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Goldeneye: Rogue Agent

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Goldeneye: Rogue Agent
Offical Boxart
Release Date: 2004
Developer: EA Los Angeles
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Series: James Bond Game
Platforms: PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube, Nintendo DS
Genre: First-Person Shooter

Goldeneye: Rogue Agent is a non-canon James Bond spinoff game where you play as a former 00 agent who, after meeting Goldfinger, gets hired as a SPECTRE agent codnamed "Goldeneye."

The game does not follow the story of Goldeneye in any way,
The following weapons appear in the video game Goldeneye: Rogue Agent:



A two-tone hybrid pistol used by Goldeneye if he has no other weapons equipped. It's overall design resembles a Walther P99, but it has a slide that's reminicent of a Desert Eagle. It has a 12 round magazine and has an infinite ammo reserve. It is not used by any enemies ingame, however this was probably so the Desert Eagle would be more abundant.

Interestingly, the pistol in the prologue lacks the SPECTRE logo that it has throughout the rest of the game. The game's manual implies that it is a modified version of the Walther P99 designed by SPECTRE.

Walther P99 9x19mm
IMI Desert Eagle Mark I - .357 Magnum
The man who will soon become "Goldeneye" holds his SPEC-9 in the opening. One must wonder why an MI6 agent was equipped with a SPECTRE issue handgun
"Goldeneye" with his SPEC-9 and a fictional Mamba 12 Gauge shotgun. Here we can see the added SPECTRE emblem on the rear of the gun.

IMI Desert Eagle Mark VII

The Desert Eagle Mark VII is the standard pistol for all enemy henchmen. Called the "Jackal .357" ingame, it incorrectly holds 8 rounds like a .44 Magnum variant of the Desert Eagle. It's very powerful, being able to kill most enemies in 1 or 2 hits.

Desert Eagle MK VII w/ nickel finish - .357 Magnum
"Goldeneye" holds a pair of Desert Eagles

Golden Gun

The famous Golden Gun appears in Multiplayer Mode only. It holds 1 round and can kill any enemy in 1 hit.

The Golden Gun prop from the James Bond movie The Man with the Golden Gun.‎

Submachine Guns

FN P90

The FN P90 is the only Submachine Gun available in the game. Called the "HS-90," it can be dual wielded and holds 50 rounds.

FN P90 - 5.7x28mm FN

Mag Rail

The Mag Rail is an fictional weapon that appears to be a heavily modified P90. It is a one-handed railgun that holds 4 depleted uranium slugs. It can kill enemies in one shot and even shoots through walls and other enemies, however it needs to charge up each shot.


"Goldeneye" can be seen using an MP7 during the cutscene where he first activates the OMEN device. This weapon is not available during gameplay.

Heckler & Koch MP7A1 with factory 20-round magazine and rifle sights flipped up - 4.6x30mm


"AR4 Commando"

The game's only Assault Rifle is a strange AR-15 platform carbine, however it's not clear what model it's supposed to be based on. It strangely resembles an HK416, however that rifle only just went into production in 2004, so it's unlikely. The game's manual states that the weapon was originally designed for British special forces implying that it's supposed to be the L119A1, a variant of the AR-15 designed for the SAS. However, it doesn't really resemble one that much either. Called the "AR4 Commando" ingame, it holds 30 rounds and is always fitted with a ACOG sight.

Strangely, the pickup model depicts the magazine to be slightly slanted similar to the Peruvian FAD assault rifle, but this is not apparent in first person.

Colt M4A1 with Aimpoint CompM2 reflex optic, Knight's Armament RAS railed handguard and vertical forward grip - 5.56x45mm
Heckler & Koch HK416 for Comparison - 5.56x45mm.
"Goldeneye" Holding his AR4 rifle
"Goldeneye" reloading his AR4


The DSR-1 appears as the game's only sniper rifle. Called the "Longbow SR" ingame, it correctly holds 5 rounds but somehow makes a stock suppressor sound when firing, despite not being modeled with any visible suppressor.

DSR-Precision GmbH DSR-1 - 7.62x51mm NATO

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