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An average gamer and internet enthusiast from China. Not an expert on firearms, but would liked to help with building the wiki by providing images or fixing typos.


The cycle of debate according to me

>Gets mad at some random habit of the wiki
>Changes it
>Admin revert it
>Debate with senior members over discussion page
>Lose debate because I don't want to escalate the situation
>Gets mad at myself for almost getting myself banned
>Sentences myself to janitorial duty
>Going through all the gun images and tag uncategorized images with Gun Image category
>Things calm down
>Gets angry at some random part of the wiki again

F2P First-Person Shooters That Are Not Team Fortress 2

a.k.a. Online FPS.

Of particular note is a very interesting East Asian pattern for such games, featuring hefty doses of microtransactions and player customization, aesthetically atrocious weapon variants (were talking about slapping a 3D dragon on the side of a gold AK here), aesthetically atrocious everything, waifu bait, outdated engines, and are so oddly consistent you'll swear that they might be reskins of each other. Japan doesn't like FPSs, so Korea started it, China copied it, and now they're everywhere in Asia. They will be automatically added to this list if they are even tangentially related to Tencent, Nexon, or some other Sino-Korean gaming megacorp.

The Eastern European model is noted as being unusually hardcore.

There are a few more TF2-esque Western models down here though.

In no particular order:

Seburo & Posiedon things

Seburo (Japanese: セブロ) is a fictional arms company created by Japanese science fiction mangaka Masamune Shirow. The company and its products have appeared in multiple works by Shirow (Ghost in the Shell, Appleseed, New Dominion Tank Police, Black Magic M-66, etc).

Despite being entirely fictional guns not based on any real weapon, the cyberpunk design of the guns were popular enough to inspire some "defictionalization" recreations. Dai-Nihon Giken Poseidon is a notable Japanese studio that produces airsoft conversion kits and model replicas for anime and manga weapons, including Seburo weapons, as well as other Anime-inspired original creations, such as the CQB TYPE-0 "RAISEN" conversion kit seen in Battlestar Galactica: The Miniseries (2003) or the Seburo Type 06 IkaZuchi conversion kit that led to the creation of the Jing Gong Thunder Maul.

This list primarily documents creations Dai-Nihon Giken Poseidon. It is likely that other Seburo weapons not covered by Poiseidon will have their own replicas done by other studios. Some of the following products may no longer be available. Most are not available outside of Japan anyways.

Also: Trident Works. Distributor for custom models? Including Poseidon?


Close Quarters Battle Weapon Type-0 "RAISEN" airsoft gun by Dai-Nihon Giken Poseidon. This is a conversion kit for the Tokyo Marui M16 series of airsoft guns.

Raisen: IkaZuchi:

Seburo BoBsonS

Airsoft replica of the Seburo Bobson Centennial seen in manga Appleseed. This is a conversion kit for the Maruzen PPK/S airsoft gun by Dai-Nihon Giken Poseidon.


Seburo MN-23

Airsoft replica of Seburo MN-23 seen in the Dominion manga series. This is a conversion kit for the Tokyo Marui FA-MAS airsoft gun by Dai-Nihon Giken Poseidon.


Seburo M5

Non-firing model replica of the Seburo M5 seen in Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex anime by Dai-Nihon Giken Poseidon.


Seburo Compact-eXploder

Airsoft replica of Seburo Compact-eXploder seen in the manga Appleseed. This is a conversion kit for the Maruzen PPK/S airsoft gun by Dai-Nihon Giken Poseidon.


Multiple Japanese (and a few English) sources I read specify the in-universe caliber as the 5.7mm Compact round, based on the 5.7x28mm used on the P90. The weapon was also described by these sources as holding 30 rounds in universe. I am not sure if these originate from an official source from Shirow or somewhere else.

Type 06 IkaZuchi

Type 06 IkaZuchi airsoft gun. This is a conversion kit for the Tokyo Marui M4A1 airsoft gun. This is an original design from Dai-Nihon-Giken Poseidon. The Jing Gong Thunder Maul is based on this design.



Non-firing model replica of Hellsing Arms "Joshua" seen in the manga Hellsing.



Airsoft replica of Hellsing Arms "Jackal" seen in the manga Hellsing. This is a conversion kit for the Tokyo Marui Beretta M92F airsoft gun.


Grader Single Hand 2043

Non-firing model replica of the Grader Single Hand 2043 seen in manga Trigun.


Earth Federation Force Standard Issue Pistol

Airsoft replica of the Earth Federation Force Standard Issue Pistol as seen in the Gundam franchise. This is a conversion kit for the Maruzen PPK/S airsoft gun.

Chinese Guns

Chinese weapons are a fucking mess, in short. And I don't mean design-wise, I mean when it comes to documenting, categorizing, or even simply identifying them. We're talking one gun with three different names kinda mess.

Here's me trying my best to comb through Chinese military forums to scoop up any new info I can gather so I can paint a clearer picture of the entire Chinese weapons production spectrum. Do not expect anything for a while.


  • When we're talking about export, the primary buyers seem to be second and third world countries like Myanmar, Rwanda, and Sudan.
  • Research is difficult and unreliable.
  • Not a complete list by any means.
  • I'm only including weapons from post 1949 mainland China in this list. I might do another list for the other side of the straight some day.
  • "W-number" weapons may be written with or without a dash, as far as I know.
  • AFAIK, the three letter designations all refer to individual “descriptors” that describe properties of the firearm and serve classification purposes. The descriptors are individual words/phrases and are not whole names. QBZ for instance stands for three words in Chinese, light weapon, rifle, automatic, and should not be translated into lightweight automatic rifle.
  • Type X names are still used in Chinese to refer to the three letter named weapons. E.g.: QBZ-95 or Type 95 assault rifle. Either should be OK.

Type 56

Type 56 Carbine

Type 81

Type 84

Type 95 Family

Standard-issues being issued standardly.

"Type 97 Family" (I probably came up with this name)

Export model of the Type 95 rifles. In Canada you'll find the Type 97 NSR, a civilian variant of the QBZ-97 with 5 round mags (via the mag screw), semi-auto only. They're made and exported by Norinco under the Emei (or EMEI) brand, named after the Emei mountain in China.

Also, recent news suggests that some Chinese companies (or China) rebranded a bunch of export 95s/97s as NQZ-03A/Bs. No idea what they mean or how do they differ.

"Type 95-1 Family" (I definitely came up with this name)

Improved variants of the Type 95, in Chinese 95改 (95 Gai), "Type 95 modified". Differences are the removal of the front grip, putting the selector on the grip instead of on the stock, and new redesigned handguard, among other less visible changes.


Submachine Guns

Machine Guns

Other Rifles/Assault Rifles

Sniper Rifles

There are a few oddities with little info, some of which can be found on Gun wiki. We also seem to be really into anti materiel rifles these days.


Most Chinese official names use the name "Riot Gun" to refer to shotguns. They are most commonly used by police forces after all. They also use 18.4mm to refer to the 12 gauge chambering.

Grenade Launchers


Rocket/Missile Launchers


Notes to self

  • The Fliegerfaust can be seen in Gearbox's early footage for Brothers in Arms Furious 4.
  • Guns for The Hunter and other hunting games.
  • File:SATierOne.jpg is cropped from:
  • HK MG images with drum, Brenner 21 HK11A1
  • Red links and pageless guns on Operation Flashpoint games (mainly Chinese guns)
  • There was an old shitty Wii First-Person Shooter I played once called Red Steel that had some real guns.
  • Cannons without parent pages across the whole site (e.g. BF1918)
  • The Smith & Wesson 22A, currently a black link (a term I coined myself, a piece of text where a link would be but the page isn't there yet) on the S&W page (but with a MPM2008 image), is found in the recently released Co-op FPS Earthfall.
  • Alternate Luger carbine image:
  • Pay money, get WoG, upload images
  • Get better images for older COD pages?
  • What about Homefront and Black?

Striker variant identification summary

Armsel Striker
  • Semi-auto
  • No auto ejection; ejection of shells done with ejector rod
  • Rear lever
  • Winding knob
Armsel Protecta
  • Manual rotation only (single action)
  • Auto ejection & Shell deflector
  • No rear lever
  • No winding mechanism
Cobray Street Sweeper
  • Semi-auto
  • No auto ejection; ejection of shells done with ejector rod
  • Rear lever
  • Winding key
Early Model Sentinel Arms Striker-12
  • Semi-auto
  • No auto ejection; ejection of shells done with ejector rod
  • No rear lever
  • Improved winding key
  • Thumb tab present
Later Model Sentinel Arms Striker-12
  • Semi-auto
  • Auto ejection & Shell deflector
  • Rear lever
  • Improved winding key
  • Thumb tab present

Gun Images Without Pages

These guns often do not merit having proper pages due to not having any proper appearance in any media form (most are uploaded to this site as reference images when a weapon in a media resembles but only resembles the particular real weapon). This is not a call to make pages for them and is instead simply a storage place for easy access when we want to make pages for them. If they are legit appearances, then you won't see them here and you should be expecting me to be working on a page for them right now. If an image has a storaged writeup that is in the talk page (e.g. Talk:Colt SCAMP), you won't see them here. If an image is a variant of some other weapon with a page I'll be moving it to the talk page.

Note that this list is not complete in anyway and is more of a passion project. I might exclude some talk page only gun images and some grenades or toy guns.

Possible: Colt Defender shotgun image. It is not uploaded to this site yet, but it is possible that somebody will upload it as a reference image for the LJ-10 Volleyjet in Depth.

I used to also maintain a list of guns of fictional origin and with real replicas but are never used as props (tl;dr: anime guns), but I figured that we're unlikely to make any pages on them.

Savage 1861 Navy - .36 caliber
Bergmann No.5 - 7.8mm Bergmann
DP-64 grenade launcher ("anti-saboteur weapon") - 45mm
Brazilian home-made SMG seized by police - probably 9x19mm Parabellum
QTS-11, the rumored "ZH-05" - 5.8x42mm & 20mm Grenade. Tested by PLAN.
QTS-11 system.

The Rheinmetall MG 39 Rh is an experimental general-purpose machine gun that was meant to replace the MG34. (this image is on MG 34 talk page right now, but would warrant a split into individual page should it ever get a proper appearance)

Rheinmetall MG 39 Rh - 7.92x57mm Mauser
Monolith Arms P-12 shotgun with FN P90 for comparison.
USFA ZiP Gun - .22 LR
OTs-38 Stechkin - 7.62x42 mm SP-4
OTs-01 / TKB-0216 / RSA "Kobalt" revolver (Russia)
Franchi SAS-12 - 12 Gauge
Safir T-17 - 5.56x45mm
Cosmi Deluxe Lusso
Alka M-93 - 9x19mm
Russian four-barrel percussion cap pepperbox revolver.
OSSh-42 Flare Pistol - 26.5mm
RS-31 - 5.6mm Gevelot small caps
Italian S.I.P.E. hand grenade
Turkish Type 2 hand grenade
Star Second Model I - .32 ACP
modern replica of M1857 Württembergisch .54 Caliber Percussion Musket by Pedersoli

Such rifles were (and still are) produced by various manufacturers in Europe and America; They are often referred by the German term Kipplaufbüchse.

Savage Model 219 - .30-30. A good example of top-break single shot rifle, similar to the screen guns.
German manufactured Martini Action Schuetzen Rifle
1880s Belgian manufactured Auguste Francotte Pistolet de Tir de Salon pistol - 9mm Flobert rimfire. The screen gun is very similar to this sample.
Mitrailleuse machine gun. The machine gun in the film appears to be a mockup.


Rashid - 7.62x39mm
Rashid - 7.62x39mm


Caliber: 7.62x39 mm

Action: Gas operated, tilting bolt

Overall length: 1035 mm / 40.7"

Barrel length: 520 mm / 20.5"

Weight: 4.2 kg / 9.25 lbs

Magazine capacity: 10 rounds

ASP 2000

ASP 2000 - 9x19mm
ASP 2000 - 9x19mm

The ASP 2000 is a custom firearm made by Jonathan Deval, based Paris Theodore's original blueprints of the ASP. Like the ASP, which is a customized Smith & Wesson 39, the ASP 2000 is a customized Smith & Wesson 3913 pistol. The pistol is custom modified for fast instinct shooting. The standard sights are replaced with a 'guttersnipe' which is for fast reflex shooting, the grips have a transparent window to check how many rounds are left and various edges are burnished and a cut out for left or right handed shooting are cut into the trigger guard.


Type: Handgun

Caliber: 9x19mm

Capacity: 7

Fire Modes: Semi-Automatic, DAO (Double-Action Only)

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