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LeMat 1861 current reproduction (Cavalry version) - .36 or .44 caliber.
Beautiful Black Powder Reproduction LeMat 1861, made by Pietta of Italy - chambered in .44 cal with 20 Gauge center.
Original pinfire LeMat .44 caliber.
LeMat 1869 centerfire cartridge model - 11mm / 20 gauge.

The LeMat percussion revolver was invented by a French American gunsmith and first issued in 1861. The gun was famed for its 9 shot capacity and an under barrel 16 or 18 gauge shotgun, and was favored by Confederate soldiers during the civil war. Production ceased mainly in 1865 but the gun was still made in limited quantities for quite a long time. Today, Pietta of Italy makes a reproduction model.


  • Weight: 3.1 lb (1.41 kg), unloaded
  • Length: 13.25in. (356 mm)
  • Caliber: .42 Ball (.44 repro) or .36 ball, 16ga Shot
  • Action: Single Action revolver
  • Rate of fire: 9 rounds/minute
  • Muzzle velocity: 620 ft/s (190 m/s)
  • Effective range: 40 yd
  • Maximum range: 100 yd
  • Feed system: 9-round cylinder, single-shot smoothbore secondary barrel
  • Sights: fixed front post and rear notch


  • Muzzle Loader
  • Pinfire
  • Centerfire
  • Carbine (With extended barrel and rifle stock)

The LeMat revolver (either original or reproduction) has appeared in the following:


Title Actor Character Note Date
The Quick and the Dead Sven-Ole Thorsen Gutzon 1995
Twelve Monkeys Jon Seda Jose 1995
Twelve Monkeys Bruce Willis James Cole 1995
Last Stand at Saber River David Dukes Edward Janroe 1997
Cold Mountain Jude Law W.P. Inman 2003
The Punisher (2004) Seen in a guncase 2004
Jonah Hex John Malkovich Quentin Turnbull 2010
The Warrior's Way Danny Huston Colonel 2010
Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters Peter Stormare Sheriff Berringer 2013


Show Title Actor Character Note Air Date
Johnny Ringo Don Durant Johnny Ringo 1959–1960
The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne Phileas Fogg
Mail Call Season 2 2002-2009
Firefly Adam Baldwin Jayne Cobb Visually modified to look futuristic 2002-2003
NCIS - Season 3 Ep. 3.03 "Silver War"; found in an old Confederate weapons cache 2005-2006
Westworld - Season 1 Ed Harris The Man in Black Customized cartridge-conversion 2016-

Video Games

Game Title Appears as Notes Release Date
Call of Juarez "Hybrid Gun" 2007
Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood "Hybrid Gun" 2009
Red Dead Redemption "LeMat Revolver" 2010
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare "M1 Irons" update on 5 May 2015 2014
World of Guns: Gun Disassembly LeMat Revolver 2014
Hunt: Showdown "LeMat Mark 2 Revolver" 2018
Red Dead Redemption II "LeMat Revolver" Added with May 2019 Update 2018

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