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Kamen Rider Zi-0

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Kamen Rider Zi-0 (2018-19).

The following weapons were used in the television series Kamen Rider Zi-0:


Beretta 92F

The Beretta 92F is seen with the Tokyo Metropolitan Police G3 Unit as their main sidearm when they're not used the Kamen Rider G3 powered armored suit. Anti-Zi-O II resistance fighters use them from time to time, first seen in "2019: World Reset".

Beretta 92F - 9x19mm
Takahiro Omuro (Akiyoshi Shibata) aims his sidearm in "2001: Awaken, that Agito!".
The 92F fired at Another Kiva in "2019: World Reset".

GM-01 Scorpion

The GM-01 Scorpion is a magnum-powered pistol used by the TMPD G3 Unit. According to Kamen Rider Agito, the Scorpion is loaded with 10mm bullets used to take down the Lords.

GM-01 Scorpion - 10mm
Closeup of the GM-01 Scorpion in "2001: Awaken, that Agito!".
A shot of the markings. It says "MPD SAUL. MODEL XM-01".
The GM-01 fired during a live demo test. Note the ejected brass.

Heckler & Koch Mark 23

The Heckler & Koch Mark 23 is seen with Sougo Tokiwa (So Okuno) in the Supplementary Plan episode "Supplementary Plan Forever: Part 2". It's seen in "2019: Missing World" by Tsukada Kadoya aka Kamen Rider Decade (Masahiro Inoue).

H&K Mark 23 - .45 ACP
Tsukuyomi stares at Sougo, posing like an assassin with the Mark 23 in "Supplementary Plan Forever: Part 2".
Sougo poses again, giving the viewer a good view of the Mark 23.
Sougo takes aim with the pistol, giving the viewer a good view. In the episode, Sougo fires it. But the slide doesn't move and the effects are done via CGI, showing that it's likely a Tokyo Marui-made Mark 23.
Tsukasa introduces himself to Hiryū Kakogawa in "2019: Missing World".
Closeup of the Mark 23.

IMI Desert Eagle

An IMI Desert Eagle is used by armed men in a flashforward sequence in "Best Match 2017".

Magnum Research Desert Eagle MK I in two-tone finish - .44 Magnum
The armed man on the foreground aims the DE in "Best Match 2017". It's not clear if it's railed or not.
Desert Eagle Mark XIX with 10" barrel - .440 Cor-bon, a discontinued version.
An armed man aim the DE with a long barrel at Zi-0 in "Best Match 2017".


The M1911A1 is seen in a flashforward sequence in "Best Match 2017".

Screen used Auto Ordnance M1911A1 - .45 ACP.
An armed man aim the M1911A1 at Zi-0 in "Best Match 2017".


Smith & Wesson Military & Police

What appears to be a Smith & Wesson Military & Police revolver is seen with officer Makimura (Naotaka Horiike) instead of a Nambu Model 60 or a Smith & Wesson Model 36 in "GO! GO! Ghost 2015", which is highly unusual for a Japanese live-action TV series produced in the 2010s.

Smith & Wesson Military And Police - .38 Special.
Makimura fires at a Ganma Commando in "GO! GO! Ghost 2015".
Makimura knocked down by a GC.

Assault Rifles


An AK-47 is seen in "2019: Tsukuyomi Confidential" inside 9 5 DO, which serves an a resistance hideout.

AK-47 - 7.62x39mm
The AK-47 propped on the wall in "2019: Tsukuyomi Confidential".

Colt AR-15 Sporter II Lightweight

A Colt AR-15 Sporter II Lightweight is seen with anti-Oma-Zi-0 resistance fighters, first seen in "Kingdom 2068". Tsukada uses one while saving Sougo from being killed in "2019: World Reset".

Colt Sporter-II Carbine with solid stock (photo-shopped image) - 5.56x45mm
The Sporter II carbine slung on the back of an anti-Oma-Zi-0 fighter in "Kingdom 2068". Note the white camo tape, which is weird since they're operating in a desert-like wasteland. Which makes it useless. Also the mag inserted is the same one used in Kamen Rider Build.
A better shot of the carbine on the back of another anti-Oma-Zi-0 fighter in the background.
The carbines seen in "Blade Joker!? 2019". Like the last time, they're seen with white camo tape.
Tsukasa opens fire with the Sporter II in "2019: World Reset". At least he's no longer using it with white camo tape.
Tsukasa tossing the carbine aside.
Geiz Myokoin (Gaku Oshida) opens fire at Oma-Zi-0 in "2068: Ohma Time".
An angle of Geiz's carbine.

Colt Model 607

What seems to be a Colt Model 607 is seen in "2019: Tsukuyomi Confidential" inside 9 5 DO, which serves an a resistance hideout.

Colt Model 607 - 5.56x45mm
The Model 607 propped on the wall in "2019: Tsukuyomi Confidential".

Colt M4A1

What appears to be Colt M4A1s are seen with armed persons in "Best Match 2017". Most anti-Zi-O II resistance fighters use them as their main weapon, first seen in "2019: World Reset".

Colt M4A1 Carbine - 5.56x45 mm NATO
Some armed persons aim M4A1s at Zi-0 in "Best Match 2017".
The M4A1 being fired at Another OOO in "2019: World Reset". You should know that he's firing it with his eyes closed. He's not hitting anything at that rate.

Machine Guns

Revol Bugster Machine Gun

The Revol Bugster is seen firing its arm machine gun in "2068: Ohma Time".

The machine gun fired by the RB in "2068: Ohma Time".

Grenade Launchers

GG-02 Salamander

The GG-02 Salamander is a pistol-sized underbarrel grenade launcher, attached under the GM-01 Scorpion, which is also used by the TMPD G3 Unit. It's only seen in "2005: Rejoice! Echo! Roar!" with Shouichi Tsugami (Toshiki Kashu).

GG-02 Salamander
Shouichi pumps the GG-02 Salamander while wearing the G3 Rider armored suit in "2005: Rejoice! Echo! Roar!".
Closeup of the Salamander.

Rocket Launchers

M136 AT4

A wrecked M136 AT4 is seen discarded after anti-Oma-Zi-0 resistance is defeated in an ambush in "Kingdom 2068".

M136 AT4 Anti-Tank recoilless launcher - 84mm
The discarded AT4 at the foreground in "Kingdom 2068".

M47 Dragon

What appears to be a M47 Dragon is used by an armed man in "Best Match 2017".

M47 Dragon ATGM with SU-36/P daysight and front shock absorber detached- 140mm
The armed man aims the Dragon at Zi-0 in "Best Match 2017". Of course, jumping with it is kinda to do since it's heavy. Not only that, isn't using it against a Kamen Rider kind of overkill?


The Gigant missile launcher makes a return from Kamen Rider Agito: Project G4, being used by the fake Kamen Rider G4 summoned by Swartz after he becomes Another Decade in "2019: The Call of Aqua".

The fake G4 shoulders the Gigant in "2019: The Call of Aqua".
Gigant missiles being fired.

Special Weapons

Character Conversion Gun-Sword Zikan Girade

The Character Conversion Gun-Sword Zikan Girade or Zikan Girade is the personal weapon of Sougo as Kamen Rider Zi-0. It can turn into either Gun or Sword Mode. The open hole slot on the weapon is an open space where the a Rider Watch is inserted. The Mirror World Sougo uses it when he changes into the Mirror World Zi-0, first seen in "Mirror World 2019".

Character Conversion Gun-Sword Zikan Girade - Gun Mode.
The ZG gets equipped with the Kamen Rider Fourze Rider Watch in "Genm Master 2016".
The ZG fired by Sougo at a Yummy in "Hawk, Tiger, and Grasshopper 2010".
The ZG being used by an alternat Sougo at Another Gaim in "Zi-0 on Parade 2018".
Sougo equips his ZG after confronting Oma-Zi-0 in a dystopian 2068 at the end of "Back to 2068".
Character Conversion Gun-Sword Zikan Girade - Sword Mode.
The alternate Sougo grips the ZG on the receiver by pulling it in "Zi-0 on Parade 2018".
The ZG now activated in Sword Mode.
The ZG drawn out against Another Shinobi in "Amazing! Era! Future! 2022".
The Mirror World Zi-0 uses his ZG in Sword Mode at the end of "Mirror World 2019".

Saikyo Zikan Girade

The Saikyo Zikan Girade is an upgraded weapon that Sougo can access after he secures the Kamen Zi-O Ridewatch II, first seen in "Zi-O Strongest! 2019" after the Saikyo Girade is joined together with the Zikan Girade.

Saikyo Zikan Girade.
Sougo with the Saikyo Zikan Girade in "Zi-O Strongest! 2019".
Assembling the SKZG in "It Is Machine! 2121".
Sougo preps the SKZG for a fight in "Geiz Revive! 2019".
The ZG drawn by Sougo after he assume the Zi-O Trinity form in "2019: Trinity Has Begun!".
Sougo slides the SZG blade into the ZG in "2005: Rejoice! Echo! Roar!".

Faiz Phone X

The Faiz Phone X is used by anti-Oma-Zi-0 resistance fighter Tsukuyomi (Shieri Ohata) as her personal sidearm when she travels from 2068. Geiz also uses it, mostly when he uses the Faiz Rider Watch. In "2005: Rejoice! Echo! Roar!", Ora (Ayaka Konno) uses it briefly against Tsukuyomi.

It seems to be used as a stun gun for non-lethal purposes or a blaster gun.

Faiz Phone X - Gun Mode
A good shot of the Faiz Phone X, held in Gun Mode by Tsukuyomi in "Kingdom 2068".
Tsukuyomi with the FPX.
Tsukuyomi with the FPX in Gun Mode aimed at a suspicious person at the end of "Switch On! 2011".
Geiz fires the Phone X at Another Faiz in "555・913・2003".
The FPX aimed at Another Wizard at the end of "Magic Showtime 2018".
Tsukuyomi fires the FPX in "Forever King 2018".
Tsukuyomi aims her weapon in the middle of "Geiz Revive! 2019".
The FPX in gun mode is used against Schwartz in "Where It All Began 2009".
Tsukuyomi with the FPX at Another Agito in "2001: Awaken, that Agito!".
Ora uses Tsukuyomi's FPX against her in "2005: Rejoice! Echo! Roar!".
The FPX fired by Tsukuyomi at Another Build in a dystopian 2019 in "2019: Missing World".
Heure (Rihito Itagaki) uses Tsukuyomi's own weapon on her.
Closeup of the FPX in "2019: The Vanishing Watches".
Faiz Phone X - Phone Mode
Geiz uses the Phone X in Phone Mode in "555・913・2003".
The FPX being dialed by Geiz in "Magic Showtime 2018".

Neo Diendriver

The Neo Diendriver is seen with Daiki Kaito aka Kamen Rider Diend, first seen in "Our Goal 2019".

Neo Diendriver.
Daiki appears in "Our Goal 2019" with the Neo Diendriver.
Closeup of the Neo Diendriver in "Blade Joker!? 2019".
Daiki preps the Neo Diendriver to be extended after he inserts a Rider Card.
Daiki introduces himself when he starta a heist in "2019: Missing World".
The ND aimed at Tsukasa in "2019: Tsukuyomi Confidential".
Daiki surprises Swartz from a portal in "2019: The Vanishing Watches".
Neo Diendriver - Extended form.
Daiki with the Neo Diendriver for the Final Attack Ride attack in "Blade Joker!? 2019".
A good shot of the ND in "2019: Missing World".

Transformation Loading Gun Diendriver

The Transformation Loading Gun Diendriver aka the Diendriver is seen with Daiki in flashbacks.

Daik aims the Diendriver in "Blade Joker!? 2019".

Birth Buster

The Birth Buster is used by the fake Kamen Rider Birth summoned by Daiki.

Birth Buster.
The fake Kamen Rider Birth fires the BB in "Blade Joker!? 2019".

Fullbottle Blaster

The Fullbottle Blaster is used by Sougo, first seen in "2017: Grand Climax!", after he accesses the GrandZi-O form.

Fullbottle Blaster: Buster Blade Mode Form.
The FB in BBM against Another Den-O in "2017: Grand Climax!".
Fullbottle Blaster: Buster Cannon Mode Form.
Stevens 311 Series H - 12 Gauge
The FB being changed to BCM in "2017: Grand Climax!".
Sougo takes aim at Another Den-O.

Zerenos Nova

The Zerenos Nova is seen in Kamen Rider Zerenos via Vega Form when Deneb merges with him in "2017: Grand Climax!".

The ZNs fired at a Mole Imagin at close range.

Ride Booker

The Ride Booker makes a return to the show from Kamen Rider Decade as Tsukasa's personal weapon.

Ride Booker - Gun Mode.
The Ride Booker fired in gun mode at Another Riders in "2019: Tsukuyomi Confidential".
A good profile of RB in GM.
The RB attached in Tsukasa's henshin belt in "2019: The Vanishing Watches".
Ride Booker - Sword Mode.
Tsukasa uses Ride Booker in "2019: Missing World".
The RB used to block an attack in "2019: Tsukuyomi Confidential" while in SM.
The RB in SM drawn out by Tsukasa while in Zi-0 mode in "2019: The Vanishing Watches".


The Trailer-Hou is seen in "2019: The Vanishing Watches" by Sougo as GrandZi-O.

Trailer-Hou - Cannon Mode.
Sougo aims the Trailer-Hou in cannon mode in "2019: The Vanishing Watches".
The TH being fired.



A recurve bow is used in "Best Match 2017" by an armed man.

In "Best Match 2017", an armed man aims an arrow at Zi-0.

Informercial Parody

In the Supplementary Plan episode "Sougo Tokiwa and the Mysterious Phone", Geiz and Tsukuyomi show off the Faiz Phone X in a parody infomercial feature.

Faiz Phone X - Rider Watch Mode
Geiz introduces the Faiz Phone X in the infomercial in "Sougo Tokiwa and the Mysterious Phone". Note that the phone is in Rider Watch Mode.
Faiz Phone X - Phone Mode
Tsukuyomi changes the Phone X from Rider Watch to Phone Mode...
Faiz Phone X - Gun Mode
...which she later changes to its Gun Mode.

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