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007: Nightfire

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007: Nightfire
007 Nightfire PC Box.jpg
Offical Boxart
Release Date: 2002
Developer: Eurocom, Gearbox Software, JV Games
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Series: James Bond Game
Platforms: PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube, Windows, Macintosh, Game Boy Advance
Genre: First-Person Shooter

Another James Bond video game with an original plot and a sequel to 007: Agent Under Fire, with that game's original Bond Girl, Zoe Nightshade, returning (though with a different voice actor). Unlike that game Pierce Brosnan's likeness is used for Bond, though he is voiced by Maxwell Caulfield. It is the final Bond video game where Walther Arms products appear under fake names.

The console versions were made by Eurocom on a in-house engine while the PC version was made by GearBox Software and runs on the GoldSrc engine from Half-Life resulting in two very different games that share the same plot with some cut weapons from the console versions making it to PC.

Both Versions


Desert Eagle

The Desert Eagle appears in the game as the "Raptor Magnum", and comes in .50 AE and .357 Magnum in the console version while the PC version only has the .50 AE. The .357 Magnum version has a two-tone pattern and is fitted with a laser sight which when activated increases accuracy, but at the cost of a slightly slower rate of fire.

Desert Eagle - .50 AE
Desert Eagle in game
Desert Eagle in game
Desert Eagle in game
The "Raptor Magnum .50" as it appears in the console versions
The "Raptor Magnum .357" as it appears in the console versions

Glock 17

A modified Glock 17 standing in for the Glock 18 appears as "Kowloon Type 40" ("Kowloon" is Chinese and part of mainland Hong Kong, indicating the weapon is supposed to be a clone manufactured in China) and is wielded infrequently by enemies. Curiously despite the burst fire function, "Glock 17" (In plain text instead of the stylized version present on an actual Glock 17) is written on the side and no selector switch is actually present (even though Bond will move his thumb to hit the non-existent switch when changing fire mode), indicating the model is based on a Glock 17.

Glock 17 - 9x19mm
Glock 17 in game
Glock 17 in game
Glock 17 in game
Second Generation Glock 18
Bond holds the "Kowloon Type 40".
A view from the left side, showing the textures are based on a Glock 17. Note the "Glock 17"
A view from the right side, showing "Glock 17" again, only backwards.
The texture file for the "Kowloon Type 40", showing the Glock 17 text.

Walther P99

A Walther P99, dubbed the "Wolfram P2K" appears in the game as Bond's sidearm in the PC version, while in the console versions Bond uses a Walther PPK that can be changed to a P99 after achieving 2 gold medals. 3 gold medals upgrades it to a gold version. The console version has a laser sight attached.

Walther P99 9x19mm
Walther P99 in game
Walther P99 in game
Walther P99 in game
Walther P99 in game
Walther P99 in game
Walther P99 in the console version
A gold Walther P99 in the console version

Heckler & Koch P11

The Heckler & Koch P11 underwater pistol appears in both versions of the game. In the console version, it is referred to as the "Korsakov K5 Dart Gun", and is used in the "Night Shift" level to subdue guards without killing them or raising an alarm. Unlike the real weapon, it only fires non-lethal tranquilizer darts instead of special-purpose underwater bullets. In the PC version, it is referred to as the "UP11", can kill the enemy with one shot (depending on the health capacity of each AI) and happens to be the only weapon alongside the Laser Rifle to work under the water, holding 24 rounds overall and 5 in each shell. It can only be accessed via a cheat code.

Heckler & Koch P11 7.62mm Underwater
The console version of the P11, as seen in first person.
A view from the left side, showing some additional details...
...a view from the right side....
...and a view from the front. As this weapon only appears in single player and shouldn't normally be seen from this angle, it only has placeholder details on the front.
The PC version of the pistol.
A view of the weapon's world-model.
One particularly awkward board meeting later, Bond reloads his P11.

Submachine Guns

Ruger MP9

The Ruger MP9 appears in the game as "Storm M32" (presumably a reference to the manufacturer's full name being "Sturm, Ruger & Co.", with "Sturm" being German for "Storm"). It has a functional fire selector, with options for semi-auto or full-auto.

Ruger MP9 - 9x19mm Parabellum
The Ruger MP9 in-game.
Smacking in a new magazine. You'd think that an MI6 agent would have better trigger discipline.
The MP9 on the ground; the stock remains eternally folded.
Standing out in the snow with a substantially quieter MP9.
The reload animation is the same between both versions, though the better lighting here gives a good view of the (incorrect) left-side ejection port; this appears to just be part of the texture.
The weapon's in-world model; the suppressor is attached about how you'd expect.
Console Bond holds a Ruger MP9 as he examines a space suit straight out of Moonraker.

Assault Rifles

SIG SG 551

The SIG SG 551 appears in the game as the "SG5 Commando", and comes equipped with a laser sight and either a scope or suppressor, the suppressed version being restricted to single and burst fire and has a white pistol grip, stock, and handguard. The PC version of the game adds a laser pointer to the weapon. The PC version lacks the suppressed version.

SIG SG 551 - 5.56x45mm
SIG SG 551 in game
SIG SG 551 in game
SIG SG 551 in game
Bond picks up a SIG SG 551 from a Phoenix Soldier in the console version
The suppressed version



The Franchi SPAS-12 appears in the game as the "Frinesi Automatic 12". In the PC version, it has an olive green finish on the forend, heatshield and stock and is modelled with a shorter magazine tube despite the shotgun having a capacity of 8 shells in all versions. The console version's SPAS-12 only has an olive colored heatshield and its receiver is left-handed. Gameplay-wise, the shotgun can be fired in pump-action and semi-automatic mode.

Franchi SPAS-12 - 12 gauge
The SPAS-12 in the PC version of the game.
Pumping the PC version SPAS-12.
The world model for the SPAS-12. Note the short magazine tube.
Bond uses the SPAS-12 in the console version to fight two confused Phoenix Commandos, one of which has his foot sunk in the floor. Note the left-handed ejection port.

Sniper Rifles

Accuracy International AWM

The Accuracy International AWM appears in the game as the "Winter Tactical Sniper Rifle" and the "Winter Covert Sniper Rifle", the latter being white and fitted with a silencer while the former is green and can be loaded with armor-piercing .300 Winchester Magnum rounds.

Accuracy International Arctic Warfare Magnum .300 Winchester Magnum
Accuracy International AWM in game
Accuracy International AWM in game
Accuracy International AWM in game
The console version of the "Winter Covert" AWM. Note the left handed bolt.
Accuracy International AWM in game
Accuracy International AWM in game
Accuracy International AWM in game


Milkor MGL

The Milkor MGL appears in the game as the "Militek Mk.6" and fires grenade rounds that can be set to detonate on impact or after a timed delay. It can also be found as a fixed weapon in some multiplayer level weapon sets.

Milkor MGL 40mm
Milkor MGL in the PC version.
Reloading. On both versions, the entire cylinder assembly is replaced.
World model of the PC version. It has some resemblance to the ARWEN 37.
The more faithful-recreation of the Milkor MGL in the console version. The green tube on the ground is one of the M202 FLASH variants.

Grenades & Explosives


Unknown flashbang in game
Unknown flashbang in game

Laser Mine

Laser Mine in game
Laser Mine in game


Laser Rifle

Even though a present weapon in both the PC and Console versions, each of them use different layout of rifles and as such, both are fictional. Though, they do similarly use the same functions by either firing semi-auto beams or overcharged beams that bring absolute damage when hit by. They are both referred to as "Phoenix Laser Rifle".

Laser Rifle in game
Laser Rifle in game
Laser Rifle in game
Laser Rifle on the ground as seen in the game
Laser Rifle in the Console version
Laser Rifle overcharging in the Console version
A world view of the Laser Rifle in the Console version

Briefcase Sentry Gun

Appears as the "Ronin". A briefcase with a surprise, it hides a minigun and camera to shoot anyone that crosses its path that isn't the one that originally set it up. It is available to the player during multiplayer, and is sometimes used by the enemy in the missions to guard hallways or rooms. Can be controlled remotely by the player that set it up in multiplayer (isn't mobile).

PC version of the "Ronin" sentry gun. Judging by the 5.56 markings, it may be based on the XM214 Microgun.
The other end of the Ronin.

PC Version

Submachine Guns

FN P90

The FN P90 appears in the PC version of the game as the "Munitions Belga PDW90". It features a green finish on the stock and frame. Internal files for the console version mention a "Munitions Belguique PDW90", but no other data about it remains in that version of the game.

FN P90 5.7x28mm
FN P90 in game
FN P90 in game
FN P90 in game



The M202 FLASH.

M202 FLASH - 66mm
M202 FLASH in game
Note the rockets are incorrectly labelled as "AGM," which is the US military code for an air-to-surface guided missile.
M202 FLASH in game

Grenades and Explosives

M67 hand grenade

The M67 hand grenade

M67 fragmentation grenade
M67 Hand Grenade in game
M67 Hand Grenade in game


Fictional minigun

Fictional minigun in game
Fictional minigun in game
Fictional minigun in game

Console Version


Walther PPK

The Walther PPK appears in the game as the "Wolfram PP7", and can be fitted with a removable silencer. Ammo pickups are classified as "7.65MM rounds" confirming it is, accurate to the films, chambered in .32 ACP. A gold plated version can be unlocked.

Walther PPK .32 ACP with supressor
"Wolfram PP7" used in multiplayer. These hands are used by every female character in multiplayer.
A view from the left side. As with all firearms with detachable suppressors in this game, there is no threading to actually attach it to
A view from the right side

Golden Gun

The Golden Gun appears in the game as it has in all James Bond FPS games.

Golden Gun
The Golden Gun in 007: Nightfire. Curiously even Bond in gloved suits uses the standard male hands despite these having a unique hand model in single player.
A view from the left side.
A view to a kill. Unlike most guns in this game, the barrel's interior is actually modeled.

Submachine guns

Heckler & Koch MP5K

The Heckler & Koch MP5K appears in the game as the "Deutsche M9K", and has a 21-round magazine (despite the real MP5K having only 15 or 30-round box magazines) and a removable silencer. It fires in full auto normally, but burst with the silencer attached. Despite being incapable of single shot fire, guards armed with it in the level The Exchange will repeatedly yell "Einzelfeuer!" at their allies.

Heckler & Koch MP5K 9x19mm with 15-round magazine
The "Deutsche M9K" in front of a wall.
A view from the left side. The fire selector lacks a single shot option, which the "Deutsche M9K" is incapable of (though it can't do full auto either).
A view from the right side with the silencer detached. Note the lack of an ambidextrous selector and threading to actually put the silencer on.

Assault Rifles


A FAMAS G1 appears highly fictionalized as an explosive laser turret in some multiplayer maps, mounted on a turret base with a gun shield in front of the receiver.

FAMAS G1 - 5.56x45mm. Older intermediate version of the G2 with magazine and magazine release system from the FAMAS F1.

Objective Individual Combat Weapon

The Objective Individual Combat Weapon appears in the game as the "Advanced Individual Munitions System-20" ("AIMS-20" for short) and can fire 5.56mm rifle rounds or 20mm HE-Frag grenade rounds, both of which are targeted via a built-in Infra-Red scope. It is similar to the "tank buster" used by Colonel Moon in Die Another Day.

Objective Individual Combat Weapon (OICW) 5.56x45mm & 20mm
The AIMS-20 in the game
That's one bulky gun

Machine Guns

Browning M2HB Heavy Machine Gun

The Browning M2HB heavy machine gun appears in multiplayer mode only and is available only with certain weapon sets.

Browning M2HB .50 BMG in vehicle mounting
The M2HB in turret mount with a half blast shield.


AT-420 Sentinel / AT-600 Scorpion

The Sentinel and the Scorpion are fictional shoulder fired, reloadable, multi-launch rocket systems. The Sentinel can be fired in either unguided or TV-guided modes, while the Scorpion replaces the TV-guided mode with heat-seeking. The Scorpion is also available as a fixed weapon on some multiplayer weapon sets. Both weapons use the same model. Drake uses one of those models in the last level.

The AT-420 Sentinel in the game

Grenades & Explosives

Mk 2 Hand Grenade

The Mk 2 hand grenade appears in console versions the game as the "Fragmentation Grenade".

Mk 2 High-Explosive Fragmentation hand grenade
A "Fragmentation Grenade" in 007: Nightfire


Radio Controlled Helicopter

If this option is turned on during multiplayer, the players can operate a small radio controlled helicopter with AT-600 rocket launchers mounted on the aircraft. (Also equipped with a chain-gun)

The Radio-Controlled Attack Helicopter in a screenshot.

Radio-Controlled Miniature M1 Abrams Main Battle Tank

With the "vehicles" option enabled, the player can operate a miniature Abrams battle tank with a mounted grenade launcher and M2 .50 caliber machine gun. The RC tank's first person camera crosshair is identical to the that of the 1980 Atari wireframe vector arcade game Battlezone.

A screenshot of the miniature radio-controlled M1 Abrams main battle tank. Note: To get an idea of the size, the 55-gallon drum on the right is life size in-game.


Phoenix Samurai Laser Rifle

A fictitious laser gun visually based off of the M16, appears to be chrome-plated and has a semi-auto and over-charge setting. With the gun-emplacements option on sometimes a turret with this technology appears in a beam or over-charge setting. These weapons use laser energy and never runs out of ammo, although it does overheat.

GE M134 Minigun

The GE M134 Minigun appears in multiplayer mode only as a fixed weapon and is available only with certain weapon sets. Care must be taken when using the weapon, as prolonged bursts can cause it to overheat and stop working until it cools back down.

GE M134 Minigun in 7.62x51mm NATO
A screenshot of the M134 Minigun in a turret mount. Note: The minigun has eight barrels, versus six on the real one.

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