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Kamen Rider Wizard

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Kamen Rider Wizard (2012 - 13)

NOTE: Since all of the scenes are filmed in Japan, do note that a majority of weapons presented in this page are either a combination of air guns with CGI muzzle flashes or blowback replicas.

The following weapons were used in the television series Kamen Rider Wizard:


Luger P08

A Luger P08 is seen on a poster in "After the Last Scene Is...".

Luger P08 - 9x19mm
The Luger P08 as seen on a wall paper behind Haruto.


Nambu Model 60

Uniformed Toriisaka police officers use the Nambu Model 60 as their main sidearm, first seen in "The Ringed Magician".

A Marushin-made airsoft replica of the New Nambu Model 60.
A uniformed officer speaks to Detective Amino while gripping his Model 60. Another officer on the left has his Model 60 drawn out.
A uniformed officer with his Model 60. Note the revolver's cord attached to his duty belt, which is used to prevent anyone from trying to steal the sidearm and/or use it against the officer.
A flashback showing Rinko Daimon's father as a police officer. Note the holster, which most likely has the Model 60 since it was the standard sidearm before the Model 37 was allowed to be issued to its officers by the National Police Agency.

Smith & Wesson 37

Smith & Wesson Model 37s are used by officers of the National Security Bureau as their main sidearm, given that the agency operates as a division of the Japanese police force and that the weapon is used by most of its officers (Unless they operate in civilian clothes, in which case they are allowed to use non-revolver sidearms). They are first seen in "The Promise to Defend".

Smith and Wesson Model 37 Airweight, right side - .38 Special
NSB agents take aim with Model 37s.
NSB agent Katayama (Takaaki Kuwashiro) tries to take out the Gargoyle Phantom with his sidearm.
Katayama should have obviously tried another tactic besides his sidearm, which was of no use.

Smith & Wesson Model 360

Plainclothed officers use the Smith & Wesson Model 360 as their main sidearm. Rinko Daimon (Yuko Takayama) uses this as her main sidearm first in "The Ringed Magician", especially since she is a detective in the Toriisaka Police.

Smith & Wesson Model 360 - .357 Magnum
Rinko examines the Model 360's cylinder. Note the brass casing for the bullets.
Rinko slaps the cylinder back into the revolver frame.
Rinko's Model 360 on the floor after being disarmed.
Rinko posing in the OP sequence with the Model 360.
Trying to take on a monster like the Gargoyle won't do you any good, especially when you're disarmed.


Remington 870

Some National Security Bureau agents are armed with the Remington 870 in "The Promise to Defend".

Remington 870 Police Magnum Riot Shotgun - 12 Gauge.
A NSB agent secures the NSB safehouse from Ghoul intrusion.
The NSB agent on the left is armed with the Remington 870 is a NSB safehouse.



The WizarSwordGun serves as the main weapon of Haruto Souma (Shunya Shiraishi) aka Kamen Rider Wizard, which was first seen in "The Ringed Magician". It has two forms, consisting of a gun and saber form. These forms have their own finisher attacks called the Shooting Strike and the Slash Strike. The finishers also have their own variation, which depends on the elemental form Wizard uses while he's in his Rider form. The bullets used as silver bullets, which is one of the weapons able to defeat Phantoms and Ghouls aside from magical weapons.

A perfect replica of the WizarSwordGun in Gun Mode.
A perfect replica of the WizarSwordGun in Saber Mode.
Haruto Souma brandishes the WizarSwordGun.
Haruto fires the WizarSwordGun's silver bullets at the Phantom and Ghouls. In a homage to "Wanted", the bullets travel in a different angle so that they hit the monsters instead of the officers/detectives.
Wizard summons his WizarSwordGun from a pocket dimension after using his WizarDriver.
A good closeup of the WizarSwordGun's barrel while being fired. The muzzle flash is done via CGI.
Wizard changes the WizarSwordGun into its saber form while using the Hurricane Style form.
Firing the WizarSwordGun in Flame Style form, which shoots fireballs as a finisher.
Executing a slash attack in Water Style form, which allows for a saber water beam attack.
Wizard preparing to execute a slash attack in Hurricane Style form, allowing for a hurricane attack.
Wizard summons dual WizarSwordGuns when he confronts the Gargoyle Phantom.

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