carry also Gewehr 1888 rifles on their back.

Gewehr 1888 in original configuration - 7.9x57mmI Patronen-88
Behind soldier carrying Gewehr 1888 go from left to right: Sgt. Enver Çavuş (Emir Çiçek), Hasan (Umut Kurt), Musnin (Gürkan Uygun).

Carcano M91 Rifle as Mosin Nagant M1891

Cpl. Mushin (Gürkan Uygun) receive from his commander, Capt. Adil (Fikret Yildirim Urag), a Carcano M91 rifle with a scope mocked as Full-length Mosin Nagant M1891.

Carcano M91 Long Rifle - 6.5x52 mm
Full-length, Imperial Russian Mosin Nagant M1891 - 7.62x54mm R
Captain Adil assigned to Mushin his best sniper rifle - Russian Imperial Russian Mosin Nagant M1891.
However, this is only the successfully modified Carcano M91 rifle ...
... but with a different bolt handlem taken from another model.
Sniper Mushin in first action with his new weapon.

Carcano M91/38 Short Rifle (modified)

The Australian sniper Cpl. Eagle (Ben Warwick) used a modified Carcano M91/38 Short rifle with a scope.

Carcano M91/38 - 6.5x52 mm. Model 38 (Fucile di Fanteria Mod. 1938) in 7.35×51mm caliber is very similar.
The rifle has removed the magazine.

Carcano M91/38 Short Rifle as Lee-Enfield No.1 Mk.III*

Australian soldiers use a Carcano M91/38 Short rifles mocked as Lee-Enfield No.1 Mk.III*.

Carcano M91/38 - 6.5x52 mm
Lee-Enfield No.1 Mk.III* - .303 British
The Australian sniper rifle was fitted with an optical sight with a long tube.

Percussion Shotgun

The hunter Mushin (Gürkan Uygun) teaches his son Ali (Enes Egemen Güzel) shoot from a Percussion shotgun.

Double Barreled Percussion Shotgun - 10 Gauge

Machine Guns

Vickers MK1 Machine Gun

The one of landing craft of Australian Army is equipped with a Vickers Gun.

Vickers gun with ribbed water jacket - .303 British

Browning M1917

A Browning M1917 machine gun is used by ANZAC troops and by Turkish gunners also.

Browning M1917 - .30-06
Australian soldier serves as a belt feeder for the Browning M1917 on the landing craft.
A Browning M1917 is seen also in the Turkish machine-gun nest.

Hand Grenades

Model 24 hand grenade

The Model 24 Stielhandgranate is used by Turkish soldiers Eyüp (Mehmetcan Diper) (left) and Kostas (Inanç Koçak). This model was manufactured from 1924, in WWI is anachronistic. It should be a Model 17 Stielhandgranate, but M17 dummy grenades were unavailable.

Model 24 Stielhandgranate "Potato Masher" high-explosive fragmentation hand grenade

Unidentified grenade

Cpl. Mushin (Gürkan Uygun) destroys munitions depot of Australian Army by unidentified grenade.


Unidentified cannon

The ANZAC commander Major Steward (Stephen Chance) fired the cannon at position of Turkish snipers.


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