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Metro Exodus

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Metro Exodus
Metro Exodus cover.jpg
Cover image
Release Date: 2019
Developer: 4A
Publisher: Deep Silver
Series: Metro
Platforms: Xbox One
Playstation 4
Genre: First-Person Shooter

Metro Exodus, released on February 15, 2019, is the third title in the Metro first person survival shooter franchise (following Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light) and is based on both the events of the previous two games and Dmitry Glukhovsky's third novel Metro 2035. The game continues Artyom's story, where he ends up setting in motion a chain of events that leads him, his wife Anna, and squad of Rangers lead by Anna's father Colonel Miller out of the Moscow Metro and eastward across Russia to search for any existing civilization that survived World War III.

Exodus has a revamped system in regards to weapons and firearms compared to the prior two games. Weapons are now even more customizable than they were in Last Light, and new weapons and upgrades have to be found as the game takes place out of the Moscow Metro and its military-grade 5.45 standard. A new element to the gunplay is degrading weapon conditions; dirty firearms will malfunction and have to be cleaned, similar to Far Cry 2 and Red Dead Redemption II, although like the latter, Artyom can clean and restore his weapons using workbenches. These stations may also be used to customize guns, which Artyom can also do on-the-go with a backpack kit given to him by the Ranger squad's armorer.

The following weapons can be seen in the video game Metro Exodus:



The classic .44 "Revolver" is found throughout the world of Metro Exodus. Now it is somewhat based on the antique Smith & Wesson No. 3 Russian Model, which is much more fitting with the Russian setting. By default, it uses a primitive three-round cylinder that Artyom must manually cycle and cock for each shot. It can be upgraded with a proper six-shot cylinder available either in single-action or in double-action. In addition, it can take improved stock sets and longer barrels, akin to the carbine-length Revolvers in the previous games.

Uberti No 3 New Model Russian Top Break - replica of the Smith & Wesson No. 3 Russian Model - .44 Russian/.45 Long Colt
The Revolver's entry in Artyom's diary, which answers some questions about how it came about in the Metro.
The basic three-shot revolver with a suppressed barrel on a customization bench.
The six-shot cylinder and SA hammer...
... and the DA version.
Artyom actually uses the ejector rod this time around when reloading the Revolver.
Smith & Wesson Model 320 Revolving Rifle - .32
The Revolver in carbine configuration.
Artyom holding the Revolver carbine.


The "Bastard" carbine returns from the previous games, still with its influences from the Sten (in particular, the Mk IV prototypes) and the Hotchkiss M1909 feed system, though in a different configuration. It now fires the same .44 ammunition as the Revolver, and comes in a pistol-like configuration by default, feeding from 15-round feed stripper clips. It can be upgraded with improved barrels, furniture, and it also use standard capacity 30-round strips, 50-round drum magazines or a 100-round ammunition belt. By default it has the same grip from the Revolver.

Sten Mk IVA - 9x19mm
Hotchkiss M1909 - 8x50mm R
A basic Bastard on a workbench.
An upgraded Bastard with added furniture and suppressor.
A basic Bastard found in early in the Volga River chapter. Note the half-empty magazine.
Reloading a Bastard with a drum magazine.


A customized M1911A1 variant with an engraved and ported slide and custom grips appears as the "Stallion" (explicit reference to the Colt logo). Along with the Sammy, it's a new weapon featured in the Sam's Story DLC. It is based on the standard M1911A1, while the compensator is based on that of the Smith & Wesson SW1911 Performance Center. It can be customized with an extended or a drum magazine, full auto fire, and alternate grips. Despite the in-game description stating that it is a .45, it still uses the standard .44 rounds.

Screen used nickel-plated Colt M1911 with pearl grips - .45 ACP
Smith & Wesson SW1911 Performance Center "Round Butt" - .45 ACP
Sam holding the Stallion. The default (and incorrect) magazine capacity is 8 rounds.
Aiming down sights.
Reloading the Stallion.



The AK-74M again returns in a variety of different configurations in Exodus and is a common weapon found across post-apocalypse Russia. By default, it comes in a very primitive AKS-74U-like form that lacks a dust cover, has a skeletal-like stock and pistol grip, and feeds from non-standard twenty-round 5.45x39mm magazines; this configuration is rather like the original 5.45 Bastard carbine. Stock upgrades return the dust cover and proper AK furniture or other improved stocks and forends. 30- and 45- round magazines can be found as well, and a 75-round drum can be found in the Caspian Sea level. "AK-103" is written on the side of the receiver, which the Kalash clearly isn't.

AKS-74U - 5.45x39mm
The basic AKS-74U-like configuration on the ground and in Artyom's hands. Note that it still has the default AK rear sight trunnion.
Artyom aims his Kalash in a surface engagement in the prologue.
Later on in the Volga, Artyom cycles the action on his AK after a malfunction.
AK-74M - 5.45x39mm
A proper AK in the hands of Tokarev, the Ranger's armorer and gunsmith. He is apparently descended from the famous arms designer and once owned a TT pistol.
The AK with a thumbhole stock and SVD-like forend.
Artyom holds an AK with an RPK-74-like barrel and 45-round magazine in the Novosibirsk Metro while finding a leftover rail-Panzer III that apparently was also used when the surviving population killed itself off.
A very, very bloody AK found in the same area.


A new rifle resembling an SVU Dragunov is the "Bulldog", a bullpup assault rifle that appears to be the spiritual successor to the "Kalash 2012" of the previous games. Compared to the AK-74, the "Bulldog" has a lower rate of fire and deals more damage per shot, and both rifles share most of the same upgrades other than the "Bulldog" having a unique 60-round magazine upgrade.

SVU Dragunov modernized with black furniture and a bipod - 7.62x54mm R
Artyom holds his newfound Bulldog out in the Caspian sands as night begins to fall.
Aiming the rifle, note its SVU-like raised iron sights.
Reloading the Bulldog, done with the right hand like the AKs in the previous game.
Chambering a round.
Giul and her sniper-configured Bulldog. Here the SVD receiver is obvious.


Also returning from Last Light is the 7.62x54mm R "Valve" bolt action rifle. It is in a truncated, pistol-like form by default, akin to a Mosin Nagant "Obrez", but can be upgraded with proper barrels, stocks, and a scope for proper sniper usage. It is also single-shot with a conventional bolt-action by default, but can be upgraded with a side-feeding 5-round box magazine and straight-pull bolt modification akin to the Last Light version, or a 25-round magazine that's tied with a semi-automatic conversion of the action. It is first seen in the hands of Anna, being her signature gun since Last Light, and is later found for player use in the Caspian level.

Mosin Nagant "Obrez" with pistol grip - 7.62x54mm R. Upgraded Valves are basically Obrez pistols with longer barrels and buttstocks added.
Anna holding her upgraded Valve.
The default Valve after Artyom finds one in a shack out in the wastes.
Reloading a single round into the rifle.
A more respectable Valve in the workshop.
Reloading the five-round magazine. Note the improved bolt handle.


A pre-production model of the AK-12 named "Sammy" is a new assault rifle from the Sam's Story DLC. It is designed to fire special incendiary cartridges, which are similar to the military-grade rounds from the previous Metro games. It can be customized with a few magazine and stock options (including what appears to be Thompson furniture), and can be modified to fire in 3-round bursts, semi-auto, or full-auto.

AK-12 (2015 prototype) - 5.45x39mm
A Sammy dropped on a desk.
Sam holding the Sammy.
Aiming down sights.
Reloading the Sammy.



The "Ashot", still partially based on the Reichsrevolver M1883, returns from Last Light as a simple, single-shot, pistol-form shotgun. It can be upgraded with improved furniture sets to turn it into a handy carbine, an over/under double barrel configuration that gives it similar performance to the "Duplet" from the first two games and four stacked barrels that make it similar to the "Quadruplet" upgrade from the same gun. The former allows the player to fire two consecutive shots or two shots at the same time, and latter allows two consecutive "double shots" or firing all four barrels at the same time.

Reichsrevolver M1883 - 10.6x25R
A bare-bones Ashot on a workbench.
Artyom holding the Ashot.
Aiming down sights.
Reloading the Ashot.
The Ashot in over/under double-barrelled configuration and added furniture.
Artyom holding the double-barrelled Ashot. Note the small "x2" inscription on the back of it.
Aiming down sights.
Reloading the double-barrelled Ashot.


The complex toggle-action shotgun known as the "Shambler" (originally Uboinik) is also featured in Exodus. Artyom starts off with one in the prologue, with a measly three-shell cylinder. It can be upgraded with its classic six-round rotating cylinder, and can additionally use 10-round removable magazines or a 20-round belt drum, fulfilling the roles of the Saiga 12 and 12-gauge "Abzats" from the previous game.

Artyom and his Shambler right at the start of the game.
A suppressed Shambler on a workbench.
Reloading the Shambler with its original 6-shot loading mechanism.
Topping off the right side.
A Shambler with a comically oversized "duckbill" choke.

Machine Guns


A man portable, hip-fired machine gun rather erroneously referred to as the "Gatling" is available in the game. Despite its name, it is a non-rotary machine gun that instead features twin barrels and feeds from "quadrant" pan-style magazines.

Artyom holds a Gatling after retrieving it from its former owner.
Sam covers the Spartan's escape with his hand-held machine gun.
A more Gatling-like turret resembling the weapon from the last game as seen through Artyom's binoculars when the Rangers enter the Mount Yamantau complex.



The "Tikhar", another recurrent weapon from previous games, is a pneumatic air rifle capable of shooting pellets; including incendiary pellets which can be crafted after the Caspian Sea level. It is semi-automatic and requires the player to manually pump it to maintain pressure on its air tank after every few shots. The cylinder can be over-pressured to give the ball bearings it shoots maximum damage, at the cost of the extra pressure eventually venting off if the weapons is not fired. Upgrading the weapon can give it an airtight pneumatic system that prevents venting off when over-pressured, an automatic pneumatic system that fills itself when pressure levels drop bellow normal or turn it into a railgun. Upgrades can also increase magazine capacity, improve furniture and sights.

Tokarev handing a Tikhar over to Artyom.
Artyom holding the Tikhar.
Aiming down sights.
Reloading the Tikhar.
Here Artyom works the Tikhar's pump to refill the air tank.


The "Helsing" is another returning weapon, this time appearing as a crossbow capable of shooting metal bolts and explosive bolts. First given to the player in the Taiga level as simple, single-shot crossbow that must be reloaded and cocked after each shot, it can be upgraded with various attachments, including magazines (with capacities for 3, 6 or 8 bolts), compound limbs or a pneumatic system similar to the Tikhar. Its name is of course a reference to the 2004 movie Van Helsing, where the titular character wields a similar automatic crossbow.

Artyom acquiring the basic Helsing.
Aiming down optical sights.
Reloading an upgraded Helsing with an added magazine.
Reloading the Helsing with an explosive bolt.


The Two Colonels DLC introduces a new weapon, a portable flamethrower, similar to the one in Metro 2033 Redux. The player can ignite it's flame with the secondary fire button to illuminate their path (in lieu of a flashlight) and set certain enemies and obstacles on fire, and use the primary trigger button to launch a continuous stream of flames. It can be equipped with various upgrades, including larger fuel tanks, and much like the Tikhar and the Helsing it needs to be manually pumped to maintain its potency.

"Mind you, it's quite heavy!"
Colonel Khlebnikov "firing" the Flamethrower.
Reloading the Flamethrower. Note the aftermath of its use on the background.
Pumping the flamethrower.

Unusable Weapons

Margolin MCM

Krest carries what appear to be Margolin MCM target pistols with wooden grips in his twin shoulder holsters. They have been speculated to be Makarovs or Tokarevs throughout the internet, but this cannot be because the grip shape and the screws don't match the design of either gun. He is never seen using the pistols.

MCM wooden grips - .22 LR
Artyom and Krest disregard the no-smoking sign, Krest's pistols seen in his holsters.


DShK machine guns can be found throughout the game, but as in Last Light, none are usable. While exploring the Novosibirsk Metro, Miller remarks at the sight of one as "our old friend, the Dushka".

DShK on tripod - 12.7x109mm
Metro guards manning a DShK in the introductory cutscene as Artyom recounts the history of the Metro.
Artyom finds an unusable DShK turret in the first mission. Note the upgraded magazine he found for his shotgun.
In an extreme radiation-induced hallucination, Artyom finds himself in the commander's position atop a T-72B3 in Novosibirsk before the bombs fell. In real life, T-72s are equipped with NSVT and PKMT machine guns. (This may be deliberate, Exodus uses older pre-war tech in comparison to previous games).

Shipunov 2A42

Shipunov 2A42 autocannons can be seen on defunct BTR-90 APCs that can be found in several of the game's chapters.

Shipunov 2A42 mounted on BTR-90 - 30x165mm
A close up of the 2A42 as seen through the game's Photo mode. Note the non-standard muzzle brake.

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