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Grand Theft Auto V
Gta v logo.jpg
Box Art
Release Date: September 17th, 2013
Developer: Rockstar North
Publisher: 2K Games
Series: Grand Theft Auto
Platforms: Playstation 3
Xbox 360
Genre: Third-Person Shooter

Grand Theft Auto V (also known as GTA5 or GTAV) is the fifth installment of the Grand Theft Auto series being developed by Rockstar North, and published by Rockstar Games. The game was announced October 25, 2011 with its trailer debuting on November 2. The game was released on September 17th, 2013.

The following weapons can be seen in the video game Grand Theft Auto V:



Advanced Taser M26

An Advanced Taser M26 is available as the "Stun Gun". It has unlimited ammunition, and fires a shot every 3 seconds, which is the time it takes for the power meter to be recharged from 0 to 100.

Advanced Taser M26
The in-game Taser.


The fully-automatic "AP Pistol" bears a resemblance to the Colt SCAMP, but is depicted with a traditional pistol slide. It holds 18 rounds in its magazine (36 with the "Extended Clip" attachment). During the rappelling part in "Three's Company", Michael erroneously uses it in 3-round burst mode.

Colt SCAMP - .22 SCAMP
The in-game "AP Pistol".
"Get us out of here !"

"Combat Pistol"

What appears to be a combination of the Heckler & Koch P2000 and the Beretta Px4 Storm is available as the "Combat Pistol". It holds 12 rounds in its magazine (16 with the "Extended Clip" attachment).

Heckler & Koch P2000 - .40 S&W
Beretta Px4 Storm - 9x19mm
The in-game Combat Pistol.

Desert Eagle

A Desert Eagle is available as the "Pistol .50" as a special edition bonus weapon. It holds 9 bullets in the magazine, which should make it a .357 Magnum (.50AE Desert Eagles hold 7 rounds). It incorrectly has an optional extended magazine of 12 rounds. Furthermore, the weapon model lacks the long beaver-tail of an actual Desert Eagle and has a trigger guard that bears more resemblance to the PT92.

IMI Desert Eagle Mark XIX with brushed chrome finish - .50 AE
The in-game Desert Eagle.
Franklin wielding the Desert Eagle. In this beta image, the gun had its standard finish instead of the chrome one.

Entreprise Arms Wide Body 1911

The Entreprise Arms Wide Body 1911, released with the "Business Update" DLC, appears as the "Heavy Pistol". It has a miniature red dot sight on the slide, but it doesn't add any aiming bonuses for the player due to being modeled on the weapon rather than an accessory that can be attached and removed. Comes with an erroneous 18 round magazine and can be upgraded with a ridiculous 36 round extended magazine, as well as the usual pistol mods (suppressor and weapon light).

Entreprise Arms Wide Body 1911 - .45 ACP
The in-game Wide Body 1911.

FN Model 1922

What appears to be a FN Model 1922 is available as the "Vintage Pistol" with the "I'm Not a Hipster" DLC. It holds 7 rounds (14 with the "Extended Clip" attachment), and can also be fitted with a suppressor.

FN Model 1922 - .32 ACP
The In-Game "Vintage Pistol"
The "Vintage Pistol" in the official image of the DLC

"SNS Pistol"

The "SNS Pistol" is available with the "Beach Bum Pack DLC" and seems to be a Colt Junior with some design elements also similar to the AMT Backup. It holds 6 rounds in its magazine (12 with the "Extended Clip" attachment).

Colt Junior - .25 ACP
AMT Backup - .380 ACP
The in-game "SNS" Pistol

Taurus PT92AF

The "Pistol" is a Taurus PT92AF. It holds 12 rounds in its magazine (16 with the "Extended Clip" attachment), while its real counterpart holds 17 (though the 12-round magazine would be correct for the compact variant, the PT92C). In-game it is incorrectly referred to as being .45 caliber instead of 9x19mm. However, in the mission "Complications", Michael correctly refers it to a 9mm. In GTA Online, players are automatically given one of these pistols at the start of every session.

Taurus PT92AF - 9x19mm
The in-game Taurus PT92AF.
Micheal makes a good first impression on Franklin with the help of his PT92AF.
During an important plot moment, Trevor pulls out a PT92AF.


"Assault Shotgun"

The "Assault Shotgun" is largely based on the UTAS UTS-15 with the addition of a box magazine and some other modifications such as a longer stock and relocating the barrel to the position the magazine tubes normally occupy. The original UTS-15 has a manual pump-action; however the "Assault Shotgun" is depicted as fully-automatic. Note that the "Assault Shotgun" behaves identically to an actual AA-12, notably due to the fully-automatic fire and the availability of 8-round box and 32-round drum magazines.

UTAS UTS-15 - 12 gauge
The in-game "Assault Shotgun".
The loading door of the UTS-15 operates as the ejection port of the "Assault Shotgun. However, as the gun is fitted with a box magazine located significantly ahead of the ejection port, this arrangement makes little mechanical sense.
The player character reaching over the shotgun to work the charging handle, which has been added to the right side of the receiver.

Kel-Tec KSG

The Kel-Tec KSG is a bonus weapon available in the Special Edition of the game as the "Bullpup Shotgun". It comes with a 14-shell capacity, and like all games that feature the KSG, its 2 magazine tubes are depicted, mechanically, as a single long tube. Like the other pump-action shotguns, it is reloaded with just one shell.

Kel-Tec KSG - 12 Gauge
The in-game KSG.

Mossberg 590 Compact Cruiser

The "Pump Shotgun" in the game resembles a Mossberg 590 Compact Cruiser with a heat shield and a Magpul CTR stock; it comes with an 8-shell magazine capacity. The reloading animation depicts only one shell being inserted, regardless the number of shells needed. It is the standard shotgun of the LSPD and the LS County Sheriff's Department.

Mossberg 590 Compact Cruiser - 12 Gauge
Mossberg 590A1 Tactical Tri-Rail - 12 Gauge. For comparison
The in-game Mossberg 590 Compact Cruiser.
A Los Santos County deputy sheriff with a Mossberg 590 Compact Cruiser during the Paleto Bay heist.

Saiga 12K

The Saiga 12K appears with a folding stock as the "Heavy Shotgun", added with the "Last Team Standing Update" DLC. It holds 6 Slug shells in its magazine (12 with the "Extended Clip" attachment) and can also be fitted with a flashlight, a suppressor and an angled Magpul AFG2 foregrip.

Saiga 12K - 12 Gauge
The in-game Saiga 12K.

Serbu Super Shorty

The "Sawed-Off Shotgun" in the game resembles a Mossberg based Serbu Super Shorty (unlike in the previous GTA games, where it appeared as a double-barreled shotgun), but is slightly longer and features a traditional style pump. It comes with an 8-shell capacity (while a shotgun this size would only be able to hold somewhere between 2 and 4), and like with the larger Mossberg the reloading animation shows only one shell being inserted. It is uniquely capable of being used on motorcycles, buses and boats as a driveby weapon. In GTAV's online component, this weapon replaces the "Assault SMG" as the free weapon for Rockstar Social Club members, with the Assault SMG being a rank-based unlockable for all players.

Serbu Super Shorty - 12 Gauge
The in-game Sawed-Off Shotgun.
Trevor with a Serbu Super Shorty as first responders arrive at the bank.

Submachine Guns

Heckler & Koch MP5A3

The Heckler & Koch MP5A3 appears as the "SMG". It holds 30 rounds in a 15-round magazine, and 60 in the 30-rounder.

Heckler & Koch MP5A3 with Navy trigger group, railed handguard, RIS foregrip, and M68 Aimpoint red dot scope - 9x19mm
The in-game MP5.
The MP5 being fired by a male player in multiplayer.

Mini Uzi

The Mini Uzi is available as the "Micro SMG", and it can be fitted with a 16 or 30 round magazine. The beta version had an incorrectly slanted magazine, but this has been corrected in the final game. When the Scope attachment is added, the character unfolds the stock and properly shoulders the weapon, otherwise, the stock is folded and the weapon is fired from the hip.

IMI Mini Uzi - 9x19mm
The in-game Mini Uzi.
Trevor with a Mini Uzi in the beta version.

Thompson M1928A1

This gun is available with the Valentine's Day Massacre Special DLC as the "Gusenberg Sweeper". It seems to be a Thompson M1928A1 with a drum magazine that incorrectly holds 30 rounds. The extended clip attachment ups the ammo count to the correct 50 rounds. It shares an ammo pool with the belt-fed machine guns instead of the sub-machine guns.

M1928A1 Thompson with 50-round drum magazine - .45 ACP
The in-game M1928A1 Thompson.
The "Gusenberg Sweeper" in the official image of the DLC.

Rifles & Muskets

Antique Musket

An Antique Musket is added with the "Independence Day" DLC. This Musket barely resembles a Land Pattern Musket and it has a semi-pistol grip instead of a straight grip. Like most weapons of the era, it has a very low rate of fire, taking around 7 seconds to prepare a new round for firing.

Original "Short Land Pattern" Brown Bess musket made 1768-1805 - .75 caliber
The in-game Musket
A player with the Musket

Assault Rifles

"Assault SMG"

This fictional assault rifle (classified in-game as an SMG) is a bonus unlock for players who join the Rockstar Social Club; it bears a resemblance to several real guns, particularly the Magpul PDR-C and FN P90 TR. It can be fitted with a 30 or 60 round magazine. In the online component of the game, this weapon is a rank-based unlock for all players, with the Serbu Super Shorty (Sawed-Off Shotgun) replacing it as the free weapon for Social Club members.

Magpul PDR-C with 20-round Magpul PMag and red dot sight - 5.56x45mm NATO
FN P90 TR - 5.7x28mm
The in-game Assault SMG.
Trevor holding the Assault SMG.

Custom AR-15 Carbine

The "Carbine Rifle" is a custom AR-15 carbine consisting of an ACE skeleton stock incorrectly portrayed as collapsible, Northtech Billet lower receiver with an ergonomic pistol grip, VLTOR upper receiver, a handguard resembling the Daniel Defense MFR 9.0, and a 10.5" barrel with an AAC Blackout flash hider. Its sights are a "simplified" A2 type fixed rear sight and a Troy folding front battle sight. It can be fitted with an ELCAN SpecterDR scope, flashlight, 30 or 60 round magazine, a Magpul AFG2 foregrip, and a sound suppressor.

The in-game "Carbine Rifle" - 5.56x45mm
Photoshopped AR-15 from GTA V by PaulD21x - 5.56x45mm
In this beta image, the magazine is missing from the rifle.
Another shot of the Carbine Rifle in the bank.
Franklin chambering a fresh round in the gameplay trailer. Unlike previous games, the protagonist actually drops the magazine, pulls back on the charging handle, and (at least in this case) ejects a round as he is chambering mid-mag. A Magpul AFG2 can be seen on the weapon in this shot.
Michael with the AR-15 accessorized with an ELCAN SpecterDR scope, Magpul AFG2, extended magazine, and sound suppressor. Note that the folding front sight is not folded down when the ELCAN is mounted.

Heckler & Koch G36C

The Heckler & Koch G36C, called the "Special Carbine" in-game, is part of the Business Update DLC. It erroneously has a 6 vent-holes on the short C handguard, and utilizes straight metal magazines similar to the Galil 7.62 ARM. It also has a custom charging handle that juts out on both sides of the weapon, rather than a flush charging handle.

Heckler & Koch G36C - 5.56x45mm
The in-game G36C.

IMI Compact Tavor CTAR-21

The "Advanced Rifle" appears to be a IMI Compact Tavor CTAR-21 with a raised scope mount. It has an open pistol grip with a traditional trigger guard (similarly to the MTAR-21) instead of the real CTAR-21's closed handguard. A screenshot previously released by Game Informer showed a more correctly modeled CTAR-21 with a green finish. It can be fitted with a red dot sight, flashlight, suppressor, and a 30 or 60 round magazine.

IMI Compact Tavor CTAR-21 with ITL MARS red dot sight - 5.56x45mm
The in-game CTAR-21.
Michael with a correctly modeled CTAR-21 from an old screenshot.
Michael firing a CTAR-21. Note the RIS rail instead of the scope. There is a rear sight attached, but no front sight, which would make aiming difficult.
GTAV TAR-21.jpg
A closer shot of the CTAR-21, showing that the D-guard is no longer present.

Norinco Type 56-2

The "Assault Rifle" is a Norinco Type 56-2 with an aftermarket TAPCO Intrafuse handguard and ergonomic pistol grip. It can be fitted with a red dot sight (which resembles an Aimpoint Micro T1), Magpul AFG2, flashlight, suppressor (based on the PBS-1 suppressor of the AKS-74U), and a 30 or 60 round magazine.

Norinco Type 56-2 - 7.62x39mm
The in-game Type 56-2.
Beta Norinco Type 56-2 with sound suppressors.
Beta Norinco Type 56-2 with sound suppressors. Note Michael in the back, displaying excellent trigger discipline.
Lamar hiding behind a car during a street gang fight with a Type 56-2, identifiable by the full ring front sight.
Trevor firing an unmodified Type 56-2 while riding on the wing of a plane. In this instance, the gun has unlimited ammunition.
Concept art showing rifles. This image appears in the game as a loading screen.


The QBZ-95-1, referred to as "Bullpup Rifle" in-game, is added with the "High Life Update" as a part of the "GTA online Spring Update". In-game it is said to be a Chinese import. Its front sight is recycled from the GTA IV Carbine Rifle's, and the weapon uses a magazine similar to the Type 56's.

Norinco QBZ-95-1 - 5.8x42mm or possibly 7.62x39mm
The in-game QBZ-95-1.
An official image of the DLC.

Machine Guns

GE M134 Minigun

A handheld GE M134 Minigun is available for the heavy weapon slot; the weapon is shown with no power supply or ammo feed, and loads every round the player has at once (a maximum capacity of 9999 rounds). The Buzzard helicopter also mounts a pair of M134 Miniguns on the stub wings. The M134 is also an available weapon in Righteous Slaughter 7.

Airsoft handheld M134 Minigun - (fake) 7.62x51mm NATO
General Electric M134 - 7.62x51mm
The in-game handheld Minigun.
Franklin firing a handheld GE M134 in an early screenshot.
Jimmy's player character in Righteous Slaughter 7 appears to have taken a visit to the Doom universe and brought back a minigun as a souvenir.
In an effort by Rockstar to outdo their last badass bank robbery, Trevor confronts the cops outside the bank with a handheld M134 minigun.
A closeup on Trevor's minigun as he prepares to unleash hell.
Trevor takes a walk around the "Buzzard" helicopter, checking out the under-wing miniguns. Note that they actually have ammo feeds.

Mk 46 Mod 0

The "Combat MG" featured in the game is a Mk 46 Mod 0 with the buttstock of an M60. It can accept all attachments except the flashlight and suppressor. It can be fitted with a 100 or 200 round belt. By default the weapon is fired from the hip, but when the Scope attachment is added the character will actually shoulder the weapon and fire it like an assault rifle.

Mk 46 Mod 0 - 5.56x45mm NATO
M60 - 7.62x51mm NATO
The in-game Mk 46 Mod 0.
Micheal aims his Mk 46 at hostages during the Paleto Bank heist.


The PKM with synthetic furniture and an RIS handguard appears as the "MG". It has a strange 54-round capacity by default, but the "Extended Clip" attachment gives the correct capacity of 100 rounds.

PKM - 7.62x54mm R
The in-game PKM.


"Firework Launcher"

What appears to be a homemade Panzerschreck is added as the "Fireworks Launcher" with the "Independence Day" DLC. It is fitted with a firework-loaded rocket instead of the standard anti-tank shell, and is also painted with the American Flag.

Panzerschreck rocket launcher - 88mm
The in-game Fireworks Launcher
Michael with the "Fireworks Launcher"

Milkor Mark 14 MGL

A Milkor Mark 14 MGL appears in the game with a Magpul CTR stock. It has an unrealistic capacity of 10 grenades instead of 6.

Milkor Mark 14 in desert tan finish fitted with Armson OEG reflex sight - 40x46mm
The in-game Milkor Mark 14 MGL.
Michael with the MGL.
During his fourth rampage mission, Trevor pulls a MGL out the back of a Jeep to demonstrate just why you don't keep a loaded weapon out in the open.


An RPG-7 is available.

RPG-7 - 40mm
The in-game RPG-7.
Franklin rocks his RPG-7 and an awesome mask.

Sniper Rifles

Accuracy International AW-F

An Accuracy International AW-F is the standard sniper rifle in the game, with a 10-round magazine. Trevor receives a free one with a suppressor and more powerful scope during the two random encounters with Cletus.

Accuracy International AW-F - 7.62x51mm NATO
The in-game Accuracy International AW-F.
Dave Norton fires his AW-F during the Prologue.

Barrett M107

A Barrett M107 is available as the "Heavy Sniper", and it incorrectly holds 6 rounds per magazine instead of 10. When aiming down the scope, probably due to an oversight, the sound of a bolt operation can be heard after each shot, despite the weapon being semi-automatic; however, it isn't heard when firing without aiming. The M107 is also the weapon used from an electronic turret in the back of a van to shoot down Javier Madrazo's commercial jet in the mission Caida Libre.

Barrett M107 - .50 BMG
The in-game Barrett M107.
During a hunting side mission, Trevor carries a Barret M107 as he encounters the wrong kind of Buzzard.


The M39 Enhanced Marksman Rifle appears as the "Marksman Rifle", added with the "Last Team Standing Update" DLC. It has an ACE Skeleton stock (incorrectly shown as collapsible, as on the Carbine Rifle), and a curved box magazines similar to those used by various rifles chambered in Soviet 7.62x54mmR or 7.62x39mm. It comes equipped with a scope and 8-round mags (16 with the "Extended Clip" attachment) and can also be fitted with a flashlight, a suppressor, and an angled Magpul AFG2 foregrip. Erroneously, it ejects larger cartridges than the .50 BMG Heavy Sniper, when it should eject 7.62x51mm. A major advantage this rifle has over the other 2 sniper rifles is that the player can move while aiming through the scope. This however comes at a cost of a relatively low-power scope, and un-adjustable magnification.

M39 Enhanced Marksman Rifle with Harris bipod - 7.62x51mm NATO
Yugoslavian M59/66 SKS with a synthetic Tapco stock - 7.62x39mm. Note the curvature of the box magazine.
The game's M39 EMR model (here without the scope).

Thrown Weapons

M18 Smoke Grenade

The M18 smoke grenade appears as the "Tear Gas" grenade.

M18 red smoke grenade
The in-game M18 smoke grenade.

M61 Hand Grenade

The M61 hand grenade appears as the "Grenade".

M61 High-Explosive Fragmentation hand grenade, improved version of the M26
The in-game M61 Grenade.

Mounted Weapons

M61 Vulcan

The "P-996 Lazer" fighter jet, a cross between the F-35, F/A-18 and F-16, is equipped with a pair of M61 Vulcan cannons, with the one installation an F-16 should have mirrored on both sides of the fuselage.

GE M61 Vulcan Cannon - 20mm
"I'm not getting in until you decide what kind of plane you are."

Non-Player Weapons

Makarov PM

While playing Righteous Slaughter 7, an in-game FPS video game, in his bedroom, Jimmy's game character can be seen using a stainless steel Makarov PM in tandem with a syringe similar to the USP45/tactical knife combo in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

Makarov PM - 9x18mm Makarov
The Makarov PM in the lower right corner.

Unknown Glock Gen 3 Compact

A 3rd Generation Glock compact pistol is seen in the holster of the armored truck guards, however they cannot be used and the guards will still attack the player using the normal Pistol. It is impossible to tell which specific model of Glock it is, other than that it is a 3rd generation compact pistol. The model of the guard is re-used from GTA IV.

Glock 19 - 9x19mm
The Glock holstered

Robinson Armament XCR

When playing Righteous Slaughter 7 in his bedroom, Jimmy's game character can be seen using a Robinson Armament XCR in the CQB configuration. This weapon is not available in the game for player use.

Robinson Armament XCR-L CQB with EOTech red dot sight, polymer magazine, and RIS foregrip - 5.56x45mm
Jimmy's player character in Righteous Slaughter 7 loads his XCR at the start of the game.

Browning M2HB

The "Rhino," a fictional tank closely based on the German Leopard 2A4, mounts an unusable Browning M2 on the commander's hatch.

Browning M2HB on vehicle mount - .50 BMG
Using his Secret Beard Powers to infiltrate Fort Zancudo military base, Trevor admires his prize, his very own tank.

Degtyaryov DT

For no obvious reason, a Soviet T-34-85 can be found in a junkyard in Los Santos. Even more curiously, it retains its hull-mounted Degtyaryov DT machine gun; these are usually not shown even on tanks that are supposed to be real, since videogame tanks are often based on museum pieces with empty hull gun mounts.

DT machine gun - 7.62x54mm R

M230 Chain Gun

Hunter attack helicopters (based on the AH-64 Apache) equipped with the M230 Chain Gun can be seen in the trailer for the in-game movie The Simian, which can be seen when going to a movie theater while hanging out with a friend. The Hunter does not yet appear in the game proper.

Hughes/Alliant Techsystems M230 chain gun - 30x113mm B

Cut Weapons

Orion Flare Gun

The Orion Flare Gun was going to be featured in "The San Andreas Flight School Update", but was cut. Although it has the paint job of the 12 Gauge variant, the weapon model is that of the 25mm version.

Orion flare gun - 25mm
12 Gauge variant for comparison.
Render of the removed flare gun.


The FN SCAR-H was going to appear as the "Heavy Rifle".

First Generation FN SCAR-H with M68 Aimpoint scope and Grippod foregrip - 7.62x51mm NATO
Render of the removed SCAR-H.

Heckler & Koch HK21

The Heckler & Koch HK21 was going to appears as the "Assault MG" with a Galil folding stock.

Heckler & Koch HK21 - 7.62x51mm NATO
Render of the removed HK21.

Heckler & Koch XM25

The Heckler & Koch XM25 was going to appear as the "Programmable AR".

Heckler & Koch XM25 - 25mm
Render of the removed XM25.

Knight's Armament Company M110 SASS

The M110 SASS was going to appear as the "Assault Sniper" with an M4-style stock.

M110 SASS with Harris bipod, Leupold Mark 4 scope, and tan paint scheme - 7.62x51mm NATO
Render of the removed M110 SASS.

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