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Circus of Fear

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This article currently has one or more unidentified weapons.
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Circus of Fear
Circus of Fear Poster.jpg
Original British Poster
Country UKD.jpgUK
GER.jpg West Germany
Directed by John Llewellyn Moxey
Werner Jacobs
Release Date 1966
Studio Circus Films
Distributor Warner-Pathe Distributors
Constantin Film
Main Cast
Character Actor
Gregor Christopher Lee
Inspector Elliott Leo Genn
Barberini Anthony Newlands
Carl Fleming Heinz Drache
Eddie Eddi Arent
Manfred Hart Klaus Kinski
Gina Margaret Lee
Natasha Suzy Kendall
Sir John Cecil Parker

Circus of Fear (German title Das Ratsel des silbernen Dreieck ("The mystery of the silver triangle"); also released as Psycho-Circus) is a 1966 British-German detective movie directed by John Llewellyn Moxey (the English version) and Werner Jacobs (the German version) and starring Christopher Lee, Suzy Kendall, Leo Genn and Klaus Kinski. The plot is based on the 1928 novel "Again the Three Just Men" by Edgar Wallace. An armoured car is robbed in London. One of the robbers who tries to escape with the money is killed by an unknown knife-thrower. The trail leads the police to the travelling circus. One of the suspects is tamer Gregor (Christopher Lee) who always wears a black mask as his face has been disfigured due to attack of a lion.

The British version was released in color while the German one - in B&W.


The following weapons were used in the film Circus of Fear:


Colt Police Positive

Gregor (Christopher Lee) owns a Colt Police Positive revolver.

Colt Police Positive with 4" Barrel - .38 Special
A close-up of Gregor's Colt.
Gregor confronts Carl.
Another view of the same scene.
Same scene on the promotional image.



A suppressed M1911A1 pistol is used by a robber (George Fisher) in the opening scene.

M1911A1 with removable suppressor - .45 ACP.
The robber aims the pistol at guards in the van. The "suppressor" is obviously fake.
Another view of the pistol.

Unidentified pistol

Due to a continuity error, the robber's M1911A1 switches to a different pistol that is some compact M1911-style gun.

The robber holds the guards at gunpoint. The shape of this gun differs from previously seen 1911, and the barrel is shorter.
Mason (Victor Maddern), a guard who turns out to be the accomplice of the robbers, grabs the pistol and aims it at his partner.
Jackson (Tom Bowman), the leader of the gang, takes the pistol from Mason. It can be seen that the suppressor is screwed inside the barrel, as it is common with screen fake suppressors.
In the scene in the gang's hideout same pistol is in hands of a red-haired robber (Nosher Powell).

Beretta M1934

Manfred Hart (Klaus Kinski) holds a Beretta M1934 pistol when he is killed. In the climactic scene Eddie (Eddi Arent) draws a Beretta M1934.

Beretta M1934 - .380 ACP
The Beretta is seen in Manfred's dead hand.
Eddie draws the pistol.
He aims the gun.

Other Weapons

Mk 2 hand grenade

During the robbery, Jackson (Tom Bowman) uses a Mk 2 hand grenade that is depicted as a gas grenade with stunning gas.

Mk 2 training grenade (the blue training color has been painted to look like a live Mk 2)
Circus of Fear-Grenade-1.jpg
Jackson readies the grenade and throws it in the guards' car.
The grenade emits "stunning gas".

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