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Arminius HW-1 starter revolver
Arminius HW-3 - .22 LR
Arminius HW-4 - .22 LR. This is late version with additional cylinder release button.
Arminius HW-5 - .22 LR
Arminius HW-7 (version without vent rib) - .22 LR. This is late version with additional cylinder release button and shrouded extractor rod.
Arminius HW-9 - .22 LR
Arminius HW-9ST - .22 LR
Arminius HW-9 ST - .22 LR
Arminius HW-10 - 9mm blank firing
Arminius HW-357 (New model) - .357 Magnum
Arminius HW-357 with unfired rounds - .357 Magnum
Arminius HW-357 - .357 Magnum
The newest version of the HW-357 - .357 Magnum

Background Information

The name "Arminius" refers to a line of revolvers manufactured by the German firm Weihrauch since 1960 (first model was HW-3, since 1962 was produced HW-4 and since 1965 HW-5). These revolvers were named after the chief of the Germanic Cherusci tribe, Arminius (latinized name) who led Teutonic warriors during the later stages of Roman Emperor Augustus' reign. Over the past fifty years the various models have been imported into the United States by different companies. The most well known of the United States importers would probably be Firearms Import & Export (F.I.E.) of Hialeah/Miami, Florida. Researching the various Arminius revolvers imported into the United States over the past five decades can be confusing since the various importers often renamed the models to make them more marketable to U.S. gun buyers.

For example when Herters imported the HW-7 22 caliber revolver it was called the Herter's Guide Model. When F.I.E. took over the importation the name was changed again. L.A. Distributors of Brooklyn, New York imported the the HW-5 and called it The Omega while the HW-3 was entitled the Dickson Bulldog.When Arminius decided to start making a .357 magnum double action revolver in 1977 the company called it the HW-357. But F.I.E. gave it the dramatic name of the FIE Titan Tiger.

In the nineties F.I.E. went out of business and European American Armory (EAA) took over the importation of Arminius revolvers. Naturally EAA changed the names yet again. The HW-357 magnum revolver became the EAA-Arminius Windicator and was given a heavy full shroud barrel. EAA also began importing the various Single Action Army clones made by Arminius. As stated earlier confusion is understandable.

Arminius HW series revolvers can be seen in the following production(s):


Title Actor Character Note Date
Old Shatterhand Rik Battaglia Dixon HW-1S with 6" barrel 1964
Mirko Ellis Joe Burker
Lex Barker Old Shatterhand
Nikola Popovic Sheriff Brandon
Dixon's henchmen, US Cavalry
Amongst Vultures Sieghardt Rupp Preston HW-1S with 6" barrel 1964
Miha Baloh "Reverend" Weller
Götz George Martin Bauman Jr.
Elke Sommer Annie Dillman
Terence Hill Baker Jr.
Voja Miric Stewart
Stole Arandjelovic Milton
Ilija Ivezic Jackie
Dusan Bulajic Bloomfield
Davor Antolic Rod
Boris Dvornik Fred
Mirko Kraljev Bill
Dragomir Bojanic-Gidra Joe
Vladimir Medar Baker Sr.
"Vultures" and settlers
The Oil Prince Harald Leipnitz The Oil Prince HW-1S with 6" barrel 1965
Walter Barnes Bill Campbell
Milan Srdoc Wabble
Dusan Janicijevic Butler
Davor Antolic Paddy
Ilija Ivezic Webster
Old Surehand Letícia Román Judith HW-1S with 6" barrel 1965
Vladimir Medar Ben O'Brian
Erik Schumann Capt. Miller
Dusan Janicijevic Clinch
Nikola Gec Cat
Voja Miric Joe
Dani Segina Blacky
General's henchmen
The Sinister Monk Harald Leipnitz Inspector Bratt HW-1 1965
Siegfried Lowitz Sir Richard
Kurt Waitzmann Serrgeant Cunning
Police officers, Thugs
That Man in Istanbul (Estanbul 65) Horst Buchholz Tony Mecenas HW-1 1965
Winnetou and the Crossbreed Ilija Dzuvalekovski Curly Bill HW-1S with 6" barrel 1966
Miha Baloh Judge
Lex Barker Old Shatterhand
Uschi Glas Apanatschi
Gotz George Jeff Brown
Vladimir Leib Pincky
Abdurrahman Shala Hank
Sime Jagarinac Blacky
Ivo Kristof Buster
Curly Bill's henchmen
Thunder at the Border Harald Leipnitz Silers HW-1S with 6" barrel 1966
Miha Baloh Quilvera
Pierre Brice Winnetou
Todd Armstrong Tom
Bandits, Mexican soldiers
Kiss Kiss, Kill Kill Tony Kendall Jo Walker HW-1 1966
Brad Harris Capt. Tom Rowland
Maria Perschy Joan Smith
Nikola Popovic O'Brien
O'Brien's henchmen
Death is Nimble, Death is Quick Tony Kendall Jo Walker HW-1 1966
Brad Harris Capt. Tom Rowland
Erno Crisa Baker
Dan Vadis King
Siegfried Rauch Nitro
Colombo police inspectors
So Darling So Deadly Tony Kendall Jo Walker HW-1 1966
Brad Harris Capt. Tom Rowland
Luisa Rivelli Shabana
Golden Dragon's henchmen
Kill Me Gently Tony Kendall Jo Walker HW-1 1967
Dietmar Schönherr Allan Hood
Herbert Fux Eddie Shapiro
Samson Burke Khemal
The Green Dogs thugs, Turkish police
Kill Panther Kill Tony Kendall Jo Walker HW-1 1968
Brad Harris Capt. Tom Rowland
Franco Fantasia Arthur Tracy
Erika Blanc Elizabeth Tracy
The Valley of Death Ilija Ivezic Davis HW-1S with 6" barrel 1968
Nikola Gec Boone
Vladimir Bacic Brown
Ivo Kristof Craigh
Milan Sosa Meadows
Murdock's brigands
Diamond Rush (Le Paria) Jean Marais Manu HW-1G or HW-10 1969
Nieves Navarro Sylvia
Jaume Picas Toccelli
Moisés Augusto Rocha Turchi
Jean Lara Inspector Lara
Walter Defends Sarajevo (Valter brani Sarajevo) Rade Markovic Sead Kapetanovic HW-3 1972
A Pain in the Ass (L'emmerdeur) Lino Ventura Ralf Milan HW-3 1973
Jean-Pierre Darras Dr. Fuchs
Day for Night (La Nuit américaine) HW-3; On the tray of firearms 1973
Ricco Christopher Mitchum Ricco Aversi HW-10 1973
Don Vito's henchmen
The Friends of Eddie Coyle Peter Boyle Dillon HW-7 1973
The Last Cartridge (Ultimul cartus) A criminal HW-3 1973
Shaft in Africa Richard Roundtree John Shaft HW-3 1974
A Police Commissioner Accuses (Un comisar acuza) Gheorghe Dinica Paraipan HW-3 1974
Death of a Hoodlum (Muerte de un quinqui) Paul Naschy Marcos HW-1 1975
Fear over the City (Peur sur la ville) Henry Djanik A police inspector 1975
Live Like a Cop, Die Like a Man Marc Porel Alfredo HW-3 1976
Ray Lovelock Antonio
Blood and Diamonds (Diamanti Sporchi Di Sangue) Carmelo Reale Marco HW-1 1977
Dawn of the Dead Ken Foree Peter HW-5T 1978
Scott H. Reiniger Roger
John Rice 2nd Officer in Project Apt.
Jim Baffico Wooley
Deadly Chase (Il commissario Verrazzano) A robber HW-1 1978
The Police War (La Guerre des polices) Marlène Jobert Marie Garcin HW-3 1979
Cop or Hood (Flic Ou Voyou) Georges Géret Théodore Musard HW-10; Only in holster 1979
Jean-Paul Belmondo Stan Borowitz HW-10
The Professional Robert Hossein Commissioneer Rosen HW-3 1981
Bernard-Pierre Donnadieu Inspector Farges
Bernard Marcellin A police inspector
Jean-Paul Belmondo Josselin Beaumont
The Duel (Duelul) Ion Ritiu Rica Pasarin HW-3 1981
The Gendarme and the Gendarmettes "The Brain"'s henchman 1982
The Man in the Brown Suit Police officers and security HW 38 1989
Have a Nice Night (Passez une bonne nuit) A police officer HW-1 1990
Batman Forever Tommy Lee Jones Two-Face HW-9 ST 1995
Hard Rain Ricky Harris Ray HW-9ST 1998
Dead Man's Bluff (Zhmurki) Aleksey Panin Sergey HW-37 2005
Sergey Makovetskiy Koron
Anatoliy Zhuravlyov Bala
The Baader Meinhof Complex German terrorists HW-3 2008
White Material Angry African woman in crowd HW-3 2009
The Girl Who Played with Fire Georgi Staykov Alexander Zalachenko HW-3 2009

Additional Versions

See FIE Titan Tiger. Also made by Arminius and imported into the United States by F.I.E. in the seventies and eighties.

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