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Look I need help in deleting File:Leprechaun rifle 10.jpg.

I found a better quality picture and edited it in Microsoft paint. I opened many pages and articles on how to delete the old but it was so hard and complicated. I didn't want to talk to you because I feel embarrassed because I don't want someone else to keep doing my work for me, I wanted to learn so I can do it by myself at the next situation

How do I delete the image file itself but not in the article?

I tried to find many to ways to delete the picture but I can't and also I need this tip for future references.

I tried uploading, and in The Devil's Brigade

But it won't work. Please fix it, don't delete it

Re: If you're wondering why Greg-Z undid your edits to those pages

Sorry, mate. When I find something like that, an urge to correct an article happens. -_- Ominae (talk) 09:35, 14 April 2018 (EDT)

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