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Metro: Last Light

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Metro: Last Light
PC boxart
Release Date: 2013
Developer: 4A Games
Publisher: Deep Silver
Series: Metro
Platforms: PC
Xbox 360
Xbox One (Redux)
PlayStation 3
PlayStation 4 (Redux)
Genre: First-Person Shooter

Metro: Last Light (also known unofficially as "Metro 2034") is the sequel of the acclaimed horror-shooter Metro 2033. The story follows Artyom, the main protagonist in the previous game, trying to make contact with the last Dark One alive on Earth following the canon ending of 2033. Compared to the previous game, Last Light features a streamlined inventory system, removing the ability to manually equip items such as the trench knife or pipe bombs. The focus on combat and stealth approaches has also been overhauled to allow players to tailor their experience towards either method. The game was released on May 14, 2013, and a Redux edition for the eighth generation of consoles and PC was released on August 26, 2014. This was bundled with the Redux of the original Metro 2033, which overhauls the first game with the same improvements described above. In the case of Last Light, the only significant change is that most firearms now track +1 in the chamber and had their reload animations altered to realistically portray this.

The sequel, Metro Exodus, was announced in E3 2017 and released on February 15, 2019.

The following weapons appear in the video game Metro: Last Light:



The "Revolver" returns from the previous game, and can be modified with various attachments. Like in Metro 2033, the Revolver is not based on any particular real firearm, but blends elements from Smith & Wesson and Colt revolvers, bearing a resemblance to the custom "Smython".

Smith & Wesson Model 29 - .44 Magnum
Smython - .357 Magnum
The "Revolver" in the store menu.
A Ranger twirls the revolver in the Spartan base.
Pavel holds out a revolver.
The basic Revolver on the firing range.
Aiming down the sights.
Artyom dumps out spent cartridges while on the surface. Note the suppressor in this instance as well as the S&W-style cylinder latch that is depicted as rotating instead of being pushed forwards.
Cowboy-slinging the cylinder shut on a carbine-customized revolver.


The "Lolife" is a makeshift pistol chambered in .44 Magnum, first found in the hands of a Reich officer in the level "Pavel". This pistol can be modified with a vast variety of attachments including a full-auto firing mode (which will significantly reduce accuracy due to the kicking recoil). The pistol grip and trigger assembly strongly resemble the Bergmann No.5, while the square receiver, bolt, and charging handle resemble the PP-91 Kedr.

Bergmann No.5 - 7.8mm Bergmann
PP-91 Kedr - 9x18mm Makarov
The in-game model of the "Lolife" pistol.
The Lolife in the menu.
The Lolife on the firing range.
Artyome aims his pistol in a dark tunnel.
Reloading an example customized with a reflex sight.
Pulling the charging handle.
Idle animation of a basic Lolife.
With the carbine conversion, Artyom checks the magazine instead.



The DShK-based "Heavy Automatic Shotgun" from Metro 2033's DLC returns in Last Light, under the moniker "Abzats" (literally "Paragraph" in Russian, but can also be roughly translated as "Total end"). It can be found or bought later in the game. Be default, it is semi-automatic and cannot be aimed; instead the alternate fire lets out a burst of shells and temporarily jams the weapon. It can be upgraded to fix this and fire permanently in full auto, and can also take an extended magazine and a muzzle brake.

DShKM - 12.7x108mm
Artyom finds an "Abzats" in the nosalis-infested crypt.
Blasting away at the monsters with the 12-gauge converted DShK.
Reloading the standard 20-round ammunition box.
Closing the top cover.


A simple improvised single-barreled, single-shot shotgun, with a swing-out barrel loading system, is one of the new weapons found very early on in Last Light. It comes in a short package by default, but can be upgraded with a proper wood stock and forend as well as a barrel extension to make it more respectable in form and function outside of blasting things at close range. It is common in the Reich-occupied stations, but is gradually phased out as the game goes on by the more advanced shotguns. It appears to be built around the frame of a Reichsrevolver M1883.

Curiously, concept art showed the ability to equip Ashot with a revolving cylinder, however, this feature is missing in the released game, obviously to avoid duplicating the "Shambler" with its similar six-shot feed system.

Reichsrevolver M1883 - 10.6x25mmR German Ordnance
The Ashot in the store.
The Ashot in-game.
Aiming down the sights.
Reloading. Note Artyom cocks it before loading and closing the breech, which isn't a particularly safe manual-of-arms.
Then again, he also gets his finger bit by the hammer in the idle animation, so one can surmise even the Polis Rangers don't teach good gun safety. Note the trigger is absent. The foregrip is apparently based on the Luger Carbine.


Another improvised shotgun in the style of the prototype Colt Defender shotgun made from bicycle parts, the "Bigun" ("Bigun" is a Ukrainian word that means "Runner") was added in the Developer Pack and is only available on its exclusive level. It is a revolving shotgun similar to the "Shambler", but is pepperbox-style with 6 barrels instead. It was retroactively added to the Redux version of 2033.

Colt Defender Mark 1 - 20 gauge
The Bigun on the shooting range.
Aiming down the sights. Each barrel has its own front sight.
Reloading the Bigun from empty.
"Chambering" the first barrel.
Topping off the other barrels. In the idle animation, Artyom rings the bicycle bell still attached to the stock.


The home-made double barreled SxS shotgun also returns from Metro 2033. As with the "Ashot", it comes in a rather short form by default, but it can be modified, among everything else, by adding two more barrels. The gun then can also be fired two or all four barrels at once, the latter capable of bringing down almost any enemy at point-blank range.

The basic Duplet.
A Duplet with the grip and stock modifications, as well as the long barrel. Note their FN P90-like shape.
The Duplet as it appears on an official game art.
The default Duplet. Note it has shorter barrels, a stubby pistol grip, and no stock by default.
Reloading the left barrel.
Artyom gets the barrels stuck open in the idle animation. This time the Duplet has full length barrels, a proper grip, and stock.
Finding a Duplet in an early trip to the surface.
Another Duplet, with the four-barrel modification.


The Saiga-12 is the ultimate close-quarters weapon with its high damage and automatic fire mode. While real Saiga shotguns are semi-automatic, it is not completely impossible to convert them to be able to fire fully automatic. The Saiga can accept a sound suppressor, 20-round drum mag, and three types of sights.

Saiga 12K with short barrel and drum magazine - 12 Gauge
A stock Saiga without any modifications. The box magazine, like all the other detachable mags in the game, has a cutout on it. Note that the 2-strut metal stock taken from the in-game AKS-74U model. The wooden furniture also indicates that this is an early model civilian variant.
The Saiga is a good choice for tight areas, such as the catacombs below the swamp.
Idle animation of the Saiga: Artyom plays with the cocking handle and then slaps it multiple times as if he was clearing a jam Far Cry 2-style.
Pavel kills some Nazis with a Saiga shotgun while trying to escape from Fourth Reich territory.
A guard holds a Saiga shotgun at Theater station.
The Saiga-12 in the firing range.
ADS view.
Reloading the curved box magazine.
Rechambering the shotgun.
A customizied Saiga, with the drum magazine.
Inserting a new drum.


The revolving, toggle-action "Uboinik" from 2033 returns as the "Shambler". This time around, it trades its melee abilities for usable iron sights. It can mount the reflex or IR sights, an extended or suppressed barrel, and the laser sight.

The Shambler in Last Light.
Using the new iron sights.
Reloading from empty. Artyom loads a shell into the first clamp and then chambers it.
Reloading the rest of the system.
Artyom makes use of the cleaning rod in the idle animation. This is also very unsafe to do with a loaded and chambered shotgun.

Assault Rifles


The AK-74M appears as the "Kalash" and can be modified with various attachments, including a sound suppressor, laser sight, 45-round magazine, and various optics. It differs from the Metro 2033 version by having a darker paintjob, a heatshield on the fore end, and more realistic rear ironsights.

AK-74M - 5.45x39mm
The AK-74 in-game.
A "Kalash" with a 45-round RPK-74 magazine, reflex sight, and suppressor.
Artyom armed with a suppressed Kalash also equipped with a red dot sight.
Artyom about to pull the charging handle of his AK.
Artyom wipes off the rain from his gas mask's visor.
Miller holds a Kalash at the end of the Garden mission.
Resting with an AK-74M in the prologue.
The AK out on the shooting range.
Aiming the rifle.
Reloading. Pulling out the spent magazine.
About to pull the bolt.
Artyom runs his finger down the line of cartridges.
Another version of a grenade launcher that was shown in a full 12 minute demo from E3 2011. It uses a spring mechanism to launch pipe-bombs and a battery that creates an electric spark igniting the fuse. This attachment is not available in the final version of Last Light.


The AKS-74U is a Ranger Mode exclusive carbine, with stats very similar to the base "Kalash" of the game. It can accept the same attachments as its big brother. It is indexed as the "AKSU".

AKS-74U - 5.45x39mm
Note how the handguard and rear sight is wrong for the AKS-74U - it's from a real life AK-74M. The gun also reuses the Kalash's animations.
Artyom tests the AKSU at the D6 shooting range.
Artyom holds an AKSU and his signature lighter when he and Pavel Morozov reach the surface for the first time. The lighter can be used with any weapon, although the accuracy will is slightly reduced because Artyom is now holding the gun with one hand only.
Heading up to the surface in the game's beginning with a suppressed "AKSU".
Inspecting the short AK.
Inserting a fresh magazine.
Charging the AKS-74U.
The AKS-74U on table, along with an RPK-74M.


The Sten-based home-made 5.45 carbine with a Hotchkiss M1909-type feed system returns from the previous game. The new model is more detailed and has a longer, thinner profiled barrel. It can be customized with an AK-74M type synthetic stock, the game's various optical sights, a laser, suppressor, or a barrel shroud that replaces the water cooling jacket.

The Bastard in the store menu.
A Bastard out on the range.
Artyom aims a nearly-empty Bastard. Note that it appears to have stolen the proper rear sight off the AKS-74U.
Knocking out the feed strip on a partial reload.
Inserting a new one.
Pulling the charging handle.
Unjamming an overheated Bastard.
Artyom rather comically tosses the Bastard up and down in his hands in the idle animation. This one is modified with the heat shield and polymer AK stock.

"Kalash 2012"

The "Kalash 2012" or "AK-2012" (a fictional bullpup assault rifle based on the FN P90) return from the previous game. It has similar stats as in the first game; high damage, good accuracy and a 40-round capacity.

FN PS90 - 5.7x28mm
AK-74M - 5.45x39mm
An unmodified Kalash 2012 available for purchase for 115 military grade 5.45x39mm bullets.
Artyom with a Kalash 2012 near Saint Basil's Cathedral in Red Square (or what is left of it).
An AK-2012 loaded with high-power military grade bullets. Unlike in most games, the bullets actually disappear from the magazine as Artyom uses the gun. This feature is very useful in Hardcore Mode, which removes the ammo indicator and most other parts of the HUD.
A Hansa soldier stands guard with a scoped Kalash 2012 rifle. Notice the good trigger discipline.
Holding a "Kalash 2012" with a laser inside a burning crypt.
ADS view.
Reloading the dorsal magazine.
Idle animation of the "Kalash 2012," Artyom seems to play it like one of the many acoustic instruments found throughout the Metro.

Sniper Rifles


The "Preved" (a corruption of the Russian word "privet", i.e. "hello", and a formerly popular meme in the Russian-speaking Internet) is the most powerful rifle in the game and uses 12.7x108mm ammo. Though described as self-made, it is closely based on the PTRD-41, implying that it's a homemade copy. By default it is a single-shot rifle with some sort of glass aperture rear sight. It can be upgraded to feed from detachable magazines, and can take a scope and muzzle brake as well. Although such opportunities are rare, the cartridge of this weapon can penetrate multiple enemies.

PTRD-41 Anti-tank rifle - 14.5x114mm
Artyom finds a customized Preved in an apartment in the "Dead City."
View of the weird glass aperture sights.
Ejecting a spent casing.
Loading in a new round.
Inspecting the Preved shows the magazine well to be rendered solid.
Unfazed by that, Artyom loads in a detachable magazine.
A scoped Preved near the end of the battle for D6.


The "Valve" is a homemade straight-pull bolt-action rifle that is somewhat curiously based around the action and receiver of the early straight-pull Mondragón Rifles. The rifle is fed by a detachable magazine mounted on the left side. It can by modified with the usual assortment of gunsights, equip an extended magazine or laser sight, and can also gain a muzzle brake. A straight-pull bolt action rifle is an interesting but somewhat unrealistic design choice for a post-apocalyptic Moscow, especially one of a design so obscure, being both more complicated to manufacture and less reliable compared to a traditional turn-bolt action rifle. This rifle can also penetrate multiple enemies in-game.

Mondragón M1894 - 5.2x68mm Mondragón
A Valve in a store's weapon rack.
Valve in hand, Artyom looks at a UB-32 rocket pod on a long-crashed Mi-24 on his first mission to the surface. Note the "7.62" on the cartridge.
Looking down the Valve's iron sights.
Reloading the box magazine.
Working the straight-pull bolt action.
Rechambering a round on an empty reload. Note this example has the extended box magazine.
Artyom manages to get the bolt stuck in the idle animation.
A scoped Valve found on the surface later in the game.


The VSK-94 returns and appears in the later parts of the game. It is fully automatic, and is rechambered for 5.45x39mm rounds. It has an extended barrel when not equipped with a suppressor.

VSK-94 with PKS-07 scope - 9x39mm
VSK-94 with extended barrel and wooden handguard.
Artyom finds two throwing knives and some shotgun ammo in a locker.
Artyom aims at a watchman.
Pavel reloads his VSK-94.
Pulling the bolt on an empty reload.
A view of the chamber in the idle animation.

VSSK Vykhlop

The VSSK Vykhlop appears in Faction Pack and Developer Pack DLCs, named as the "Clapper". As with many games, it is incorrectly depicted to be semi-automatic, while the real VSSK is straight-pull bolt-action. It uses the same 12.7mm ammunition as the "Preved", so it can also penetrate multiple enemies during a firefight.

VSSK Vykhlop (second model) - 12.7x55mm
The "Clapper" in the weapons rack.
The unnamed Red sniper pulls the charging handle after performing a mag-change in the Sniper Team DLC mission.
The VSSK Vykhlop in the test range.
The rear sight is a bit too open to be realistically usable. It should be more of a rear aperture and less of a ghost ring.
Reloading a scoped VSSK.
View down the scope, showing the PSO-like reticle.
Idle animation; the bolt handle is pulled back a few times, showing the cutout on the left side of the receiver.

Machine Guns


DShK machine guns return from 2033 as the standard emplaced HMG in the Metro, though Artyom doesn't get to use any in Last Light.

DShK on tripod - 12.7x109mm
Exact same model from the prequel.
A DShK guarding the airlock to Hansa.


A so-called "Gatling" man portable, 12.7x108mm heavy machine gun is used by Artyom in the finale. However, it uses a wind-up electric system to power the barrels (which can be upgraded to some sort of gas-powered motor) and comes with three barrels, similar to the American General Dynamics GAU-19/A or the General Dynamics M197 Vulcan. It can also be upgraded with a five-barrel cluster, a "dynamo" system to reduce recoil, and a hip stabilizer to aid firing while moving. In the "Heavy Squad" DLC mission, an upgraded "Gatling" is used by the player character Hans.

General Dynamics GAU-19/A - .50 BMG
General Dynamics M197 Vulcan - 20x102mm
The "Gatling" in the battle for D6. Note the crank for the spooling system, and the left-hand trigger for activating the barrels' rotation.
Reloading the "Gatling" in the less hectic test range.
Feeding 12.7mm rounds into the system. Note the five-barrel cluster and "dynamo" disc mounted on top.


The RPK-74M appears as the "RPK" in the Limited Edition of the game. It can be used with a 45-round or 100-round drum magazine, although the latter one is incorrect for a real life RPK-74.

RPK-74 - 5.45x39mm
RPK-74 in-game. Note the wooden stock and incorrect receiver, which is reused from the game's standard AK instead of a proper RPK receiver. It also has regular AK-type handguards.
Artyom holds a scoped RPK-74 light machine gun during the last battle for D6. Less known fact is that Artyom's watch shows the current time based on the system (computer or console) time. Exception to this is when he is wearing a gas mask; then the watch shows the remaining time before the filter runs out of air.
The RPK on the D6 training range. Note that it has a hinge to fold the stock, a feature of the RPK-74M.
Dark view of the iron sights; Artyom forgot to turn on his headlamp here.
Reloading the drum magazine, unlike the default 45-round mag and the other AK variants, this has a unique animation where Artyom uses his left hand for the mag swap.
Working the action in the drum mag reload.


Homemade Claymore Mine

Homemade MON-50 anti-personnel mines can be used as proximity mines.

MON-50 Mine
View of a MON-50 mine; filled with screws. For some reason it has no front panel or whatsoever. That strange device on top of it emits a red laser that is used to indicate the direction of the blast.
Artyom places a MON-50 mine during the boss fight with a giant bear also known as the "Forest God".
A placed MON-50 mine ready to kill anyone who wanders in front of it (except of the one person who placed it).

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