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Ruby Pistol

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Gabilondo Ruby - .32 ACP
Gabilondo Ruby - .32 ACP
Garate, Anitua y Cia Ruby-Type Pistol - .32 ACP
Garate, Anitua y Cia Ruby-Type Pistol - .32 ACP
Arizmendi Zulaica Cebra - .32 ACP
Victoria Model 1911 - .32 ACP

Ruby Pistol

The Ruby pistol, also known as the Eibar-type pistol, was a type of pistol first developed in Spain by Spanish firm Gabilondo y Urresti (later Llama) in 1914, heavily based on the Browning Model 1903. It was adopted by the French Army in World War 1 as Pistolet Automatique de 7 millimètre 65 genre Ruby. From 1915-1918, Gabilondo mass-produced Ruby Pistols for the French military. The Ruby was issued to telephonists, stretcher bearers, Chauchat (machine gun) gunners along with loaders, 37mm mortar crews, and tank crews. It served in the French military until the 1930s (longer still in colonies like Indochina and Algeria). Ruby pistols were also supplied to Italy, Russia, Greece and Serbia, and after WW1 to Poland and Finland (from French stocks).

When Gabilondo was unable to keep up with the French demand for pistols, they subcontracted the contract to other production shops in Spain, who in turn subcontracted those to other even smaller workshops. This meant that the Ruby was produced by large amounts of manufacturers (about fifty) under a large amount of trade names, like Cebra, Liberty, Destroyer, et cetera. This caused issues with part interchangeability and even a casual comparison will show vast differences between manufacturers, but the French Military needed a lot of small arms fast, and therefore were in no position to argue this point.


(1914 - 1919 (military contracts), late 1920s (commercial))

  • Type: Pistol
  • Caliber: 7.65x17mm (.32 ACP)
  • Weight: 1.9 lbs (0.85 kg)
  • Length: 6.7 in (17 cm), 8.3 in (21 cm)
  • Barrel lengths: 3.1 in (8 cm), 4.7 (12 cm)
  • Capacity: 9
  • Fire Modes: Semi-Auto

The Ruby Pistol and variants can be seen in the following films, television series, video games, and anime used by the following actors:


Title Actor Character Notes Date
The Blue Express British diplomat 1929
Westfront 1918 French soldier 1930
Road to Life (Putyovka v zhizn) A commune member 1931
Dragnet Girl Jôji Oka Jyoji On Promo Images 1933
La Bandera Pierre Renoir Capt. Weller Gabilondo Ruby 1935
Jean Gabin Pierre Gilieth Gabilondo Ruby
Daybreak (Le jour se lève) Jean Gabin François "Destroyer" 1935
Pépé le Moko Jean Gabin Pépé le Moko 1937
Gabriel Gabrio Carlos
Gilbert Gil Pierrot
Line Noro Inès
Gangsters and Policemen
Saboteur Norman Lloyd Fry 1942
Robert Cummings Barry
Lad from Our Town (Paren iz Nashego Goroda) Nikolai Kryuchkov Colonel Sergei Lukonin 1942
Kotovsky Mikhail Astangov Karakozen Unknown version 1942
Mikhail Grodskiy White Army officer
Fighting Film Collection No. 8 (Boyevoy kinosbornik No. 8) Lavrenti Masokha Max 1942
Pyotr Aleynikov Yugoslavian resistance fighter
Vasiliy Zaychikov "The waiter"
Sherlock Holmes and the Voice of Terror Reginald Denny Sir Evan Barham 1942
Meade's henchman; London criminals
In the Name of the Fatherland (Vo imya Rodiny) Nikolay Kryuchkov Capt. Ivan Safonov 1943
Maria Pastukhova Valya Anoshchenko
Mikhail Chepel Kozlovsky
Terror by Night Alan Mowbray Col. Sebastian Moran 1946
Boyd Davis Inspector MacDonald
Colin Kenny Police constable
Dennis Hoey Inspector Lestrade
The Secret Brigade (Konstantin Zaslonov) Gennadiy Michurin Councillor Hirt 1949
The Witch (Noita palaa elämään) Toivo Mäkelä Hannu 1952
Hillevi Lagerstam Greta
Razzia (Razzia sur la chnouf) François Patrice Jo Supposedly Victoria Model 1911 1955
Seen in a pile of guns, various models
Baltic Glory (Baltiyskaya slava) Adolf Shestakov Captain 1st Rank Ivan Berngardt 1957
The World in My Pocket Rod Steiger Frank Morgan Cebra model 1961
Monsieur Gangster Robert Dalban Jean Suppressed, Hermanos Liberty, another model 1963
Maigret Sees Red (Maigret voit rouge) Jean Gabin Commissioner Maigret 1963
Guy Decomble Inspector Lognon
Marcel Bozzuffi Inspector Torrence
Police detectives
The Black Abbot Werner Peters Fabian Gilder 1963
Klaus Kinski Thomas Fortuna
Charles Regnier Inspector Puddler
The Great Spy Chase (Les Barbouzes) Francis Blanche Boris Vassiliev 1964
Fantômas Jean Marais Fandor Cebra Model 1964
Weekend at Dunkirk Jean-Paul Belmondo Julien Maillat 1964
Catherine Spaak Jeanne
The Monocle Laughs (Le Monocle rit jaune) Olivier Despax Frédéric de La Pérouse Supposedly Victoria Model 1911 1964
The Last Adventure Hans Meyer The Mercenary Suppressed 1967
Bonnot's Gang (La bande à Bonnot) Jean-Pierre Kalfon Octave Garnier 1968
French police detectives
Adelheid Petr Cepek Lt. Viktor Chotovický 1970
State of Siege (État de Siège) Guerrillas 1972
Battles Without Honor and Humanity Tsunehiko Watase Toshio Arita 1973
Tatsuo Umemiya Hiroshi Wakasugi
Bunta Sugawara Shozo Hirono
Hiroki Matsukata Tetsuya Sakai
Lacombe, Lucien Seen on the table 1974
Lucio Flavio Ivan Almeida Liece de Paula 1977
Vabank Leonard Pietraszak Gustaw Kramer Alkartasuna model 1981
Jan Machulski Henryk Kwinto
Crime and Punishment (Rikos ja rangaistus) Markku Toikka Antti Rahikainen 1983
Aino Seppo Eeva Laakso
Hannu Lauri Heinonen
Black List (Liste noire) Annie Girardot Jeanne Dufour Cebra model 1984
Vabank II Witold Pyrkosz Dunczyk Alkartasuna model 1985
Jacek Chmielnik Moks
The Shore of Salvation (Bereg spaseniya) Kwak Men So Harata 1990
Baise-moi Raffaëla Anderson Manu Garate, Anitua y Cia model 2000
Karen Lancaume Nadine
Hacène Beddrouh La frère de Manu
A Very Long Engagement Bastoche Jérôme Kircher 2004
Black Book Thom Hoffman Hans Akkermans Suppressed 2006
Yakuza Busting Girls: Final Death Ride Battle Rena Komine Junko 2010
All Quiet on the Western Front (2022) French Army Officer 2022


Title Actor Character Notes / Episode Date
Mission: Impossible Barbara Bain Cinnamon Carter Victoria Model 1911/ "Fakeout" (S01E12) 1966
Francis Lederer Senko Brobin Victoria Model 1911/ "A Cube of Sugar" (S01E27)
Kurt Kreuger Polya Victoria Model 1911/ "A Cube of Sugar" (S01E27)
The Strogovs (Strogovy) Seen among Shtychkov's guns; Ep.7 1976
Three Days of June Guy Marchand Colonel Valadon 2004
Marc Berman Captain Rollet
Lieutenant Samboura
French soldiers
Les Fusillés A French soldier 2015
Spy City Ep. 02 2020

Video Games

Title Appears as Mods Notes Date
Forgotten Hope 2003
Battlefield: 1918 2004
Forgotten Hope 2 "PA Ruby Mle 15" Added in v2.6 (2022) 2007
Battle of Empires: 1914-1918 "Ruby" 2015
Verdun "Pistolet Automatique de 7 millim.65 Genre Ruby" 2015
Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades "Ruby Pistol" 2016
Squad 44: Letters From The Front "Ruby 1915" Added in 2024 Operation Clean Sweep Update 2018
Battlefield V "Ruby" 2018
Easy Red 2 "Ruby Model 1914" 2020
Beyond The Wire "Ruby M1915" 2022

UNION pistol

French UNION with magazine and loading tool - .32 ACP

The UNION pistol is a trade name used by French, Spanish, and American companies for a clone of the Ruby, first made in 1925. They came under a variety of specifications, with versions coming in different calibers (generally .32 ACP, some in .25 ACP and some 7.65×20mm Longue models used for French military trials), capacities, barrel lengths, and some even having select-fire capabilities.

Perhaps one of the more famous attributes of the pistol is a 35-round horseshoe-shaped magazine patented for the gun in 1930 in France. French UNION makers were experimenting with large magazines for the machine pistol version, and the straight magazines they came up with ended up being too large to easily use, so the magazine was wrapped around to the front of the gun.

The UNION pistol and variants can be seen in the following films, television series, video games, and anime used by the following actors:

Video Games

Title Appears as Mods Notes Date
Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades .32 ACP French UNION with 35-round magazine, long barrel, no iron sights, automatic capability. 2016

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